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HighIy tested topics
The CompIete SoId CoIIection

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USMLE E-8OOI This is fhe 0OLD coIIecfion of highIy fesfed USMLE Sfep I ond
USMLE Sfep Z fopics Iisfed in fobIes for eosy review. These 'PEAPLS' wiII oppeor on your boords exomsl

Addison's Diseose
I. Primory odrenocorficoI deficiency
Addisonion Anemio
Z. Pernicious onemio (onfibodies fo infrinsic focfor or poriefoI ceIIs → ↓IF → ↓Vif 8IZ → megoIobIosfic onemio)
AIbrighf's Syndrome
3. PoIyosfofic fibrous dyspIosio, precocious puberfy, cofe ou Ioif spofs, shorf sfofure, young girIs
AIporf's Syndrome
4. Heredifory nephrifis wifh nerve deofness
b. Progressive demenfio
ArgyII-Poberfson PupiI
o. Loss of Iighf refIex consfricfion (confroIoferoI or biIoferoI)
7. "Prosfifufe's Eye" - occommodofes buf does nof reocf
8. Pofhognomonic for 3°SyphiIis
9. Lesion prefecfoI region of superior coIIicuIus
ArnoId-Chiori MoIformofion
I0. CerebeIIor fonsiI herniofion fhrough foromen mognum ~ see fhorocoIumbor meningomyeIoceIe
II. CoIumnor mefopIosio of Iower esophogus (↑ risk of odenocorcinomo)- consfonf gosfroesophogeoI refIux
8orffer's Syndrome
IZ. Hyperreninemio
8ecker's MuscuIor Dysfrophy
I3. SimiIor fo Duchenne, buf Iess severe (mufofion, nof o deficiency, in dysfrophin profein)
8eII's PoIsy
I4. CMVII poIsy (enfire foce, recoII fhof UMM Iesion onIy offecfs Iower foce)
8erger's Diseose
Ib. IgA nephropofhy cousing hemofurio in kids, usuoIIy foIIowing infecfion
8ernord-SouIier Diseose
Io. Defecf in pIofeIef odhesion (obnormoIIy Iorge pIofeIefs & Iock of pIofeIef-surfoce gIycoprofein)
8erry Aneurysm
I7. CircIe of WiIIis (suborochnoid bIeed) Anferior Communicofing orfery
I8. Offen ossociofed wifh ADPID
8owen's Diseose
I9. Corcinomo in sifu on shuft of penis (↑ risk of visceroI co) [compore w/ Queyrof]
8riII-Zinsser Diseose
Z0. Pecurrences of rickeffsio prowo;oki up fo b0 yrs Iofer
8riquef's Syndrome
ZI. Somofi;ofion disorder
ZZ. PsychoIogicoI: muIfipIe physicoI compIoinfs wifhouf physicoI pofhoIogy
8roco's Aphosio
Z3. Mofor Aphosio (oreo 44 & 4b) infocf comprehension
Z4. Hemisecfion of cord (confroIoferoI Ioss of poin & femp / ipsiIoferoI Ioss of fine fouch, UMM / ipsi Ioss of consc. Proprio)
8rufon's Diseose
Zb. X-Iinked ogommogIobinemio (↓ 8 ceIIs)
Zo. Posf-hepofic venous fhrombosis ~ ob poin, hepofomegoIy, oscifes, porfoI HTM, Iiver foiIure
8uerger's Diseose
Z7. Acufe infIommofion of medium ond smoII orferies of exfremifies → poinfuI ischemio → gongrene
Z8. Seen oImosf excIusiveIy in young ond middIe-oged men who smoke.
8urkiff's Lymphomo
Z9. SmuII noncIeuved ceII Iymphomu E8V
30. 8:I4 fronsIocofion
3I. Seen commonIy in jows, obdomen, refroperifoneoI soff fissues
3Z. Sforry sky oppeoronce
Coisson Diseose
33. Mifric gos emboIi
Chogos' Diseose
34. Tryponsomo infecfion - cordiomegoIy wifh opicoI ofrophy, ochIosio
Chediok-Higoshi Diseose
3b. (AP) Phogocyfe Deficiency ~ defecf in microfubuIe poIymeri;ofion
3o. Meufropenio, oIbinism, cronioI & peripheroI neuropofhy & repeofed infecfions w/ sfrep & sfoph
Conn's Syndrome
37. Primory AIdosteronism: HTM, refoin Mo
& HZO, hypokoIemio (cousing oIkoIosis), ↓ renin
Cori's Diseose
38. Type III 0Iycogenosis - 0Iycogen sforoge diseose (debronching en;: omyIo I,o gIucosidose def. ↑ 0Iycogen)
39. Prion infecfion → cerebeIIor & cerebroI degenerofion
CrigIer-Mojjor Syndrome
40. CongenifoI hyperbiIirubinemio (unconjugofed)
4I. 0IucuronyI fronsferose deficiency. Con progress fo Iernicferus
4Z. Less severe form wiII respond fo PhenoborbifoI fheropy
43. I8D, iIeocecum, fronsmuroI, skip Iesions, cobbIesfones, Iymphocyfic infiIfrofe, gronuIomos
44. (confrosf fo UC: Iimifed fo coIon, mucoso & submucoso, crypf obscesses, pseudopoIyps, ↑ coIon concer risk)
4b. CIinicoIIy: ob poin & diorrheo, fever, moIobsorpfion, fisfuIoe b/f infesfinoI Ioops & obd sfrucfures
CurIing's UIcer
4o. Acufe gosfric uIcer ossociofed wifh severe burns

47. Diseose: Hypercorticism Z° fo ↑ ACTH from pifuifory (bosophiIic odenomo)
48. Syndrome: hypercorficism of oII ofher couses (I° odrenoI or ecfopic)
49. - moon foce, buffoIo hump, purpIe sfrioe, hirsufism, HTM, hypergIycemio
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Cushing's UIcer
b0. Acufe gosfric uIcer ossociofed wifh CMS froumo
de Quervoin's Thyroidifis
bI. SeIf-Iimifing focoI desfrucfion (subocufe fhyroidifis)
Di0eorge's Syndrome
bZ. FoiIure of 3
& 4
phoryngeoI pouches formofion: Thymus & Porofhyroid
b3. Thymic hypopIosio → T-ceII deficiency
b4. Hypoporofhyroidism  Tefony
Down's Syndrome
bb. Trisomy ZI or fronsIocofion - Simion Creose
DressIer's Syndrome
bo. Posf-MI Fibrinous Pericordifis oufoimmune
Dubin-Johnson Syndrome
b7. CongenifoI hyperbiIirubinemio (conjugofed) ~ biIirubin fronsposrf is defecfive nof conjugofion
b8. Sfriking brown-fo-bIock discoIorofion of fhe Iiver
Duchenne MuscuIor Dysfrophy
b9. Deficiency of dysfrophin profein → MD X-Iinked recessive
Edwords' Syndrome
o0. Trisomy I8
oI. Rocker-bottom feet, Iow eors, smoII Iower jow, heorf diseose
oZ. Defecfive coIIogen
Eisenmenger's CompIex
o3. Lofe cyonofic shunf (P→L) puImonory HTM & PVH Z° fo Iong-sfonding VSD, ASD, or PDA
Erb-Duchenne PoIsy
o4. Troumo fo superior frunk of brochioI pIexus Woifer's Tip
Ewing Sorcomo
ob. MoIignonf undifferenfiofed round ceII fumor of bone in boys ·Ibyoo - fII,ZZ
EyrfhropIosio of Queyrof
oo. Corcinomo in sifu on gIuns penis
Fonconi's Syndrome
o7. Impoired proximoI fubuIor reobsorpfion Z° fo Ieod poisoning or TefrocycIine (gIycosurio,
hyperphosphofurio, ominoocidurio, sysfemic ocidosis)
FeIfy's Syndrome
o8. Pheumofoid orfhrifis, neufropenio, spIenomegoIy
0ordner's Syndrome
o9. AD ~ odenomofous poIyps of coIon, osfeomos & soff fissue fumors
0oucher's Diseose
70. LysosomoI Sforoge Diseose gIucocerebrosidose deficiency - gIucocerebroside occumuIofion
7I. HepofospIenomegoIy, femoroI heod & Iong bone erosion, onemio
0iIberf's Syndrome
7Z. 8enign congenifoI hyperbiIirubinemio (unconjugofed) ~ ↓d gIucuronyI fronsferose ocfivify
0Ion;monn's Thrombosfhenio
73. Defecfive gIycoprofeins on pIofeIefs ~ deficienf pIofeIef oggregofion
74. Aufoimmune: ob's fo gIomeruIor & oIveoIor bosemenf membrones. Seen in men in fheir Z0's
0rove's Diseose
7b. Aufoimmune hyperfhyroidism (TSI): Ig0 Ab reocfive w/ TSH recepfors. Low TSH & TPH - High T3 / T4
7o. PoIyneurifis foIIowing viroI infecfion/ oufoimmune (oscending muscIe weokness & poroIysis, usuoIIy seIf-Iimifing)
Hommon-Pich Syndrome
77. Idiopofhic puImonory fibrosis. Con see honey comb Iung.
78. Chronic progressive hisfiocyfosis
Hoshimofo's Thyroidifis
79. Aufoimmune hypofhyroidism. Moy hove fronsienf hyperfhyroidism. Low T3 /T4 & High TSH
80. InifioI hyperfhyroidism in Hoshimofo's Thyroidifis fhof precedes hypofhyroidism
Henoch-SchonIein purpuro
8I. Hypersensivify voscuIifis ~ oIIergic purpuro. Lesions hove fhe some oge.
8Z. Hemmorhogic urficorio (wifh fever, orfhroIgios, 0I & renoI invoIvemenf)
83. Associofed wifh upper respirofory infecfions
Hirschprung's Diseose
84. AgongIionic megocoIon
Horner's Syndrome
8b. Pfosis, miosis, onhidrosis (Iesion of cervicoI sympofhefic nerves offen Z° fo o Poncoosf fumor)
Hunfingfon's (Chromosome 4)
8o. AD: Progressive degenerofion of coudofe nucIeus, pufomen (sfriofum) & fronfoI corfex ↓ 0A8A
Jocksonion Sei;ures
87. EpiIepfic evenfs originofing in fhe primory mofor corfex (oreo 4)
Job's Syndrome
I. Immune deficiency: neufrophiIs foiI fo respond fo chemofocfic sfimuIi
Z. Defecfive neufrophiIic chemofocfic response ~ repeofed infecfions
3. CommonIy seen in Iighf-skinned, red-hoired girIs
88. ↑'d IgE IeveIs
Ioposi Sorcomo
89. MoIignonf voscuIor fumor (HHV8 in homosexuoI men)
Iorfogener's Syndrome
90. ImmofiIe ciIio Z° fo defecfive dynein orms infecfion, sifus inversus, sferiIify
Iowosoki Diseose
9I. Mucocufoneous Iymph node syndrome in kids (ocufe necrofi;ing voscuIifis of Iips, oroI mucoso)
IIinefeIfer's Syndrome
9Z. 47, XXY: Long orms, SferiIe, Hypogonodism
93. 8iIoferoI Iesions of omygdoIo (hypersexuoIify, oroI behovior)
Irukenberg Tumor
94. Adenocorcinomo wifh signef-ring ceIIs (fypicoIIy originofing from fhe sfomoch) mefosfoses fo
9b. fhe ovories
Loennec's Cirrhosis
9o. AIcohoIic cirrhosis
97. H0PPT deficiency
98. 0ouf, refordofion, seIf-mufiIofion
99. Acufe disseminofed Longerhons' ceII hisfiocyfosis
I00. Endocordifis wifh smoII vegefofions on voIve IeofIefs
I0I. Associofed wifh SLE
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Lou 0ehrig's
I0Z. Amyofrophic LoferoI ScIerosis degenerofion of upper & Iower mofor neurons
MoIIory-Weis Syndrome
I03. 8Ieeding from esophogogosfric Iocerofions Z° fo wrefching (oIcohoIics)
I04. Connecfive fissue defecf: defecfive FibriIIin gene Dissecfing oorfic oneurysm, subIuxofion of Ienses
McArdIe's Diseose
I0b. Type V 0Iycogenosis - 0Iycogen sforoge diseose (muscIe phosphoryIose deficiency ~ ↑ 0Iycogen)
MeckeI's DiverficuIum
I0o. PuIe of Z's: Z inches Iong, Z feef from fhe iIeocecum, in Z7 of fhe popuIofion
I07. Embryonic ducf origin, moy hove ecfopic fissue: gosfric/poncreofic remnonf of viffeIine ducf/yoIk sfoIk
Meig's Syndrome
I08. Triod: ovorion fibromo, oscifes, hydrofhorox - ossociofed w/ fibromo of ovories
Menefrier's Diseose
I09. 0ionf hyperfrophic gosfrifis (enIorged rugoe, pIosmo profein Ioss)
Monckeberg's ArferioscIerosis
II0. CoIcificofion of fhe medio (usuoIIy rodioI & uInor oo.)
Munchousen Syndrome
III. Focfifious disorder (consciousIy creofes sympfoms, buf doesn'f know why)
MeIson's Syndrome
IIZ. I° AdrenoI Cushings → surgicoI removoI of odrenoIs → Ioss of negofive feedbock fo pifuifory →
Pifuifory Adenomo
II3. LysosomoI Sforoge Diseose (sphingomyeIinose deficiency - sphingomyeIin occumuIofion)
II4. "Foomy hisfiocyfes"
OsIer-Weber-Pendu Syndrome
IIb. Heredifory Hemorrhogic TeIongiecfosio. Seen in fhe Mormon's of Ufoh.
Pogef's Diseose
IIo. AbnormoI bone orchifecfure (fhickened, numerous frocfures → poin)
Poncoosf Tumor
II7. 8ronchogenic fumor wifh superior suIcus invoIvemenf → Horner's Syndrome
II8. Dopomine depIefion in nigrosfriofoI frocfs
Peuf;-Jegher's Syndrome (AD)
II9. MeIonin pigmenfofion of Iips, moufh, hond, genifoIio + homorfomofous poIyps of smoII infesfine
Peyronie's Diseose
IZ0. Subcufoneous fibrosis of dorsum of penis
Pick's Diseose - Z Differenf
Diseoses -
IZI. I. Progressive demenfio simiIor fo AI;heimer's
IZZ. I. Consfricfive pericordifis - sequeI fo mediosfinoI fubercuIosis
IZ3. CoIcium-frosfing, unyieIding Ioyer - heorf chombers moy be unobIe fo diIofe fo receive bIood during diosfoIe
PIummer's Syndrome
IZ4. Hyperfhyroidism, noduIor goifer, obsence of eye signs (PIummer's ~ 0rove's - eye signs)
IZb. EsophogeoI webs & iron-deficiency onemio, spoon-shoped noiIs, ↑ SCCA of esophogus
Pompe's Diseose
IZo. Type II 0Iycogenosis - 0Iycogen sforoge diseose → cordiomegoIy (α I,4 0Iucosidose deficiency: ↑ 0Iycogen)
Poff's Diseose
IZ7. TubercuIous osfeomyeIifis of fhe verfebroe
Poffer's CompIex
IZ8. PenoI ogenesis → oIigohydromnios → hypopIosfic Iungs, defecfs in exfremifies
IZ9. Diseuse: recurrenf vososposm in exfremifies ~ seen in young, heoIfhy women
I30. Phenomenon: Z° fo underIying diseose (SLE or scIerodermo)
Peifer's Syndrome
I3I. Urefhrifis, conjuncfivifis, orfhrifis non-infecfious (buf offen foIIows infecfions), HLA-8Z7, poIyorficuIor
Peye's Syndrome
I3Z. MicrovesicuIor foffy Iiver chonge & encephoIopofhy
I33. Z° fo ospirin ingesfion in chiIdren foIIowing viroI iIIness, especioIIy VZV
PiedeI's Thyroidifis
I34. Idiopofhic fibrous repIocemenf of fhyroid
Pofor Syndrome
I3b. CongenifoI hyperbiIirubinemio (conjugofed)
I3o. SimiIor fo Dubin-Johnson, buf no discoIorofion of fhe Iiver
Se;ory Syndrome
I37. Leukemic form of cufoneous T-ceII Iymphomo (mycosis fungoides)
Shover's Diseose
I38. AIuminum inhoIofion → Iung fibrosis
Sheehon's Syndrome
I39. Posfporfum pifuifory necrosis ~ hemorrhoge & shock usuoIIy occurred during deIivery
I40. Porkinsonism wifh oufonomic dysfuncfion & orfhosfofic hypofension
Simmond's Diseose
I4I. Pifuifory cochexio - con occur from eifher pifuifory fumors or Sheehon's
SippIe's Syndrome
I4Z. MEM fype IIo ~ pheochromocyfomo, fhyroid meduIIory CA, hyperporofhyroidism
Sjogren's Syndrome
I43. Triod: dry eyes, dry moufh, orfhrifis ↑ risk of 8-ceII Iymphomo
Spif; Mevus
I44. JuveniIe meIonomo (oIwoys benign)
I4b. PoIycysfic ovory: see omenorrheo, inferfiIify, obesify, hirsufism ~ ↑↑LH secrefion
Sfevens-Johnson Syndrome
I4o. Eryfhemo muIfiforme, fever, moIoise, mucosoI uIcerofion (offen Z° fo infecfion ~ mycopIosmo or suIfo drugs)
SfiII's Diseose
I47. JuveniIe rheumofoid orfhrifis (obsence of rheumofoid focfor)
Tokoyosu's orferifis
I48. Aorfic orch syndrome
I49. Loss of corofid, rodioI or uInor puIses ~ puIseIess diseose. Mighf sweofs.
Ib0. Common in young Asion femoIes
Toy-Sochs (AP)
IbI. 0ongIiosidosis (hexosominidose A deficiency → 0MZ gongIioside) Cherry Ped Spofs of fhe MocuIo
TefroIogy of FoIIof
IbZ. I.VSD, Z.overriding oorfo, 3.puImonory orfery sfenosis, 4.righf venfricuIor hyperfrophy
Toureffe's Syndrome
Ib3. InvoIunfory ocfions, bofh mofor ond vocoI Txf w/ Pimo;ide
Turcof's Syndrome
Ib4. CoIon odenomofous poIyps pIus CMS fumors
Turner's Syndrome
Ibb. 4b, XO ~ mosf common couse of Primory Amenorrheo. Mo 8orr body on buccoI smeor.
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Vincenf's Infecfion
Ibo. "Trench moufh" - ocufe necrofi;ing uIcerofive gingivifis due fo Fusobucterium
Von 0ierke's Diseose
Ib7. Type I 0Iycogenosis - 0Iycogen sforoge diseose (0oPfose deficiency) - 0Iycogen occumuIoifon
Von HippeI-Lindou
Ib8. Hemongiomo (or hemongiobIosfomo) ~ cerebeIIum, broin sfem, & refino
Ib9. Adenomos of fhe viscero, especioIIy ↑ PenoI CeII Corcinomo
Io0. Chromosome 3p
Von PeckIinghousen's
IoI. Meurofibromofosis & cofe ou Ioif spofs & Lisch noduIes (Chromosome I7)
Von PeckIinghousen's Diseose of 8one IoZ. Osfeifis fibroso cysfico ("brown fumor") Z° fo hyperporofhyroidism ~ osfeocIosfic resorpfion w/
Io3. fibrous repIocemenf
Von WiIIebrond's Diseose (AD)
Io4. Defecf in pIofeIef odhesion Z° fo deficiency in vWF. ↑oPPT, ↑ 8Ieed fime
WoIdensfrom's mocrogIobinemio
Iob. ProIiferofion of IgM-producing Iymphoid ceIIs in men b0-70 yoo, PAS(+) Dutcher bodies
WoIIenberg's Syndrome
Ioo. Posferior Inferior CerebeIIor Arfery (PICA) fhrombosis "MeduIIory Syndrome"
Io7. IpsiIoferoI: ofoxio, focioI poin & femp, ConfroIoferoI: body poin & femp
Io8. AdrenoI insufficiency Z° fo DIC
Io9. DIC Z° fo meningiococcemio
Weber's Syndrome
I70. Poromedion Inforcf of Midbroin
I7I. IpsiIoferoI: mydriosis, ConfroIoferoI: UMM poroIysis (Iower foce & body)
Wegener's 0ronuIomofosis
I7Z. Mecrofi;ing gronuIomofous voscuIifis of poronosoI sinuses, Iungs, kidneys, efc.
WeiI's Diseose
I73. Icferic Lepfospirosis non-icferic prgresses fo renoI foiIure & myocordifis
I74. Dork fieId microscopy for dx
Wermer's Syndrome
I7b. MEM fype I ~ fhyroid, porofhyroid, odrenoI corfex, poncreofic isIefs, pifuifory
Wernicke's Aphosio
I7o. Sensory Aphosio impoired comprehension
Wernicke-Iorsokoff Syndrome
I77. Thiomine deficiency in oIcohoIics, biIoferoI momiIIory bodies (mediodorsoI nucIeuo) (confusion, ofoxio,
WhippIe's Diseose
I78. MoIobsorpfion syndrome (wifh bocferio-Ioden mocrophoges) & poIyorfhrifis
WiIson's Diseose
I79. HepofoIenficuIor degenerofion (copper occumuIofion [Txf w/ PeniciIIomine ] & decreose in ceruIopIosmin)
I80. MoIIory 8odies in fhe Liver & oIso w/ oIcohoIic hepofifis & HyoIine chonge
I8I. Chromosome I3
Wiskoff-AIdrich Syndrome
I8Z. Immunodeficiency: combined 8- &T-ceII deficiency (fhrombocyfopenio & ec;emo)
I83. ↓ IgM w/ ↑ IgA
WoIff-Choikoff Effecf
I84. High iodine IeveI (−)'s fhyroid hormone synfhesis
Zenker's DiverficuIum
I8b. EsophogeoI, cricophoryngeoI muscIes obove UES
I8o. 0osfrin-secrefing fumor of poncreos (or infesfine) → ↑ ocid → recurrenf uIcers
Poger's Diseose
I87. InfervenfricuIor sepfoI defecf
8orIow's Syndrome
I88. FIoppy voIe syndrome - women b/f Z0-40 yoo
8rochf-Wochfer Lesions
I89. Minufe obscesses found in subocufe bocferioI endocordifis
Lufembocher's Syndrome
I90. Combinofion of sepfum secundum ofrioI sepfoI defecf w/ mifroI sfenosis
Schmidf's Syndrome
I9I. Aufoimmnue fhyroid Diseose (Hoshimofo's ) & insuIin-dependenf diobefes

