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the one

Our youth at the “America I Am” exhibit

180° - A Turnaround For Christ

working toward bringing more young continue to keep us in prayer as we

Still Going Strong
people onto our newsletter staff and expand this portion of the One80
The One80 Youth Newsletter has giving them a voice within this and look forward to many more
been going strong for over a year. ministry. We have already received years to come for this newsletter.
We are truly grateful for all of the great feedback from our young
support and prayers we have people and because of their input we - Lauryn Gray
received. The newsletter committee plan to put their ideas into affect.
members have worked together to We praise God because the reason
try and bring you information that we wanted to have this ministry was What’s Inside
uplifts and encourages our youth to highlight our youth and hear their
here at Nazarene. concerns. Still Going Strong 1
We plan to continue what we have Through prayer and dedication we
Words From Our Pastor 2
done in the past while also taking are achieving the vision God has Announcements / Achievements 3
this ministry to a new level. We are placed on our hearts. So please
College Corner / Think on This 4
- YEAR -
- ONE -
Words From Our Pastor
Learning Self Discipline
Learning self-discipline is critical in life. It is the ability to regulate one’s conduct by principle and sound
judgment, rather than by impulse, desire, custom or culture. The Biblical word for self-discipline is
obedience. To exercise self-discipline is to avoid evil by staying within the guidelines of the Word of
God (Pro. 1:10; I Cor. 9:24-27). I’m indebted to my parents, professors, preachers, parishioners and
others (coaches) who helped me develop self-discipline in my own life. When one possess the ability to
concentrate, focus and purpose their own goals consistently, success becomes a reality (Philippians
3:14). Since self-discipline is so important, how does a young person develop it? Here are six helpful

Begin With the Small Stuff

Clean your room, do your chores and put things where they belong when they are out of place.
Get to the point where order matters.
When you are disciplined in small matters it helps prepare you for success in life. It’s the little foxes that ruin the vineyards.
“When it comes to your integrity and credibility, there are no small issues.”

Get Yourself Organized and Be On Time. (I Cor. 14:40; Eph. 5:15-16)

Make a schedule and stick to it.

Have a to-do list of things you need to accomplish using a daily planning book or personal information manager program on
your computer.
If you don’t control your time, everything and everyone else will!
Be on time for engagements. Being punctual marks a life that is organized and under control (Eph. 5:18).
Being on time acknowledges the importance of other people and the value of their time (Ps. 139:14, 15; Eph. 5:16).

Keep Your Word and Finish What You Start (Phil. 1:6; James 1:22-25)

Do not promise what you cannot perform. When you say you are going to do something do it when and how you said you
That calls for discipline to properly evaluate whether you have the time and capability to do something.
Self-discipline will enable you to do it.

Accept Correction (Pro. 19:20; Pro. 15:31-32; Eph. 6:1-2)

It will help you develop self-discipline by showing you what you need to avoid. Thus it should not be rejected but gladly
Correction will bless your life.

Practice Self-Denial and Don’t Constantly Seek to be Entertained (Gal. 5:16-Matt. 16:24-25)

Learn to say no to your impulses and feeling. Skip dessert after a meal
Occasionally deny yourself pleasures that are perfectly legitimate for you to enjoy. Refraining from those things will remind
your body who is in charge (I Cor. 6:18-20).
When you have free time, do things that are productive instead of merely entertaining. Read a good book, take a walk or
have a conversation.

Welcome Responsibility (Matthew 20:28)

Volunteer to do things that need to be done. That will force you to have your life organized enough to have the time for such

In summary live every aspect of your life to the glory of God (I Cor. 10:31) and self discipline will be cultivated in the seemingly
mundane things of life that will spill over into the spiritual realm.

We are praying for you! The best is yet to come!!

Announcements Memory Verses

•To all High School Seniors - Applications for the Claudine Vicks April
Scholarship in the amount of $500 are located by the fellowship 2 Samuel 22:4 I will call on
the Lord who is worthy to
hall on the Scholarship Committee bulletin board. All applications
be praised so shall I be
are due by April 30.
saved from mine enemies.
•To all College Students - Please submit your application for a
scholarship by May 15.
•Scholarship forms can be downloaded from the church’s website
Philippians 4:6 Be careful
at for nothing but in everything
•Rev. Keith M. Williams, Jr will be giving Words of Encouragement by prayer and supplication
to Youth at the Global Youth Concert on Wednesday night April 22 with thanksgiving let your
at 7:30 pm. The Germantown Academy Singing Patriots Choir, requests be made known
unto God.
Greater Philadelphia Youth Mass Choir and a guest choir from
Poland will be featured.


