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Indian Culture & Science : From Dr. P. V.

Dr.Padmakar Vishnu Vartak, M.B.B.S., F.U.W.A.I., Ph.D.[Lit]{Washington DC} Tel.No.020-24450387 Maharashtra, India. e.mail :

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Indian Culture and Science

The ancient Indian society and literature have developed from Indian culture. Culture means cultivating, or a state of manners,taste, and intellectual development. According to the knowledge achieved a culture gets developed. Indian culture has its roots in the Vedas, a vast ocean of knowledge. After Vedas there arose many literatures such as the Upanishads, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Geeta, the Puranas and Patanjala Yoga Shastra. All these works contain a lot of science and all helped develop the Indian Culture. Therefore the Indian Culture is a scientific culture. Let us see here how science was advanced in Vedic India. The Vedas have astronomical evidence to show that the Rigveda is composed around 23720 years before Christ. Vedas have named all the Nakshatras. The Vedic name Amavasya for the new-moon-day is really scientific because Ama means together and Vasya means to reside. It is a day when the Sun and the Moon reside together. There does not arise a new moon on that day hence the modern scientific name is unscientific. Vedas had arranged Lunar as well as Solar, seasonal months. The Solstices and Equinoxes were known and the Suns position on these is recorded. From this we can calculate the dates in the long past. The Rigveda tells that the rainy season began with the sun in Mruga Nakshatra.Yajurveda tells that the last night of the year was Poorva Phalgunis while the new year began with the night of Uttara Phalguni, in Vasanta Rutu. Both these facts show the date as 25000 years old. It shows that Astronomy and time measuring sciences were advanced. Nasadeeya Sukta tells how the Universe came into being, a concept same as the big-bang theory propounded in 1975. Medical science was well advanced in Vedic era. Vedas state that Rubhus were three brothers who developed a horse from a horse and a cow from skin of a cow. This is definitely a miracle like cloning, an invention of 1997. Rubhus had made their parents youthful again, a scientific feat not yet achieved by the modern science. The same Rubhus had prepared an aeroplane, having three wheels which required no horses and which could fly in the sky, move on waters and on ground. Vasistha and Agasti were developed from a scientific utensil called as Vasatiwara, without any mother, only from the semen of Mitra-Varuna - a scientific feat not yet achieved by science. Indra could incise and suture without any tourniquet or medicine. The Upanishads arose from the Vedas and contain lot of science though they are the philosophical base of the Hindu religion. Mundaka Upanishad tells the theory heat expands . [ Tapasa Cheeyate Brahma.] Mandukya tells how the Universe is born. Taittiriya Upanishad tells the existence of five bodies. The physical body is called as Annamaya Kosha because it develops by eating food and is food itself. It is moved by inner Pranamaya Kosha. Still inside is Manomaya Kosha where there is thinking,emotions,passions etc. Still inner Vijnanamaya Kosha stores knowledge on the basis of which Manomaya can think. Still inside is Anandamaya Kosha. Yogis enter in this to get bliss. Still inside is Atman. Taittiriya Upanishad gives capacities of these five bodies scientifically. Annamaya moves on the Earth. Prana moves in the atmosphere, Manomaya goes to Swarga which is the topmost layer of the atmosphere and is bright, so is called as Dyu-

Loka. Out side it is darkness as is proved by science. Vijnanamaya can go into Maha-Loka i.e. out of the Earths gravitational attraction but within our Solar system. Anandamaya can leap outside the Solar system into the Galaxy, which is named as Jana. Atman can go anywhere in the Brahman outside our Galaxy. Aitereya Upanishad tells how an embryo develops in a womb. First a mouth is formed, then nostrils, then eyes, then ears. It states that genital organ develops before anus. It shows that foetal heart begins in the second month of pregnancy. It clearly states that directions are recognized by ears. All these facts are agreed to by the modern science. Shrimad Bhagawata states the same facts more clearly. Prashnopanishad states that the Goddess of the earth by attraction helps Apana Vayu in its functions. The functions of Apana are eating, drinking, digesting, micturition, defaecation and parturition. It is proved by the science that these functions are helped by the gravitational attraction of the earth. Adi Shankaracharya explains this Mantra by using the term Gurutwa i.e. gravitation and clearly states that if this force of attraction of the earth was not present then this