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Ir-eefne oNe OF THOSE TWo ftoruOEns 6p ARo4xp NAai{xE WHTcH RADTcALL Y SSo L VES DT AL L AI.IIm n ].s, VEe IT ABL ES, 'A N D | v l t r u e n n lIs N T o r HEIRp RINctp L ES., L vtr Ho u BEr r NG



BY:'EilA@S 19 E5

or imI ^rn cone noi io ihe discovery of the great Circulate' or' PARACELSUS urortaJ- d.issolveni i and HELMONI T' not laying here the for.rndation of iis Use and ExceJJencyr' which I presume is suffi cwho had rather now hear beli-eved rn ihe lforl-d. already, ieni;ly with a large be tantalized tidings how it ruay be aitainedr'then Encomium of its worth and value. I elsewhere taught its Natr.rrer' and Efficacyr' although briefly I she]l here come to a Nativity with caution as welJ. as cartdor. more large handling of itr'yet which by It is (as I said) a Spiritual Saltr or Saline Spirit, dissreason of its transcendent puriff, cannot be corruptively not finding arry body so noble (at least more nobJ-e) ipatedr'and then ii sel f ; disdains to be wedd.ed r:nto any; nor is it capable or' a diverse ferloent i?onr it selfi and so not liable to transmutai;ion; the heowledge and, preparation of this is a work of nost absi:rrse Philosophy, the hope and crown of the ADEP{II. 0 immortal Ens or Which penetrates alL bodies, and perfectly LiquorS reduces thern to their first Ees or matteri without any loss of virtue, or pondus, but remains in nunber, weight, and measure, the srme after 1000 tj;mes acti-:eg upon bodily concretes; only one conquers and subjugates it, and is in it self destcoyed in its destrtrciion. It is ri].e and, yet preciousr'it costs nothingf every rnan hath ir, the poor as well as the rich; ADAM carryed it w'ith him out of Paradise, it is nost secret in MrcRocOsl,IEr trost potent j.:e the MICROC0SIVIE; it destroys and conquers all lqdies, and subjugates rfis the product of Uri.:ee, then the nost rebellious nothing nore cornmonto come by, nothing nore difficrrlt to work orlr well tedious: sord'id are therer'ore said I{ELilIONI, that its preparation was nost And nost trr:Iy wrote he of zuch as contenn so vile and. a thing, and, to leas:e by the fire what its contenis

Ti{A! tRuE 'tl-ISDOrlDo[H .{riD wIr,r DEspIsE T}IEM. For the plailer ' unfoLding ihe nysrery of iis nai;irrity and preparation, r shaJ-r


r e c i t e m y o w n b ro i l e ri e s, how I hunr ed after it, and how after m a r r y y e a r s se a rch , a n d i n r'inite er r or s, i aa J- engr h aiiainea i 't, if there be any thing deserving irnitation in my example , foll ow it, a n d p e rh a p s (Go d b l e ssing your studies, labour s & watchings ) you may at last attain your desires, as I, through the undeserrreci m e r c y o f Go d , 4 t l a st a tta i ned m I had not been long conver s a n t i n th e w ri ti n g s o f th at noble Philosopher ; but I soon ( fr o m s o m e o f hi s e rp re ssi o n s) gather ed a str ong pr esumption, that E specially fr om thai place in his TRA C . U r i n e w a s th e su b j e ci . DE LITH. where he thus speaks, EST IN NATIIRAUNIVERSI, tt C. There (which is in the whole of the Universe, but only one fire, is our WLCAIII) ana so likewise there is but one only L i q u o r w hi ch i s o f p o w e r to dissolve al.l solid bodies into thei r first matter, without being its self in the least changed orweakened in its virtue; which those that are adept heow and carl the dissolvable testifie. B u t i n th e a cti vity of other Spir its, bodies can never radically mix themselves with the dissolving L i q u o r t an d th e re fo re , th o ugh they ar e cor r oded, Xet is not thi s ( bei ng t o b e e s t e e me d a n i n ti re for ever y acid Spir it d issolution, corrosive) by corroding another body, is coagulated, and in a manner fixt, and becomes transmuted into the for:n of a condensed Sa1t, not that the body, which (without alteration) endured what the pontick Spirit could work upon it, acts any thing towards its c o a g u l a t i on , b u t i t se l f b y its pr oper cor r osive activityr is Coagulated of its own accord.. Thus far IIELMONT in that place, who elsewhere speaking of his exarni.:eation of all Salts, by way of Analyzing them, forrnd by all trials possible, that their S p i r i t s we re sti l l a ci d , e xcept only Aicalizate Salts,and those o f t h e Esse n ti a l S u l p h u rs of vegetables. The Spir it of Mans U r i n e , n otw i th sta n d i n g , w as neither Acid nor Alcallzate, but m e e r l y S a l i n e , a l so th e S pir it of the Ur ine of Beasts. Hence I c o n c l u d e d , th a t i n o n e o f these two the Im m or tal Liquor must fi nd i t s p r i r n i ti ve o ri g i .n a l , h a ving on good r eason, excluded all- ac i d Sp i r i t s ; (a n d b y co n se q u e nce the Spir its of all other Sa1ts in

