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This document has also been mailed to the following contacts:

Edmund G. Brown (Attorney General for State of California)

Attorney General's Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

The Better Business Bereau (BBB)

The Council of Better Business Bureaus
4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22203-1838

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
4330 East West Highway
Bethesda, MD 20814

In addition, we have asked each of our 10,000+ visitors to mail

this letter to all local computer businesses in addition to the
Attorneys General of their respective state.
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I.. Introduction
We were loyal Hewlett Packard customers who trusted in HP’s product quality and customer
service. We have all received defective Pavillion laptops and have lost our faith in HP because of
the unending lies, cover-ups,
ups, and attempts to make customers pay for their defective product. has gathered over 10,000 unique visitors in three months and the data we have
collected can be verified with laptop serial numbers.

The defect has been written about on numerous credible websites such as CNET1, Wired2, and
The Inquirer3. But beyond this overwhelming evidence, what we feel should be most important
to HP is the thousands of customers who have reported the problem, bboth
oth to Customer Care and
through HP’s support forums. Can HP deny the higher than usual failure rate of these notebooks?

HP offered a limited service enhancement4 for this defect which covered only a small fraction of
the users affected. Most customers experiencing
experiencing symptoms will find that HP support does not
even admit the defect exists unless it is specifically mentioned. The support for this defect is so
random and informal that no two users have the same experience, even though we all share the
same problem.

Dozens of out-of-warranty
warranty notebooks have been repaired for free, while many others are told
they must pay full price for a repair. Some Case Managers acknowledge the widespread defect
while others flatly deny it. HP’s policy regarding this issue is scattered, unfair, and inconsistent.

It is time to make a decision. Either honor the thousands of buyers who trusted HP with their
money and respect, or stop pretending that customers are your first concern5.

Screenshot from HP’s Executive Team Website at
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II. Data & Findings

This section contains charts, graphs, and data from our study of the HP/nVidia Defect. Only
users with a valid HP notebook serial number have participated in these findings. All users must
agree to our Terms of Service before registering and submitting data. This document can be
viewed at The information in this letter has been gathered up
until March 18, 2009 however new users continue to submit information online daily; in the two
weeks during which this letter was written, 75 additional users not listed in the chart below
have submitted their laptops to the database.

Chart A: Defective Units6

Defective Enhanced Model Serial Graphics Processor
Laptop Type Warranty Number Number Card (GPU) (CPU)
dv2000 No RP412UA 2CE6401JDJ 7400 GO AMD
dv2000 No RP412UA 2CE6510VKP 6150 GO AMD
dv2000 No RY395EA 2CE70215CT 7200 GO Intel
dv2000 No RZ978EA 2CE7050WDM 7200 GO Intel
dv2000t No EQ883AV 2CE6311SPB 6150 GO Intel
dv2000t No RM668AV 2CE6390XHK 7200 GO Intel
dv2000tx No GM214PA 2CE4567ERT 7400 GO Intel
dv2054ea No RD664EA 2CE63303LK 7200 GO Intel
dv2100 No RM668AV 2CE6450LQ9 7200 GO Intel
dv2102tx No RE047PA 2CE6410RDG 7200 GO Intel
dv2109tx No RE054PA 2CE6391LQK 7200 GO Intel
dv2109tx No RE054PA 2CE6391LQF 7200 GO Intel
dv2117tx No RE135PA 2CE6390WVR 7200 GO Intel
dv2120us No RG404UA 2CE6392LX2 6150 GO AMD
dv2175ea No RN065EA 2CE6481CVD 7200 GO Intel
dv2200 No RM669AV 2CE7170LMD 7200 GO Intel
dv2200 No RM669AV 2CE7130QJ 7200 GO Intel
dv2224ea No RV116UA 2CE7080MVL 7600 GO Intel
dv2278ea No RZ978EA 2CE7091L7L 7200 GO Intel
dv2308tx No GG194PA 2CE7181HYM 7200 GO Intel
dv2308tx No GG194PA 2CE714099C 7200 GO Intel
dv2315nr No RV324UA 2CE7100D02 6150 GO AMD
dv2395ea No GG580EA 2CE7231MTY 7200 GO Intel
dv2412ca Yes GM038UA 2CE73016WC 7400 GO AMD
dv2413cl No GA535UA 2CE72001BY 6150 GO AMD

Over 200 user-submitted entries collected from 3/11/2009 – 3/18/2009 at
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Defective Enhanced Model Serial Graphics Processor

