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deedsisforeverremembered. Asmoresettlers come tothenew land, your site can become the capitol and trading center for other colonists Crew & ‘WARBANDS Each vampire has to make a decision about the nature of the crew he desires to sal with, or the type of warband with which he wishes to sutound himself. There is danger in ‘rusting mortals with the secrets of unife, but there are certain, costs inherent in creating ghouls, as wel. Each option has its supporters, and some find a comfortable mix between the two, Morrats ‘The Norse place a great deal of value on oaths, and observe them with diligence. Ifa vampire can gain the oaths of his nearest followers, to protect hitn at all costs, then the ‘mortals make fora loyal following. The trick is ro gain these oaths. Most often, these are oaths that carried over from the time before the Embrace. However, the Norse do swear to vampires that are brave warriors and leaders. ‘The Norse respect the luck oftheir leaders and ifa leader ‘can bring prosperity, whether she is alive or undead is ofitle importance. As Jong as the vampire maintains the respect of her followers bybringing wealth and happiness, she rules. This can be a tricky balancing act to maintain, but the result isa ‘motivated warband, ‘The danger of employing only mortals is free will. The Norse greatly value their individual freedoms, and exercise their own discretion when they can. Ifa Norse warrior feels ‘mistreated or put upon, he may decide that an oath is broken, and leave. If things turn bad for more than a few seasons, he ‘may decide the luck ofthe leader has tured. The usual result of this is the attempted destruction of the jar ‘Scandinavian einherjarrarely hold the Traditions of Blood in the same regard a their more ancient European contemmpo- raries. Indeed, many vampires walk openly among the Norse, claiming prestige and power from their closeness to Odin's blood, and like that god demanding crimson sacrifices. The Norse attitudes on courage, honor and forthrightness rarely change with death; asa result, Norse vampires feel little need to hide from mortals. Indeed, the promise of strength and «ternal youth isacompelling one, and many warriors willingly enter the pact of servitude of ghoulish existence in onder 0 enjoy the benefits. Of course, by the time that Christianity ‘comes o Scandinavia, these tendencies change—theChurch. has no tolerance for the walking dead, and those who do not Team to hide their natures from their slowly converting brethren become supernatural terrors to be hunted. Indeed, even during the pagan era, the incautious or over-proud cinkerjar may find angry mortal warriors a threat, considering their lack of fear and their battle-prowess. WOLVES OF THE SEA ‘The Norse have their superstitions regarding the dead, and not all are willing to put these aside ust for some success in battle. If che vampire Jarl isn’ cateful, the trusted husks ‘could decide to deal with him as they would any barrow-wight. ‘Worse, they could callin the Christian priests todeal with the problem, However, as longs the vampire keeps his end of his bargains and obeys the laws of the community, he is little more than a warrior chosen by Odin —at least until the Christians come with their rather deadly views on vampirism. GuouLs Ghouls are the altemative 9 mortals. The ambitious ‘vampire may try to ghoul an entire crew ofa longship, some 35 warriors, co keep them loyal. The problem with such a plan shouldbe obvious, however — 35 mouths to feed. A vampire maintaining such a crew would have to recruit addtional vampires tohelp, leading o complications of Blood Bondsand conflicting loyalties Sill, the al-ghoul crew has its advantages. All the war- Flor become very strong and long-lived. Ghouls are much ess fragile than their mortal counterparts, and hus need less replacing. A vampire doesn’t need to hide her condition, and issues like sailing at night don’t need explanation. Z Drawine Odiyrir BERSERK One benefit of sury yg oneself with an inner circle of ghouls isonly,apparentwith the mastery of the Animalism Disciplige Drawinghout the Beast. The ‘huskarls provide anfestellent repository for the Beast, and are often willing recipients. Once in the throes of Frenzy, the warrior often t@sembles a berserk, and with her increased strength vin to shnug off wounds, can be a terrible and frightening opponent. Mix & Matcu ‘The most common solution tothe problem of mortal and hou i to mix the two, Typically, the huskans of ajar are his ghouls, while the est of his crew and people remain mortals. This has the advantage of keeping the number of ghouls that requite blood manageable, while also providing a core of ‘usted warriors to protect the vampire in times of trouble and uncertainty Recruiting the huskarls is rarely a problem, since they receive exemptions from field work and gain the benefits of being a ghoul: strength and longevity. Alla warrior has to do is ask to join, After a year or two, to judge the supplicant’s worthiness, the jal decides whether or not to add him to the ranks of the inner circle. In an arrangement like this, the ghouls ace respected in the community. They embody the characteristics of brave wartiors and protect their master. However, notall ghouls live CREDITS Writers: Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Jason Langlois and Roman A Renn Advonal Material: Jess Henig ‘Developers: Richard E. Dansky and Jess Heinig Editor: Aileen E. 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