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Scenes from rbrce classes - high school studenrs Alice

Chen, Kobin Orlansky and Sung \'(/an Ro in Physics

class; Carlos Sevilla and f\.laria i\kriwcthcr, Srh ,graders in
AJvtnrure; and 1\.1r. Bond, high school science reacher,
explaining magnetism ro '5d1 graders Hannah :v1 cKni_ghr
and Vicroria Ramsey.
Colegio Maya
Time to Remember
c:;;i; ve, ten or even twenty years from
now, what will be the treasured mem-
ories of this school year) Of course, we
will recall the big events and the im-
portant people--the plays and cru-
cial games, the holidays and celebra-
tions, the special friends and teachers.
However, the memories will also in-
clude those small quiet times that will
make this year live on tn our
minds--studying in the sun after a
month of rain, playing the spooky bells
that sounded like Halloween, watching
in amazement as a science lab really
worked. All these moments, pur to-
gether, have made this year a time to
Asaf ~ l a z a r , seni or, discovers that physics cl ass can be a mind shattering experience. Francis Rust fi nds a
qui et, thinking place on the playground. Sixth graders enact the future of Guatemala, whi le Ana /vlercado
works in rhe sun.
h volleyball.
. Ji s Jeep for t e . m on
A n
Ja R bodes, sen!Or,l sets magnestu
rna ' swJenr, Rut 1 '
inth grade 1 mites look on.
fire while her c ass
. keep rhem-
f 'lctivines to
fnd all sorrs o 0
Elemen rary students t
selves busy. 3
''My best
memory of this
school year is .. .
"Christmas. I liked bringing food
for people who needed it. I also was
in The Twelve Days of Christ-
mas and I sang in the Posada."
--Rebecca Mejia, 4th grade
"The middle school Lock-In, espe-
cially the free time when you could
roller blade and climb the wall."
--Kyle de Beaussett & Bianca
Brady, 6th grade
"Sitting up in Rapunzel's rower be-
ing exceedingly bored. The major
problem was pulling up the witch
and not falling myself." --Paige
Cunningham, lOth grade
Elementary music class is fun, even if some 4th graders get mixed up playing a clapping game.
emories Are
Made of This
mmories are being created every day as we come up
the hill to Colegio Maya. From that dreaded first day of
school until rhe end of the year, countless images, activities,
and people contribute to the memories rhar we will carry
away with us. Ir might be the lirrle things rhar stick in the
mind - talking with your friends each day, attending a
certain class, or raking your bus to and from school. Or
maybe ir will be rhe big events which you will remember
more - rhe high school plays, clash of colors, or an AASCA
sports tournament. Whether you are in Kindergarten or a
Senior in high school, you will develop your own unique
image of this school year, and you will carry ir with you
throughout your life. We hope rhar rhis yearbook will help
"lock in rhe memories" of rhis year.
Robin Orlansky, Editor
What is the 2nd grade doing with all that trash-' "We're making a landfill, and
burying the trash to see how long it will rake to decompose," answer Sasha
Turner, Emily Sundelin, Brendon Lokka, Adam Fernandez, and Vincent Park.
imes We Will Never Forge1
%1e most memorable times are those
when older students can share learning ex-
periences with younger children. Seniors had
an on-going project with their first grade
buddies that benefitted both groups. Soph-
omores shared games that they created in
math class with Kinder students. Middle
school Spanish classes rook puppet shows ro
a school in Antigua, and worked with the
children there, while the relationship be-
tween the school and the Pennat project for
children of the markets continued .
Sharing with younger students are (top and
clockwise): Amaranta Villar, Miguel Turner,
Rana Hamdy and Valerio DeNleo.Vanessa
Bergonzoli, and Asaf Mazar.
From the desks of ...
Dear Graduates,
It is with pride that I pen this message of congratulations to you, the Colegio Maya
Class of 1998. In addition to your academic and athletic successes, you have
demonstrated an un paralleled ability to cope with the loss of several of your
classmates. Your efforts over the last three years to ease the pain of the family and
friends of those we lost will remain forever in my heart and mind. You leave Maya
with a solid academic background and an ability to handle the unexpected with
compassion and dignity. We, the administration, teachers and staff are proud of
you and wish you well as you head off to face the challenges of the future.
Visit us when you can, keep us informed of your whereabouts, and let us know of
your accomplishments.
Fred Pasquale
My hope is that as Colegio Maya alumni look back at this yearbook, they will have fond
memories of their times here at Maya. I trust that they will use the stories and pictures
herein to serve as reminders of friends and classmates. I also believe that the teachers and
staff at Colegio Maya work hard to create the lifelong memories mentioned above.
I would also like the alumni of Colegio Maya to remember the diversity of the student
body, the beautifully landscaped campus, and the contributions of everyone who helped
make their years here at Maya productive and enjoyable. My own personal message to
the student body and alumni is one I refer to as the "Attitude Rule". That is, approach
everything you do (or have to do) with a positive attintde. You will be surprised at how
much easier life is when you put this attitude into acrion
Jim Gentrup
Secondary Principal
Making Growing Up Worthwhile
To the Senior Class of l998 I would like to say good luck and leave you with this
kind thought: school is all about growing up, and growing up is only possible with
friends. Where would we be without somebody to share our discussions, quell our
confusion, and push us on
Without friends, our memories would be empty, our
happiness lacking, and our future inconceivable. "As you leave Colegio Maya
remember that it has been more that a simple school.. . it's people and friends ...
The kind of friends who make growing up worthwhile. "
Tony Trujillo
Elementary Principal
Memories from the
Elcmemary srudenrs nor only show rheir crearive ralenrs
in rhe classroom, bur rhey know how w have fun on rhe
Refrigerator Door
thing you created turned out just
,1ight? Those magic moments of child-
ood em n locked in the minds and
e elementary children as
all the wonders and ad-
this special time in their
Sharing healthy food in the dass salad bar, Tomas Mernbreiio and Carlos Galvez, 3rd
graders, show mixed <:motions. First grade students Pari Cruz, Victor Martinez, and Jackey
Go watch with amazement as their teacher prepares green eggs and ham, anJ Althea
Lyness demonstrates a new kind of game to PE teacher Pablo Sanchez.
The love of books begins early in Pre-Kinder, as
Adete concentrates on a favorite story.
Arguello, Jaime
Garcia, Karla
Gutierrez, Mario
Irigaray, Adete
Matzer, Eduardo
Ramsey, Richard
Memories of the earliest years of school might
include baking sugar cookies in all kinds of
wonderful shapes. The art of using a rolling
pin could come in handy in later years, bur no
one will ever forger the aroma and taste of
warm cookies. The strongest memories, how-
ever, will probably be those of a warm and
caring reacher .
Kin ----rgarten
What will we remember from Kin-
dergarten' Playing doctor and mak-
ing the sick baby doll well.
Bowles, Dal'id
Castillo, Rodrigo
Cazares. Lucia
Cortes. Andres
Diaz. Carlos
(;alan, :'iicolas
1\im, Da-Re
Lee, Seo-Hee
Leon, Jonathan
Lopez, Sebastian
Oh, Jung Ah
Ortiz, Rebeca
Quan, 111ei-Po
Sav, Pablo
Shin, Hyun An
Sihaja, Maria Luisa
Song. \lin-Jae
Tuero, Natalia
l'illalohos, Maria
Kinder students in ES-
OL painr their very hun-
gry caterpillars, while
their classmates enJOY
swinging on rhe play-
The happy faces of lst grade students reflect their
love for reading.
The firsr grade Spanish class is disguised as Li ttle Red
Riding Hood, while enthralled students watch thei r
reacher, S. Maras make green eggs and ham. Saman-
tha McKnight shows her jumping abi lity.
Cruz, Patricia
Garcia, Emely
Go, Joo-Hwan
Hoffman, Oscar
Kim. Ye- ln
lee, Dae-Rak
lee. llh-Sing
Lopez, Adrian
Lyness, Al thea
Mcknight, Samantha
Ramsey, Erick
Rodriguez. Marielle
Vidal, Marcos
Seco rade
Having a snack in the reaJing corner.
\\'alters. Tony
Bond . . \m1
Cruz, Sofia
Fernandez, .\dam
Frances. Rust
Kim. Da-Som
Lara. Cristina
Leon. Dana
Lokka. Brendan
\!orris. Eliza
:>:iederlwitmann. Josd
Ortiz . .Jose
Pabon, Camille
Park. \'i ncellt
Quan. Carlos
Ramirez. Robe11
Seckinger, James
Sundelin. Emelie
Treacy. Caitlin
Trujillo, Leanne
Turner, Sasha
Hot shots on the playground .
Thi Grade
Max is gening ready to make a gooey mess -
really ir's all part of a science lesson'
Soriano .. \lejandro
Thazhathu, Bharath
Barnes. Emily
Benson, Daniel
Bradv, Francisco
Cazares. Oscar
Choi. Song-Ha
Galvez. Carlos
Galvez, Luis
Grell, Jason
Hutchings, Paul
Livermore, oa,id
Lopez, Ana
,\larquez, Carlos
Membrefio, Tomas
Ocasio, .Jennifer
Rhodes, :llaximilian
Rodri)(O, Galan
Seckin)(er, Patrick
Third grade srudenrs cele-
brate wirh Mrs. Rhodes, ele-
mentary librarian, the com-
pletion of the big books of
the continents.
Fourth grade students ready to leave for
home after a challenging day at school.
Yun. Jennifer
Al\'arez. Ale\ander
Castrillo, Diego
Cho, IIan-na
Debeausset. Sasha
Diaz, \'eronica
Edwards. Isabel
Feia, Benjamin
Gaymer, Johanna
Gu, Jackey
Gutierrez. Luis
Hattori ,
lloffman, Adela
.\lano. Patricia
.\lercado, Sarah
.\leriwether. Catherine
Miro, Juan
'loiTis. Ruth
Perkins. l'ictoria
Ramirez, l"anessa
Richardson, .\latthew
Rust , Allyse
Seo, Charles
Spakauskas, Paul
Trujillo, Anthony
\'alerin, Carlos
\"aile, (;iorgio
1\'ang. Ale\
Fifth a de
Fif rh grade students work hard
in their Spanish class, and will
certainly never forger learning
the wonders of chemistry with
Mr. Bond.
Abbott, Patricia
Adamson, Laurie
Bond, Lise!
Brady, Lorenzo
Carrion, Arturo
Gomez, Catalina
Hattori, Shiho
Kim, Kyong
Lee, Stella
Lee, Yi Ting
Lee, Yong Hee
Lopez, Aurora
Lopez, Pablo
Mazar, lnbal
McKnight, Hannah
Orosco, i':atalie
Park, Richard
Polanco, Elizabeth
Ramsey, \"ictoria
Richards, Celeste
Robbins, Georgina
Seok, Sora
Shaw-Wood, Peter
Tally, Paulo
\lllar, Dulce
\"ida!, Luis
Yun, Yan Sik
The winners in the 4th and 5th grades were rerrainly a mixed
group. Natalia Tuero, Kindergarten student dressed as ;\ ..fega-
ra, waits to eat a marshmallow.
Maria Fernanda Villalobos makes a pumpkin creation.
"I went trick or treating and ace all the candy in one day,"
grins Max Ramirez, aka Zorro. Kindergarreners Krisreena
Seckenger and Seo- Hee Lee just love marshmallows.
Patricia Mano, 4th
grader, dressed up as a
"murder bride" for the
costume parade, while
Tony Walters, 2nd
grader, was a most crea-
tive boxer.
Passing On the
Olympic Torch
czgven after the Olympic flame was extinguished in
Nagano, Japan, the Olympic spirit burned brightly
among the Kinder and Pre-Kinder students. The young
athletes, divided into color teams, competed in the high
jump, soccer kick, balance beam, and other tests of skill
and co-ordination. Senior students helped their young
friends through the events and all were treated to ice
cream and goodies from the pifiatas. Parents, teachers
and students enjoyed a memory-filled morning.
Jaime Argue ll o, above
right, shows the concen-
tration necessary to be
successful on the balance
beam. Eduardo Matzer
of the green team jumps
with ease while junior
Liza Kahn cheers him
on. Nata li a Tr ue ro
speeds thr oug h the
hoops with no difficulty.
Mrs. Gentrup leads the white team, above, whi le Mrs.
Mejia, assisted by Ran a Hamdy, encourages the red team.
Torch-bearers Lucy Cazares and Mario Gutierrez, right, noted that, "we had 10 carry the fire. It was heavy, and
very, very hot." Amelia Wal ters shows her kicking skill that enabled her to knock over two cones for the yellow
team. D. J. Bowles of the blue team shows that he knows how to play the game.
After school soccer
attracts students of
all grade levels in-
cluding: Ben Feia,
Sarah l'vlercado, Sa-
sha DeBeausett,
Carlos l\"larqu ez,
and Pablo Lopez.
for Reading
~ v e r y w h e r e you looked this fall, people
were reading. First grade students and their
high school buddies and parents celebrated
their reading acheivements with a party. Fifth
grade met the reading challenge and brought
their sleeping bags and stuffed animals to a
read-in. Then October 17, 1997 whole fami-
lies brought covers and pillows to the gym to
read together and to be read to by special
guest readers.