physical body would have floated anywhere. Thus the force of gravitation was known to the Prashnopanishad and Shankaracharya, many centuries before Newton. Rigveda also suggests the knowledge of gravitation of the earth in the Nasadeeya Sukta. Valmiki Ramayana is the most important literature representing the Indian culture. It describes Antartica as a land of Yama, the death, situated to the south of Lanka, at the end of the earth, it is white in colour and has unbearable darkness. All the facts are true to Antartica. It is white because it is covered with snow. It has six months night and the conditions are unfavorable to human race. Valmiki describes Pushpaka aeroplane which was just like a Jumbo jet. Supersonic fighter jet, Helicopter and gliders are also described vividly. Sugreeva tells the geography of the whole world similar to the modern one. He describes a Tal tree with three branches,glittering from the bottom to top like gold prepared as a sign post to show the limit of the East. Such a trident is now found at the Pacific coast of Peru, in south America. Three models of aeroplanes like concord are found is Colombia recently. All these discoveries point to advanced science of ancient Indians. South Indians had colonised America before Ramayana period of 7300 years B.C. Demon King Bali had settled in South America around 17000 B.C. Nala Vanara had prepared a temporary Setu, a bridge over the sea. For that purpose Vanaras cut the rocks with machines, tells Valmiki. Had this true story been told to new generations, they could have erected such bridges. But unfortunately, the true story was twisted and it was told that rocks floated due to Ramas name. It was a foolish pervertion of the facts. The epic Mahabharata is actually an ocean of knowledge. Its author Vyasa has rightly said that whatever is seen in the Mahabharata is present in the world. Vyasa has narrated a true fact that Nakshatra Abhijit [ star Vega] slipped in the sky due to the Krittikas approaching the Summer solstice. It means that Abhijit began its fall around 20000 years B.C. Modern Astronomy says that Vega had really slipped down in the sky to assume the position of the Polar Star, in the long past of 13000 years B.C. The epic thus shows that cultured Indians were observing the stars for thousands of years since 24000 years B.C. Vyasa states that Karna was born from Kunti due to the solar energy. Vyasa uses the word Prabhava of the Sun. Coitus is not described by Vyasa. Later Kunti produced three children, Yudhishthira, Bheema and Arjuna, without contact with any human being, just from the various energies. Modern science has proved that a female can produce offsprings without conjugation with male. Science calls this procedure as Parthenogenesis. This word means genesis like Parth. Partha means of Prutha. Prutha is a name of Kunti. Thus unknowingly the

science has used the word accepting advancement of science at Kuntis time, that means Mahabharata time of 5561 years B.C. Dhrushtadyumna and Draupadi were born from only a male, without help of any female. Drona was produced by sage Bharadwaja from his sperms without any mother, from an utensil called as Drona. At the same time Krupa and Krupi were born from the semen of Gautam without any mother. These were test tube babies. Modern test tube babies need a sperm and an ovum, their combination is done invitro i.e. outside the body in a test tube, and then the fertilized ovum is placed in a womb of a living female. But Mahabharata sages produced children only from sperms without ova, outside any living body. This is not yet done by the science. Further experiments were done in the Mahabaharata era, that test tube baby Drona was married to the test tube baby Krupi and were observed. Both behaved normally producing a child Ashvatthama. As a control test the test tube baby Krupa was wedded to a normal girl. This couple also behaved normally. Such observations are not yet done in the modern era, because the eldest test tube baby is only 25 years old and not yet married. Vyasa himself was a scientist and had performed a great work. Gandhari concieved from her husband but could not deliver a child even after two years. Therefore she aborted the embryo. Vyasa took its possession, observed carefully and minutely and cut it into pieces so that normal cells were separated and kept aloof. From these hundred cells one hundred Kauravas developed, in vitro. Modern science approves that this can happen. A fertilized ovum of Salamandar, an aquatic animal, was observed. When it divided producing four cells, all the four cells were kept aloof , which developed into four Salamandars. Modern science has not done it in human beings but Mahabharata sages had done it proving superiority. Mahabharata describes many Astras. Brahmastra appears to be an atomic weapon because its desription given