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the World) Nor was the coniroversie long deciding between Alcalwhen l z a t e a n d U ri n o u s S a l ts, c onsider ing the wor ds of IIELM ONT; ( saith he ) I distingu,ished between the MERCIIRIES,and the Salts and SULPHIIRSof CONCREIES,bV an analytical of them, resolution I wondered at the sluggish, nature of the MERCURIAI compared to the dignity and excelleni activity of the other two principles (to yit Sulphureous and Saline) Moreover I, saith he, those Salts nore dul1 and languid, which partaked ofn the nature of SIILPHIIR, but the AcaLizate Spirits, and those of Essential vegetable Sulphurs, h saith definitively, that their saline Acrimony is fat and Sulphureous, nor easily or speedily reducible into Sa J . t , u n l ess b y a te d i o u s inver sion of their whole substance; w h e n c e I o b se rve d , th a t A l calies wer e not to be volatized ( dueIy and truly) but by means of essential vegetable 0i1s or SIILPIIURS. Secondly, Ihat being volatized, they retained their Sulphureous fatrress a long time, tiJ.l by a tedious inversion of the whole' substance, the Sulphureous nature was turned into a Saline. Thirdly, yet (even then) those sali.ree Alcalizate could not give spirits the inmortal Liquor, because Meretriciously addj.cted to wed any s u b j e c t , a n d b y d i sso l u ti o n ther eof, to be r educed into a volatile SaIt, ?s IIEL,MONT erpressly teacheth in his TRACT. DE FEB. as in his TRACT. DE P0TEST MEDICAM,his words are these, If, he, YoU CAi{NoTATTAIN I0 THE ARCAT{UM 0F oIIR FIRE, LEARN (AS A SUCCEDAT{EUM TIITRETo) TO MAI(E AICAT,IES Vor,ArItE, AI{D WITH THEIR SPIRITS PERFORM THEY YOURDISSOIUTIONS; ffiiICH' ALIHOUGH LEAVE TIIEIR DISSOT,I/ED B0DIES ( WHEN DIGESTED IN OUR STOMACKS ) YEf IIA1E THEY BY T}IEIR DISSOIUTION OF, AND COAGUT,AIION UPON THEM, BoRRourED S0 MUCH0F THEIR VIRTUE, AS By IT T0 BE ABLE T0 o\ERCoME MOSTDISEASES. And in another place he saith, IF SPIRII 0F SAI.,I 0F IARTAR DISSOIIE QUICKSIIVER, SIll/ER, UNICORNES HORN, CRABS EYES, 0R Al{Y OTHER SIMPI,E; If WIII CURE (N0[ ONIY AlL, FEA\IERS) And without making distinction; n o t t h a t I e xp e ct th e e u i ck- silver , Silver , & c. should pass w i th the Spirii; into the Veins; bui it is sufficient that the AlcalLzate BUT MOST DISEASES II\DIFFffiENTIY.