Elementary Students on the Go
Oscar Hoffman's and Dae
Rak Lee's Recipe for Pie
CJM went to the Hyatt Hotel on a field trip with our class
because Pary's father works there. We cooked pies and we ate
them. You have to wear a special hat to cook. Here is our
recipe for pie:
First you take fruits, not vegetables, fruits like strawberries
and apples.
Then you mix up dough and put in the fruit.
Then you cook it in the oven and then you eat it.
Step Two: Get some fruit.
Step Four: Bake and eat.
Kinder students visit a high school math class to play
games while the older students learn about statistics,
anJ patience. Notes sophomore Paige Cunningham,
"l really like little children, but it can be frustrating."
Elementary soccer players, below, wait their turn to
play against the Christian Academy.
The elementary choir, seen below singing at the
World's Fair luncheon, performed at the Play Zone
in a Christmas concert.
Young scouts took Christmas cheer to the nutritional center in
Patzun. The toys delighted the children there, and the gifts of milk
and formula kept the program functioning.
The fifth grade presents the play, "The Mummy's Tale", written and
produced by Jan Meriwether. Adam Fernandez, 2nd grader, gives a
glimpse of the land down under, Australia.
Windows to
the World
the 25th straight year, the Colegio Maya
community has joined together to celebrate the
richness of its cultural diversity. In the elementary
school each grade spends the month of November
studying one country and creating presentations
about it for the World's Fair. This year the middle
school joined in with plays about the Spain, Cuba,
and immigration to the United States. Finally,
everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch with dishes
from around the world.
Sevenrh grade swdenrs, above cemer, presenr a folkrale
from Spain, while Kinder students show off their Russian
cosrumes, and 3rd graders visir Kenya.
Catherine Meriwether, 4th grade, takes visitors on a
guided tour of the Statue of Liberty, and a lst grade
student takes a quiet moment out to read a book in
Pre-kinder srudents, lef r, creare a
marker in Bolivia and play rheir
Oures for friends and family who
visired rheir classroom. Leanne
Trujillo, 2nd grade, shows rhe
Guarcmalan rancho rhar she and
her classmares made in Spanish
class. The 3rd grade preforms an
enrhusiasric rendirion of rhc
Mexican har dance.
Cinderella, played by Amanda Rhodes, asks for help
from her friends the birds. Alison Schwarz and Javier
i\larquez, the baker and his wife, tlinch from the
witch's curse.
!\ana Hamcly as Little Reel 1\ icling Hood learns that good isn't the same thing as nice. Jack,
played by Ricardo Cortes, with his best friend J\lilky \Vhite and his mother, Lisa Kahn, finds
that there is always rnure than one giant to kill. Showing a liking for knives, Granny, played by
Ana J\>tercado, is an old lady wirh <lttirude.
what really happens after
the biry tale ends' The musical , Into
the Woods provided the answer to
that question and much more. Pro-
duced by joe Feia with musical direc-
tion by Kjerstine Storey and artistic
direction by Jan Ramirez, the produc-
tion was a delight to ear and eye. A
technical staff of 19 students led by
Markus Holla proved once again that
a gym can be transformed into a thea-
ter. The cast dominated a difficult
musical score and turned three eve-
nings in November into times of fan-
tasy and laughter.
The fairy tale characters (from top left clockwise): Rapunzel, played by Paige Cunningham,
letting down her golden hair: Vanessa Bergonzoli as the witch who has lost her the rwo
Princes in agony. _Joe You and Tony Bueso; Cinerella's step sisters. Robin
Orlansky and Rhodes; the witch treatcning the baker; and Asaf Mazar
as the mysterious man.
While some found the fire irresistible, the skaters showed that it is all in the attitude.
Bianca Brady. sixth grader above, demonstrates a winning
limbo technique. Groups of srudcms whiled away the hours
playing Risk and Uno. Erik Pearson and Dan Kahn, 7th
graders, waiting for their parents Saturday morning.
third annual middle school Lock In was a ro
success, from the opening games that had stUdents with their 6
in the air the subdued breakfast when everyone struggled t
keep their eyes open. This year there was no pretence of sJeepin
as students were kept busy roasting marshrnallows, climbing t
wall (until the arrival of the scorpion), playing video games.
skate boarding. There was an activity for eves::one's taste, whetb
er you prefer a slam-dunk contest at 3 a.m. or an
marathon Risk game. Would they
'dell schoo tu en
Is this some form of ronure, No, just the way w know rhar a ream has their own
shoes on. No surfing the net for Andrea Odie, Rth grade. She was body surfing.
Maria Meriwether,
Rth grader, hel ps
Kacja Alexander ,
6th grader, find the
best route across rhe
wall. Parr of what
makes rhe Lock In
so successful is hav-
ing students from
different grades
work and play to-
Remembering When
AnJrea OJle shows her support for Sarah Livermore as she climbs
the wall in adventure dass. Although friends are important in
MiJJle School, Erik Pearson anJ Nicole Spruijt finJ time to work
We Knew It All

Eighth graders Jearn the difficult skill of working together in
groups. Mark Lent and Kim Smith share computer rime to
finish a science project.
\X'herher swdying in rhe library or
observing earrh worms in 6th grade
science class, middle school students
put enormous energy into their
work. 'These are very good times
that I will never forger. I will always
remember my friends," notes Eliza-
beth Shaw-Wood, 7th grader.
~ n the future I will probably remember
the cold, foggy mornings when we get off
the school bus. I will remember when I
look down from the balcony in the gym at
the kids playing basketball.
Andrea Odie, 8th grade
Peter Seo, 6th grader, shows his true
feelings about earth worms in science
I ...
.-llexander. Katja
Alexander. Kenneth
Alexander. Ryan
llrady, Bianca
lluvollen, Elena
Cho. An-na
Contreras. Rebeca
delleausset, Kyle
Donato, 'lichelle
Sundelin, Elin
Feia. Nicolas
Gonzalez, Jeffrey
<;rei!. Christie
Hidalgo, Daniel
Hoffman. Sara
Livermore. Simon
Oh, Sung-Hee
Park. H)111lg-.Joo
Parry, Kassie
Polanco, Cesar
Seo. H)11ll.l in
Seo, Jang-Hyeon
Spakauskas, .-lndrea
Tsai. Shih-Yu
\\ olf Bernstein. Pablo
Yun, Yong-Son
Moam Holla and Jonathan Schwartz, 7th gra-
ders, ar a memorable bingo night sponsored by
the PTA.
a de
Adamson, Amcchi
Aim, Young-Scok
Alsonso, Dafne
llarnes, ,lames
Bcrgonzoli, .\larccl
CallawaY. Thomas
Castillo, Jorge
Contreras, Andres
(;alan, Frank
( ;erncr, .-\ nouk
(;omez, Sebastian
Hattori. Ai
l!olhik. SYen
llolla, Moamt
Hwang. Suk-Young
Kahn, Daniel
Kim, \\'on-,loon
Lara, Victor
Lopez, Lucia
Lopez, Rodrigo
llano, Daniel
.\ld\night. Danil'llc
.\leji<L '<icole
.\!emhreiio, Ana Sofia
Oli\'arcs, Leticia
Orosco, Oscar
Park, Yu-Ra
Pearson. Erik
Richards, l'inccnt
Rodriguez, Edward
Santella, Fernando
Schwarz, ,Jonathan
Shaw-\\ood, Elizabeth
Toriello, Ana
Turley. Benjamin
\\'u. Cheng-llmr
Seventh graders study hard, bur still
manage w have a good rime with their
~ e n I look back, I will probably
remember last )'ear's Lock-in. I will
remember what we did and what we
talked about all night. I was sleeping
with my friends in one corner of the
cave, under rhe cafeteria.
Moana Bolla
Eig a de
Rishi Bond, Josiah Fernandez, and Die-
go Werren listening to speeches by can-
JiJares for miJJie school snJenr coun-
Berke. Jeremy
Bond, Rishi
Chang. Eun-1\yung
Chung. Shi \\ ook
Fernandez. Josiah
Grell, lewis
Jean, Sung-il
Jimenez. \laria
Kim, Gee-Yong
lent, Mark
liwnnore, Sarah
\lcl\night , .\Janna
\leriwether. \laria
Miller, Hugo
Odie, Andrea
SeYilla, Carlos
Shaw-\\'ood, Benjamin
Smith, 1\imherly
Song, Ji-llo
Spruijt. Nicole
Tsai, \\'ei-Ti
\I liar. Amaranta
WelTen. Diego
Wiater, \'anessa
grade was quite different from elementary school, it was a lot more
demanding. It also made me feel very vulnerable and emotional. I will remember my
friends, my teachers, the good and the bad times, but most of all, I will remember my
first year of being considered as an adult.
Sarah Livermore
Middle School Goes
%they don' t have to leave school and fly around
the world. Middle school students stay right where
they are and explore their talents and interests in their
special classes that last six weeks. Each sections rotates
through adventure, performing arts, srudy skills,
health, compurers and art. Students learn skills and
information that will help them in the future both in
and outside the classroom.
The 8th grade adventure class gets all tied in knots while other 8th grade students
practice for a play. 7rh graders learn computer ski ll s and study health. 6th graders
enJOY the sunshine while sketching leaves in art class.
Eighth grade stu-
dents design and
sew the puppets
that they will take
to entertain the chil-
dren in Antigua.
Hugo Miller, Mark
Lent, and Mario Je-
an find that they
have skills they nev-
er expecreJ to use.
Diego Werren con-
centra res on his
Middle school srudems help the chil-
dren with their writing projects. Kim
Smith, left, works with a younger
srudenr on his creation.
\ \ \
'l'llth tha J'J\iclclla School
~ t is always fun to get away from school on a field trip. Middle
school students had the opportunity to participate in two very
different kinds of trips off campus. Spanish classes prepared puppet
shows for a group of street children in Antigua, and also helped them
with a writing workshop. They not only wrote the scripts for the
plays, but they also designed and sewed the puppets. Students were
able interact with the younger children as they helped them with
their writing. In February, the entire middle school visited the
Papalote M6vil, a children's museum visiting from Mexico. There
was barely enough time to experience all the interactive exhibits and
to build an enormous Lego tower.
Young Suk Hwang, Santiago Cortez, Jeremy Berke and Marcel Bergon-
zoli, top, see sound waves in water. Lewis Grell makes music as Rishi
Bond, Ben Shaw-Wood, Mark Lent, Josiah Fernandez and Diego Werren
proudly display their tower, ond Amechi Adamson makes an impression.
Most Hyper: V. Richards, K. Smith & ). Fernandez
Teachers' Pets: Vanessa Wiater & Jonathan Schwarz
Friendliest: Rishi Bond & Ana Sofia Membreiio Best Actor & Actress: Santiago Cortes & Vanessa Wiater Most Attractive: Monika Chang & M. Bergonzo-
Class Clown: Nicole Mejia & James Barnes Most Athletic: Ai Hattori & Fernando Santella Shyest: Kevin Tsai & Ana Cho
Best all around: Kim Smith & Marcel Bergonzoli Most Artistic: Ai Hattori & Edward R oclriguez
Nicest Hair: Jeremy Berke & Nicole
Most Spirit: Erik Pearson & Kim Smith Best Dancers: Monika Chang & Ma-
rio Jean
Most Creative: Ben Shaw-Wood & Ai Hattori Biggest Flirts: Kim Smith & Frank Galan
Super Middle Schoolers
Class Brains: Erik Pearson & Ai Hattori J'vtost Eccentric: Dan Mano & Mariana Rodriguez
~ a t ' s the best part of the school day?
Some secondary students just might answer
that they enjoy transition second only to
lunch. Transition is those 20 minutes between
the long stretch of 80 minute classes when
students can relax and prepare for the rest of
the day. Some people sit out in the sun with
their friends, or eat. Others use the computers
in the library, or eat. Some high school students
work with younger children, or others eat . Still
others use the time to go to the gym and work
off some excess energy, or, yes, to eat. All
would agree, change the schedule if needed,
but don't change transition.
A variety of ways to
spend rransirion in-
clude: Adrian Devoro
and Andrea Damas-
cena in rhe weighr
room, senior girls with
their lst grade bud-
dies, yearbook sraff
members sharing food,
drink and sun, and
Rishi Bond doing
some research.
Hanging out with friends is always the favoite way to spend
No matter what the pressures of ac-
ademic life, students can always find
time to mix talking with friends, eating
and srudying.
Valerio DeMeo, Javier Lacayo and Alex Petrecivec
show their true faces co the world. Tench graders at
the talent show give it their all while the Knowl-
edge Bowl team of Amanda Rhodes, Robin Orlan-
sky and Teresa Membreiio talk it out. High school
students hard at work in the library, and Luisa
Meyerman and Allison Tsuji present their land-
scaping plan in Advanced Biology.
Debra Walsh and Alison Schwartz prepare an
experiment for Psychology class, and Gustavo
Andrade explains his group's plans for the front
of rhe school. The royalty of 1Oth grade return
from lunch while 9th graders hang out ar the
Physical science class proves both chal-
lenging and interesting.
