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Disclaimer: Please by advised this information is for educational use only. These are only opinions and not legal advice. YOU NEED TO RESEARCH ALL THE MATERIAL! IF YOU NEED LAWFUL COUNSEL, PLEASE BE ADVISED!

Bankruptcy Questions: 1. Can you pay off creditors in a Chapter 11? It is according to who they are; not individuals. (Tape 5/21/03) 2. Can you pay off debts in a Chapter 13? Only the Trustee. When you go into bankruptcy, under the rules of court you give everything to the Trustee. It is at his discretion whether you get anything. There are certain rules in Chapter 7 that will allow you to keep your house and car lots of times. However, first rule of both Chapter 11 and 13 states everything you bring in now belongs to the Trustee and they can do anything they want with it, and they do. They steal it all. That is the reason they want you to come into bankruptcy court so they can take the rest of your assets. (Tape 5/21/03) 3. If your bankruptcy was dismissed, can you still write a Bond to save your home? Yes. However, you have to fight for it if you want it. (Tape 5/21/03)

Bonds: 1. Does the bond overcome the property tax issue?

A. Yes (Tape 5/7/03) 2. Is there anyone in the room who has had an IRS levy or lien removed by the bond? A. They have been done, but I dont know anyone in this room who has done it. We have seen hundreds if them go out and the IRS has not bothered them about those particular years. The issue is once you send a Bond the debt is taken care of. I know that because they never bother people about those years again. They will only come back on another year. (Tape 5/7/03) 3. When property taxes are in both husbands and wifes names, is it ok for either one to sign the bond? A. Yes. (Tape 5/7/03) 4. Is the bond sent to the receiver to my treasury direct account? A. No. If not, how does the receiver discharge the debt? A. I am discharging it because it is over and done with. I have an unlimited amount of credit with the Treasury of the united states of America. I have the right to write the credit and when I do, the debt is discharged. When I promise to pay, the debt is discharged. If I fight about it, I am going into court and they are going to get all the FRNs I have in my pocket. (Tape 5/7/03) 5. If I am claiming to be surety for the bond does this mean that under HJR #192 as amended as of June 5th 1933 that I am exempt? A. Reason why you can write the bond to pay for taxes because you are exempt from levy and have a pre-paid account with every corporation in the country. (Tape 5/7/03) 6. In issuing the bond through the US Treasury, is this a credit to the creditors bank account? A. Not necessarily. Some of them do not want to turn them in and when

you leave the bond open, they dont dare fill it out because they are admitting there is a debtors prison in this country and they cant admit that so they dont fill them in. If they have been presented with a bond promise to pay and they dont use it, that is their problem, but a group of attorneys admitted to it. (Tape 5/7/03) 7. What happens when the judge signs the bond and puts out a warrant for your arrest? A. If you have a copy of the bond you do it the same way. If you dont have a copy of the bond and you find out there is a warrant, write a letter: I understand you have a warrant out for my arrest for certain things. I am hereby accepting the warrant and returning it for closure and discharge in this matter. Equality is paramount and mandatory under the law. I am competent to handle these affairs. So-n-So, and So-n-So, etc. are incompetent and hereby fired! Return the voucher. (give me all the documents in the case) Note: They cant put a warrant out without your permission. A corporation can not tell you they are going to do something. (Tape 5/7/03) 8. Is it necessary to file a UCC-1 or UCC-3 to use a bond? A. No. The RT found out nobody in Texas owns any land although the land always belongs to the people. When we register our land with the county, we give our land to the governor to hold for us while we are using it. A Corporation cannot own land, it can only use it. The governor charges us a use tax while we are on the land. 1st Debtor United Nations, United States, State of Texas, County Harris 2nd Debtor Perry, Governor, Rick Strawman Secured Party, Upper Casesign for him because you have POA When you file on a piece of land in Texas, you own the whole state because the land will forever belong to the people. You can use it, but it belongs to the people. The governor holds it for us so he charges us a use tax. The Strawman gave it to the governor, You sign as POA for him now and represent the Strawman so the land will always be controlled by me. (Tape 5/7/03) 9. Is there a limit to how much you can write a bond for?