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Volatile a:rd CoaguJ-ab1eSalt; and in the Stomack being i'irst dige s t e d , ( as o th e r Me a ts a re ) it passeth into the Meser aicks' bei ng carried thiiher by the Urine; and in its passage resolveth and filth it meets with, by virtue of loosneth wharever obstructing fr om the bodie s i t s Ex o t i ck q u a l i .ti .e s, b o rowed in dissolution, And in his TRACT. DE POTESTMED. whereon it was coagulated. s p e a k i n g o f A l ca l i .e s, I p e r ceived or felt ( saith he) that they and have void of aJ-l serninal power t oT properties, are utterly o n l y a S a p o n a ry, A b ste rsi ve , and r esolving natur e, wher ewith they and then I was se na r e c o n t en te d ; e xce p t th e y be mad.evolatile, s i b l e t h a t i ;h e y re -a ssu me d Balsamick seminal Vir tues, and the r adi n a ' l n r i n n i n l ss o f th e se concr etes ( by whose volatile SULPHU R S But adds, I was sensible how t h e y w e r e re vi ve d a n d ma d e volatile.) are transmuted into new and various easily these volatile forms , since they rrnite most readily to any Bodies, and wed therew i t h ; a c t i n g a cco rd i n g to the native disposition of the Bodies , to which they are thus conjunctively By these testassociated. imonies of this noble and nost acute Philosopher, whom I felt r-mderstandingly, having first often read him, and seriousl;r considered hj-s words, I was wholly confirrned in my opinion concerning Uriner 4s the only subject in which thi.s secret Liquor was to be sought and attained. !\Ihich opinion of mi-ne was dayly more and more s t r e n g t h e ne d b y se ve ra l e xpr essions of his concer ning this sub j ec i , o n e o f w hi ch I re ci te d b e for e, namely, That W isdom did ( and for ever will) despise aJ.J- such who think scorre to learre by the fire w h a t ' t h e co n te n ts, n a tu re , and pr oper ties of Ur ine ar e, how so r did and contenptible a thing soever it seem and appear to be. in his Tract. concerning he useth this expression concerning t h e w h o l e syste m o f th e U niver se it Neither Sea nor For:ntain Salt, Salt not any natural of Beasts, was comparable to it. Therefore the six d.igestions in man, the SaIt of Mans Urine, that had not its fellow or peer . In a word, Peter or GEMME: SaIt whatsoever, nor yet the Salt of the Urine The same he affirms in his in


in the Urine of a Horse, which he found far to fa1l short of the dignii;y of Mans Urine, noi ita-ring; in it, or by any preparation, yielding which that noble Spirit, i.n Mans Urine was to be found, which Coagulated Spirit of lVine i n a n i n s ta n t, n o t i n to a fixed body, but an Aether ial subtil, Salt, then which nature.haih not a more spiritual spiritual peneCreatrrre; of the SaIt of Urine he before said., That he trative Icrew not if or no the whole World afforded any thing of a more subtle nattrre; comparing which with that Paragraph concerning the Imnortal di.ssolvent in his TRACT. DE MEDICAM POTEST; he calls i t t h e h i g h e st a n d mo st n o ble of Salts, which hath attained its allutmost pitch in nature of subtilty penetrating and purity, things, and is the only agent in the World, which acting upon Bodj-es, remains always immutable, and with ease resolves aI] things, and brings them jnto ready obedience, liquefying and ( at the same tine) volatiztttg themr 4s Snow is melted in warm water. I observed, I say, in the works of this Philosopher, the Liquor Alchahest, and the Circulated Salt of PARACELSUS, oiherwise called the greater Cireulate, were Slrnonimous, and indifferently usea io signifie this fire of He1I, or immutable di.ssolvent; and where is it to be forrnd but in that subject whose Spirit is even, never Acid or Alcallzate? (by Not without cause therefore way of incouragemeni) tre thus allureth the studj.ous searehers of truth; seek (my Brethren) and as many of you as are sedulous and diligent sha1I find tnrth ready to meet you with open arms, to embrace Xour and crotvn your searehes with rrnspeakable joy. First learrr to dissolve the Drelech, of, Stone of the Bladder or R e i n s r o f , th e Gra ve l o f e i ther , in a Glass with a Tepid liquor , inoffensive to e i th e r S to n ack or Blad.der , r ejoice, for you ar e near the great secret, then leasre tc dissolve the Lu-Cus, ar:.d red u c e i t i n to a vo l a ti l e sa l t, & c. Now this soir it or Li.ouor w h i . c h w i l l th u s re so l ve th e Duelech, is the second, which is drawn from Urine (putrified The former by long digestion).