Laptop Type Warranty Number Number Card (GPU) (CPU)
dv2418nr No KA253UA 2CE7463RZK 6150 GO AMD
dv2500 No GN169AV 2CE7473LB5 8400M GS Intel
dv2500 No GN169AV 2CE737107R 8400M GS Intel
dv2500t No GN169AV 2CE7481J45 8600M GS Intel
dv2500t No GN169AV 2CE7431YZF 6150 GO Intel
dv2500t No GN169AV 2CE737245G 8400M GS Intel
dv2500t No GN169AV 2CE7371083 6150 GO Intel
dv2500t No RM922AV 2CE7310DWL 8400M GS Intel
dv2500t No RM922AV 2CE7240BVN 8400M GS Intel
dv2533tx No GP300PA 2CE73115TG 8400M GS Intel
dv2533tx No GP300PA 2CE7272WBH 8400M GS Intel
dv2535ea No GJ032EA 2CE7343JP6 7150 GO Intel
dv2535ea No GJ032EA 2CE73229TW 6150 GO Intel
dv2535ea No GJ032EA 2CE7301GG9 6150 GO AMD
dv2580eo No GT882EA 2CE7353990 8400M GS Intel
dv2600 No GN169AV 2CE7453XWY 5600 GO Intel
dv2600 No GN169AV 2CE73724C1 8400M GS Intel
dv2699ea No GN169AV 2CE7442S2N 8400M GS Intel
dv2700 No GW572AV 2CE7521KJX 7600 GO Intel
dv2700 No GW573AA 2CM809115Y 8400M GS Intel
dv2725tx No KG543PA 2CE802298Q 8400M GS Intel
dv6000 No EZ829AV CNF70123H7 8600M GS Intel
dv6000 No RE401EA CNF63407MK 7200 GO AMD
dv6000t No RX942AV CNF7285X1S 7400 GO Intel
dv6000z No RD167AV CNF6422512 7200 GO AMD
dv6207tx No GC203PA CNF7133BKL 7400 GO Intel
dv6226us No RP297UA CNF7072003 7600 GO Intel
dv6227tx No GC203PA CNF71418JY 7400 GO Intel
dv6305us No RV005UA CNF7133MKO 6150 GO AMD
dv6338se No RV009UA CNF7152T26 6150 GO AMD
dv6353 Yes RV011UA 2CB7113BX3 6150 GO AMD
dv6356ea No GF682EA CNF7132KOM 7400 GO Intel
dv6500 No GS684UA CNF74628RP 7150M Intel
dv6575us No GA404UA CNF73405MW 8400M GS Intel
dv6618ca No GY129UA CNF7445C4D 7150M AMD
dv6700 No KC300UA CNF8261C5S 8400M GS AMD
dv6745us No KC300UA CNF801096F 7150M AMD
dv6835tx No FE071PA CNF8173R88 8400M GS Intel
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Defective Enhanced Model Serial Graphics Processor

Laptop Type Warranty Number Number Card (GPU) (CPU)
dv8000 No EK765EA CND5470VRJ 7600 GO Intel
dv8000 No EX177AV CND6281R1R 7400 GO Intel
dv8300 No EX177AV CND6221D7J 7600 GO Intel
dv8320ca No EZ707UA CND6274X9T 7600 GO Intel
dv8333ea No RG020EA CND6320V0H 7400 GO Intel
dv8394ea No RE346EA CND6311T7Z 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ345AV CNF7231V61 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ345AV CNF7161S5R 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ345AV CNF7141VRY 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ345AV CNF7103N47 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ345AV CNF7072WLG 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ345AV CNF7071VMT 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ379AV CNF6501R48 7400 GO Intel
dv9000 No EZ379AV CNF6491M6V 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No GW910AV CNF806522K 8400M GS AMD
dv9000 No RD868AV CNF7170QVZ 7400 GO Intel
dv9000 No RL653AV CNF7323NG7 8600M GS Intel
dv9000 No RP243UA CNF7110KQV 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No RP246UA CNF7030M4L 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No RP250UA CNF7013WZM 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No RP250UA CNF7013V2J 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No RV116UA CNF71350XZ 7600 GO Intel
dv9000 No RY527EA CNF7062MTM 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EY797AV CNF6444HDW 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF72966DY 8400M GS AMD
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7201VH7 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7191YLY 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7170LNB 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7103R78 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7101WYQ 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7063DYL 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ345AV CNF7053H4C 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ379AV CNF7013DPY 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ379AV CNF64621LR 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No EZ379AV CNF6423PD 7600 GO Intel
dv9000t No RL653AV CNF73726GD 7150 GO Intel
dv9000z No EZ345AV CNF7191YJN 7400 GO Intel
dv9030ea Yes RE382EA CNF64419VL 7600 GO AMD
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Defective Enhanced Model Serial Graphics Processor