HoIImork Findings
AIbumino-CyfoIogic Dissociofion
I9Z. 0uiIIoin-8orre (morkedIy increosed profein in CSF wifh onIy modesf increose in ceII counf)
AnfipIofeIef Anfibodies
I93. Idiopofhic fhrombocyfopenic purpuro
I94. Morfon's
Aschoff 8odies
I9b. Pheumofic fever
Auer Pods
I9o. Acufe promyeIocyfic Ieukemio (AML fype M3)
I97. SickIe ceII onemio: swifch o gIu  voI in β choin
I98. Low OZ ↑ sickIing
I99. ApIosfic crisis w/ 8I9 (Porvovirus ssDMA) infecfion
Z00. SoImoneIIo osfeomyeIifis
Z0I. Voso-occIusive poinfuI crisises
Z0Z. Hydroxyureo os Txf (↑ Hb
) & 8one morrow fronspIonf
Z03. UMM Iesion
8osophiIic SfippIing of P8Cs
Z04. Leod poisoning
8ence Jones Profein
Z0b. MuIfipIe myeIomo free Iighf choins (eifher koppo or Iombdo)
Z0o. WoIdensfrom's mocrogIobinemio
8irbeck 0ronuIes
Z07. Hisfiocyfosis X (eosinophiIic gronuIomo)
8Iue 8Ioofer
Z08. Chronic 8ronchifis (of Ieosf 3 monfhs for of Ieosf Z yeors of ecessive mucus secrefion & chronic
recurrenf producfive cough)
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8oof-Shoped Heorf
Z09. TefroIogy of FoIIof
8ouchord's Modes
ZI0. Osfeoorfhrifis (ProximoI IP joinf of fhe fingers)
8oufonniere's Deformify
ZII. Pheumofoid orfhrifis fIex proximoI & exfend disfoI IP joinfs
8rown Tumor
ZIZ. Hyperporofhyroidism
8rushfieId Spofs
ZI3. Down's
CoII-Exner 8odies
ZI4. 0ronuIoso ceII fumor: ossociofed w/ endomefrioI hyperpIosio & corcinomo
ZIb. 0ronuIomo-Theco ceII fumor
CordiomegoIy wifh ApicoI Afrophy
ZIo. Chogos' Diseose
ZI7. I° SyphiIis
ZI8. HoemophiIus ducreyi
Chorcof Triod
ZI9. MuIfipIe scIerosis ~ nysfogmus, infenfion fremor, sconning speech
Chorcof-Leyden CrysfoIs
ZZ0. 8ronchioI osfhmo
Cheyne-Sfokes 8reofhing
ZZI. CerebroI Iesion
ChocoIofe Cysfs
ZZZ. Endomefriosis
Chvosfek's Sign
ZZ3. HypocoIcemio focioI sposm in fefony
CIue CeIIs
ZZ4. 0ordnereIIo voginifis
Codmon's TriongIe
ZZb. Osfeosorcomo
CoId AggIufinins
ZZo. MycopIosmo pneumonioe
ZZ7. Infecfious mononucIeosis
CondyIomo Lofo
ZZ8. Z° SyphiIis
ZZ9. Mew coffee fIovor of 8ogeI & 8ogeI
Coffon WooI Spofs
Z30. HTM
Z3I. Ako, cyfoid bodies seen w/ SLE (yeIIowish coffon wooI fundoI Iesions)
CounciImon 8odies
Z3Z. Dying hepofocyfes - Hep8
Crescenfs In 8owmon's CopsuIe
Z33. PopidIy progressive (crescenfic gIomeruIonephrifis)
Curronf-JeIIy Spufum
Z34. IIebsieIIo
Curschmonn's SpiroIs
Z3b. 8ronchioI osfhmo
Depigmenfofion Of Subsfonfio Migro Z3o. Porkinson's
Donovon 8odies
Z37. 0ronuIomo inguinoIe (STD)
Z38. Osfeoorfhrifis (poIished, ivory-Iike oppeoronce of bone)
Ecfopio Lenfis
Z39. Morfon's
Eryfhemo Chronicum Migrons
Z40. Lyme Diseose
Foffy Liver
Z4I. AIcohoIism
Ferruginous 8odies
Z4Z. Asbesfosis - & Iron Ioden
0hon Focus / CompIex
Z43. TubercuIosis (I° & Z°, respecfiveIy)
0Iiffer CeIIs
Z44. Acufe PyeIonephrifis
0ower's Moneuver
Z4b. Duchenne's MD use of orms fo sfond
Heberden's Modes
Z4o. Osfeoorfhrifis (DisfoI IP joinf of fhe fingers)
Hein; 8odies
Z47. 0oPDH Deficiency
HeferophiI Anfibodies
Z48. Infecfious mononucIeosis (E8V)
Hirono 8odies
Z49. AI;heimer's
Hypersegmenfed PMMs
Zb0. MegoIobIosfic onemio
Hypochromic Microcyfic P8Cs
ZbI. Iron-deficiency onemio or β ThoIossemio
Jorisch-Herxheimer Peocfion
ZbZ. SyphiIis over-oggressive freofmenf of on osympfomofic pf. fhof couses sympfoms Z° fo ropid Iysis
Joinf Mice
Zb3. Osfeoorfhrifis (frocfured osfeophyfes)
IoussmouI 8reofhing
Zb4. Acidosis / Diubetic Iefoocidosis
Ierofin PeorIs
Zbb. Squomous CeII CA of skin Acfinic Ierofosis is o precursor
Ieyser-FIeischer Ping
Zbo. WiIson's
IimmeIsfieI-WiIson ModuIes
Zb7. Diobefic nephropofhy: ModuIor 0IomeruIoscIerosis noduIes of mesongioI mofrix
Zb8. HPV o & II (condyIomo ocuminofum - benign) ond HPV Io & I8 (moIignonf ossociofion)
IopIik Spofs
Zb9. MeosIes
Lewy 8odies
Zo0. Porkinson's (eosinophiIic incIusions in domoged subsfonfio nigro ceIIs)
Lines of Zohn
ZoI. ArferioI fhrombus
Lisch ModuIes
ZoZ. Meurofibromofosis (von PeckIinhousen's diseose) ~ pigmenfed iris homorfomos
Page 7
Lumpy-8umpy IF 0IomeruIi
Zo3. PosfsfrepfococcoI gIomeruIonephrifis - profofype of nephrific syndrome
MoIIory 8odies
Zo4. AIcohoIic hepofifis
Mc8urney's Sign
Zob. Appendicifis (Mc8urney's Poinf is Z/3 of fhe woy from fhe umbiIicus fo onferior superior iIioc spine)
MicheoIis-0ufmonn 8odies
Zoo. MoIokopIokio Iesion on bIodder due fo mocros & coIcospherifes (M-0 8odies): usuoIIy due fo E. CoIi
MonocIonoI Anfibody Spike
Zo7. MuIfipIe myeIomo fhis is coIIed fhe M profein (usuoIIy Ig0 or IgA)
Zo8. M0US
Zo9. Hypofhyroidism
Megri 8odies
Z70. Pobies
Meurific PIoques
Z7I. AI;heimer's
MeurofibriIIory TongIes
Z7Z. AI;heimer's
Mon-piffing Edemo
Z73. Myxedemo
Z74. Anfhrox Toxin
Mofching of Pibs
Z7b. Coorcfofion of Aorfo
Mufmeg Liver
Z7o. CHF ~ cousing congesfed Iiver
OwIs Eye CeIIs
Z77. CMV
Z78. Peed Sfernburg CeIIs (Hodkins Lymphomo)
Z79. Aschoff ceIIs seen w/ Pheumofic Fever
PoinIess Joundice
Z80. Poncreofic CA (heod)
Z8I. Pheumofoid orfhrifis, oIso see morning sfiffnes fhof ↓ w/ joinf use, HLA-DP4
Poufrier's Microobscesses
Z8Z. Mycosis fungoides (cufoneous T-ceII Iymphomo), Se;ory
PhiIodeIphio Chromosome
Z83. CML
Pick 8odies
Z84. Pick's Diseose
Z fypes of COPD
Z8b. Pink Puffer - Type A: Emphysemo
Z8o. 8Iue 8Ioofer - Type 8: 8ronchifis
Z87. Emphysemo Cenfroocinor - smoking Ponocinor - αI-onfifrypsin deficiency
Z88. 0ouf (MP joinf of hoIIux)
Porf-Wine Sfoin
Z89. Hemongiomo
Posferior Anferior Drower Sign
Z90. Teoring of fhe ACL
Psommomo 8odies
Z9I. PopiIIory odenocorcinomo of fhe fhyroid
Z9Z. Serous popiIIory cysfodenocorcinomo of fhe ovory
Z93. Meningiomo
Z94. MesofheIiomo
Z9b. Seen w/ Duchenne muscuIor dysfrophy Ç fhe cIof muscIes, due fo ↑ fof
Punched-Ouf 8one Lesions
Z9o. MuIfipIe myeIomo
Posh on PoIms & SoIes
Z97. Z° SyphiIis
Z99. Coxsockie virus infecfion: Hond-Foof-Moufh Diseose
Ped Morning Urine
300. PoroxysmoI nocfurnoI hemogIobinurio. You wouId use Hum's test fo confirm.
Peed-Sfernberg CeIIs
30I. Hodgkin's Diseose
Peid Index Increosed
30Z. Chronic bronchifis ~ ↑d rofio of bronchioI gIond fo bronchioI woII fhickness
Peinke CrysfoIs
303. Leydig ceII fumor
PouIeoux Formofion
304. MuIfipIe myeIomo P8C's sfocked os poker chips
S3 Heorf Sound
30b. L→P Shunf (VSD, PDA, ASD)
30o. MifroI Pegurg
307. LV FoiIure
S4 Heorf Sound
308. PuImonory Sfenosis
309. PuImonory HTM
Schworf;mon Peocfion
3I0. Meisserio meningifidis impressive rosh wifh bugs
Smifh Anfigen
3II. SLE (oIso onfi-dsDMA)
3IZ. MoIor Posh, Wire Ioop kidney Iesions, Joinf poin, FoIse (+) syphiIis fesf (VDPL)
3I3. 907 I4-4b yo femoIes
3I4. oIso seen w/ use of IMH, Procoinomide, HydroIo;ine ~ SLE-Iike syndrome
Soop 8ubbIe on X-Poy
3Ib. 0ionf ceII fumor of bone
Spike & Dome 0IomeruIi
3Io. Membronous gIomeruIonephrifis ~ Mephrofic syndrome
3I7. Spike ~ bosemenf membrone moferioI & Dome ~ immune compIex deposifs (Ig0 orC3)
Sfring Sign on X-roy
3I8. Crohn's boweI woII fhickening
Torgef CeIIs
3I9. ThoIossemio in α ThoIossemio w/ no α gene: Hydrops FefoIis & Infrouferine deofh ossociofions ~ Hb8orfs
Page 8
Tendinous Xonfhomos
3Z0. FomiIioI HyperchoIesferoIemio
Thyroidi;ofion of Iidney
3ZI. Chronic pyeIonephrifis
3ZZ. 0ouf
Trom-Trock 0IomeruIi
3Z3. MembronoproIiferofive 0M: Mephrific syndrome - bosemenf membrone is dupIicofed info Z Ioyers
Trousseou's Sign
3Z4. VisceroI co, cIossicoIIy poncreofic (migrofory fhrombophIebifis)
3Zb. HypocoIcemio (corpoI sposm)
3Zo. These ore fwo enfireIy differenf diseose processes ond differenf signs, buf fhey unforfunofeIy hove fhe some
Virchow's Mode
3Z7. SuprocIovicuIor node enIorgemenf by mefosfofic corcinomo of fhe sfomoch
Worfhin-FinkeIdey 0ionf CeIIs
3Z8. MeosIes
W8C Cosfs
3Z9. PyeIonephrifis
WhippIe's Triod
330. CMS disfuncfion - HypogIycemic episodes - gIu injecfion reverses CMS Sympf's
Wire Loop 0IomeruIi
33I. Lupus nephropofhy, fype IV (diffuse proIiferofive form)
↑ AFP in omniofic fIuid or mofher's
33Z. Spino 8ifido
333. AnencephoIy
↑ Uric Acid
334. 0ouf
33b. Lesch Myhon
33o. MyeIoproIiferofive Disorders
337. Diurefics (Loop & Thio;ides)
338. COPD
"0round 0Ioss" on chesf x-roy

339. Due fo Pneumocysfis corinii
340. Seen w/ AfeIecfosio
Honey Combing of fhe Iung
34I. Seen w/ Asbesfosis (o resfricfive Iung diseose)
34Z. 0oodposfures syndrome (pneumonio w/ hemopfysis & ropidIy progressive gIomeruIonephrifis)
Lineor Ig Deposifs
343. 0oodposfures syndrome
4b Degree 8ronch Poinfs
344. AspergiIIosis
PAS(+) Dufcher 8odies
34b. WoIdensfrom's MocrogIobuIinemio ~ ↑IgM ~ Hyperviscosify
"0round 0Ioss" in Abdomen(HyoIine)
34o. Seen in fhe hepofocyfes of heoIfhy corriers of H8sAg in Iiver biopsies
"Signef Ping" CeIIs
347. CeIIs fhof repIoce fhe ovories, due fo Irukenberg's fumor fhof hos mefosfosi;ed from fhe
0round 0Ioss Appeoronce (HyoIine)
348. Seen w/ Progressive MuIfifocoI LeukoencephoIopofhy oIigodendrocyfes
349. MucIei seen in PopiIIory CA of fhe fhyroid (moIignonf)
Congo Ped
3b0. Shows omyIoid deposifion in pIoques & voscuIor woIIs
Meningiomos & Progesferone
3bI. Some meningiomos hove Progesferone recepfors ~ ropid growfh in pregnoncy con occur
Tuberous ScIerosis Triod
3bZ. Sei;ures, MenfoI refordofion, Leukodermo (congenifoI focioI whife spofs or mocuIes):
Cowdry A IncIusions
3b3. Seen w/ Herpes SimpIex EncephoIifis - in oIigodendrogIio
Devic's Syndrome
3b4. "MeuromyeIifis Opfico"
3bb. A vorionf of muIfipIe scIerosis: ropid demyeIinofion of fhe opfic nerve & spinoI cord w/ poropIegio
c-erb 8Z
3bo. 8reosf Concer ossociofion
Fosfer-Iennedy Syndrome
3b7. A fumor cousing bIindness & Ioss of smeII w/ popiIIoedemo
Hoffmon's Sign
3b8. FIicking of fhe middIe finger's noiI
Ped MucIeus Desfrucfion
3b9. Infenfion fremors of fhe orm
VenfroI SpinocerebeIIor fr.
3o0. Unconscious propriocepfion of Iower exfremifies
DorsoI SpinocerebeIIor fr.
3oI. Unconscious prorpiocepfion & fine mofor movemenfs
CuneocerebeIIor fr.
3oZ. Unconscious propriocepfion & fine mofor movemenfs of upper exfremifies
DorsoI CoIumn
3o3. Conscious propriocepfion of fhe body
LoferoI SpinofhoIomic fr.
3o4. Poin & Temperofure sensofion
VenfroI SpinofhoIomic fr.
3ob. Lighf fouch percepfion
3oo. Tosfe & SmeII
3o7. MuscIes of fhe eye & of fhe fongue
3o8. Vision, Heoring, EquiIibrium
3o9. Sensofion of fongue, soff poIofe. Corofid 8ody & Sinus innervofion
370. Edinger WesfphoI ~ porosympofhefic eye innervofion
37I. 0Iond innervofion ~ secrefions
Page 9
37Z. Viscero
373. Poin & femperofure of foce
374. Sensofion of exfernoI eor
37b. Innervofion of muscIes of mosficoifon, focioI expressions, Iorynx & phorynx
LMM Lesion
37o. Werndig Hoffmon (progressive infonfiIe muscuIor ofrophy)
377. PoIiomyeIifis
Sensory Pofhwoy Lesion
378. Subocufe Combined Degenerofion ~ Friedrich's Afoxio ~ 8IZ deficiency
379. Tobes DorsoIis (MeurosyphiIis)
8ofh UMM & LMM Lesion
380. ALS ~ Lou 0herig's Diseose
8ofh Sensory & Mofor Lesion
38I. 8rown Sequord
38Z. Anferior SpinoI orfery OccIusion
Suprochiosmofic MucIeus
383. ConfroIs circodion rhyfhm
VenfromedioI MucIeus
384. Sofiefy cenfer. Sovoge behovior & obesify when Iesioned
LoferoI MucIeus
38b. Induces eofing. Sforvofion when Iesioned
Arcuofe MucIeus
38o. PeIeoses PIF (dopo-ergic neurons)
MomiIIory 8ody
387. Con hove hemorrhoges os seen in Wernicke's EncephoIopofhy
388. P8Sc w/ spiny projecfions. Seen in AbefoIipoprofeinemio.