by Vyasa resembles totally with the effects of atom bomb exploded on Hiroshima on 6th Aug.1945. Due to Brahmastra foetuses in the wombs of ladies died, says the Mahabharata. It is due to radiation fall out. Ordinary arrow can not show that effect. The defence arrangement of Dwaraka described in the Mahabharata tells about Avapothika, which were machines similar to the modern antimissiles. There were ordinary and Divya Astras. Divya means about sky. When Shalva invaded Dwarka and damaged it by his aeroplane, Krishna was not in Dwaraka.When he came back he followed Shalva and found him in sky, above sea. Ordinary weapons failed, so Krishna used Divya astras and destroyed Shalvas aeroplane, which came down burning. Shalva remained in the sky floating, so Krishna used his Chakra to severe his head. It shows reality of the aeroplane as a machine and of parachute, as a life saver. From the Vedas upto the Puranas there is a system of Chaturvarnya i.e. four classes of the society. Much criticism is done against the system. But if we consider thoroughly we realize how scientific it is. It covers medical, genetic and social sciences. The four Varnas are present in any society, may be of human beings or any other animal. Those who work with intelligence for the benefit of the whole society are called as Brahmanas. Those who utilize their strength for the good of the society are termed as Kshatriyas. Those who use their intelligence for themselves are known as Vaishyas and those who use their strength for themselves are Shudras. These four Varnas are present all over the world. All the scientists, teachers etc are Brahmanas. Military people are Kshatriya by Varna. Merchants, industrialists etc are Vaishya. All workersare Shudra. Intelligence is supposed to be more important than physical strength, and social work is given more honour than selfish work. Therefore Brahmanas are honored more than other Varnas. Next honored are Kshatriyas. They had to consult with Brahmanas in difficult situations. Genetic science was advanced then, so they began a system of Anuloma marriage. Sperms from higher quality person if combine with lower quality ova, they produce a better

offspring as compared to that produced from lower quality sperm in combination with higher quality ovum.[ Pratiloma]. If both the sperms and ova are from higher quality the offspring is always of higher quality. If both the husband and wife are from one Varna, children become more efficient in the work of that Varna. Russian scientists have observed that a son of a carpenter becomes more efficient carpenter than a son of a professor; even if he tries hard to be a carpenter. This is because the carpenters son looks towards carpentary since his childhood. The same attitude caused business related to Varnas. Even at present a doctor or other professional person tries to get a son-in-law from his own profession. Such tendencies are not bad, they are natural. Shrimad Bhagawata is a Maha-Purana. It has many scientific concepts stored. It says that Kakudmi went to Brahmaloka to inquire about husband for his daughter. When he returned to the Earth, many generations here had passed off, but still he was living and his daughter was of marriagable age. She married Balarama. This story suggests space travel and gives a principle that if any person goes into space with tremendous velocity his life will be extended. This type of theory is put forth by Einstein but is not yet confirmed by experiments. Bhagawata gives details about atom. It says that Anu (atom) is composed of two or three Paramanus ( subatomic particles).It is written around 1600 years B.C. Now it is confirmed that an atom really has two or three components, Hydrogen atom consists of two [ proton and electron] while other atoms consist of three [proton, neutron and electron]. Bhagawata says that Paramanus do not unite with each other, mere coming together produces illusion of solidity. Paramanus have no properties of the matter though the atom has those properties. All these statements of Bhagawata are now confirmed by the modern science. Patanjala Yoga Sutras are composed by Patanjali around 5000 years B.C. He has done such a deep study of Mind that there is no match till today. It is very scientific. Patanjali tells that sleep is a tendency of mind depending upon the afferent senses. This is now confirmed by the science that if the afferent nerves of a cat are cut, it goes into a sound sleep. Patanjali states that if a Yogi concentrates on Polar Star, he understands its motion. How could Patanjali know the motion of the Polar star which was unknown to the science a few decades ago ? The Mahabharata states that though called as Nakshatra [immobile],they too have some motion. It is now proved that stars do have motion. Santa Jnaneshwara of 12th century states that the sun appears moving though it