A. Bonds are only to discharge debt not to buy stuff with. Taxes are debt because they were created by the state. Anything I do not create is a debt. (I.e. Income Taxes) (Tape 5/7/03) 10. Can you issue a bond even after several years? A. Yes (Tape 5/7/03) 11. Do bonds replace the old way of acceptance for value? A. No. A bond is a different instrument than a Bill of Exchange, but they are both promises to pay. Both are on the private side of the ledger and both create credit. (Tape 5/7/03) 12. Can we get a copy of the bond on a CD? A. Yes, get them from Larry. (Tape 5/7/03) 13. Can you bond a college loan? A. Yes (Tape 5/21/03) 14. If you bond your house and in 10 years try to get an equity loan, can you do it? A. No. (Tape 5/21/03) 15. When you give a person a bond, does this give you more credit? A. This is only to get you out of debt, not to create more credit to buy everything you ever wanted. (Tape 5/21/03) 16. Physically, how do you put your bond on a UCC-1 financing statement? A. You dont ever give them documents or put them with a UCC. Put the number of the bond on the UCC-3, dated so-and-so, made out to so-and so. Do not take the bond itself and send it to them (The number of the bond is the registered mail number.) Tell them to add the UCC-3 to your UCC-1. (Tape 5/21/03)

17. When you pay your house off with a bond, can you sell your home and buy another house? A. Not on credit. You may talk someone in to it if you have enough debt notes. You may try to get someone to owner-finance it. If he checks you out, he wont do it. (Tape 5/21/03) 18. If a bond is dishonored, who do we sic on them? IRS, State Controllerothers? A. No. You just keep sending it back to them stating: Thank you for your dishonor of my bond. I am returning it to you for closure. 19. If they try to give you your bond back you can put them into involuntary bankruptcy. If they write back to you and say, this is crazy stuff(or something to that effect), simply write back and say, thank you, everything is true, it is all crazy and I am going to accept it as truth and return it to you for closure and discharge. See attached. Include a copy of the bond you sent the first time every time thereafter. Also, send a copy to the sheriff the second time. (Tape 5/21/03) 20. Q Do Bonds work to get a friend or relative free from prison? A. Its an involved process and I am still working on it. The Bailiff is the one holding the prisoners. (Tape 5/21/03) 21. When you use Bonds to pay off debts, how does affect your credit? A. It shouldnt affect it at all. They just wont give you more credit. It shouldnt go against your credit rating. (Tape 5/21/03) 22. How will using the bond to pay off debts affect your ability to purchase a home? A. If you use the Bond, I dont think they will let you do it. It is the price you pay to get yourself out of debt. So figure out another way to get the house. If your wife hasnt done it then maybe she can do it in her name. (Tape 5/21/03) 23. If a person is making payments to a title company, can you send them a Bond?

A. Yes. (Tape 5/21/03) 24. Can you use the Bonds to pay attorney fees? A. I would file it to see if you can do that. I think you can because an attorney is a corporation. (Tape 5/21/03) 25. Which is correct to use on Bonds? (1) Sedition against the United States Treasury, or (2) sedition against the united states of America treasury? A. #2. Sedition against the united states of America treasury (Tape 5/21/03) 26. Can one pay a real estate mortgage with a Bond in other states as well? A. Yes. (Tape 5/21/03) 27. Are there instructions on how to use the Bond or cash it in? A. No. You dont care what they do with it. You just want them to leave you alone and get out of your commercial affairs. (Tape 5/21/03) 28. I have heard people are paying off their light bills with a Bond. A. I heard someone tried that and the utility cut their lights off. It appears they had to sign up with another utility company to get service restored. (Tape 5/21/03) 29. I heard the Bond is like a check that you take to the bank. Is that correct? A. Writing a check is writing against something that is already a deposit. A Bond is creating the actual creditactually pulling the credit out the treasury. (Tape 5/21/03) 30. The Warrant Division of Texas sent a notice to pay them by either cash, cashiers check, or money order or their warrant would be served on me the next warrant roundup. They did not return the Bond. The kept it and now they want us to pay again.