And instances

(o f A QU AVITAE r ectified) C o a g u l a t i n g S p i ri t being som e days be f o r e t a k e n a w a y b y d i sti l l a ti o n. Fr om the testim onies of tir i s m os i adept Philosopher by ihe fi-re: I set my mi-nd to acute and truly c o n s i d e r t h e th i n g i t se l f, and for - m d it a subject of gr eat won der . COAGIIIUM, My Erperj-ence convinced me, that i.t was an AI{OMAtrOUS was yet the Coagulati on w h i c h b e i n g i t se l f a mo st subtile Spir it, and those only vinous, for altho f o t h e r (a n d n o n e b u t) S p i rits, all acid Spir its , o u g h i t s ee ms to C o a g u l a te , it destr oys utter ly and returns them into Water insipid r or rather the acid Spirii;, a t t e m p t i n g b y i i ;s C o rro si ve ness, to d.estr oy the tender Spir r t ' It the better to volatile and flying; w h i c h i s mo st e xq u i si te l y d e f e n d i t se l f, a ssu me s th e for r n of a coagr .llated Body ( as W ater to withstand the active force of the Cold which would. turn it in t o G a s , cru sts i t se l f b y its own action, into an lce) gna so plays r.mder the Maske of Spirit, this most fugacious penetrative gody of Sal ar:noni-ack, a fas more fixed (yet'totally volatile) (to avoid whose tyranny it thus di.sguised it while the Spirit totally destroyed from what activity self) is by its own fretting it w a s , a nd b e co me s a me re elem ental W ater : That this Coagulation, and disguised fixation, with a total suspensi.on of the acute Uni( effn a r y o d o u r a n d ta ste , i s from it self, and not the acid Spir it ectively). I d.emonstrate, first fixi; in that upon any Acidity, or volatile, i t w i l l d o th e sa:ne thing, ?r r d becom e the sane SaI t, a n d s o t h e a ci d C a l ci n a te of Vitr iol, as well as its acid volatil e Spirit will But Secondly, were cause the same product. and would be really actually transmuted, and become another thing, whereas the same (identically Urinous Spirit and nurnerically) is (in this action) the Urinous coagulated passively, it but vieled rrnder a Lawar or nasked r:nder the disguise of a more f i x e d b o d y (a s Wa te r sti l 1 rem ained the sam e, counter feits a bo dy of aopearing Glass, being indeed but. the sarre water identically, in t h e d i sg u i se o f l ce ). And this the affusion of a LIXIVIUM o f sart of rARfARr or any other Alcaly, will easily discover, when in the twinkling of an eye, or the space of the same quickest thought, Spirit

o -,',

of urine, in the sarre pONDus& qualities, and w i t h t h e sa n e fo rn a l o ro p e r ties, wilL disr ill over as befor e , :r aassuning the same subtlei;y of odour, fi.eryness of taste, being e q u a l . J - yV o l a ti l e , co a g u l a ting also Spir it of W ine, speedily, pow er fully, artd solernnlyr a.s if ii; had never been coagulated. Whereas the acid Spirit is turned ini;o an insipid Water; having spent it self in vaj.n upon this disguised Body of SAL ARMONIACK. And Thirdly, were the coagulation and seni-fi.xation from the aciively Corrosive Spirit, which is most fiery, and in its tr.unultuous acti . o n , c a u se th a se n si b l e i n suffer able heat to the touch, it coul d actually inprini not upon a Spirit nost exquisitely hot and fiery, For it being that LUNAR BLAS, which is apparent in SAI ARMONIACK: (although in nature and quality hot, and materially and reaIly hiddenly) containing the most fiery Spirit of Urine, of which the same spirit a drop in an instant will vesitate the Tongue or Lipsr a's powerfully and speedily as the most fiery potential cautery; and the Spirit by its most acute sharp odour (arguing the most exquisite h e a t o f i t w h e n re cti fi e d ) and penetr ative, being so volatile scarce any stopple can keep it contained to the Vessel which contains it; and so piercingly acute, that no humaner or other Anj.mals Organs of smelling can long endu:ie its odour, without a t h r e a t e n e d .S yn co p e ; i f n o t an Apoplexie for the time doth yet so powerfully operate by A LIINAR BIAS, that if SAI ARMONIACK be put i n a n U r i n a l r o r o th e r th i ck Glass, and water pour ed on it, straightway it causeth such an- extremity of Cold., as wilJ. actually freeze Water on the outside of the Urinal, V3 although AI{IIMONY, or SUIJHIIRT or COPPER,b sublimed with it, which are of a hot fiery Nature: And this TUNARBIAS is inseparable from it as long as it appears in the form of a more fixed Body of Salt, where observe by the way, that Cold is a real positive Ens or Being, and not a bare privaiion of heat, as the Schools most coldly (It i-s I say) a Being which in the twinkling teach. of an eye, Blas of moistened SAI, ARMONIACK can by the iradiating be sent ihrough the i.mpervious sides of a strong Glass, so as in an