does not move. The same is the statement of Aryabhatta of 2000 years earlier. The star Jyeshtha is 19th among the constellations according to size and lustre, even then it is named as Jyeshtha which means bigger and elder. Now Astronomy has proved that Jyeshtha [Antares] is really a red giant approaching stellar senility. How ancient Indian sages achieved all this knowledge ? Only because our culture is a treasure of knowledge. Our ancestors were scientific minded,they studied a lot systematically for thousands of years and have handed over the knowledge to us. We have to preserve it and add further knowledge to this ancient treasure. Above I have mentioned about the first ever experiment of Cloning done by Rubhus. That work was carried forwards by the Puranic scientist -sages in PreRamayana era. It is noted in Shrimad Bhagawata that King Vena of Ikshwaku dynasty was a cruel tyrant and did not behave properly with the subject. Therefore the citizens killed Vena. Then the problem arose who will rule the kingdom. At that time the sages did Manthanof a thigh of Vena and produced a child; but the child was abnormal with a small skull and dark in complexion. So it was abandoned and experiment was done afresh by Manthan of right hand of Vena. It produced a good normal child. That son was named as Pruthu and was enthroned. Pruthu means an extension, a perfectly scientific term. Clone is not a scientific term though it is an extension of one person.

This true story throws light on many aspects of the modern scientific problems. It is usually held that science can now produce Einstein. It is wrong to suppose so.Vena was a villian but Pruthu was the best king, pious and good natured. A clone may resemble exactly as far as physical body is concerned. That too cannot be always possible because the first clone from Vena was abnormal. In modern experiments too abnormal clones did appear. Moreover, science cannot control the mind and intelligence. It depends upon the previous deeds done in the previous life. Here we have to accept the Rebirth theory put forth by India since Vedas. The Pancha-Kosha theory of Taittiriya Upanishad explains this nicely. Pancha Kosha Theory tells that there are five subtle bodies. The physical body is called as Annamaya Kosha. When this is left by the inner Koshas we say that the man is dead. In the modern medical science we say that at the time of death the life goes away. To declare death of a person all the doctors say that the life is gone. Is it true ? If the life goes at the time of death, how can we donate our eyes after death ? If we invite an Eye bank to take the eyes of a dead relative after six hours the Eye specialist tells that now it is too late, you should have informed us within five hours, as five hours are over now the life in the eyes is gone. It means that upto five hours after death life was present in the eyes; then how the doctor said that the life is gone at the time of death ? It is wrong. After study of Adhyatma Shastra I have realized that at the time of death, Pranamaya Kosha leaves the body i.e. Annamaya Kosha. That left over Annamaya Kosha [foodbody] is Anna [food] of other anomals. Pranamaya Kosha with all other inner Koshas leaves the body to stay in atmosphere or Bhuva Loka for some time and then it enters a new physical body. Jeeva or life works under the Prana. Prana is an automotive force which makes the Annamaya Kosha move. An eye taken out after death is full of life. The living cornea of the dead person is grafted to another person, where the life or Jeeva in that cornea begins work taking energy from Prana of the new person. All this Upanishadic theory will definitely help the futuristic science. Manomaya Kosha contains mind, thoughts, emotions, passions, feelings etc. All these are born from the Karmas or deeds. Vijnanamaya Kosha stores knowledge which is acquired while living. These two take possession of a new body. The brain of that new body will exhibit the knowledge stored in the Vijnanamaya Kosha. If Einsteins clone does not possess the Vijnanamaya and Manomaya of Einstein, that clone will be entirely different from Einstein as far as mind and knowledge is concerned. This is unknown to the modern science, but if accepted and used will definitely help science. The rebirth theory is backed up by sound examples and has to be accepted. We can work on the concept of the test tube babies produced in the Vedic and Mahabharateeya periods using only a sperm, without any ovum and growing the foetus in vitro as is done by Mitra-Varuna, Goutama and Bharadwaya. We may produce human beings like Kuntis sons by stimulating the ova by energies like heat waves, cosmic waves, actinic rays , ultraviolet rays or electromagnetic waves [Parthenogenesis]. We may produce many children from a single fertilized ovum after its multiplication into 4 or 8 cells, just