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Whew! The last couple of months have been chockfull of Dust hobby for me. I have to say the highlight was the Dust Up in the Desert, a tournament for Tactics and Warfare held in Phoenix Arizona. Paolo Parente came out and was happy to meet with everyone and talk shop. He was happy to answer questions and was engaged with all the attendees, answering the same fan-boy questions about rackettentruppe time after time without smacking m- uh overeager fans. This is going to be the destination event for Dust fans in the years to come. Next year Paolo will be back and will be bringing Olivier Zamfirescu with him. Be sure to come out next year, and check out some of the event coverage in this issues Spotted! section. Last issue we introduced the world wide Zverograd campaign, and judging by the entries weve received at it looks like you guys are enjoying the campaign. We are about halfway through and its never too late to get in on the act. Remember that you can submit Warfare games for locations in Zverograd too.


have an idea that doesnt fit the upcoming theme, please be aware that we may well wish to use it in a future issue. We are always looking for reports From The Front for either Tactics or Warfare. We have no set format for these reports at this time, just be sure to include both text and photos. For painting and modeling How2 articles, use the format that has been established here and is universal to the subject (i.e. step-by-step with accompanying pictures). If you have ideas for submissions that dont fit the current layout of the magazine submit them anyway. If they are good, well find a way to make em fit. Due to the time it takes to edit and layout the content of the magazine, please submit your content 30 days prior to the date of publishing. The next issue will be June and so content needs to be submitted by May 1st. Submit articles, communications and complaints to Editor-in-chief Patrick D

What wed really like to know at Dust Chronicles and at the World Wide League is what do you guys want to see? Different/shorter/longer campaigns? More complexity, less complexity? We want to hear from you and see what you want out of DC. Submissions We have received many submissions, many of which are better than what we were coming up with ourselves. We must ask that if you submit something to us and we tell you we want to use it, that you not post it elsewhere prior to publishing in Dust Chronicles. Doing so will disqualify it from inclusion, of course once its published you are free to post it wherever you like, though we would appreciate it if you wait till the 10th of the month to do so. As you may have noticed, we are trying to theme each issue to a subject and/or a season. If you

One more thing before you can enjoy this issue of the magazine; We have made some changes to the lay-out of DC, so things might not be where you expect them and we are introducing new elements as we go forward. As always, let us know what is good and bad so that your Dust Chronicles can be even better.

Table of contents:

dust chronicles - issue 5

Editorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 03 Table Of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 04 News From The World Of Dust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 05 Inside Dust Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06 Dust Warfare: Experimental Rules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08 Spotted! Southwest Dust Day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 The Famous And Infamous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Dust Warfare: Armored Platoon Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Dust Regionals 2013 Listing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 How2: Paint The Prinz Luther . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Dust Adventures RPG: Additional Content . . . . . . . . . . . 26 From The Front: Dust Tactics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Ahnenerbe - Experimental Platoon For Dust Warfare . . . 40 Dust Devils UK - Dust Tactics Tournament . . . . . . . . . . 42 Rosies ScrapYard Showcase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 The Waking Bear Part 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Dust Warfare Q&A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Allied Walker Field report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 300 Points Sturmgrenadiere List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Step Away From Everything . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Siege Of Zverograd - Worldwide Campaign . . . . . . . . . . 71 Next Issue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81
Stress And Shouting By: Patrick Doty To Much Coffee By: Floris Hussaarts The Hard Work Was Done By: Jason McFarland, Lee Langston, Ignacio Brizzio, John Sisk, Roger Gerrish, Rick Ivansek, Michael Stacy, Clement Boen, CS Barnhart, Steve Kenniff, Vincent Fontaine, Kenneth RB Chipman and Rob Hearn Special Thanks To: Paolo Parente and Olivier Zamfirescu Red Ace Cover by: Paolo Parente, Color by: Alessia Zambonin
Names and artwork are 2013 Dust Ltd. and/or Fantasy Flight Games Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Dust Tactics & Dust Warfare and their logos are trademarks of Dust Ltd. Images and trademarks used with permission. This magazine is unofficial and is not endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games Ltd. We do our best to ensure www. links are correct but do not take responsibillity for the content of web pages this magazine links to.

incoming! news from the world of dust

At Stazione Gioco Roma on April 13th From 17:00pm. Info:

Italian Dust play day

The winners of the competition in issue 4 are: Jerry - winner of the $50 gift voucher; Darren J McGregor - winner of a $25 gift voucher; Sebastien Fournier - winner of a $25 gift voucher.

This space had an April Fools joke about Dust Tactics but seeing that the moment has passed we felt it best to remove the pictures and leave you with some cool pictures of the new Pelican and one picture showing what we did to create the April Fools joke. Apologies to anybody who was offended or troubled by the joke, no harm was intended.

Dust Chronicles Staff and CS Barnhart

dust warfare: experimental rules

Bunkers (Infantry)

Bunkers are ubiquitous across the battlefields of the Dust world. Whether they are small pillboxes or outright fortresses, all factions make use of them in one way or another. Bunkers may be bought as Fortifications for 20 AP per 6x6 section in scenarios that allow Fortification. Bunkers are 6x6 with a roof, at least one door, and enough firing slots to afford the occupants 360 degrees of fire. Bunkers larger than 6x6 should be counted as 2 or more bunkers. Each 6x6 bunker may hold 6 models. Units within a bunker receive hard cover. In addition, they ignore the first Suppression marker they would receive. An enemy targeting a unit in a bunker may choose to target either the bunker or the unit inside. If targeting the unit inside, resolve the attack as normal, with the rules above. If targeting the bunker, treat the bunker as a vehicle 6 with a DC of 6. If the bunker is destroyed while a unit is occupying it, place all the members of the unit outside the bunker with their bases touching the rubble and as far away from the enemy as possible (on the opposite side from whence the shot came). Place two suppression markers on the unit.

Bunkers (Weapons)

Weapons bunkers follow the same rules as Infantry Bunkers with the following additions. Some Bunkers are purpose built to accommodate weapons systems. These bunkers have a dedicated weapons crew who will not leave the bunker during the course of the game. No other units may occupy the bunker, and the weapons crew may not be targeted separately from the bunker. Thus units shooting at a weapons bunker may only target the bunker. Bunkers have a 180 degree arc of fire. The front of the bunker must be clearly defined before the start of the game. Weapons Bunkers are never suppressed but may React as per the rules. When working out the points cost of weapons bunkers, start with 20 points and add a single weapon from Rosies Scrapyard (DC #3) from the appropriate faction. In addition add a single MG from the appropriate faction. For example: an axis weapons bunker with an 8.8cm L/71 and an MG 48, would work out to 45 points (20 points for the bunker, 23 for the 88 and 2 for the MG). In scenarios where only the defender has access to Fortifications, he may choose weapons bunkers in place of Support Sections in his platoon to a maximum of 2 Weapons Bunkers per 300 army AP. He may purchase additional weapons bunkers from the scenarios Fortifications AP pool.

Bunkers often serve as linchpins to the defense.

Smoke Launchers

Smoke launchers are available to walkers and ground vehicles of all factions for 3 points each.

Any factions walkers or other ground vehicles may purchase this upgrade for 5 points. Each time the enemy scores hits on the vehicle and is afforded an opportunity to roll on the Vehicle Damage Table, the player controlling the vehicle can force his opponent to reroll the result. The second roll stands.

The 234/6s smoke launchers will help it live slightly longer against enemy fire.

In a world of nimble Walkers sporting Lasers and Phasers, the lowly tanks need all the protection they can get.

Smoke launchers may be used once per game. They are used as a reaction to shooting. When used, the vehicle counts as being in soft cover against the triggering shot and all other shots for the rest of the phase. If the vehicle is already in soft cover, it gains the benefit of hard cover. Since this is a reaction, place a reaction marker on the vehicle. The model must have smoke launchers modeled onto it for it to be able to take the upgrade. Many SSU and Axis walkers already have smoke dischargers on them. Sorry allies, time to break out the hobby supplies.

Extra Armor

Extra Armor takes many forms. Whether its sandbags and logs piled on, schurzen, or panels of steel welded to the hull the idea is the same; to increase survivability.
This Ludwig has been given extra armor and smoke launchers, vital add-ons in the tight battles of Zverograd.

To get the Skirt featered in this article and other great bits, check out Umberto Bonomis great shapeways work at: http://www.

Steel Rain shows us her (extra armor) skirts.

You may take one Utility Unit per 150 points or fraction thereof. Utility Units are bought like Heroes, so you can take either a Utility Unit or a Hero for every 150 points. In addition, Utility Units may be bought as extra support for Platoons whos Command Sections allow them to field an extra Sniper or Spotter Unit as their Additional Support. Utility Units are teams and all team rules apply to them (DW: CR page 43). Utility Units may be taken by any platoon and by any faction, they may never lead a platoon.

Utility Units

Allied Utility Units

Move: 6 Type: S2 Base Cost: 11 Basic Unit: 2 medics DC: 1


Move: 6 Type: S2 Base Cost: 11 Basic Unit: 2 Mechanics

DC: 1

Special Rule: Medic DW: CR page 55

(although there are two medics in the unit, only one use of the skill is allowed per turn).

Special Rule: Mechanic DW: CR page 55

(although there are two mechanics in the unit, only one use of the skill is allowed per turn).

Medic and Mechanic models only come in the Command Squad boxed sets, so not everybody will have spare copies to make these Utility Units. However, there is nothing stopping you from making your own Medics and or Mechanics. The examples at the top of this page and below, are just Recon Rangers with red cross symbols painted onto them.


Axis Utility Units

Medics Mechanics
DC: 1 Move: 6 Type: S2 Base Cost: 11 Basic Unit: 2 medics Move: 6 Type: S2 Base Cost: 11 Basic Unit: 2 Mechanics DC: 1

Special Rule: Medic DW: CR page 55

Special Rule: Mechanic DW: CR page 55

(although there are two medics in the unit, only one use of the skill is allowed per turn).

(although there are two mechanics in the unit, only one use of the skill is allowed per turn).

ssu Utility Units

Move: 6 Type: S2 Base Cost: 11 Basic Unit: 2 medics DC: 1


Move: 6 Type: S2 Base Cost: 11 Basic Unit: 2 Mechanics

DC: 1

Special Rule: Medic DW: CR page 55

Special Rule: Mechanic DW: CR page 55

(although there are two medics in the unit, only one use of the skill is allowed per turn).

(although there are two mechanics in the unit, only one use of the skill is allowed per turn).

You can use alternative models to make your Utility Units. For example, Justine & Co make great Mechanics. The full set of five models is available from, in both Premium and unpainted versions.


spotted: southwest dust day

dust-up in the desert
Attendees included the boss himself, Paolo Parente, Mack Martin via telecaster, cosplayers, and a horde of Tactics and Warfare enthusiasts.

Some of the Dust Day Cosplayers.

Event poster for Southwest Dust Day

Events of the day included Warfare and Tactics tournaments, a painting competition, a special free-forall mining scenario for Tactics and plenty of Q&As with Paolo Parente and Mack Martin.

Unless youve been living under a rock, youve probably heard of the South West Dust Day held this last February in Phoenix Arizona. And if you havent, then keep on reading. The event was hosted by Imperial Outpost Games and organized by the indefatigable Rick Ivanesk.

The painting judges at work.

Rick Ivanesk, Richard Bugsby and Paolo Parente.


The cards have Tactics stats on one side and warfare stats on the other. Hey FFG, are you listening?

The tournament competition was furious, with Richard Busby Sr. and Steve Kenniff dishing out tons of punishment in the Warfare tournament and James Hiers cleaning up in Tactics. For more on Steve Kenniffs army and his theory see this issue of Dust Chronicles. Our own Viet Nguyen managed to win one of the painting prizes, wonder how he managed that Ahhh.

The Warfare winners from left to right, Steve Kenniff (2nd), Patrick Doty (1st) Richard Busby (3rd) and Viet Nguyen (winner of the Holy Mackerel)

Attendees were also treated to some great swag. Great tshirts and the highly coveted cosplay girls Tactics and Warfare cards.

More of Viets work.


Tactics action heats up.

James Hiers just found out he won the Dust Tactics tournament.

When not busy posing with Paolo or the cosplayers, Rick could be found uhh, not posing with the cosplayers.

The FJ defend the bridge that would see so much blood spilled this day.


I guess thats Sigrids copy of Operation: Blue Thunder All attendees received this most informative pamphlet detailing the virtues of VK and detailing the Tactics scenarios to be played.

The bridge claiming more victims.

Isaiah Burgess incomparable Axis Konigsluther was on display.

Preparing the Tactics special free-for-all scenario.

A view of a tranquil provincial town, soon to be torn asunder by the Axis and Allies.


At this point you might be wondering how to get in on the action next year. Keep an eye on this page and check out the SouthWest Dust Devils FaceBook page ( 620254/). Next year will see a return to a full convention venue for the Dust World Expo 2014. Paolo Parente and Olivier Zamfirescu will be guest of honor, there will be an amazing display of Vk tech (and if rumor is to be believed, a full size Mickey Walker), tournaments and painting competitions, and yet to be announced special events. So if you dont feel like flying out to Minnesota in the middle of winter, come out to Arizona. You wont be disappointed, I promise.

Red Yana contemplates her next move.

The Boss expects you to report for duty next year! If you know of a great event, store, club or collection, send it to us at and we might feature it in our Spotted! Section.

And my favorite picture from the weekend (and the source of only a few jokes), your editor pestering Paolo once again about when Im finally getting my Racketentruppe.


by Leutnant Manfred Hirtzel

The Famous and Infamous

Some heroes have their reputation precede them, either for great or terrible deeds. Whispers follow them wherever they go, traveling through the trenches and striking fear into the enemy and hope into their troops. Regardless of why these men and women have become so famous, or infamous, they will command a place on your battlefield.


The Natural Choice: Laser Grenadiers

Sigrid is a harsh Mistress, tempering the impressive firepower of her laser pistole with a shorter range than most infantry weapons. Thankfully the Axis has squads of laser grenadiers prepared to back her up, and act as human shields. Trust me, death is preferable to crossing her. Now, these laser grenadiers are armed with the laser gewehr, a weapon that shares Sigrids preference for range three. Additionally, since the laser is most effective with sustained attacks, her Berserk skill is perfectly suited for these weapons.

