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Rasi Tulya Navamsa

Similar to the technique of Navamsa Tulya Rasi, in which the Rasi is juxtaposed over the Navamsa, there is yet another technique in which the Navamsa is Juxtaposed over the Navamsa which goes by the name of Rasi Tulya Navamsa. The Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique is widely used in the Nadi Literature and can be used for normal natal chart analysis as well as timing events with Transits. The concept is that you can project the Navamsa on the Rasi chart and read the results therefrom. For example take my chart. Rasi Lagna - Sagittarius Sun in Rasi - Leo Sun in Navamsa - Gemini While the usual way we see the impact of Sun on our life is through its placement in the rasi chart, we can also see by projecting the Sun's navamsa position on the rasi chart, which in this case comes to the 7th house and hence would influence my seventh house affairs. To differenciate between the rasi and navamsa placement, maharishis have suggested different terms for the projected placements. They are as follows: 1. Lagnamsa 2. Dhanamsa 3. Vikramamsa 4. Sukhamsa 5. Putramsa 6. Ariamsa 7. Kalatramsa 8. Nidhanamsa 9. Dharmamsa 10. Karmamsa 11. Labhamsa 12. Vyayamsa In my horoscope the placement of the planets in the navamsa and the rasi tulya navamsa are as follows: 1. Sun - Gemini - Kalatramsa 2. Moon - Scorpio - Vyayamsa 3. Mars - Scorpio - Vyayamsa 4. Mercury - Leo - Dharmamsa 5. Jupiter - Aries - Putramsa 6. Venus - Sagittarius - Lagnamsa 7. Saturn - Aries - Putramsa 8. Rahu - Capricorn - Dhanamsa 9. Ketu - Taurus - Nidhanamsa

Utilities of NAVAMSA CHART

Sri Vidyaranya in his Vidyamadhaveeya suggested to check the aspects also in Navamsa Chart. In Parasara Hora it is said that for Marriage prospects and domestic Harmony, Navamsa Chakra has to be considered.

Like in Rasi chart, in Navamsa chart also we have to check the 7th karakas as well as Lagna & 7th lords for Marriage purpose. Consideration is needed for Sukhasthana also. For harmonious married life there should not be papakarthari yoga for lagna lord and & 7th lords in Navamsa chakra. Marriage may take place whenever Guru connects Lagna, Moon, 7th house or 7th lord in Navamsa chakra in his gochara (transit). The position of the 7th lord in Navamsa chakra will disclose the volume of happiness in married life. The lagnalord of Navamsachakra if occupies Kendra or kona position in rasi chakra, causes Parijatha Yoga. It makes the person Rich. It is to be noted that eventhough the grahamaitri is not found in Rasichakra and appears in Navamsachakra, it gives good understanding between the two. (in experience). There are some other concepts like labhamsa, daramsa,Yogamsa,Uttamamsa, Vikatamsa, Nidhanamsa etc., to be observed. Suppose a planet is in Lagna in Rasi chakra. Check where it is in Navamsa and count it from Rasi lagna. Depending on the number we see Labhamsa etc. Suppose a planet is in Kumbha in Rasichakra and it is in Dhanus in Navamsa. Counted from Kumbha it becomes 11. So that planet is assumed to be in labhamsa. Suppose it is in Meena then it is said in Dhanamsa. If it is in Simha then it is in Daramsa. Suppose a planet is In his own house in Rasichakra and it occupies the 5th house in Navams then it called Uttamamsa. In 9th Yogamsa. In Neecha navamsa then Vikatamsa. If in 8th then Nidhanamsa. The planets in Uttamamsa,Labhamsa,Yogamsa,will assure good results whereas the planets occupying Nidhanamsa,Vikatamsa,Rogamsa will give sufferings. Prepare Navamsa chakra for every Bhava Madhyama Star pada as we do for nine planets and lagna. This will show the strength of 12 Bhavas. Much importance should be given to 64th navamsa from Lagna & 0 point Mesha. The movement of any malefic and papa graham on that point gives troubles. Even digbala may be applied in Navamsa. Superimposition of Navamsachakra on Rasichakra called Sudarsanachakra. Predictions will come true if we use this sudarsanachakra.

