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UniGear ZVC-AT

Heavy Duty Motor Auto-Transformer Starter Designed for Indoor or Outdoor MCC application Custom made to perform at required operating environment

INTRODUCTION ABB Australia, Moorebank factory has further advanced our integrated motor autotransformer product namely ZVC-AT. This new product has extended the range of UniGear ZVC variants to cater for increasing needs of sophisticated and compact design Motor Control Centre. BENEFITS The selection of suitable motor auto transformer starter can be rather limited when switchroom footprint space is inadequate to install free-standing auto-transformer or when designing transportable Container / E-House / Skid / Substation / Enclosure for cost efficiently. ZVC-AT solution allows auto-transformer to be integrated with MCC which is an ideal option for customers who like to utilize the space wisely and being efficient in transferring the integration risk to factory to pre-install, pre-terminate cables and precommission before transporting to site. More information can be found in documents 1VGA671013 When performance counts and 1VGA671018 Total Cost Of Ownership. Whats more, you can always take full advantage of ABB Australia, Moorebank factory vast engineering, research and development experience in MCC Substation to deliver you an OPTIMISED plant solution. CABLE TERMINATION On top of compactness, the ZVC-AT is also designed to have front bottom cabling access therefore it allows you to position the MCC against the switch room wall. Various cabling access such as rear top or bottom is available on request. Bolted cable termination (default) or alternatively plug in sockets available on request.

FEATURES ZVC-AT features: Three contactors. One withdrawable Line fuse contactor type V7/ZVC, one fixed Start contactor and one fixed Run contactor type VSC7/ZVC Run and Start contactors are mechanically interlocked One autotransformer type Korndorffer starter, taps 50% - 65% - 80% (default) Optional temperature monitoring on autotransformer coil Hardwire mechanical timers to decide when the Start & Run contactors will "close" or open. Optional PLC logic in lieu of mechanical timer available on request. All in 1325W x 1800D x 2200H mm extendible module (2 preassembled panels designed for harsh transport, seismic and marine environment)

More information can be found in documents 1VGA674101 Typical Auto-Transformer Motor Start and 1VGA677015 Auto Transformer Korndorffer Motor Starter. PROJECT REFERENCES Petronas/ExxonMobil Angsi Platform Shell D35 Offshore Platform Tenggara Cement Linde Griffin Gas Plant

Technical data
Switchgear Fused Contactor
Type of construction Compartmented to IEC 62271-200 Loss of service continuity Internal arc classification Rated voltage Insulation levels to IEC Rated main busbar current (40C) Rated normal current Rated HV HRC fuse Rated short time current (3 sec) Arc fault withstand current Tested according to Overall dimensions of basic panel

type ZVC-AT
Metal clad with withdrawable Contactor Partition class PM Category LSC2A AFL (or AFLR with Gas Duct) Up to 7.2 kV 7.2/20/60 kV (or 7.2/32/60 kV to GB) Up to 4000 A 400 A Parallel up to 2x315 A Up to 50 kA Up to 50 kA IEC standards H [mm] W [mm] D [mm] 2200 / 2400 / 2595 1325 1804
The data and illustrations are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical development of the product. 1VGA671031 Rev. A, Dec 2008

Motor auto-transformer starter 9 Up to 2065 kW @ 7.2 kV (Higher ratings on request)

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