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Suction Turbine vs. Pressure Turbines Suction Propeller vs. Push Propeller Levitation Disk vs. Aircraft Implosion Motor vs Reciprocating Motor Propeller-less Drive Fish Motor vs. Outboard Motors Propeller-less Drive Fish Motor vs. Ship Propeller Drive Propeller-less Drive Fish Motor vs. Submarine With Push Propeller Natural Fuels vs. Fossil Fuels Implosion Reactor Power Plant vs. Nuclear Reactor Power Plant Transportation Of Mediums via "Whorle-Pipes" vs. Conventional Circular Pipes Egg Shaped Water Storage vs. Conventional Water Storage Used Today Centripital vs. Centrifugal PUMP Water Treatment and Purification via Vortex Funnel vs. Conventional Plants (Chemical) Transmutation Of The Elements vs. Metal/Mineral Mining Pollution CONTROL Devises vs. Industrial Pollution Vortexian Water & Soil Treatments vs. Agricultural Chemical Use Heart-Shaped VORTEX Plow vs. Conventional Steel Plow Mole Screw Tiller vs. Random Tine Tiller

The dawn of a new century will herald attitudes and methods which will allow REVERSALS from our present destructive paths in Technology, Agriculture, and Psychology. Does anyone of you question the necessity of a reversal? There are warnings coming in from many societies, governments, agencies, scientists and farmers which warn us that our use of fossil and nuclear fuels poses unacceptable risks of climate and environmental destruction, at unsupportable costs. Yet, we know Mankind's needs are increasing. The question becomes if not coal and oil, and if not nuclear, then what?
In this same issue we hope to sketch an outline of a new energy source that gives vast promise for improved energy efficiency, renewable power sources, that offers the actual creation principle to re-create, procreate, if you will, water, air, power and growth! We call it a New, Nondestructive Technology based on principles of Implosion. Combustion and explosive engines, radiating power sources and all our present prime movers upon which the modern world depends do not even work to a 50 percent efficiency. More than one half the energy is destroyed or wasted. Why do they perform so badly? By a close observation of Nature we can see the answer ; we use the wrong type of motion to accomplish our work! There exist two forms of motion within Nature - one that breaks down and the other that builds up and refines . Both work in a[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]

rhythmical balanced, interchanging cooperation with one another. The form of movement which creates, develops, purifies and grows is the hyperbolic spiral which externally is centripetal and internally moves along the longitudinal axis. The destructive and dissolving form of movement is centrifugal and moves towards the periphery. With centrifugal movement mediums are first weakened, then dissolved and broken down. This is the way Nature disintegrates her complexes. The centripetal movement is synchronous with falling temperature, contraction and concentration. The centrifugal is synchronous with rising temperature, heat, extension, expansion and explosion. Within the text are contrasted the New Technology called Implosion Technology and the present Technology which is one based on Explosion. It should be apparent that our present Tech's poor results are because of Nature's resistance to man's single-minded pursuit of explosion, destruction and decomposition. The over heating problems of our machines, air resistance, temperature and sound barriers are evidence that man is on the wrong destructive path in technological pursuits. In the case of turbines as shown below, which are designed for the extraction of mechanical energy on a shaft, we call the turbines under the implosion side "suction" turbines (Bl) or Implosion machines. The suction turbine performs work under the contraction principle of Nature; whereas, the turbines headed under explosion (B2) perform work under the expansion pressure principle of Nature.


Both types of turbines are reactors or Implements which release reaction forces. The suction turbine when activated with water or air becomes a generating or constantly regenerating, synthesizing device. The pressure turbines, whether activated with water, air or other well known fuels, become degenerating, analytical devices. The pressure turbines deplete their mediums of their vitalizing energy and perform with poor efficiency because of the heat and resistance which Increases by the square of the speed of rotation. The machine as a whole is prevented to generate its total power because of the centrifugal movement of the medium. The pressure turbine uses the gravity or expansion pressure of a medium. This turbine produces Hp on its shaft according to the limited expansion pressure capability of a medium. The suction turbine does not need pressure expansion force or a pressure head and can therefore, operate anywhere as a closed system. Damming of water and high cost pen-stocks are not necessary. The suction head, to lift water to its piping system, is a built-in feature in this suction turbine. It is for this reason that the rotor is driven by an external force. In order to produce suction to lift its own operational water. The higher the rpm of the rotor the more operational water is lifted which results into a greater power output on the shaft. The sucked-in water is mechanically and physically involuted, coiled, braided and compressed by vortexian action. The rotation of the convoluted pipes produces a longitudinal, centripetal force which expresses itself through constructive reaction force and Is limited only by its rotational speed. Compare suction propeller (Al) with pressure propeller (A2) . Both props were invented by Austrians. The suction prop, or screw, was Invented by Victor Schauberger in the 1930's and 40's during the Second World War and the pressure prop by Ressel In 1820. Both constructed models of their machines. Both were rejected by science and technology at first. Ressel's push prop was, after many years of resistance, finally accepted. Today it is little known that "propulsion " can be accomplished by pull as well as thrust , and with advantages.