to produce Cold in its glaciaring extream, which was not s o t i r e m ome n t b e fo re . T h e r efor e Secondly, this canno' t be an im p r e s s i o n sta rn p t u p o n th e n ost fier y Cor r osive; but is done by the activity o f th e U ri n o u s S pir it upon itself, which it is so soll i c i t e d t o o b y th e e xci ta ti o n of the Cor r osive Spintr &s W ater ac tu a ] . l y c r u st i t se l f w i th l ce, by the Ir r aiion of extr eam Co1d, w h i c h o t h e rw i se th re a te n s r uin to its pr esent for m of Existence . And Thirdly, By a peculiar priviledge the Creator hath given this Spirit, the most Cold LIINAR BIAS, marries it self to this (nai;urally hot quality) subject, which it influentially imprints on w h a t s o e v er i t to u ch e th i so soon as moistur e ( over which the col d M o o n b y i ts l i g h t i s p re si d ent) is pour ed on its Body; tha.,- ihe Atotus of Water and Salt do embrace each other. Fourthly, no marvelJ.' since the T,unar influence (having dominion over moisture) is the nain instrtrment of reducing things to their first matter ( a s i s e vi d e n t i n In k, B ro th, Jellies; Fleshr or Fishr onc thr oughly Fbozen) that the acid Co.rrosive Spirits, (which acti:eg their fury upon Bodies, are vari.ously coagulated into fixt coagulated salts, ofttimes very corrosive) are in this action, bv a retrograde reduction, brought into mere insipid E1emental Water; For l e t t h e C o mo si ve S p i ri t b e of what kfud soever , Acetous, Vitr iolate, Nitrious , of salt Gernme,sea sart r or any other acidity, the product of SAI ARMONIACK is still the same, 4s a].so the LIINAR Br,As in it, if not appearing with the same countenance at first coagulation, yet by sublimation of the coagulated Salt, t h e i d e n t i ty i s so o n p e rce ptible; and the same r ed,uction of the comosive spirit to insipid water, is as well the end of one aci.d5.ty as another: By which the action of the spirit upon it (not self, suffering a passive coagulation from the acid. corro s i v e ) i s b e yo n d d i sp u te , and out of question. So then this is the original and producti.on of SAtr ARI4ONIACK the most subtle acute penetrative urinous spirit, meeting with a n a c i . d c orro si ve ; th i s se eks ( uy a fur ious assault, to destr oy that; which to prevent, the urinous spirit, counterfeiis a Body