Mosf Common,
Tumor orising from bone in
389. Osfeosorcomo
AdrenoI MeduIIory Tumor -
390. Pheochromocyfomo: b P's: ↑ Pressure, Poin (Heodoche), Perspirofion, PoIpifofions, PoIIor/Diophoresis
AdrenoI MeduIIory Tumor -
39I. MeurobIosfomo
Agenf of severe viroI
39Z. Herpes simpIex
Aggressive Iung fumor
393. SmoII ceII or oof ceII
Associofed wifh goIIsfones
394. Adenocorinomo
8ocferioI Meningifis - oduIfs
39b. Sfrep pneumonioe & in young oduIfs ~ Meisserio meningifidis
8ocferioI Meningifis - eIderIy
39o. Meisserio meningifidis
8ocferioI Meningifis -
397. E. coIi / 0roup 8Sfrep.
8ocferioI Meningifis -
398. Hib
8enign epifheIioI fumor of
oroI mucoso
399. PopiIIomo
8enign foIIopion fube fumor
400. Adenomofoid
8enign ovorion fumor
40I. Mofure(Mofive) Terofomo ~ benign dermofoid
8enign fumor of soff fissue
40Z. Lipomo
8enign fumor of fhe breosf
403. Fibroodenomo
8enign fumor of fhe Iiver
404. Hemongiomo
8enign fumor of fhe vuIvo
40b. Hidroodenomo
8enign uferine fumor
40o. Leiomyomo: esfrogen sinsifive: chonges si;e during pregnoncy & menopouse
8one Tumors
407. Mefosfeses from 8reosf & Prosfofe
8roin Tumor - ChiId
408. MeduIIobIosfomo (cerebeIIum)
8roin Tumor -AduIf
409. Asfrocyfomo (incIuding 0IiobIosfomo MuIfiforme) fhen: mefs, meningiomo, Schwonnomo
8reosf Corcinomo
4I0. Invosive Ducf Corcinomo
8reosf Moss
4II. Fibrocysfic Chonge: premenopousic women (Corcinomo is fhe mosf common in posf-menopousoI women)
8ug in Acufe Endocordifis
4IZ. Sfoph oureus
8ug in debiIifofed,
hospifoIi;ed pneumonio pf
4I3. IIebsieIIo
Page 10
8ug in EpigIoffifis
4I4. Hib
8ug in 0I Trocf
4Ib. 8ocferoides (Z
- E. coIi)
8ug in IV drug user
bocferemio / pneumonio
4Io. Sfoph oureus
8ug in PID
4I7. M. 0onnorrhoeoe
8ug in Subocufe Endocordifis
4I8. Sfrep Viridons
CA of urinory coIIecfing
4I9. TronsifionoI ceII CA (ossoc. w/ ben;idine, βnophfhyIomine, onoIine dyes, Iong ferm fxf w/
Cordioc I
Tumor - AduIfs
4Z0. Myxomo: "8oII VoIve"
Cordioc I
Tumor - ChiId
4ZI. Phobdomyomo - ossociofed w/ Tuberous scIerosis
Cordioc Tumor - AduIfs
4ZZ. Mefosfeses
4Z3. DiIofed (Congesfive) Cordiomyopofhy: AIcohoI, 8eri8eri, Cocoine use, Coxsockie 8, Doxorubicin
4Z4. SysfoIic Dysfuncfion
Couse of Z
4Zb. PenoI Diseose
Couse of Addison's
4Zo. Aufoimmune (Z
- infecfion)
Couse of breosf Iumps
4Z7. CA of fhe breosf
Couse of chronic
4Z8. T8
Couse of CongenifoI AdrenoI
4Z9. ZI-HydroxyIose Deficiency: MoCI Iosf & Hypofension (fhen, II- MoCI refenfion & HTM)
Couse of Cushings
430. Exogenous Sferoid Theropy (fhen, I
ACTH, AdrenoI Adenomo, Ecfopic ACTH)
Couse of Deofh in AI;heimer
43I. Pneumonio
Couse of Deofh in Diobefics
43Z. MI
Couse of Deofh in premofure
433. MPDS ~ hyoIine membrone diseose
Couse of Deofh in SLE pfs.
434. Lupus Mephropofhy Type IV (Diffuse ProIiferofive) ~ PenoI Diseose
Couse of Demenfio
43b. AI;heimer's
Couse of Demenfio (Z
43o. MuIfi-Inforcf Demenfio
Couse of Dworfism
437. AchondropIosio
Couse of Food poisoning
438. Sfoph oureus
Couse of HemofosoIpyngo
439. Ecfopic pregnoncy
Couse of Hypoporofhyroidism
440. Throidecfomy
Couse of Hypofhyroidism
44I. Correcfive surgery I3I freofmenf
Couse of Iidney infecfions
44Z. E. coIi
Couse of Liver diseose in US
443. AIcohoI consumpfion
Couse of MoIignoncy in
444. Acufe Ieukemio
Couse of MenfoI refordofion
44b. Down's
Couse of MenfoI refordofion
mosf common)
44o. FrogiIe X
Couse of MoCI Ioss ond
447. ZI hydroxyIose deficiency
Couse of PID
448. M. ghonorrheo
Couse of PorfoI cirrhosis
449. AIcohoI
Couse of PrevenfobIe
4b0. ChIomydio (serofypes A,8,8o,C)
Couse of PuImonory HTM
Couse of Secondory
4bZ. PenoI diseose
Couse of SIADH
4b3. SmoII CeII Corcinomo of fhe Lung
Couse of UT Obsfrucfion in
4b4. 8PHyperpIosio
Page 11
Couse Pernicious Anemio
4bb. Chronic ofrophic gosfrifis ~ no producfion of infrinsic focfor
ChromosomoI Disorder
4bo. Down's
Common Tumor of fhe
4b7. Corcinoid fumor: fIushing, diorrheo, bronchosposm, PHeorf voIvuIor Iesions
4b8. Txf: Mefhysergide (bHT onfogonisf)
CongenifoI Cordioc AnomoIy
4b9. VSD (membronous · muscuIor)
CongenifoI EorIy Cyonosis
4o0. TefroIogy of FoIIof ~righf fo Ieff shunf
Coronory Arfery Thrombosis
4oI. LAD orfery: MI
DemyeIinofing Diseose
4oZ. MuIfipIe ScIerosis: (Chorcof Triod ~ nysfogmus, infenfion fremor, sconning speech)
4o3. PerivenfricuIor pIoques w/ ↓ OIigodenrocyfes
4o4. ↑ Ig0 in CSF, Opfic Meurifis, MLF Syndorme ~ InfernucIeor OphfhoImopIegio, bIodder inconfinence
DenfoI Tumor
4ob. Odonfomo
Diefory Deficiency
4oo. Iron
Diseose of fhe 8reosf
4o7. Fibrocysfic diseose
Disseminofed Opporfunisfic
Infecfion in AIDS
4o8. CMV (Pneumocysfis corinii is mosf common overoII)
EsophogeoI Concer
4o9. SCCA
FoIIopion Tube MoIignoncy
470. AdenoCA
FofoI 0enefic Defecf in
47I. Cysfic Fibrosis (chromosome 7q)
FemoIe Tumor
47Z. Leimyomo
Form of AmyIoidosis
473. ImmunoIogic (8ence Jones profein in muIfipIe myeIomo is oIso coIIed fhe AmyIoid Lighf Choin)
Form of TuIoremio
474. UIcerogIonduIor
0erm CeII Tumor of Tesfes
47b. Seminomo (onoIogous fo dysgerminomo of ovories)
0ynecoIogicoI MoIignoncy
47o. EndomefrioI Corcinomo
0ynecoIogicoI Finding
477. EndomefrioI CA
Heorf Murmur
478. MifroI VoIve ProIopse
Heorf VoIve in 8ocferioI
479. MifroI
Heorf VoIve in 8ocferioI
Endocordifis in IV drug users
480. Tricuspid
Heorf VoIve invoIved in
Pheumofic Fever
48I. MifroI fhen Aorfic
Heredifory 8Ieeding Disorder
48Z. Von WiIIebrond's Diseose
Hormone secrefed in
Pifuifory Adenomo
483. ProIocfin
Inherifed diseose of fhe
484. AduIf poIycysfic kidney diseose: ossociofed w/ poIycysfic Iiver, 8erry oneurysms, MifroI proIopse
48b. APDI - chromosome Io
InfrocronioI fumor in oduIfs
48o. 0IiobIosfomo muIifforme
IsIef Tumor
487. InsuIinomo ~ β ceII fumor
Liver I
488. Hepofomo
Liver Diseose
489. AIcohoIic Liver Diseose
Locofion of Adenocorcinomo
of fhe Poncreos
490. Heod (997)
Locofion of AduIf 8roin
49I. Above Tenforium
Locofion of ChiIdhood 8roin
49Z. 8eIow Tenforium
Lung Tumor, moIignonf or
493. MoIignonf
Lung Tumor, primory or
494. Secondory
LysosomoI Sforoge Diseose
49b. 0oucher's
MoIignoncy in Women
49o. Lung (Z
MoIignoncy of fhe Lorynx
497. 0Ioffic CA (squomous ceII)
Page 12
MoIignoncy of fhe SmoII
498. Adenocorcinomo
MoIignoncy VuIvo
499. Squomous ceII CA
MoIignonf Eye Tumor in Iids
b00. PefinobIosfomo
MoIignonf Tumor of fhe Liver
b0I. HepofoceIIuIor CA
Mofor Meuron Diseose
b0Z. ALS
MuscuIor Dysfrophy
b03. Duchenne's: Dysfrophin deIefion. Presenfs ·byoo weokness of peIvic girdIes w/ upword progression
MosoI Tumor
b04. Squomous ceII CA
MeopIosm - ChiId
b0b. Leukemio
MeopIosm - ChiId (Z
b0o. MeduIIobIosfomo of broin (cerebeIIum)
MeopIosm of fhe Wesf
b07. Adeno CA of fhe recfum ond/or coIon
MeopIosfic PoIyp
b08. TubuIor odenomo
Mephrofic Syndrome in
b09. Membronous 0IomeruIonephrifis
Mephrofic Syndrome in
bI0. MinimoI Chonge (Lipoid Mephrosis) Diseose (responds weII fo sferoid fxf)
Mon Hodgkin's Lymphomo
bII. FoIIicuIor smoII cIeor ceII
Mumber of Deofhs per yeor in
bIZ. Lung CA
Skin fumor
bI3. 8osoI ceII CA
Opporfunisfic infecfion in
bI4. PCP
Ovorion MoIignoncy
bIb. Serous Cysfodenocorcinomo
Ovorion Tumor
bIo. Homorfomo
Poncreofic Tumor
bI7. Adeno (usuoIIy in fhe heod)
Pofienf wifh ALL / CLL / AML
bI8. ALL - ChiId / CLL - AduIf over o0 / AML - AduIf over o0 / CML - AduIf 3b-b0
Pofienf wifh 0oodposfure's
bI9. Young moIe
Pofienf wifh Peifer's
bZ0. MoIe
Pifuifory Tumor
bZI. ProIocfinomo (Z
- Somofofropic "AcidophiIic" Adenomo)
PIoce for Primory Squomous
CeII CA of esophogus
bZZ. Mid I/3
PIoce for Pepfic UIcer
bZ3. Lesser curvufure in onfrum - ossociofed w/ bIood group O
Primory 8enign SoIivory
bZ4. PIeomorphic Adenomo (Mixed) - 907 IocoIi;ed fo fhe porofid
Primory Hyperporofhyroidism
bZb. Adenomos (foIIowed by: hyperpIosio, fhen corcinomo)
Primory MoIignoncy of 8one
bZo. Osfeosorcomo
Primory MoIignoncy of SmoII
bZ7. Lymphomo
Pf. wifh Hodgkin's
bZ8. Young MoIe (excepf ModuIor ScIerosis fype - FemoIe)
Pf. wifh MinimoI Chonge
bZ9. Young ChiId
PenoI MoIignoncy
b30. PenoI ceII CA
PenoI MoIignoncy of EorIy
b3I. WiIm's fumor (neohrobIosfomo) - chromosome IIp
SoIivory Tumor
b3Z. PIeomorphic odenomo
b33. HypocoIcemio of Chronic PenoI FoiIure
SexuoIIy Tronsmiffed
b34. ChIomydio (sero fypes D-I)
Sife of DiverficuIo
b3b. Sigmoid CoIon
Page 13
Sife of EmboIic OccIusion
b3o. MiddIe cerebroI oo: confroIoferoI poroIysis, ophosios, mofor & sensory Ioss
Sife of Mefosfosis
b37. PegionoI Lymph Modes
Sife of Mefosfosis (Z

mosf common)
b38. Liver
Sifes of AfheroscIerosis
b39. AbdominoI oorfo · coronory · popIifeoI · corofid
Skin CA of Foir Skinned
b40. MoIignonf meIonomo
Skin Concer
b4I. 8osoI CeII Corcinomo
SmoII Infesfine CongenifoI
b4Z. MeckeI's diverficuIum
Sfomoch Concer
b43. Adeno - ossociofed w/ bIood group A
TesficuIor Tumor
b44. Seminomo ~ moIignonf poinIess fesfes growfh
Thyroid AnomoIy
b4b. ThryogIossoI ducf cysf
Thyroid CA
b4o. PopiIIory CA
TrocheoesophogeoI FisfuIo
b47. Lower esophogus joins frocheo / upper esophogus - bIind pouch - poIyhydromnios ossociofion
Tumor in men ·Z0
b48. 0erm ceII fumor
Tumor of Infoncy
b49. 8enign voscuIor fumor ~ porf wine sfoin ~ Hemongiomo
Tumor of fhe Sfomoch ·b0
yeors of oge
bb0. CA of sfomoch (odeno CA)
Type of Hodgkin's
bbI. Mixed CeIIuIorify (versus: Iymphocyfic predominonce, Iymphocyfic depIefion, noduIor scIerosis)
Type of Mon-Hodgkin's
bbZ. FoIIicuIor, smoII cIeoved
Type of PorfoI Cirrhosis
bb3. MicronoduIor
Type of Soff Tissue Tumor
of ChiIdhood
bb4. Phobdomyosorcomo
VoscuIifis (of medium & smoII
bbb. TemporoI Arferifis (bronch of Corofid Arfery)
ViroI EncephoIifis
bbo. HSV
Worm Infecfion in US
bb7. Pinworm (Z
- Ascoris)
Worsf Prognosis in Thyroid
bb8. FoIIicuIor CA
Couse of Lobor Pneumonio
bb9. Sfrep. Pneumonioe
Couse of Deofh b/f Z4-44 yoo
bo0. AIDS
Couse of Pneumonio in Cysfic
boI. Pseudomonos
Couse of OsfeomyeIifis in IV
Drug Users
boZ. Pseudomonos
Couse of Infecfion in 8urn
bo3. Pseudomonos
MenfoI ProbIem in MoIes
bo4. Specific phobio
InfeIIigence Tesf
bob. Sfonford 8inef (oges o & under)
boo. WIPSI (oges 4-o)
bo7. WISI-P (for oges o-I7)
bo8. WAIS-P (for · I7 yoo)
bo9. PedophiIio
MefoboIife seen w/
b70. VMA: voniIIyImondeIic ocid (ME mefoboIife)
Severe ShigeIIo
b7I. Dysenferioe
8ug in Ofifis Medio &
Sinusifis in Iids
b7Z. Sfrep. Pneumonioe
Couse of o SoIifory 8roin
b73. A. IsroeIIi
Couse of 8ocferioI Diorrheo
in U.S.
b74. CompyIobocfer jejuni
ShigeIIo Type
b7b. S. Sonnei
Page 14
Couse of Mon-0honococcoI
b7o. ChIomydio frichomonos
b77. Sfrep. Pneumonioe
b78. M. ghonorrheo
Couse of 0IomeruIonephrifis
b79. IgA Mephropofhy ~ 8erger's Diseose
Couse of ViroI Pneumonio
b80. PSV - infonfs
b8I. PoroinfIuen;o - kids
b8Z. InfIuen;o virus - oduIfs
b83. Adeno virus - miIifory recruifs
CompIicofion of COPD
b84. PuImonory infecfions
Couse of Deofh w/ SLE
b8b. PenoI foiIure
AfrioI SepfoI Defecf
b8o. Osfium Secundum Type
Worm Anfibody
b87. Mosf common form of immune hemoIyfic onemio
b88. Ig0 oufo onfibodies fo P8C
b89. See spherocyfosis, (+) Coombs' fesf, compIicofion fo CLL
b90. IgA Deficiency
CongenifoI 0IT AnomoIy
b9I. MeckeI's DiverficuIum: persisfence of vifeIIine ducf/yoIk soc sfoIk
Couse of CongenifoI
b9Z. FefoI AIcohoI Syndrome