A. Write across their document I accept and return for closure. See attachment and Bond copy! (Tape 5/21/03) 31. Why do I sign as principal surety? A. That is who you are. (Tape 5/21/03) 32. How many people have actually gotten their voucher back? A. Nobody. They wont send it back to you. They cant send it back. Dont expect it back, but still demand it from them. (Tape 5/21/03) 33. If a lease has been broken and a judgment results, can a bond be used to satisfy the judgment? Do you give it to the judge? A. Yes. Give it to the one who has issued the judgment. At the point the judge passes judgment and you accept that judgment, you become an incompetent person. You have to do something with the judgment at that point..Give him a Bond and give him the papers that fire him and declare him incompetent. (Tape 6/4/03) 34. I sent a Bond to David Child (Dallas County Tax Assessor) in payment of property taxes. Last week I received another bill with no mention of my Bond. I am going to send him the following written across in red ink. Thank you for the dishonor of my bond, Registered Mail #so-n-so, dated so-n-so, accepted as true and I am returning it to you for closure and discharge. (See attachment). Is this right? A. Exactly Right!!! (Tape 6/4/03)) 35. After you Bond a credit card and they still send you monthly statements, how do you handle this? A. Put the competency document attached to a copy of the Bond, attached to what they sent you written across it: Accepted as truth and returnedetc.. in a letter and return it to them. (Tape 6/4/03) 36. Can a bond be used to pay a student loan?

A. Yes. (Tape 6/4/03) 37. Is there anyone in here who has discharged a debt with a bond to a credit card company and still have an account with them. If so, what company? A. You opened the account, they didnt. Tell them they cant do away with it. I accept what you say as true and I am returning this to you for closure and discharge and my account is still open! You signed the contract, they didnt. They have worked themselves into a corner and you are just now catching on. The more you get into this system of redemption and the more you understand, you are going to stop letting them tell you what to do. How can they writ to you and tell you not to use that credit card?. You are the only one who signed it. (Tape 6/4/03) 38. Who are the living souls who have had success discharging credit card debts with a bond? A. #1 Citibank, 40,000 (student loans); #2 American Expressa lady called them and said she was going to discharge the debt with a bond and asked, what do you all think about that? The person from American Express replied, Lady, we have so many of those bonds here now we dont know what to do It is confusing them because they cant send them back. If they do anything with them you can report them to the Treasury and tell them they (the company) is stealing the bonds. (Tape 6/4/03) 39. How long does the process take before you know your name has been cleared of the debt? A. When you write the Bond it is clear of the debt. Dont question what you have done. When you do instructions always end up it with instructions to place this Bond against the debt of the United States of America. Bonds have been given to the Federal Reserve who then turns them into cash and places the United States into further debt. (Tape 6/18/03) Send Bonds to the Secretary of the Treasury, John Snow, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C. 20220. (Tape 6/18/03 40. Once a Bond is sent out to the credit card company and the debt is still

turned over to a collection agency, what do you do next? A. Your response to the debt collector will be, I dont know who you are and I did not correspond with you. You have to be a 3rd-party debt collector. If you think you are representing meYOU ARE FIRED! If they call you at home respond with, What did you say your name was? (if they dont tell you) respond with, I dont talk to anyone on the phone about my personal businessYOU ARE FIRED!! If they tell you their name is so-n-so say, So-n-so, YOU ARE FIRED!! Dont call me again. Dont ever retract what you do with a bond. You will be charged with filing a fraudulent document. It is a good document as long as you keep it there. (Tape 6/18/03) 41. Regarding the use of Bonds, are there certain words or meanings that need to be in the Bond itself? A. No changes are necessary. Do it just like it is written. Dont vary. Is there a particular format? A. No, It is your Bond. Is there a particular type of paper to be used? A. No. (Tape 6/18/03) 42. Who can you send the Bond to? A. Must be a corporation or fiction. It cant be a living soul. (Tape 6/18/03) 43. Should the Bond be notarized? A. No. (Tape 6/18/03) 44. What is the time period I should allow for acceptance for the Bond? A. When you write it, it is accepted. 45. How do I know if the Bond is accepted? A. When you write it is accepted. If you dont think it will be accepted dont write it. Dont write anything if you dont believe in it or that it will do what it says. (Tape 6/18/03)

