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(Pl~1se writ!! YOUi' Exam Roll No, ilnmedia!e/y) Exam Roll No. """""""""""


PAPER CODE: BBA-305 PAPER lD-/7305 Time: 3 Hours

SUBJECT: PRODUCTION & OPERATiON MANAGEiUENT BATCH (2004-2005) illaximwn Marks.. 75

Note: Attempt any five questions.

All questions carry equal marks.


Critically examine the nature and significance of the study of operations management. Briefly discuss the challeng~~ faced, by an operations manager. (10,5) Differentiate between product design and service des'ign. eh~ract~ristics of a good seNiee design. Analyse the (7,8)

0.2 0.3

'Total Quality Management (TQ~,,1) is a myth than reality'. Validate or other wise the statement in the light of methods a~opted to achieve TOH. (15) Compare and contrast between centre of Gravity Method and Analytic Delphi

Methodof facility location..


0.5 ficuss in detail the qualitative forecasting techniques in production and operation of a firm. (15)

r. 7 \;1.,


Distinguish amongst strategic planning, operations pianidng

VVriteshort notes on any three:
(i) (ii) (Hi) (iv)


Dima (DIMA) ISO 9000 Series Zero Defects Quantitative Forecasting.

the (15)


What is Wait-in-line Management? Explain with the help of examples

functioning of querring systems.


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FiFTH S2M:=sn::R (BaA) DECEr~'BER-20G7 ;Paper G-Jde: BB,l~-305 Paper fa: 17305 --'Time._: 3 Hoi./!s

Subject: -:~W qm~stjo!~S


and Op'JTatJOt1 ;1,Janagemenl ' --- _!"~~!~h: (~.E 1-2003) ---n Maxim!:!'D Mar~.'}_J5 m '

i-j~_?~~: ~~..,!!pt

~:!.L~!:!e qu~st~~.,s.

c!!ny equal mark$~___,,-_m

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What is ri,e difference ber.,v88n operation and production rHanag8m.::nt'i Explain various
functions ofoperations. Identify three important factors that a location planner may consider w:t:, respect to each of the following. . (a) A superspeciality intensive care unit (b) A multi cuisine restaurant

(c) An agro based handicraft manufacturing unit.


does aggregate production pianning impact each of the foHewing funGtionaiareas in

management? (a) Marketing (b) Finance (c) Strategy (d) Material procurement


The table


l I

below has data e aiding the demand for PC during last six voJeeks.
2 3

Week 1

; (b)



Demand 80


r--' -- 4 ---1' i5 --1---100-.




(3) Use exponential smoothing to estimate demand for next week-

Compute MA.o and SFE at the enoor period 6.


A manufacture of computer accessories source certain plastic component from supplier. The manufacturer subjects the components to an acceptance sampling procedure with a sampling plan in which a sample of 50 components is drawn from suppiy and lot is accepted if the number of defects detected less than 3- Answer the following questions (a) If the incoming lot is 5% defective: 't.fhatis the probability of acceptance(b) Make the necessary computation and plot an Q-C curve for sampling plan(c) Suppose manufacturer want to tighten

the plan by reducing the acceptance number from

3 to 2? Whatare longterm implication of this decision. .

06Identify appropriate layout in each of the following situation (a) A manufacture for garments of Raymonds (bj An eye hospitai (c) A manufacturer of large turbine for power sector applicationAlso discuss merits & demerits of selected !ayouL


INcite short note on :1'\rI'LFd"$0 or the foliowing (a) Totai Quality Management
(b) Bench Marking (c) Learning curve (c1) a and !3risk (2) Waiting line model (any t'i'in)


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ment . Paper Id-17305 (Batch: 2004-2007) ~aper Code: BBA305 Subject: Production And Operation Manage Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75 Note: Attempt five questions in all selecting at least two questions from each section.
SECTION-A Ql of a plan t. What are the


the factors

to be borne

in mind while




and limitations

of l'rQduct layout for a plant?

you would recommend it?


Under what conditions (9)

Discuss the meaning and techniques of forecasting. (a) Compare production planning and control operations in intermittent continuous manufacturing systems. (b) What is control chart? Describe how a control chart is constructed and used?

(6) and (9) (6)


(a) Discuss in detail the assembly line balancing in production management. (5) (b) What do you understand by acceptance sampling? (5) (c) What do you understand by statistical quality control? Ex:plain it's main techniques and importance. (5) Write short notes on. al1Ythree of the following:(a) Analytical Delphi Method (b) Poka-yokes (c) Bench . -- marking (5x3=15) (d) Zero defects

Q5 'v L/'\

~ Cr~

SECTION-B (a) Indian Overseas Bank is considering opening a derive-through window for customer service. Management estimates that customers will arrive atth~ rate of 15 per hourA The teller who will staff the window can service customers af the rate of one every three minutes. Assuming Poisson arrivals and ex:ponential service, find:(10) (i) Utilization of teller. (ii) Average number in the waiting line. (iii) Average number in the system. (iv) Average waiting time in line. (v) Average waiting time in the system, including service. (b) What are some useful suggestions for managing queues- that go beyond the quantitative waiting line models? (5)

(a) The normal diameter of shaft was considered to be 1.5inch :with a standard deviation of 0.02 inch. The samples of size 10 were taken. Cohstruct the appropriate control chart showing the central line and the two control limits. '. (10) (b) What are the differences between X-chart and R-chart? Ex:plain with suitable ex:ample. . (5) (a) A company uses annually 12,000 units of raw material costing Rs. 1.25 per unit. Placing each order costs Rs. 15 and the carrying'costs are 15% per year per unit of the average inventory. Find the economic order quantity. (10) (b) What are the essentials of a good inventory control system? (5) (a) The potential locations of Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai ha';'e the cost structure shown for producing telecommunication set ex:pected to sell for Rs. 90. Find the most economical location for an ex:pected volume of 1850 units/year. (10) Site Variable Fixed cost/year 20 000 Chandigarh Delhi '40,000 Mumbai 80,000 (b) Discuss the factors that determine the location of a



cost/year 50 30 10 factory for the production


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