Bazooka Joe

The Natural Choice: BBQ Squad or Hell Boys

The Unusual Choice: Tank Killers or Sturmpioniere

Sigrid fits so well with the laser grenadiers, its hard to imagine her surrounding her pale, Aryan body with anyone else. But the options are there to tempt you. Panzerschrecks share the range and need to hit nature of the laser, making the Tank Killers an ideal combo for Sigrid. A well-timed berserk will up the ante against your foes kingpin vehicle, and her laser pistole can help pick off light walkers. For the bold and daring, pair her with the Sturmpoiniere. Her limited range will be of little consequence, and the extra firepower can even the odds against enemy flamethrower squads. Better yet, you can take full advantage of her cruelly efficient skills with a knife, and berserk grants an opportunity few close combat squads can experience.

Bazooka Joe doesnt carry a bazooka, because loose stereotypes sink shipsor something like that. The Arch-nemesis of Sigrid on account of a fault-ambiguous bullet to her fathers head, Joe is the most famous Ranger in the Allied arsenal. Unlike your run-of-themill UGL, Joes purpose-built Grenade Launcher is capable of damaging light walkers (probably Hans, its always Hans). This extra bit of cover-negating firepower, combined with the close range of his Colt .45, makes him a tempting addition to close range units like the BBQ Squad and the Hell Boys. Indeed, its only fitting to place him in a squad just as willing to get into the thick of it as he is.

The Unusual Choice: The Gunners, Death Dealers, or Solo

One of the most valuable aspects of Bazooka Joe is his Black Ops ability, because it always puts your enemy at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, it doesnt work if hes dead, which is something the flamethrower guys tend to do. Not intentionally of course, it just sort of happens. So for the player that is anticipating a more protracted engagement, there are a number of good options for keeping Joe on the team. With the Gunners, you have a light tank-hunting team that can change roles when a building needs clearing of enemies with five grenade dice. With the Death Dealers, you have a diverse heavy weapons squad, armed with a Victory MG, Bazooka, and solid Grenade Launcher. Alternatively, if you really need to keep him alive, field him solo. Hes one of the best to do it with, due to his low cost and powerful passive skill.


Red Yana

The Unusual Choice: Drakoni

The Natural Choice: Frontoviki or Fakyeli

Joes plot-mandated foreign love interest, Koshka, was unavailable due to being featured in Dust Chronicles Issue One: Damsels Causing Distress. Instead well focus on her battle sister, Red Yana. Because with a gun like hers, shes going to become infamous on the game table real fast. Naturally you may be drawn to take advantage of her range (a rarer commodity in the SSU than it is in the Allies even) and field her with the Frontoviki. This squad of two DPM MGs, combined with the impressive firepower of the Auto Grenade Launcher, makes for a death sentence to infantry. Use Fighting Spirit right when those PPSh-48s get in range, and suddenly the target ceases to exist and the supply officer asks you where all his spare ammo went. Alternatively, you may want to combine her deadly skill with the Fakyeli in order to create some well-done rangers. Everyone loves to hit on blanks, and while Fighting Spirit requires that you first take a move action, the need to move before attacking is really more of given than a liability to any close combat squad.

You remember all those good things I said about Joe with the Gunners and the Death Dealers? Put that on steroids, and you have Red Yana with a team full of Commissars. Most people dont realize how good of a squad the Drakoni are, because its so tempting to split them up among your troops. Enemy bunkered down in the building? Unleash hell with seven grenade dice, with no limit on how many times you can do it. Surrounded on all sides with infantry? They cant get away this time, with your DPM, Auto Grenade Launcher, UGLs, and lead-spewing PPShs to riddle them all full of holes. Have a key target you need to kill yesterday, but youre too far to use all your weapons? Combine the Drakonis Assault skill with Red Yanas Fighting Spirit, and suddenly you can charge two spaces and hit on all those blanks you roll with the massive pile of dice this squad commands. Just writing this article made Red Yana three times scarier and not a bit less sexy.


Armored Platoons: Update

In Dust Chronicles issue 3 we presented the Experimental Rules for Armored Platoons in Dust Warfare. With the release of Operation: Icarus and its new Heroes we felt an update was in order so that you can now field Sgt. Victory and Panzerprinz in your forces. Remember, these rules are not tournament legal and you will need your opponents consent if you wish to field an Armored Platoon.

Allied Platoons may be lead by Sgt. Victory. He may pilot any medium walker. He may be purchased as either a command section (plus a walker) or as a Hero, in which case he must pilot one of the (medium) walkers in the platoon.

Axis Platoons may be lead by the Panzerprinz. He may pilot any medium or heavy walker. He may be purchased as either a command section (plus a walker) or as a hero, in which case he must pilot a walker from one of the platoons sections.


Fantasy Flight Games Regional Championship tournaments are your chance to test your skills against the local competition, win prizes, and earn entry to the FFG World Championship Weekend. Below, youll find the list of Regional Championship Tournament venues for 2013. We tried to be as complete as possible but please be aware that dates and locations may change and additional venues can be added after publication. Check with your local store for the latest updates.

united states dust tactics regionals

MN 4/7/2013 Roseville Lacey Peoria Glendale Glendale FFG Event Center WA 4/20/2013 IL WI AZ IN OH NY NV CA PA 5/4/2013 5/5/2013 5/11/2013 5/18/2013 5/18/2013 5/25/2013 5/26/2013 6/15/2013 6/16/2013 Olympic Cards and Comics JustForFun

The Board Game Barrister Imperial Outpost Games

Indianapolis Saltire Games

Centerville Epic Loot Games and Comics New York Las Vegas Montclair The Compleat Strategist Little Shop of Magic Gameology

New Holland Six Feet Under Games


united states dust warfare regionals

MN 4/6/2013 VA 4/6/2013 Roseville Ashburn FFG Event Center Huzzah Hobbies

MD 4/14/2013 WI NJ NY AZ OH CA 4/27/2013 5/11/2013 5/11/2013 5/18/2013 5/19/2013 5/25/2013

Glen Burnie Games and Stuff Manitowoc Atomic Games Northfield Albany Glendale Jesters Playhouse Zombie Planet Imperial Outpost Games

Centerville Epic Loot Games and Comics Montclair Gameology

WV 5/26/2013 PA 6/15/2013

Martinsburg Your Hobby Place New Holland Six Feet Under Games Lacey

WA 6/15/2013

Olympic Cards and Comics

May 4-5

australia dust tactics regionals

Sydney CBD Good Games

June 15th June 8th

Hurstville Sydney CBD

Good Games Good Games

Australia Dust Warfare Regionals

canada Dust tactics Regionals

May 26th Vancouver

The Connection Games & Comics

France Dust tactics Regionals

May 8th Paris Centre National du Jeu

switzerland Dust tactics Regionals

June 23rd Geneva Xenomorphe


united kingdom dust tactics regionals

June 29th June 29th Hockley Hockley Tabletop Nation Tabletop Nation

United kingdom Dust Warfare Regionals

germany Dust tactics Regionals

April 13th ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Gieen Game It Osnabrck LudwigsburgSd Kln Berlin Spieltraum Fantasy Stronghold Brave New World Funtainment


how2: paint the prinz luther

by steve kenniff

In this How2, Steven Keniff shows us how to get great results with simple techniques.

Step 1

Disassemble the walker into its basic parts and lay them out on a flat surface to be painted.

Step 3

Once the Black is dry you come back and streak the model with Krylon Camoflauge Ultraflat Olive Green. Test this out on some cardboard first if you are uncomfortable trying this on your model first. You want nice narrow streaks. Not too much splatter, so make sure that you have a perfectly clean nozzle.

Step 2

Use Krylon Camoflauge Ultraflat Black to spray the whole model 360* top and bottom. The pictures only looks glossy because the paint wasnt dry when I took them.

Step 4

Reassemble the model once it is dry.


Step 5

Take some decals of your choice and apply them to the vehicle. I use Archer Transfers Dry Decals. You just cut these out and rest them where you want them on the model and rub them on. They self-adhere, and are very fast and easy to use.

Step 6

Take GW Snakebite Leather and put a little of it on some foam, such as battlefoam or other similar storage foam. Rub this lightly all over the model from top to bottom. You arent making brown patches in the camo, more like adding a dry dirty look to it and bringing out the highlights in the black and green with a neutral color. Paint a few of the hydraulic hoses your color of choice, I used Blood Red and Chaos Black. And take a BRIGHT metallic color like Mithril Silver or Chainmail and carefully paint most of the exposed bolts that are on the model. I apply the metallic color to the barrels of the gun in a dry manner using the foam. This makes the paint very thin and dull as opposed to thick and shiny. I also painted a few various bits here and there. I used Iyanden Yellow to accent some areas as well as painting the spotlight red. You can even call it quits at this point and seal the model with Testors Dullcote if the following steps scare you.

Step 7

This step is going to sound REALLY weird to some people. I take a thick and nasty brush (something you will throw away later) and apply a nice even coating of Minwax Polyshades Tudor Satin wood stain to the ENTIRE model. I dont miss an inch. You want it to be slightly runny, but only using a light coat. Make sure you dont have streaks in it or runny drops oozing down your model or they wont go away. Now let the model sit for 48 hours without handling. This is a must!


Step 8

Spray the entire model top to bottom with Testors Dullcote clear lacquer. This will take all of the shine from the wood stain off of the model. After the first coating is dry I spray some more in small quantities near the base of the model and carefully shave orange Crayola kids Chalk onto the wet sealant. This will make it adhere. If you shave the chalk first and then try to clear coat it, you will just blow away the chalk dust and crumbs. This will sort of dissolve into the clear coat and look like crusty flaky rust. And there you have it, a fully painted Prinz Luther.


ad di co tion nt en al t
RPG rules set in the world of Paolo Parentes Dust
Written By: CS Barnhart
The Axis High Command has decided to test a new delivery system for the dreaded Wiederbelebungsserum. After many trials a new air born variant has been developed and the V2 rocket seems to be the perfect delivery system. To test this new weapon of terror, Allied and SSU cities have been targeted for human trials. Alternatively the Ausfallsicherer Untertoten may also be encountered as fallen members of Blutkreuz forces who have been reanimated by exposure to their own immoral Wiederbelebungsserum Failsafe programs. Though not as dangerous as true Axis Untertoten that are armed with Panzer Gloves, these failsafe monstrosities are still a force to be reckoned with.


3 D: 1 T: 3 S: 3 R: 1 P: 2 SKILLS: Attack (Brawl) 2, Fast 3, Intimidation 2, Blutkreuz Zombie EQUIPMENT: Claws and Fangs (see below). BLUTKREUZ ZOMBIES: Blutkreuz Zombies are raised using the Wiederbelebungsserum. These Untertoten gain the following abilities: 1) Zombies ignore all effects of Suppression. 2) The unit reduces the effectiveness of any cover it is in, treating Hard cover as Soft cover, and Soft cover as no cover. 3) Blutkreuz Zombies gain a free action in the first round of combat or on any round determined as a surprise. This action does not suffer any multi action penalty and may only be used for Intimidation. 4) Blutkreuz Zombies are considered to have the Damage Resilience skill at 3.

WE LIVE AGAIN!: When those who are exposed to the Wiederbelebungsserum Failsafe Program (Blutkreuz troops on occasion) die they game master rolls a single dice. If a hit result is scored the deceased individual will return to the land of the living in 6 rounds minus the number of hits received on a roll of six dice. EXPOSURE: When exposed to special gasses and chemicals released by the Blutkreuz forces (usually via V2 rockets or other delivery agents) targeted victims must make a Toughness roll every round of exposure. Failure to get any hit results inflicts a Zombie level of wound. This is similar to taking a level of damage from an attack but it has no effect on the character and is recorded separately for that character or NPC. All normal defenses and use of Fate and Experience Points can be used to reduce this zombie damage. If the cumulative damage levels suffered from exposure kill the victim he or she will return as an Ausfallsicherer Untertoten as under the We Live Again rules above. NOTE: If the victim is already wounded, his or her zombie damage levels will begin equal to his or her normal damage levels. CLAWS AND FANGS: Range: C Scale: Soldier 1/1 PEN: 4 AP: 1/1



The sewers of Zverograd are overrun by animals trying to escape the devastation of war from the streets above and the countryside nearby. Packs of wild dogs prowl the sewers and subway stations looking for scraps of food and shelter. They are not afraid to attack humans as long as they have the numbers or are cornered.


4 D: 2 T: 2 S: 2 R: 1 P: 2 SKILLS: Attack (Bite) 3, Fast 4 EQUIPMENT: Bite. FEROCITY: When cornered or starving or protecting their young, wild dogs may add an additional die to any attack roll made, this die is treated as a Chance Die for all purposes. PACK: As a pack the wild dogs may perform volley attacks but can only do so against one target per pack. They pack will not divide amongst multiple targets. BITE: Range: C Scale: Soldier 1/1 PEN: 2 AP: -


Zverograd was known for its great zoo. As a matter of pride the zoo was stocked with many bears as a symbol of Soviet pride. When the war finally came to the city the walls of the zoo were destroyed and amongst the many animals let loose in the city, the bears have become the most dangerous. Usually encountered in small groups of no more than three or four bears, these beasts are large, hungry and ferocious.


4 D: 2 T: 5 S: 5 R: 1 P: 3 SKILLS: Attack (Bite and Claw) 4, Fast 2, Berserk 3, Intimidation 2, Willpower 2 EQUIPMENT: Bite and Claw. HUG: If a bear hits its target it gets a bonus attack for free immediately after damage is calculated. This attack is resolved with a number of attack dice equal to the number of hits the bear received in the initial attack with a damage of Soldier -/1 PEN: 3 AP: BITE: Range: C Scale: Soldier 1/1 PEN: 3 AP: 1


A squad of Soldiers (PC or NPC or mixed) can use a special combat drill called Volley Fire. Volley Fire speeds up the resolution of combat and increases the effectiveness of a squad in a fire fight but reduces the overall potential damage. The advantages of Volley Fire is that it increases the chance to hit, wound and incapacitate the enemy. The drawbacks is that the number of enemy affected is severely reduced. However, instead of facing 5 targets who may potentially be injured, the squad using Volley Fire will more than likely be facing 4 targets who are unharmed and one who is removed from the fight. Volley Fire is simple to use. Select the highest Attack skill in the squad attempting to use Volley Fire. For each doubling of the number of soldiers in the squad add a single dice to the attack roll. Start the counting for the squad at 1 and add an additional dice at 2 members, 4 members, 8 members and so on. When performing a Volley Fire only one attack roll is made. In addition, only one Resistance Roll is made using the highest Toughness in the target squad. Resistance Rolls are not increased by the Volley Fire rulr. Example: Bazooka Joe is in a squad of Recon Boys. He leads them in a Volley Fire attack on a squad of Heavy Recon Grenadiers. The highest Attack Skill is Joes 5 with his grenade launcher. He is supported by 4 troops with M1 AR rifles and one with a Victory MG. They gain a bonus die at 2 participants and 4 participants for a total of 2 bonus dice. Joe would roll 7 dice to attack. If at least one hero is involved in the attack, the standard bonus Chance Die is added to the roll. Going back to the example: Since Bazooka Joe is a hero he gains an additional bonus die added to his attack, making the final attack a pool of 8 dice. Any other special skills and benefits may be used by any member of the squad to alter this dice roll.

