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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the full time Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme (2010-2012) SUBMITTED BY ADITYA SHARMA Roll no-10060500068

CORE-School of management Post box No.27, 7 Km. Roorkee Haridwar Road, Vardhman Puram, Roorkee (U.K) (Uttrakhand Technical University)

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I, undersigned, hereby declare that the project written and submitted by me, under the guidance of Mr. Ashish is my original work. The empirical finding and conclusion in this report are based on the information collected by me during the training .I have not copied from any other report submitted to this year or any of the previous years. This research report has been completed in partial fulfillment of my Management Program, M.B.A. in the company AMRIT BOTTLERS PRIVATE LTD. Authorized Bottlers of Coca Cola Bypass Sultanpur Road, Faizabad. The topic of my project is TO PROVIDE THE BETTER PROMOTIONAL SCHEME FOR THE DEALERS WITH REFERENCE TO COCO COLA


ADITYA SHARMA Roll no.-10060500068

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I am highly thankful to my guide MRS VEERA LAKSHMI , COER for the scholastic & kind advice and the valuable time that she gave during my Project Report. I shall be failing in my duty if I do not acknowledge my thanks to Staff members, without their guidance and cooperation this project would havent been successfully accomplished.

ADITYA SHARMA Roll no. 10060500068

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Doing this project was a great experience. The Coca-Cola in India has set up an independent organizations which is H.C.C & B.C.C. with a capital of 350 U.S. $ each by virtue of sellout decision of the passed managing director Mr. S.C.Agarwal. Present soft drink boon in India was attributed to the legacy of Coca-Cola, which was there in India till 1977. In todays market the Coca-Cola hold a 62% market share that appears to bear concentrated rush to beg a big share in the soft drink market. Being a capital & biggest business center of India I choose the area of Delhi to conduct my study and to get lot of exposure & various opportunities to meet different kind of customers. This project has been under taken to study the availability of complete range of Coca-Cola products to retail outlets.

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To check out the availability of several promotional scheme of coca-cola for the dealers.

To find out the retailers response regarding the various promotion schemes of CocaCola and to judge its impact on retailers.

To draw a comparative analysis of promotional schemes.

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1. Company profile 1.1 Core brands in India 1.2 Advertisement and Punch lines 1.3 Fabulous facts about Coca cola 1.4 History of Coca-Cola 1.5 Coca-Cola India our Vision, Mission 1.6 Marketing mix 1.7 Awards achieved by coca-cola 1.8 Principles of coca-cola India 1.9 strategy adopted by coca-cola 2. Research Methodology 2.1Questionnaire 2.2 Sampling Area 3. Data sorting, Analysis 4. Interpretation 5. Limitations of Study 6. Findings 7. Suggestions and Recommendations 8. Bibliography

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Present soft drink boon in India was attributed to the legacy of Coca Cola, which was there in INDIA till 1977. In todays market the Coca-Cola (Coke, Thumps Up, Fanta, Limca, Sprite, Vanilla Coke, etc.) hold a 62% market share that appears to bear concentrated rush to beg a big share in the soft drink market. Various national & multinational firms are engaged in soft drink market due to increase in its demand day by day. As far as INDIA soft drink market is concerned there are major companys engaged having a big completion to capture the soft drink market are namely Coca-Cola & Pepsi. While Campa Cola & many local colas still notice in the Indian Market. Pepsi Cola attacked Coca-Cola before World War II. Coca Cola dominated the American soft drink industry, Pepsi cola was a drink less to manufactures & with a less satisfactory taste then Coke. Where as Coca-Cola major selling point was more drink for the same price and Pepsi emphasized on advertising. During World War II Pepsi & Coke both enjoyed increased sale. After the war Pepsi sale was started to fall relatively to Coke, resulting the Coca-Cola had starting to click the Market share. A number of factory contributed to Pepsi problem were poor image, poor taskforce, poor quality control etc. At that point Alfred.N.Steeler came to the presidency of Pepsi cola with a great reputation for merchandising. He and his staff recognized that the main hope lay transforming Pepsi from a cheap imitator of Coke into a class on soft drink manufacturer. By 1955 all Pepsis major weakness had been overcome, resulting sales had climbed substantially. These actions from 1955 to 1960 led to a considerable sales growth for Pepsi. In India another company engaged in soft drink market is Coca-Cola. It is one of the most widely known, accepted and admired trademarks of the world. Coca-Cola was their in India till 1977, when the Indian Government banned it due to strong resentment against multinational companys Coca-Cola was re-launched again in India in September 1993 at HATHRAS near Agra. The India people welcomed the come back of their most loved Cola in the country with great enthusiasm and vigor. Coca-Cola marked its re-launching with acquiring five Parley drinks viz. Thumps Up, Gold Spot, Limca, Citra, Maaza, Soda. Soft drink industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. The basic idea behind the rapid growth of this industry is due to following reasons: The great corporate war between Coke & Pepsi, who left no stone unturned, for monopolizing the India Soft Drink market.

