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INTRODUCTION One of the fastest growing parts of the law and enforcement industry is the private police who are employed by the Private Securities Agencies. They plan an increasingly important role in providing security especially in the workplace. Bank and business that deal with highly sensitive materials and equipment usually employ in private security forces to patrol and protect their buildings. With this mind, DIVINE GRACE SECURITY AGENCY was established. In the light of your need of honest and goodness security services, the DIVINE GRACE SECURITY AGENCY is duly license private detective and special watchman agency. It is organized and existing under and by virtues of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Its principal office located at Provincial Road, St. Augustine Village, Brgy. Lawa, Calamba City, Laguna, would like to offer its integrated security services and capabilities to serve your needs. The DIVINE GRACE SECURITY AGENCY is managed by a retired Police Inspector of the Philippine National Police. The Security Operations are supervised by a team of retired military officer and civilian security professionals unquestioned integrity and dedication to the security services profession, and having a vast of experience in leadership and effective supervision and handling men. The agency operates under the jurisdiction of the Philippine National Police Security Agency and Guards Supervision Division (PNP-SAGSD), AND IS A BONAFIDE MEMBER OF THE Philippines Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc. (PADPAO). The DIVINE GRACE SECURITY AGENCY has a standing policy to pay the salaries and allowances of our security personnel in time, just to have them always in high moral and perform their duties and responsibilities with sincerely and remain loyal to this Agency and to our Clients where they supposed to serve and protect to the best of their ability.


To provide highly qualified security personnel to establish a business-like fashion by always attending to the needs, problems, and responding immediately to Clients and complaints.

VISION To be one of the leading Agency with comparable capabilities in the Industry.

TRAINING PROGRAM VIP Security Escort and Traffic Management Actual First Aid and Fire Prevention Control Bank Robbery and Holdup Anti-riot Bomb Threats Handling Camera Control Television (CCTV)

CUSTOMER SERVICE DIVINE GRACE SECURITY AGENCY Personnel's have firearms, a base portable two way radio (linked to the Headquarters). Vehicles are also available in the service. The Agency maintain a reserve and striking force headed by the duty officer, ready anytime 24 hours a day to augment and respond to any emergency calls from Clients and security forces in the field.


QUALIFICATIONS The guards to be provided by the Agency to the Client must possess the following: He must be of good moral character and reputation, courteous, alert and without criminal or police records; He must be physically and mentally fit, not less than 25 or more than 45 years of age and at least 5'4" in height; He must be licensed and properly screened by the PNP, NBI, Police and other Government officers issuing clearances for employment; He must be in possession of the qualifications required by the Republic Act No. 5487 otherwise known as the Private Security Agency Law as amended. College level or at least highschool graduate;

Not addicted to alcoholic drinks and dangerous drugs. The Client has the right to select , refuse, or request the replacement of any guard prior to the assignment or during his tour of duty. The Agency shall be entitled to an automatic adjustment of the stipulated contract price in the event that the minimum wage is increased or in any event that the increased benefits in favor of the employees are promulgated by law, decree of wage order subsequent to the execution of the contract.

SCOPE AND RESPONSIBILITY The Agency shall provide the Client with qualified and competent security guards who shall execute effort to prevent injury to the Client's officials and employees, protect and safeguard losses or damages to its reported properties. Where such loss or damages has occurred during the watch hours of work duty of the security guards, the Agency shall assume responsibility provided: that such loss or damages is reported to the Agency by the Client initially by phone call within twenty four (24) hours from discovery continued in writing within forty eight (48) hours after its discovery, otherwise the Client will be

considered to waive its right to proceeds against the Agency. that such loss, damages or violations is directly attributed to the negligence, lack of skill and/or ignorance or failure/refusal of the guards to execute and adhere strictly to written instructions or order issued by the Client. The Agency shall not be liable for loss or damages due to force majeure, fortuitous events.

MODE OF PAYMENT For and in consideration of the services the Clients shall pay the agency semimonthly. Included in the service fee are the 13th month, 5-day incentive leave pay, holidays, and other employee benefits, non-VAT. PADPAO rate(Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc.) The Client shall pay interest on accounts covered by billings received by the Client and unpaid for thirty (30) days at the rate of three (3) percent per month. This shall be without the prejudice to the right of the Agency to terminate this contract immediately for the failure of the Client to pay the above consideration with its term.

SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis (alternatively SWOT Matrix) is a structured planning method used

to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a product, place, industry or person. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective Setting the objective should be done after the SWOT analysis has been performed. This would allow achievable goals or objectives to be set for the organization. Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others Weaknesses: are characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others Opportunities: elements that the project could exploit to its advantage Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project Identification of SWOTs is important because they can inform later steps in planning to achieve the objective. First, the decision makers should consider whether the objective is attainable, given the SWOTs. If the objective is not attainable a different objective must be selected and the process repeated. Users of SWOT analysis need to ask and answer questions that generate meaningful information for each category (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to make the analysis useful and find their competitive advantage.

DIVINE GRACE SECURITY AGENCY 's SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Good Location. The location has a direct effect on an operations costs as well

as its ability to serve customers (and therefore its revenues). The costs of moving an operation are often significant and run the risk of inconveniencing customers and staff. It is always best to get the location decision right first time. Advertising / Marketing. This allows the agency to communicate all informations about the business operation. When all information about the company is clearly defined in the advertisement, it will surely create a good perception to the client that will create future sales. Public Trust. Typically, this contributes to the perception of the people about the business. Who established it and what is the characteristics of that person to be trusted upon by the clients. Flexible Operation. This allows the agency to react in the case of changes, predicted or unpredicted which result to improved quality. WEAKNESSES Weak Internal Control resulting to FRAUD. Insufficient number of employees working and absence of prevention program, often results to collusion administering theft or fraud. Insufficient number of Security Guards / Personnel. Lack of security personnels in times of absences and leaves will affect the operation and greatly results to loss of trust and confidence of the client about the flexibility of its operations. Delayed payment of salaries. Payment punctuality really counts in business. Delayed payments results to a ripple effect that brought upon problems both to the business and its client. Lack of personnel's training. Personnels contribute to the success of the business when they are trained to perform their jobs according to industry standards. Therefore, inadequacy of training will create problems to the business. Client/Company Regulations. The client and the company regulations has a counter-effect on each other. Whenever the client change its specifications it causes the agency to adjust or change its operations. OPPORTUNITIES Increasing Market Demand. The service industry is a growing business

segment. With the current economic climate, security services are badly needed. THREATS New Entrants. New firms in an industry put downward pressure on prices, upward pressure on costs and an increased necessity for capital expenditures in order to compete. The more threat there is from firms entering the industry, the less stable a firms profits are. Government Regulations. Government regulation, policies, fees and taxes directly impact a corporation's ability to create jobs, provide affordable goods and services to its customers


A TOWS analysis involves the same basic process of listing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a SWOT analysis, but with a TOWS analysis, threats and opportunities are examined first and weaknesses and strengths are examined last. After creating a list of threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths, managers examine ways the company can take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats by exploiting strengths and overcoming weaknesses. 1) The WT Strategy (mini-mini). In general, the aim of the WT strategy is to minimize both weaknesses and threats. (2) The WO Strategy (mini--maxi). The second strategy attempts to minimize the weaknesses and to maximize tile opportunities. (3) The ST Strategy (maxi-mini). This strategy is based on the strengths of the organization that can deal with threats in the environment. (4) The SO Strategy (maxi-maxi). Any company would like to be in a position where it can maximize both,strengths and opportunities. TOWS vs SWOT A TOWS analysis involves the same basic process of listing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a SWOT analysis, but with a TOWS analysis, threats and opportunities are examined first and weaknesses and strengths are examined last. After creating a list of threats, opportunistic, weaknesses and strengths, managers examine ways the company can take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats by exploiting strengths and overcoming weaknesses.


SUMMARY In the current economic climate, with increasing fear of criminal activities, Divine Grace Security Agency launched at the perfect time is in need of a new specifications about its operations. During the process of analyzing the agency's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, there are numbers of advantages and

disadvantages discovered about the agency. Due to an increasing need for security services, the agency's advantages help the business in its operations. The good location significantly help the agency to eliminate inconveniences to its customers and clients. With a good marketing and advertising strategy, the customers are able to know important information about the operation of the business that may contribute to the agency's future income. The public trust that it entails make a good perception about the agency and its operations. With all these reasons, the agency is performing good, creating a flexible operation within the industry. However, certain problems are likely to occur during the operations, with a great number of existing competitors and new entrants in the industry, the agency suffers from downward pressure on prices, upward pressure on costs and an increased necessity for capital expenditures in order to compete. The more threat there is from firms entering the industry, the less stable the agency becomes. CONCLUSION The Agency is in need of building competitive edge through service and assurance. Therefore, the following strategies should be taken into considerations to be more successful in the industry. Establishing branches in every possible good location. Improve Advertising and Marketing both for the security guards and the customers. Increasing number of employees and security personnels. Launching new program. Implementing penalties.

RECOMMENDATIONS The following recommendations were made by the researcher.

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