Grimjaw Jones is in the group with Bazooka Joe, he has Frenzy of 2. He may add in his 2 bonus Skill Action Points. Bazooka Joe has Black Ops, he may use it to augment the initiative roll before the Volley Fire attack. The difficulty of the attack is determined by rolling the lowest defense the target has (dodge skill or other option).


The Heavy Recon Grenadiers have a Dodge skill of 3. They are lucky and get 2 hits on their dodge roll. If they had been joined by a hero with a Dodge skill of 2, they would only roll 2 dice. When calculating damage use the stats for the weapon used by the majority of the attackers. In the Recon Boys squad there are 4 M1 ARs used in the attack, this is the majority. All damage is based on this. The difficulty of the attack is a 2 and with the 8 dice rolled to make the attack Joe and the Recon Boys gets 5 hits. Taking the 3 extra hits and applying it to the base damage of 2 for the M1 AR the final damage is 5. Finally, when firing at a target in cover the advantage of Volley Fire because of the diverse directions and avenues of attack of a Volley Fire the cover value is reduced by one degree. The targeted squad may apply the damage as they see fit.


Squads may opt to lay suppressive fire in order to provide cover, delay enemy approach or deny the enemy position. When using suppressive fire the squad is putting the result of the attack into the hands of the opponent. The squad combines its total number of participants (including heroes) and this number becomes the difficulty of moving through the area they are suppressing without being hit. Each degree of failure the moving enemy fails by increases the damage of the attack by 1, much the same as each degree of success on a standard attack increases damage. Suppressive fire has to be concentrated into an area and the size of that area reduces the overall difficulty of the suppressive fire. Area Size Difficulty Modifier Confined (3x3 meter area) +1 Standard (5x5) +/-0 Open (10x10) -1 Vast (20x20) -2

In addition, weapons with the burst or spray or scatter trait each add +1 to the final difficulty. The target area must be in range of all weapons used to lay suppressive fire. If a weapon cannot reach the target area it is not counted in the final difficulty calculation. Suppressive fire lasts for one round and must be performed again on any subsequent rounds for it to still be in effect. Suppressive fire is a sustained action.


SSU Forces Weapons

45mm Howitzer Range: 24 Meters Grenade Scale: Vehicle 3/2 PEN: 4 AP: 2/1 152mm ML-20S Gun Range: 36 Meters Scale: Vehicle 3/3 Tank Killer 250kg Bomb Range: B15 Scale: Vehicle 3/3 Bomb, Burst, Tank Killer 252mm Field Mortar Range: A Scale: Vehicle 3/2 Burst, Spray, Tank Killer, Reload Acid Thrower Range: 6 Meters Tank Killer, Spray ATO-45 Range: 8 Meters Burst, Spray Scale: Soldier 2/2

PEN: 4

AP: 3/1

PEN: 4

AP: 4/1

PEN: 4

AP: 4/1

PEN: 4

AP: 0

Scale: Soldier 2/2

PEN: 4

AP: 2/1

Auto Grenade Launcher Range: 16 Meters Scale: Soldier 2/1 Grenade Chainsaw Range: C DPM MG Range: 16 Meters Anti Aircraft DShK 12.7mm Range: 16 Meters Anti Aircraft Scale: Soldier 3/2 Scale: Soldier 2/2

PEN: 4

AP: 3/2

PEN: 4 PEN: 4

AP: 3/1 AP: 2/1

Scale: Soldier 2/1

PEN: 3

AP: 2/1

Dual 152mm ML-20S Gun Range: 36 Meters Scale: Vehicle 4/3 Tank Killer Dual Maxim Gatling Gun Range: 36 Meters Scale: Soldier 2/1 Anti Aircraft, Rapid Fire Dual Quad 120mm Mortar Range: A Scale: Vehicle 3/2 Artillery, Grenade Dual Quad DShK 12.7mm Range: 16 Meters Scale: Soldier 3/1 Anti Aircraft

PEN: 4

AP: 3/2

PEN: 4

AP: 2/2

PEN: 4

AP: 4/2

PEN: 3

AP: 2/1


Dual Rocket Pods Range: 16 Meters Reload Grenade Range: 6 Meters Grenade Grenade Pistol Range: 8 Meters Grenade Heavy Tesla Gun Range: 30 Meters Spray, Tesla Knife Range:C Molotov Cocktail Range: 6 Meters Incendiary

Scale: Vehicle 3/1

PEN: 4

AP: 4/2

Scale: Soldier 2/1

PEN: 4

AP: 3/2

Scale: Soldier 2/1

PEN: 4

AP: 3/1

Scale: Vehicle 5/2

PEN: 4

AP: 3/2

Scale: Soldier -/1 Scale: Soldier 2/1

PEN: 2 PEN: 4

AP: 1/1 AP: 4/1

Napalm Range: B10 Scale: Vehicle 2/2 Bomb, Burst, Spray Power Tool Range: C PPSh-48 Range: 12 Meters PTRS-47 Range: 16 Meters Anti Tank Scale: Vehicle 1/1 Scale: Soldier 2/- Scale: Soldier 3/1

PEN: 4

AP: 3/1

PEN: 4 PEN: 4 PEN: 4

AP: 4/2 AP: 2/2 AP: 3/1

Quad 85mm AA Gun Range: 36 Meters Scale: Vehicle 4/3 Radiation Beam Range: 12 Meters Radiation, Spray Shotgun Range: 6 Meters Scatter ShVAK 50mm Range: 16 Meters Anti Aircraft Steel Fists Range: C Scale: Soldier 3/2

PEN: 4 PEN: 4

AP: 4/2 AP: 2/1

Scale: Soldier 1/2

PEN: 4

AP: 1/1

Scale: Vehicle 4/2

PEN: 4

AP: 3/2

Scale: Soldier 2/1

PEN: 4 PEN: 4

AP: 4/2 AP: 2

Sulfur Jet Range: 8 Meters Scale: Soldier 2/2 Burst, Incendiary, Spray


Sulfur Thrower Range: 6 Meters Scale: Soldier 2/2 Burst, Incendiary, Spray TT-46 Range: 6 Meters UGL Range: 12 Meters Grenade, Reload VK-916 Howitzer Range: 24 Meters Grenade Widowmaker Range: 30 Meters Accurate, Pinning Scale: Soldier 1/1 Scale: Soldier 1/2

PEN: 4

AP: 0

PEN: 4 PEN: 3

AP: 1/1 AP: 3/2

Scale: Vehicle 2/3

PEN: 4

AP: 2/1

Scale: Soldier 2/1

PEN: 4

AP: 4/3

New Axis Weapons

Schwer Flammenwerfer Range: 8 Meters Scale: Vehicle 5/2 Burst, Spray Schwer Laser Kanone Zwei Range: 36 Meters Scale: Vehicle 3/4 Laser Caseless PaK 7.5 cm Range: 36 Meters Scale: Vehicle 2/5 LaserKanone Range: 24 Meters Laser Scale: Vehicle 3/2

PEN: 4

AP: 3/2

PEN: 4

AP: 4/1

PEN: 4 PEN: 4

AP: 3/1 AP: 3/1

New Allied Weapons

50W Phaser Gun Range: 12 Meters Phaser, Overcharge Scale: Soldier 1/1 PEN: 4 AP: 3/1 180 Watt Phaser Gun Range: 12 Meters Scale: Vehicle 2/3 Phaser, Overcharge 40mm AA Twin Range: 36 Meters Anti Aircraft Scale: Vehicle 1/4

PEN: 4

AP: 3/3

PEN: 4

AP: 3/3


Bomb attacks from the sky. They in general have a difficulty to avoid based on the size of the bomb. The bomb attacks everything in a radius equal to its bomb number (a B10 attacks all targets in a 10 x 10 meter area). The difficulty to avoid is based on several factors, ranging from number of bombs dropped, type of aircraft dropping the bomb, type of bomb, bomb special abilities and awareness of the bombing happening. In general a 3 should be set as the standard difficulty. Each success above the 3 reduces the automatic damage by 1. Once all of the automatic damage is reduced to 0, start reducing the rolled damage. Note: More details on bombs will be in the next article Blood Skies.



Targets hit by Incendiary weapons continue to burn even if they take no damage from the initial attack. They suffer a 1/3 damage that hits automatically on the first round after the attack which is reduced to 1/2 on the second round, 1/1 on the third round and a -/1 on the final round. Because it is fire based damage it is PEN 4 and has a AP of 3/3. Alternatively a victim may spend all of their actions for a single round to put the fire out with a Dexterity roll against a difficulty of 3.


Radiation based attacks ignore all cover. In addition victims who are not in some form of protective clothing (any armor counts) suffer and additional 1/1 damage that stacks with the original attack.


When a weapon is supercharged (only tesla, laser and phasers may be supercharged) it deals an exceptional amount of damage. The weapon does an additional number of rolled damage equal to the normal weapons combined automatic and rolled damage (ie a 2/1 weapon would add 3 extra rolled damage for a 2/4 total).

Tank Riders

Tank Riders functions identical to Carry Capacity save the riders are vulnerable to attack. Therefore they may be targeted as normal but would automatically be considered to be in soft cover. However, if the vehicle they are riding on is attacked then each rider takes a number of rolled dice damage equal to the damage done to the vehicle before its Resistance Roll is made. They do not gain cover from this damage. For example, a squad is riding on the back of a IS-5 Mao Zedong. The squad is attacked by a sniper who targets the rider, the attack and damage is resolved as normal save for the fact the targets are considered to be in soft cover. Later on a Axis Battle Grenadier squad attacks the IS-5 with a Panzerschreck. The Axis trooper hits the IS-5 for 4 damage, each rider suffers a -/4 damage. Tank Riders benefit from the speed of the vehicle and can act in addition to this movement, enabling them to fire from the back of the vehicle or to use its initial move to supplement their own, though their first move off or on the vehicle costs them half their normal movement value.


Tesla weapons are dangerous and varied. When making an attack with one the wielder may make a second attack on a separate target within 6 meters of the first target. They may use the spray ability to make two completely separate multi-attack rolls with each on resolved as if they were only a single attack each (meaning that the dice are reduced based on the number of targets in each blast on their own and the number of targets in attack number one would not affect attack number 2). This of course costs two actions.




from the front: dust tactics

A report by: William Stanchfield

It is late January in the city of Zverograd. Fighting continues to rage throughout the city as the three factions struggle for control. Recently the SSU have launched a push into Axis held territory. As a result Kampfgruppe Gyore has been cut off and encircled.

Meanwhile, SSU spies have learned of the Axis plan to break-out their encircled forces. Phil Williams will command the SSU forces assembled to halt the break-out attempt. The following SSU forces will be fielded above ground: IS-48 A Karl Marx IS-5 B Vladimir Lenin MIL MI-47C Airblaster MIL MI-47A Striker Observer team. Below the city streets the following SSU forces will attempt to crush the Axis. Yakov and commissar Derzhavin attached to an SSU close combat squad Red Yana and commissar Sumarokov attached to an SSU close combat squad Winter Child and one SSU rifle squad Now to the battle. The Axis and SSU forces deploy and face off against each other above and below ground.

An elite Kampfgruppe has been assembled under command of Bill Stanchfield. This Kampfgruppe consists of the following units: Hans the Butcher, (converted from the Lara figure) attached to a unit of Laserjagdgrenadiers Sturmkonig Wotan X2 Lothars Luther 4 Beobachers These troops are tasked with breaking through the encircled Kampfgruppe Gyore. The following Axis forces are tasked with pushing SSU forces out of the underground: Totenmeister Axis Zombies Markus Axis gorillas Stefan attached to a Strumpioniere squad, Heavy Recon Grenadiers


Below ground, Winter Childs shining form emerges from the darkness and unleashes radiation beams into the zombie ranks. Three zombies fall and Totenmeister is severely wounded. The superhero closes and melees with the undead. All are slain accept for Totenmeister. Winter Child is also wounded in the deadly brawl and attempts to withdraw but, the Totenmeister will have none of it. Enraged by the death of her comrades she closes with the armored giant again. This proves to be her last mistake.... In the opening round, the crew of the advancing Wotan spots the IS-5 B and takes a shot. The twin heavy lasers burn deep into the armor of the heavy tank but fail to kill it. The IS-5 B returns fire on Wotan, but the badly shaken crew fails to hit the Wotan. Meanwhile, the two Lothars unleash a barrage against the IS-48 A, but only manage to scratch the monsters paint. The Airblaster spots Hans and his Laser Jagdgrenadiers entering a building and opens fire. Luckily the building and the Grenadiers armor absorb all of the choppers fire. The choppers attack on the grenadiers has not gone unnoticed by the Stormkonig. The massive walker traverses and opens up on the Airblaster., but the gunner only manages to inflict minor damage on the chopper. The desperate IS-5 B crew engages the Wotan again but they fail to hit. The Wotan returns fire and this time the beasts damaged armor cant withstand the blow.


Just a block away, the hulking IS-48A rumbles forward and unleashes a massive bolt of Tesla energy. The bolt connects and melts Lothar 01 to slag. The pilot of Lothar 02 is so unnerved by the loss of his comrade that he misses his target entirely. The Striker chopper fires on Lothar 02 and lightly damages it.

The gunner of the Sturmkonig adjusts his aim on the Airblaster. The heavy quad guns slam into the chopper inflicting heavy damage. The Airblaster continues to focus on the Laser Jagdgrenadiers, its fire severely wounds Hans the Butcher and kills the gun crew commander. Hans has had enough of the hovering pest and riddles the cockpit of the chopper with a hail of fire from his four machine guns. The dead pilots hands fall from the controls and the chopper slews sideways and then crashes to the ground.

Having dealt with the Zombies, Winter Child unleashes his Radiation beams on Marcus and his gorilla squad. Markus is severely wounded. The superhero then closes with the apes. Wounding their leader is bad enough but now this glowing enemy is coming for the Axis Banana. The apes beat their chests in rage and a fierce melee ensues. Winter Child emerges victorious though his armor is damaged and blood leaks from some of the joints.


Meanwhile, Stefan and his Strumpioniere advance towards Yakov and his SSU assault squad in the darkness.