Laptop Type Warranty Number Number Card (GPU) (CPU)
dv9030us No RG339UA CNF6382959 7600 GO Intel
dv9035nr No RG343UA CNF64244GZ 7600 GO Intel
dv9061ea No RR323EA CNF512R40 7600 GO Intel
dv9074cl No EZ457UA CNF6454B9Z 7600 GO AMD
dv9077 No RZ595EA CNF66146VV 7600 GO Intel
dv9200 No EZ345A CNF7141SF1 7400 GO Intel
dv9200 No EZ345AV CNF7170LM6 7600 GO Intel
dv9200 No EZ345AV CNF7125B2Q 7600 GO Intel
dv9200 No EZ345AV CNF71011Z2 7600 GO Intel
dv9200 No EZ345AV CNF7093H2T 7400 GO Intel
dv9200t No EZ345AV CNF7191YJV 7600 GO Intel
dv9200t No EZ345AV CNF7212N9Q 7600 GO Intel
dv9200t No EZ345AV CNF7150PCG 7600 GO Intel
dv9205tx No RU878PA CNF7181HBT 7600 GO Intel
dv9205tx No RU878PA CNF7181HBT 7600 GO Intel
dv9207 No RP282UA CNF7070M68 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7071LYV 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7070M0Z 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7070IVF 7600 GO Intel
dv9207US No RP282UA CNF7070HQY 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066GSP 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066GF4 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066FY2 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066FXX 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066FX4 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066FBC 7600 GO Intel
dv9207us No RP282UA CNF7066B4K 7600 GO Intel
dv9220us No RP246UA CNF6521N2M 7600 GO Intel
dv9220us No RP246UA CNF70611PH 7600 GO Intel
dv9230us No RP247UA CNF7020JR3 7600 GO Intel
dv9235nr No RP245UA CNF702192W 7600 GO Intel
dv9260nr No RP250UA CNF71826DS 7600 GO Intel
dv9260nr No RP250UA CNF7055MCY 7600 GO Intel
dv9260us No RP243UA CNF70648GZ 7600 GO Intel
dv9288 No RR362EA CNF7041YQN 7600 GO Intel
dv9288ea No RR362EA CNF7100SQM 7600 GO Intel
dv9295ea No RY700EA CNF7022JM4 7600 GO Intel
dv9303tx No GG192PA CNF718081J 7400 GO Intel
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Defective Enhanced Model Serial Graphics Processor

Laptop Type Warranty Number Number Card (GPU) (CPU)
dv9311tx No GJ155PA CNF7190LGG 6150 GO Intel
dv9335nr No RV116UA CNF7151H7S 7600 GO Intel
dv9335nr No RV116UA CNF7151FKT 7600 GO Intel
dv9335nr No RV116UA CNF7143RV1 7600 GO Intel
dv9335nr No RV116UA CNF7143R6J 7600 GO Intel
dv9335nr No RV116UA CNF7125FRN 7600 GO Intel
dv9339us No RV121UA CNF7162WT4 7600 GO Intel
dv9340ea No GH836EA CNF7182B54 7600 GO Intel
dv9362ea No GF719EA CNF7093B6M 7600 GO Intel
dv9398ea No GF721EA CNF224Z42 7600 GO Intel
dv9399ea No GH844EA CNF7160XRM 7600 GO Intel
dv9500 No CC958AV CNF7440KN4 8400M GS AMD
dv9500 No GA339UA CNF7235LZ3 8600M GS Intel
dv9500 No GA339UA CNF7232413 8600M GS Intel
dv9500 No GS461EA CNF73311NL 8400M GS AMD
dv9500 No GS754UA CNF7366J9R 8400M GS Intel
dv9500 No RL653AV CNF7480Z7G 8600M GS Intel
dv9500 No RL653AV CNF7411HN5 8600M GS Intel
dv9500 No RL653AV CNF74023KM 8600M GS Intel
dv9500 No RL653AV CNF728482V 8400M GS Intel
dv9500 No RL653AV CNF7283CTV 8600M GS Intel
dv9500 No RL653AV CNF7263CLX 8600M GS Intel
dv9500t No RL653AV CNF7593FX1 8400M GS Intel
dv9500T No RL653AV CNF7401KGN 8600M GS Intel
dv9500t No RL653AV CNF7376T78 7600 GO Intel
dv9500t No RL653AV CNF7354HSF 8400M GS Intel
dv9500t No RL653AV CNF73115F1 7600 GO Intel
dv9500t No RL653AV CNF72919QG 8600M GS Intel
dv9514tx No GN431PA CNF73133NR 8600M GS Intel
dv9520tx No GS078PA CNF74102GS 8600M GS Intel
dv9520tx No GS078PA CNF7277NPD 8600M GS Intel
dv9535nr No GA339UA CNF7310P39 8600M GS Intel
dv9535nr No GA339UA CNF7272Q86 8600M GS Intel
dv9540us No GA3316U CNF725376B 8600M GS Intel
dv9548us No GA341UA CNF72931MT 8600M GS Intel
dv9548us No GA341UA CNF7245L7V 8600M GS Intel
dv9548us No GA341UA CNF7245JL0 8600M GS Intel
dv9574ea No GT433EA CNF7290XXJ 8600M GS Intel
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Defective Enhanced Model Serial Graphics Processor