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The basic ideology of these two giants is to promote soft drinks as a food item in India hold. The long hot summers in India have increased the consumption of soft drinks


Coca-Cola: Developed in a brass pot in 1886, coca-cola is the most recognized and admired trademark around the globe. Not to mention the best selling soft drink in the world. Sprite: In 1961, a citrus-flovered drink made its U.S debut, using Sprite Boy as inspiration for its name. This elf with silver hair and a big smile was used in 1940s advertising for Coca-Cola. Sprite is now the fastest growing major soft drink in U.S and the worlds most popular lemon-lime soft drink. Fanta : The name fanta was first registered as a trademark in Germany in 1941 ,when it was used for a few year for a soft drink created from available materials and flavors . The name was then revived in 1955 in Naples, Italy, when it was used for the: fanta orange drink we know today. It is now the trademark name for a line of flavored drinks around the world. Diet coke: The extension of the coca-cola name began in 1982 with the introduction of diet coke (also called coca-cola light in some countries). Diet coke quickly become the number one selling low calorie soft drink in the world.


GOLD SPOT: this orange carbonated soft drink was introduced in the early 1950c, and acquired by the coca-cola company in 1993, its tangy taste has been popular with Indian teenagers LIMCA: It is thirst-quenching beverage features a fresh and light lemon-lime taste and lighthearted attitude. The limca brand was introduced in 1971 and acquired by the coca-cola company in 1993. MAAZA: Maaza, launched in 1984 and acquired by the coca-cola company in 1993, is a non carbonated mango soft drink with a rich, juicy & natural mango taste.

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THUMPS UP: in 1993, the coca-cola company acquired this brand, which was originally introduced in 1977. Its strong and fizzy taste makes it unique carbonated Indian cola.

Coca Cola Fanta Sunfill Thums up Maaza Kinley Sprite Diet Coke Georgia Gold Limca Vanilla Coke Garma Garam Georgia


1936 1942 1943 1959 1962 1969 1970 1976 1982 1986 1989 1993 1998 1999
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Its The Refreshing Thing To Do . Its The Real Thing . Global High Sign. Be Really Refreshed. Thing Go Better With Coke. Its the Real Thing. I`D Like To Buy The World A Coke . Coke Add Life . Coke Is It . Catch The Wave. You Cant Beat the Feeling. Always Coca-Cola Eat Music, Sleep Music, And Drink Only Coca-Cola. Jo Chaho Ho Jaye Coca-Cola Enjoy.