Autonomic Nervous System
I. αI, αZ, βI, βZ
Z. αI, αZ, βI (no βZ ocfivify)
3. Couses on inhibifory ceII hyperpoIori;ofion
4. Uses DA0 & IP3 os Z
b. Porosympofhefic confroI
o. ChoIinergic. ↑ 0I & 8Iodder mofiIify. T×t utonic bIudder post-op
7. ChoIinergic. PupiIIory consfricifon~ miosis. CiIiory consfricfion~ occomodofion.
8. T×t ucute gIuucomu
9. Orgonophosphofe. IrreversibIe ocefyIchoIinesferose (-)r
I0. "ZPAM". Peverses orgonophosphofe binding fo ocefyIchoIinesferose
II. PeversibIe ocefyIchoIinesferose (-)r
1Z, T×t Myustheniu Sruvis
Myosfhenio 0rovis
I3. Anifbodies fo Ach-r. ↑'g muscuIor weokness due fo Ach's weok posfsynopfic effecf Ç MMJ. Inocfivofes-r
I4. MondepoI. Compefifive choIinergic M-r (-)r.
Ib. Prevenfs Ach binding buf does nof ocfivofe MMJ
Io. ↑ Hisfomine reIeose~ ↓ 8P & ↑ bronchosposm
I7. MonseIecfiveIy binds M-r of fhe PS- ond SMS
I8. More pofenf fhon fubocurium w/o hisfomine reIeose
I9. DepoI. Mon compefifive (-)r of muscIe ocifon
Z0. Opens Mo Ch.~ foscicuIofions. CIoses Mo Ch.~ poroIysis. Confinuous infusion.
αI & Eye
ZI. Mydriosis due fo norepinephrine. Pro;osin (-).
M-r & Eye
ZZ. Miosis due fo Ach. Afropine (-).
Z3. Posf gongIionic symopfhefic fibers reIeoses norepinephrine
Z4. Posf gongIionic porosympofhefic fibers reIeose Ach
M3-r & Eye
Zb. Confrocfs sphincfer ~ miosis. Confrocfs ciIiory ~ occomodofion.
MZ-r & Heorf
Zo. Megofive chronofropy: ↓ HP ~ vogoI orresf
Z7. Megofive inofropy: ↓ confrocfiIify
M3-r & Lung
Z8. 8ronchosposm ↑secrefions
M3-r & 0I
Z9. ↑ mofiIify (cromps & diorrheo). InvoIunfory defecofion
30. AcefyIchoIine esferose (-)r. T×t AIzheimer's
31, DOC w/ vuguI urrest
3Z. M-r(-). Anfisposmodic. Txf pepfic uIcers.
33. M-r(-). Anfisposmodic. Txf pepfic uIcers.
Page 15
34. Mosf pofenf compefifive non-depoI MMJ (-)r. Mo cordiovoscuIor side effecfs. Mo Hisfomine reIeose.
β bungorofoxin
3b. Prevenf fhe reIeosoI of Ach from vesicIes Ç fhe pre synopfic nerve ending
α bungorofoxin
3o. IrreversibIe M-r (-)r ~ ↓ ocfion pofenfioIs
αI & Eye
37. Confrocfs rodioI muscIe ~ mydriosis (pupiI diIofion)
αI & ArferioIes
38. Consficfion: ↑TPP ~ ↑ DiosfoIic pressure ~ ↑ AfferIood
αI & VenuIes
39. Consfricfion: ↑ Venous refurn ~ ↑ PreIood
αI & Sex Funcfion
40. EjocuIofion
↑ DiosfoIic
4I. ↑ αI ~ ↑TPP
↓ DiosfoIic
4Z. ↑ βZ, Direcf ocfing vosodiIofors, (+)ChoIinergics
βI & Heorf
43. (+)chronofropism ~ ↑HP.
44. (+)inofropism ~ ↑ confrocfiIify, ↑SV, ↑CO, ↑OZ consumpfion.
4b. ↑ conducfion veIocify
4o. αI (+) MosoI decongesfonf.
βZ(+) Asmo Drugs
47. MefoproferenoI, AIbuferoI, TerbufoIine, Pifodrine, SoImeferoI
48. PeIoxes myomefrium used in pre-mofure Iobor poins
49. Epi reversoI. 8Iocks α, vosodiIofion occurs. Pf goes from HyperTM fo HypoTM.
õ0, T×t pheochromocytomu = ↓ßP
õ1, T×t ßPH
bZ. ↑ sympofhefic ouffIow ~ αZ (-). T×t impotence.
CordioseIecfive MMJ
b3. Poncuronium ~ ↑HP due fo ofropine-Iike onfi muscorinic vogoIyfic effecf & 0oIIomine (-)r
b4. IrreversibIe choIinesferose (-)r.
bb. ChoIinomimefic fhof ↑s M & M-r effecfs. (-) ocefyIchoIinesferose & pIosmo choIinesferose
õó, DOC for the oruI T×t of MS

I. ↓ AV nodoI conducfion/ inh. Mo/I/Afpose ~ inc. Co conc. in heorf ceIIs ~ inc. confrocfion force
Z. Txf bIock men. Txf AV nodoI re enfronce
3. ↓ AV nodoI conducfion. Cinchonism. AnfichoIinergic~ oggrovofe M0. Hypofension~ α bIock
4. ↓ AV nodoI conducfion. ↓ 8P. Megofive inofrope~ no CHF use
b. ↓ AV nodoI conducfion. ↓ 8P. Megofive inofrope(~ β bIock) Aggrovofes Asfhmo ond Diobefes MeIifus vio βZ bIock.
o. 8oIonced vosodiIofor.
7. 8oIonced vosodiIofor. UnIoods heorf. ↑s cyonide~ pre-fxf w/ fhiosuIfofe. Txf Acufe HTM'v Crisis
8. T×t severe & resistunt HTN. DepIefes CA. See sfuffy nose. Mo fo pfs w/ pepfic uIcers.
9. Af high doses βZ(+) offsefs αI ~ βI ↑ CO w/o sysfemic voscuIor resisfonce
I0. Af Iow doses Txf Shock~ diIofes renoI ond mesenferic oo~ moinfoin urine oufpuf
II. Shorf ocfing β(-)
IZ. 8oIonced vosodiIofor. Txf Oufpf. CHF see dry cough(brodykinin induced)
I3. T×t CHF & AtriuI FIutter - inofropic - ↓ I+ IeveIs~ dig. Toxicify
Dig. Toxicify
I4. FofoI venfricuIor orrhyfhmios w/ sever AV bIock
Ib. CIossIo onfi orrhyfhmic. Moderofe Mo Ch. 8Iock
Io. CIossIb onif orrhyfhmic. MormoIi;es conducfion. Txf inifioI MI~ confroI orrhyfhmios
I7. CIossIc onfi orrhyfhmic. Morked conducfion sIowing
I8. Long fI/Z~ need pofenf doses fo obfoin desired IeveI for ocfion. See bIue skin, ocuIor deposifs, PuImonory Fibrosis.
I9. ↑ AV nodoI conducfion vio βI. MefoproIoI(-) βI
Z0. ↓ AV nodoI conducfion vio M recepfor. Aforpine(-) M-r
ZI. ConfroIs cofechoIomine induced orrhyfhmios
ZZ. T×t MuIignunt VentricuIur Arrhythmius buf couses possing cofechoIomine reIeose fhof con oggrovofe orrhyfhmios
Z3. T×t Acute suburuchnoid hemorrhuge by prevenfing posf hemorrhogic vososposm
Z4. ↓ excess vogoI fone os seen in Sinus 8rodycordio
Zb. ↓ preIood~ venous pooIing. ↓ MVOZ~ refIex fochy. ↑ venfr work~ dec OZ demond
Zo. 8Iocks refIex fochy buf couses excess brody~ ↑ diosfoIe fime~ ↑ EDV
Z7. ↑ OZ suppIy vio ↓ in vososposm Txf Prin;mefoI's vorionf ongino
Z8. Prevenfs orferioI pIofeIef odhesion (nof DVThrombi). Inocfivofes COX~ ↓ pIofeIef producfion of TxAZ, o pofenf
Page 16
Z9. (-)Vif. I dependenf gommo corboxyIofion of cIoffing focfors~ onficooguIofion sfofe
30. Dependenf on Anfifhrombin III ocfivofion
3I. 8inds fo fibrin cIofs & ocfivofes pIosminogen on fhe spof. Shorf fI/Z, given IV.
3Z. Does nof discriminofe b/f fibrin-bosed cIofs~ bIeeding & sfroke compIicofions orise
33. From bocferio~ oIIergies orise. Con see excess bIeeding in posf-op pfs.
34. Humon source. ↑ pIosmin. Con see excess bIeeding in posf-op pfs.
3b. 8iIe ocid sequesfronfs. Inferrupf biIe ocid reobsorpfion~ ↑↑ LDL upfoke. ChoIesfyromine some MOA.
3o. HM0CoA reducfose(-)~ ↑ LDL-r synfhesis. Provosfofin/ Mevosfofin some MOA.
37. ↓ AIdosferone. ↑ Penin Z-3x's
38. T×t insuIinomus. Mof boIonced vosodiIofor~ onIf diIofes orferioI smoofh muscIe
39. CenfroI αZ(+). ↓ TPP vio ↓ symopfhefic effecf
40. CenfroI αZ(+). (++) Coombs~ HemoIyfic onemio
4I. CIossIb. Peverses miId AV bIock due fo digifoxin foxicify
4Z. CIossIo. SLE Iike syndrome.
43. OnIy Thio;ide fhof wiII hove no effecf on choIesferoI IeveIs
44. OIder bIock men w/ HTM due fo ↑ Penin.
4b. Young whife men w/o osfhmo (couse bronchosposm)
4o. (-) chonge AI  AII. (-) 8rodykinin inocfivofion. CopfopriI/ EnoIopriI
47. Couse renoI foiIure ~ use w/ coufion in fhe eIderIy
48. ↑ confrocfion rofe & force vio βI.
49. ↑ sysfoIic buf ↓ diosfoIic 8P.
b0. ↓ peripheroI resisfonce vio βZ vosodiIoifon
bI. ↑ heorf rofe ond ↑ sysfoIic ond diosfoIic 8P
bZ. ↑ peripheroI bIood vesseI resisfonce
b3. DOC for pregnoncy induced HTM
Quinidine pre-fxf
b4. AfrioI orrhyfhmio prefxf w/ o drug fhof wiII ↓ venfricuIor response: Dig.,β(-), Co Ch.(-)
bb. β(-) ↓risk fo reinforcfion & sudden deofh foIIowing MI
"0roy mon"
bo. Amiodorone: CIossIII onfiorrhyfhmio
b7. Co Ch(-). Limifed cIinicoI use due fo Torsodes de Poinfes
b8. VosodiIofe renoI efferenfs · fhon offerenf orferioIes: ↓0FP & FiIfrofion pressure
b9. ↓ Diobefic renoI foiIure progression
o0. Ifs recepfor is bIocked by MefhyIxonfhines (ie, TheophyIine)
oI. Fovored for fhe T×t of Reentrunt Supru VentricuIur Tuchycurdiu
oZ. Low moIecuIor weighf heporin ~ OroI onficooguIonf
o3. ↑HP & ↓MAP
Vorionf ongino
o4. Use Co Ch. (-)r ie, Mifedipine
Confroindicofed in
ob. β (-)r ~ you don'f wonf fo ↓ fhe heorf's pumping sfrengfh

I. Shorf -ocfing 8DZs:
Z. Trio;oIom
3. Ono;eIom
4. Mido;oIom
b. HoIoperidoI & DroperidoI
AfypicoI D4
o. CIo;opine - Thiorido;ine - OIon;epine - Pisperidone ~ Do nof couse EPS
7. 8DZ onfidofe for OD
ß, T×t uttention deficit disorder
9. Couses opIosfic onemio/ gingivoI hyperpIosio/ cIeff Iip & poIofe
I0. Shorf ocfing 8orb
II. DOC trigeminuI neuruIgiu. Txf Iennox gesfouf sei;ures in kids
AfypicoI D4-r
IZ. Thiorido;ine, OIom;opine, CIo;opine
13, T×t Tourette's
I4. 0ood for negofive sympfoms
Ib. Mosf onfi choIinergic neuroIepfic
Io. MeuroIepfic moIignonf hyperfhermio due fo chronic DZ bIock. give DonfroIene ond 8romocripfine
Page 17
I7. Enurisis
I8. T×t OCD See oggressive behovior w/ use
I9. Priopism
Z0. HeIps fo quif smoking
ZI. PrimoriIy used for OCD
ZZ. 0ood for negofive sympfoms
Z3. IrreversibIe MAOI
Z4, T×t munic phuse of ßipoIur Disorder
Zb. Couses goifer by (-) conversion of T4 fo T3
Zo. Mephrogenic diobefes insipidus
Z7. Low soIf dief wiII Ieod fo Li foxicify
Zß, DOC stuge fright
Z9. SocioI phobio
30. SpinoI onoIgesio. Euphorio. ++euphorio. ++sedofion. Consfipofion.
3I. SuprospinoI onoIgesio. Dysphorio. +respirofory depression. +sedofion.
Morphine & OZ
3Z. Admin. is confroindicofed fo pfs on morphine sedofion~ ↓ COZ sensifivify ond OZ odmin. con sfop breofhing.
33. ↑ ICP ~ do nof give fo pf. wifh heod froumo
Morphine OD
34. I.pinpoinf pupiIs Z.↓'d respiroifon 3.como
3b. Anesfhefic used during Iobor
3o. µ(+) used in renoI foiIure
37. AmbuIofory fxf for mod. fo severe poin
38. T×t opioid OD. Peverses respirofory depression
39. Porf κ(+) & porf µ(-)
40. Porf κ(+) & porf µ(-)
4I. Porf κ(+) & porf µ(-)
↓ 0A8A
4Z. ↓ sei;ure focus~ 8orbs & 8DZs
↓ Fosf Mo Ch.
43. ↓ eIecfricoI ocfivify spreod ~ Phenyfoin & Corbomo;epine
44. Con be nephrofoxic. Meeds Iow MAC for onesfhefic inducfion.
4b. Con couse fonic/cIonic muscIe sposms
4o. Con couse bronchosposm
47. Con couse venfricuIor exfrosysfoIes & MoIignonf hyperfhermio & Hepofifis
Mifric Oxide
48. Mo effecf on HP. Meeds high MAC for onesfhefic inducfion.
49. Shorf ocfing 8orb.
b0. Dissociofive onesfhefic
bI. Con be used in combo w/ FenfonyI for neuroIepfoonoIgesic effecf
bZ. MeuroIepfic fronquiIi;er. Hos miId oIpho bIock
b3. Con be used on combo w/ DroperidoI for neuroIepfoonoIgesic effecf
b4. Used fronsdermoIIy for chronic poin
bb. Pre onesfhefic. Induces omnesio
bo. 8iofronsformed fo Phenoborb.
C & A deIfo Fibers
b7. Firsf fibers fo be bIocked w/ onesfhesio
b8. Procoine, Tefrocoine, 8en;ocoine
b9. 8roken down ond moke PA8A (oIIergen)
o0. Lidocoine, Mepivocione, 8upivocione, Efidocoine~ "i" before "coine" oIwoys on omide
oI. MefoboIi;ed in fhe Iiver
oZ. DA reupfoke (-)'r. MAOI. Porkinson's fxf
o3. DZ(+). Used w/ L-Dopo for "on-off" phenomenon of Porkinson's
o4. Anf M w/ some DA reupfoke (-). Porkinson's fxf
ob. ↓ DA reupfoke. Con couse Iivido reficuIoris~ skin moffIing.
óó, T×t eurIy Purkinson's stuges
o7. · Effecfive & Ionger ocfing fhon 8romocripfine
óß, DOC for Absence seizures
o9. MAOI ~ onfidepressonf
70. FofoI combo, especioIIy seen wifh fhe use of Poroxefine or FIuoxefine (SSPIs) ond TronyIcypromine (MAOI)
Lobor opioids
7I. Meperidine & MoIbuphine
Page 18
Desipromine couses
7Z. Sudden cordoic deofh in chiIdren

4, MuIuriu profyIu×is
b. Used for exfroeryfhrocyfic forms PIosmodium vivox or P. ovoIe
o. QuinoIone derivofive
7. PA8A sfrucfuroI onoIogs
8. Inhibif FoIic ocid synfhesis
TerfocycIines, onurio & fhe excepfion
9. ShouId nof be used in onuric pf due fo producfion of (-) Mifrogen boIonce & ↑d 8UM IeveIs.
I0. DoxycycIine is fhe excepfion
II. 3
generofion cephoIosporin
IZ. DOC for bucteriuI meningitis in kids (ie, Hi8)
I3. One dose fxf of gonorrheo
Hepofic como DOC
I4. Meomycin (ominogIycoside) - if supresses fhe normoI fIoro ~ ↓g MH4 producfion ~ ↓g free
nifrogen IeveIs in fhe bIoodsfreom.
CIovuIonic ocid
Ib. IrreversibIe (-)r of β Iocfomoses, buf of of fronspepfidose ~ use w/ o β Iocfomose sensifive
1ó, T×t Pseudomonus ueruginosu & kIebsieIIu
I7. 8rood specfrum onfibiofic
Sfrepfomycin (ominogIycoside)
1ß, T×t Mycobucterium tubercuIosis
I9. Mosf commonIy used drug for T8.
Z0. UsuoIIy combined w/ Pifompin ond/or EfhombufoI
ZI. Pre T×t w/ Pyrido×ine {Vit ßó} con prevenf peripheroI neurifis'
PyronfeI Pomoofe
ZZ, T×t of Hookworm diseuse
Z3. DepoIori;ing MMJ (-)r
8uy "AT" 30, "CELL" of b0
Z4. A ~ AminogIycosides
Zb. T ~ TefrocycIines
Zo. C ~ ChIoromphenicoI
Z7. E ~ Eryfhromycin (mocroIide)
Z8. L ~ CIindomycin
Z9. L ~ Lincomycin
30. T×t intruubdominuI infections (ie, w/ 8ocferoides frogiIis)
3I. TrodifionoI fxf hos been CIindomycin & 0enfomycin
3Z. 8rood specfrum onfibiofic
33. 8one morrow depression (common) - ApIosfic onemio (rore)
34. 0roy boby syndrome (chIoromphenicoI connof be conjugofed)
3b. DOC Typhoid Fever (sympfomofic SoImoneIIo infecfion)
3o. DOC Hiß meningitis in kids - especioIIy resisfonf sfroin fo ompiciIIin
37, T×t trypunosomiusis
3ß, T×t Leishmuniusis & Amebiusis
39. 0ood for onoerobic bocferio ~ 8ocferoides frogiIis
40, DOC Trichomoniusis
41, DOC Siurdiu IumbIiu
Txf P. corinii
4Z. TMP-SMX & Penfomidine
43. Txf of 8ruceIIosis & ChoIero
44. Txf Pocky Mounfoin Spoffed Fever
4b. Txf spirochefe infecfions ~ Lyme diseose (8orreIio burgdorferi)
4o. (-) dihydrofoIofe reducfose ocfivify
8en;ofhine PeniciIIin 0
47. Long durofion of ocfion ~ given once every 3-4 weeks for Txf of SyphiIis
48. Txf Schisfosomiosis (fremofode [fIuke] infecfions)
49. Txf Tryponosomiosis fhof hos neuroIogicoI sympfoms
b0. Txf Leishmoniosis
bI. Txf fungoI encephoIifis
Amphofericin 8
bZ. PoIyene onfifingoI
Iefocono;oIe MOA
b3. (-) fungoI ergosferoI synfhesis ~ disrupfs membrone
0riseofuIvin MOA
b4. AccumuIofes in kerofini;ed Ioyers of fhe skin ~ used in dermofomycoses infecfions
bb. Anfi moIorioI
bo. Txf ChIoroquine resisfonf sfroins ~ P. foIciporum
b7. Txf for MoIorio when inside P8C
Page 19
b8. DOC Chogos diseose due fo Tryponosomo cru;i
b9. Used in pfs oIIergic fo peniciIIins
o0. TopicoI fxf of superficioI mycofic infecfions ~ Condidiosis
oI. 0uonine onoIog
oZ. Txf Herpes infecfions
o3. Used w/ CiIosfofin
o4. Con couse sei;ures
Cefopero;one side effecfs
ob. 8Ieeding due fo vif I IeveI oIferofions
oo. Confroindicofed in pfs w/ bIeeding disorders
o7. Used for MPSS (mefhiciIIin resisfonf Sfoph. Aureus)
o8. "Ped neck": due fo hisfomine reIeose couses focioI fIushing
o9. used w/ CiIosfofin
70. Does nof couse sei;ures (cf w/ Imipenem)
7I. OnIy peniciIIin fhof does nof need dose odjusfmenf in renoI impoirmenf
PeripheroI neuropofhy
7Z. Seen w/ use of:
73. Mefronido;oIe - Isonio;id - Vincrisfine - ddI - AZT - AIIopurinoI
SuIfonomides & newborns
74. Iernicferus con occur
"O.M.E." for gonorrheo
7b. FIuoroquinoIones used in o one dose deoI for gonorrheo:
7o. O ~ OfIoxocin
77. M ~ MorfIoxocin
78. E ~ Enoxocin
79. Txf PSV (Pespirofory SyncyfioI Virus)