Laptop Type Warranty Number Number Card (GPU) (CPU)
dv9574la No GU058LA CNF72932KQ 8600M GS Intel
dv9580us No GA334UA CNF73132LT 8600M GS Intel
dv9580us No GA334UA CNF72719SG 8600M GS Intel
dv9595ed No RL653AV CNF7296CV9 8600M GS Intel
dv9617nr No G8730UA 2CB7423Y08 7150M AMD
dv9644ca No GS754UA CNF7366HYM 8400M GS Intel
dv9644ca No GS754UA CNF7366GHD 8600M GS Intel
dv9644ca No GS754UA CNF7366GFP 8600M GS Intel
dv9650us No GS744UA CNF7454YN9 8600M GS Intel
dv9657cl No GS749UA CNF7374LS9 8600M GS Intel
dv9758ca No KC364UA CNF75220C1 8600M GS Intel
f550el No GH833EA CNF73014BC 6150 GO AMD
tx1000 No GA650UA CNF7243SNC 6150 GO AMD
tx1000 No GD617AV CNF7342C4V 6150 GO AMD
tx1000 No GM025UA CNF7163PDZ 6150 GO AMD
tx1000 No GMO29UA CNF7284K3K 6150 GO AMD
tx1000 No GS865UA CNF7377P87 6150 GO AMD
tx1000 No KC469UA CNF80125K6 6150 GO AMD
tx1009au No RY254PA CNF7052JV9 6150 GO Intel
tx1120us No RV308UA CNF7110GZR 6150 GO Intel
tx1210us No GM025UA CNF7286XNB 6150 GO AMD
tx1219us No GM025UA CNF7293BKK 6150 GO AMD
tx1220us No GM025UA CNF7317NRQ 6150 GO AMD
tx1308nr No GS867UA CNF7390889 6150 GO AMD
tx2120us No KN967UA CNF81118N1 6150 GO AMD
v3000 No GM194PA 2CE7241MX4 9500M GS AMD
v3000t No RD544PA 2CE6350YM4 9500M GS AMD
v6133 Yes RM484EA 6NF6411V8P 6150 GO AMD
zd7000 No RM668AV CNF4480GSL 5600 GO Intel
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Graph A: Graph B:
Processors of Defective Units7 Covered by Enhanced Warranty8


Intel Yes


Graph C: Graphics Cards (GPUs) of Defective Units9

2 2

31 29
4 5600 GO 6150 GO
7150 GO 7150M
24 18
7200 GO 7400 GO
15 7600 GO 8400M GS
8600M GS 9500M GS

Generated from Chart A
Generated from Chart A. Refers to HP’s Limited Service Enhancement at:
Generated from Chart A.
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Graph D: Most Frequent Model Numbers of Defective Units10

15 4
4 RP282UA RV116UA
4 9

Graph E: HP Support Treatment11 Graph F: GPU Temperatures12

0 0
6 1 1 Under 45
Great 3
23 9
Good 46-55

Fair 56-65

Poor 11 66-75
Horrible 76-85
34 Above 86

Generated from Chart A showing only the top 10 most frequently submitted models.
Data gathered from 3/11/2009 – 3/18/2009 at
All Graphics Card temperatures are measured in Celsius (C). Software used to collect data was GPU-Z. Data
gathered from 3/4/2009 – 3/18/2009 at
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Graph G: Support Resolution/Decision13

Could Not Get Support
18 Full Price Repair

Discounted Repair (Under 50%)

50% Repair

Free Repair

24 Full Refund/Replacement

Graph H: Failures After Repair14 Graph I: Posts Censored by HP15

4 2 2
8 6 0
5 0
9 2-5
20 2 5-10
3 10+

18 More than 3 Banned


Data gathered from 3/11/2009 – 3/18/2009 at
Data gathered from 3/11/2009 – 3/18/2009 at
Data gathered from 12/11/2008 – 3/18/2009 at Includes any
posts/topics deleted or censored on the HP Business Forums or HP Support Froums.
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Graph J: Experienced Symptoms of Defective Laptops16