The Wotan and Laser Jagdgrenadiers advance on IS48 A. The commander of the heavy tank is neither a fanatic nor a fool. He directs his driver to back into a hiding position next to a building. The mighty IS-48 A unleashes another deadly Tesla bolt at the remaining Lothar but misses. The Striker chopper, hovering above the heavy tank,has greater luck with its aim and the Lothar is destroyed.

The Strikers fire has gotten the attention of the Sturmkonigs commander. He barks an order into his microphone and the giant traverses. The Sturmkonigs quad guns boom and the chopper is turned into a blazing fireball, falling earthward.

Yakov and his assault squad get the drop on Stefan and his Strumpionieres. As the smoke and flames clear only Stefan and one of his comrades remain standing. Their ammo expended, both side draw blades and commence with the grim business of hand to hand. The grenadiers account for two of their foes but are overwhelmed and cut down.


Winter Child continues his rampage and falls upon the Heavy Recon Grenadiers. Again the deadly radiation beams lash out and two grenadiers fall. The remaining grenadier manages to wound the super hero before he is himself killed.

Below ground, the few surviving Axis troops flee in terror from the glowing armored juggernaut that is Winter Child. He has single handedly killed 19 of the finest troops the Axis could muster.

The victorious troops of the underground pose for a propaganda photo. The victorious but exhausted Axis troops consolidate above ground. Contact Gyore, tell them we have managed to punch a hole through the SSU lines above ground only. Tell them to hurry, the SSU are sure to counter attack at any time. Switch command frequency. Ya, this is Stanchfield sir. We have spotted Winter Child in the underground of sector 5. Yes sir, I am sure! Only a handful of my grenadiers returned from the underground. They said this monster, Winter Child, tore some of our best assault troops to pieces. Ya-ya we must find a way to deal with this monster. I would like to commend the new Laser Jagdgrenadiers. They have the firepower of a Wotan and when they are attached to Hans they are deadly! Stanchfield out.

The Laser Jagdgrenadiers move into a firing position inside of a ruined building. The beam of the laser cannon stabs into the mighty SSU beast and pierces the Tesla reactor. The energy released rips the IS-48 A apart from the inside out.


By Christopher Barnhart

Ahnenerbe Experimental Platoon For Dust Warfare

Ahnenerbe Platoon
Ahnenebre platoons are unique Axis Platoons that survive outside the normal Axis chain of command and are dedicated to the Axis plans and goals that existed prior to Operation Valkyrie. As such they are a little more flexible than normal Axis platoons, but they can never take an Axis hero who is aligned with the Blutkreuz (Sigrid, Angela, Grenadier X, Markus or Totenmeister).

Heinrich Himmler founded Ahnenerbe in 1935. It is a pseudo-intellectual society whose purpose is to uncover scientific proof of the divine nature of the Aryan race. The society has attracted some brilliant minds, such as Baron Von Thaler, but it is mostly made up of imposters and charlatans! Ahnenerbe organized and funded Operation Neu Schwabenland, the first known discovery of VK. But it immediately lost control over the discoveries it had made. The society was quickly infiltrated by the SS, which provided much of its funding. As a result, Ahnenerbe did not survive the regime purge that occurred when the Blutkreuz Korps assumed power. Officially, the society was disbanded, and its members were imprisoned. But a few of its members managed to avoid this fate. Some of the most influential, members are still at large. They move in the shadows, with agents of the Blutkreuz Korps and the Abwehr actively searching for them. These scattered survivors now live with a single purpose: find the body of the Fhrer and resurrect him with the Wiederbeleben Serum! They have high hopes for this plan. The Fhrer wasnt shot in the head when he was killed, so his brain can be reactivated with the Serum. For these few men and women, only Hitlers return can restore them to their former role. Surely he would put an end to the corruption, reconstruct the Reich, and destroy the usurpers! Even though they may be considered insane, the members of Ahnenerbe are still very dangerous. They are extremely fanatical, and they can count on the support of the few SS who have escaped the new Axis regime. They are also very knowledgeable about the machinery of power, and even the structure of the Blutkreuz Korps. Their operational capacity should not be underestimated, but so far the Axis has ignored their existence.

Command Section (mandatory)

An Ahnenerbe platoon is always led by a SS Kommandotrupp or a Hero allowed to lead the platoon through the Leader special ability (only Stefan and Mannfred may lead them).

1st Section (mandatory)

Battle Grenadiers Laser Grenadiers Recon Grenadiers Heavy Recon Grenadiers

2nd Section (optional)

Battle Grenadiers Laser Grenadiers Sniper Grenadier Team Beobachter Team

3rd Section (optional)

Battle Grenadiers Recon Grenadiers Heavy Recon Grenadiers Heavy Laser Grenadiers

4th Section (optional)

Laser Grenadiers Recon Grenadiers Heavy Recon Grenadiers Heavy Laser Grenadiers Any Light Panzer I Series Walker

Beobachter Team Sniper Grenadier Team Any Light Panzer I Series Walker Any Medium Panzer II Series Walker Additional Platoon Upgrade

Support Unit (one per two Sections)


Ahnenerbe SS Kommandotrupp
Cost: 25AP
The Ahnenerbe SS Kommandotrupp is identical to the standard Axis Kommandotrupp save it may exchange its MG 48 for a Panzerschrek or Flammenwerfer 40. In addition they may upgrade one model with a STG 47 to a MG 48 or a Panzerschrek or a Flammenwerfer 40 for 5 AP.


Ahnenerbe platoons have access to the following Order.


To say that every man serving in the Ahnenerbe is dedicated and loyal to the cause would be an understatement. These blindly loyal troops are drilled in the importance of defending the purity of the Reich and their legendary bloodline descending from Thule and Atlantis the soldiers of the Ahnenerbe fear failure over death. Once per game, a Ahnenerbe platoons Command Section may issue this Order to itself. All friendly Soldier units within 12 of that Command Section remove all benefit from the effects of the Medic skill (DW:C page 55). This means suppression is removed and a single die is rolled, on a hit result the unit recovers a single model or wound. After resolving this Order, the Command Section gains a Reaction marker.


dust tactics tournament

organised by dust devils uk


Tickets for the Dust Tactics tournament at UK Games Expo 2013 are on sale now. Go to: to book your place. The tournament will consist of three games of Dust Tactics and each game will have a 90 minute and 8 rounds limit. The winner of the tournament will be decided by number of wins and then victory points. The scenarios will be made available early April and we guarantee that you will not play the same scenario more than once.

Full Tournament Report In Dust Chronicles Issue 6 (June 2013)


dust tactics tournament prize support structure for 26th of may 2013
The winner of the UK Games Expo Dust Tactics will be awarded a Zverograd themed trophy and first choice from the following sets: Axis Bergeluther, Allied Recon Mickey or Premium Painted Tina & Hyane.

Second place will get to choose from the two remaining sets and third place will be awarded the final set.

more players means more prizes

4+ players and the winner and 2nd place will each receive an Allied Walker Crew Set.

6+ players and the Ammo Dump is added to the prize pool, this
means that fourth place is allowed to choose the remaining set.

8+ players and the top 8 will each receive an Axis Weapon Sprue.

10+ players and a Justine & Co set is added to the prize pool, this
means that 1st to 5th place get to choose a Dust Model set. if we have the maximum 16 players, a Limited Edition Loth model will be added to the prize pool and 1st to 6th place get to choose a set from those available.


rosies scrapyard vehicle showcase

All the vehicles listed here were made from the Rosies Scrapyard v1.1 article published in issue 3. If you have some converted or historical vehicles youd like to see in Dust Chronicles, send their profiles and pics to ( and we may include them in a future issue.

Move: 7 (wheels) Armor: 2 Base Cost: 16 Basic Unit: 1 light vehicle DC: 3

Weapons: Zwei 2.0 Flak (turret) Special Abilities: Scout, Wheeled Vehicle


Move: 5 (tracks) Armor: 3 DC: 4 Base Cost: 34 Basic Unit: 1 medium Tank Weapons: 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/48 (T), MG 44 (T), MG 44 (F, note this MG may not target aircraft flying high) Special Abilities: Tracks (DW p.56), Damage resilient

y: B ed lfe t ea Wo r C ris Ch
M8 GreyHound
Move: 7 (wheels) Armor: 2 Base Cost: 17 Basic Unit: 1 light vehicle DC: 3

Weapons: 37mm main gun (T), .30 MG (T, note: may not target aircraft flying high), .50 MG (T) Special Abilities: Scout, Wheeled Vehicle, Spotter


Barking Dog
Move: 6 Armor: 4 DC: 4 Base Cost: 45 Basic Unit: 1 medium walker Weapons: M 40 Recoiless rifle (T), .50 Cal MG (T), .30 Cal MG (F) Special Abilities: Jump, All in One (Recoiless), reload (Recoiless)

y: r B ed bka t ea l Za r C ae ch i M



The snipers breathing was slow and steady as he stared through the night vision scope of his heavily modified Mauser 98 sniper rifle, cross hairs centered on the black mouth of one of the sewer outflow tunnels leading under the streets of Zverograd. He was cold, tired, and stiff after hours of being on overwatch duty. His partner and spotter quietly napped beside him in the twilight gloom, and he could just hear the muted sounds of the rest of his platoon scattered in positions amongst the rubble around the spillways sloped edges. He sighed in exaggerated suffering, and forced his attention back to his scope and scanned the shadowed alcoves at the bottom of the spillway below and wondered for the hundredth time if this ambush was a wild goose chase...

Miller tapped him on the shoulder, and the two men slowly retreated farther back the tunnel, to the rest of the squad sitting exhausted in heaps in a small valve chamber. Kimble was rewrapping Malones ankle, he had twisted it badly in his adrenaline fueled run from his impromptu zombie bonfire, and his limp had slowed the squad down markedly, but the mens exhaustion appreciated the reduced pace. Bauer was snoring quietly against the wall exactly where he had collapsed, hugging his Remington 10 gauge shotgun. The enigmatic ASOCOM agent, still dressed as a clean shaven Russian orthodox priest was clutching his broken arm to his chest with a sling made from a rifle strap and a handkerchief, was staring off into space in deep thought. Or shock, Miller mused, since the agent had refused any painkillers stronger than some aspirin. The Priest looked up as Miller lead Pinski into the small circle of red anti-glare lamplight, How does it look? Miller sat heavily on a low pipe along the wall, as Pinski sat next to Malone and closed his tired eyes. It looks clear from what I could see. Pinski answered, eyes still closed, But I dont like it. We have been herded in this direction, and theres not a lot of places we could have come out of these tunnels without the patrols on the streets spotting us. And there are no guards? No patrols? It smells like yesterdays catch, uh, sir. Some of the youthfull uncertainty returned as Pinski remembered he was reporting to an officer. Pinskis right, the coast is clear. Miller agreed, Witch means its definitely an ambush. The priest chuckled softly, and sat a little straighter. Is there any way past it, or around it? The agent asked.

Pinski crouched in the blackness just a few feet inside the mouth of the large storm drain tunnel, a trickle of water flowing past his boots to quickly freeze as it drained into the ice covered spillway below. In the growing darkness, his tired eyes couldnt make out any signs of danger, but his clenched gut and itching spine told him that going out there would be a very bad idea. He shifted uncomfortably to settle the weight of his flamethrower on his shoulders, and stage whispered to the man squating behind him, I dont like it. Feels wrong. Sergeant Miller, the man behind him, smiled behind his filthy, frozen scarf at the young Private. The last few days had been hard on the kid, changing Pinski from a scared kid from the sleepy side of Iowa, into a seasoned veteran with a warriors instincts. But he was the youngest, fittest man in the the squad, and his eyes could still be trusted. So could his instincts, come to think of it.


Well, we can rest a few hours here and try to cross the spillway at the darkest part of the night and reenter the tunnels on the other side, they could take us the last dozen streets to the Allied controled docks. Everyone noticed that Miller didnt sound very enthusiastic. But? The agent prompted as the Sergeant paused. But. But I seriously doubt we could cross the spillway, even with all those sluice walls and bomb damage, without being seen. And those tunnels will likely have locked gates like this one did. We would have to blow the lock with your dynamite, not very stealthy, that. The priest was nodding in agreement. Our only other option then is to backtrack the tunnels and find a way around the spillway and continue to the controlled zone underground. The agent finished, and this time Miller nodded. It will add hours to our walk, but it sure beats getting killed. Malone added, wincing as Kimble tightened the ankle rapping. Miller looked around at his ragged men and decided,Allright, get some sleep, we start backtracking in four hours. He settled himself back to rest, knowing he would get no sleep himself, as his men rolled up to keep warm and pass out.

Oberlutnant Johan Sammit sat in the dark and waited. He was still bone tired, despite the six hours sleep his second forced him to get earlier in the day. This was a long, hard war, and Johan had seen more than his fair share. The fight for this god forsaken city was just the most recent hardship he and his men had been through. The city was half ruined, and hadnt been a producing part of the Soviet war effort in months, and other than as a propaganda win, he just couldnt understand spending so much effort, and so many lives, to capture it? Allied ships virtualy controled the sea, so it couldnt even be used for a supply point? He shook his head slightly in disgust. The leadership may have changed, but the orders still made little sense to him. His Komandtrupp was scattered around him in the rubble overlooking the highest point of the of the spillway basin. His men were alert and ready with the onset of darkness. If those damned Americans were to make a move, it will be tonight. The rest of his platoon were hidden amongst the rubble and concrete retaining walls ringing the basin. The platoons two support walking Panzers were hidden in the ruins of the pumping station at the southwest end of the water station, awaiting oders. They had been on station for over eight hours, having made good time here once the Blutkreuz commander Totenmeister had ordered the ambush. Since then, nothing. No sign of the Allied squad, or the ASOCOM agent, or the disturbing commander for that matter? All they could do was keep waiting, sleeping in shifts, he would radio HQ in the morning for instructions if nothing happened tonight. The chirp of the field radio was a harsh sound in the quiet darkness a few feet away, and to his credit the radioman quickly pulled out the headset and silenced the alarm. Johans heart began to hammer with rising adrenaline as the radioman scooted over to his side, whispering into the mouthpiece, and held the reciever out to his commander, The Blutkruez commander, sir. he whhispered. A jolt of superstitious guilt raced up Johans spine, almost as if his thoughts had summoned the evil creature. He put the headset to his ear. Sammt here, Commander. Go ahead?