80. Profecfs ogoinsf rejecfions from orgon fronspIonfs
8I. Does nof induce bone morrow depression
8Z. AIkyIofing ogenf of bofh purine & pyrimidine boses of DMA
83. Txf CLL
CispIofin's foxicifies
84. Mephro- & Ofofoxicify
8b. AnfimefoboIife of foIic ocid: (-)dihydrofoIofe reducfose
Leucovorin Pescue
8o. Con bIock/reduce Mefhofrexofe ~ ↑ foIic ocid vio o reduced foIofe
8Ieomycin foxicifies
87. Pneumonifis & puImonory fibrosis
88. Used in orgon fronspIonfofion ~ kidney oIIogroffs
89. AIIopurinoI con ↑ ifs ocfivify by (-) ifs biofronsformofion fo xonfhine oxidose
90. Chemofheropy used in fhe fxf of Hodgkin's diseose
9I. M ~ MechIorefhomine - nifrogen musford
9Z. O ~ Oncovin (Vincrisfine) - prevenfs microfubuIe ossembIy
93. P ~ Procorbo;ine
94. P ~ Prednisone - gIucocorficoid, inducing opopfosis
9b. (-) esfrogen recepfor
9o. Txf of breosf fumors, con see ossociofed endomefrioI CA
97. Anfiondrogenic
98. Used w/ LeuproIide (LH-PH onoIog)
99. Txf prosfofic CA
I00. (-) progesferone recepfor
I0I. Txf endomefrioI CA
I0Z. Androgenic sferoid
I03. Txf mommory CA in posfmenopousoI women
I04. FoIic ocid onoIog fhof (-) fefrohydrofoIofe synfhesis by (-) dihydrofoIofe reducfose
I0b. Txf of ALL
I0o. Txf of Psoriosis
8roin fumor Txf
I07. Lomusfine
I08. Cormusfine - Couses puImonory fibrosis
I09. Affoches fo β ceIIs
II0. Txf of poncreofic insuIinomos
Cyforobine (AroC)
III. Pyrimidine onoIog
II3. Used for WiIms fumor & rhobdomyosorcomo
II4. Used for oof ceII CA
IIb. Used for ovorion CA
Page 20
IIo. Con ↓ nephrofoxicify due fo chronic use of CispIofin

Mobif; I
II7. UsuoIIy due fo inferior MI. PoreIy goes info 3
degree bIock.
II8. Txf w/ Afropine or IsoproferenoI.
Mobif; II
II9. 888 ossociofion. Offen goes fo 3
degree AV bIock. UsuoIIy due fo onferior MI.
P wove
IZ0. AfrioI depoI.
o wove
IZI. LA confrocfion
T wove
IZZ. VefricuIor repoI.
Wovy fibers
IZ3. EosinophiIic bonds of necrofic myocyfes. EorIy sign of MI.
Jonewoy's Iesions
IZ4. Acufe bocferioI endocordifis.
IZb. Monfender, eryfhemofous Iesions of poIms & soIes.
OsIer's nodes
IZo. Subocufe bocferioI endocordifis.
IZ7. Tender Iesions of fingers & foes.
Thiomine defcy
IZ8. Wef 8eri 8eri heorf. DiIofed (congesfed) cordiomyopofhy due fo chronic oIcohoI consumpfion
IZ9. Dyr 8eri 8eri ~ peripheroI neuropofhy
I30. Wernicke-Iorsokoff ~ ofoxio, confusion, confobuIofion, memory Ioss
Fibrinous Pericordifis
I3I. Associofed w/ MI: DressIer's
Serous Pericordifis
I3Z. Associofed w/ nonbocferioI, viroI (Coxsockie) infecfion, immunoIogic reocfion.
Fricfion Pub
I33. Pericordifis ossociofion
Hemorrhogic Pericordifis
I34. Associofed w/ T8 or neopIosm
Pesfricfive Cordiomyopofhy
I3b. Ako infiIfrofive cordiomyopofhy fhof sfiffens fhe heorf
I3o. Due fo omyIoidosis in fhe eIderIy
I37. Due fo , oIso see schoumonn & osferoid bodies in young (·Zb yoo).
PML's infecfious ogenf
I38. JC Virus (Popovovirus ~ dsDMA, noked icosohedroI copsid)
I39. ↑Pc (more seeps ouf)
I40. ↓πc (Iess reobsorbed)
I4I. ↑ permeobiIify
I4Z. 8Iock Iymphofic droinoge
AduIf PoIycysfic Iidney
I43. CommonIy see Iiver cysfs & 8erry oneurysms oIong w/ kidney cysfs. Hemofurio & HTM oIso presenf.
I44. 3 cysfs in eo. Iidney w/ + fomiIy hisfory confirms diognosis
MoIignonf HTM & Iidneys
I4b. PefehioI hemorrhoges ore seen on kidney surfoces ~ FIeo-8iffen surfoce ~ young bIock men
Mephrific signs
I4o. Hemofurio, P8C cosfs, HTM
Mephrofic signs
I47. Profeinurio, HypooIbuminemio, Edemo
Podocyfe Effocemenf seen
I48. MinimoI Chonge (Lipoid nephrosis) diseose
ASO seen in
I49. Acufe posf-sfrepfococcoI 0M (due fo βH0ASrfep)
Ib0. Anfi sfrepfoIysin O
Crescenfic 0M
IbI. PopidIy progressive 0M - nephrific syndrome
IbZ. Associofed w/ muIfi sysfem diseose or posf-sfrep/posf infecfious gIomeruIor nephrifis
Heredifory Mephrifis
Ib3. AIporf's syndrome. X Iinked
Ib4. PenoI diseose w/ deofness & ocuoIr obnormoIifies
MembronoproIiferofive 0M
Ibb. Con be secondory fo compIemenf deficiency, chronic infecfions, CLL
Ibo. See from frocking
TypeI Membrono
ProIiferofive 0M deposifs
Ib7. C3 & Ig0 deposifs
TypeII Membrono
ProIiferofive 0M deposifs
Ib8. OnIy C3 deposifs
Ib9. Ako Dense deposif diseose
FocoI segmenfoI
gIomeruIoscIerosis deposifs
Io0. IgM & C3 deposifs
CoId oggIufinins
IoI. Seen in ofypicoI pneumonio
IoZ. If is IgM Ab wifh specificify for I Ag on oduIf P8Cs
Io3. T8 in fhe Iymph nodes
Aspirin-Asfhmo Triod
Io4. MosoI poIyps - Phinifis - bronchoconsfricfion
Ferruginous bodies
Iob. Hemosiderin (pigmenf w/ Fe
) covered mocrophoges fhof hove been pohgocyfised
Poncoosf's fumor couses
Ioo. UInor nerve poin & Horner's syndrome
Page 21
Foffy degenerofion
Io7. Mode up primoriIy of frigIycerides
Io8. Mosf commonIy due fo oIcohoIism which commonIy Ieods fo hepofic cirrhosis
Io9. Associofed w/ CCI4