like sage Vyasa did in the case of Gandharis aborted embryo. We may send some animals like mice into space by a satellite and observe whether their life extends as is told by Vyasa in Bhagawata. Einstein states a similar theory that life extends due to travel in space with very high velicity because some particles come from the outer space to the Earth travelling for many days though their life is measurable in fractions of a second. Samarangana Sutradhara compiled by King Bhoja around 1050 A.D. tells about an aeroplane flying with the energy produced by superheated Mercury. He states that when such an aeroplane flies in the sky it emits white dazzling light. This is in accordance with the modern chemistry which states that when superheated, Mercury is ionised and gives out brilliant white light. This book narrates Robots, lift carrying a man on a cot from ground to the fifth floor etc. It

states that a mechanical Robot can guard your house. If given a stick in his hand he will ward off the thieves, but if a sword is given he will kill the enemy. A Robot maid servant comes dancing and gives a Tambool [betel leaf] to a king. All these facts are scientific and have to be worked on. King Bhoja had prepared a Dhwaja Stambha [flag-mast] from iron which has not rusted at all even after 950 years though lying on earth moistening by rain, shivering in cold and heated by the Sun. We see a similar Iron Pillar near Kutub Minar, which is not rusted in 2000 years. Modern iron technology cannot do such a miracle which our ancestors have done. Our ancestors have prepared big stone pillars, 12 feet tall supporting a building and producing musical notes on tapping. Can we do it with all our techniques and machines ? In future we have to produce such miracles, but unless we believe in our ancestors and work hard on those concepts how is it possible ? One may wonder about description of Robots in Samarangana Sutradhara. But it is no wonder. The first Robot used in the wars was Kumbhakarna described by Valmiki Ramayana. Probably, Kumbhakarna was a mechanical Robot similar to a tank but in human form. Ravanas brother Kumbhakarna had developed it and was using it himself in great wars. Therefore the Robot was named as Kumbhakarna. It was like a tank, therefore, Valmiki describes that Kumbhakarna used to kill even his own soldiers if they came in front of it. If our soldiers come in front of our tank they will be crushed, same thing happened there. Brother of Ravana could not see clearly who came close in front of his machine. Rama hit arrows inside the mouth of the Robot and killed the brother of Ravana who was sitting inside. Then he cut the various parts of the machine which then collapsed. Yoga Vasistha also has described war machines or Robots prepared by Shambarasura. They were three in number and were named as Dama, Vyala and Kata. Kata was like a modern tank protecting army. The root Kat [ 1 P] means to go, to cover. It could go and cover the army so the name. The name Dama is derived from the root Dam [4 P ] which means to tame, subdue, conquer, restrain of course the enemy. Vyala means vicious, fierce, cruel, savage like tiger or snake. Those three Robots were lifeless machines and therefore had no sentiments, no emotions, so they were never defeated. They always won the wars against Adityas. Hence Adityas played a trick to induce sentiments and emotions in them. They fought with the three Robots and ran away, many times,with defeat. This induced Ego in the Robots. At the same time Adityas talked to them and told that because of their valour Shambar wins, Shambar enjoys life at their cost. This added emotions and sentiments. They felt that they should enjoy the life. As the sentiments arose, fear too proped up in them. Naturally they could not fight with the previous zeal. Therefore they were defeated by Adityas. I have narrated this story because now-a-days there are developed many computerized Robots. They are used in Surgery as well as wars. Artificial intelligence is also supplied to them. So one day they might get Ego and then they may rebel against the mankind. It will be difficult to defeat them. They may conquor the man. In that situation a man can play the same trick as played by the Gods. For future this past story is very useful. We may learn from the past history if we study the history with proper bearing. The Mahabharata states that Ghatotkacha went into the sky and attacked Kauravas vehemantly. To avoid death of the whole Kaurava army at the hand of Ghatotkacha, Karna used his Vasavi Shakti against Ghatotkacha, on 30th October 5561 years B.C.. Fearing that deadly missile Ghatotkacha flied anywhere, but the Vasavi Shakti followed him. Was that Shakti fitted with a tracer ? Modern science has found out such tracers. We have to work on this theme and prepare such tracers to fix on rockets. We use cannon balls to knock down aeroplanes. These cannon balls are cylindrical containing explosives. Lord Krishna had used Sudarshana Chakra to cut the Saubha [ aeroplane] of Shalva. Chakra is a disc moving at a very fast speed. Such a speedy