69 68 Overheating Wireless Errors

Discoloration Lines in Display

27 36
Random Reboots Display Flickers

48 System Beeps nvlddm errors


Total Failure
38 46

Chart B: Usage Statistics for HPLies.com17

Data gathered from 3/11/2009 – 3/18/2009 at
Screenshot generated by Webalizer Version 2.01. NOTE: March 2009 statistics end on 3/18/2009
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III.. The Defect

The nVidia/HP defect has been documented and discussed on numerous reputable websites. The
symptoms described above are common to users with a Pavillion laptop purchased in 2007-2008.
Most importantly, a majority of our users have reported GPU temperatures above 86 degrees
Celsius (GRAPH B). This is over 185 degrees Fahrenheit, just below thirty degrees from the boiling
point of water. These conditions are unsafe and have already led to users suffering injuries and

laptop in which the GPU overheated and caught on fire18:

The following is a photo from a laptop

The correlation in defective laptops to specific nVidia video cards (GRAPH C)

C proves that the
problem is not, as HP claims, with the system board. While the enhanced warranty only covers
notebooks with AMD system boards, our statistics clearly indicate hundreds of users with Intel
system boards (GRAPH A) who are not covered by HP’s warranty (GRAPH B).

The following is an excerpt from an article written for The Inquirer by Charlie Demerjian19:

The defective parts appear to make up the entire line-up

line up of Nvidia parts on 65nm and
55nm processes, no exceptions. The question is not whether or not these parts are
defective, it is simply the failure rates of each line, with field reports on specific parts
hitting up to 40 per cent early life failures.

How have HP technicians determined the list of eligible model numbers for the enhanced
warranty? The 65nm and 55nm processes effect hundreds of models that are not included in this
ve20 claimed that "HP has taken appropriate actions for any HP
warranty. An HP representative
notebook products that use the
he known affected Nvidia chips.” We feel that these
thes “known
affected nVidia chips” recognized by HP cover only a fraction of the defective parts.

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The following is an excerpt from an article written for TG Daily by Wolfgang Gruener21:

The failures are caused by a solder bump that connects the I/O termination of the
silicon chip to the pad on the substrate. In Nvidia’s GPUs, this solder bump is created
using high-lead. A thermal mismatch between the chip and the substrate has
substantially grown in recent chip generations, apparently leading to fatigue cracking.
Add into the equation a growing chip size (double the chip dimension, quadruple the
stress on the bump) as well as generally hotter chips and you may have the perfect
storm to take high lead beyond its limits. Apparently, problems arise at what Nvidia
claims to be “extreme temperatures” and what we hear may be temperatures not too
much above 70 degrees Celsius.

A cracking solder bump on a GPU is unrelated to a system board, so why is the enhanced
warranty entirely based around defective system boards? There are many GPU’s that HP has
excluded from its list, even though hundreds of users have reported problems with unlisted
graphics cards. While nVidia reports 70 degrees Celsius as “extreme temperatures”, many users
out of the enhanced warranty are experiencing temperatures tens and even twenties of degrees
above that.

HP and nVidia have been aware of this problem since at least 200722 which can be proven by
their BIOS “update” that merely left the fans running permanently to delay the inevitable failure
of the defective parts. This is unfair and dishonest; it is clear that HP only did this to ensure that
most users only exhibited defective symptoms after their one year warranty expired. In addition,
the BIOS update absolutely drained battery life which we believe is cheating customers out of
the product that they paid for.

In an nVidia press release23 on the matter, there is absolutely no mention of any relation to
specific processor boards. HP needs to obtain a list of the defective graphics cards so that they
can provide a fair and sensible enhanced warranty that is actually relevant to the cause of the

Additionally, HP has been replacing the defective graphics cards with identical parts. This leads
to unending repairs and wasted time for the customer. Dozens of our users reported at least one,
if not more repairs after the first failure (GRAPH H). Until HP recognizes that these GPUs are
indeed defective, customers will continue to have their time and resources wasted as they go
weeks without laptops. Receiving free repairs is not enough, because the problem continues to
occur; the customer should not have to pay if the defective replacement fails after the 90 day
repair warranty.

