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Professional Self-Assessment Form

Teacher Candidates Name: Natalie Spradley Mentor Teachers Name: Nicole Whitley

Date: 2-21-13 School: Polo Road Elementary

Grade Level (s)/Subject Area(s) 5 grade, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing Instructions to the teacher candidate: Please reflect on your professional performance, and respond to each of the following prompts. 1. In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional strengths? How have you built on these strengths so far, and how do you plan to do so in the future?

In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, my professional strengths are : APS 6: Providing Content For Learners I have built on this strength by using multiple sources, other than the textbook, to obtain content. I use grade- level information and resources to make sure students can comprehend the information. I APS 7: Monitoring, Assessing, and Enhancing During Instructional time I asses students comprehension by asking questions. Based off the responses I know if I can continue with the grade level content, or if I need to adjusts the pace of the lesson to the needs of the two different classes. APS: 8: Environment Promotes Learning I affirm students when they are following directions and post current work to display on the board. APS 10: Professionalism I attend grade level meetings and am on time for work. I dress the part and try to maintain a positive attitude.

2. In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional challenges? How do you plan to meet these challenges? My professional challenges in terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards are APS 3: Planning Assessments And Using Data I have to become better at using formal pre-assessments to compare post-instruction comprehension. In order to meet this challenge, I have to research appropriate times to use formal and informal pre-assessments, and how to utilize the data they provide APS 4: High Expectations

Sometimes it is difficult to determine grade appropriate content. Therefore, I have to be better at finding pre-made assessments/ assignments. Unfortunately, I have not developed the skill set to determine what is grade level appropriate, but as I continue to teach, I will find what it is that I need.


Describe your students overall progress and achievement. What insights have you gained into ways to improve student progress and achievement? My students overall progress and achievement have increased in the area of content obtained and held. My first block class would be considered high achievers compared to my second block class, so at this point, its hard to really notice a difference in the way that they perform in the area of content. However, my second block class has shown clear signs of improvement in comprehension of material and the holding of information. I know this based off of informal preassessments of a lesson. I have gained insight from my cooperating teacher that in order to improve and keep track of student progress, I can do more formal pre-assessments and to compare to post assessments. I can also plan better lessons to differentiate instruction so that it may cater to all of the children. I have to learn how to break what I have been given for the last 4 years at the collegiate level which is Direct Instruction, and find resources to help me think outside the box.


How will you use the knowledge you have gained through this professional selfassessment to promote your continuous professional growth and collaboration? I will use this knowledge I have gained through this professional self- assessment to promote my continuous professional growth by studying all the ADEPT standards I am the weakest in, and seeking to perfect those things. I want to be an awesome teacher, and I know the only way to reach that goal is by using professional self-assessments like this to analyze how effective I am being as teacher. I think self-reflection is one of the most powerful tools that promote change. I will use this information in this assessment to make sure that I am reaching all of the Professional Goals I want to obtain. It would also help to do assessments like these weekly!