disc can easily cut the body of an aeroplane which then is likely to fall down. Why not use this technique in future ? It is written in the Mahabharata that Puru gave his youth to his father Yayati. It is difficult to hand over youthfulness to other. Then how it was done. I think it was a transplant operation. Puru donated his testicles to his father. Purus testes were grafted on Yayati. Naturally he got the necessary male hormones to enjoy life. After enjoying for some years Yayatis eyes opened and he again gave the testes back to Puru and crowned him on the throne of Hastinapura. Transplant operation of testes may be my conjecture; but it is based on an evidence that Indra had undergone such graft surgery. When Indra seduced Ahalya, his testes were severed by Goutam. Indra then ran to Ashvinikumars. Ashvinau were divine Surgeons. They took testes of a goat and implanted those in the body of Indra. However, the goats testes did not work in human. This was an attempt of transplant operation. We have to work on this concept and use animal organs on humans. A similar transplant of horses head was done on Daddhyanga. One sage Daddhyanga got some disease in his head. To cure it Ashvinau took his head away and in its place implanted a head of a horse for a while.(Rg.1-116-12). After repairing his human head they replaced it again removing the horses head. The sage became normal. One may laugh at this statement because at present no such operation on head or brain is possible. But is it really impossible ? At present heart can be transplanted. During an operation on heart, it is totally stopped by freezing and with the help of Heart-lung preparation circulation is maintained and after correcting the defect in the heart it is connected to the circulation, removing the heart-lung machine. In the same way, was not it possible to implant a horses head in place of human head to maintain the give and take of sensory and motor impulses and to continue the vital functions which are similar in man and horse? Alternatively, it might have been a machine named as Horsehead. Vajrastra, as told in the Mahabharata ,was able to powder even a mountain. We neglect it thinking it to be a poetic idea. But it is scientific. Prof. Gavreau of the Research Institute for Electro- acoustics in Marseilles is working on it. It is proved that subsonic vibrations cause headaches, nausea, itching, trembling etc. He proved that a note of 196 hertz produced cracks in a concrete building. Then he developed a genuine Death Trumpet which can send sound waves of 37 Hertz which are capable to crush down buildings over a radius of several miles. At present a Death Trumpet 75 feet long is in a course of construction. It is expected to produce sound waves with death dealing frequency of 3.5 Hertz. U.S.A.F. tests of Soviet theoretical prognostications have demonstrated that electro-accoustical advancements in sound pulsation can result in massive annihilation of battle field troops by inducing total disorientation through inaudible infrasound generated at super-high frequencies. This novel weapon of human destruction is limited currently only by the size, immobility and unwieldiness of generating equipment, which with perfection of technology will also fall subject to the trends of minituarisation and portability. Without any background the French and Russians are progressing in the direction of Vajrastra. India has a background and the effects of Vajrastra are fully described in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Then why should we lag behind ? Why should not our scientists develop Vajrastra . In future we must invent new weapons. There is one more queer Astra called as Praswapa Astra . Bhishma used it against Parashurama who yawned due to its effect and accepted his defeat. It used to produce sleep. Similar Astra named as Sammohana Astra was used by Arjuna against the Kaurava army. He blowed into a conch and produced such sound notes that the Kaurava army including Karna sat down in the battlefield and slept down. Arjuna alone could defeat the whole army without blood shed. Our non-violent nation should develop such an Astra so that we can win the wars without