Adamson, Adewole
Henson, Peter
Brady. ,\!aria Soledad
Carbonell, Ruth
Castrillo, Sebastian
Chamorro, Sindy
Chen, hy
Chen, Rosa
Cohen, Alon
Cohen, Erez
Cortes, Ricardo
Cseh, Cristian
Flores. ~ l i c h e l l e
Garcia, Claudia
Jung, 1\ui Ho
Jweiles, Jihan
1\im. 1\yong Hwa
I\ won, Byeong Joon
Lee, 1\yun flee
Lopez, Ximena
Luzzi, Antonio
Massis1 Tito
Mercado, Carlos
Ocasio, Ceci lie
Odie, Kevin
Olivares. Adriana
!'any, i\athan
Perkins, Cretchen
Pipoli, Cianna
Hobbins, Heidi
Rodriguez. Joseph
Santella, Eduardo
Seo, Jenny
Se\'illa. Luis
Song, John
Sundelin. Elias
Thazhathu, Siddharth
Todd, Teri
\1 a ish, Christina
\\jnkelhorst. James
All the world is a stage
for 9th grade students,
whether they are in per-
forming arts class, in the
Independence Day cele-
bration, or are working
backstage on the musi-
cal, freshman enjoy the
My fust year of high school was miserable. The building was ancient, and as the low men on the totem pole; we had most of our classe!
temporary buildings in the central quadrangle. Our lockers were on the 3rd floor on the other side of the building from most of our das:
I carried everything I owned with me all day because I thought I never had time to make it to my locker. Luckily, the next year our cl
rated real rooms in the main building and everything got easier. M. Kaya;
Kristy Tsai and Zuleira Chock, sophomores,
working in art class.
Cau, Alexandra
Cau, i\athalia
Chang, Hyun-Kyung
Chock, Zuliera
Coolen, "arianel
Cunningham, Paige
de Gaay Fortman,
Fanjul, Esteban
Franklin. 'lagnus
Gonzalez. Katharine
Jimenez, Gustavo
Kang, MiJin
Kim, YoonJoo
Lee, Stephin
Lopez, Ana
Mercado, Ana
Park. Hee-Jung
Park, Su-Han
Haskosk)'. Mariana
Rl10des. 'largaret
Rupprecht. Kurt
Spruijt, Heinier
Strzalkowski, Sebastian
Tsai, HsingChin
Tumer, Miguel
\'aile, Giancarlo
Yoo, SoungHui
Inbal Mazar helps
elementary stu-
dents with their
reading, and Paul
O' Sullivan, Woo
Chul Hwang and
Alex Petricivec
work in the library
during Self Study.
Gustavo Andrade
Favorite Sports:
Soccer &
u-..., T,._.,. y Mama: Gracias por
urro y nunca podre
An ira: Seras Ia pero quiero que sepas que
re Siempre lo que necesires. Alex
V.: Siempre me has y me he divertido
41ucho con rodos rus chisrosos. Lumbardo:
invicros en que algun dia me
:ftesenres alguna de tus M.: Gracias por coda tu
a::pnfia rnomentos Todavia me debes una
-d:>mid . G de la Fogaca Paco, Andres, Asaf y
_CCarlo : Que fiestas nos damos. las fogatas han sido muy
y se que.todavia nos quedan do mas. Javier: Friday
movie nights have been fun and playing in Futeca. AASCA
would have heen better with you. Bobby: Your coming here
remin ed me and all the fun times. AASCA was cool
war all those spa hanne , since we couldn' t do much.
Y k Partners: RememBer monstro. Para todos
gos: Agradesco toda su todos los buenos mo-
:fi:Jentos que
Ben Baldizon
Mom & Dad: Thanks for everything guys. You're great parents.
Kevin: You're the greatest friend and brother in the whole
friggin world.Jorge & Mario: Gracias por todo mucha. Ali:
Chula, que brazos' Maria: Note cazas con migo
Maciella: Que
bueno que no tenes novio mi amor. Vera: Me estoy poniendo
Geo: Eres una rebuenisima amiga, pero no quiero hablar
mucho. Mike: You're a good man, even if you are a Republican.
Olivia: Short, but a great friend. Luisa: I Jo not like them Sam I
am. Shelle: Avocados forever' Kristin: You're not stupid'
Jamie: I must have been drunk. Christina: No more
abdominals room
Rana: You' re a great friend (does that have a
hidden meaning
). Lisa: I'm gonna write a book on your life.
Mari: Que paso que no te he visro
Paul: whoop whoop
whoop . . .
Jamie Brown
Vanessa Carbonell
DIOSITO: Gracias por cuidarme.Mami y Papi: Gracias por el amor
y Ia confianza que me an dado rodos esros aiios.Abu ~ : Los
amo muchisimo a losdos. R urh: Thanks for being such a grear sis.
don'r forger I can srill kick u'r burr.Teresina:Muchas gracias por
rodo, esros ulrimos 14 aiios Erick:Thanx for being my besr friend.
Peaches,Andrew ,and Sreffies: You rhree are very special ro me. I luv
ya1Luis Pedro y Ale:lr's been a long friendship and much more, luv
ya. Ramiroquai: \'V'ho would have rhoughr rhar we would have
become quaches' "\Vickie":! have an orange crush on u, leave rhe
lirrle girls alone.Chino,Lupo Nacho,Pacoy Piva:"Goldshlager"
Tessa Thank you for being such a grear friend, my lifelong
buddy. I love ya"calm down" ,Alison,y Ana: J'Il miss you
guys,Alison"She should So go our wirh us" Tessa on rhe wall,Eeww
Mu iieca: I love you' Kris:one more year ro go and we are our of
here,! luv you. Moni:Thanx for all rhe laughs.Ienny(so sor-
oilffi22.;Imiss you chiquiraBFF. Paulis:l love you(champagne on rhe
beach)Carlos J.L )aime, Arrur Armando: Gracias por Ia gran amisrad
q' usredes me han dado. Los quiero mucho Raul:! hope you are my
gaurdian angel.Iavier S.: Things happened so suddenly.! miss
you,and never will forger you. Aida,Hilda,y Dr. Pasquale:Thank you
4 everyrhing
Mr Berke:You rule, sorry for yelling so much. CAN-
CHE: Good rhings are worrh wairing for (and you were). Shoo bo bo
ri boo boo.! love you mucho,mucho ............ more( I won) ru, Nechira
Mom, Dad & Jeff: Thanx 4 all rhe love & supporr & rhe srress. Vanessa: 4
1j2 years & we're srill alive. Think we'll make ir' Valerio: Thanx 4 all of rhe
laughs. Luv Ya. I'll miss you next year. Cradle robber (j.k.) Mariana: Ratso,
soccer rulz. Never 4-get all of our "fun" nights out. Luv ya tons. What color
is that)! Ben: Thanx 4 all of the help & advice. Chicken & Turkey: Thanx 4 all
of the laughs. I love you guys. Stop being so greedy' Puras Barbies! What's
your phone number again Alison, can you write it straight this time. Don't fall
over' Never forget all of our hearr to hearrs. Next year we get to parry even
more, right Michelle)! We have gone through so much, laughter & tearsll 1
~ : Amor
Que hubiera hecho sin ti. Nunca te olvidare, te amo tanto.
Gracias por siempre cuidarme. Never forget all of the memories. You have
always been the one I have leaned on. Thanx 4 always being by my side, in the
good times & the bad ones. Te adoro. Las Pl agas: Ustedes son mis hermanos.
Cuidense que los quiero mucho. Gracias por siempre cuidarme y por siempre
estar al lado mio cuando los necesiw. Dan: we haven't 4-gouen you & we
never will. You live on in our hearrs & minds every day in everything we do. I
love you. Debra: Never 4-get the pay phone & the mannequins. Oh yeah, &
stinky' Paul C.: I miss you so much. Not having you here is hard to deal with.
I love you more than you can imagine. I'll never forget all of our great times.
Take care of yourself. You are my best friend & my soulmate. I love you.
Michelle: We had so many great times. The laughs & tears will never be
forgotten. I luv Ya. Don't forget military boy!!' Paul 0 .: Thanx 4 all the
laughs in lit class, oh yeah & scratching my back. You selfish boy. Horacia:
Como te extraiio. Take care my teddy bear, I love you. ~ : Sunrises &
snuffleufugus, never 4-get them. That night w j Dan will always be cherished.
Sandra Y Melissa: Ustedes son re buena genre. Gracias por siempre estar a mi
lado cuando esraba rriste. Las quiero mucho. Cuidense. Alex: See I did write
to you. Well It has been a long time. We only have one year left' Take care of
Amanda, she's worth it. You've been like my big brother. Thanx 4 taking
care of me.
Diosiro:Por guiarme y ayudarme a tomar las decisiones cor-
rectas. Mami y Papi: Gracias x por rodo lo q' me han dado y
ensenado, or los buenos y malos momentos q' hemos pasado q' me
han ayudado. Los quiero mucho y adoro! Son #l! Sabatini: Heroes'
Thanx 4 everything u've done 4 me. Suene en la "U" Luv ya
Predictions. Claudia: A pesar de rodo lo q' peleamos t' quiero
mucho! Liar U RNT sleeping UR awake!(2) Familia: Gracias x rodo
el apoyo q' nos han brindado. Principes: azul y pelon. No sean tan
enojados f1ojos
Los quiero. Nenas:Q' dios las bendiga. sigan creciendo
y no sean malcriadas. 3M: T-xtra namos! Aranitas
(P) Las mujeres
somos mejores! Rojos! no nosey que
Tirame l si queres
( l) Mueve
Ia cadera o Latinos. Faldas y camisas. Conas? Me Kres? Yo ya no
las quiero mucho. I. Y: Loser I'll always B there 4U
2 special are they
V ... ?Cry, cry' Luv ya' L.M: Marta' Is he following us' Bus #7 T.Q.M
M.W: Messy gardens, it'sMg wrong address. Arroz cjpollo!Luv ya
tons' C.MLoca gracias shorty BIG mouth. I.M.R.A: Nunca
cambien. let's go out again. Suene cj el grupo! A.T: Chimneny
T.Q.M ll Never change 1 to go
B.B: Esposo R we% who is R
baby?Should I take pills' Gracias por rodo P3. LL.Hey
I guess I do
have time 4 u! C.:hapines
No me molestes
K.G: Sweetie, I'll always
B there 4 u
Love tons.sis. N.L:Lova
Ditcher UR2 cool 2 say
Hi!W.H: UR so cute, stay cool' A.P:Thanx 4 everything cheat-
er!S.C:Gracias x rodo.
Woo Chul Hwang
Seoul, Korea
Maggie and Amanda : Stupool' 5 straight
hours of monopoly, and muchas gracias. Ben
: Like Omigod Ben, how do you think I, like,
got the job in the first place.' ' Inbal : Thanks
for everything. I' II see you at the train station
(women power) !1 Michelle and Alison:
magazines!! losers who have nothin' better to
do than climb hills, and fun with snails ... The
following people aren't, and never have been,
in this school. But they are people who have
touched my life, and made me who I am
today, and I feel that I owe'em for all that
much: St eph, Jesse & Haley : you guys
saved me
5 j 13 j94 you know l love
you .. . don't you)) Arenitas! : Te quiero mi
rollerblading partner! N unca olvides the great
times we had, y que l miss Ull' Sara &
Dustin : I couldn't possibly fit everything I
need to say on this page. You're the cream in
my coffee (heeheell) I love U guys -ciertas
cosas son para siempre- Krisha & Jennifer :
I'll always be there 4 U, promise ... Yako :
What can I say' Santa Cruz, Cafe Tacuba, los
tres conclusiones de Tango Feroz, y oh so
much more. My Family : Thanx. One more
year to go' I love you!!'
Mami and Daddy: Everyrime my heart bears, it says "Thank you" and
"I love you" for the love you gave to me, even though sometimes my
mouth and actions don' t. He, he!' You guys are the best. Te Amo muito'
Ste and Nu: Thanks 4 being the best brother and sister in the whole
wide world. I can't describe how special our relationship is. I love you
guys like, really alor, even more than I love myself. That's heck of alor of
lovell Puahaha ... Sullung
Sullung' To All My Friends: Wish I had
more space so I can write to each one of you guys, bur no room. Phew'
Thanks for being there for me through happy moments to boring ones.
You guys are da bombz ... Wooch (PimpDaddy), Alex (Gonzo), JoeY.
(Shroomy), Valerio, Par (Minikochu), Monica G, Vanessa C, Kristin G,
Susanna and Monica, Yoon, Kyong Hwa (Nemo), Kyung and the Jist
goes on forever .. To All My Teachers: Look at rhe quote at rhe
borrom ..
Do I look like a cheater?
Yoon Jeong Kim
Mom & Dad: Thank you for your support. I wouldn't be here without
your love and your support. I 'm sorry for what I have done so far,
but I just want you to know that I have changed. /love you.
Bra: hey bro! It 's been a long time that I haven't seen you. Thank
you for everything you have done.
To all my friends in Korea, hey guys! What 's up? just remember,
distance will never change our TRUE FRIENDSHIP. Miss you all.
Susan: Bad memories, and good memories ... AII of these are very
spec1al and Important to me. We 've been through alot together, and
hope you never forget those special moments. I hope you last with
Willy. Thanx for everything. /love you.
