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Module 3-4 Sample Questions MATH 10051 2B

Note: Some of these question may include Module 4 Questions on Permutations & Combinations
1. Use the Principle of Mathematical Induction to show that the given statement is true for all natural numbers.

3+ 5+ 7+ ... + ( 2n+ 1) = n( n+ 2)

2. a)


32 25
Expand using the Binomial Theorem.


21! 12!7!


( 2x 3) 7


Use the Binomial Theorem to find the coefficient of

( 5+ 3x ) 10

x7 in the expansion of

Use the Binomial Theorem to find the seventh term in the expansion of:

( 4x + 3) 10
C ( 14,8)

6. a) 7.




P ( 9,5)


How many 2-letter codes can be formed using the letters A, B, C, D, E and F? Repeated letters are allowed. Companies whose stocks are listed on a stock exchange have their company name represented either by 2 or 3 letters (repetition of letters is not allowed). What is the maximum number of companies that can be listed on the exchange? Ten volumes of an encyclopedia are arranged on a bookshelf. How many different arrangements are possible? An urn contains 10 white balls and 8 red balls. Six balls are selected. In how many ways can 6 balls be drawn from the total of 18 balls: if all six balls are white? b) if 4 balls are white and 2 is red? if at least 4 balls are red? A committee of six students is chosen from eight juniors and eight seniors.


9. 10. a) c) 11.

a) b) 12.

How many different committees are possible? How many different committees are possible that include three juniors and three seniors? WPA-PSK, a wireless network security system, suggests that users choose a password, at least 8 characters long, that is a random selection of the letters a through z and the numbers 0 through 9, where repetition of a letter or a number is allowed. If a person chooses an 8-character password, how many different passwords are possible? Write the number in exponential or scientific notation. Computer hackers use programs to try to gain access to the computer network by finding its password. Suppose a program could check 1000 possible passwords each second. How long, to the nearest year, would it take such a computer to try all possible passwords that are 8 characters long? Assume there are 365 days in a year.

a) b)

Additional Problems from the Text book for Modules Modules 2-3; Sequence (Arithmetic & Geometric) & Binomial Theorem Problems TEXTBOOK Review Exercises Many excellent questions. Page 45 Questions 1-70 odd