killings. It is well known that sound waves of a peculiar tone may induce sleep. In future or rather for the future we must develop such a novel weapon which can kill enemy without destruction of immovable and movable properties which may add to our national wealth. Narayana Astra was launched by Ashvatthama in the Mahabharata war. [Drona Parva Adhyaya 199]. Due to its action thousands of fiery arrows appeared in the sky. Everything was covered by those arrows. Many weapons like Shataghni, Gada, Chakras also appeared. The army was incinerated by fire. Krishna knew it so he ordered all to keep down weapons and come down from the vehicles on the ground. Bheema did not heed to that suggestion. Therefore he got covered with golden fiery sparks like glow worms. As Bheema fought, the Astra became more and more fierce, encircling Bheema. To save him Krishna and Arjuna rushed inside and pulled Bheema down. Then the Astra calmed down, but not Bheema. From the description it appears that Narayana Astra was some poisonous gas with a special specific gravity so that the gas did not come down, within the range of , say, 8 feet from the ground. As Krishna knew this he advised to get down on the ground for safty. Probably it was some inflamable nerve gas affecting a person by inhalation. A fighting man increases his rate of respiration and inhales more gas which is toxic. Therefore Krishna had ordered not to fight. Moreover, in a fight man gets perspiration. The gas might have some affinity to sweat with which it reacted to produce glowing spots all over Bheemas body. In the skin at the hair follicles there appear droplets of sweat where the gas was acting, and near the hair follicles there are nerve endings. Naturally, the gas acted through those nerve endings. Why should not we prepare such a nerve gas from this description ? U.S.A. has prepared nerve agents like Sarin, infinitely more potent than Mustard gas. America is working, why not we ? Mayasabha described in the Mahabharata was a height of electronic technology. We should try to prepare such a Mayasabha at present which may attract the tourist from world over. Uptillnow I have reported the scientific advances from ancient literature. But we can think in the same way using our cultural background and evolve new machines. Devanagari script is our cultural heritage. It is the most scientific script based on Anatomy. There are five classes of letters. Kanthya are produced from throat [gutteral] and are K, Kh, G, Gh, . H. Talavya [palatal] are produced by touching the tongue to fore- palate eg Ch, Chh, J, Jh, Y. Moordhanya is uttered by touching the tongue to the rear part of palate eg T,Th, D, Dh, N, R, S and L. The fourth class Dantya [Dental] is uttered by touching the tongue to the teeth eg T,Th,D,Dh,N,L,S. Fifth is Oshthya [Labial] uttered by touching each other the P,Ph, B, Bh, M,W. These letters are syllables that means units of pronunciation. Every letter has a definite pronunciation and each utterance has a special letter or symbol. When we utter a letter, its sound waves spread out and reach an ear which deciphers it. When anybody says K everybody listens K. That means it has a special pattern of sound waves. Each letter in Devanagari,thus,has a special pattern of sound waves. If we differentiate these patterns and if we feed that pattern to electronic typewriter , it will print the same letter. If we develop such a machine it will print whatever is talked in front of it. If we insert a computer in this mechanism, it will print whatever is spoken at fast speed. This is not possible for Roman script because its letters have different pronunciations and different pronunciations have different letters . For example, Fish can be written as Ghoeti, because F can be represented by GH as in enough. I may be represented by oe as in Amoeba or Oesophagus.Ti may replace sh as in attention. One utterance has different symbols for example, birth, berth, worth, hurt, earth, arrear. All the vowels have all the pronunciations in Roman script. Therefore it is impossible to prepare a machine which can type uttered words. Devanagari can be used to develop such a machine.[Swaramudra]. I am suggesting this to experts for last forty years but no expert takes interest in making such an instrument. I request the electronic and computer acoustician technologists to make such a machine. If we produce it the whole world will purchase it and will use Devanagari script because any language can be written in Devanagari. It will be a triumph of Indian Culture and Devanagari script, which will

definitely rule all over the world. Let me hope so, let my dream come true. I have many scientific ideas, many concepts, I am ready to hand over all those concepts to enthusiastic scientists and technologists; but nobody approaches me. Only one student approached me, took details from me and he prepared a dry battery cell according to Agastya Samhita. That cell produced a current of one volt. Modern dry cells produce 1.5 volts current. A little modification may produce more voltage. Let this voltage stimulate the brains and hands of Indian researchers, scientists and technologists to produce new items, new products, new machines. Let India be highest in knowledge as well as strength. Thank you. The End.