•Congratulations to Julius McKiney, Imani Gardner and Ashleigh

Carter for their participation in the Germantown Congress of
Christian Education Oratorical Contest. All three contestants gave
a speech that was not only off the hook but each of these
contestants received a trophy for their contribution to the contest. Want to Help?
•Jordyn Carter, Jamal Garland, Jamia Garland and India
Gardner also received certificates for memorizing a Bible verse To all of our youth, if you
and sharing it with the congregation.
are interested in helping
•We are also proud of Lakita Robinson, Sarah White, Jade
Spence, Missetra Solomon and Natalie Ogburn for the posters us with the newsletter
submitted for the Germantown Congress Art Contest. Each young please see Lauryn Gray
lady presented her poster and did a great job putting them
together and telling everyone what they were trying to say through or Michael Ingram Jr!
their art.

- Lauryn Gray

Mark Stone - April 2
Spring Birthdays
Missietra Solomon - April 26 Think on This
Tre Forte - April 28
In accordance with the church’s
Christina Williams - April 30 theme “Let your light shine in
2009”, I would like for each of you
Shamirah Sweets - May 5
to think about what that means in
Alexis Lema - May 19 your everyday walk with the Lord.
This phrase was taken out of the
Demetria Dove - May 26 Bible verse Matthew 5:16 which
Tiffany Farley - May 27 states “Let your light so shine
before men that they may see your
Natalie Ogburn - May 30 good works and glorify your
Father which is in heaven.” The
only way you can truly let your
light shine is to follow Christ by
College Corner reading his word and making it
your guide. When listening to some
of you and your concerns with
your everyday struggles in life, I
wonder if you are letting your light
“A Degree in Success?” shine.

In letting your light shine do you

The world tells us that success is related to possessions and realize that it is because of your
position—that what we have and how we rank makes us walk with the Lord that you may
significant and relevant in the world. And in the academic field feel the way you do? When not
fitting in with the in crowd or
grades are everything—they evaluate your performance, tell wondering why people are talking
others how intelligent you are, and determine your altitude. Yet about you, is it because you are
for Christians, grades are just grades. They do not define who letting your light shine? If that is
the case then you must understand
you are, describe your potential, nor do they establish your that as a Christian you are set
future. It’s the Lord that does that, not a man-made scoring apart from the world and that may
system. It’s easy to get caught up and allow our grades and cause loneliness, doubt and
misunderstandings. It’s not easy
academic performance to dictate who we are. We feel that and it never will be, but continue to
without outstanding, commending grades we’re inadequate. We let your light shine and do not be
afraid to stand for God. Only
use our grades as a means for recognition, importance, and self- what you do for Christ will last.
significance. And that, by God’s standards is not real success.
From a biblical standpoint success is blessings, spiritual - Lauryn Gray
prosperity, and overall well-being. Authentic success that comes
from above brings lasting joy, and deep seated joy comes from a
tightly-knit relationship with the Lord. Success in college and
beyond is result of taking time to meditate on the Word, looking
for supernatural experiences with God, seeing Him in everything The One 80 Newsletter Team
that you do, seeking Him with every spiritual test, relying on Him
in every circumstance, trusting His resources and provision, Lauryn Gray - editor
growing in the Spirit, and gaining wisdom—doing all that for
Michael Ingram Jr - co-editor
God’s glory and not your own. Relying on self and living by the
world’s standards for prosperity is the easiest way to fail. Your Maureek Graham - contributor
success is not linked up to your own abilities, and certainly not by Tamika Graham - contributor
the degrees you acquire, but in God’s divine power (Psalm Jade Spence - contributor
18:32). And where submission and obedience are, blessings and
Susie Paige - contributor
prosperity will follow.
- Tamika Graham
Our Newest Member


She is 13 years old and in the eighth grade. Janee enjoys playing the drums and the

piano. Even though she is a new member she attends Sunday School and is a part of

the Glorifiers of God praise team. In her walk with the Lord she plans to develop a

closer relationship with Christ.


Wordsearch Puzzle

m s n g i e r i o a e g

o a o o n s o p i l d t

s d r h i u s l x t y i

s u o y r s s i i i e i

j j g m h e n i f r a g

d n e s i r p e i i n e

r y p i e p c p c p o j

n o i t c e r r u s e r

s r e p i n o s r s a s

p p a a b t w s c c r s

t o m b s r n j r o b l


Upcoming April May
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Here is a list of Choir Rehearsal for Youth Concert - Glorifiers of God Rehearsal
the various 10:00 am

events that will

be coming up 11 7
Choir Rehearsal for Youth Concert - Pastor 25th Anniversary Concert
in the next 10:00 am Rehearsal - 7:00 pm
couple of
12 8
Easter Sunday Pastor 25th Anniversary Concert
Rehearsal - 7:00 pm

18 9
Eastern District of Christian Pastor 25th Anniversary Concert
Education Youth Rally / Oratorical
Contest - 12:00 noon
Glorifiers of God Rehearsal
Pastor Anniversary Concert
Rehearsal - 10:00 am

Global Youth Concert - 7:30 pm

Pastor Anniversary Concert
Rehearsal - 10:00 am

Pastor 25th Anniversary Concert
Rehearsal - 7:00 pm

Pastor 25th Anniversary Concert
Rehearsal - 7:00 pm