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Concept Paper: Pre-Production: Title: Duration: Segmentation: A Welfare State 40 minutes running time a: Gup Shup (8 minutes) b: Taleem

(Report 1.5 minutes)+(Criticism and Suggestions 6.5 minutes)

c: Sehat-e-Aama (Package 2 minutes)+(Facts & Suggestions 6 minutes) d: Mayeshat (Report on budget, debts and tax evaders 3 minutes)+(Criticism & Suggestions 5 minutes) e: Siyasi Shauur (package in which the people will be asked about their criterion of casting vote. There will be the assessment of political awareness in people. The main reason of giving vote will be inquired 3 mints)+(Then on this report both the anchor persons will have a debate. Shafqat Mehmood will speak in favour and Hassan Nisar will speak against 5 minutes)


Current Affairs and Ideology of Pakistan


The two anchor persons will run the whole show. Every

Segment will start with a package or report depicting the current status of issue under discussion. After the report is over, Hassan Nisar will summarize the story of video with his criticle arguments and pin point the basic issues, which are causing problems. On the other side, Shafqat Mehmood will have an optimistic approach on that report and negate the argument of Hassan Nisar with his own review and try to give hope to audience with his suggestions. Actually those suggestions will be the possible solutions of problems criticized by Hassan Nisar. In the end of the program, Shafqat Mehmood and Hassan Nisar will give their ending remarks.

Synopsis: The purpose of this program is to create awareness among people about their basic rights. Also to shake people by discussing that Pakistan was made to be a welfare state and What the welfare state actualy is?" and currently where are we going??? Target Audience: Males and females between of 18 above

Title: Hum Aap aur Sehat Host: 1 Dr. Shaista Duration: 40 mints Segmentation: 3 segments. Each segment will be of 10 minutes duration. a): Problem of the day b): Diet of the day c): Healthy Environmental Topic: General Health Format: On set 4 cameras. Packages will be shown on healthy and unhealthy life styles of people and their resulting consequences. Producer Abdul Mateen Guests: 2 Physicians 1 Environmentalist

Synopsis: The purpose of this program is to create health awareness among peoples. Specially about the healthy and balanced diet. Through this program we want to achieve a goal which will aware people about their health and take preventive measures to avoid from several diseases. Also this program will guide people how to get a balanaced, cheap and healthy food. In addition to this people will come to know about how they can keep their sorroundings clean. Environmental specialist will give tips about making homes, streets and road clean. How people can promote a healthy environment within their home. Target Audience: Our target audience will be Males and Females from 18 to 40 years.