Schauberger's suction prop has never been accepted by science. The forces acting in the suction turbine are the exact opposite of those acting in the pressure turbine. Nature moves everything through temperature and potential differences, besides the usual, known gravitational fall, which produces hydraulic pressure. Power is invited into a vacuum devoid of resistance rather than forced and pushed only to react with more pushing and resistance. It is to be understood. that there is no heat input required in any of the implosion systems Indicated; whereas, in the explosion systems it is all heat which does the work, and the destruction of the medium. The suction propeller pipes accommodate the medium of air as well as water and have been experimentally used to produce a levitating disc[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]

(C1) fueled only by air. These discs can one day replace the polluting, inefficient, fuel consuming aircraft (C2) of today.


Let us go briefly through the main cycle of the Implosion Motor as shown in (D1). The fuel medium is first specifically compressed centripetally (not centrifugally or hydraulically) through the twisted, indented pipes and then released through specially designed nozzles to mechanically react on a toothed ring (now we are using centrifugal expansion action). Apparatus as in (D1) allows for the "complete cycle" of a liquid or gas medium to "oscillate" or cycle atomically and molecularly from one state of potency its opposite, within it's natural metabolic range, without being destroyed. During "the change of potential" work is performed by the fuel. This is the way Nature does it . Apparatus as indicated in (D2) , the reciprocating, combustion motor, allows only for half of the cycle, that is, expansion pressure only. The regenerating cycle has to constantly be replaced with more and more medium like the well known fuels of gas or oil which are degenerated & depleted of their energy or changed totally into another substance worthless to be reused for the same purpose.


I mplosion devices make use of centripetal motion to create conditions of less resistance. The Propeller-less Fish Motor (El) for instance, is a prototype device which will one day replace the sluggish and destructive chopping and flailing of the present boat (E2) , ship (E3) , and submarine (E4) propeller. The fish motor uses anterior suction to remove resistance in front of the device and at the same time uses the vortexian spiral to "wedge" and propel the body into the anterior vacuum. In Nature fish, sharks, dolphins and other marine life control vortexian processes in a similar way for their propulsion. These Fish Motor Devices are silent and will serve to greatly improve submarines.


Implosion devices will allow us to use and recycle Natural Fuels such as water and air (Fl) instead of laborious, destructive and polluting processes of drilling, refining and burning our gas, coal, and oil (F2) . We can do away with damming, interfering with our natural water flows[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]

and damaging the quality of the water by pressurizing it through disintegrating turbines at Hydroelectric Power Plants (F3) for the extraction of its power.


I mplosion technology with its operation based on constructive, exponential reactions will allow us to replace the
deadly nuclear power plants (G2) with Implosion Reactors (GI) which produce several times the power with NO radioactive contamination or by-products!


The technique of gaining energy through the splitting of the atom is an offense against Nature, and the commitment of our society's future to total destruction. It is now a known fact -that one can make use of atomic power through Implosion. We must explore and develop this constructive avenue! Specially designed "Twister Pipes" (whorle-pipes) for transportation of water (H1) (and other liquids and gases) are designed to move mediums in vortexian fashion and should replace circular straight pipes (H2) to prevent the molecular disintegration of the medium which occurs in conventional straight pipes.


Egg-shaped water storage containers (I1) should replace conventional water storage containers (I2) because the egg-shape aids water circulation and prevents the stored water from heating, lying still, and becoming a stale, dead, bacteria - supporting liquid. See below for the "Ceramic Living Egg" which is based entirely on Viktor Schauberger's work...a fantastic method for water storage. Also see my Products That I Endorse Page for more Schauberger-based water filtration/energization and vitalizing products.


In the future, Implosion pumps (J1) which twist huge volumes of water through, in a funnel fashion can replace the inefficient, chopping operation of the centrifugal pumps (J2) of today.[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]


An immediate solution application of the vortexian action of Implosion devices is in the treatment, purification and separation of wastes In Industrial and Municipal water and liquid mediums. Waste management and water treatment are a skyrocketing expense rivaling -fuel and source input expenses and gobbling more of the profits yearly. The strategy of finding dump sites, hauling to landfills or just "covering up" must be stopped. This is no solution. There will always be some unwanted chemical residues, some solid waste, some resulting by-product mixed in waste and sewer liquids with our present methods; however, we can now with Implosion Devices think of handling them chemically; molecularly transmuting and transforming them to non-hazardous materials while in-line, in process! By copying the cycloidal, vortex action which Nature uses for it's purification processes, vortex purification devices have already proven effective to replace chemical municipal waste treatment plants (K2) . We will have a later issue of these success stories and devices.


