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AAPG BULLETIN 4TH QUARTER 2006 README FILE ***************************************************** The data files on this CD-ROM are the

copyrighted property of The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Adobe Acrobat Reader{TM} software is the copyrighted property of Adobe Systems, Inc. **************************************************** This CD-ROM contains PDF files of the AAPG Bulletin, Volume 90, Numbers 1-12 (January - December 2006). **************************************************** INSTALLING ADOBE READER{TM} 7 Adobe Reader 6 is required for full functionality of this product. Adobe Reader 6 installation files are included on this disc for users who do not already have the Adober Reader or Acrobat Exchange. To install Adobe Reader 7 from this CD-ROM: *Windows NT/2000/XP-Select [RUN] from the START menu, and access \Acrobat\windows\AdbeRdr705_enu_distrib.exe and press [ENTER]. *Macintosh-Double-click on icons to access \Acrobat\mac\Adobe Reader 7.0.7 and the installation program should automatically install the program. ******************************************************** NAVIGATING THE CD-ROM Once Adobe Reader is loaded, access the file Start.pdf (Home Page) located on the root directory of this CD-ROM. This file contains links to the AAPG Bulletin Tables of Contents, the guide to Getting Started, the Adobe Reader Guide, and other information pages. The Start Page contains Bulletin covers which link to each month's list of articles in addition to previews, cover captions, memorials and book releases and reviews. The first page of each article contains a link back to the beginning of the list of articles. Additionally, the Adobe Reader toolbar has navigation buttons (see Adobe Reader Guide.) Navigation Tip: Users are advised to set Acrobat General Preferences (FILE/PREFERENCES/GENERAL) to

"Open Cross-Document Links In Same Window" in order to navigate freely throughout the files. If the user would rather open files in separate, individual windows, then leave this option unchecked. The Adobe User Guide (Help\Reader.pdf) provides detailed instructions for using the Acrobat Reader. Link to this from the AAPG Bulletin Home Page (start.pdf). ******************************************************** SEARCHING Using the Acrobat Search Index: The Bulletin Contents and all articles contain links to the comprehensive Search Index (2007_index.pdx) and the Results List. To search for any word within all of the articles at one time, click on the "Search Index" link OR choose /EDIT/SEARCH (then specify in the search pane "in the index named 2007_index.pdx" by clicking the associated radio button). The Adobe Reader Guide--Searching Adobe PDF Documents contains detailed information on performing searches. Click on "Search Results" to view the results of the last search. Use the links in the Search Results window to view particular articles. Searching within a Single File To search for words within a single file, choose /EDIT/SEARCH from the Acrobat Reader toolbar and specify in the Search PDF panel you prefer to search only the current PDF document. ******************************************************** SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: For subscriptions, or information about other products, contact: AAPG/Datapages P. O. Box 979 Tulsa, OK 74101, USA phone: (918) 560-9429 fax: (918) 560-9420 email: website : MasterCard, VISA, and American Express accepted.