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Staff Development Plan

Title : Goodbye Powerpoint, Hello Prezi! Topi Using Prezi to create visually stunning c: presentations Subject/Cour se: Designers: Professional Learning M. Brown

Stage 1 Desired Results

Established Goals: National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS*T) I. TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS AND CONCEPTS Teachers demonstrate a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts . Teachers: A. demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology (as described in the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students). B. demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies. II. PLANNING AND DESIGNING LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS AND EXPERIENCES Teachers plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology. Teachers: A. design developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that apply technologyenhanced instructional strategies to support the diverse needs of learners. B. apply current research on teaching and learning with technology when planning learning environments and experiences. C. identify and locate technology resources and evaluate them for accuracy and suitability. D. plan for the management of technology resources within the context of learning activities. E. plan strategies to manage student learning in a technology-enhanced environment. III. TEACHING, LEARNING, AND THE CURRICULUM Teachers implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning. Teachers: A. facilitate technology-enhanced experiences that address content standards and student technology standards. B. use technology to support learner-centered strategies that address the diverse needs of students. C. apply technology to develop students higher order skills and creativity. D. manage student learning activities in a technology-enhanced environment. IV. ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION Teachers apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies. Page 1

Teachers: A. apply technology in assessing student learning of subject matter using a variety of assessment techniques. B. use technology resources to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning. C. apply multiple methods of evaluation to determine students appropriate use of technology resources for learning, communication, and productivity. V. PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practice. Teachers: A. use technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning. B. continually evaluate and reflect on professional practice to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of student learning. C. apply technology to increase productivity. D. use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community in order to nurture student learning. VI. SOCIAL, ETHICAL, LEGAL, AND HUMAN ISSUES Teachers understand the social, ethical, legal, and human issues surrounding the use of technology in PK12 schools and apply that understanding in practice. Teachers: A. model and teach legal and ethical practice related to technology use. B. apply technology resources to enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities. C. identify and use technology resources that affirm diversity. D. promote safe and healthy use of technology resources. E. facilitate equitable access to technology resources for all students. Understandings: Essential Questions:

Todays 21st Century Learner is constantly How can presentations be more creative and evolving. visually attractive? As Educators, we must continue to evolve, What makes Prezi different from experiment, and create new methods of PowerPoint? delivering learning material to students. When choosing Prezi over PowerPoint, how will the end product be affected?

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Educators will know. The benefits of using Web 2.0 tools over simple PowerPoints.

Educators will be able to. Create a Prezi collaboratively, as well as independently.

That developing new means of presenting Upload an existing PowerPoint Presentation material to the ever-evolving 21st Century into the Prezi site. Leaner is often necessary. Navigate the Prezi site fluently.

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Stage 2 Assessment Evidence

Performance Task: In order to engage your constantly evolving 21st Century Learners, you must constantly adapt your teaching methods. Students and Educators alike are utilizing Web 2.0 tools, such as Prezi, to create projects and present material. PowerPoint Presentations are becoming a thing of the past, while Prezi Presentations are becoming more prevalent. In order to fully appreciate and successfully navigate Web 2.0 Tools, your goal is to become fluent in creating presentations with Prezi and to grasp what makes this means of presentation far more engaging than other means. Key Criteria: To effectively demonstrate mastery of Prezi you must: Learn to successfully navigate the program. Create a Prezi utilizing one the design templates. Upload an existing PowerPoint Presentation into Prezi. Successfully publish your Prezi.

Other Evidence Ability Fluent Ability Ability to carefully select material for presentations. use of Web 2.0 Tools. to adapt teaching methods to incorporate Web 2.0 Tools. to discern why Web 2.0 Tools are more engaging.

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Stage 3 Learning Plan

Learning Activities 1. Begin the class by introducing the topic: Prezi vs PowerPoint. 2. Ask the group: Which is more engaging: Prezi or PowerPoint? Why? 3. Next, ask the group How many of you have seen a Prezi Presentation? and How many of you have actually created a Prezi? 4. In order to demonstrate why Prezi is superior to PowerPoint, show the YouTube video Prezi Vs PowerPoint ( 5. Show the screencast tutorial for Prezi. 6. Provide teachers with a link to the web page created to support Prezi. ( 7. Build an example Prezi together as a group. 8. Upon completion, the group will disperse and create a Prezi utilizing an existing PowerPoint Presentation. 9. Each member will present their Prezi to the group. 10. Each group member will complete self assessment rubric and share any questions or concerns with the class.

Performance Task Rubric PowerPoint VS Prezi Assessment Rubric

Directions: Determine which program you feel is the best for each of the following categories. Place a checkmark in the box to note your choice. List any other features (not listed in the chart) that you feel should be included. PowerPoint Prezi

Ease of Use Design Templates Most Engaging Readily Available Overall Presentation Multimedia Friendly
Other ways PowePoint is superior: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Other ways Prezi is superior: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Page 5

Overall, ____________________________ is the best means of delivering material to the 21st Century Learner.

1. Prezi Vs PowerPoint ( 2. Prezi Support Site ( 3. Prezi (

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