2000 2002 2003 2010

I Want Hritik And I Want Coke. Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola Jiyo Thanda Piyo Thanda . Thanda matlab Coca -Cola


The worlds largest spherical coca-cola sign is in Nagoya, Japan a top the dial Nagoya building in front of the Nagoya railway station. The sing is a double sphere constructed from more then 46 tone of steel, more 940meter of neon tubing, and more then, 879 light bulbs. The outer shape features the coca-cola logo and contour bottle, while the inner sphere portrays a comic scene with twinkling planets and stars. One of the worlds largest signs for coca-cola is located on a hill called ELHACHA in America, Chile. It is 400 feet wide and 131 feet high and is made from 70,000, 26 ounce bottles. The first out door paint sign advertising coca-cola still exists. It was painted in 1894 in Cartersville, Georgia. Coca-cola is one of the worlds most recognizable trademarks recognized in countries that account for 98 percent of the worlds population. If all the coca-cola ever produced were in 8- ounce bottles. And these bottles were distributed to each person in the world. There would be 678 bottles or over 42 gallons for each person. If all the coca-cola ever produced were in 8 ounce bottles, placed side by side and end to end to from a lane highway, it would wrap around the earth 82 times. If all the coca-cola ever produced were flowing over Niagara fall at its normal rate of 105 million gallons per second instead of water, the falls would flow for about a day and a half 38 hours and 46 minutes. The largest representation of the worlds best known package 100 foot tall glass contour bottle is located at world of coca-cola LAS VEGAS.

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Jon Styth Pemberton first introduced the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia it was May 1861 when the pharmacist concocted a caramel colored syrup in three legged brass kettle in his backyard. He first distributed the new product by carrying Coca-Cola in a jug cown enjoys in a glass of Coca-Cola at the soda fountain. Whether by design or accident, carbonated water was teamed with the new syrup, producing a drink that was proclaimed Delicious and Refreshing. Dr. Pembertons Partner and bookkeeper, Mr. Frank Robinson, suggested the name and penned as Coca-Cola in the unique flowing script that is still famous worldwide today. Dr. Pembertons sold 25 gallons of syrup, shipped in bright Red wooden kegs. Red has been a distinctive color associated with the No.1 soft drink brand ever since. For his efforts, Dr. Pemberton grossed $ 50 and spent $ 73.96 on advertising, by 1891, Atlanta chemist as a G.Canler had acquired complete ownership of the Coca-Cola business. He purchases it from the Dr.Pemberton family for $ 2300. With in 4 year his merchandising flair helped to expand the consumption of Coca-Cola to over $25 million. Robert W. woodruff become the president of the Coca-Cola company in 1923 and his more than six decades of leadership took the business of commercial success making Coca-Cola an institution the world over. Coca-Cola begins as a never tonic, but candy merchant Joseph A. Biedenharn of Mississippi was looking for awry to serve refreshing beverages. He responded to this demand began offering bottle Coca-Cola using syrup shipped from Atlanta, during a hot summer in 1894.

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The coca-cola company reintroduced coca-cola in India on October 23, 1993, after an absence of 16 years. The coca-cola company received approval from the government in July 1996 to set up a holding company to invest US $ 700 million in downstream operation of beverages In July 1997 the holding company was permitted by the government to operationally its bottling subsidiaries. The bottling subsidiary currently owns and operates twenty-six bottling plants and sixty distribution centers across India. In addition, it uses 20 contract packers to augment its production capacity and cater to the increasing demand for its wide portfolio of beverage.


Provide exceptional strategic leadership on the Coca-Cola India system, resulting in customer preference and loyalty, through Coca-Colas commitment to them and in a highly profitable Coca-Cola corporate branded beverages system.


The mission of Coca-Cola Co. is to increase shareowner value over time. The Co. accomplishes the mission by working with its business partners to deliver satisfaction and values to its customers, through world wide system of superior brands and services, thus increasing brand equity on a global basis, create consumer products, services and communications, customer service and bottling strategies, process and tools in order to create competitive advantage and deliver superior value.

