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it is no longer I who live, but

Christ lives in me Galatians 2:20b

We have had the privilege of ministering to
many lives this summer through counseling,
two seminars, ADT, and the mens recovery
program. Father never ceases to amaze us as
He works in the hearts and minds of people,
always drawing them into that deeper rela-
I am currently working with Toshi Miyazaki,
(Care Pastor of FBC, Peachtree City), help-
ing him transform the former Lay Coun-
seling ministry into the Life Equipping
ministry. Those who are trained as Life
Equippers will be joining individuals in a
life-on-life journey encouraging, teaching,
mentoring, and befriending them. This is
true discipleship; this is how Jesus discipled
His followers. For the former lay counselors,
this training has been split into two phases.
Phase one, the spiritual formations section,
taught the Equippers how to use the teaching
diagrams that are utilized in CFTs counsel-
ing process. These diagrams explain how
we are designed to live through Christs life.
This provides extra tools for the Equipper to
use as they disciple others. The second phase
involves how to work with people one-on-
one in a helping relationship.
Im very excited about this process. The
former lay counseling ministry primarily
reached people who were in crisis. This new
ministry targets everyone. It is designed to
give spiritual and relational tools to help
people actively build relationships whether
they be intentional or accidental. One of
our Life Equippers met someone in a local
store and invited them to church. After they
visited, she began to develop a relationship
with her primarily through phone calls. At
one point the lady told our Life Equipper
that she (the Equipper) seemed to be such
a peaceful person. The Equipper said, I
do have peace, but I didnt always have it.
The lady said back to her, I want what you
have! This instantly opened the door for our
Life Equipper to join this lady in a deeper
relationship where she can teach her about
the source of her peace. Wow! That was a
God opportunity.
It is my prayer, as we develop the Life
Equipping ministry at FBC of Peachtree
City that Father opens more doors in the
local area for us to enter into relationships
with other churches. CFT has a heart to see
people know Christ as their life. The local
church is on the front line of sharing this
good news with folks. We want to come
along side the local church and support them
as they become more effective in sharing
Christ as life to the world around them.
Tess and I are looking forward to a great
holiday season. Fall is my favorite season
of the year and Thanksgiving is my favorite
holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday where
families and friends get together for food
and fellowship without the stress and pres-
sure of buying and giving gifts. I realize Im
probably sounding like a left-brain man at
this point. I love Christmas too, but more for
the message than for all the commercialism.
I pray that your Thanksgiving, Christmas
and New Year is flled with lots of love, joy,
and peace as you invest time into your fam-
ily and friends!
Dates to
January 8, 2013
Advanced Discipleship Training
Part 1 Begins
January 17, 2013
Addiction Recovery 14-week
Program Begins at CFT
March 1-2, 2013
Grow In Grace Seminar at the
CFT ofce in Newnan
174 Ashley Park Blvd STE 1
Newnan, GA 30263
Living Life!
A Quarterly Update On Christs Life Expressed
Through Tom and Tess Price
Fall 2012
God has been so gracious to provide for
our daily needs. We have not gone without
a meal or had to be late on a bill. Walk-
ing this journey of trust has made us more
aware of just how much God IS in control.
I have found myself becoming more
thoughtful about Gods resources and how
He has made me a steward of those re-
sources. I own nothing, but He owns it all.
I am reading the book The Generos-
ity Factor by Ken Blanchard and Truett
Cathy. This little book is a great reminder
of how much God has blessed us and how
we can experience more of those blessings
by being generous with our time, talents,
treasure, and touch. This life here is so
short and I dont want to waste any of it by
being focused on what I can get but rather
on what I can give.
Thank you so
much for your
I want to thank you for giving your time,
talent, treasure, and touch. Some have
invested their time by praying for us and
this ministry or through participating in
the Life Equipping ministry at FBC, PTC.
Some have invested their talents through
helping this ministry through co-counsel-
ing and volunteering in the offce. Some
have invested their treasure through fnan-
cial gifts. Many of you have invested touch
through encouraging words of love and af-
frmation for us as we have launched into
this ministry.
Every year, I enjoy planting a garden and
watching it grow. My favorite part is eating
the produce. This year I planted tomatoes,
bell peppers, cucumbers, okra, yellow and
zucchini squash, purple hull peas, aspara-
gus beans, and speckled butter beans. The
simplest and most rewarding part of the
whole process is the eating, however, there
is a lot of work involved in getting the food
to the table. It is so much easier going to the
grocery store and purchasing produce that
has already been grown by someone else.
Conversely, there is great reward in seeing
the fruit of your own labor.
Not everyone is called to plant a garden. It is
something I want to do and something I en-
joy doing. I love preparing the soil, planting
the seed, and then waiting with great antici-
pation to see what happens next. After I plant
the seed, whether that seed sprouts is totally
out of my control. If the seed is healthy, the
soil conditions are just right, and the weather
cooperates, that seed will sprout. Im not a
botanist and have not really researched the
exact process of a seed sprouting. I just know
it does and Im always amazed. After I plant
the seeds, I check on my garden about once a
week. When I see the frst little sprig of green
emerging from the soil I get so excited. What
an illustration of the greatness of our God!
People are different from plants, but some of
the principles are the same. We can prepare
the soil of peoples lives and we can plant
seeds in their minds, but we cant make those
seeds sprout. Unlike the biology of plants,
it is a great mystery as to how this process
works in the hearts and minds of people.
Only God knows the answer to that mystery.
As one called to be a farmer of men, I have
to give up my right to be in control of others
process and progress. God has only asked
me to build relationships (preparing the soil),
speak His truth (planting seeds), and encour-
age others (watering) as they grow. I cant
make people understand nor can I change
their lives. That is strictly Gods work. (1
Cor. 3:6,7)
Here at Christian Families Today, we have
an excellent environment (nice weather) to
care for hurting people, searchers of truth,
and Christians who want to grow in their
relationship with God. I fnd myself work-
ing among a loving team of folks who care
for each other and for those they teach and
counsel. We are not focused on man-made
goals, events, or any kind of measurements of
success. We are focused on knowing Christ in
our daily lives and making His life known to
all God brings through our front door. We do
have dreams and goals, but they are second-
ary to that essential relationship. You see,
the produce we get to eat here at CFT is the
changed lives. And that is a result of Gods
work in which we got to participate.
You may not be called to be here at CFT, but
ask Father if He is calling you to participate
in this ministry through prayer, volunteer-
ing, or fnancial support. He may also be
calling you to participate in our Advanced
Discipleship Training or one of our week-end
Grow in Grace or Marriage Seminars. I truly
believe God is going to use CFT in mighty
ways as the days, months and years progress.
1) Current and future counselees and
ADT students.
2) Life Equipping ministry at First Baptist
Church in Peachtree City.
3) For future connecting opportunities
with local churches.
4) Future growth of CFT in the
community and the world!
Farmers of Men
1) Our children and their spouses as
they grow in their relationship with
2) Our grandchildren, that they come to
know Christ as their Savior, Lord, and
3) Oldest daughter (Cherise) is preg-
nant! Pray for a healthy pregnancy.
4) Clarity for Tess in Gods direction for
her involvement in ministry.
5) Our support team for wisdom and
spiritual sensitivity.
6) For 100% funding of ministry. (cur-
rently at around 30%)
Our Team