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Maple Grove Voices Will Fill the Skies With Music

Susan Harron On Monday, May 6th, the Maple Grove Primary Choir will be joining hundreds of thousands of children across Canada and around the world in performing the first song premiered in space and on Earth. The official Music Monday song, Is Somebody Singing, was co-written by Commander Chris Hadfield (presently aboard the International Space Station) and Ed Robertson of The Barenaked Ladies, and commissioned by The Coalition for Music and CBC Music. At exactly 1:00 p.m. EDT, choirs and instrumental groups will be singing and playing this song in a nation-wide simultaneous earth-to-orbit concert with Commander Hadfield live from the International Space Station. The Music Monday Showcase Concert at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto will be streamed live on-line from 12:00 to 1:30, thanks to the Canadian Space Agency. Music Monday is an annual coordinated event that brings together thousands of students, musicians, parents and community members across Canada to show how important music education is in the lives of our young people and to show the fun they have in making music. Music belongs in our schools

Learning music enhances student development in so many ways. Research supports the link between learning music and student success Every music program that is cut or eroded anywhere in Canada will have far-reaching implications for our schools, our communities and our nation. Cuts to music programs are a loss for our children and the next generation. - Holly Nimmons, Executive Director of The
Coalition for Music.

The community is invited to join the students of Maple Grove School in celebrating music education. Opening remarks will begin at 12:50 on Monday, May 6th in the Maple Grove School gym. At exactly 1:00, the Primary Choir will perform the Music Monday theme song, Is Somebody Singing. Following this, more musical entertainment will be provided by the Primary Choir, and some musical presentations by a group of Gr. 4 to 6 students singers directed by Madam Fowler, Mr. Sauves Grade 5/6 class, and some guitarists and a djembe player from Mr. Allens Grade 7/8 music class. In addition, Mr. Sauves Grade 6 students will be displaying their space theme games and projects around the gym. Through our concerts, we hope that the public will actively support quality music education. Go to for more details on how you can help.
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