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Marketing mix of any organization consists of 4 ps i.e. Product, price, place and promotion having its own significance, that varies from one organization to the other. in coca cola the information about all the 4 P`s that can be available to me is given here: PRODUCT: Product mix of coca-cola consists of the various brand packs and flavor given in the table. Product strategy of the coca-cola is to promote all brands available in the brand packs and to introduce the product in new flavor is also introduced. PRICE: Regarding the pricing policy or the price to the distributor is not disclosed to me, but as done for the different product of the company, company has priced the product same as that of its major competitor or the market leader. PLACE: The coca-cola company in India is governed from its corporate office located at Gurgaon in Haryana . It governs the working of five zones covering whole India these zones are north zone , eastern zone , western zone , southern zone and Andhra Pradesh zone . These zones are divided in to various. Plant, which govern the area assigned to them. The area is the various distribution centers called distributors and C&F agents. Then come the retailers / customer for the companys product. They receive good from distributor and c&f agent. Finally consumer is there, having the product from the consumers shops or delivered to their home, it is more clearly visible through this chart. The coca-cola company, which gave its reach to the mouth of billion of people all around the world having a wide distribution, network. In India, the pace and speed at which coca-cola has widened its business is really amazing. Distribution network is the biggest strength of the company. PROMOTION: this past of the marketing is playing a very vital and important role in the current situation in India. Looking at the competition and promotion and advertising budget of both the companies coca-cola and Pepsi, one can easily estimate the importance of this. The promotion mix of coca-cola is divided in to top line promotion and below the line promotion. Top line promotion includes the promotion designed and done by the companys corporate office of gurgaon and the office of Bombay T.V ads , design of banner , and other p-s done by the company simultaneously all around India with no difference in designs etc fall in this category . Below the line promotion includes the promotion schemes, publicity material, POS display done by the company from zonal, plant, sale manager and area sales manager level. At the sales manager and area sales manager level the promotion done exclusively for the cities in their respective area and other POS display.

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AWARDS Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited, Dasna unit, bags the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2004 The Dasna unit near Delhi in Ghaziabad has been awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2004 (GPEMA- 2004) for excellent environment practices and effective control of environmental impact. The Dasna unit won this award in the Food & Beverage Industry category for its environment practices among hundreds of entries received from across the country. The annual award winner is decided on the basis of a rigorous assessment procedure, which includes a visit to the facility by a team of experts. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sanjiv Gupta, Division President and CEO, Coca-Cola India said, We are proud to win this coveted award. At Coca-Cola we are committed to preserve, protect and enhance the environment and this simple belief guides us in everything that we do. We will continue to further improve our systems and are confident of making a significant positive impact on our environment in times to come. The award will be formally presented to the company shortly by Institute of Directors, an independent body that recognizes the achievements of manufacturing units under the categories of Environment, Quality and Corporate Governance, in association with World Environment Foundation (WEF), at an official function during the 6th World Congress on Environment Management. The Dasna plant achieved this distinction by adhering to The Coca-Cola Companys internal global quality program called The Coca-Cola Quality System (TCCQS). TCCQS not only covers environment management, but also takes into consideration other business aspects such as safety and loss Prevention (SLP), product quality, packaging quality, process capability improvement and customer satisfaction. Strict compliance with TCCQS, often rated as a programmed equivalent to the internationally reputed ISO 14001 System, has also enabled all the companyowned bottling plants in the country to successfully get the coveted ISO 14001 Certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The award has been granted after a thorough evaluation of Dasna plants compliance with a WEF prescribed program assessment format over a period of 1 year from 1st April 2003 to 31st Mach 2004 during which several environmental performance indicators were monitored and evaluated according to WEFs stringent parameters: energy use, water use, wastewater discharge, compliance with Government regulations and resource utilization.

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We will conduct ourselves and business activates with the highest standard of honestly integrity, and professionalism. We will recognize the positive contributions that we make individual and team member to produce our business success. We will recognize the positives contribution that we makes individual and term member to produce our business success. We will encourage a learning environment where the people can constantly grow developed and contribute. We will strive for excellence and seek continue improvement in everything we do.