Alison K .. Hey, TTONG-NE!! You make my day happy with your
Pun-su. Anyways, you are a true friend who I can depend on. I'll
miss you. Love ya!
Ellen: We became really close in this junior year, and I'll never forget
those special memories we shared together. Never forget me either
Kang-Ta, the real one. /love you!
Kyung: Hey smarty! Take care, I'll see you in Korea. You are such a
sweet and nice person.
Christina: Lots of things to say, but I'll mention just one thing! Never
forget bus and the " grape juice" . ssa-rang-he
Luisa and Monica: You guys are some of the people who made this
year crazy. Luisa: never forget MICHINYEON G/RAJANE. /love you
*200 yeon 6wol 28 if, Gi-uk-he.
Seo-cho station # 1 5:00p.m.
Javier Marquez
My first year here was fun ,
and very interesting' One
more year for us juniors,
and it' s good-bye to all
you seniors, well, bye.
My future car'
Well I have some things to say to some of you guys.
Andrea: you were a very fun person to talk to, and very
funny, too. Adrian: you are a great person to talk to. You
and Andrea made a perfect couple. Christina: Dodge
Rams Rule! See you next year. Bobby: Virginia rules and
we got one more year left, let's have some fun. Debra: I
don' t hate you, I just liked making fun of you a lot, I will
miss you. Jamie: hey whitey, I will see you next year. Last
but not least, Rana: I will miss you the most, I wi ll miss all
of your great qualities. Miami U will be lucky in having
you. I will miss you, and love you.
Thanx 2:
Krisrin, Michelle, Monica, Jamie, Luisa
for being grear buddies. I love you all so
much. Lisa for being so sweer 2 me.
Bobby, Gus, Paco, Hiroshi for all your
lnbal Mazar
Alison for being so fun & for being my
psychologist. Kyung, Yoon, & Ellen.
Jorsky & Mirchelin: (Colegio May-
annnn), Son buenisima onda
Adriana rhe one and only, love ya
Memin for being so awesome, I'm gonna miss you guys' Terri & Silvia.
Mr. Feia: You're rhe besr, wherever you're going, rhey're lucky.
Mrs. Ramirez & Ms. Srorey.
My family Vampiro Babe Milo ya rodos los de Ia Fenix: hacen Ia vida
diverridas con su humor enfermizo
Nieve, Mary Joe, Sergio, Edgardo & Joe: Have a grear life. Vanessa B.: you
are such a grear person whenever I happen ro run in 2 U. Good Luck in life
class of 1998.
Asaf: Have fun wherever U go'
Class of 99 1 love U all (save rhe besr 4 lasr)
Chrisrina: rhough we're nor as close, we've
been been rhrough a lor. See ya nexr year.
CA YO por ser mi aire y mi razon para vivir.
Te adoro a morir y aunque nolo digo mucho
GRACIAS por rodo que has hecho por mi.
To any 1 forgor:
rhanx and have a grear summer.
I learned rhere are troubles
Of more rhan one kind.
Some come from ahead
And some come from behind.
Bur I' ve bought a big bat.
I'm all ready, you see.
Now my troubles are going
To have troubles with me'
--Dr. Seuss
Dios: Por darme fe Ia cual me incira a seguir adelanre.
Mami: No rengo palabras para agradecer ru amor, ru confianza, ru f uerza y
fe in mi. Love you.
Dad: For your love and understanding.
Edgardo: You are my besr friend and my firsr rrue love. You complere my
life and my soul. You have shown me rhe sunshine wirh your smile. You
have opened my hearr ro ler in yours. Permaneceas por siempre en mis mas
profundos senrimienros, re adoro.
Tsujisan: Thanx. If I were ro wrire everyrhing we've been rhrough, J' d need
rhe whole darn yearbook. TFLF. Love ya.
Gordas: Mis hermaniras. Gabi : good luck in life. Muiie: 4 supporr & care.
Quina: Counr on me always, rhanx alor. Love ya.
Ben: Whar will I do wirhour U. Melvin' Love ya.
Shelly: 6 years, and 1 ro go. We're happy ro make U happy. Love ya.
James: Fun-ky-esr. Shur up U srupid .... 4 yr love & help.
Chejo: Suerre en Ia U. See ya soon. Never forger us. Love ya.
Joe & Markus: Thanx 4 all rhe laughs. Love ya.
Special rhanx ro: Chicken (like a platypus), Adrian, Tessa Mayonesa,
Pepperony, Mr. Feia, Ms. Shader, Alex, YOON & ELLEN
(SARAN HE), Lisa Deb, Paco, Gugu, Hiroshi & Class of 99!
Ryan McKnight
Christina Miller
Dios: In times of darkness you've shown me lighr, even when I've
sropped believing in you. Gracias. Mami: se q' ru amor como mis
lagrimas son infiniras. TQM. Dad: I know I'm a pain and I rhank you 4
nor leaving me. Hugo: no sabes cuanro rese por ri eres ... un miagro y re
amo mucho. Ricardo C.: Thanx 4 rhe duos' Santiago: My lov-
er ... TQM. Hi' Luisa: gracias por el apoyo y cariiio q' me has brindado.
TQM. Fighting wirh you was always challenging. Ed: siempre fuisre mi
amigo, always counr on me ... ru sis quina. Sergio: nice room.. l know
now why you have pleasanr dreams. We've had good laughs ... Gracias.
Alyson: chimeneas y q'? Cuidate mucho porq' TQM. We need to
go to college with Ben. Monix: Todo pasa pjun reason. I bear you
record' Luv ya
Ana: Prima shorrs. Javy: Dodge Ram ... Dodge Ram'
Sri II l more year of shooring people' and of lisring rome speak my mind.
Thanx 4 rodo. Rana: Grear bus rides, I'll miss you .. .Thanx 4 d' shorrs.
Michelle: Bad luck ... bur l love U laways. You rurkey. Carlos y
Googie: I've had run compering ... and making fun of "Googie", Carlos
no lo fasridies mucho ... los quiero mucho a los 2. Paquito: re voy a
comer vivo. Y el honeymoon) TQM! Andres: Sorry U don'r like ir here,
pero be+. Ben: 1 quir' My abs parrner. I love U rons 4 always raking me
seriously' Kristen: y Jose) (chicken) bubble bur club rules' TC. Paul:
Strawberry man ... Burnour
Alex: you owe me $. Good luck wirh
Amanda. Don'r give Joe advice on how ro rrear women. Ms. Shader :
Thank you 4 being more rhan a reacher. .. a friend ... a day wirhour marh is
like a day wirhour sunshine. Yoon: No more parries ... Yeah righr. l love
U Yoon. Ellen I hare U. JK. Take care' Elizabeth: Me causas
repugnancia .. .JK. !love U. Ahot: TQM. Una sola palabra para describe
you ... unforgerrable' Hey casino land! Markus: The wearher Down here
is fine. 'If miss you. Joe T.: Always leaved' besr for lasr...TQM. Nose q'
nos rrae el fururo pero hablo por el presenre gracias por rodo
Y por
aguanrarme. GRACIAS' Love U.
The kepr picrures are rhose srored in our Hearrs
ex e fiCeVIC
mom- I love you more rhan anything m rhi enrire world. Your nor just my mother
bur my farhe rat rhe same rime "God bless you," for puning up wirh me all these
years. Marko- thanks for always being there,bro. I love you1 Tania- Working Girl' I
love-Q.._u .
Amanrla- Are relationship over the past years wirh each orher have been rhe besr
years of my life, hopefully ir won't ever end. I love you more than anything!
Horacio,ChipO- I have shared everything with you guys. We have grown
up together, and their's not a day were I think God to have such good
friends. LOVE YOU GUYS! Valerio- You have always been there for me even
though we fight alot. I guess it's because were brothers. Love you' Che-Dog-"Beliefs
are dangerous" you know what I'm Slayzare. Love you!Dan- I love you with all my
heart. Kristen, Vanessa- Even though you guys hare me I sriJl love you! Te-
resa,Debra- Sorry for ditching you guys, (measrbrrora). Paul- Love you, bro.
Pastore for straightening me our,Robin,Toro,Fernando,Robin, Mr.Smith the best
teacher along with Mr.Bond,Monica, Egardo and Luisa,Cejas and Frauns and the rest
of the Burnout ream,etc.
Carlos Nakadoi
u IVan
Thanx: Joe R. (and the rest of the Burnouts), My Parents' My
skateboard, my teachers, my friends (u know who) Mrs. Ramirez',
"Dan the man", the pope, Alex, Cejas, Frans, Byron, Cash, Evelyn
@Taco bed, Kevin'
Valerio: I love you, Brotha, BF, Hella good skater. rii miss you.
"7 -steps" (Booty man)
Chihuahau: What up? Bust him in the head, Love, Take care,
"Believe in nothing" (miss ya)
Chip: Whats up, even though you're not here we still love you and
miss you.
Dan: I love you, 'Til be missing you" Brother 4-ever.
(our little group now and forever)
Anna: was up? "gorilla suck" It's been fun, I love you. Mariana:
Little sister. Teresa: Sup Dumbo' Props from the Mac-daddy.
Maggie: Hi' Thanx1 Miss ya1 Amanda: I'll miss "Big sister" Debra:
Hi! See ya later! No thanks to: Posers, Preppys, pop music,
BOB'S SPACE: Stay out
I do not resent criticism, even when, for the sake of emphasis, it
for the time with reality " - Sir Winston Churchill
' Rudis indigestaque moles " - Ovid
' Cleave ever to the sunnier side of doubt " - Alfred, Lord
' There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous "
Napoleon Bonaparte
' Once upon a time .... " - Narrator
Kyung Wan Ro
om, Papi: IS'C
'l]A)7'j .t=.i!>JAi S)1f'6}-=jl-.B_, :>.i
!love you so much' Bro: my only and favorite. Thanx for coping up with
y Kun-bang-jin behavior, ha
I can' t believe this will be the last time tO be
aving you around everyday. U'r the sweetest oppa .... you deserve the best! I
nvy your potential. Thanx for all the support and memories. I love you
ore than anything! (Oh, and don' t you dare pet me!') Maiko : I can' t tell
ow much 1 miss you . !love you so much and thank you always being t here
me. LN: \Xlith you, things could never get boring. Never change your
f ild, crazy self cause you ' re beautiful just the way you are. You'll dance tO
f e very rop wi t h your piano, so never give up. Ka-wi rocks' J.J. (spin
ouse): ha, ha,jk
Posessor of the greatest heart. Love ya so much. Y oonO:
ang Ta lover! T hanx f or the last 2 and 0.5 years. and making me
ways laug h. See ya in Korea. Susana, Al i: You girls can do anything.
ove U guys!! Nate, Wooch: Stop calling me a "Bud"'! Lizy: We weren't
ery good in keeping up with Wednesdays, were we? Thanx for everything.
ove U
Jen: are you ever going ro grant my wish' Keep on with golf, next
me we' ll play rogether. H.J .: I never thought you' d be such a hi per person.
Kies rule.I nbal, Lisa: Chem rules' To those unmentioned because of
ord # limit and Class of '99: someday, we' ll rule the universe'!
Francisco Ortega
Hey: Yearbook creators,
thanks for giving me the
opportunity to express my
feelings in this 1/4 page. It's
great to know that in one
year I will be out of this
Alison Tsuji
Mom & Dad: thanks for everything. I love you.
R & R: Thanks for helping me out!
Kerropi: Platypus (WHAAA). TQM thanks for the incredible
Chicken: Chicken SEX!! ! Thanks for the great times and the
great talks! Let ' s take a walk to Circle K sometime!!!
James: Whiskey rebellion!!! I wanna break glasses with you
so next time invitame.
Shell: DON' T BE GREEDY! Share your milk! Thanks for
great laughs!
Quina: Now we both suck! Thanks for your friendship.
Moniquita: My concert-buddy! TQM. Thanks for your
FROG-GIRL: Thanks for your help, the best of luck with
Elmer: Let's look at the yearbook again sometime. Thanks
for your great advice. GOOD LUCK!
Chejo: You know what. .. llove you! Thanks for giving me all
that was missing in my life and for showing me how to love.
I'll miss you! TQM!
Markus: My favorite MIB, thanks for everything!
Joe: MONKEY MAN!!! Good luck!
Spedal Thanh Rana-Addana-Manuei-T ony-Joe-Hild0
Ellen Yoon
Ma & Pa: Tank you for putting up with me for all those years. From now on I'll
be a good girl.
Mi Esposa: Thank you for your great love and friendship. Also being a mom for
me (you know what I'm talking abouti ) 'Biondy', ' Chicken', '#9', 'Pan con
friJoles', 'I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky', ' Ojos Azules, no llores,
no llores--Tu me jurastes quererme, quererme roda Ia vida', 'frijoles',
'bambino', ' Double D', 'left, left, left, right lefrll' 'C.O.', 'Park, 'gum ... ',
'sicodelico', 'Do we care?':
Bro: Stop worrying about me. I'll be fine. You are the greatest bro I have ever had
(you are the only one though .. ) I would love to see your succession. MAN' gcod
luck with everything and take care. Love yall
Kyung: KE-ON-DA1 Thanksforour unchageable friendship and I will nor forger
you. You have been a wonderful friend to me. SONG-SAENG-A!' It has been a
fun year because of my craziness .. Ha Ha Ha See ya (hope so .. ) buddy'
Yoon: It seem like I met you yesterday and you are going to leave. Well Thanks
for everything and good luck with ).H. and TTONG M. all right' OK'
Susy & Ali & Moni: Cure creatures ... You guys going to 'Dang Gu' again'
Luisa: It has been a cool year and would never forger you speaking Korean. Keep
up with ir
You are gook at it. OK' SA-RANG-HE'!