The voice that spoke through the earpiece had lost the disquieting dry monotone from earlier, and Johan paled at the barely restrained fury, and demonic malice of the raspy growl that seemed to shout into his ear with a whisper. The prey are almost upon you, Sammt. But they smell the trap. Johan remained silent, waiting for the creature to continue, afraid to interupt. Make certain you are ready, Sammt. We will drive them from the tunnels into your hands. We want the tall priest alive! Kill everyone else! Do not fail, Oberlutnant! Yes, sir, we will not fail. Johan replied quietly, but the line was already dead. He handed the headset back to the radioman, and turned to the junior man of his squad, Kline, pass the word to the platoon to be ready, the enemy are here. And the priest must not be shot! It is vital he is taken alive. Make sure the Unteroffiziers understand this! Go. As the soldat ran for the first squads position, Johan could feel the men around him coming alert and ready for the fight ahead. He checked the clip on his StG 47, and pulled out his bulky night vision scope to scan the basin below.

Theres no choice now, Sergeant, the priest replied,we have to make a run for the tunnels across the spillway. The agent sounded awfully confident, suggesting group suicide, Miller thought. He thought furiously for a moment as his men hurried to pack what supplies they had used in thier brief respite, one hand always clutching thier shotguns. A second howl, made from multuple ruined throats, reverberated from the tunnel walls, sounding more distinct as the distance closed. Frustration knotted his chest as he was forced to decide his mens fate. Alright, we run the basin. Its full dark out there. So move fast, keep to cover, and stay quiet! He quickly instructed his nervous men.with any luck, we can cross the basin befor any sleepy sentrys spot us. He pulled the small map from his greatcoat pocket and his men gathered closer to see. We use the outflow sluice walls on the near slope as cover until we reach the southwest river gates and cross there. The walls are steeper, harder for the Germans to come down after us, and less angles of fire from the walls at that end. Miller traced thier route on the map, painfully aware of just how exposed his men would be once they left the tunnel.Keep your head down, cover the Priest, and dont stop. Have that bomb ready for the tunnel gate, priest. Miller instructed his men, who all nodded in grim understanding.Lets move, befor our friends get closer and give our position away with all that yammering. He finished with a fake jaunty grin. His men all chuckled and the squad headed for the outflow gate just down the tunnel. The men stopped in the blackness at the outflow gate. The steel mesh gate was twisted and wedged open by a bomb blast just outside in the spillway, the entry tunnel partly blocked by mounds of torn con-

The scream ot inhuman rage jolted Miller from the light doze he had settled into. The awful sound was echoing through the tunnels from deeper in the maze behind them, but it had an edge that told them the source wasnt that far away. The frightful sound had also blasted the sleep right out of his men, and they all scrambled to ready thier weapons and scan the dark tunnels all around them. The ASOCOM agent rose smoothly to his feet and pulled his Webley revolver. And those, Sergeant, would be the hounds. He muttered dryly, not sounding at all suprized. A quick glance at his watch told Miller he and his men had only rested for a little more than two hours.Well, the tunnel route is out now. He looked at the glaze of hunted rear in his mens eyes and his guts turned cold. He had to find a way out of this for them!


crete from the blast. With Pinskis flamethrower in the lead, and the Priest just behind, picking the route, the squad counted to three and then darted past the gate and out into the concrete rubble field at a low, running crouch. The agent tapped Pinskis right shoulder and the young soldier instantly veered right, following the low concrete water channel guide wall that in heavy storm flow would force the run off to the south end of the basin and the river gates there. The winter overcast meant the night was virtualy lightless, with no moon or stars, and Pinskis eyes could just make out the cratered concrete a few dozen feet ahead, but with the Priests guidence and ocassional whispered course correction, they made it almost half way to the river gates befor it all went bad.

Marked. Targeting point man. The sniper steadied his breathing, and focused on the small running blob of slightly brighter green in his scope. He tried to compensate for the movement, and the poor light, and also the first round in his gun was a tracer, to mark the enemy psoition since his shot would signal the rest of the platoon. He breathed in and out twice, and on the second exhale, he squeezed the trigger gently. His Mauser made a shockingly loud cough in the stillness and the recoil fouled his sight for a moment, but the wobbly firefly of the tracer round crossed the spillway in a heartbeat and a strangled cry sounded as the blob in his scope pitched over and lay still. Behind him on the basin rim, shouts of alarm from his platoon went up and the chuff of a flare gun was heard just moments befor the sky lit up and blanked his scope for an instant.

The sniper was so primed for action after hours of waiting, in his tension, he almost didnt notice the slight movement through the grainy green lense of his night vision scope. The large unwieldy device used ambient light to amplify his vision in the night, but with the winter clouds, there was little for his scope to work with. Consiquently, his vision was a murky haze of shadows and distortion. His team was one of two sniper teams in hiding along the southern slope of the spillway asigned to monitor the six outflow tunnels on the the north slope. Just as his mind registered the movement accross the spillway, about halfway down the slope, and about two hundred yards away near the middle of the basins length, his partners calm cool whisper came from the shadows beside him. Spotted. Two o clock. Two hundred yards. Multiple targets, hugging cover and moving fast.

The squad were making great time, Pinski thought, past his labored breathing! The priest was finding a route through the meager cover in the darkness like a mountain goat! They hadnt been spotted, and the night was so quiet, he was starting to think he was just paranoid when he first scouted, and now he was dodging bad guys that werent there. The bang of a highpowered rifle in the echoing confines of the concrete spillway basin, even from a distance was a shattering sound that Pinski felt like phisical blow. He froze in shock, and stumbled mid step, when the agent slammed into him from behind and tackled him down into cover by the low sluice wall. Get down! The Priest snarled over his shoulder to the men following, as a strangled, ragged cry instantly echoed the shot from some distance behind them. A commotion of voices from the opposite slope of the basin, and then a thin line of sparks arced into the sky and burst into a stark white light as the parachute flare ignited. Miller poked his head up and saw multiple squads of soldiers in positions across the basin, hidden behind rubble and the low rim retaining wall. A second fiercer cry sounded from behind them from the same slope his squad occupied and he scanned back along the basin. At the mouth of the tunnel he and his men had exited just a few minets ago, a small band of


Pinski was tired as hell, his legs burned and his head hurt from the strain, but he didnt notice any of it! The rush of adrenaline as he lead his squad from shadow to shadow, dodging the sweeping searchlights and flickering flare light, burned all thoughts of suffering from his mind. Miraculously they hadnt been seen yet! Pinski hadnt been to a church since his enlistment, but that would change as soon as they got back to base! They only had another hundred, hundred and fifty yards to the shadowed narrow end with the river gates, if thier luck holds, five minets and they were home free. A manic grin plastered itself to his face. A grinding, high pitched whine sounded from up ahead. The Privates hopes failed as he recognized the sound of a high performance VK powerplant coming up to full power. The partialy ruined walls of the river gate control house perched above the southern end of the spillway shook and collapsed as the war scarred shape of an Axis walking panzer stood up from its concealed crouch within the building. The predatory bird like shape of the killing machine, and the heavy multi tube rocket launchers mounted along side its hull revealed it identity. A PzAufkIl.1 Ausf. C. Better known as a Hans, a light weight scout panzer designed as a heavy hitting close quarters fighter. The squad dropped to the ground behind a pile of twisted rebar and gravel as the Hans stepped from its hiding place and desended the slope in a controlled slide of cascading debree, to take up an overwatch position right in front of the river gates, the vehicles heavy torso slowly scanning back and forth a hundred yards ahead. Behind them, Axis infantry squads were working there way down the slope into the basin in a well coordinated search pattern, and a second parachute flare was launched to join the first slowly dieing one. Things looked bad, Miller thought, realy bad. The Granatwerfer rockets on the Hans would shred him and his men with razor sharp shrapnel if given half a chance, and the fifteen or twenty Axis Grenadiers behind them were just as deadly. And lord knows where the damned zombies were! Behind them somewhere, hunting! Well that settled it. Ok men. Were getting past that walker. Weve trained for walker take downs, we can do this, David and Goliath, boys. Kimble, you take the last Demo

Axis undead stood hissing defience at the soldiers on the south side, standing over a fallen zombie, its head nearly gone in a splash of gore. Hand held searchlights began sweeping the basin, they would be seen in moments! Move! Move! Keep low and run! Miller hissed at his men as they scrambled back to thier feet.

Johan Sammt swore a blue streak as he watched his ambush get blown through his binoculars. A pit opened in his stomach as he saw the Blutkreuz creatures putrid brains spattered over the concrete by one of HIS snipers. The wobbly flickering light from the flare made the rubble stroon basin a riot of shifting light and shadows as he scanned the length. The Allied soldiers had to be there! There was no way they got past the Undertoten in the tunnels! Tell First, Second, and Fourth squads to advance and sweep that basin! And tell Karl to get Gerty down there and blockade that river gate! Johan just prayed he could salvage this mess with quick action. Befor SHE arrived....



charge, Pinski, youre the ace in the hole with the flamethrower. Lets move! Double time, dont give that bastard a target! Miller quickly set out the plan of attack. The men all readied there weapons and braced for the order to go. Miller waited for the walkers scan to point its rockets the other direction, and then he slapped Pinski on the back, and the squad took off at a low run for the next sluice wall about thirty yards ahead, to the right of the Hans. Half way there a cry went up from the slope behind them and a searchlight swept in to bracket the running men! Moments later, sniper rifle rounds sparked from the concrete at thier feet as they weaved, throwing off the aim, but against snipers, that trick wont work long. The Hans, alerted by the the spotlights, spun around to face the running men, still sixty or so yards away. It trained its Granatwerfer rockets on the squad and with a roar, one of the huge missles flashed from the tubes and arced towards them. Miller yelled for his men to take cover just as the rocket impacted the concrete twenty yards short of them. Even still, with a rocket that large, the blast still punched Pinski off his feet and peppered him with the outer edges of the shrapnel blast. The Priest helped the dazed and bloody soldier to his feet and dove with him behind a fractured hunk of retaining wall. Miller slid in beside them as the others grabbed what cover they coul nearby. Well, Im out of bright ideas. The Sergeant said through a crazy smile. Pinskis bloody face smiled back as he shook off the shock and steadied himself. Only a scratch, Sergeant, Im ready to take out Goliath when you are.

Miller clapped him on the shoulder, and shouted over to Malone and the others a few yards away behind the lip of a bomb crater,Lay down some fire and lob a few grenades, get that bastards attention! Malone did a double take and then grinned and gave Miller a thumbs up. Seconds later, as the Hans took two slow steps to shorten the range, three grenades arced over the rubble to land at the walkers feet. They exploded in quick order, showering the walker in sparks and fragments. A lucky shot must have nicked a hydrolic line, as the Hans tried to take another step and its left leg buckled, the rear articulated knee giving out and almost dumping the machine on its ass! Miller, Pinski, and the agent used the distranction to sprint from thier cover, Malone, Kimble, and Bauer running forward just behind them. Bauer paused to prime and throw another grenade when the crack of a rifle shot was followed by the left side of his chest exploding in a spray of gore. He collapsed on his face, the grenade rolling from his lifeless hand. A heartbeat later, it exploded and the blast picked Kimble and Malone off there feet only to slem them down again like rag dolls in the open area twenty yards in front of the riasing Hans. Miller and his group had veered to the left, to flank the beast, and the pilot didnt see them coming through his vision slits as he steadied his unstable machine and line up his rocket pod on the slowly rising Malone and Kimble. Pinski acted first, letting go with a heavy blast from his flamethrower, the shot was at extreme range for that weapon, and all he did was distract the pilot with a gout of flames, and scortch the name Girty from its hull. It was enough at least for Malone and Kimble to scramble into cover just out of sight of the walker, and keep them covered from the snipers farther back. The machines pilot realizing his danger with a flamethrower so close, spun to face them with a limping shuffle, only to have a bundle of dynamite with a very short burning fuse land with a thunk on its hound like snout. He could see three men running like mad, then his eyes focused back on the bomb. Oh, sheisse... The blast blew the torso hull of the Hans in half and threw the burning wreck on its back with a mighty crash as bits and pieces rained down all around Miller and the Priest, crouching behind a bit of shattered masonry. Nice throw, Agent. The Sergeant complimented calmly.


Indeed. Thanks ever so much. The agent replied, brushing a smoldering bit of metal from his shoulder. A few yards away, Malone and Kimble broke from cover and ran to join the rest of the squad, This wreck should give us cover from the damned snipers for a few minets, but those Grenadier squads know exactly where we are, so we need to get into those tunels fast! Miller shouted above the roaring flames. The Agent shook his head grimly, and pointed over the Sergeants shoulder.I think not, Sergeant. Look. Miller spun to see a sickly glowing green fog drifting out of the very tunnel entrance they had intended to use for thier escape at the base of the river gate wall. At the same time, a grinding of metal and conctrete at the top of the slope drew there attention to a second walking Panzer crushing its way through the remains of the gate house. This was much bigger than the Scout walker, its twin massive 88 milimeter main cannons knocking a cinderblock wall to bits as it forced its way through the ruins to stand at the slopes edge. The fearsome machine was unmistakable, a PzKpfL. II-B Ludwig, a battlefield supperiority medium combat panzer. The scourge of the Eastern Front.

Then, above the flames, and the roaring panzer engine, and the shouting German soldiers, Miller could hear a deep, rythmic sound. A heavy thumping that shook his chest like a heavy bass beat. His men all felt it too, looks of confused discomfort passing between them. He began to dread what new method of death the Germans had in store for them, when suddenly the Axis searchlights swept up to rake the sky over the spillway and the Axis shouting grew in volume. Millers eyes followed the lights. The grey painted bellies of a dozen Soviet transport helicopters circled in from overhead, underlit in the glow of the flares as they dropped to hover all around the square. Heavy ropes snaked to the ground from each of the menacing machines and soldiers in red body armor, and firing submachineguns, slid down the ropes with well trained prescision. At the same time three massive war machines settled heavily to the shattered floor of the spillway basin on glaring pillers of rocket fire, firing heavy machine guns and rockets into the milling Axis troops. A heavy fire fight between dug in Germans and Soviet assault troops was fast taking shape all around Miller and his men! A flash of incoming fire and a massive impact thirty yards away, towards the middle of the basin, knocked Miller and his men to the ground. As the Dust cleared in the helicopters prop wind, the Sergeant could see a man in a huge suit of bulky bronze powered armor standing atop a crushed pile of concrete that used to be a retaining wall. A large red star enblazened on the steaming hot chest of his armor. Miller had never seen anything like him! A quiet, resigned, whisper next to him in a cultured accent,Bloody hell. Winter has come early. Miller tore his eyes from the Russian and looked over at the Priest. For the first time in all they had been through, Miller saw real fear in the inscrutable agents eyes. He looked back at the Russian and froze in shock as he looked right into the mans cold, furious eyes locked with his. Yep, he thought, slimmer and slimmer.......