The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches. For us, Quality is more than just something we taste or see or measure. It shows in our every action. We relentlessly strive to exceed the world's ever-changing expectations because keeping our Quality promise in the marketplace is our highest business objective and our enduring obligation. More than a billion times every day, consumers choose our brand of refreshment because CocaCola is... The Symbol of Quality Customer and Consumer Satisfaction A Responsible Citizen of the World

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The 3 A's is the underlying strategy for meeting company goals to increase no. of consumers. The 3 A's are: Availability: To increase the availability of Coca-Cola products in an improved or innovative new Packaging, dispensing systems, distribution systems, marketing programs and training and development programs. Affordability: The consumer can afford the Coca-Cola products at a very reasonable price. Acceptability: Making Coca-Cola brand is the beverage choice for any occasion depends on the likings, taste and preferences of the target audience. Acceptability can also be increased through advertising, sponsorships, promotions; youth market activities, community programs and other activities.

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Problem Definition: - Identification of those retailers who are not satisfied with promotional schemes of Coca-Colas Sources of Data: - Primary Research Instruments: - Observation and asking questions according to the provided format for the retailers.

The study was conducted with the help of specified format of the company. All the comparison was made wholly depending on information gathered first hand.

To conduct the study of my project, marketing department of Coca-Cola gave me a region of South Delhi. Under the guidance of distributor I covered following areas.

I have sample size of 150 outlets.

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140 120 100 no of retailers 80 60 40 20 0 Salesman M.I.T Visitor Outher outlets different sources 18 8 7 117

Graph no1 this chart shows that 117 retailers getting the information about the promotional scheme from the salesman & 18 retailers gets the information from visitor while 15 of retailers getting the information from other outlets.

THE PUROSE OF JOINING THIS SCHEME BY THE RETAILERS IS : Prize - 65 Money - 45 Display - 24 Enrich relation with coke - 16 ________________________________________ TOTAL - 150

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70 60 50 no of retailers 40 30 20 10 0




2.8 Prize Money Display Eneich relation with coke

different purposes

Graph no 2 As shown in the graph no 2, 65 retailers had a opinion that they should get something back from the coke with regarded to sales in terms of gift & reward. This provide to be a motivating factor for them .another 45 were demanding for monetary profit because it would help them in their business. Yet another 24 demanded display facilities which helps them to increase their sales rest 16 had totally different opinion i.e. outlets wanted only good relation with the company.


Cash - 52 Gifts - 73 Trips - 12 Prepaid connection - 7 Recharge coupons - 6 _____________________________ TOTAL - 150

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80 70 60


no of retailers


50 40 30 20 10 0 Cash gifts Trips Prepaid connections Recharge coupons 12 7 6

dimanding items

Graph no 3 According to my study out of 150 retailers, the demanding item of 52 retailers is cash, 73 said that they want gifts 12 of them want trips ,7 of them want prepaid connections and only 6 retailers want recharge coupons. MANY RETAILERS WILL SHOW THE DISPLAY OF COCA COLA ON THEIR SHOPE IS A :

Warm - 84 Cool - 66 _________________ TOTAL - 150

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100 no of retailers 80 60 40 20 0

84 64


Cool display mode

Graph no 4 84 retailers will show the display of coca cola on their shop is warm and only 64 retailers display it in cool.

