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In these days, our society has always used the punishment to make understand the criminals the consequences

of their acts. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences.1. The society has a big interest in preventing any kind of crimes but specially with the crimes where are involved with other people as murders, killings, other ilegal actions as; organ trade, human trafficking, drug trafficking or violations. Many people says that this actions should use the strongest punishment available to end or reduce this crimes , and one of the idea that they believe can be the solution is the death penalty. But really that statement can be the solution to these problems? A investigation showed that the fact that in various countries or states which do not exist the death penalty, have a lower murder rates. And in states with high murder rates showed that have even higher rates if they did not use the death penalty. More than 60% of the worldwide population lives in countries where executions take place in so far as the four most populous countries in the world (such as People's Republic of China, India, United States and Indonesia) apply the death penalty. In our country there is no death penalty crimes are not cumulative, if a person commits a murder or as 20 will be judged in the same way and convicted of a single crime. In Ecuador, we have a high rate of crime as crime, murders, hired killers, kidnappings, among others, that in all this time has increased, but use an act as decisive as the death penalty has not been the subject of discussion in the assembly, and not see it as a solution. I believe that this measure should be taken in special cases of mentally ill people who already have reiteration in his deeds, who have been several killings, because for these people there is no second chance, because they did not think about the consequences for their actions or give opportunity to its victims to live.

In late 2005, the death penalty applied in cases of intentional crimes with fatal consequences, was implemented in 76 countries, while 122 countries had already abolished the practice.2 Also consider, that this measure if I could change the minds of murderers and people who commit crimes usually creates a society of fear but in a positive way, because a thief will think twice about making the decision to kill another person for minimum object like a phone or a laptop, but equally believe that this would not be the solution to eradicate crime and murder, but to decrease them. In conclusion, I think the death penalty should be taken only in extreme cases of crimes such as murders or killings usual, and even though it will not change the deliencuencia in our country, if you can serve for the start of a However, to reduce these crimes and to eradicate completely. Ecuadorian society and live in fear of crime and street thieves, also can creear a society of fear about criminals, making them think twice before committing a crime.