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Delta Green
Choose federal law enforcement. Choose the military. Choose NASA or the CDC. Choose lying to your superiors. Choose to ruin your career. Choose no friends. Choose divorce. Choose life through the bottom of a bottle. Choose destroying evidence and executing innocent people because they know too fucking much. Choose black fatigues and matching gas masks. Chose an MP5 stolen from the CIA loaded with glasers, with a wide range of fucking attachments. Choose blazing away at mind numbing, sanity crushing things from beyond the stars, wondering whether you'd be better off stuffing the barrel in your own mouth. Choose The King In Yellow and waking up wondering who you are. Choose a 9mm retirement plan. Choose going out with a bang at the end of it all, PGP encrypting your last message down
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a securely laid cable as an NRO Delta wetworks squad busts through your door. Choose one last Night at the Opera. Choose Delta Green. "Delta Green: An organisation which encourages middle-aged accountants and bureaucrats to drive vans filled with dynamite into the homes of white supremacists who worship the risen spirit of Hitler" Tolervi Once an official government agency charged with identifying and neutralizing those preternatural threats that threaten the United States, Delta Green was disbanded following a disastrous operation in Cambodia in 1969. Within a year, the leaders of Delta Green regrouped and continue the fight as an illegal conspiracy. Delta Green is now organized on a cell structure, with each cell consisting of three Agents (those aware of the illegal nature of Delta Green) and multiple Friendlies (those decieved into believing that Delta Green still works for the American government). The cells are named alphabetically (Cell A through Cell Z), with cell Agents code-named accordingly (e.g. Agents Roland, Richard, and Roy for Cell R). Cell hierarchy is ambigious, but the command
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cell of Delta Green is Cell A, consisting of Alphonse, Adam, and (possibly) Andrea. History of Delta Green Delta Green after 9/11 List of Delta Green cells and cell members

Who do they know?

During World War II, Delta Green came into contact with the British group PISCES. After the war, the two groups had intermittent contact until Delta Green was disbanded in 1970. Of course, they also fought the Karotechia during WWII. They have had some information about members of the group surviving, but not enough to take them down. In 1952, a nuclear submarine disappeared in the western Mediterranean. During the investigation, Delta Green encountered agents of the French group Flicie. Delta Green has also been aiding the efforts of The Starkweather Foundation.

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The ground beetle of the same name. Now critically endangered.

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The intellectual property known as Delta Green is and the Delta Green Partnership. The contents of this document are their respective authors, excepting those elements that are components of the Delta Green intellectual property.

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