Undead terrors behind, an entire Axis combat platoon infront, and a twenty ton death machine above. Miller crouched next to the burning walker and considered all their options. Every plan lead to bloody gruesome death, and the chances of him and his men getting out of this seemed slimmer and slimmer...

To Be Concluded Next Issue



Axis Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49: Kapitnleutnant Werner Henke
1 April 1947 UNITED STATES OFFICE OF WAR INFORMATION Psychological Warfare Team Attached to U.S. Army Forces Camp Meade, MD Place interrogated: Camp Meade Date Interrogated: April 1, 1947 Date of Report: April 1, 1947 By: SSG CS Barnhart This report is based on the information obtained from the interrogation of Kapitnleutnant Werner Henke who was recaptured around the tenth of January, 1947. Kapitnleutnant Werner Henke was originally captured when U-515 was sunk at 1510hrs on 9 April, 1944 in the mid-Atlantic north of Madeira at 34.35N, 19.18W by bombs from the US escort carrier USS Guadalcanal and depth charges from the destroyer escorts USS Pope, Pillsbury, Chatelain and Flaherty. 16 of the crew were killed and about 40 survived. Kapitnleutnant Werner Henke escaped on 15 June, 1944 from the interrogation center at Ft. Hunt, Virginia. The following are excerpts from the Tewalthomas Papers, a collection of documents Henke had collected as a spy for the Axis that were used to compare and contract troop movements, tactics and capabilities of the Allies and the SSU.

Prisoner: Kapitnleutnant Werner Henke Date of Capture: January 10, 1947 Date of Arrival: January 15, 1947 at Stockade


The following is Top Secret.

A1: Lol. Excellent point. There are no such Orders

Q1: In the orders section it says Units that are off

the table awaiting a chance to enter play (such as those that are using an Air Drop, or are Reserved) may only be issued Orders through a Radioman or another ability that allows them to disregard Command range, such as the Blutkruez Ape special ability. The question is, what orders can they be given via a Radioman or other ability during the Command Phase?

at the moment. However, the rule does allow ourselves some design space in the event that any are developed in the future.


Q4: Furthermore, does any Section also mean Sup-

port Sections and Command Sections? I mean, they are Sections. This question also applies to French Foreign Legion and Platoons that allow Hammerer Squads.

Q2: Can Supercharged and Overcharged be used at

A4: Any Section does apply to Command Sections, but only if the unit being replaced by a new units platoon dispatch can be fielded as a Command Section. For instance, the Devils Own could not be fielded as a Command Section, because British Paratroops cannot be fielded as a Command Section. Any Section does NOT apply to Support units. When a new unit may be fielded as a Support unit, it is specifically stated in its platoon dispatch.

the same time? That is, if my first attack with a Supercharged weapon is a sustained action, can I double the dice again by using Overcharged? If so does the doubling affect double the original amount? For example, the French Foreign Legion has Supercharge and Overcharge, the weapon does 2/1 against Armor 2 Soldiers, using them both can it become 8/1? Or does the double simply apply once? Or does it become a triple (6/1). In addition, if this can be done do they get one Out of Ammo marker, or two?

Q5: Jagdgrenadieres (and Laser-Jagdgrenadieres)

A2: Two Out of Ammo tokens may never be placed

on a unit in regards to a single weapon. Both the Supercharged and Overcharge abilities add Out of Ammo tokens to a units phaser/laser/tesla weapons. Because the Supercharged special ability is hardwired into the units first attack of the game, it trumps the Overcharge special weapon ability during that attack. The unit receives a single Out of Ammo token, and its phasers/lasers/tesla weapons cannot be fired again until a Reload action is taken to remove the token. After the initial Supercharged attack, the units weapons may be Overcharged as normal. Note: When a unit with Supercharged makes a Sustained Attack as its first attack action, it rolls double the dice and re-rolls misses!

are mounted on 80mm bases. They have 3 DC. Do they move like soldiers? Or vehicles? Do they worry about turning, facing and backing up like vehicles? If you lose 1 DC do you lose a model off the base (and the models weapon) or are they fully capable until they are destroyed? Do they count as 1 model or 3 models for purposes of Supression and retreat?

A5: Soldier units composed of multiple figures on

a single base move like any other Soldier unit. The unit does not have to worry about turning, facing, or backing up. When the unit is damaged, no figures are removed from the base. The unit may use all of its weapons until it is completely eliminated. However, the unit is considered to be one miniature for purposes of Suppression and retreat.

Q3: The wording of the Platoon Dispatch can be

confusing. For the Devils Own for example, it says that they can be taken as ANY SECTION in a platoon that allows British Paratroopers. Does this mean they can be taken as any section or any section that allows a Red Devils squad (the Combat Platoon can take Red Devils as a 4th Section choice, are they only allowed to take Devils Own as 4th Section choices or can they take them as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Section Choices).

Q6: Does Winter Child have a single Steel Fist or

are those stats for both? Same for Radiation Beam?

A6: Winter Childs stat lines take both of his Steel

Fists into account. The same goes for his Radiation Beam.

A3: Good question. The wording can indeed be in-

terpreted in two ways. To clear things up, the Devils Own can be taken as any section that allows a Red Devils squad (British Paratroops). For example, the Combat Platoon would only be able to field the Devils Own as a 4th Section choice.


Q7: Red Command Special Order: Unleash Hell.

Can this be given to solo heroes? Solo Commissars by themselves? Or only Soldier units?

A7: Solo Heroes and Commissars are still considered to be Soldier units. Therefore, they may be targeted by an Unleash Hell Order.

Q8: Unit Upgrades: Can these be given to units in

special platoons like Totenmeisters Zombie Platoon? Or Action Jacksons Paratrooper Platoon?

A8: Yes. Q9: Unit Upgrades: Can Apes and Zombies benefit
from these?

A9: Yes. :) Q10: Unit Upgrades: Battlefield Engineers: Do they

ignore the terrain movement penalty for the difficult terrain of Barbed Wired?

Q14: Can any of the existing Heroes from Campaign Book Zverograd lead a Red Guard Platoon from Campaign Book Hades?

A10: These units suffer no damage when mov-

ing through barbed wire, electrified barbed wire, or minefields. They do not ignore the difficult terrain movement penalty imposed by barbed wire and electrified barbed wire.

A14: None of the existing Heroes from Campaign

Book: Zverograd may lead a Red Platoon.

Q15: Red Command: Are the medic and the officer

Q11: Unit Upgrades: Pinpoint Observation: Can

this ability be used in both the Command and Unit Phases (as long as you have enough orders)?

A11: Yes. A unit with Pinpoint Observation may

resolve a Spot action in both the Command and Unit phases if they have enough actions available to them.

(Unit Leader) the same figure? The Basic Unit section indicated the officer and medic are two different figures, but the Unit Leader entry and the picture indicate the Medic is the Officer. Or is the figure with the binoculars the officer?

A15: The figure with the binoculars is the officer. Q16: IS-5 and IS-48 Heavy Tanks: These are each
listed as having several Turret Mounted DShK 12.7mm weapons. The models seem to have only one Turret Mounted DShK 12.7mm with one DShK 12.7mm (F) protruding from the front hull of the tank and one protruding from the rear of the turret of the main gun. Can this rearward facing DShK 12.7mm fire in the same direction (at the same target) as the main gun?

Q12: Unit Upgrades: Grenade Charge: Can these be

used as C weapons as a reaction to Close Combat?

A12: Yes. Q13: Unit Upgrades: Commissars: Can Solo Commissars take a Unit Upgrade? Or only Commissars serving as a full Command Squad?

A13: Solo Commissars may be given a unit upgrade.

A16: Although the physics of it require some crea-

tivity in how a player imagines the attack, the rearward-facing DShK 12.7mm is still considered a turret weapon, and may fire at the same target as the main gun.


Q17: Red Command issues Unleash Hell order to a

squad. They perform the sustained attack in the command phase. During the unit phase can that unit be activated? Can you attempt to remove the suppression?

Q21: To move up a floor of a building (say from

A17: A unit that has been issued an Unleash Hell

Order in the Command phase can attempt to remove its suppression as normal. If the suppression is successfully removed during the Unit phase, that unit will be allowed to take a single action.

Q18: When using a */1 or */2 weapon does the entire squad need to be in the range or just one?

outside) you can only go 3 at a time, does this move count from the time you meet the base of the wall or does it take the entire action (ie, you have to move to the wall first and moving up it is its own action)? Movement is measured horizontally. At any point during a units horizontal movement, it may ascend or descend a total of 3. For example, if I move 3 and then hit the wall can i use the rest of my move to go up the wall or must I commit a second action (ie perform a march move) to do so?

A18: At least one miniature in the squad must be in


Q19: Do you roll against all members if only one is

within range or only for the ones within range?

A21: If a unit with a 6 Move Characteristic performs a Move action in which it moves 3 and reaches a wall, it may move 3 up the wall. After doing so, it may still move an additional 3. If it had moved 6 to reach a wall, it could still move 3 up the wall at the end of its horizontal movement.

A19: If only one member of a squad is within range

of a Spray weapon, the attack is still rolled against all members of the unit.

Q20: If you have no line of sight to some of the models (like they are behind a statue) but can see some of the models in the squad and they are all in range do you roll against all of them or just the ones in sight?

Q22: When attacking with special weapons that

A20: An attack roll is made against all the miniatures

in the unit. For instance, if a */2 attack is made against a 5-man squad, and 4 miniatures are in the open and line of sight to the fifth is completely blocked by a wall, ten Combat Dice will still be rolled in the attack. However, the miniature to which line of sight is blocked cannot be removed as a casualty, even if the attack roll produces enough HITS to destroy the entire squad.

have special rules, usually all attacks in the attacking squad gain the same benefits (ignoring cover, ignoring armor, hitting on blanks). Does this apply to Action Jacksons Kick and Headbutt when attacking with a squad of soldiers with Rocket Punches ie does Jacksons Kick and Headbutt hit on blanks with them, or are they rolled separately?

A22: They are rolled separately. Q23: Can ALL IN ONE be used as part of a reaction? I assume it can, just want to make sure.

A23: You are correct. All In One can be used when

a unit reacts with an Attack action.

Q24: Is Supercharged a shared ability? If Action

Jackson joins a Legio Patria Nostra squad, do his 60w Phasers benefit from Supercharged?

A24: Supercharged is not a shared ability. Action

Jacksons 60W Phasers does not benefit from Supercharged if he joins a unit of Legio Patria Nostra.


Q28: When heroes are piloting vehicles are they

counted separately from the vehicle when calculating the command pool for initiative? So if Red Yana is piloting a KV 47 does she and the KV 47 each add a command die each or do they add one command die for the both of them?

A28: Heroes and any Vehicles they may be piloting

are counted separately when calculating a players Command Pool.

Q29: Flight: It says they cannot be targeted by weap-

ons with ranges of 6, C or B while in flight. Can they use weapons with ranges of 6, C or B while in flight? Can Winter Child punch Rhino while Winter Child is flying and Rhino is unable to retaliate?

A29: Flying Soldier units can use weapons with

Q25: How many slots in a transport vehicle does

a weapon team take? They are supposed to be one miniature but they have either 3 or 4 to a base.

ranges of 6, C or B while in flight, but only against other flying Soldier units or Aircraft units at High altitude. If Winter Child wanted to punch Rhino, he would have to land first, and Rhino would have a chance to retaliate.

A25: Ive recently errata-ed the rules for Carry Ca-

Q30: Does Grenade Charge apply to Molotovs or

only Grenades?

pacity to count the number of individual figures in a unit as opposed to the number of miniatures (the update should be posted by now). An Axis weapon team would occupy 6 points worth of Carry Capacity.

A30: Grenades only. Q31: Can observers/artillery strike individuals use

Pinpoint Observation in the same phase/turn? With the same vehicle? So standing 6 from a Lothar and spotting for it allowing the Lother to fire indirect and hit on blanks?

Q26: Do both target units need to be within line of

sight of the attacking unit or observers or only the initial targeted unit?

A26: Line of sight is necessary to both units. Q27: With the objective of Eliminate the Enemy
being selected, do heroes piloting vehicles count as 1 SP if the vehicle if destroyed and 1SP if the hero killed or only 1 SP if both the vehicle and hero are destroyed/killed?

A31: Yes.

A27: When a Hero is piloting a Vehicle, the Hero

is not considered to be joined to the Vehicle unit. In a game using the Eliminate the Enemy objective, the Hero would be worth one Superiority Point, and the Vehicle would also be worth one Superiority Point.


Q32: Can Spotters with Pinpoint Observation use

that skill twice in one activation? For example, action one use Pinpoint Observation, it fails. So they take a second action to try it again.

A34: In a game with the Off Target Shelling condi-

A32: Observers with Pinpoint Observation can re-

solve a Spot action twice in a single activation. However, all actions that a unit will take must still be declared before any are resolved. So a Spot+Spot activation must be declared before any dice are rolled. If the first Spot action is a success, the second action would likely be wasted.

tion, units do not remove Suppression markers during the End phase. This includes any additional Suppression marker removal that would normally be allowed by platoon upgrades such as Implacable. Axis units in a platoon with the Implacable platoon upgrade do not remove any Suppression markers during the End phase. A player fielding an Implacable platoon should take this into consideration when spending Scenario points in the Battle Builder.

Q35: Can a player decide to not remove suppression from his units if he so chooses?

Q33: Can a hero join a Jagdgrendiere type unit

(weapon team)?

A35: No. During the End phase, a Suppression

A33: Yes. A Hero can join a Soldier unit like the


marker must be removed from each unit with at least one Suppression marker unless the game conditions specifically state otherwise.

Q34: How does the Axis platoon upgrade Implaca-

ble work with Off Target Shelling? Do the Axis units of that platoon remove 1 suppression at the end of the turn, 2 suppression or no suppression?


Strategic Operations Document:

translation by Leutnant Manfred Hirtzel

Allied Walker Field Reports

For Kompaniefhrers eyes only. This document contains captured information regarding Allied walkers and their formations. Do not allow this document to fall into enemy hands under any circumstances. Doing so may jeopardize our espionage efforts.
ing a light, mobile anti-tank platform. The choice was to increase the size of the british PIAT system, taking it from an infantry weapon liable to break your shoulder to a powerful anti-tank suite. Unfortunately the range leaves something to be desired, making this walkers speed an extra necessity. It also suffers from some manufacturing flaws in the detonator, which have weakened the armor-penetrating capabilities of the Heavy PIATs sizeable warhead. The Blackhawk is best suited for tight, narrow urban engagements where its small size will take it places larger walkers cant go. From these tight alleys, the Blackhawk can ambush enemy walkers and infantry alike. Its shaped charge warheads can prove surprisingly effective against lightly armored infantry, thanks to the high amount of shrapnel they put off. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the walkers weapon system is that its individually triggered PIAT launchers can be fired all at once for a single, devastating attack that leaves little standing.