ACCORDING TO RETAILERS THE DURATION OF THESE SORTS OF SCHMES SHOULD BE: One Month - 25 Three Month - 68 Six Month - 47 One year 10 _____________________ TOTAL - 150

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80 70 60 no of retailers 50 40 30 20 10 0 One month Three month Six month One year duration of scheme 1 25 47 68

Graph no 5 25 outlets suggested towards the one month scheme by which they got regular and new scheme and more gift. 68 outlets were the favor of three months scheme as they thought that 3 month schemes are much more profitable then one month scheme. They can get more refunds from this scheme. They didnt for one year or six month scheme because they were also having a view of getting new scheme from time to time and same was the view of outlets who voted for six month & one year scheme


Cash discount scheme - 82 Scratch card - 23 Rack points - 30 Run collection - 15 ______________________________ TOTAL - 150

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90 80 70 no of retailers 60 50 40 30 20 10 0


30 23 15

Cash discount scratch card2 scheme

Rack points

Run collection

different schemes

Graph no 6 As show in the figure 82 outlets are prefer the cash discount scheme by coca-cola by which they got investment to get increase their business . and 23 outlets are at scratch card scheme side in which they got surprise gift and 30 of them suggest the rack schemes in which they got gifts on display of racks and 15 is for run collection the collects the point as runs and sum of the points got the gifts .


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140 120 no of retailers 100 80 60 40 20 0




no proper scheme

Graph no 7 According to the study 129 retailers said that they have proper scheme and only 21 said that they dont have proper schemes.

Which company provides better schemes? Pepsi Coke Both None TOTAL
70 60 no of retailers 50 40 30 20 10 0 Pepsi Coke both None better schemes 29 16 44

44 61 29 16 150

Graph no 8
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According to graph 44 retailers said that Pepsi provides better schemes, 61 said that Coca-Cola provides better schemes and 29 retailers said that both provides good schemes and only 16 said that none of them provide good schemes.

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Retailers are reluctant to discuss the problems in detail and are not willing to provide the exact information of each brand and sizes to the researcher. The no. of outlet sample was less to draw any conclusion of channel wise sales. The time period of study is just 8 weeks, under such constraints the study cannot be undertaken comprehensively. Geographically area of Delhi was a big one and outlet were locationally scattered in the nature. Thus was a difficult thing to cover even a single route in a day. It being a dynamic market, where competition is cut throat, even outlet change their response very frequently, thus at a time are biased.

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Following are the findings of the survey, which I observed during the survey: According to analysis Salesman informed more about the promotional schemes as compared to other,so the schemes are available to the retailers. Cash is more demanding item in market by outlets as because it gives them a financial support to their business. Coca Cola provides better promotional schemes then Pepsi.

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These are the following suggestions, which I recommend to the distributor. 1 Launching schemes which should act as counter attack schemes for competitors 2 In order to raise the sales and compete the market the distributor should give some extra scheme to its retailers. 3 4 New frequently scheme should be launched. In short-term scheme for 6 month should be launched in comparison to other brand.

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The Basics of Coca-Cola: Publisher: Coca-Cola Company Books: Author Name Book Title Edition Number Others books:Author Name Book Title Edition Number

G.C.Beri Marketing Research Third Edition

C.R. Kothari Research Methodology Second Edition

Internet: Sites:

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1 Name of the outlet? ... Name of the dealer? Which is the most exciting scheme you have participated yet in coca- cola ? What improvement would you like to have in this scheme? According to you what should be the duration for these sort of scheme? One month. Three month. Six month. One year. Which company comes out with good schemes? (a) Pepsi (b) Coke (c) Both (d) None Which company provides better schemes? (a) Pepsi (b) Coke (c) Both (d) Which company vehicle arrives on time? (a) Pepsi (b) Coke (c) Both


(d) None

Are you having Rack charge Karo Mobile recharge karo ` scheme? (a) Yes (b) No


If yes Date of joining the scheme ..


How did you come to know about this scheme? Salesman MIT Visitor Other outlet Others

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What did you join this scheme for? Prizes Money Display Enrich relations with coke` Any other. What would you like the most to get as prize? Cash Gifts Trips Prepaid connection Recharge card Any other..



Do you have any problem regarding this scheme? Salesman Prize distribution Any other What is the display status? Warm. Cool. Problem (if any):




Suggestion (if any) :


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