Monica: Thanx for all you help in English and Chemistry. Keep smiling cause you
look cure whenyou smile. I guess I will see you on the bus so see yall Moosh
stomachiiHa, Ha. Oh' Did I bang my head today'
Christina: Wuzzzzzzup' I would love ro see you smiling. Be happy and don't
worry. Good luck.
Lisa Kahn,
above, reads the
story of Jack
and the Bean-
stalk to the
fifth grade.
Bobby Pearson
and Javier Mar-
qu ez act on
stage in Perfor-
ming Arts class,
while Ben Bal-
dizon gives
Kristen Gon-
zalez a lift.
Michelle Wiater
First of all J thank God for helping me our through the rough rimes and watching ov
me. Mom & Dad: Thanx 4 everything u've done for me these years. I real
appreciate ir ... verdad' ... fly swatter fighrs ... Monday night NFL. Los quiero mucho' =
Vanessa: You are so crazy, u psychopathic birer=O) ... don'r tell (char) FLOWf
remember' ... l'll throw the bear1 ... wanr chocolare ... l'm nor Maria ok' Jamie: Funl
est ... what about the purple shoelace with orange bones' ... 6 flags ... sreamed potato wj
sour cream (AP) ... trampoline days ... u want lefr' ... sunset murai=O) Monica: W'
OMINGGG!!! ... messy gardens ... arruz con pullu ... pig out nights! ... SCREAM ! =
Kristin: 4-ever ... don't confuse me! chicken'. .. soccer rulz'. .. run don't waddle! ... cris
crisis, crisis (lr was serious1)=0) Alison: D.E.Q ... rheory rime1 ... chicken ... #l ben
warmers .. .I'm not greedy ok?=O) Luisa: Lu,Lu ... besresr. .. peacock
... 1 wuv u .. .fashi
sraremenrs ... hey what ever happened to our apartment in Canada?=O) Ben: I d01
care about Russia ok'. .. no more beetle thingy ... parcy pooper=O) Christina: ]'
cursed'. .. don'r fall now ... let's check our horoscopes ok' ... Do,Do bird ... please nor r
PINK sleeping bag!1=0) Edgardo: At 6 ok' I'm busy at 7'=0) ur a good friend' Go
luck in the future Sergio: bite the chilli pepper, don't nibble ir'=O) I said 20mph r
120 ok' ur a cool person' Good luck in the future Joe: George of the jungle ... rha
for being a great friend ... (sloppy joe)=O) (jK) Good luck in the future Maria: u era
person =0) keep in touch ... Yahooll Rana: remember the marine ball' ... cam<
man' ... i'll have the right one ok' ... good luck in the furure=O) Debra: My od
turkey half ... remember?=O) good luck in the future Amanda: mosquiro! ... crisis, c r i ~
crisis1 ... but that wasn' t funny ok' .. .ir was serious' =0) good luck in the future. Inb
froggy! ur the grearest=O)Lisa: even though I'm better u are still really cool =O) ... h<
was that again'rrampolin rag1=0) achoollto everyone else I haven't mention
thanx for everything' u guys are the grearesr=O) See Ya next year1!' CLASS OF '
The Class of 1999
Ready to Lead the Way
Best of the Best
Best looking: Vanessa Begonzoli
& Markus Holla
Most athletic: Joe Tally & Amanda
Class Clown: Valerio DeMeo &
Debra Walsh
Biggest Complainer : Kristen G
zalez & Alex Petricevic
Most Likely to Succeed: Robert Pearson &
Rana Hamdy
Nicest Smile: Robin Orlansky & Paco Ortega Most Hyper: Alice Chen & SuHan Park
Nicest Eyes: Giancarlo Valle & Sin-
dy Chamorro
Most Original: Zuleira Chock &
Asaf Mazar
Teachers Pests: Valerio DeMeo & Most Likely to Cheer Up Your
Vanessa Carbonell Asaf Mazar & Debra Walsh
.. . superlatives with a style all their own.
Alison Schwarz & Class Brains: Rana Hamdy & Ro- Grumpiest : Markus Holla & Ana Laziest: Alex Petricevic & Teresa
bert Pearson Teresa Mayrides Membrer'io
est Personality: Debra Walsh & Asaf Mazar Most Artistic: Jamie Brown, Paul O'Sullivan
& Joe Rodriguez
Best All Around: Vanessa Bergonzoli & Asaf
iggest Mooch: lnbal Mazar
Alex Petricevic
Biggest Complainers: Valerio
DeMeo & Kristen Gonzalez
Teachers' Pet: Bobby Pearson &
Paige Cunningham
Best Dressed: Mariana Raskosky
& Paco Ortega
The Cfass
There's only one corner of the universe you
can be certain of improving, and that's your
own self.--Aidous Huxley
If you haven't forgiven yourself something,
how can you forgive others?--Dolores
You can't es-
cape the re-
sponsibility of
tomorrow by
evading it to-
day .
Abraham Lin-
You gain strength, courage and confi-
dence by every experience in which you
really stop to look fear in the face.
- - Eleanor Roosevelt
As long as you keep a person down,
some part of you has to be down
there, to hold him down, so it means
you cannot soar as you otherwise
might.--Marian Anderson
Parents can only give good advice or
put them on the right paths, but the
final forming of a person's character
lies in their own hands. --Anne
TA TO si no te Jiste cuenca entre los a brazos. las
peleas, Ia risa. el llanco, los besos y los rewerJos. que
re quiero mucho hermanico. enronces no se como
A mi segunda familia. los COPPOLA. les Jejo un
mill on de besos que espero Jemuesrren lo mucho que
los quiero. Gracias portoJa Ia morivaciOn y el carii1o.
Vanessa Bergonzoli Ramirez
100% Colombian (with Italian design)
Better known as Nana, Gorda, Galena
Que paJres tan Hermosos los que escoji
que hubiera hecho sin el cal-c-rose, nuesrras
charlas, y wJo ese amor que me Jas? Realrnenre
eres mi mejor amiga. I love you. P API gracias
por ensei1arrne que exisre Ia realiclaJ en concepros
cornu Ia equiJad, el amor y el rriunfo. Lui cia
rutte le risposte. ti a mo. Con el apoyo de ambos,
jamas los JefrauJare.
GER/>.!AN mi primer amor, tienes un Iugar en mi corazor
que vivira en mi siempre. No re pueJo Jejar que m
alma. porque lo demas ya te lo has ganaJo. Concigo hasra e
frn del munJo gopo. Thank-u for all the beautiful memories
Gashance baby, gashance for ever'
.\ las 5 Incas .. \\,\ me huhiera 11relto !oct en este colegio sin t
amistad. lfs all psycholop.ical right'<;orda me YaS a hacer much
falta. te quiero montones. 'llSS.\ rou\e got the looks & the hraim
You can achien .. anything. so dont let anyone e\er tell yo
othenrise. Tenias que ser (it's in the blood). Jme yo
S\reetie .. \LI- 11 hrs. "ith \icolas Cage. an oflke in \\'allstreet ("it
a ,je\\ ). and no \\"eird dreams comming por loquita te quien
\\lten erer any of you gli\S need me. I'll he "on tlurrsdar"
_lliLI.\\.\ S.\\1'.\CKliZ-en mi. siempre tendras una prima ql
esperara ansiosamente el dia en que el orgullo deje de ,-encer
DAN! ELLA MANTICA. tu compruebas que Ia amisraJ verdaJera es
para siempre. I love you girlrrrr A LA FAMILIA EN CALI -gracias a
usteJes nrve una niiiez increible. Los amo a coJos. ANDRES CALA-
un rango,un beso y una hermanJaJ infinira. j
ADRIAN DEVOTO- hermaniro te has ganado rni respero, admiracion y arnor. I'll tell you my secrets any day. SERGIO- feiro, una carrera en los carros
esta vez site dejo ganar). MARKUS- i know irs nor raining. EDGARDO- rnucha suerce paisano1 DAN LUNA- i hope "e meet again someday, to fini
what we didnr have enough rime to starr. I miss your kisses on my forehead. Mrs. HARRIS- thanks for caring so much about us. Mr. FEIA, Ms.STOREY,
!\Is. RA!'.!IREZ- you are truly masters at your profession, rhar makes you rhe best of the besr. I love you and rhank-u for your inspiration. CLASS OF j
(saved rhe best for last) seeing your faces every morning for 3 yrs. made all of you my family. l 'II miss rhar. "weve norhing ro loose bur the chains that rie
down". Remember then good times!! ro EVERYONE ELSE if you are reading this, this message is for you: realease rhe love inside, "amor vincit omni<t
Li-Tsai Chen
I don't know what to say. This is my last year and I feel that yesterday was my first day of school.
remember the first day when I came to Colegio Maya. I felt that I could not fir in at this school, because
could nor understand what people were talking about. Bur with the help of all my friends, I finally pas
mis pruebas de High School in Colegio Maya. I am glad to be with my friends in Colegio Maya, the
gave me a great rime here, I will never forger all those great years at Colegio Maya. First I want to thanl
my father and my mother, because they gave me the education and the love I need for my life, rhe1
my brother and my sister who help me a lor. Finally, all my friends, especially Crica, Chapi1
(Sergio), Casco (Edgardo), Marcus, Joe Tally, Jul io, Carlos, and Gustavo; Disculpe por escribir
todos junto, porque ya no me quedan mucho tiempo para escribir a rodo separados, y tambien porque n
se escribir muy bien lo que quiero expresar a cada uno de usredes. Pero les queiro decides que han si
unos grandes amigos que nunca los voy a olvidar, y espero a todos que nuesrra amistad continue pa
siempre. Ah! Young Jin: I hope we could play basketball in Clarkson if we both get accepted. Class
'98, Thanks to everyone, and good luck in everything. Thanks to all teachers, especially to the ones wh
rake care of me and make graduation possible'
Andrea D.
Damasceno Vieira
July 5, 1980
BRASIL (Bahia!!!)
MAMAE E PAPAl: obrigada por tudo que voces me deram e por sempre me guiar pelo caminho cerro. Eu aprecio sim' Mil
desculpas pelas sapecagens e espero que urn dia eu possa provar para voces que apesar de tudo, voces sempre foram a luz que me
guiaram num mundocheio de osraculos. Amo voces dois muito. MARCIA: Minha manoca querida, thanks for always being there for
me. Best sis anyone could have ... A gente se diverte com as nossas macacagens, nao acha? Nunca se esquel)"a de "whateeever" e "water"
(como a Tessie fa! a). Te amo demais
RAN A: you'll always be my very special best friend; one that I can truly count on . Thank you
so much for listening. We had great times together' Don't forget all our jokes and especially don't forget me because you will always
be with me, no matter where I go. I love you a lot froguelina1 ADRIAN: mi am or, no enceumro palabras para le decir cuanto te
quiero y cuanto re agradezco por todo el amor que me has dado. Thank you for making me see that what really counts is not what
people see in you, but what you see in yourself. I feel like I've found the one person, the love of my life, who is everything that I've
ever dreamed of. And, yes Adrian, I do have faith that we belong to each other, and that no matter what, we will be together forever.
Remember: ketchup, the kids flying out of tires, the clapping, the smoke, the cheeks, Hishi, Squeezy, Dri, Dre, planet stupidity,
planet retards, but most of all planet Vega. We laughed so much' Always keep in mind that you're the best thing that ever happened
to me. No other guy has ever shown me so much love, care, protection, and respect the way you do. And please don't ever feel lonely,
because we're one remember' And that means that we'll always be with each other, even when we're far apart. I'll see you this
summer in Bahia. Can't wait' Nunca me olvidare de vos, mi amor. Siempre vas a ser mi bebinho y yo tu bebinha. Te amo muito, para
sempre. ALICE: Hey girl' Let's follow the veggie man, iia, iia, iia (chicken dance), Carlos' and Charlies' ( and you know who1).
You're very special AI, and I won't forget you. I'll miss you and your smile. !love you' RENAN: COOKIE-ATTACK!!' We've had
great moments in Florida and here in Guatemala, right' Come back, cos now I don't have anyone to run to the kitchen with. J.K.
CONSTANCE, LILIAN, MEHDI, CARINE, DAVID, ET AMANDINE: je vous adore! VI TOR: to doida pra chegar ai e cair
na farra. JI-HYUN: we had some great times together. Take care' EDGAR DO: thanks for being there for me at the retreat. Take
care. JAVIER M.: I'll miss you and our great talks (self-study). VOVO: eu te amo muito minha vovolina! LADY: voce sempre
estara em meu cora<;ao. SNOWY: sua fera! DEBRA, ELIZABETH L., SERGIO, MARKUS, VANESSA B., JENN G., ASAF,
JULIO, SUWAN, AND ADRIANA: thanks for being such nice people. J'U miss you guys. MINO AND DAN: you'll always be
with me. HILDA: gracias' TEACHERS: thanks for your guidance. CLASS OF '98: it's been great and I'll miss you all. Each of you
played an important role in my life that I won't forget. Good luck. BRASIL # 1!!!
