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Tim (Yu) Pei

62 Christina Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M1R4H8 1-226-989-2278

Industry experience in Java, PHP, MySQL, Selenium, Javascript and HTML5 Working knowledge of Racket and C Comfortable working in Linux environments with Git Self-motivated, creative, and a quick independent learner

Work Experience
Agile Engineer, Xtreme Labs/Extreme Startups, Toronto, ON May - Aug 2012
Worked with a sponsored startup, Verelo Inc., a website monitoring service ( Implemented TCP tests in Java with SSL certificates Optimized time and memory usage in production servers through profiling specific functions, refactoring SQL queries, and debugging existing code Led in integrating Selenium features until Beta phase in Java

Co-Founder/Development Lead, Socialpouch

Apr 2012 - Present

Created an event promoting platform in CakePHP for university students ( Lead the technology and the marketing team Developed a CMS for promoters to create and manage events Implemented password encryption, SQL injection prevention and a strict authentication system Created custom search functionalities by using efficient database queries and image optimizations

Technology Intern, Loose Button, Toronto, ON

Implemented python scripts that produced shipping status reports for employees Created dynamic webpages using Python and Django Developed basic framework of Django admin actions to allow product configurations

Aug 2011

Hacky Birthday Developed an Open Graph web application during a Toronto Facebook Hackathon in PHP Comfortsmith Inc., Shad Valley/RIM Entrepreneur Cup Led a team of 25 creating a business plan, a website and promotional materials Won first place in Marketing Cup and third overall in Canada Inventory Manager System, high school course project Implemented basic database functionalities with user-friendly interface using OOP concepts and GUI.

2A Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Science Double Degree, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON, Sep 2011-Present

Volunteering Experience
Shad Valley Alumni Club, University of Waterloo Mar 2011 - Present
Communication executive of the club that aims to expand social networks and provide opportunities for professional development.

Website Board in Math Society, University of Waterloo

Created webpages for events in PHP and optimized the website's user interface.

Sep 2011 - May 2012

Snowboarding, Volleyball, Swimming, Ping-Pong, Dance Dance Revolution, Camping