HP has repeatedly tried to blame nVidia for this problem which is reasonable, but how can a
consumer be expected to take the fall for this? HP should be devoting its resources to satisfying
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the customer immediately, despite the outcome with nVidia. End users have no contact with
nVidia and have trusted HP to sell products with good, working parts. Apple, who only used
Intel boards in their notebooks, also suffered from the defective nVidia chips, however the
company has honored their customers by running their own investigation of the GPU’s24. This is
the customer service that HP should be offering. HP should be fighting for us, not fighting
against us.

IV. Customer Care & Support

One of our biggest concerns with this entire issue is the support we have received from HP’s
“Total Care”. Most of HP’s front-end support denies that any such defect exists and says that if
the user’s model number is not listed in HP’s enhanced warranty then the problem is unrelated.
This is unfair and untrue; it is one thing to choose not to cover thousands of defective notebooks,
but to lie about their defectiveness is immoral and deceitful.

Over half of our users reported a “Poor” experience with HP’s support. Another quarter reported
a “Horrible” experience. Only 15 of our 400+ registered users reported “Fair” or “Good” service.
There were 0 reports for “Great” service (GRAPH E).

The support results for out-of-warranty defective laptops are so inconsistent (GRAPH G) that it is
impossible to find any sort of standard protocol or procedure for the repairs. It is unfair that some
receive repairs for free while others are paying $400 for the exact same repair. It seems that only
through ridiculous persistence and time consuming arguments that a customer is actually able to
get the support they deserve. Many users spent hours arguing with their case managers before
they could find a resolution; it shouldn’t take arguing and convincing to get the same exact
support that other customers are getting.

Many of the Case Managers (CM) were dishonest and/or rude to their users. Customers try to be
fair and kind to support representatives, but HP has set up a system where persistence and anger
are the only way to achieve any results. There were multiple reports of a CM known as “Cindy”
being rude and yelling at her customers25. How can HP stand behind service like this? One user

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was actually told by his CM that he [the CM] could be arrested for giving out free repairs26. This
is a downright lie.

Please see APPENDIX A for more reviews of HP’s customer service.

This is only a small portion of the customer complaints we have received. Please go to to read dozens of other customer experiences with HP’s Total Care. It seems
to us that HP is no longer making any effort to keep customers happy, but rather choosing to
deflect the damage by laying the costs on the consumer, no matter the loss of customer care.

The HP support forums are another source of confusion and unhelpfulness from HP. With nearly
1,000 posts on the HP Business Forum thread titled “Defective nVidia GPU”27 and 500+ posts
on the new HP Support Forum titled “HP dv2000/6000/8000/9000/tx1000 Video Problems –
Hardware”28, the only response from HP support we have seen is moderators going through and
deleting or censoring useful and important posts. 30 of our users said that 5 or more of their posts
on HP’s forums were deleted (GRAPH I). Why is HP devoting time and resources to covering up a
problem that has hit so many people?

Who is in charge of these moderators and who has ordered them to censor the posts that they
censor? The “Terms of Use” for both forums prohibit rants, threats, and discussion of lawsuits;
these conditions seem perfectly reasonable, however the moderators (specifically DaniW and
WendyM) are censoring much more than this, including user support experiences, successful case
numbers, and attempts to gather lists of defective laptops.

HP Lies was created so that the hundreds of people trying to converse through HP’s forums
could have a website to discuss their problems without being censored. The site has been getting
new users daily (CHART B), rapidly growing as new notebooks continue to exhibit symptoms of the

Within days of the creation of HP Lies, a user Quantium Tarantino joined and pretended to be
another customer. His posts were suspicious and he was specifically asked whether or not he
worked for HP. He said that he did not. After further investigation, we found that he was indeed
an employee posing as a customer29. It is unbelievable that HP will devote the time and energy
into sending fake users to our site, but no effort into actually trying to solve the problem.

HP’s support on this matter has been unacceptable, especially considering the prices that we paid
for our products. This price includes HP’s so-called “Total Care”, and yet we clearly are not
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receiving it. Between the forums, the Case Managers, and the general support, users have been
lied to, manipulated, and tricked. And this is only from customers who have done research and
looked into this problem. How many other uninformed users have called with these symptoms
and unknowingly paid for the full price repair? Customers should not be treated like this, and
they should not have to devote the time and resources into making a website to be heard fairly.

