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Sarada Institute Of Technology & Science

B.Tech II-II (ECE)Students: I Advice All The Second ECE students to Read The Following Questions To Get Good Marks In EMTL Subject. 1.Derive All The Maxwell's equations, their point, integral forms and word statements? 2.Explain coulomb's law and practise Related problems. 3.Gauss law ,applications & problems? 4.Derive Relation between E&V? 5.Energy density, problems. 6.Laplace and possion's equations. 7.Relaxation time, continuity equation problems. 8.Capacitor and types of capacitors. 9.Isotropic homogeneous and dielectric mediums. 10.convection and conduction currents. 11.Biot-savarts law & problems. 12.Ampere circuital law &applications. 13.Ampere's force law and inductance& Problems 14.Magentic vector & scalar potential. 15.Faraday's law & Problems 16. Inconsistency of ampere's law. 17.Boundary conditions & Problems? 18.polarization and types. 19.wave equations for conducting and perfect dielectric. 20.Derivation of alpha,beta values and four cases. 21.Skin depth,problems on Alpha,,,,r ? 22.Reflection and refraction derivation. 23. Poynting theorem,applications and problems. 24.Critical angle,Brewster angle,total internal reflection,surface impedance(def). 25.Basic tx.lines,t&pi models. 26.sending end, receiving end parameters and infinite line concept. 27.Types of tx.lines and distortion less,loss less tx.lines. 28.Alpha,beta values derivation For transmission Lines? 29.Condition for minimum attenuation? 30.Phase,group velocities,loading &types. 31.Open,short circuit lines &their relationship. 32.Trasmision line acts as a UHF line for different wave lengths? 33.Schmitt chart. 34.VSWR and reflection co-efficient and their relationship? 35 Stub matching and derivations? ALL THE BEST Urs EMTL Faculty :MA.Wajeed(7702341535).