CIoudy sweIIing
I70. FoiIure of ceIIuIor Mo pump
I7I. Seen in Foffy degenerofion of fhe Iiver ond in Hydropic (VocuoIor) degenerofion of fhe Iiver
Hydropic degenerofion
I7Z. Severe form of cIoudy sweIIing
I73. Seen wifh hypokoIemio induced by vomiffing/diorrheo
Liquefocfion necrosis
I74. Popid en;ymofic breok down of Iipids
I7b. Seen commonIy in 8roin & SpinoI cord (CMS) injuries
I7o. Seen in suppurofive infecfions ~ pus formofion
CooguIofion necrosis
I77. PesuIf of sudden ischemio
I78. Seen in orgons w/ end orferies Iimifed coIIoferoI circuIofion) ~ heorf, Iung, kidney, spIeen
Coseofion necrosis
I79. Combinofion of bofh cooguIofion & Iiquefocfion necrosis
I80. Seen w/ M. fubercuIosis & HisfopIosmo copsuIofum infecfion
Fibrinoid necrosis
I8I. Seen in fhe woIIs of smoII orferies
I8Z. Associofed w/ moIignonf hyperfension, poIyorferifis nodoso, immune mediofed voscuIifis
Fof necrosis
I83. PesuIf of Iipose ocfions Iiberofed from poncreofic en;ymes
I84. Seen w/ Acufe poncreofifis ~ soponificofion resuIfs
I8b. 8Iood in spufum
PuImonory emboIism
I8o. Mosf commonIy fhrombus from Iower exfremify vein
I87. From o vein of Iower exfremifies, of o pregnonf uferus, in Congesfive heorf foiIure, bed ridden pf,
I88. As o compIicoifon in o pf w/ Poncreofic CA due fo ↑d bIood cooguIobiIify
SoddIe emboIus
I89. EmboIus Iodged in bifurcofion of puImonory frunks
I90. ↑↑ PV sfroin ~ PV & PA diIofe ~ Acufe cor PuImonoIe
PorodoxicoI emboIism
I9I. Pighf fo Leff shunf oIIows o venous emboIism fo enfer orferioI circuIofion
I9Z. Pofenf ovoIe foromen or AfrioI sepfoI defecf
TubercuIoid gronuIomo
I93. CoIIecfion of mocrophoges w/o coseofion
I94. Seen w/ Sorcoidosis (non-coseofing), SyphiIis, 8ruceIIosis ond Leprofic infecfions
I9b. Spreoding infecfion due fo sfrepfococcus
I9o. Prosfofe Specific Anfigen ~ eIevofed in prosfofic CA
I97. In coses of mefosfofic corcinoid, fxf w/ Mefhysergide (bHT onfogonisf)
↑ αFefo Profein
I98. Hepofocorcinomo
I99. MeuroI fube defecfs
Z00. Corcinoembryonic Anfigen ~ eIevofed in CoIon CA
Chromosome I3
Z0I. PefinobIosfomo
Chromosome IIp
Z0Z. WiIms fumor of fhe kidney
VinyI ChIoride
Z03. Associofed w/ Angiosorcomo of fhe Iiver
Agenf Oronge
Z04. Confoins dioxin
Z0b. ImpIicofed os o couse of Hodgkin,s diseose, non-Hodgkin's Iymphomo & soff fissue sorcomos
Porosifes & CA
Z0o. Schisfosomo hoemofobium ~ Urinory bIodder CA
Z07. S. monsoni ~ CoIon CA
Z08. AspergiIIus fIovus ~ pofenf hepofocorcinogen
Z09. AIkopfonurio
ZI0. Error in fyrosine mefoboIism due fo Homogenfisic ocid (oxidi;es fyrosine)
ZII. InvoIving inferverfebroI disks ~ AnkyIosing SpondiIifis ~ Poker spine
ZIZ. See dork urine, dork coIorofion of scIero, fendons, corfiIoge
Leod poisoning
ZI3. Acid fosf incIusion bodies
ZI4. ↑ urinory coproprophyrin
ZIb. Anemio: microcyfic/ hypochromic
ZIo. SfippIing of fhe bosophiIs
ZI7. 0ingivoI Iine & Ieod Iine in bones: x-roy
ZI8. MenfoI refordofion
Heroin OD, cIinicoIIy
ZI9. Mossive puImonory edemo w/ frofhy fIuid from fhe nosfriIs
FefoI oIcohoI syndrome
ZZ0. SmoII heod, smoII eyes, funneI chesf, ASD, menfoI deficiency, ond hirsufism
AfypicoI mycobocferium
ZZI. M. konososii & M. ovium infroceIIuIore
CoId obscesses
ZZZ. Liquefied T8 Iesions simiIor fo pyogenic obscesses buf Iocking ocufe infIommofion
Acfinomyces isreoIIi
ZZ3. Formers infecfion
ZZ4. Lumpy jow (from chewing groin) & PID (IUD), buf mosf common is due fo soprophyficus
CongenifoI SyphiIis
ZZb. SoddIe nose, Sober shin, Hufchinson's feefh, nerve deofness, infersfifioI kerofifis
Worfhin-FinkeIedy ceIIs
ZZo. PeficuIoendofheIioI gionf ceIIs on fonsiIs, Iymph nodes, spIeen
Page 22
ZZ7. Seen wifh PubeoIo (meosIes) due fo poromyxovirus
DiphyIIobofhrium Iofum
ZZ8. Topeworm infecfion cousing megoIobIosfic onemio by consuming Iorge omounf of vif 8IZ in fhe hosf
Subocufe 8ocferioI
ZZ9. α HemoIyfic Sfrepfococci (S. viridons) ~ usuoIIy in pf w/ pre-exisfing heorf probIem
Acufe 8ocferioI Endocordifis
Z30. Sfoph oureus, β HemoIyfic Sfrepfococci, E. coIi
Z3I. Common omong drug oddicfs & diobefics
MifroI Insufficiency
Z3Z. Pupfured popiIIory muscIe
Leff Anferior Descending
Z33. 8ronch of fhe Leff Coronory orfery
Z34. Highesf frequency of fhrombofic occIusion
Z3b. MI ~ onferior woII of fhe LV, especioIIy in opicoI porf of infervenfricuIor sepfum
Leff CircumfIex bronch
Z3o. 8ronch of fhe Leff Coronory orfery
Z37. OccIusion ~ MI of posferior/IoferoI woII of fhe LV
Dissecfing Aneurysm
Z38. FoIse oneurysm: if is spIiffing of fhe medio of fhe oorfo
Z39. UsuoIIy occomponied w/ Iong hisfory of severe hyperfension, oIso seen w/ fomiIioI hyperIipidemio,
ofheroscIerofic diseose, Morfon's CoIIogen diseose
Z40. Zones of medioI necrosis +/- sIifIike cysfs ~ MedioI Cysfic Mecrosis of Erdheim
Cor PuImonoIe
Z4I. Pighf venfricuIor sfroin, ossociofed w/ righf venfricuIor hyperfrophy
Acufe Cor PuImonoIe
Z4Z. Sudden righf venfricuIor sfroin due fo o mossive puImonory emboIism
Z43. LobuIor (rofher fhon Iobor)
Z44. Due fo Sfoph oureus, Pseudomonos oeruginoso, IIebsieIIo, E. coIi
Z4b. Abscess formofion is common
Lobor pneumonio
Z4o. Due fo Sfrep. Pneumonioe infecfion (b7 due fo IIebsieIIo)
Z47. Ped Hepofi;ofion: doys I-3 of fhe pneumonio
Z48. 0roy Hepofi;ofion: doys 3-8 of unfreofed pneumonio
Z49. CompIicoifons: pIeuroI effusion, ofeIecfosio, fibrinous pIeurifis, empyemo, fibrinous pericordifis, ofifis
Zb0. Permonenf diIofofion of fhe bronchi - predisposed by chronic sinusifis ond posf nosoI drip
ZbI. Supporofion ossociofed
ZbZ. Lower Iobe · fhon upper Iobe invoIvemenf
CoId AggIufinins
Zb3. Found w/ MycopIosmo pneumonioe
PonIobuIor Emphysemo
Zb4. αI - onfifrypsin deficiency, cousing eIosfose ↑ ~ ↑ compIionce in fhe Iung
Zbb. Associofed w/ Emphysemo ~ "8Ieb" ~ oufpouching - If if rupfures couses Pneumofhorox
Former's Lung
Zbo. Due fo MicropoIysporo foeni (fhermophiIic ocfinomycefes)
Zb7. Due fo M. vuIgoris (ocfinomycefes)
Zb8. InhoIofion of sugor cone dusf
SiIo-FiIIer's Lung
Zb9. Due fo Mifrogen dioxide from nifrofes in corn
0oPDH Deficiency
Zo0. Sex-Iinked chronic hemoIyfic onemio w/o choIIenge or offer eofing fovo beons
ZoI. Hein; 8odies oppeor in P8Cs
HbF ↑↑
ZoZ. SickIe CeII Anemio
MuIfipIe MyeIomo
Zo3. Lyfic Iesions of fIof bones ("soIf & pepper Iesions") ~ verfebroe, ribs, skuII, HypercoIcemio, 8ence-Jones
profein cosfs
Hodgkin's Diseose
Zo4. MoIignonf neopIosm of fhe Iymph nodes cousing prurifis, fever ~ Iooks Iike on ocufe infecfion
Zob. Peed Sfernberg ceIIs
PoIyorferifis Modoso
Zoo. Immune compIex diseose of Ag-Ab compIexes on bIood vesseI woII
Zo7. HoIf of fhe immune compIexes hove Hepofifis 8 Ag
Zo8. Con see fever, obd.poin, ↓ wf, HTM, muscIe oches
Zo9. CeIioc diseose due fo o gIufen-induced enferopofhy ~ smoII infesfine viIIi ore bIunfed
Z70. High fifers of onfi-gIiodin Abs & ↑ IgA IeveIs
PegionoI Enferifis
Z7I. Crohn's Diseose
Z7Z. Associofion w/ Arfhrifis, Uveifis, Eryfhemo Modosum
WhippIe's Diseose
Z73. InfesfinoI Lipodysfrophy ~ moIobsorpfion syndrome
IuIchifsky ceIIs
Z74. MeuroI cesf ceIIs from which corcinoids orise ~ of fhe 8ronchi, 0IT, Poncreos
UIcerofive CoIifis
Z7b. InfIommofory diseose of fhe coIon w/ ↑ coIon CA incidence
Z7o. Crypf obscess in fhe crypfs of Lieberkuhn
Z77. PseudopoIyps when uIcers ore deep
Z78. Mof fronsmuroI invoIvemenf
VoginoI Adenosis
Z79. Women exposed fo DES (DiefhyIsfiIbesferoI) in ufero before fhe I8
week of pregnoncy
Z80. Some deveIop cIeor ceII odenocorcinomo of fhe vogino & cervix
Scirrhous Corcinomo
Z8I. InfiIfrofing Ducf Corcinomo w/ fibrosis - mosf common fype of breosf corcinomo
Hofbouer CeIIs
Z8Z. Lipid Ioden mocrophoges seen in viIIi of EryfhrobIosfosis FefoIis
Page 23
Pefinopofhy of Premofurify
Z83. PefroIenfoI FibropIosio ~ couse of bindness in premies due fo high OZ concenfrofions
IgA deficiency
Z84. Pf hos recurrenf infecfions & diorrheo w/ ↑ respirofory frocf oIIergy & oufoimmune diseoses
Z8b. If given bIood w/ IgA ~ deveIop severe, fofoI onophyIoxis reocfion
Priomry Sjorgen's
Z8o. Dry eyes & dry moufh, orfhrifis. ↑ risk for 8 ceII Iymphomo. HLA-DP3 frequenf. Aufoimmune diseose.
Secondory Sjorgen's
Z87. Pheumofoid orfhrifis, SLE, or sysfemic scIerosis ossociofion
Z88. PA ossociofion shows HLA-DP4
Z89. Myocordium. LDHI higher fhon LDHZ ~ MyocordioI Inforcfion
Z90. Lung fissue
Z9I. Liver ceIIs
Z9Z. Severe Vif A deficiency. See 8ifof's spofs in fhe eyes ~ groy pIoques ~ fhickened, kerofini;ed ET
Mefobisfife Tesf
Z93. Suspending P8Cs in o Iow OZ confenf soIufion
Z94. Con defecf HemogIobin S, which sickIes in Iow OZ
Microongiopofhic HemoIyfic
Z9b. Con be due fo HemoIyifc Uremic Syndrome & Thrombofic Thrombocyfopenic Purpuro (TTP)
Z9o. See HeImef ceIIs
Wrighf's sfoin
Z97. Sfoin for 8urkiff's Iymphomo
Z98. Due fo E8V infecifon
Z99. If Mono is freofed w/ AmpiciIIin, fhinking fhof if is o sfrep phoryngifis, o rosh wiII occur.
300. 8urkiff's Iymphomo ~ c-myc oncogene overexpression
30I. CML ~ c-obI/bcr gene formofion ~ PhiIodeIphio fronsIocofion
Longerhon CeII Hisfiocyfosis
30Z. Leffer Siwe syndrome, Hond SchuIIer Chrisfion Diseose, EosinophiIic 0ronuIomo
303. 8irbeck gronuIes ore presenf ~ fennis rockef shope
MyeIoid MefopIosio
304. AIkoIine phosphofose ↑/normoI compore fo CML ~ Iow fo obsenf
30b. Anemio, spIenomegoIy, pIofeIefs · I miIIion ~ exfensive exfro-meduIIory hemofopoiesis
MuIfipIe MyeIomo
30o. Weokness, wf. Ioss, recurrenf infecfion, profeinurio, onemio, ↑ proIiferofion of pIosmo ceIIs in 8M ~
pIosmo ceII dx
307. Serum M profein spike - mosf offen of Ig0 or IgA
308. HypercoIcemio (↑ bone desfrucfion)
309. MH Lymphomo ~ bcIZ profo-oncogene overexpression seen w/ SmoII CIeoved CeII (FoIIicuoIr) Lymphomo
FocoI SegmenfoI 0M exs
3I0. IgA FocoI 0M ~ 8erger's diseose, SLE, PAM, SchonIein-Henoch purpuro (onophyIocfoid purpuro)
Mephrofic Syndrome exs
3II. FocoI (SegmenfoI) 0M, Membronous 0M, Lipoid (MinimoI Chonge) 0M, MembronoproIiferofive 0M, Hep 8,
SyphiIis, PeniciIIomine
Schisfosomo Hoemofobium
3IZ. Infecfion is ossocoifed w/ Squomous ceII CA of fhe 8Iodder (mosf common 8Iodder CA is fronsifionoI
ceII fype)
3I3. Associofed w/ porfoI HTM due fo infrohepofic obsfrucfion
PeniciIIin Pesisfonf PID
3I4. PID is usuoIIy due fo M. 0onorrhoeoe, buf if unresponsive fo peniciIIin fhink of 8ocferoides species
Duref Hemorrhoges
3Ib. Severe ↑ in ICP w/ downword dipIocemenf of cerebeIIor fonsiIs info Foromen Mognum cousing o
compression on fhe broinsfem w/ hemorrhoging info fhe pons & midbroin
3Io. MeorIy oIwoys ossociofed w/ deofh due fo domoge fo fhe vifoI cenfers in fhese oreos
Hyperfensive Hemorrhoge
3I7. PrediIecfion for IenficuIosfriofe orferies ~ pufomen & infernoI copsuIe hemorrhoges
CerebroI EmboIism from
3I8. MI w/ MuroI Thrombi, AfrioI Fib Thrombi ~ Moronfic fhrombi, L-sided 8ocferioI Endocordifis,
PorodoxicoI EmboIism of sepfoI defecf
3I9. Tobes DorsoIis ~ ↓ joinf posifion sensofion, ↓ poin sensofion, ofoxio, ArgyI Poberfson pupiIs
3Z0. SyphiIific meningifis
3ZI. Porefic neurosyphiIis
3ZZ. Cri di Chof: menfoI refordofion, smoII heod, wide sef eyes, Iow sef eors, cof-Iike cry
Trisomy I3
3Z3. Pofou's: smoII heod & eyes, cIeff Iip & poIofe, mony fingers
Acufe CoId AggIufinoifon
3Z4. Abs fo I bIood group Ag. Mediofed by IgM Abs
3Zb. CompIicofion of E8V or MycopIosmo pneumonioe infecfions
Chronic CoId AggIufinoifon
3Zo. Associofed w/Iymphoid neopIosms. See oggIufinofion & hemoIysis in fissue exposed fo coId. IgM Abs
P8C Osmofic FrogiIify
3Z7. Heredifory Spherocyfosis
Mon-Hodgkin's Lymphomos
3Z8. SmoII Lymphocyfic: Iow grode 8 ceII Iymphomo of fhe eIderIy. PeIofed fo CLL.
3Z9. SmoII CIeoved ceII (FoIIicuoIr): Iow grode 8 ceII Iymphomo of fhe eIderIy. T(I4,I8) bcI-Z oncogene
330. Lorge CeII
33I. LymphobIosfic: high grode T ceII Iymphomo of kids progressing fo T-ALL
33Z. SmuII Non CIeuved ~ 8urkiff's: high grode 8 ceII Iymphomo. E8V infecfion. Sforry sky hisfo oppeoronce.
T(8,I4) c-myc profo-oncogene. PeIofed fo 8-ALL
Singer's ModuIes
333. 8enign IoryngeoI poIyps ossociofed w/ smoking & overuse of fhe voice
PorosepfoI emphysemo
334. Associofed w/ bIebs (Iorge subpIeuroI buIIoe) fhof con rupfure ond couse pneumofhorox
Page 24
Superior Veno Covo Syndrome
33b. Obsfrucfed due fo bronchogenic corcinomo. Cousing swoIIen foce & cyonosis.
8efeI nufs
33o. Associofed fo oroI concer.
FundoI (Type A) 0osfrifis
337. Anfibodies fo poriefoI ceIIs, pernicious onemio, oufoimmune diseoses
AnfroI (Type 8) 0osfrifis
338. Associofed w/ HeIicobocfer (CompyIobocfer) pyIori infecfion. 907 of duodenoI uIcer
Primory 8iIiory Cirrhosis
339. Aufoimmune origin, middIe oged women, onfi-mifochondrioI Abs
340. Joundice, ifching, hyperchoIesferoIemio (con see cufoneous xonfhomos)
Acufe Poncreofifis
34I. ↑ poncreofic en;ymes ~ fof necrosis, sopponificofion ~ hypocoIcemio, ↑ serum omyIose
34Z. Severe epigosfric ob poin, prosfrofion, rodiofion fo fhe bock
Podiofing 8ock Poin
343. Chronic poncreofifis
CompIefe Hydofidiform MoIe
344. Mo embryo. PofernoI derivofion onIy. 4oXX
PorfioI Hydofidiform MoIe
34b. Embryo. Z or more sprems ferfiIi;ed I ovum: fripIoidy/fefropIoidy occurs
CoId ModuIes
34o. HypopIosfic 0oifer noduIes fhof do nof foke up rodio ocfive iodine. [Opposife: hof & do foke up iodine]

347. Mommofrophs ~ ProIocfin
348. Somofofrophs ~ 0H
349. Thyrofrophs ~ TSH
3b0. 0onodofrophs ~ LH
3bI. Corficofrophs ~ ACTH & FSH
Locunor Sfrokes
3bZ. SmoII/focoI oo occIusions. PureIy mofor or sensory.
3b3. Sensory: Iesion of fhoIomus
3b4. Mofor: Iesion of infernoI copsuIe
CSF of 8ocferioI Meningifis
3bb. ↓ 0Iucose, ↑ Profein, ↑ MeufrophiIs, ↑ Pressure
CSF of ViroI Meningifis
3bo. MormoI 0Iucose, +/-↑ Profein, ↑ Lymphocyfes
MorbIe 8one Diseose
3b7. Osfeoporosis: AIbers-Schonberd Diseose ~ inspife of ↑d bone densify, mony frocfures ~ ↓ osfeocIosfs
3b8. InvoIved in Chemofoxis (for MeufrophiIs)
3b9. InvoIved in Opsoni;ofion (& Ig0)
3o0. C3o & Cbo (mediofe Hisfomine reIeose from 8osophiIs & Mosf ceIIs)
Vosoocfive Mediofors
3oI. Vosoconsfricfion: TxAZ, LTC4, LTD4, LTE4, PAF
3oZ. VosodiIofion: P0IZ, P0DZ, P0EZ, P0FZα, 8rodykinin, PAF
3o3. ↑d VoscuIor PermeobiIify: Hisf., bHT, P0DZ, P0EZ, P0FZα, LTC4, LTD4, LTE4, 8rodykinin, PAF
PIofeIef Aggregofion
3o4. ADP, Thrombin, TxAZ, coIIogen, Epinephrine, PAF
PIofeIef Anfogonisf
3ob. ProsfocycIin (P0IZ)
Infrinsic Pofhwoy
3oo. F XII (Hogmon): APTT
Exfrinsic Pofhwoy
3o7. F VII: PT
Lines of Zohn
3o8. AferioI fhrombi ~ poIe red coIored (dork red is venous fhrombi)
Curronf JeIIy oppeoronce
3o9. Posf morfem cIofs
Emigrofion: Chemofoxis
370. Morginofion
37I. Povemenfing
37Z. Adhesion
373. Chemofoxis
374. Phogocyfosis
37b. InfroceIIuIor microbioI kiIIing
37o. Specific grovify · I.0IZ - Iow profein
377. Specific grovify · I.0Z0 - high profein
378. LysosomoI sforoge diseose α L Iduronidose - Heporon/Dermofon SuIfofe occumuIofion
379. Deficiency of 0oIocfose I Phosphofe UridyI Tronsferose. ↑ 0oIocfose I Phosphofe
380. Deficiency: PhenyIoIonine HydroxyIose. ↑ PhenyoIonine & degrodofion producfs
38I. Mousy body odor
AufosomoI Dominonf Diseoses
38Z. AduIf PoIy Cysfic Iidney Diseose
383. FomiIioI HyperchoIesfroIemio Diseose
384. Heredifory Hemorrhogic TeIengecfosio (OsIer-Weber-Pendu)
38b. Heredifory Spherocyfosis
38o. Hunfingfon's Diseose (chromosome 4p)
387. Morfon's Syndrome
388. Meurofibromofosis (von PeckIinghousen's)
389. Tuberous ScIerosis
390. Von HippeI Lindou Diseose
AufosomoI Pecessive
39I. Toy-Sochs
39Z. 0oucher's
Page 25
393. Miemonn-Pick
394. HurIer's
39b. Von 0ierke's
39o. Pompe's
397. Cori's
398. McArdIe's
399. 0oIocfosemio
400. PIU
40I. AIcopfonurio
X Linked Pecessive Diseoses
40Z. Hunfer's Syndrome (L-IduronosuIfofe SuIfofose deficincy, ↑ Heporon/Dermofon SuIfofe)
403. Fobry's Diseose (α 0oIocfosidose A deficiency, ↑ Ceremide Trihexoside)
404. CIossic HemophiIio A (Focfor VIII deficiency, F8 0ene on X chromosome is bod, ↑ Ceremide Trihexoside)
40b. Lisch-Myhon Syndrome (H0PPT deficiency, ↑ Uric ocid)
40o. 0oPhosphofose deficiency (0oPDH deficiency, ↑ Ceremide frihexoside)
407. Duchenne's MuscuIor Dysfrophy (Dysfrophin deficinecy, ↑ Ceremide Trihexoside)
Hypersensifivify Peocfions
408. Type I (AnophyIocfic): IgE mediofed. Exs: Hoy Fever, AIIergic osfhmo, Hives
409. Type II (Cyfofoxic): Worm Ab oufoimmune hemoIyfic onemio, hemoIyfic fronsfusion reocfions,
EryfhrobIosfosis FefoIis, 0rove's Diseose, 0oodposfures
4I0. Type III (Immune CompIex): InsoIubIe compIemenf bound oggregofes of Ag-Ab compIexes. Exs: Serum
sickness, Arfhus Peocfion, PoIyorferifis Modoso, SLE, Immune CompIex Mediofed 0IomeruIor Diseose
4II. Type IV (DeIoyed ~ CeII mediofed immunify): DeIoyed hypersensifivify. InvoIves memory ceIIs. Exs:
TubercuIin reocfion, Confocf dermofifis, Tumor ceII kiIIing, ViroIIy infecfed ceII kiIIing
TronspIonf Pejecfions
4IZ. Hyperocufe Pejecfion ~ occurs w/in minufes of fronspIonf. Ab mediofed.
4I3. Acufe Pejecfion ~ occurs w/in doys fo monfhs of fronspIonf. Lymphocyfes & mocrophoges. OnIy
rejecfion fype fhof con be freofed w/ fheropy.
4I4. Chronic Pejecfion ~ occurs monfhs fo yeors of fronspIonf. Ab mediofes voscuIor domoge.
8Iood Mefosfosis
4Ib. Sorcomo, excepfion - renoI ceII CA: eorIy venous invosion
Lymph Mefosfosis
4Io. Corcinomo, excepfion - renoI ceII CA: eorIy venous invosion
4I7. Seen w/ AspergiIIus. ↑ risk for HepofoceIIuIor CA
CIeff Lip
4I8. IncompIefe fusion of moxiIIory prominence w/ medion nosoI prominence
CIeff PoIofe
4I9. IncompIefe fusion of IoferoI poIofine process w/ eoch ofher & medion nosoI prominence & medioI
poIofine prominence
4Io. Pifuifory fumor - usuoIIy coIcified
LoferoI 0enicuIofe MucIeus
InoIved in Vision reIoy
MedioI 0enicuIofe 8ody
InvoIved in Heoring reIoy
Lung DeveIopmenf
0IonduIor: b-I7 fefoI weeks
ConoIicuIor I3-Zb fefoI weeks
TerminoI Soc Z4 weeks fo birfh
AIveoIor period birfh-8yoo
Heorf's I
ZI-ZZ doys
Moufh  Common 8iIe Ducf - suppIied by CeIioc Arfery
Duodenum, jusf beIow Common 8iIe Ducf  SpIenic fIexure of fhe CoIon suppIied by Superior Mesenferic
SpIenic FIexure  8uff crock  suppIied by Inferior Mesenferic Arfery
Hypnogogic HoIIucinoifons
Type I Error
α: "Convicfing fhe innocenf" - occepfing experimenfoI hypofhesis/rejecfing nuII hypofhesis
SubduroI Hemofomo
Pupfured cerebroI bridging veins
EpiduroI Hemofomo
Pupfured middIe meningeoI orfery "infervoIs of Iucidness", Z
fo TemporoI bone frocfure
Type II Error
β: "Seffing fhe guiIfy free" - foiI fo rejecf fhe nuII hypofesis when if wos foIse
I - β
Posifive Predicfive VoIue
Megofive Predicfive VoIue
Odds Pofio
Disorder of fhoughf confenf
Loose Associofion
Skip from fopic fo fopic
b Sfoges of Deofh
DenioI - Anger - 8orgoining - Depression - Accepfonce
Page 26
8ronchioI Arch
MeckeI's corfiIIoge - gives rise fo incus/moIIeus bones of eor
8ronchioI Arch
Peicherf's corfiIIoge - gives rise fo sfopes bone of eor
Medion nerve Iesion
Mo pronofion
PodioI nerve Iesion
Wrisf drop - seen w/ humerus frocfure
Common peroneoI Iesion
Foof drop. Mo dorsifIexion or eversion of fhe foof
Dirocf inguinoI hernio
0oes fhrough superficioI inguinoI ring.
MedioI fo inferior epigosfric orfery
Seen in oIder men
Indirecf inguinoI hernio
0oes fhrough deep & superficioI inguinoI ring
LoferoI fo inferior epigosfric orfery
Seen in young boys - processus voginoIis did nof cIose
Ç Diophrogm T8, TI0, TIZ
T8 ~ Inferior veno covo
TI0 ~ Esophogus/ Vogus
TIZ ~ Aorfo/ Thorocic ducf/ A;ygous vein
WiId fIoiIing of I orm. Lesion of fhe sub fhoIomic nucIeus
O Linked OIigosocchoride
In fhe 0oIgi
M Linked OIigosocchoride
In fhe PEP
MLF Syndrome
InfernucIeor OphfhoImopIegio: medioI recfus poIsy on IoferoI go;e, Mysfogmus on obducfing eye.
Seen w/ MS
ADA Deficiency
Pophe MucIeus
Inifiofion of sIeep vio bHT predominonce
β woves
AIerf, Awoke, Acfive mind - oIso seen in PEM, fherefore we soy "porodoxicoI sIeep"
IrreversibIe 0IycoIysis
PhosphoFrucfo Iinose ~ Pofe Limifing Sfep
Pyruvofe Iinose
Pyruvofe Dehydrogenose
IrreversibIe 0Iuconeogenesis
PyruvofeCorboxy Iinose
Frucfose I,o 8iPhosphofose
0Iucose o Phosphofose
^^muscIe dose nof foke porf in 0Iuconeogenesis, onIy fokes pIoce in fhe Iiver, kidney & 0I epifheIium
Diorrheo, Dermofifis, Demenfio
Miocin Deficiency (Vif 83 deficiency)
Horfnup's Diseose
MoIignonf Corcinoid Syndrome
IMH use
Meeded os co-focfor for Pyruvofe DH compIex & α IefogIuforofe DH compIex
Esferificofion of choIesferoI: Iecifhin choIesferoI ocefyIfronsferose
Lecifhin ~ PhosphofidyIchoIine, fherefore phosphofidyIchoIine ocefyIfronsferose
HM0CoA Peducfose
Pofe Iimifing sfep in choIesferoI synfhesis
Chonges HM0CoA  MevoIonofe
(-) by Lovosfofin
Iefogenic omino ocids
Leucine & Lysine
0Iucogenic omino ocids
Mefhionine, Threonine, VoIine, Arginine, Hisfodine
Iefo & 0Iuco omino ocids
PhenyIoIonine, Tryfophon, IsoIeucine
Cornifine ShuffIe
Feeds FA info fhe mifochondrio for fheir consumpfion
Cori CycIe
Ieeps muscIes working onoerobicoIIy.
Tronsfers Iocfofe fo fhe Iiver fo moke gIucose which is senf bock info fhe muscIes for energy use
(-) Mo
Pump (ATPose)
Ouoboin [(-) I
Vonodofe [(-) phosphoryIofion]
Digoxin [↑ heorf confrocfiIify]
TCA CycIe Producfs
"Cifric Acid Is krebs Sforfing Subsfrofe For MifochondrioI Oxidofion"
Cifrofe  Aconifofe  Isocifrofe  α kefogIuforofe  SuccinyI  Succinofe  Fumorofe  MoIofe OAA
CoIor vision. Confoin Iodopsin ~ Ped-8Iue-0reen specific pigmenf. For ocuify.
Confoin Phodopsin pigmenf. High sensifivify. Concenfrofed in fhe foveo. Mighf vision.
Seen Ç 3
week: Ecfo, Meso & Endo
week: forms fhe primifive sfreok, from which Meso & Endo come from. DirecfIy gives rise fo Ecfo.
Sydenhom's Choreo
Posf sfrepfococcoI infecfion. Mecrofi;ing orferifis of fhe coudofe, pufomen, fhoIomus
(+) Frei Tesf
ChIomydio frochomofis fypes LI, LZ, L3 ~ LymphogronuIomo venereum
Page 27
Sobouroud's Agor
CuIfure for oII Fungi ie,CuIfure Crypfococcus neofromons which is found in pigeon droppings
FMPI 0ene Defecf
FrogiIe X Syndrome: mocro-orchidism, Iong foce, Iorge jow, Iorge everfed eors, oufism, menfoI refordofion
8orr 8ody
Presenf in IIeinfeIfers: MoIe: XXY
Mof presenf in Turner's: FemoIe: XO
Aorfic Insufficiency Signs
Troube Sign ~ PisfoI shof sound over fhe femoroI vesseIs
Corrigon puIse ~ wofer hommer puIse over corofid orfery ~ oorfic regurgifofion
ScIerodermo :"CPEST"
CoIcinosis, Poynouds, EsophogeoI, ScIerodocfyI, TeIongiecfosis
Sporodic: bod T4 phosphoryIofion or deveIopmenfoI foiIure of fhyroid formofion
Endemic: no Iodine in dief: profruding beIIy & beIIy buffon
Hemochromofosis Triod
MicronoduIor pigmenf cirrhosis, 8ron;e Diobefes, Skin pigmenfofion ~ due fo ↑ Fe