Light Assault Walker M1-A Wildfire

Combat Role: Air Defense and Suppressive Fire The Wildfire is a bold new tactic, one that many more traditional tank commanders feel will spell doom. Admittedly I was a skeptic as well, until I learned just how massive a production line the bigwigs intended to put in place. The Wildfire isnt a replacement for the tank, its an evolution of mechanized infantry as we know it. Faster and more terrain-capable than a truck or a halftrack, resistant to small arms, and armed with firepower that can only be matched by the heaviest of conventional vehicles. The goal of commanders on all fields should be to place at least one LAW in every infantry platoon. Wildfire has been equipped with a lightweight radar system, allowing this walker to turn its formidable array of machine guns against aircraft with deadly efficiency. Though green pilots can find it difficult to track aircraft with this fixed weapon, like all things with the M1 its easy to learn, and the thing spews enough high-caliber lead forward that theyre bound to hit something. Shes also great for suppressive fire, making it ideal for supporting infantry advances or protecting walkers from anti-tank teams. Helps keep the krauts heads down until our troops get in there to clean em out.

Light Assault Walker M1-B Blackhawk

Combat Role: Urban Search & Destroy Blackhawk was an advancement on the earlier Wildfire design, managing to create an armored cockpit for the pilot while still maintaining the high speed and agility that has given the M1 its reputation. The Blackhawk was created out of anticipation of need-


Light Assault Walker M1-C Honey

Combat Role: Light Plasma Weapon Assault Platform

The Honey was the test-bed for our first Phaser energy weapon system. The weapon was so new at the time that we decided to start manufacturing them, that we were forced to revert back to the open M1A design cockpit because we couldnt find a light enough cooling system to compensate for the immense heat the weapon created. It was either that or cook the pilot, and our scientists assured me that was a less-than-preferable outcome. Since then, the 190 Watt phaser has been somewhat outclassed by more advanced designs. However, its high damage potential, low cost, and flexible anti-tank & anti-infantry nature make it a capable force on the battlefield. Honey has a fairly decent range, but use of cover while advancing is still recommended. Honey is best suited as a supporting unit, especially with other walkers, where your enemy will perceive the heavier walker as the greater threat. A tactic I have seen prove particularly effective is to have the honey accompany a M2-A Mickey walker. The two are, amazingly, able to keep pace with each other despite the Mickeys heavier weight, and the two weapons complement each other well. Honey tackles armor of all types, infantry in garrisons, and extremely dangerous targets (Sino-Soviet code name: Winter Child is a high priority at this time), while the Mickey prevents the Honey from being overwhelmed with infantry, finishes off lighter vehicles, and helps take the hits.

On that note, though, it turns out that pack howitzer can pack a mean punch when pointed at enemy soldiers. Mickey works best as a infantry hunter, her increased speed allows her to chase down all but the quickest troops, and her ability to pull herself back from the brink allows her to shrug off most infantry anti-tank systems. A good mickey can even be indispensable against a Zombie charge. Just make sure to keep her, any anything else for that matter, out of melee range.

Medium Combat Walker M2-B Hot Dog

Combat Role: Urban & Jungle Combat The first system to successfully be grafted onto the M2 chassis after the debut of the Mickey, Hot Dog used our flamethrower weapons and Napalm technology to create a cheap, effective unit with a lot of firepower. While the larger fuel canister is able to handle greater pressures, the range is still fairly poor. Thankfully, Hot Dog proved invaluable in urban combat, and that has only increased as conflicts in South America, the Pacific Islands, and the Everglades have heated up. However, the fuel canister did prove problematic in early models, as the enemy liked to drain and sometimes even ignite the jellied gasoline inside. This was quickly solved by implementing a jettison system into the canister mounting, allowing the crew to ditch it in the event of a fire or sudden loss of pressure.

Medium Combat Walker M2-A Mickey

Combat Role: Field Support Mickey was a prototype turned rapid deployment. The 75mm howitzer was a stop-gap weapon, meant to give our troops the edge they so desperately needed while we found ways to get some proper firepower into these things. Yet despite so many superseding designs, the Mickey has survived on the battlefield. Many of the original pilots who survived contact with the enemy became proud veterans who didnt want to turn in their walkers. In fact, many of these brilliant bastards have managed to perform modifications that flat out baffle our scientists. Self-sealing hydraulics, increased speed, multiple redundant systems. Never before has a walker taken a beating from a Ludwig, only to keep getting up again. What the few surviving Mickeys lack in firepower, they make up in survivability.


The weapon of choice, the 17pdr. Gun, was the Brits answer to the Tiger tank, and now its our answer to the Ludwig. Engineers worked around the clock to deliver a heavy-hitting MCW that could take the fight to the krauts. Pounder is best used on long streets and open fields. Her main gun has great range and firepower, but even so she cant stand up to the krauts head on. Unlike the purpose-built war machines of the Axis, however, shes armed with a pair of MGs that will cut soldiers into ribbons. Her .50 cal, especially, has greater range than nearly any man-portable firearm. Wield your Pounders in pairs, or with some other support. The Axis fancy themselves great hunters, but its our jobs to prove that this beast strikes back. Hot Dog favors tight terrain, where her Napalm Thrower can wreck havoc on the unsuspecting enemy. A good shot can kill entire squads and ruin all but the heaviest walkers. A Hot Dog can also be the best offense against a well entrenched enemy, but beware that they will give no quarter to flamethrower units. It is also my personal, and grim, suggestion that you grant extra MG munitions to Hot Dog crews, to ease the poor bastards who survive the flames into the afterlife.

Combat Role: Plasma Weapon Assault Platform

Medium Combat Walker M3-D Cobra

Now personally I fall into the engineering camp that calls these guys the M2-D, but Ike insists theyre the M3 model walker. Cobra is a pretty lass, and her 180 Watt Phaser puts an entire squad of those British devils-on-earth in their place. This is the most powerful, and most advanced, Phaser in production. Only our latest attempts at miniaturization of the Phaser technology rival the sheer scientific brainpower that went into this development. Of course, the energy ball still has trouble handling the thickest armors, and the cooling system required to keep the weapon operational is immensely complex, but few units can rival Cobras firepower. Cobra still suffers from some range restrictions, so she best performs in urban environments, ones where its easier for her to advance unseen but still stay out of range of flamethrower walkers. It also makes the most of the explosive power of her weapon, which has been known to envelop entire squads defending buildings.

Medium Combat Walker M2-C Pounder

Combat Role: General Purpose Anti-tank The Pounder proved to those numskulls in Washington that the walker could be more than just some overpriced tank with half the armor and half the firepower. They thought a heavy, armor piercing gun would topple the thing over after a single shot. We proved them wrong, and now the Pounder is one of our best and most mobile anti-tank platforms.


Medium Combat Walker M3-E Rattler

Combat Role: Air Defense and Long-ranged Anti-personnel

Long-ranged Anti-Personnel is a fancy way of saying we finally stuck some long ranged QF guns on a walker. Sure, the Rattler suffers from some side effects of her stop-gap design. Her QF guns arent as good at piercing armor as what the krauts throw at us, her ammo hopper is too loud, and her rate of fire doesnt match up to Wildfire. But she makes up for it with range and one of the best radar suites on the planet. Rattler is best suited for open engagements, one where her long range makes her a terror to enemy infantry. Be careful not to expose her to enemy armor though, while shes not as fragile as Wildfire she still wont last long under a Ludwigs barrels. If your enemy has active air support, keep Rattler directly behind your spearhead armor. From this position shell be protected from enemy fire while still being able to shoot down any aircraft that get in range. Dont forget to keep your crews supplied with plenty of .50 cal ammo, too. With a few tracers for tracking, this roof-mounted MG can help pin down and take down even the more evasive pilots.

the first, they gave us use of their RP-3 armor piercing rocket. However, the warhead proved too weak against modern fortifications, and any increases in explosive capacity drastically cut down on range. So our engineers increased the diameter of the rocket motor to 4.2 inches and made a bigger warhead anyway. The second solution turned out to be beautiful in its explosive simplicity. Theyd long been using the petard mortar on their AVREs, so we borrowed a few, and were startled by the results. While the weapons range and fire speed was limited, the explosive power was immense, and since the weapon fired from such an unusual arc, it tends to ht the thin top armor. A few brave or desperate Steel Rain gunners have even been reported as having immobilized Heavy Walkers and Tanks with a single shot. Unless no priority targets present themselves, the Steel Rain should fire its entire volley of rockets to cripple the enemys kingpin. If combat engineers are present, then it should be considered a priority to use any available ammo drops to resupply this walker of rockets. After expending its supply of artillery munitions, this unit should transition to supporting your advance. Dont be afraid to lob charges at enemy infantry, walkers, and defenses as much as you can. Thats what shes built for.

Medium Combat Walker M2-G Barking Dog

(Experimental Stages, Limited Deployment Available) Combat Role: Tank Destroyer

Medium Combat Walker M2-F Steel Rain

Combat Role: Combat Demolition and Artillery Support

Steel Rain is a means to an end, shes a walker built for the beachhead. When we asked our soldiers what they needed most on the beaches, we were told close artillery support and bunker-busters. In both cases, it was the Brits who provided us with a solution. For

It turns out those krauts good at engineering complex, high caliber weapons that can rip through an MCW like a tin can full of gasoline. We responded with some good ol American ingenuity and slapped some M40 recoilless rifles filled with shaped charge rounds on a walker and pointed them at the enemy. While the Barking Dog is hard to come by due to its field-modified nature, it sure helps even the playing field.


Barking Dog has to sacrifice its internal weapon because of the weight of mounting six of the rifles, so once she runs out of ammo shes out of the game. Use her as a hit and run tank-killer, tearing down one target and booking it to the next. Barring that, use her powerful warheads on any targets of opportunity. If she survives long enough, you may even consider giving her an ammo drop. A few extra rounds in the guns can bring the nightmare to the enemy all over again.

Recon Mickey is best put to use in large, open battlefields. Ones where our usual observer teams will be hard pressed to find cover or keep up with the changing locations of targets. The reduced weight of removing the turret allows the Recon Mickey to cover ground immensely fast, even getting far ahead of our units. From this position they can quickly call down torrents of hellfire, all the while keeping enemy aircraft at bay with its 360 field of machine gun fire. With its high speed, this unit is even capable of jumping obstacles that other walkers would never even dream of.

Medium Recovery Vehicle M1-B Mickey ARV

(Experimental Stages, Limited Deployment Available) Combat Role: Construction, Engineering, and Armored Recovery The Mickey ARV is the unsung workhorse of the Allied Forces. Most of the units are operated by the Navy, since the establishment of beachheads and pacific airstrips requires the most heavy lifting, but these construction boys show no fear in the face of the enemy. Shes equipped with a high-power crane, as well as the usual MCW M2 machine-gun suite. The official purpose of this vehicle is construction of base defenses and the recovery of damaged or destroyed armored units from combat zones. However, Commanders and soldiers alike have found some inventive uses for the Mickey ARVs powerful crane. Ive seen reports of them being used to clear entire minefields and plant enough explosives to blow enemy bunkers sky-high. This comes in handy, since the Krauts like laying minefields like nobodys business. Additionally, it turns out these pilots are so good at their jobs that they can ply their craft with their own vehicles. Youve really seen something when you see a former construction worker welding some damaged parts on his own walker back together. While the enemy is shooting at you.

Medium Combat Walker M2-H Recon Mickey

(Experimental Stages, Limited Deployment Available) Combat Role: Reconnaissance and Forward Artillery Spotting While Id like to take credit for this little gem, its the Canadians who really deserve it. For a while theyd been removing the turrets off tanks and turning them into armored personnel carriers. Called them Kangaroos. Well, when they tried doing the same thing with a Mickey they discovered that she was just a bit too small to carry more than a couple soldiers. So they tacked on enough .50 cals to rival a Wildfire, and placed some trained spotters inside. Turns out this was extremely effective.

Walkers like the Barking Dog, Recon Mickey and Mickey ARV are available from


Heavy Assault Walker M7-B Fireball

Combat Role: Spearheading a Direct Assault

The only thing better than the smell of burning Napalm in the morning is the smell of a shitton of Napalm in the morning! Fireball is the epitome of allied flamethrower technology, leaving a burning swath of krauts, commies, and japs in its wake. Industrial strength air compressors and a massive internal fuel tank grants the Heavy Napalm Thrower the best range and hottest burn of any flamethrower ever made. Utilizing their heavy armor and literal firepower, the Fireball is the bane of the enemy when it crosses over the horizon. Fireballs are deployed at the forefront of any heavy strike force. A Fireball should always press the advance and be the first unit to make contact with the enemy. Using its heavy, six leg drive mechanism, the Fireball is able to bulldoze right through any obstacles the enemy may erect. If the enemy does not surrender at the mere sight of a Fireball breaking through their lines, show no mercy proving why they should. Her six machine guns will make quick work of any troops, and her Napalm Thrower will turn walkers into slag. To further press the advance and form a foothold, the troop compartment should be loaded with an Assault troops, and when able a repair detail should always follow the Fireball to the front lines.

Heavy Assault Walker M7-A Punisher

Combat Role: Heavy Anti-tank and Covered Advance

The time has come to bring the fight to the enemy, and make them rue the day they stepped foot on free soil. The Punisher has arrived, armed with dual 155mm howitzers firing the largest rounds in the Allied Army arsenal. The HAW M7 is capable of covering terrain that would bog down any other tank or walker, and its large interior allows it to carry an entire squad of brave men. Across the British Isles and the sands of Egypt, to the coasts of Zverograd and the murky islands of the pacific, the Punisher will drive the enemy back. Unlike those pansy Krauts, who use their heavy walkers as towering defenses, the Punisher is anything but. The Punisher should never stop advancing. She may be a ranged combatant, but shes equipped to plow through enemy defenses and cut down infantry with a ruthless barrage of hot lead. Furthermore, it is wise to utilize the Punishers transport capability to deploy a reserve squad. My personal preference is to load her with a squad of Tank Busters or Bot Hunters, to give those kraut and commie bastards a real taste of American firepower. However, every Commander has their own preferences, and theres no shortage of loading strategies when the Punisher has come.


300 points Sturm Grenadiere List

by steve kenniff
Editors note: Those of you who read the Spotted! feature (and if not, why not!) in this issue, already know about Steve Kenniff and his killer Axis. Heres a look at his list and his thoughts on how to use it best.