Coagulation, which (as a more pernanent) it opposby a SPONTAI{EUS Into thi s Body Acidity. eth to the fr.ry of the Corrosi-ve spiritual the LUNARBIAS concentrates, and joins it self, dwelting in its yet acting visibly. invisibly, The acid Spirii;, fretting it self, in vain upon this wonderful a deterrnination from its Cold LUNARBLAS, ends body, receiving and thai extinction in the total of its saline seminal virtue, which in other actings, receives fron various bod.ies, various coagulations; into dj.vers forms of Salts fixed from this cor.mierfeit body (guarded by a IUNAR BLAS or influence) receives its and becomes insipid Elemental water; thus al-l final destruction, through its own acii.vity is exkralated (by a fustraneous the Spirit acting on thj.s dibiliated body) if from it self: But that the end a n d e xca n d e s cence, should be the total extinction o f t h i s f try, to the of its saline lifer or, is wholly to be attributed wedded to the IUNAR BIAS, which !.s intinately and inseparately forn of SaJ. Arnoniack; whose coagulation into that disguise of a body, is by its own acti.on, on it self, according to an r.merri.:rg instinct b y w h i ch th e w i se Cr eator hath injoined it to act. This I have described the more at large, that the studious lnight lay this finre relation of the anomalous Generation, as a sure foundation to wortc upon in the most secret discovery of what only a true nental nan will i.:ete11ectua11y apprehend, and intuitively behold, with the clear sight of the Soul or mind. For as there is a SA1, ARMONIACK Vulgar, which scarce any FooI }oeows; so is there also a SAL ARMONIACK of Philosophers, which onJ.y true elect Sons of Leazning lcrow: In the ci.rculation of which, is the perfection of the hope of alJ. true adept Brothers of Artr so far as concerns this fire of Hell, which is Fire and yet Water, Vfater, and y e t n o W a t,:r, A i r, a n d ye t condensi.ble, not Cor r osive, yet the m os i sharp and perpetual Corrosive: A choice Medicine, cleansing and purifying Natr-rre, yet the destroyer and conqueror of But vinous Urine, Spirits and it are actually self is and actively coagulated by Soirit of actually con-coagulated with them, of which


gives not an r.mlilce EIOGIUM, to that of the coagulation HET.,MONT Immortal Liquor it self; namely, Thai it is not made by a bare association of parts, but a marrying of each to other in the bond r.:n i ty, a pr oduction of a new Ens' which is a o f i n d i s s o l ve a b l e from either parbody, disiinct most subtil, spiritual neutral, ent. Here is a spiritual body arising from two, yet withoui any diversity o f fe rme n t, fo r a vinous Spir it is intim ate, and central-J.y one with the Spirit of Mans Urine, by virtue and efficacy of Wi.:ee,and j.s coagulated ii self, of which, it coagulates Spirit unless by the influwhich cannot happen to any Urinous Spirit, e n t i a l p o w e r o f a vi n o u s; which is the only coagulable object (prinarily) With which, if it rneet wi-ih any of Spirit of Urine. S p i ri t, e ssentially r .r nited, it coagulates it self o t h e r v o l a ti l e so th e 0 i 1 s o f Spices, and odor i.fer ous Vegetables' therewith; are with associated to a Urinous Spirit, being first intinately Spirit body by rectified it coagulated together into one spiritual the r.miversallof Urine; and trrrJ-y, upon serious consideration, cannot suffity of the nature and energy of Urine in its Spirit, F o r ( mediately at the least) ther e is noiciently be a d mi tte d . thing in the whole universe (except the central heart of MERCURY, and one thing which alone is its comperer the one d.estroying i-t, the other r.r:.toucht by its activity) which is not either by it f,ransmuted into its own nature, or else absolutely destroyed and reduced into clear and elemental water. For demonstrating this, it will not be amiss to take an exact survey, zt least briefly In of all sublinary Concrete Bodies. the Mineral Klngdom, (the central heart of MERCURY,(as was above said) excepted), all Su1phurs, metalline and minera!, yea of GOLD, SIL\rER, and MERCURY themselves, are by reiterate bations, turned into saline Liouors, or Spirits, and they last return to insipid. elemental Water, so alJ- Stones not cinable by this fi-re of HeIl, are made into circulating or with this Liquor, by addition return at last into Water. All Salts, even cohoat cal-