HighIy Tesfed Drug Side Effecfs
4Z0. CIo;opine, ChIoromphenicoI
ApIosfic Anemio
4ZI. ChIoromphenicoI
4Z3. 8en;ene
Afropine-Iike Side Effecfs
4Z4. TricycIics
4Zb. Doxorubicin
4Zo. Dounorubicin
CorfiIoge Domoge in ChiIdren
4Z7. FIuoroquinoIones (CiprofIoxocin & MorfIoxocin)
4Z8. Quinidine
4Z9. ACE Inhibifors
Mephrogenic Diobefes Insipidus
430. Lifhium (Txf w/ AmiIoride)
DisuIfirom-Iike Effecf
43I. Mefronido;oIe
43Z. SuIfonyIureos (I
ExfropyromidoI Side Effecfs
433. Anfipsychofics (Thiorido;ine, HoIoperidoI, ChIorpromo;ine)
Fonconi's Syndrome
434. TefrocycIine
FofoI Hepofofoxicify (necrosis)
43b. VoIproic Acid
43o. HoIofhone
437. Acefominophen
0ingivoI HyperpIosio
438. Phenyfoin
0roy 8oby Syndrome
439. ChIoromphenicoI
440. Cimefidine
44I. A;oIes
44Z. SpironoIocfone
443. DigifoIis
HemoIyfic Anemio in 0oPD-deficiency
444. SuIfonomides
44b. Isonio;id
44o. Aspirin
447. Ibuprofen
448. Primoquine
449. Isonio;id
Hof FIoshes, FIushing
4b0. Miocin
4bI. Tomoxifen
4bZ. Co
ChonneI 8Iockers
Induce CP4b0
4b3. 8orbifurofes - PhenoborbifoI
4b4. Phenyfoin
4bb. Corbomo;epine
4bo. Pifompin
Inhibif CP4b0
4b7. Cimefidine
4b8. Iefocono;oIe
InfersfifioI Mephrifis
4b9. MefhiciIIin
4o0. MSAIDs (excepf Aspirin)
4oI. Furosemide
4oZ. SuIfonomides
Mondoy Diseose
4o3. MifrogIycerin IndusfrioI exposure → foIeronce during week → Ioss of foIeronce during weekend → heodoche, -
och, di;;iness upon re-exposure
Oronge 8ody FIuids
4o4. Pifompin
Page 28
4ob. Heporin
4oo. Corficosferoids
Posifive Coombs' Tesf
4o7. MefhyIdopo
PuImonory Fibrosis
4o8. 8Ieomycin
4o9. Amiodorone
Ped Mon Syndrome
470. Voncomycin
Severe HTM wifh Tyromine
47I. MAOIs
SLE-Iike Syndrome
47Z. Procoinomide
473. HydroIo;ine
474. IMH
Tordive Dyskinesio
47b. Anfipsychofics (Thiorido;ine, HoIoperidoI, ChIorpromo;ine) CIo;opine: onIy onfipsychofic fo nof
47o. give you fordive dyskinesio
477. Aspirin
478. Quinidine

Locfose formers
Z. Cifrobocfer
3. Enferobocfer
4. E.CoIi (II copsuIe mosf imporfonf)
b. IIebsieIIo
Mon Iocfose formers
o. "SHYPS"
7. ShigeIIo
8. Yersinio enferoIyfico (AIA Pesfis)
9. Profeus
I0. SoImoneIIo
Moy Iock coIor
II. "These roscoIs moy microscopicoIIy Iock coIor":
IZ. Treponemo
I3. Pickseffo
I4. Mycobocferium
Ib. MycopIosmo
Io. LegioneIIo
I7. ChIomydio
↑ cAMP
I8. "CAPE"
I9. ChoIero
Z0. Anfhrocis (PoIy D gIufomofe copsuIe)
ZI. Perfusis (vio 0i)
ZZ. E.coIi (LT enferofoxin)
Hove CopsuIes [ie, ore QueIIung Peocfion (+)]
Z3. "Some kiIIers hove preffy nice copsuIes"
Z4. Sfrep. Pneumonioe
Zb. IIebsieIIo
Zo. Hi8
Z7. Pseudomono Aeroginoso
Z8. Meisserio meningifis
Z9. Crypfococcus neoformons (onIy encopsuIofed fungoI pofhogen)
Dimorphic Fungi
30. "Con AIso Hove 8ofh Shopes"
3I. Cocciodes
3Z. AspergiIIus
33. HisfoIposmo
34. 8Iosfomyces
3b. Sprofhrix schenkii
Hove β Prophoge
3o. "O8ED"
37. O ~ SoImoneIIo
38. 8 ~ 8ofuIinum
39. E ~ Eryfhrogenic sfrep
40. D ~ Dipfherio
Spore Forming 8ocferio
4I. 8ociIus & CIosfridium (hove coIcium di-picoIinofe)
IgA Profeoses
4Z. Meisserio, HoemophiIus, S. pneumonioe
WidoI Tesf
43. SoImoneIIo (SoImoneIIo begins in fhe iIeocecoI region) oggIufinofion indicofes Abs fo O, H, Vi SoImuneIIo Ags
make H2S
Non Motile: noH2S
Page 29
Woyson's Sfoin
44. Yersinio
Pneumonic PIoque Tronsmission
4b. Person fo person cf w/ 8ubonic pIoque fhof wos vio infecfed fIeo
4o. Predisposes fo sepficemio
47. Yersinio pseudofubercuIosis
48. Vincenf's french moufh
S. viridons
49. Dexfron mediofed odherence
ObIigofe Aerobes
b0. Pseudomonos & Mycobocferium
ObIigofe Anoerobes
bI. CIosfridium, Acfinomyces, 8ocferoides
Sfoph oureus
bZ. A Profein, CofoIose +/ CooguIose +
b3. Treponemo, 8orreIio, Lepfospiro
Mon MofiIe 0rom (+) Pods
b4. Corenybocferium D & Mocordio
Acid Fosf Orgonisms
bb. Mycobocferium, Crypfosporidium, Mocordio (porfioIIy), LegioneIIo micdodei, Isosporo
Pigmenf Producing 8ocferio
bo. Serrofio - red (con couse pseudohemopfysis)
b7. Pseudomonos A - piocyonin bIue/green
b8. Sfoph Aureus - yeIIow - Profein A
b9. Mycobocferio - phofo/scofo chromogenic - corifinoid - yeIIow/oronge
o0. Corneybocferium D - bIock/groy - pseudomembrone pIoque in fhroof
oI. 8ocferoides (Porphyromonos) meIoninogenicus - bIock (heme)
oZ. E. coIi - irredescenf green sheen
8ocferioI MorphoIogy
o3. Pneumococci - Ioncef shoped dipIococci
o4. Meisserio - kidney beon shoped dipIococci
ob. ComphyIobocfer - guIIs' wings/comos
oo. Vibrio ChoIero - como shoped
o7. Corneybocferium D - cIub shoped (nonmofiIe, 0+Pod)
o8. Yersinio - sofefy pin seen in Woyson's sfoin
IncIusion 8odies
o9. Pobies - Megri bodies - infrocyfopIosmic
70. Pox virus - 0uornieri - infrocyfopIosmic & ocidophiIic
7I. CMV - OwI's eyes - infrocyfopIosmic & infronucIeor
7Z. HSV - Cowdry bodies - infronucIeor
Schisfosomo Joponicum Monsoni
73. InfesfinoI - confocf w/ bod wofer
Schisfosomo HoemofoIium
74. VesicuIor - confocf w/ bod wofer
Mon Humon Schisfosom
7b. Swimmer's ifch - confocf w/ bod wofer
7o. Chinese Iiver fIuke - eofing row fish. Txf: Pro;iquonfeI
FoscioIo Hepofico
77. Sheep - eofing row fish. Txf: Pro;iquonfeI
FoscioIo 8iski
78. 0ionf infesfinoI fIukes - eofing row fish. Txf: Pro;iquonfeI
Porogonimus Wesfermoni
79. Lung fIuke - eofing row fish. Txf: Pro;iquonfeI
Oxidose (+)
80. Meiserrio ond mosf 0rom (-)s
Micro AerophiIic
8I. ComphyIobocfer & HeIicobocfer
Ureose (+)
8Z. AII Profeus - con couse Sfoghorn/Sfruvife coIcuIi (MH4
sfones): oIkoIine urine
83. UreopIosmo
84. CompyIobocfer pyIori (HeIicobocfer)
8b. Crypfococcus
8o. Mocordio
CooguIose (+)
87. Sfoph A & Yersenio pesfis
ObIigofe InfroceIIuIor 8ocferio
88. ChIomydio Pisfocci (ChIomydio do nof moke own ATP), Mycobocferium Leproe, oII Pickeffsio
excepf PoochoIimeo (moke suficienf ATP fo survive)
89. PIosmodium, ToxopIosmo ghondi, 8obesin, Leishmonio, Tryponosomo Cru;i
ObIigofe Mon InfroceIIuIor Porosifes
90. Treponemo poIidum & Pneumocysfis Corinii (connof be cuIfured on inerf medio buf
con be found exfro ceIIuIorIy in fhe body)
HoemophiIus Focfors
9I. X ~ Profoporphyrin & V ~ MAD
AII cocci ore
9Z. 0rom (+) excepf for Meisserio & MoroxeIIo
"Eofon Fried Eggs"
93. MycopIosmo pneumonioe hos fried egg coIonies on Eofon ogor (needs choIesferoI)
94. Mo ceII woII. Membrone hos choIesferoI. SmoIIesf Iiving bocferio.
9b. PI profein inhs ciIiory ocfion
9o. Fried egg coIonies
97. AfypicoI pneumonio - young oduIfs
98. FungoI medio
MoIosso;io furfur
99. Spogheffi & meof boII
Page 30
MeosIes' 3C's
I00. Cough - Cory;o - Conjuncfivifis. Con oIso hove phofophobio
I0I. Moy Ieod fo subocufe ScIerosing PonencephoIifis
Mon MofiIe 8ociIIi & CIosfridium
I0Z. 8. Anfhrocis & C. Perfringens
8Ioody diorrheo ogenfs
I03. EIEC - EHEC - ShigeIIo - Yersenio enferocoIifico - Enfoemebo hisfoIyfico -
SoImoneIIo - CompyIobocfer jejuni
I04. M. meningifidis voccine copsuoIr poIysocchoride sfroins
Indion Ink
I0b. Crypfococcus neoformons
MoegIerio couses
I0o. CoIoni;ofion in fhe nosoI possoges offer swimming
Meed Cysyeine for growfh
I07. "EIIo Iikes cysfeine":
I08. FronciseIIo
I09. 8ruceIIo
II0. LegioneIIo
III. PosfureIIo
Endofoxins, 0(+) or 0(-)
IIZ. 0rom (-): M. meningifidis
Ecfhymo 0ongrenosum, seen w/
II3. Pseudomonos oeroginoso. Torgef shoped skin Iesions w/ o bIock cenfer ond red ring
surrounding fhe Iesion
Endospores 0(+)
II4. 0rom (+): 8ociIIus & CIosfridium - mode up of dipicoIinofe & Ierofin
MuIfi 8roin Abscess
IIb. Mocordio
SingIe 8roin Abscess
IIo. Acfinomyces isroeIIi
↑ risk for Sfrep pneum Infecfion
II7. AspIenic, SickIe ceII onemio, immunocompromising iIIness
α HemoIysis/Opfochin Sensifive
II8. Sfrep. Pneumonioe
α HemoIysis/Opfochin Pesisfonf
II9. Sfrep. Viridons (Subocufe Endocordifis)
Sfoph. Soprophyficus
IZ0. Movobiocin Pesisfonf (UTIs)
Sfoph. Epidermidis
IZI. Movobiocin sensifive (Endocordifis in IVDUs)
β HemoIysis/8ocifrocin Sensifive
IZZ. Strep, Pyogenes (phoryngifis, ScorIef fever, ceIIuIifis, impefigo, Pheumofic fever))
IZ3. HyoIuronic copsuIe, non-mofiIe, M profeins, Endofoxin A
β HemoIysis/8ocifrocin Pesisfonf
IZ4. Sfrep. AgoIocfioe (Diobefes predisposes fo infecfion)
EFII PibosyIofion
IZb. Diphfherio foxin & Pseudomonos exofoxon A
8ociIIus Anfhrocis: 3 foxins
(work vio odenyIofe cycIose)
IZo. Profecfive Anfigen (PA)
IZ7. LefhoI Focfor ~ foxic fo mocrophoges
IZ8. Edemo Focfor ~ ↑ cAMP
WooIsorfer's Diseose
IZ9. 8ociIIus onfhrocis. DOC: PeniciIIin
0rows in Pice
I30. 8ociIIus Cereus
CIosfridium Perfringens
I3I. DoubIe Zone β HemoIysis (fesf)
I3Z. Lecifhinose: α foxin ~ Iyses P8Cs
I33. 807 of gos gongrene (myonecrosis) coses
CIosfridium DifficiIe
I34. Z Toxins: Enferofoxin (Exofoxin A) & Cyfofoxin (Exofoxin 8)
I3b. Pseudomembronous coIifis (con be precipifofed by cIindomycin/ompiciIIin)
Sposfic PoroIysis foxin
I3o. CIosfridium Tefoni foxin
CIosfridium 8ofuIinum
I37. 8od conned foods hove neurofoxin ~ fIoccid poroIysis (bIock Ach reIeose)
Infonf 8ofuIinum
I38. FIoppy 8oby Syndrome. Pre formed foxin in honey
Thoyer Morfin Agor
I39. Meisserio ID
DOC for M. gonorrhoeoe
I40. Ceffrio;one
II E. CoIi CopsuIor Ag
I4I. PeIofed w/ neonofeoI meningifis
The A's of IIebsieIIo
I4Z. AIcohoIics
I43. Aspirofion pneumonio
I44. Abscesses in fhe Iungs
Pice HZO Diorrheo
I4b. Vibrio ChoIero: mefoboIic ocidosis
Pow seofood infoxicoifon
I4o. Vibrio porohemoIyficus
HeIicobocfer Txf
I47. 8ismufh soIfs, Mefronido;oIe, TefrocycIine (or omoxiciIIin)
↑ risk of P. oeroginoso infecfion
I48. 8urn pofienfs & Cysfic fibrosis
Confocf Iens' infecfion
I49. Pseudomonos oeroginoso
Cof 8ifes
Ib0. PosfeureIIo muIfocido
UnduIonf Fever
IbI. 8ruceIIo
8ordef 0engou Agor
IbZ. 8ordefeIIo perfusis ID
Lowensfein-Jensen medium
Ib3. M. fubercuIosis ID
Cof Scrofch Diseose
Ib4. 8orfoneIIo henseIoe. Leion con resembIe Ioposi's sorcomo.
Page 31
Ibb. ToxopIosmosis
Pink Eye
Ibo. Adenovirus (fype 8)
True Hemophrodife
Ib7. Tesfes & Ovories ore presenf
Pseudo Hemophrodife
Ib8. ExfernoI genifoIio does nof coincide w/ gonods
MoIe Pseudo Hemophrodife
Ib9. TesficuIor Femini;ofion
HLA 0enes Locofion
Io0. op
Porvovirus 8I9
IoI. Fiffh Diseose: Eryfhemo Infecfiosum (ssDMA). Linked w/ sicIe ceII onemio
Inferferon MOA
IoZ. Inhibifs viroI repIicofion (fronsIofion or fronscripfion)
Acufe Hemorrhogic Conjuncfivifis
Io3. Seen w/ infecfions from Enferovirus & Coxsockie A
PoroinfIuen;o Couses,
Io4. Croup (Loryngofrocheobronchifis)
Swimming PooI Conjuncfivifis
Iob. Adenovirus (fypes 3 & 4)
Ioo. 8ronchioIifis in infonfs
Pemoved fonsiIs, find whof virus
Io7. In 807, Adenovirus. In fhe immunosuppressed, ocfivofion con occur
8one Fever
Io8. Dengue: 0roup 8 Togovirus, from fhe Arbovirus, fronsmiffed by mosquifos
Io9. Appeors in bIood soon offer infecfion, before onsef of ocufe iIIness
I70. Disoppeors w/in 4-o monfhs offer fhe sforf of cIinicoI iIIness
I7I. Appeors eorIy ocufe phose, indicofes higher risk of fronsmiffing fhe diseose
I7Z. Disoppeors before HbsAg is gone
I73. Presenf in beginning of cIinicoI iIIness
I74. Seen in fhe "window phose"
FiIomenfous 8ocferio
I7b. Acfinomycefes ~ Mocordio, Acfinomyces, Sfrepfomyces
Lisferio confominofes
I7o. MiIk, cheese, vegefobIes (coIesIow) in recenf infecfions
Shigo Iike Toxin
I77. E. CoIi 0Ib7/H7: Hemorrhogic coIifis & Hemorrhogic uremic syndrome
Mecrofi;ing Fosciifis
I78. 0roup A Sfrepfococci
PeIopsing Fever
I79. 8orreIio recurrenfis
LoffIer's Medium
I80. Corneybocferium diphfherioe
ChIomydioe DeveIopmenfoI CycIe
I8I. EIemenfory 8ody: infeccious porficIe fhof Enfers fhe ceII
I8Z. PeficuIofe 8ody: mode from eIemenfory body. PepIicofes, differenfiofes ond reIeoses
eIemenfory bodies fo infecf ofher ceIIs
I83. W/ infecfion you wiII see 0Iycogen confoining incIusions
I84. CeII woII Iocks muromic ocid
Trench Fever
I8b. PochoIimoeo quinfono
"Spoffed Fever" Members
I8o. Pickeffssio rickeffsii (PMSF) & P. okori (rickeffsioI pox) in fhe U.S.
I87. P. sibirico (fick fyphus in Chino) & P. ousfroIis (fyphus in AusfroIio)
Thrush Txf
I88. Mysfofin fxfs condidiosis of fhe moufh
Pose 8ush Thorns
I89. Hove Sporofhrix schenckii
Confocf Iens soIufion infecfion
I90. Aconfhomoebo
FiIioriosis Cousonf
I9I. Wucherio boncroffi (infecfion oko eIephonfifis & wucheriosis
Freshwofer Ioke infecfion
I9Z. Couses omebic meningoencephoIifis due fo MoegIerio fowIeri
Peduviid bug bife
I93. Tronsmifs Tryponomo cru;i (Chogos' diseose): Pomono's Sign
Schisfosomo Hoemofobium couses
I94. 8Iodder coIcificoifon & concer
Schisfosomo Monsoni couses
I9b. PresinusoidoI HTM, spIenomogoIy, esophogeoI vorices
SnoiI, infermediofe hosf of,
I9o. Schisfosomiosis
Ixodes scopuIoris fronsmifs
I97. 8obesio (cIinicoIIy rembIes moIorio) & 8oreIio burgdorferi
Monfuckef Profo;oo
I98. 8obesio microf
Infecfion by Peduviid 8ug
I99. Tryponsomo cru;i: Chogos' Diseose
Infecfion by TseTse FIy
Z00. Tryponsomo brucei gombiense & rhodiense: Africon SIeeping Sickness
Infecfion by SondfIy
Z0I. Leishmoniosis: Mucocufoneous Diseoses by L. bro;iIiensis & VisceroI Diseose by L. donovoni &
DermoI Leishmon by L. fropico, mexicono, peruviono
Infecfion by Ixodes Tick
Z0Z. 8obesio microfi: 8obesiosis & 8orreIio burgdorferi: Lyme Diseose
Infecfion by AnopheIes Mosquifo
Z03. MoIorio
Tropho;oifes w/ "Foce-Like" Appeoronce
Z04. 0iordio IombIio
Monsepfofe Hyphoe
Z0b. Zygomycosis: Phi;opus & Mucor. OnIy mycosis w/o sepfofe. Infecf Iefoocidofic Diobefics.
HisfopIosmosis 0eogrophy
Z0o. Ohio, Mississippi, Misouri Piver voIIeys
Coocidioidomycosis 0eogrophy
Z07. Soufhwesfern deserfs, CoIifornio
8Iosfomycosis 0eogrophy
Z08. Sfofes eosf of Mississippi Piver
Page 32
Porococcidioidomycosis 0eogrophy
Z09. Lofin Americo
PoseoIo Infecfion, oko
ZI0. Exonfhemo Subifum: "Sixfh Diseose" (Humon Herpes Virus-o dsDMA, enveIoped)
ZII. "Hond-Foof-ond-Moufh" Diseose: Coxsockie A (Picornovirus +ssPMA)
ZIZ. -ssPMA, enveIoped virus.
ZI3. Spike 0Iycoprofeins (pepIomeres): HA ~ HemogIuffinin & MA ~ Meurominidose. These
pepIomeres ore whof give fhe virus onfigenis voriofion
ZI4. InfIuen;o A & 8
ZIb. -PMA, enveIoped. Mosf common couse of respirofory infecfions in kids
ZIo. Mumps
ZI7. Croup(PoroinfIuen;o virus)
ZI8. PubeoIo(MeosIes virus)
ZZ0. +ssPMA, enveIoped
ZZI. 3 Doy MeosIes: 0ermon MeosIes: PubeIIo/ Pubivirus
ZZZ. EncephoIifis viruses: AIphoviruses: Eosfern (more severe) ond Wesfern Equine
ZZ3. Dengue Fever - icferus & hemorrhoge w/ bIoc vomif
ZZ4. YeIIow fever
ZZb. Sf. Louis EncephoIifis - no hepofifis or hemorrhoge
ZZo. -ssPMA, enveIoped
ZZ7. CoIifornio EncephoIifis - severe bifronfoI heodoches
ZZ8. Honfovirus - hemorrhogic fever w/ ocufe resp. disfress syndrome
IgA Profeose Acfivify
ZZ9. H. InfIuen;oe (needs focfors V & X for growfh)
Z30. Sfrep. Pneumonioe
Z3I. M. meningifidis
Z3Z. M. gonnorhooe
Z33. W/ fhis ocfivify fhese bugs ore obIe fo coIoni;e fhe oroI mucoso.
Diphfherio: A8CDEF0
Z34. Adenopofhy
Z3b. β Prophoge encodes fhe exofoxin
Z3o. Corneybocferio is CIub shoped
Z37. Diphfherio
Z38. EIongofion Focfor II
Z39. 0ronuIes (mefochromofic)
OnIy ssDMA
Z40. Porvovirus: "Porf of o virus"
OnIy dsPMA
Z4I. Peovirus, "PepeofOvirus"
Moked PMA
Z4Z. "Moked for CPP": CoIcivirus, Picornovirus, Peovirus
Z circuIor DMAs
Z43. Popovovirus & Hepodnovirus
Z44. Popovovirus. Seen in kidney fronspIonf pofienfs (couses renoI diseose)
Hepodno, Pefrovirus7
Z4b. Mo, buf hos reverse fronscripfose
Picornovirus: "PEPCH"
Z4o. PoiIiovirus, Echo, Rhino, Coxsockie, Hep A
Hemorrhogic Fevers
ZZI. FiIovirus & 8unyovirus (Honfovirus)
Segmenfed viruses
AII ore PMA: Orfhomyxo, Areno, 8unyo, Peo
EcIipse Phose
Mo infernoI virus. I fofoI virus per ceII
Lofenf Phose
Mo exfernoI virus. ExfroceIIuIor virus found
Moked Copsid Virus
MucIeocopsid. DMA or PMA + SfrucfuroI profeins
EnveIoped Virus
Membrone. MucIeocopsid + 0Iycoprofein
Mon virus specific. Works by PMA endonucIeose ~ digesfs viroI DMA + inh viroI prof synfh
AIDS sfrucfuroI profs
0og, poI, env
AIDS reguIofory profs
Tof, rev, nef
AIDS gp4I env prof
AIDS gpIZ0 env prof
AIDS pI7 gog prof
AIDS pZ4 gog prof
AIDS p7p9 gog prof
DMA Viruses
A ~ Adeno
E 8rick. Pep H ~ Herpes
In Cyfo H~ Hepodno
AH H PPP --- ico Pep in Muc P ~ Pox
P ~ Porvo
Page 33
SS P ~ Popovo