46. In the event the Bond is technically accepted by a person, do you then send a letter confirming it? A. No. Let it go. Go do something else. If you get a response back, deal with the response. (Tape 6/18/03) 47. What should I do if a judge doesnt honor a Bond for a case? A. Send a copy to the Sheriff. Two or three judges tried to send them back because it hamstrings them. They cant do anything. A judge cant accept a bond Everybody in the courtroom is a corporation or works for the corporation. They simply dont exist. Response If you get a response back that says your bond isnt any good, write across it, Accepted as true and returned to you as true for closure and discharge. (see attached). Put a copy of the bond with the response and send it back to them. (Tape 6/18/03) 48. Are the Bonds in the packet actually Bills of Exchange as referenced on page 2-6 of the manual, Step 8? A. A Bill of Exchange is the same as a Bond, and the same as a Promissory Note. They are all promises to pay, made by you, and thats all they are. Whenever you give me the gold back, Ill pay you. (Tape 7-2-03) 49. In response to a bond I sent, I received a letter from the credit card company (Citibank) which quotes Federal law 12 USC 24 Seventh: Loan and extension of credit as all direct or indirect advance of funds to a person made on the basis of any obligation of that person to repay the funds. The letter also states the type of communication as immaterial and legally frivolous, then states case U.S. v. Pottkorf, 989 F Supp. 792, Extension of credit is lawful; therefore, payment must be remitted and close account. How does one reply to such a letter? A. Would they lie to you? Why would you even listen to them? Why would you even consider this? What are they trying to do? Get you to let them represent you. Reply: Equality under the law is paramount, and I am able to handle my own affairs. The following persons (name them) are declared incompetent and are hereby fired from having anything to do with my affairs. Send it back to them. If they try to cancel your credit card, write

back to them saying, I dont give you permission to do that. Youre the one who created that credit card. Were they there when you signed everything? Nobody can get into your affairs except you. You cannot contract with a corporation. On a contract, the signature must be of the person who is creating the credit. Thats the only signature thats allowed. They cant create credit. They create debt, so they have to have you to sign. Write back to them telling them youre firing them. Stay out of my business. No matter what letter you get from anyone, its all the same. Theyre trying to get you to let them represent you. They quoted 12 USC. So what? I am the sovereign. Who are you, trying to quote laws to me? This is what it boils down to. Your law is to treat other people the way youd like to be treated. Anything after that doesnt apply to you. It only applies to corporations. (Tape 7-2-03) 50. I have a car that I want to write a bond on. Also, should I send them a copy of UCC-1? A. You better hide the car if you do a bond on it because thats a civil matter and they will send someone out to steal the car. Anything thats not tied down, they will come steal. They cant do it with your house, your credit cards, your property taxes. Property taxes are the one thing they really cant do anything about because theyre collecting them illegally through the tax assessor/collector who has not been elected by the people. (Tape 7-2-03) 51. When we order the voucher to be returned, why do we give them 3 days to fulfill this demand? A. Thats the nature of a contract. They have three days to either accept it or reject it. (Tape 7-2-03) 52. Who gets the original Bond? a. traffic tickets? Goes to the mayor of the city. b. mortgage company? Goes to the trustee of the deed of trust. c. property taxes? Goes to the tax assessor/collector d. credit cards? Goes to the company youre dealing with. The reason you do this: the bond is a promise to pay. If I give you 5.00, I have simply given you a promise to pay. When you give someone a bond,

he is sitting there holding this promise to pay. Now the onus is on him. He now has the debt on his hands. Now he has to decide what he wants to do with it. We keep trying to pay stuff. We cant. There is no money to pay a debt with. You can discharge a debt, and thats all you can do. (Tape 7-203) 53. If a judge places a value of a case of someone in prison, should you leave the amount on the bond blank, or write the amount the judge gives as value of the case? A. Write the value the judge has placed on the case. (Tape 7-2-03) 54. Must all bonds be created with an accompanying UCC-3 adding them to the UCC-1? If so, what remarks are on the UCC-1, and shouldnt a copy of the bond be added along with the filing? A. Yes, I would. On the UCC-3 under remarks, put the number of the bond, who its too, the date of the bond. (Tape 7-2-03) 55. Which flag do you suggest to be used on the bond, and why? A. You dont put a flag on the bond. Let them figure out what flag. (Tape 7-2-03) 56. Can plain paper be used to create the bond? A. Sure. You can create it on a brown paper bag if you want to. (Tape 7-203) 57. Do you have the normal accompanying instructions to attach to the bond? A. The instructions are in the Manual. All the bonds (and the instructions) now should start with Equality under the law is paramount. (Tape 7-203) 58. What is the answer if someone tells you that they dont accept our bond? A. Write and say, Thank you for your dishonor. Im going to accept what you wrote to me as true and Im going to return it to you for discharge and