IV. Questions & Solutions

QUESTIONS we would like a formal response, in writing, to the following questions:

• Who is in charge of the HP Forum Moderators? Who is responsible for the

policy on deleting/censoring posts specifically in the discussion of the
nVidia defect?
• Why do so many Case Managers and support agents argue that this issue
doesn't even exist? Has HP not informed all employees of the defect?
• Why do Case Managers tell some users that no one is receiving free
repairs? Our records indicate overwhelmingly that many users do.
• What is HP currently doing to rectify the situation? When can we expect a
• What is the official policy on support for the out-of-warranty defective
nVidia laptops? What are support representatives told in regard to the
• How many complaints/reports of this issue has HP officially received? We
would like an actual number and whether or not HP believes the failure
rate is unusually high.
• Why does HP blame this on nVidia? This is what Quality Control is for.
Customers cannot get any support from nVidia, so we rely on HP (who
SOLD us the parts) to resolve the problem.
• Why are parts being replaced with the same defective parts? If they are
being replaced the first time, is this not enough evidence that they are
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• Why has HP not led their own investigation of the issue as Apple did (see
link above)?
• Who chose which laptops would be included in HP’s Enhanced Warranty
and how was this conclusion reached. Has HP made any effort to perform
the same investigations on other reported defective models?
• Why are the parts not being recalled as a safety hazard? nVidia has
reported defective part temperatures well over 70C, and our users have
reported temperatures over 86C. This is a fire hazard.
• How do you intend to compensate customers who have wasted their time,
energy, and money on this matter? A refund does not cover the hours that
many of us have spent on the phone and online with support.

SOLUTIONS these are options that we see as fair solutions for the defect:

• Full refund or replacement laptop of equal or greater value. The customer

should have this choice, we should not have to stay with HP if we choose
not to after this mess.
• Full refund to anyone who has paid for a repair of this type.
• All replacement laptops should include a courtesy 3 year all-inclusive
• Resolution should be identical for defective notebooks sold all around the
world. A large percentage of our users are based in the UK.
• Compensation for lost time, resources, and energy in phone calls, emails,
forum posts, and website development.
• Long run solution: investigate the defective nVidia chips and collect the
money necessary to pay for all damages from refunding customers. But
customers should not have to wait for this. The customer’s resolution
should not be based on whether or not nVidia complies.
• Formal apology to customers for dishonesty

CONCLUSION we would like HP to take immediate responsibility for this defect and bring
back the real customer service that so many of us remember HP for. Please, since we have taken
the time to put together this letter, take the time to understand our frustrations and respond to our
questions. Hundreds of users and thousands of daily visitors are eagerly awaiting your response.
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V. Appendix

A. Reviews of HP Customer Service30:

1. My first Case Manager first denied that there was any nVidia defect in HP laptops.
She kept telling me to “stop interrupting” her. After hours of arguing (this
shouldn’t be necessary), she finally agreed to let me send in the laptop to have
technicians determine if it was defective. Why did it take hours for her to come to
this resolution? Why did I have to argue to avoid paying $400? So I proceeded to
post my case number on HP’s Forum so that other users could reference me as
evidence that they DO offer free out-of-warranty repairs and I was IMMEDIATELY
called by my CM who told me she had done me a huge favor and that I was lucky.
Apparently she had been getting calls all morning from other CMs who had
customers referring to my case, asking why they couldn’t get the same support.
So, tell me HP… Why can’t they? And more importantly, why is your CM bullying
me into taking it down? It’s her decision, not mine. My laptop broke again within
a month. I took 1 week of vacation time from work since I cannot work without a
laptop. My second CM wanted nothing more than to hang up the phone and be
done with me. I asked him to speak with a supervisor or technician about
including the many other defective models in the warranty. He said he would and
that he would call me with the results. It has been 3 months now and no
response. My laptop failed a third time last week, burning my hand and heating
up to over 100C. I was forced to waste more vacation time on the 2 week repair. I
used to tell everyone I knew to purchase HP because of their support, now I want
nothing to do with the company. They have wasted my time, they have insulted
me, and they have lied to me after I trusted them with the $2,200 that I spent two
summers saving up for.

2. Around February 2009, my dv9500 caught on fire because of the defect. I

attempted to resolve things easily/quickly and told HP that my machine caught on
fire. At first, the ticket was "escalated incorrectly," as I hadn't heard a response
for a few days. I called again, and support apologized and said they would re-
escalate it to a new case manager, and he would call me back in the next 48
hours. Three days later, still no response. I call back and finally, they re-assign the
case to someone new, which then escalate it to a woman named Charlotte, who is
part of some Safety division. She asks about personal/property damage, to which
I reply that I had received both a shock and a slight burn (from flipping the laptop
over quickly to try to blow into the exhaust), and the table was burned -- but I
didn't care that much, so long as my machine was replaced. She had no sympathy
for my case and said that she wouldn't guarantee anything. She did send me a
packaging label for FedEx, so that I could return the machine for a Safety Engineer

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to analyze. I sent the machine in with noticeable defects -- there was a burn on
the top left, near where the fan and GPU are. When I received the machine back,
the burn mark was mysteriously gone. Scratches that had been part of my
cosmetic damage, which I had performed myself in my year of use from the
machine, were now gone. Other scratches in other locations appeared, though.
The machine was also sent back incredibly dirty -- covered in oil/grime on the
keyboard, and some kind of sawdust
consistency garbage all over the machine.
The machine was not returned in the same condition it was sent in.