which by oft are volatil-ized, and calcinable stones


a n A l ca l y, which being by essential 0i1s volati-zed, unite with rectifi ecr Spir:-t of Wine, and are con-coagulated by an Urinous Spirit; rvhich subtle Coagulur, by a convenient acidity made into a more abiding bodily Sa1t, and subseparated limed, whatever wil-L not formally abide therewithris straightway in form of an I{ETEROGEiVEOUS Liquor, and by an easie ari is robbed of its seminal Crasis, and returns to insipid water. An i m a l s, th e i r F 1 e sh , Blood, and Bones, besides a M er cur ial Liquor (which is soon turned to elementary water) give a fat Sulphur, and an rrrinary Salt, if not by immedi.ate distillation, Vet AI f The CAPUT by a previous maceration by fennent and putri.faction. M 0 R f b e c o me s b y th e co h o b a tion of our Cir culated Saltr a m er e S a l t , a n d a t l a st b e co me s W ater r a' s all Ear ths, Stones, or the semi t h e U ri n a ry S a l ts b e i ng pur ified by r ectificationr and lik e , become a fixed into a more permanenr bociy by proper Acidities, (losing its Heterogeneities) SAI ARMONIACK; which in sublination arises r.mivocally the sarne with other of the same kind. [he fat by d i s t i l l a t io n i s vo l a ti ze d , and by an Alcaly becomes susceptib l e of union with Spirit of Wi.:ee, and consequently of con-coagulation by an Urinous Spirit, proper is nade a SAI ARMONand by acidities IACK. The Urine of alJ. Creatures giving a Spirit, is by an acidity made a tractable body' or' salt, and by subliming with other sAl ARMONIACK; what is not made one ideniically therewith, is separated as Heterogeneus, and by an easie art total-ly destroyed. AlJ. horns and hoofs, either innediately, or being before burned, yield an 0i1, and an Urinous Salt; and may be handled r a,s I said before, in t h e l i k e ca se , o f th e sar ne pr ociucts of Flesh, B1ood, sfld Bon es . All Trees by burnfug, give a fixt A1ca1i & Mercurial tiquor, a Sulptr.rr, and a volatile volatile Salt in the soot, is plainly a n d t r u l y U ri n o u s; so me S p i ces, Flower s, Seeds, Bar ks and Roots o f r r e e s , g i ve a n E sse n ti a l oiI, other s expr est oil; at least all exprest 0i1s by reiterate distillations, being rectified and. c o h o b a t e d , w i th A 1 ca l i e s, b ecome capable of r r nion with Spir it of

and shells,

yi e l d


Wine, and consequently of coagulation by, and sub jugation too , U r i n o u s S p i ri ts; w h i .ch w i th whatever wiLl not hold coagulation a n d s u b l i ma i i o n , i s se p a ra ted as lieter ogeneall, and easi' ly r eciuc ( b-v ib l e t o i n si p i d Wa te r. T h e destr uction of all acid Spir its In a wor d, whatever in the W or ld is u r i n o u s ) I ta u g h t b e fo re . ( b e s i d e t h e ce n tra l N u t o f M ERCURY) is either fixt or volati- l- e, e i th e r sa l i n e o r not, what is not saline, bV ar t is m ade the fixt, and being volso r a n d b oth (b y a rt a n d p a ins) becom e volatile; a t i z e d , a r e so o n re d u ce d to Elem ental W aier , r obbed of all semfi xt A l ca l i e s ar e volatized, mar r ied with vinous in a l v i r t u e ; Spirits; a n d co a g u l a b l e (to gether with them) by m eans of Ur inous . 0 i 1 s b e c o me S a l ts V o l a ti l e , and so com m iscible with Spir its of W i n e , a n d so tra n smu ta b l e by Ur inous: Vinous Spir its ar e m ost u n i - v e r s a l , a l l H e rb s, R o o ts, Bar ks, Fr uits, Honey, Sugar , leave s , G r a i n - s e e d s, F l o w e rs, & C . Yielding ( ly fer r nentation) a tr ue v i n o u s Sp iri t, w h i ch (b y re iter ate r ectifications) loosing the qualities o f th e (ME D IA V ITA) of its concr ete, is not discer nable from others, and is (PARI JURE) coagulable in Spirit of Urine, exquisitely deflegmed) which being then reduced to a more fixt S AI , A R M O N IA C Ki,f n o t b y i t se1f, yet by sublim ing ( together with) t h a t w h i c h i s th e p ro d .u ct of humane Ur ine, becom es one ( hom ogenea].ly) with it, and whatevei (witfr it) the test of sublination, in that more fixed bodily forn, is ever after r.mivocally, homogeneally, and identically the sane, hath the same LUNARB1,AS, and being revived with an (Alcal.y, or otherwise) gives the sarne coagulating Spirit, which will coagulate Spirit of Wine. Beho1d

here the admirable nature of the Spirit of Mans Urine, how it p l a y s i t s p a rt a mo n g a l l o ther Concr etes, Spir its, Acetous, 01e agenous, Vi.nous, Alcalizate, and Uri.:rous: As AARONS Rod did with the Rods of PIIARAOHS Inchanters , it devoured them all, either assimulating then to it self in matter and fonn, or destroying and reducing them (at last) to mere insipid Elemental Water. Here you have a body at last of an admirable product (not vulgar but Philosophical SAI ARMONIACK) concerning which, I have very


much yet to vrrite, howbeit, ray writings will be more lceotiy ihen APOLIOrS Oracles, tiJ.I you learn to distinguish between SAI, ARMONIACK Vulgar and Philosophical.