closure. The following persons (name them) are hereby declared incompetent by me and are fired from having anything to do with my affairs. I do not give you permission to make a legal determination for me. (Tape 7-2-03) 59. I have read the 13-page document about getting a person out of prison about 14 times. I still dont understand it. What can I do? A. I dont know. We are getting pretty close to finding the answers. One man simply wrote and asked them for the value of the case. Then you can send a bond for the value. (Tape 7-16-03) 60. How can I force a corporation that has not honored my bond into involuntary bankruptcy? A. Fight one thing at a time. When they say they arent going to accept it, write back and say, Im going to accept your dishonor of my bond as true, and Im going to return it to you for closure and discharge of this matter. See bond attached. (Then put your bond on there again.) Then give them your orders again. If you want to fire them again, say the following persons (name them) are hereby declared incompetent and are fired from having anything to do with my affairs. Dont try to get revenge. Follow the process out. The fight is who is going to be the sovereign, the one with title. The problem is that you have entitled them to handle your affairs. (Tape 7-16-03) 61. When you attach a bond to a UCC-1 by UCC-3 for the purpose of discharging a debt, what language should be placed in the remarks section of the UCC-3? A. This bond goes against case number so-and-so, etc. (Tape 7-16-03) 62. I would like to use a bond to buy a new car. But you have said there has to be a debt to use a bond. Can the invoice for the car be the evidence for the debt or do you have to get a loan and then discharge the loan with the bond? A. Dont get into that. Anything like a car that isnt tied down, they are liable to steal. Im not going to tell you to do that. (Tape 7-16-03) 63. Do you think it would improve the rate that bonds are accepted

(reduce the hassles) by sending more detailed instructions with the bond telling them how to send the bond to the Secretary of the Treasury? A. I will have that for you next time. There is some new information Ill have for you then. (Tape 7-16-03) 64. Ive heard it said that when you send a bond to someone that they dont get credit in their account. All they get is credit toward taxes owed. Do you know if this is true? A. I think that is true. But what youve done is pass to them the obligation to pay the debt they say you owe. What they do with it is their problem. They are the ones who are saying youre in debt, and you cannot be in debt. A sovereign can never be in debt. (Tape 7-16-03) 65. You told me once that you would not send a 1099-OID with a bill of exchange (which is what Barton teaches). Can you explain why you would not send it? (The transcriber missed the answer to this question. I will try to get it later.)

Commercial Lien Questions: How can I file a commercial lien on somebody who lives in another state? Do I file the lien on him with that county or state? Yes. Wherever he is from is where you file the lien. (Tape 7-2-03)

Copyright Questions: 1. You made mention of Trademark Copyright in the Internet. Any new info? No. It is very important to put your copyright on a UCC-1. More important than putting your birth certificate! (Tape 5/21/03)

2. If you file your Copyright/Trademark on your UCC-1, does it make it legal? Yes (Tape 5/21/03) 3. Can you copyright your upper/lower case name? No. (Tape 6/18/03) 4. If I want to separate myself from the strawman, how do I do it? Dont separate yourself just learn to control it (strawman). It is the only one that deals in commerce. (Tape 6/18/03) 5. Is it true that the Power of Attorney is not to be used any longer? Once you declare yourself as a sovereign, you no longer need a power of attorney. You are the power of attorney. Once you declare yourself as sovereign, everything the strawman has belongs to you. (Tape 7-2-03) 6. How can a Power of Attorney and Copyright be used in a child support case? Anytime they write to you, send them a bill. And if you dont think those things are good, they try every way in the world to get rid of them. In commerce, if you send them a bill, they have to pay it unless they can prove they dont owe it. The copyright is a good document. (Tape 7-2-03) 7. What does the phrase mean, TRUTH AFFIDAVIT IN THE NATURE OF SUPPLEMENTAL RULES FOR ADMINISTRATIVE AND MARITIME CLAIMS RULES C(6) this quote is found on the power of attorney affidavit. That power of attorney was done by a man in Ohio. He was the one who put all this together. I talk to him all the time, but I have never asked him that question. (Tape 7-16-03)