Faction: Axis ( 300 / 300 )

--- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (156) Command Section: Manfred (15, Hero) 1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) 2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) + Replace one StG47 with Panzerschreck (3) 3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) + Replace one StG47 with Panzerschreck (3) Support: LPW I-A Heinrich (20) Support: MPW III-A Wotan (50) + Wotan Upgrade to Vehicle 6 (5) --- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (144) Command Section: Stefan (18, Hero) 1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) 2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) + Replace one StG47 with Panzerschreck (3) 3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) + Replace one StG47 with Panzerschreck (3) Support: MPW II-A Luther (30) Support: MPW II-A Luther (30)

This list is a variation of my typical FUN list that was published in Dust Chronicles #4. This list is a bit more competitive, and designed to win rather than being designed to be symmetrical or realistic. The troop selections remain the same, but the command has been switched from the Kommandotrup to Manfred and Stefan. I dont normally use characters, but they freed up vital points that I needed to field some heavier armor. The Armor 3 that I typically use dies too quickly, and that list wasnt geared to fighting too well against opponents with heavier armor on the table. First, lets analyze the first platoon lead by Manfred. He is obviously going to be fielded in one of those upgraded Battle Grenadier squads, since those are the only Troop 2 choices available. By adding him to one of the units, I have found that the unit has a much higher probability of not only getting their Panzershrecks and Panzerfausts on target, but they also have the ability to shed suppression on a miss rather than the elusive hit. The ability to get rid of suppression more effectively means that more often than not this squad will be able to either Move and Shoot or Sustain Fire, making them much more of a threat. If you are able to bring all weapons to bear on an enemy vehicle you will be firing Three 1/2 Panzerfausts and Two 1/3 Panzershrecks, plus you would still have 4 STG47s to suppress a Troop target. The rest of the platoon is balanced to have the troops capable of destroying enemy armor, and some Heavy Flak Grenadiers to serve dual purpose as Anti-Air and Anti-Troop. All axis players should know how much of a threat the Heavy Flak Grenadiers are to


enemy troops and aircraft. Their option to fire as a Burst weapon will help destroy enemy troops who refuse to get out of cover. Generally I will try to get them into cover so that their Damage Resilience and Cover make them very hard to score a successful wound on. The second platoon is pretty much the same, except that it is being led by Stefan instead of Manfred. Stefan will be assigned to one of the Battle Grenadier squads. Dont forget that they still have the option of issuing the Blitzkrieg Order, even though they are not a Kommandotrup. That order was the main reason that I opted to stick with my Sturmgrenadiere Platoons rather than take Stefan or Manfred leading a Blutkreuz platoon.

anti-armor weapons in the game plus it rolls 6 dice against incoming attacks. If you dont treat the Wotan like its invincible and you use it to eliminate key targets you will pay back its points value in one or two turns. I cannot count the number of times that I have gone first in a game and blown up my opponents most expensive and threatening armor in the first shot of my Command Phase. That quickly sets a demoralizing tone for the rest of the game for your opponent. The one place that the Wotan AR lacks much capability is in the anti-troop category. Once the enemy armor is eliminated, you can use its 36 range to lay down some long range suppression on enemy troops. I tend to use my Luthers and Heinrich in my Unit phase to make Sustained Attacks against my enemys troops. If I do not perform a sustained attack with them I generally find that all I get accomplished is some suppression. 5 dice at Troop 2 is not much when you dont get re-rolls. If you choose to shoot with them in the Command Phase you also give them a reaction marker that means they cannot react to closing enemy movements. It is generally best to keep these walkers near your troops to provide effective fire, and hurting those troop units who will put a damper on your Battle Squads once they get in range. Plus the troops return the favor by granting the potential for reactive fire against enemy units wishing to bring bazookas, panzershrecks, and PTRS-47s within range. The Wotan on the other hand doesnt generally need to Sustain Fire to be effective. The Wotan can cause anywhere from 3-4 damage per successful hit and it also has the Laser ability to roll additional hits. Often times you will find yourself dishing out 8-12 damage against enemy walkers on a normal attack, the likes of which cannot be saved by most walkers. Do that twice per turn, and you will see why the Wotan AR makes quick work of the enemys armor. You might look at this list and say that it doesnt look threatening, but others that have played against it will compare it to the hard to defeat Fireball Drop list. And part of its effectiveness is in the execution and maneuver of the units, clearly. It may not be dummyproof but its pretty darn close to it.

Here is the biggest change in my list, the armor. Instead of fielding 2 Hans and 2 Heinrich (Which I feel make a realistic type of support for a fast moving Sturmgrenadiere Platoon) I opted to make my armor heavier. By dropping the Kommandotrup in both platoons and taking the characters I was able to free up 17 points for my list from that change alone. I used those points to field 30 point Luthers instead of Hans. The Luthers give me longer range weapons combined with Charge, armor 4, DC 4, a turret mounted MG44 and a Kampfzange for close combat if needed. These become a little harder to kill in one shot than the Hans and they give me a lot more long range stopping power and suppression capability. The last and keystone piece of the list is the Wotan AR. The Wotan AR is capable of destroying any armor in one glorious shot, and it is capable of taking a beating from enemy anti-armor shots. For 55 points you get a heavy walker that is immune to MANY


step away from everything

In the first article of this series (DC issue 3) I destroyed a toy helicopter to create a SSU transport with moving blades. The end result didnt actually look to bad. However, that isnt always the case when it comes to my crazy ideas. Today I will be going over the disastrous steps I when I tried to merge two SSU helicopters into a Shinook type craft. Let me remind you that this is not a How2 series of articles, if anything it is a How Not2 series articles. Somebody has to make mistakes so it might as well be me. Most of the time I dont actually make a plan when I decide a converion is in order. I know where I want to end up but have no idea how to get there. And yes, that is a saw normally used to cut wooden beams in half. Finally I had managed to get to the point where I had one hull with cockpit and no doors at the back and one hull without a cockpit. All that was left to do was glue the two parts together, stick the blades back on and job done. After hours of trying to remove the cockpit I decided it was time to bring in the big guns.

The tools I use are whatever I have to hand. In order to try and make the two helicopters fit together as one model I started clipping away without to much consideration how clean the cuts were.

AH! That helicopter isnt even one inch longer than the standard SSU transport. No way that was going to work. What I needed was a way to extend the hull without cutting up a third helicopter. Can you guess what solution I came up with? If you said paper mache, then you are as crazy as I am because that is exactly what I was thinking. Join me next issue when I finish the helicopter, one way or another.



worldwide dust campaign

Amazing, that is the only response I can come up with after the experience that was the first half of the Siege of Zverograd Worldwide Campaign. Actually that is a lie, there is something else that keeps coming back into my head; Thank you everybody! The last two months have been a rollercoaster ride of excitement, frustration and amazement and you, the players of Dust, have been enthusiastic from day one and have made every late night worth it. There are more than 330 results so far, from over 100 players and we are only halfway. The following pages contain the information you need to keep the campaign going so that we can find out on the 1st of June who controls Zverograd. We take a look back at the last two months, there are some new scenarios, the League Leaderboard and obviously details about who controls what part of the city of Zverograd. There will be more changes to the scenarios over the coming weeks (just like we had in the first half) so dont forget to keep an eye on the website for the latest news and daily updates. Again, thank you and I hope you enjoy part two.

the siege of zverograd


When you have played your game of Dust Tactics or Dust Warfare the only thing left to do is enter the result with the campaign website. You do this by filling in the results form.


entering results


Just fill in your name, army and game result and the details of your opponent together with the location where the battle took place. If no location is given then a location will be randomly allocated to the result. This random location will always be under the control of one of the factions involved in the battle but not always the winning army.

All results entered will also be counted towards the Worldwide Dust League. The new League period runs from February 1st up to and including May the 31st. For every game you win you will earn two points and for every loss or draw you will earn a single point. At the end of the current League period the person with the most points for each game system will be declared the winner. For both games the winner, second and third placed players will all receive prizes.

The Worldwide Dust League

Dust Overlord
We have started a new competition, Dust Overlord. Besides the two seperate Leaderboards for Tactics and Warfare we now also have a combined leaderboard to find out the true Dust Overlord. On this leaderboard you will only receive points for games won. One point for every Dust Tactics game won and 1.2 points for every Dust Warfare game won (the reason for this is that Warfare games tend to take longer and so a single game session might only have one result, while a Dust Tactics session can have multiple games). So what are you waiting for? Turn the page and find out who did best in the first half of the Siege of Zverograd Worldwide Dust Campaign . . . . . .


the siege of zverograd

scenarios april - may
You can email us at: Go onto our facebook page: Dust-Cronicles-On-Facebook When the Siege started Zverograd had 27 key locations and each location had a corresponding scenario (you can find the original 27 scenarios in Dust Chronicles issue 4). Since then things have changed. what follows are updated scenarios for some of the key locations of Zverograd. These scenarios will be used during the second half of the Worldwide Campaign and replace those published in February . Everything you need to know to play each scenario is provided on the page. Please note that some locations consist of two scenarios that are linked. The idea is that both are played to decide a winner, however we understand you might not have time to play multiple games in one session, even if you only play half the scenario of a location report the result. If you have any questions or commens then there are two ways to get in contact with us;

who Controls Zverograd?

To find out what bloc is in control of each key location in Zverograd you can go to:

The pages provided in this issue state control at the halfway point of the Worldwide Campaign and will be updated in the next issue. The website will be updated on a daily basis.


control OF zverograd APRIL 1st

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 - SSU - AXIS - SSU - SSU - AXIS - ALLIES - AXIS - ALLIES - SSU - SSU - AXIS - AXIS - ALLIES - AXIS - ALLIES - ALLIES - SSU - AXIS - AXIS 7CP 2CP 2CP 7CP 3CP 3CP 7CP 7CP 2CP 2CP 3CP 2CP 7CP 3CP 2CP 2CP 2CP 3CP 3CP

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29



Each location is worth a number of Campaign Points (CP) and the bloc with the most CP is currently in control of Zverograd.






The Airfield was the first location to fall in the Axis assault on Zverograd, the Airfield is now under complete Axis control. It is currently mainly used as an air drop zone. From the Airfield air dropped supplies can be moved quickly into the city over Red Bridge.

location notes:

Operation Icarus is much better at covering the events at the Airfield than we can so for that reason you can play any scenario from Operation Icarus and report the game result for this location.

allied showcase
models painted by: Tom Bodicoat



Zverograds Red Bridge was a marvel of engineering that inspired pride in every SSU citizen who looked upon it. Its two-tier construction (roads for motor vehicles and pedestrians above, and metro tracks below) was proof that the architects and construction teams of the Soviet Union are among the finest in the world. The Allies are stepping up their assault on the Airport and to prevent the Axis from bringing troops back from locations in the city itself it was decided to destroy the bridge. The bridge really is an impressive piece of engineering as it has survived direct hits from bombs dropped by Allied Pelicans. However, the metro tracks are no longer usable and parts of the structure of the bridge are now missing.

Optional Rules: Zombie Infestation! objectives:

Attacker/Defender: You must make a run for the other side of the bridge! If you have at least one unit on the shore on the opponents side at the end of round three, six or eight, while your opponent does not have any units on your own shore, you win the game.
To play this scenario you will need three posters with the water and bridge elements. Both the Revised Core Set and Operation: Zverograd contain two posters each.

Special rules:

Cover may be placed anywhere on the board and this includes the bridge itself.


The last few weeks all blocs have been looking for a rumored secret base along the road to Lagan. The Axis found it first but did not managed to hold on to the location long enough to make their way inside the structure. On the 1st of April the Allies managed to open the doors to the building just far enough for a few men to step into the darkness. They have been down there for a few hours now and contact has been lost. To make matters worse, the enemy has been spotted among the trees. . . .

special rules:

The building tile follows all the rules for structures and as the main entrance is big enough, vehicles (except aircraft) may enter the building. The Defender places all the cover elements.


Attacker: You must try and reach the entrance to the

building. If you have at least one surviving unit on the objective area at the end of any round, you win the game. The objective area is marked in red.

Defender: You must repel the invaders! If, by the

end of round 8, the attacker has no surviving units on the objective area, you win the game.

Optional Rules: None.


For every win you record in the Worldwide Dust League you will now also earn points towards your Overlord Ranking. You get 1 point for every Dust Tactics game you win and 1.2 points for every Dust Warfare game you win. At the end of the current Dust League (May 31st 2013) the person with the most Overlord points will win a trophy and so will the 2nd placed player. Seeing that the current league is linked to the Worldwide Siege of Zverograd Campaign, we decided that for the first Overlord Competition the trophy should have a Zverograd theme (as you can see on the right). You might be wondering why a win in a Dust Warfare game is worth a bit more than a win in a Dust Tactics game.

dust league overlord table

You can play more games of Tactics in an afternoon than games of Warfare and this way players who only play Tactics dont have a major advantage over Warfare players who will be able to record a smaller total number of games. The scoring method will be reviewed at the end of May to make sure that we work towards the best way to calculate winners.

We tried to keep the scoring simple but felt that most Warfare games take a little longer than Tactics games and this needed to be represented in the points.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

patrick doty jeff stevenson bill hegg steven kenniff paul darling james goldstein arthur mead juan mieza michal porecki piotr slawek

21.4 18 15 14.4 14 13.2 12 11 11 11

7 18 15 o 14 o 12 11 11 11

12 0 0 12 0 11 0 0 0 0

These standings are correct as per April 1st 2013 - For the latest Leaderboard visit:


1. jeff stevenson 44 2. bill hegg 37 3. Paul Darling 31 4. michal porecki 30 5. arthur mead 30 6. nancy stevenson 30 7. piotr slawek 26 8. r. jindracek 24 9. juan mieza 23 10. romain 21

26 18 22 15 17 14 18 12 18 12 22 8 14 12 18 6 12 11 15 6

69% 68% 82% 66% 66% 36% 85% 33% 91% 40%

1. james goldstein 32 2. patrick doty 30 3. steven kenniff 26 4. m. ceferatti 26 5. michael zabkar 22 6. cs barnhart 21 7. charles allen 21 8. drew hall 18 9. matt lawson 12 10. jay blum 12

19 18 14 19 16 12 15 11 9 9

13 68% 12 66% 12 85% 7 36% 6 37% 9 75% 6 40% 7 63% 3 33% 3 33%

These standings are correct as per April 1st 2013 - For the latest Leaderboard visit:


june 1st 2013 dust chronicles issue 6

The siege of zverograd worldwide campaign ends and we present the final outcome winners of the worldwide dust league are announced

we move away from the snow and take dust into the desert