The Unheard of Heteroclyte boih Vulgar of SAL ARMONIACK, and c which contaj.ns the SecIn my Pyrotechny Asserted and Illustrated, ond and Third part, accounting my vindication of IIELMONT,and Explication part, being originally of Nature for the first in Lat,and making with rny other Writings but one ine wrote together, Volune, I rariting of the Immortal Liquorr or Fire, did paraphrasticSOLIICITA interpret that place of liElMONT. ARS INDAGASIDO EST CORPORI; QUODTANTAEPURIIATIS SYIvIPHONIA COLIUDERET NOBISCUM, uT A ooRRUMPENTE NEQUIRENTDISSIPARI, AC IAI{DEM SIUPEFACTAEST REIIGIO, REPERTA IATICE, & C. To place I shall remit the Reader, for what is there spoken too, not intending here a repetition, but a further illustration of things more briefly or obs c u r e l y d isco u rse d o f th e re . I obser ved it to be a Body, which Art was so inquj.sitively sollicitous to find, but such a one, 3s rnight play with us or make us sport ( COtT,UDERET ) by its har:nony of so great purityr a's not to be capable of dissipation, by mearrs of any comuptive agent or instrr.:rnent; such play or sport is more pleasant of a true Artist, then the Lords of the PHILISTINS could have expected from SAIVIPSON, yet this pu1ls down, and destroys a s , h e d i d , (n o t H o u se s) U u t the m ost solid com pact bodies; and Champion like maintains it grotmd, although very few Gallanis and Ladies have that happyness to see the prizes paid by this, Anoma.lous combatant. This body I there forbore to discover, except mystically and parabolically; but here r shaIl plainly enough, t o a s o n of A rt, d i sco ve r the sames r t is as r said, a Bod,y of a spiritual indestructible salt, in plain terms, it is the salt of Hr.unane uriner or sAl ARMONTACK, not vulgar, (the prod.uct of

L) .

Soot, and Sea-Salt) trrt Philosophical, to which the Vulgar is related, as MERCURY Vulgar, is to the MERCIJRY of the Philosophers. The question now wil.J- be how this SAL ARMONIACK Philosophical. i-s rnade, which I think I have sufficiently declared to a Son of Art; but I shal1 be a littJ-b more plainer and candid in ny discovery. That most acute subtile penetrative Spirit of Mans Urine, by the help of another MEDIUM,not of a diverse ferment from it self, but centrally one I say with it, must be r,rrited to an ACIDUM, not Corrosive, SED NAIURAE SUAE GRATISSAMUM.This ACIDUM nust be equal.l.y volatj.le with the Salt of Urine, before it can be Married or United intinately Then by often with it. Circulations ENS it attaj.ns that height of pr.rity to be entituled SAIIUM & FAIICISSIMUIU. After all this, I must conclude with that saying of the most excelJ-ent HEf,,MONf in another case; CIIAP. DE FEB. spealcing there the AitRUM HORIZONTALE, TAIVIETSI PAI]{CIA ABSoL SECRETUM QUODMEDICUMNoBrtrTAI ISII'DQUE PARASSE PRo PRINSo VIRo INGE.T\ITIS oPERIS ESE PENDEIQUE DIRECIIo A MANU EJIJS QUI DASORESf OMNIUMD0NORIIM BONORUM. So I nay well. say in this' although I have discovered the matter nore plainly then any other, xet when attained, the way of working with it, is not easie, but depends from hi.s teaching who is the giver of every perfect giftt to whose Tutoridge I leave the honest inquirer and searcher after Truth.


. Carbones emr:nt atque vitra, Dii vero suderibus vendunt Artes .


I+ .