31 32
Before Repair : Burnt Laptop After Repair : Grime on Laptop

Charlotte informed me that the machine had failed because of my own fault,
would not be repaired, and listed a number of bogus reasons, including that the
feet on the bottom were missing, and most importantly, that my machine was
being "returned in the samsamee condition with which it was sent in." Only one "foot"
was missing, and I made sure that it was on the bottom right, as to prop up the
fan so it had EVEN MORE ventilation. They also blamed my dead machine on a
third party AC Adapter, because HP never orig originally
inally provided me with one. I sent
in numerous requests and never received one, only to finally get a response from
tech. support of, "Just buy one from an Electronics store, they're all standard."
There are several tickets in the system of me requesting an AC Adapter, which
was never fulfilled. I told Charlotte after I received my machine, that it came back
in a worse condition and sent her images at *her* request. She never responded.
It wasn't until I posted a response on the Better Business Bureau (Cas
(Casee #16025778
registered with the San Jose BBB) citing my images that she offered to give a
time out of warranty repair." However, I'm amazed that HP covered up so
much, removed evidence, and then attempted to put me to fault -- this is
fraudulent activity.
ity. Had I not had images of before/after, I would probably not
have had a resolution, which even now, is still poor at best. If I took them to
court, which I probably should since it would've taken just as long, I'd have
received a lot more (as I should get,
get, with this entire ordeal, illegal activity, etc,
which THEY caused to begin with) for my efforts. A one-time one out-of-warranty
repair is not going to fix anything, and if anything, isn't even HP trying to make
things right -- it's just attempting to slide it along and pretend like nothing ever

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happened. I will not ever purchase HP again, as this is not the kind of treatment I
expect for all of my trouble. I will likely still consider pursuing legal action.

3. My experience with HP has been horrible to say the least. HP UK were rude,
uninterested and just basically told me to get lost as soon as they heard my
warranty had expired and that my laptop had the Intel processor. I wrote to the
CEO 3 times and received absolutely no response from his office. I am disgusted
with HP and have made it my mission in life to tell everyone I know to never buy
HP again. I have also gone onto as many sites as possible that sell HP laptops and
left feedback warning others not to buy HP. I spent all my savings on this laptop
thinking it was half decent and would last me a few years. Just after the 1 year
warranty expired, it dies - exactly the same problem as the ones with the AMD
processors yet HP refuses to extend our warranty on the models with Intel!

4. I was informed that in no way would HP offer me a replacement laptop because I

already received one. I explained to [my first case manager] that was not my
choice, that was HP's decision to issue the replacement laptop based on they
couldn't get a hard drive to me after 6 weeks. I thought this was incredibly rude of
the Escalated Case Manager, whose name was Cindy. I told her they can't hold
that over my head. She stated again that HP would never replace it.

5. I recently encountered this Exec case manager, Cindy and she was probably the
rudest person I have ever had to deal with. She called me a liar and only offered
to refund me 10% of the repair cost. No way is that acceptable. I called her 4
times, and she hung up 3 times on me. I tried calling the corporate office, even
though I said I did not want to speak to Cindy again since she's extremely rude to
me, they transferred me to her again! When I asked Cindy to be reassigned she
told me, that she was the highest person I could speak to and there was no way I
would get a free repair.

6. Tell me the truth. I may not like it and it may cost you my loyalty as a customer.
But tell me a lie to cover up the truth and I will devote myself to identifying the
truth and making sure everyone I have contact with or deal with is made aware of
it... For the Philosophy majors in the crowd this is pretty straight forward logic.
Tell the truth and loose one customer... Tell a lie or deceive someone and not only
do you lose them as a customer but you turn them into a crusader doing all they
can to identify the real truth and make everyone they can aware of it. What HP
support is doing at this point, and perhaps without relizing it, is encouraging
negative word of mouth advertising (the single most powerful form of
advertising) against not only the line of notebook computers but the entire HP
line of products and support. The damage that HP incurs due to being identified as
dishonest is far worse than having one bad product experience. The bad product
experience can be recovered from but the reputation of being deceitful is one that
just does not go away.