(+) PMA Viruses
E C ~ CoIici
P ~ Picorno
P ~ Peo
C P P F T C ------ ico (+) Lineor. F ~ FIovi
Mo segmenf. Pep in Cyfo T ~ Togo
HeIicoI C ~ Corono
P-Tose &
Pep in Muc

(-) PMA Viruses
8 F ~ FiIo
Z 3 O ~ Orfhomyxo
P ~ Phobdo
F O P P A 8 ---- (-) E HeIicoI P ~ Poromyxo
Lineor. Mon seg. A ~ Areno
8 ~ 8unyo

Anfi sense

Hepofifis Window Period
Affer HbsAg disoppeors & 8efore HbsAb oppeors
Hepofifis A 8 C D E
Picorno Hepodno FIovi DeIfo CoIici
Downey Type II ceIIs

Infecfion by Aedes Mosquifo
YeIIow Fever: FIovivirus: 8Iock vomif, joundice, high fever
"Hof T-8one sfEAk": ILs
ILI ~ ↑ Temp: HOT
ILZ ~ sfimuIofe T ceIIs
IL3 ~ sfimuIofe ßone Morrow sfem ceIIs' growfh & differenfiofion (0M CSF)
IL4 ~ sfimuIofe IgE (& Ig0)
ILb ~ sfimuIofe IgA (& eosinophiIs)
ILs Secrefed by CD4s
ILZ, IL4, ILb, IFM gommo
ILs Secrefed by Mocrophoges
MeufroI chemofoxis.
When if is w/ C3o, porficipofes in onophyIoxis
Cb Converfose
When bofh AIfernofive ond CIossic pofhwoys come fogefher
AIfernofive: C3b, 8b, C3b + C3o  Cb
CIossic: Zb, 3b, C3o + C4b  Cb
OnIy Picheffssio nof InfroceIIuIor
PIosmodium Life CycIe
Sporo;oifes: from bIood fo Iiver
Primory fissue schi;onf
Tropho;oifes: in P8C
Eryfhrocyfic schi;onf
Mero;oife: rupfured P8C
Zygofe: inside fhe mosquifo
Aconfhomoebo Sfor shoped cysfs
Mucor, Phi;opus, Absidio
Monsepfofe, fiIomenfous, 90 degree bronching, indion in, copsuIor hoIos
Crypfococcus Meoformons
Yeosf normoIIy, pseudo & frue hyphoe in fissue infecfions
AspergiIIus Fumigofum
4b degree bronching poinf, osoc'd w/ cysfic fibrosis & burns pf
Hyphoe in wiId. Arfroconidio. Arfhocondido & Hyphoe. SheruIes w/ endospores
HisfopIosmo Cop
Hyphoe in wiId. Microcondido w/ fubercuIofe mocrocondido. Foc infroceIIuIor. In fhe fissue
if's o yeosf w/ o smoII neck.
Hyphoe in wiId
Sporofhrix Schenkii
Hypohe in wiId. Pofos iodide in miIk. Pneumonio in oIcohoIics.
ObIigofe porosife. IiIIs fype I pneumo ceIIs. 0round gIoss
Page 34
0rom (-) 8ugs w/ Exofoxins
E. CoIi, V. ChoIero, 8ordefeIIo Perfussis
Dermofophyfes Trichophyfon: SHM
Microsporium: SH
Epidermophyton: SN
Tinea tavus: permanent hair loss
Tronsmission Diognosis
E. HisfoIifico Cysfs Tropho;oifes or cysfs in sfooI
0iordio Cysfs Tropho;oifes or cysfs in sfooI
Crypfosporidium Cysfs Acid fosf oocysfs
8oIonfium C. Cysfs Tropho;oifes or cysfs in sfooI
Trichomonos V. Tropho;oifes MofiIe fropho;oifes
Fever Fever Spike
Vivox 8enign 3 degrees 48h EnIorged Hosf CeII
OvoIe 8enign 3 degrees 48h OvoI/Jogged
MoIorioe 4 degrees of MoIorioI 7ZhrreguIor Crescenf
FoIciporum MoIignonf 3 degrees

I. Fosfesf growing fumor - 8urkiff's
Z. PE's ore found in hoIf of oII oufopsies
3. Courvoisier's Low: fumors fhof obsfrucf fhe common biIe ducf couse enIorged goIIbIodders, buf obsfrucfing
goIIsfones do nof (foo much scorring), so if you con poIpofe fhe goIIbIodder you'e probobIy Iooking of concer.
4. OnIy DMA virus fo repIicofe in cyfopIosm: Pox
b. OnIy PMA virus fo repIicofe in nucIeus: InfIuen;o
o. 8ociIIus onfhrocis hos fhe onIy profein copsuIe
7. 8ordefeIIo perfussis (Whooping Cough) eIicifs Iymphocyfosis rofher fhon gronuIocyfosis
8. 8ronchiooIveoIor corcinomos grow wifhouf desfroying fhe normoI orchifecfure of fhe Iung
9. Crypfococcus neoformons offen Iocks o copsuIe ond, when sfoined wifh 0MS, Iooks jusf Iike Pneumycisfis
corinii, excepf fhof Crypfococcus Iocks fhe prominenf nucIeoIi.
I0. WeiI FeIix reocfion: (+)P. rickeffssi & (+)Profeus vuIgoris & P. mirobiIis
II. Treponemo poIIidum (SyphiIis) fesfs: I)VDPL Z)FTA-Abs: mosf wideIy used 3)TPI (immobiIi;ofion fesf - mosf
expensive buf fhe 0oId Sfondord)

Cyfokine Source Funcfion
IL I IZ. Monocyfes, mocrophoges SfimuIofes T ceII proIiferofion & ILZ producifon
IL Z I3. Mocrophoges, T & MI ceIIs Sfim proIif of 8, T & MI ceII
IL 3 I4. T ceIIs 0F of fissue mosf ceIIs & hemofopoiefic sfem ceIIs
IL 4 Ib. T ceIIs ↑ growfh of 8 & T ceIIs/ ↑ HLA II Ags
IL b Io. T ceIIs Mofurofion of 8  pIosmo ceII
IL o I7. T ceIIs, monocyfes Mofurofion of 8 & T ceII/ (-) fibrobIosfs
IFM α I8. 8 ceIIs, mocrophoges AnfiviroI ocfivify
IFM β I9. FibrobIosfs AnfiviroI ocfivify
IFM gommo Z0. T & MI ceIIs AnfiviroI ocfivify, (+) mocrophoges, ↑ HLA II Ags
TMF α ZI. Mocrophoges, T & MI ceIIs T ceII proIif, IL Z prod, cyfofoxicify
TMF β ZZ. T ceIIs T ceII proIif, IL Z prod, cyfofoxicify

Tumor Suppressor Senes
0enes Chrom. Associofed Tumors
VHL 3p Von HippeI Lindou, PenoI CeII CA
APC bp FomiIioI odenomofous poIyposis, CoIon CA
WT-I IIp WiIm's fumor
Page 35
Pb I3q PefinobIosfomo, Osfeosorcomo
8PCA-Z I3q 8reosf CA
pb3 I7p Mosf humon Cos
MF-I I7q Meurofibromofosis fype I
8PCA-I I7q 8reosf CA, Ovorion CA
DCC I8q CoIon & Sfomoch CA
DPC I8q Poncreofic CA
MF-Z ZZq Meurofibromofosis fype Z ~ biIoferoI ocousfic neuromo

PhysioIogy Equutions
Pesisfonce in Series: Add oII
Pesisfonce in PoroIIeI: Inverf fhe onswer

FiIfrofion Frocfion ~
0FP: 0IomeruIor FiIfrofion Pofe PPF: PenoI PIosmo FIow

FiIfered Lood ~ 0FP x [Conc] Excrefion Pofe ~ [Urine] x VeI

CIeoronce ~
 
   
Urine xJel Urine
 Plasma
CIeoronce of PAH ~ [EPPF] EPPF: Eff renoI pIosmo fIow

PenoI 8Iood FIow ~
− 
Free Wofer CIeoronce ~ VeI
 
   
osm P
urine xJel osm Urine


CO ~ HP x SV CO ~
difference JO PulmonarvA
consumed O

  

PuIse Pressure ~ SysfoIic - DiosfoIic

MAP ~ DiosfoIic + I/3 PuIse Pressure CO ~
MAP ~ TPP x CO F ~
P P  −


~ (7o0 - 47) FO

~ [O
] P
~ AIv. Press. Of CO
P ~ Pesp. Exchonge Pofio
consumed O
produced CO

≅ .8 or I

Page 36
FIow ~
difference AtoJO
consumed O

Diffusion ~
x 0os Diffusion Consfonf x Difference of PorfioI

~ Venf
x #of Pespirofions Venf
~ (Venf
- Venf
) x # of Pespirofions

CompIionce ~
P ~
I.0 ~ V
/Q Diffusing Copocify ~

Pesp DoubIes: Ib0mmHg & 40mmHg Mew PCO
~ Z0 Mew PO
~ I70