"The future belongs t o those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. "
Mom I know we have had our share of good rimes and bad rimes bur I want you to know that I love you no
matter what mood I am in. Dad I know I have caused a lot of problems and you have always been there to
get me our of them, I love you.
Luca Thanks for all rhe advice you have given me, I love you. Dan All rhe memories that we have been
through, I shall cherish each and every one of them. Although you are nor here parr of you will always be with
me in my heart and I know that I will never forger you. I love you. Javier What the de IIi yo) You and I have
been together since 8th grade and the love that we have for each or her is unforgettable. Thanks for al ways
having my back and guiding me through the rough rimes. I wish the best and hope that you keep drinking
40's. I love you. Tonatiuh Although you are somewhere else know that you are like my brother and I will
always remember you. I love you. Horacio, Paul, Chip I miss you guys a lor bur I hope that someday we
can be together again. Debra Loser, Take care of yourself and your sister. I love you. Mariana We went
through a whole lor together and I wish things had ended better between me and you bur remember that I
truly loved you. Maggie, Ana, Carolina You guys have been great friends. Take care of yourselves.
Amanda I will never forger the fights we had. I never meant any harm. (By the way thanks for the picture). I
love you. Paul 0 . Thanks for getting me to skate. Remember that you are like my little brother. Take care.
Taro Que raP Cuidare porque re quiero mucho. Teresa I am glad this year we got to become good friends.
Sorry for stealing all your food. !love you. Cejas, Franz I got to know you this year and I want you to know
that I had some of the best rimes with you guys. I will never forger you. Wu-Tang forever kid. I love you
guys. Kristin Take care dork and thanks for always getting me in trouble. Burnout team Keep everything
real. Calin Que paso voz' Voz sos como mi hermano y espero que nos podamos ver en el futuro. Te quiero.
Alex Sell our(].K.) Ever since I mer you in Proceres we got along and I hope that you will remember me
forever. I am going to miss you a lor. All the rimes we went our and got trashed at parries. All the skating we
did together. I am going ro miss everything. I hope we can see each or her in the future. I love you. Anyone
that I missed I am sorry and reachers at Colegio Maya I hope I never see you again, except for Mrs. Ramirez.
"Surround yourself by people that help you grow"'
Mad Circle 97
Valerio DeMeo
Adrian DeVoto
Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 de abril 1980
Papay Mama Primero de todo les quiero agradecer no solo pore! amor que me han dado, sino por haberme guiado pore! caminq
correcto en esta vida con tantos obstaculos. Gracias por darme el apoyo y Ia confianza en los momentos mas dificiles. Los quiero u ~
monr6n.Agu No solo sos mi hermano, pero mi mejor amigo. Te agradezco un manton simplemente por ser Ia persona que sos. UJ
hermano con tus cualidades nose encuenrra muy a menudo. Te quiero negro.Andrea En el riempo que he esrado con vos, lo cua
me parecen alios, he llegado a compartir momenros muy especiales. Momenros de los cuales nunca me voy a olvidar en mi vida. So
Ia persona que mas quiero en el mundo y Ia persona que me ha causado el impacto mas posirivo en mi vida. No hay, y nunca habr)
suficienres palabras para decirte lo que yo siento por vos. En vos encontre Ia persona en Ia que puede confiar y hablar de cualquiel
cosa, con Ia que me puedo reir, y con Ia cual enconrre tanta afinidad. Alguien con quien solo soiie, y nunca pense que pudiera existir
Una persona que para mi solo era una vision y nada mas. Esa persona Ia enconrre, y esa persona sos vos. Me haz enseiiado mucha
cosas de las cuales nunca me voy a olvidar, y una de esas es el saber amar. Cuando estoy con vos el mundo no existe. Entro en orr.
dimension donde solo estamos nosotros dos(en orro planeta). Todo al estar con vos es magico. Acordate de nuestras conversaciones,
esta en nosorros dos para que se rransformen en realidad. Como te dije antes you are not a part of my life, you are my life. E s p e ~
que todos las cosas de las cuales hablamos se puedan cumplir algun dia. Yo se que cuando llegue ese dia voy a ser Ia persona ma
feliz del mundo, aunque ya lo soy por tenerte a vos. Sunset at South Beach and the motorcycle cruising by. Te re-quiero, beba
Remember: planet vega, planet retards, smoke, fog, car running over kids, ketcup, Hishi, Squeezy, Cruise in the Caribbean, Dri
Ore, and all those jokes que nos hicieron llorar de risa y las conversaciones que nos hicieron so Oar ramo( sueilos que se rransf ormaro1
en realidad) Nos vemos en Bahia'
Edgardo Te agradezco por estar ahi en los momentos que pase y por rus consejos inolvidables.Sergio A ver si te conseguis un
mina que te demuestre que te quiere y que te trate como te mereces. Sos un buen amigo. Markus Oh Markus, Markus. A v
cuando te consigues una mina y pares de ser irrespetuoso y pervertido que asi nunca vas a salir con nadie . .J.K. Vanessa B. Sos un
gran amiga de Ia cual no me voy a olvidar. Nos veremos en Ia proxima vida' Lo mejor de todo con German. Ran a I nevr really go
to know you. Now that I do, I can say that you are a very good friend. To the rest of the senior class: The best of luck to all o
Kaku Tus palabara sabias y rus consejos los manrendre siempre en Ia mente para usarlos en esta vida. Gracias por haber sido tat
buena conmigo y con Agu, por habernos dado tanras casas, y por el laburo que me diste las vacaciones. Mela Para mi unica abule
que Ia quiero tanto aunque note lo demuesrre todo los elias. Sos una persona muy sabia que ha pasado por mucho en Ia vida. Et
parte sos un ejemplo para mi, y para muchas personas.
To all my reachers Thanks for sharing your know lege with the senior class. If it was not for you guys we wouldn't be graduating
Hilda Te agradezco por ser Ia persona que sos. Esa persona con tan buen humor, no matter what. Me ayuJaste un manton y aver;
empezamos a trabajar mas duro. N unca me voy a olvidar.
"Have the courage to live. Anyone can die"- Robert Cody
"Mi Mayor defecro era !a modesria, pero lo supere, ahora soy perfecto."
MamijPapi: Primero le Joy gracias a Dios por habenne dado a los mejores padres del universo. A
ustedes les agradezco infinitamente rodo lo que han hecho por mi. Sin ustedes no hubiera llegado hasta
aqui. Gracias por apoyarme en mis decisiones. Los amo con roda mi alma. Naranjo /Beba: Las espero
detras de Ia montana a las ocho. No peleen tamoll (N): lnventatell! Quirugia! Jarroll (8): I think I'll
pass'! Your poem should have been on sex. Las quiero mucho como Ia cola de un chucholl J.F.M.:
Gracias por demosrrarme tu incomparable amistad. Para cuando esmra ru proximo discurso? Espero
que no prontoll Imaginate vos)l L.E.A.: Gordo. "Mi hermanito grande." La sinceridad es mas pura
(que el agua Je hoy)ll Maesitoll Yo no mas caidas porfa. Panzita-' Extraiio al loco del Opel.
Meme/Rafa: Mis guardianes No coman mucho que Ia panza crece. Soli. E.I.G.R: "Mi chispa
adecuada." Lo bueno se vuelve real, alii tam bien se incluye: el agua f ria, champagne, el amanecer.
Recuerda que nuestro pacto se riene que cumplir a como Je Iugar!! Que vi van los Heroes, las fresas, el
f ut, y Garfield. Mi admiracion y cariiio por ti son eternos. Los adora su belleza angelical II! V .B.(nana):
Para Ia orra persona mas bella de este mundo. Tu amisrad durante estos 3 aiios ha sido incomparable y
demasiado valiosa como para poder olvidarla. Gracias por las charlas, los consejos ya las risas. Sin ri
Colecio Maya, chem, AP hist, Spanish, self-study, etc. would have been hell'! Never forger about our
talks and always rememer that the ship we share (friendship) may part in different directions but we
will always share the same sunset. Mercy, Mercyll A.T .M.: Mi amor, mi vida, me alma querida1 Mi
Obsesion. What is love' Now I'm SURE I know when you love someone. Chicken bone1-' Thanks for
all the great times, the smiles, the super special talks and all the unforgettable moments we went
through. Entre Dos Tierrasll Want to EGG anyone' Don't forget our good-byes, the kisses the hugs
and the carrying. Love you tons-'' A.S.:Dew dropsll Chica! Ya llegara tu dia, no lo busques, el te
encontrara.EI amor tom a tiempo. Calma. Feeling a little overpowered today' Love yaiiV .C.: Thank
God we are still ... no crees' Que bueno que te cambiaron el nombre no' I.M.A/R.A.: Gracias por ser
ran bellos conmigo. Les deseo Ia mejor suerte del mundo. Tomen las cosas con calma.B.B.:Have you
talked ro your brother lately' Tell him I'm still waiting. Can you say by without having said hi'M.W.:
Your cookies taste great' \Y/ e should really work together in the f uture.L.M: Marta and the bus rides
were cool and unforgetable, take care. Your big sister. C.M,j].T: Nuesrros agarresll Note olvides de
los chismes de Cesar. Take care of yourself.(]):Env. Science would've been so boring withou you, ni
tanto! Que nose te suban los humos
Thank you for all the fun times. Te veo en college y note olvides
de Banana' To the teachers that have made my stay in Maya a challenge and goai:A Mrs.
Barrera:gracias por enseilarme muchas cosas de la vida. Se el mundo ruviera maesrras como usred,
eswy segura que a nadie le imponaria esrudiar. To my two favorite counselors and teachers:Ms.
Storey:Choir was fun, Theater Arts was a challenge, Dance class was well , dance class!' I' II get those
hard steps I just can't get them to look good. Thank you for everything you've doneforthe senior class.
You are the best of the best. Mrs. Ramirez: Art class ws interesting and fun. Thank you for treating
the seniors with respect and trust. You are unbelievable. I know I have to ... Figure it outll To those I
forgot at the moment of my dedication: ABCDEFGHI.JKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Pick your
initials; you know who you are. Thank you, good luck, and don't forget the great times we had.
Ana G. Garcia
"Don't calk unless you can im-
prove the silence." - Cougner's
"Speak the truth, but leave im-
mediately after."
"La opinion general es siempre
Ia peor porque quien sabe no
habla y quien habla no s<?be "
E.B. - h.d.s.
Racb & Caro: Thanks for being the awe-
some friends that you are. Even thousands of
miles away you have always been there for
me. I love you.
Hazel: Ana, Granny, thanks foc teaching me
everything I know. I'll miss our bus "spills".
You better keep in touch. See ya on the big
screen some day.
Quina: I'm glad we've become so much
closer this year. Thanks for all our long talks.
l'll miss those. You've been a great friend.
Lizzie: Hoy si vamos a ser amigas? Ojala que
si. Gracias por codo. Has sido una de las
rnejores amigas posible. Te voy a excranar
muchisimo ... Don't forget to write. And be
nice to poor innocent little frogs.
Sherine & D na: Thank you for raking care
of me and helping me rhrough everything.
You are the best big sisters anyone could ask
for I love you so mud1. Mabrouk, lao and
Shelly and Ali: Hey chicas, I'll miss
you! Thanks for all the laughs. Good
luck crying to play the role of seniors
next year. TI1e orange pin is left stand-
Mom & Dad: How could I ever thank you foc your undying love, support,
patience for these seventeen years? I'm so grateful to have the best parents in
the world. I love you.
Ricardo: Hello my
little freshman. 1' rn
so glad we got to
know each other
better d1is year. I've
enjoyed our nice lit
de confessions in the
lobby. I scill need to
learn nOt to laugh
on stage with you
- it's the face:)
Jamie: I don't think I can fit all I wane to say to you on one page. We have shared
so many awesome experiences that I'll never forget. Don't forget to keep in coud1
next year. I love you! Four (not you), murder wid1 my nail file, barfbag lerters,
Jack's balcony, volcano rush, right or left? "Sunny Days" in Antigua, your Carlos 'n
Charlie's idd, Niocin rush. And thanks for being the best editor ever. I'll miss you.
Alice: My little Bun-Btm!
Thanks for the mmro-
ries .. . We've had some
great times together tllis
year. "Determinators"
rock, long playbill hours
in the Mac lab, imme-
diate gratification, =D*. I
10\'e you. Take care and
keep in touch.
Senior Class of 1998
You're the belt! ThankJ for the memorin.
Asaf: We've had some hell of
good times this year, man. Yeah
-right? Thank you for always
knowing just how to cheer up
my day or make me smile. And
for reroindiog me what really
matters in life. Oh, and fa: my
cool new lingo. Good luck next
year. Let's try to keep in touch.
Suwan: You have tremendous
dedication and determination
that I've always admired. Good
luck next year. Take care.