A Turbulent Funnel Water Purifier (Kl) is a purification and separation device. This funnel, consisting of a large container shaped like half an egg, has a perforated pipe several meters long attached to its bottom. A liquid medium laden with solids or chemicals of different density can be separated by swishing through this device. The solids will coagulate into egg shaped forms, gather in the middle shaft and can be led off. The egg-shaped solids will be found to contain no more moisture. Such devices work for mechanical and molecular separation by subjecting the medium to controlled vortex action. Experimental work in Implosion Technology has proven that we can create substances by a constructive hyperbolic process of synthesis. The synthesis of hydrocarbons suitable for fuels has been accomplished! Low quality raw materials can be enriched to create products with a high energy content. Low grade oil, iron ore or coal can be upgraded by subjecting them to centripetal devices such as shown in (LI) . Even "highly potent water" has obtained traces of a petroleum-like product in these apparatus. When this water was sprayed into a cylinder and a quantity of natural oxygen added, a light pressure created by a descending piston is sufficient to transform the highly potent water into a gas! We have the beginning to create our fuels to solve the problems of deforestation for fuel and the digging, drilling, scarring and disturbance of our present mining techniques. (L2)


Vortexian action has been applied to pollution control devices such as chimneys (Ml) and chambers for the separation of gases from liquids or from other gases. For example, there is a patent today for the separation of sulfur dioxide from exhaust gases. The application of such devices can stop the acid rain which is such a pollution problem of industrial coal burning (M2) . These devices can purify the exhausts on motor vehicles and heating installations.[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]


Agriculture is an area which will see benefits of Implosion Technology . Farmers have been racing against the rapid evolution of crop pests and the rapid disintegration of soil and water fertility because of the chemical forming methods (N2) presently employed. We can break the artificial fertilizer and pesticide habit with Implosion Techniques. Chemicals are not necessary - neither for fertilizer or a war against pests and disease, if certain methods of water and soil treatments, (N1) with an awareness of vortexian principles, are observed instead.


With the use of specially designed implements (O1) (P1) to alter conventional plows (O2) and tillers (P2) . farmers can treat their soils to the vortexian benefits of the soil creatures such as the mole and the earthworm. They can reverse the upset occurring in the layers of our soil and stop the dehydration and topsoil erosion problems. For every ton of grain American farmers produced last year, they lost six tons of their topsoil!


We are not here to take our Earth's resources! They are here in abundant and naturally regenerating cycles for us to observe in respect and learn from. We can learn to imitate the Creation processes of Nature! We are not doomed to rob and squander the precious gifts of energy, water, air and soil. We can learn to create these vital resources nature uses with the some mechanical processes.

The principles are contained in Implosion.

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A little Schauberger science: All of these guns are classed as "vortex generators" because the puff of air emitted from them is a toroidal vortex, a donut-shaped rotating ring. As the diaphragm pushes the air out of the gun, aerodynamic drag from the edge of the ring that makes the front of the gun and the still air outside of the gun causes the exhausted air to begin rotating as the red arrow at the top of the drawing shows. This creates the toroidal vortex. Because it's rotating, the velocity inside the vortex is greater than the velocity of the air outside it (Actually, the velocity of the air outside the vortex is zero because it's still). Bernoulli's law states that the faster a flow of air is moving the lower its pressure. Since the air inside the torus is moving and the air outside isn't, that means that the pressure inside the torus is lower than the outside. This inward pressure, as indicated by the three red arrows on the bottom of the drawing, is the force that holds the smoke ring together.[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]

The really interesting thing about smoke rings is that they don't push their way through the air as you might expect. Take a second look at the rotational arrow at the top of the drawing. That's the direction the air in the vortex is moving: backwards on the outer surface of the ring. As this flow rubs against the still air that surrounds the torus, friction causes the torus to tractor itself forward. Imagine a chain saw with its blade pushed against the ground, it would tend to pull itself forward. Same idea. What keeps the smoke ring moving and why does it eventually stop? The energy that is used to move it forward and keeps the vortex rotating is taken from the inertia of the rotating air in the vortex. Inertial is the tendency of anything in motion to keep moving. (Ignoring this principle is why there are multi-car pile-ups when people tailgate. The cars keep going in spite of the fact the brakes are slammed on.) Even though we can't see it, feel it, or taste it, air has weight and therefore once it's in motion it has inertial that'll tend to keep it in motion. The spinning of the air in the torus is where the energy that keeps the torus moving is stored. Eventually, air friction eats away all the energy stored in the vortex and the smoke ring drifts to a stop. END[10/22/2012 3:45:37 AM]