Pushkara Navamsa is one of the concept to be given importance. There are two P.Navamsas in eachRasi. The planets occupying these pushkaranavamsas become strong and give good and auspicious results. If in a chart more number of planets occupy P.N. that chart is called very strong. Though a planet is malefic and is in Dusthana in Rasi chakra, if occupies P.N. it may not give bad results or the bad experiences may be less in volume. Bharani Pubba Purvashadha 3rd pada 3 Krittika Uttara Uttarashadha 1st,4th padas 6 Rohini Hasta Sravana 2nd pada 3 Arudra Swathi Satabhisha 4th pada 3 Punarvasu Visakha P.Bhadra 2nd,4th pada 6 Pushyami Anuradha U.Bhadra 2nd pada 3 Total 24 Pushkaranavamsa is different from Pushkaramsa in Muhurtha. Vargottamamsa means wherever a planet occupies the same sign in Rasichakra and Navamsa chakra. It gives more strength to that planet. In dhruvanadi, Satyacharya gave importance to navamsachakra for calculating Ayurdaya. In navamsa chart, count from Mesha to the sign where each planet is situated. It may be called as Q. Number of years given by each planet is Q-1. N is the total number given by all the planets. Suppose Jup is in Kanya in navamsa chakra. Counted from Mesha it is 6. So Jup gives 61 years longevity. Like this prepare the years given by all the planets. Then afterwords we have to observe Vriddhi and Harana. 1. Suppose a planet is in its own sign in Rasi or Navamsa or Drekkana chakras or in Vargottamasa, the years given by that planet should be multiplied by two. i.e. doubled. . 2. Suppose a planet in retrograde or exalted position then the year should be multiplied by 3 (tripled) 3. The planet which is in an inimical sign in rasichakra, it looses 1/3 of years it promised. 4. The planet which is combust or debilitated foregoes half of its years.

Merc and Venus are exempted for the combustion rule. The inimical rule does not apply to Mars. Again, the planets which are from 7th Bhava to 12th Bhava in Rasichakra foregoes some amount of years. It is given below. Bhava Benific planet Malefic Planet 12th house 0 11th house 10th house 1/6 1/3 9th house 1/8 8th house 1/10 1/6 7th house 1/12 1/8 The harana and vriddhi to be done only once. To know the eventful years (good or Bad) in ones life Sri C.S. Patel suggested five methods based on Horasara, Chandrakalanadi, Sanketanidhi, Prasnamarga Etc. In his words 1. Reckon the no. of Navamsas from Navamsa occupied by various planets upto the navamsa occupied by the Asc. Both inclusive. 2. Learned men should reckon the number of navamsa from the first pada of Aswini star upto the pada (navamsa) occupied by each planet (Rahu Ketu also) both inclusive. 3. Reckon the number of navamsas from the navamsa occupied by Sat etc., upto the navamsa occupied by the Moon, both inclusive. 4. Units are measured by the navamsas traversed by the lord of rising navamsa from the lagna navamsa, one can apply this rule to the position of other planets. 5. The number of navamsas from the navamsa of the ASc. Upto the navamsa occupied by the malefic and benefic planets. The ninth part of a sign is called Navamsa. To prepare Navamsa Chart Method 1 For the group Mesha, Simha,and Dhanus (their lords) counting starts from Mesha and ends with Dhanus.

For the group Vrishabha,Kanya and Makara counting from Makara. For the group Mithuna,Thula and Kumbha cpunting starts from Tula. For the group Karka,Vrischika and Meena counting starts from karka. Method 2 Note the Star and Pada where the planet is. Convert it into padas. Divide it by 12. Note the reminder. Count from Mesha and post in the sign in navamsa chart, wher the number ends. Suppose Sun is in Pushyami Star 3rd pada. By converting into padas upto Punarvasu 7*4 =28+Pushyami 3 = 31 padas. By Dividing by 12, 31/12 2 Qt. 7 Rem. The seventh sign from Mesh is Tula. So Sun is to be posted in Tula in Navamsa chakra. Method 3 Degrees Mes VrBh MIth Kar Sim Kan Tul Vris Dha Mak Kum Mee 00.00 03.20 1 10 7 4 1 10 4 7 1 10 4 7 03.20 06.40 2 11 8 5 2 11 8 5 2 11 8 5 06.40 10.00 3 12 9 6 3 12 9 6 3 12 9 6 10.00 13.20 4 1 10 7 4 1 10 7 4 1 10 7 13.20 16.40 5 2 11 8 5 2 11 8 5 2 11 8 16.40 20.00 6 3 12 9 6 3 12 9 6 3 12 9 20.00 23.20 7 4 1 10 7 4 1 10 7 4 1 10 23.20 26.40 8 5 2 11 8 5 2 1 1 8 5 2 11 26.40 30.00 9 6 3 12 9 6 3 12 9 6 3 12 Here the numbers represent the signs from Mesh to Meena. (1 to 12). Suppose a planet is in between 16.40 and 20.00 in Mithuna it is to be posted in 12 th sign that is Meena. Good Luck