Javi: Thanks for everythin[
Good luck next year.
Inbal: You're the best. I don't thin
you'll ever know how mud1 I admiJ
you. Thanks for ceachin g me sorr
valuable Lessons l"ll never forget.
Andrea: BundoUnal Sambi
queen! 1 know we've both bel
wrapped up with our own thin:
this year, but thank you so nnH
for being the awesomest frier
ever and for always being the;
for me no matter what. I'll nev,
forget ouc fun times toget'
11r ... Gay Chameleons, socct
dance, climbing the volcano, 01
buddies are best friends, y01
bathroom door, a tlom fight, at
so much more. I love and l'llmi
you tons. Never forget yo1
Jenn: Road trip to Y(
lowstone!! Can't wait.
Vanessa B.: My ve1
first friend at May
Thanks for helping n
out through my first ye
here. f'll miss you. Ta
"Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk."
Charlie McCarthy
To My Parents: Thanks for all the years of love and support and
purring up with all of my antics. Seems like I finally made it
though, thanks to you always purring my education first. Thank
you, I love you both.
Sergio: Thanks for becoming my best friend through the years
and showing be what the back of a bus looks like. I wish you all
the best of luck in the future and thanks for all the memories and
laughs that we shared.
Casco (Edgardo): No re pongas ran enojada. Thanks for all the
crap that we've done over the past two years and the laughs. Take
care in the future and don't let the woman dominate you. See you
sometime in the future when you work at McDonalds.J.K.
Joe: I said ir last year and l"ll say ir again: get a real girlfriend.
JK. It's been fun knowing you. Good Luck in the future.
Adrian: Even though you've had better things to do this year,
you've been a good friend during the rimes that we talked. Take
care and good luck in whatever you do.
Pinky (Alison): Thanks for all the Pinky things that you've said
and done during the rime that I've known you. You're a great
person and good friend. Thanks for trying to make our school a
better place, something that isn' t easy. I wish you the best of luck,
and rake care in the future.
Vanessa B.: Thanks for all the laughs in school and in the plays.
It's raining by the way. Take care.
To the rest of the class: Thanks for making my rime at MAY A
one of the best in my life, even though the school could be better.
Vacas (Mariana, Ana L., Adriana): Thanks for all the stupid
things you guys have said and done. get a real job, Ana &
Teachers & Staff: Thanks for all the support and help you've
given me in helping me graduate. I am grateful for everything
Markus Hoi/a
It is quite hard to believe that I'm already graduating. During my 5
years of life in Guatemala, I could never find composure in my
mind, but I think all those times existed to make me stronger after
all. There is someone very special in my life, to whom I always
wanted to say "thank you". I want to thank him at this moment for
the first time. Hyoung! Thank You! Thank you for being always right
beside me. Your smile will always remain inside my heart. Without
you I do not exist.
Well, I'm finally graduating!
Bye Colegio Maya! Adios Guatemala!
and Dad 1 love you guys a lot and 1
you for pushing me to do the best 1 could.
'll miss you a lot and 1 won't let you down. Now
'll see all that 1 can do. Maritza These last
years have been the best and hopefully I've
a good brother to you. Take care while I'm
and don't let the boys bother you. I love
Marinara, Bob, and K-dog You guys are
and I hope you can cope with life-after
ng Duck !' m sorry for throwing
basketball at you when you first got here.
then, you've been really cool and it's been
TI1rough good and bad, you were always
Thanks. Keep it real. Lots of love Cejas,
and Franz rake care while I'm gone and
skating . It was cool chillin with you guys,
it was only for about a year. Team
1 love you all. Straight up sickness.
Miami and Disney World, that's all I
. I love you man. Later skater. Marko
' Amanda Why don't you come and
in the back with all the cool people. J' m gonna
you bur you've given me enough memories
an eternity. Take care and I love you.
!"3.Ul\lVJlOf1KoevJ'll ' been sick and i'm gonna miss
lot and i love you. Keep the schOol in
now that i woN't be here To take care of
geOff rOwLey sucks. sorry for trying to
your a .. a couple of years ago.Alex I hope
don't forget all we've been through because I
't. It's just you and Paul now, keep it real.
gonna miss you and I'm sorry about the
I love you cool guy. Valerio Well, this is
I spent five of the best years of my life with
and I can't believe this is it. You've been the
friend anyone could ask for and !' m gonna
all the days of skating or just messing
Javier Lacayo
Umborogo Chugule. Sadimya Saloma. I'll
meet you in the stall in five minutes. I'm
gonna miss you man. You are my besr
friend, my brother and I learned a lot from
you. I love you. Dan You taught me a lot
during your life and after you left. I hold you
in my heart and I'll never forget you. Valerio
and you are my brothers for !if e. I knew both
of you the longest and you've changed my
life forever. All we went through will live
with me forever. Our friendship will never
fade, like it was when you were still here.
"To our Best friend, present, past and be-
yond. Even though you weren't with us too
long, you're life is the most precious thing we
could lose. While you were here the fun was
never ending, laugh a minute was only the
beginning. Daniel my brother this one's for
you." I love you and always will. Straight
butta baby' 13 Maggie To my one and only
love. You were the reason I got up to go to
school. My feelings for you will never di-
minish and all the memories will never be
forgotten. You were one of the bright spots
in my life and you always brought sunshine
to my day. I hoped this day would never
come but we both knew it was inevitable.
Now as I look back on the past year, I owe
you for making my life complete and loving
me like no one has before. I'm gonna miss
holding your hand and touching your face.
We've had great times this year and I'll
never forget everything we've been through.
I guess what I'm trying to get to is that you
are the only person I've ever really loved and
I thank you for all that you've done for me.
"There was love all around, but I never
heard it singing, no I never heard it at all, 'till
there was you" I love You and I'll miss
Mommy: Querida. Graciasportndoque has hecho poira mi. I admire you so much. lfl could belike anybody. I would belike you. You
have sho":n rne wh,u it ro("dtlS to be a scrong women. l love you and I will .Uways be here tor you.
Daddy: Thank you for everything. You have taught ml' a lesson that I will rwvl'f forget .. It is really bard to arnuilly teU you bow r feel
bur J love you.
Ju.n Pablo: Don't you feel old. TI1aok you for everyrhing. Even dumgh you do nor know i: your words have a..1:11ally have changed the
w''Y 1 am. You would be amazed how I've .:hanged. Maybe you'll actually like me! lnank you for always Stan<ling by me. l'll always be
here for you. !love you.(how gross) Mark: We've been through alot togecher. Remember }utili and ! will always be here for you. Don't
do so many puffS. Markulues.
Ostin: Gracias por rudo. No me molestas pot que me dude. Grdcias por querin mi marna y ppt-.'Uidarla. Yo seque yo te molesto mu<:ho
y un:t.S veces me enojo conrigo pero te querio.
Jose Roberro, My little Baby: Everything happttlS for a rt:t.SOO. Thank you for everydling you have done for my family, especially my
mother. Could it have been love ar firsc sight? 1 will always rerrll'mber our talks on the phone (hours and hours) and the t'irst kiss.
(MANA Mis ojos son tuyos) !Ji will alw:t}'S cherish our reLuionship.You have kept llll your promises, your serious promises. You have
protected rot and loved me. My strength is found in you. You b:wt kept me from falling apart. You are tbll :persoo that 1 ean irfiagine
living d1e rest of my life wich. just like you Sl'!id you could marry Jne. I can too. Our childcem will be the best dressed right?! You will
al'l\'llys have a part of my heart. l adore you hippp roll. !love your eyes because 1 Clio read them and I know exactly whacyou wane and
need. With every couch. kiss, and look r faU deeper in love with you. Everycirne we are rogl'Cher r don't be ln any other place.
I'm yours and none elsl''s. Nobody could ever compare tO you. No matter what I will always be here foe you. Thank you for trusting me
with youc love. You have tilled my life with bapplnessliild laughrer. Always remember your love handles, my cheek$ over cheeks. You
are my besr friend and my soul mrue, I look to you for advke and you know eltL'Iiy what tO say and do. AU I want and need is to be
with you and make you happy. This is not a goodbye of our low but a new adventure of our Jove,l'U see you in Virglna. l promise d\ac
I will never leave you. l can cell you anything and I know that you will understand exactly how I feeL I never knew d\at love could be so
special. You are the one that I can depend on and you never ler me down. AU you have to do is be rrll' and smile and it makes roy
day. AU my pain usually fades whenever 1 am wid1 you. You are my true love, Our love is the only thing that h>l$ kept me alive
sometimes whenever I have beeo down. .My world is you. Qerry McGuire). l love you Joey.
!sa (or Senora Isabel:) Thank you for evctydting you have dooe for me and my family. Thank you for being so sweet ro rrll'. Always
rtmember TG1Fridays, llovc- you.
Rodolfo: TI1ank )flu for always standing by me no matter whar. We have been through alor together. Always remember the good times
that we have I'm sorry for everyrhi11g that I have put you through but I know you are a player.AlwQys remember the three
ruuskercers,(you, me, Md Stephet\) G (,Ji-huyn) Hey, how's it going? I'm going co miss you alor. We have been through alot rogecher.
Thank you for alwa)'S being there for. Good luck in L.A. Debra: Always remember the good rimes d\llt we !\ave gone through together.
ElSIvador(Momos car. Chrlstinas house" J dare you co touch its nose) Remember whenever you are in trouble call me and I will do my
karate, J'm a black belt. Om pizZ<l hut adventures will always stay with me. I hope the best for you. Alice: Ed. AI: I don't know what tO
say but tha11k yott for always being rhece for me. l wiU miss you. Good luck. lnbal: How is it thar,;we can go wid\ouc calking for awhile
and when we do Wt ralk like we just did. TI1ank you for your beautiful relarionship. Good luck with Ricardo. Thank you for listening to
me. Ya termine. Edgardo: Thank you fc>t making d1e bus funny. 1lle freshman are dumb.
Dan: I miss you more than anytlling. 1 think of you consrandy. We went through .Uor rogedll'l'. I am sorry ablur everything l did. P
hope you k11ow how f feel. I know tbar )'OU are prote<."ting me from heaven. r love you. 1hank you lO everybody else. 1hank you to the
teaebers that have helped me dmmghout my schooling here. You have made studying enjoyable. Tu my senioc class- good luck.
First and foremost I would like to thank my Mami and my Daddy for their love and
support through the years. I love you so much. ANNA: You know you' ve been my
best friend for my entire life. I'm gonna miss you like hell even if you're on your own
now. Don't let your hoebag tendencies take over. Oh, YOU'RE OAF. BOBBLE: I
love you and I'm really gonna miss you.
SOFIA: I really miss you, little sis. Good luck. SHAH: Hey half breed' No Kamran
Just shut up' Shut the ... SOO: You d ... Korean, get out the way. JESSICA: Eleventh
grade was the bomb, if you think about it. Late economic nights, just two sees .. . , oxtail
soup, good morning (she opens the sock drawer). Ritter, and my all-time favorite
Rishad. I'm glad you Stien found true love. Good luck in life. LAURA: Laurita, good
luck in the future. JASMINE: RIP, I'm sorry. ABBAS: I swear you have no shame.
Nice feet, bush boy. Miss you tons. MIMI, CANDY, SABINA, SARAH, CRIS:
Have fun. See ya later. NIEVE: Lucky you, one semester left! Good luck. JI: I wish I
could say we had fun on the bus, but it's the bus, so ... Good luck. MARY: For 2 Q's
... , Snow White. PACO: Don't mess with me. You know I can beat you.
Gabriel: Hey sunshine' Good luck next year in Maya.
WILBUR'S COMPINCHE: Inballs! HeiJoi He!Joi I've gotten so attached to you I
don't know what I'll do without you. Remember that YO HAVE.
JOE YOO: JOE'S THE HOE' Hope you have fun in Canada. ANNA LEE
Beebweepll WILBUR: Te deseo mucha suerte. Cuida a lnbal. MEMIN : First, 1 love
you and I really cherish the times we've had. I hope you knowhow happy you've made
me. I can't imagine what life would be like without you and I don't think I want to.
Adriana Lopez
Elizabeth Luk
Daddy & Mami: I love you very much. You have always wished the best for
me. Thank you for all your advice and support. Loretta: You are such a
wonderf u[ sister. I miss you so much. I hope that we'll see each other soon.
Maybe we can go to the same college in the future. Daisy: We have done so
many things together. You have been a great friend, my other sister. Now
that you are not here, I can't tickle you anymore. Ayumi: Thanks for all the
help you have given me. I know that I can always count on you. We'll always
be friends. Paty: Gracias a ti he podido llegar basta don de me encuentro
ahora. Tu me has ayudado tanto, y te lo agradezco desde el fondo de mi
corazon. Les deseo Ia mejor suerte del mundo a los dos (Paty y Juan Carlos).
Kyong: I miss you even though I see you everyday. Be patient and wait one
more year to graduate. Shoko /Shizue: I hope you guys are having fun in
Japan. I wish that we would have graduated together. Let's see cool movies
someday. Jamie: From the day I met you, I have seen that you are a very nice
person. Never change. I'll miss you in college. Rana: Let's be friends from
now on. You know that everything l have done is for cariiio right' Best wishes
to you. Li: Espero que siempre te vaya muy bien en todo y que peudas lograr
todas tus metas. Julio: Aunque siempre he creido que eres alga raro, creo que
eres muy buena persona. Siempre se tu mismo porque eso es Ius mas
importante. Su wan: Good luck in everything you do. I hope you can have a
lot of fun.Nat, Alex, Cathy: You guys are very nice. I' m so glad l met you.
Marianel: Te admiro tanto porque en verdad tienes una gran talemo demro
de ri. Eres una persona muy especial. Agueda, Tomas, Chi sa: Mucha suerte
a todos ustedes. Goze todos los momentos juntos. Espero poder verlos algtln
dia. Miyuki/Matzumi: Ustedes me caen muy bien aunque acabamos de
conocer. Vayamos al cine y divertamonos1 Andrea: Have fun with Adrian. G:
Thanks for supporting me when I needed your help. I wish you the besr of
luck in the future. Monica y Cristina: Ustedes han sido unas gran des amigas
para mi. Nose vayan a olvidar de mi. Gustavo, Carlos, Paco: Usredes son
personas tan amigables y tan buena honda. Sigan portandose bien y no
molesten mucho a [a genre. Mrs. Wescott: Thank you very much for editing
my essays. Mrs. deBeaussett: I am deeply grateful for your help improving
my English. I really enjoyed the ESL classes. Dr. Orlansky: Thank you very
much for helping me with my applications. I will not forget your advice. Mr.
Mr. Pastore: I have learned so much from you. Thank you for
Mami and Papi: Thank you for getting me through these 12 years of knowledge. Les agradezco un mont6n por tener me en
sus vidas. l love you guys and am going to miss you a lot. Mis Abuelos: Thanks for giving me such great parents. Love you
lotsll Bros: Thank you for spoiling me throughout my 17 years of life. I hope it continues (ha, ha) Love you. Hassan: Well, my
Love, our three years have so many backward glances in them, don't they' But it is always best to think of the future. I'll never
forget the good times we shared and hopefully in the future there' ll be more. I love you and always will' Sarah: Well, we are
finally out of schoolll Anyway, I just want you to know that you always have a friend here, and your family to know that I'm
t hankful for all the care that they gave me. Love you'. Malaky: No sabes cuanto me alegro que hemos podido tener esta gran
amistad, Gracias por todo. Especially because it was in such a short time. But we have our whole lives to do huvadas. Te qui<1'0
muchd Gaby: Pues contigo es un amistad muy, pero muy sincera. Aunque codos pensan que somos bra vas, who gives a .. .?
Gracias por codo! re quiero un monr6n. Veronica: Bueno, conrigo nuesrra amistad es una locura, pero re sigo quierendo . Don't
forget me. Alison: I've had lots of good times with you and J know there will he more. Just remember that we have so many
things to look forward to in life. Te yuiero m u c h o ~ ! Vanessa C.: Look mi hijira. Have fun next year. don't get too excited
about it. Mejor dicho GOOD LUCK' I'm gonna miss you . Te quiero mucho1 Macho (Cacheron) take care of her of I'll hit you.
Caroline: Take care of yourself. Te quiero mucho. Debbie, Amanda, Teresa, Chiwi, & Val : It was fun to have you guys
not just as classmates but as friends. Good luck in the future. Les quiero rnucho. Ms. Storey & Mrs. Ramirez: Thank you for
all the support. Mr. Berke: Thank you for the being the person that you are. Ms. Stansell: Thank you for the support helping
me through these two years in Maya. Verlinda, Kira, Flo and Tamra: Mi s Cunadas Favoritasll Good Luck!' NANA: Mi
Colombiana favorita, por fin salimos de este colegio
LIBERTAII QUE RICO!! I'm going to miss you but I'll still see you, so
good luck. Te yuiero mucho. Ana: De los esrupidezes que siempre hablemos sabes que, I think yours were the funniest .
Anyway solo te quiero Jecir yue gracias por ser una amiga ran especial, because 1 know I can be very difficult at times, bur then
again so can you! Te yuiero muchisimo!! Sergio, Markus, & Edgardo: Les quiero mucho. Dan: I will never forger you. Class
of 98 : Good luck in the fumre
Ana Teresa Mayrides
" .. .1\iodt:tN MAN IH\'> lth 1l-n. IU:b\114 of
li-n UNkNOWN i\Nd MY!>TtHiOU'>, ANd kA'i '>tlritJ
tlO\\IN iN t!u. Htl.o.M of dn fuNC!iONAl
Ht 1UHNtd ki'> bP.{;k 'To 1ht woHld of 11-!t
foutOo,JiN{j 1\Nd tin tXultiNtj ANti kl\\
lit woHlcl of boutdoM.
From The fire from within
Uy rar'los rastanc-a.
1 whicH CON'>UMI:'. i1\ OWN !Ail h AN
ANcitN 1 '>YMbot f uu liMt. My 1iMt hi: ttl: !\T colHjio !\'lAY-"
k.l\!> tNJu.l up .'\'> '>tVtN ytAtl'> (!Itt NuMLt.l{ '>tVtN, by tin
W!\'f, i\ AI!>O AN dtMI:Ni uf 1\NCitNI w!.mlU<iYi J ytAl{'> of
i\NU LI\MiNt, ! t!AY'> of 1!u. wtt.k, 1 colm:-. of
1ht liAiNbow, 7 TOf:S oN ioo!, to ... ) wtll I Wi\NN!\
11-li\1 I !lt:A!iy fttl lucky fi'!Y txpi:Hi!:NCt
wi!k Ali of you \!iONt!tlifuU ptoph iN Jl-1i-. fA'.>t:iNAtiN<i plAn.
i:Vtl:ylliiN<j; j.JIH>M'> (No loN<fi:H '' lHjAI \VOH<.L) plAy'>,rlit
iN">iUt jukn & CW\lY TiMf CAp\ult
!Jn: CllALY iN W.,\l iN(j .,t[f '>Tut!y
.iMt:, di'>t:CiiN{j j)UT!iicl '>ptt:iMt:N\ iN 1\dVANCt:d t:C!
All d;nt: tliiNti!> kAvt.: b!:!:N !\ !H-..i\1 mip ANd -'' 114U! Wdt
tN tkt wo!.i'> of Fount GL'Mp, u! k"' i'> I m '>AY Alwu!
tkAt, .. '>0 LNjoy lift ANJ duN'! !.Ah wo HHiou'>ly.
"lift: h NO! lr\ ju'>t ikl\r you w!U
-,ufft:u i1, HA!ktli lkAN I:.Njoy i1, UN!iU you ltr <i<> of
YOiiH MiNd\ !\!1.!\ChM!:NI\ ANd jU'>! GO ro tlidt:
NO MA!!t:l{ wkAi h.i\j>j>i:N'>."
From Way of thP peacefuU warrior
By Oan Miifman.
- v v ~
Mom and Dad: I love you sooo much. Thanks for purring up with all my you
know what. I'm going ro miss you so much when I leave. Papi, complain,
complain, complain. Nlom, you know I'm kidding about nor missing you. I love
you both with all my heart. Abuelita: La quiero mucho, me va hacer muchisima
falra. Ana Sofia:Zorilla, remember that your big sister will always love you a lor.
(Peaches anJ Fiona, 311, LeonarJo DiCaprio, and astronomy forever). I'll miss
you. Tomasito: mi gordiro,l love you alor, don't forger that (even when you're
annoying). Go Jenny, go Jenny. I'm going to miss you in college, llamas bellas.
Amanda: Besria, 4 years (can you believe it, peanut fans) and we've been
through everything together. You and Srormboy have always been there for me,
even when we were getting robbed (400 rimes). Is homie in the house' Pedro,
rerris (ha, ha), 21 rerJs, and so much more. Remember that I love you a lor. I'll
miss you.Debra:CJ. Remember you're not my primary friend bur my friend.
Don't forger our cool lonerjloser adventures. Dark invasion. The smelly barb-
room, Brenda. The dice game and never ever forger Rex. I love you Debbie. Got
milk' Blow Pop- I'll miss you. Robster: What's the math homework' Can you
ear corn through a picker fence? Do you know what conservative is! Remember
the squires in D.C. You're my superhero. Thanks for everything (senor
McDonalds). I love you and I'll miss you. Alex:Even though we don't hang our
as much I still care about you. Remember the can we kicked from J'vletro 15 to my
house, Pizza Hut , etc.. Remember you're beautiful and l love you, Gonzo.
Mariana:No re olvides de las llamaJas de telefono y Ia Pradera, ni Je del
concierro o gritando en Ia lluvia en video class. We're so good at pool. J'll miss you
and I love you. Carola: eati foodi. I'm sorry for screaming in your ear, remrdada
(el concierro). Alo, esra Rolex' and the rest. Me vas hacer falta y I love you. Paul:
Hey sellout, remember me when I leave, Baldy. Don't forget you're the macdaddy
and you get all the you know whars. I love you. Valerio: Hey dork, you owe me
so many favors, you slur. Thanks for eating all my food. Don't forger about me,
and I love you. G: Guess who smells, remember hang man. I'll miss you. Cmon
guys, let's party. Kurt: Bomb crucial beast. Cejas: It's been cool hanging out with
you. Juanita:Gracias por rodo. MJ:Me haces falra. 10 years of being friends.
T.Q.M. AI:Spanish class, you get --.Tessa: Thanks for bearing me up
everyrime I burp. Cristina: Hey keish, thanks for rhe cool watch. Don 'r worry, I
won't tell about > ... Senior Class: Good luck and I'll miss you.
Teresa Membrelio
Papi y Mami: Quiero. primero que rodo, darles las gracias por estar siempre a mi lado, enseilandome el mejor camino a seguir en Ia
vida. Todavia me queda roda Ia universidad, pero hasta ahora les agradezco el nunca habenne fallado, y el que hallan estado ahi para mi
en todo momenta, y sobre todo cuando he necesitado hablar con alguien. La vida ha sido el mayor regalo que me han podido dar, y con
mi esfuerzo les prometo que los voy a hacer semir muy orgullosos de mi. Mil gracias de nuevo, LOS AMO a ambos. Gabriel y
Camille: Mis hermanos, de los cuales me siemo muy feliz en tener. Gabriel: Esro es solo el comienzo de Ia vida que empezamos casi al
mismo riempo, Ia cual rambiCn viviremos y reminaremos juntos. Te quiero much y siempre me rendrUs para cuidar de ti, basta que a los
sapos les crezca el cabello. Camille: Estudia y disfruta estos aiios y mas, porque se van muy nipido y son los mejores. Te Queiro
Mucho.A mi familia en PUERTO RICO: Gracias por todas las atenciones que siempre han tenido conmigo. Los quiero mucho.
Luisa: TE AMO. como nunca a nadie. A ti re debo ese semimienro que me hace esrremecer, volar. vicir en un mundo perfecto, en el
cual solo existe lo bueno y lo mejor. Gracias por este fabuloso ailo y mas, gracias por tu confianza hacia mi , por Ia confianza que me
permires renene, por ser mi mejor amiga y consejera, por rodos los raros felizes y rambiCn los rrisres que cada vez me permitierondarme
cuenca de lo mucho que sienro por ti. El futuro nos preparacosas sobre las cuales no tenemos ni idea, pero siempre recuerda que el amor
lo puede todo y que el mio es inmenso, es todo tuyo. My heart is yours, take good care of it, porque con el esnin tam bien mi vida y mi
ser. Como te dije siempre, me tom6 mucho el oir un te amo de tu boca, y al fin lo hice, me sucedi6 lo mejor, enloqueci con tu am or. Eres
para mi, lomas bello, dulce
Ia orra mirad de mi ser. TrararC de ser siempre ru felicidad, hasra que ru quieras. o basta que Dios me lo
impida. Cuenta conmigo, asl como yolo hare contigo. TE AMO.Sergio, Markus y Joe: Se acaba nuestro aiio como seniors, y con else
van los recuerdos nosralgicos. Sergio: La pase super bien fregando a Ia gente por ahi. Thanks for all the rides, y las babosadas que
pasabamos hacienda todo el tiempo. La verdad es que aunque tenes mal gusto con las viejas, caes bien. Gracias por rodas las chibolitas,
sabre todo las que re hicieron llorar. Buena suene. Markus: Y Manuela' Sino redan ganas de ira college, pensa que alii podes cambiar a
Manuela por una novia de verdad. JK. Joe: Thanks for all the jokes and laughs, which'll never forget.Adrian: Aunque no pasamos
tanto tiempo juntos, I'm glad that you found that person you wanted so bad. Good luck. See you in the furure. Manuel: Pss
Not here!
Good luck, you are a great guy. Never change. Tony & JoeY.: We all missed you after you left, but you were always in our beans. Li-
Tsai: Vos no servis para nada. Ni siquiera para basquet. Son bromas. Gracias por tu amistad. Christina: Siempre has estado ahi para
defenderme y eso siempre ha significado mucho para mi. Cui date y nunca cambies. TQM. Alison: Thanks for all the talks we haJ, and
for being there for me always. En mi tienes un amigo en el que pueses confiar. Vanessa B.: Cuitade o te pego un planchita1 Solo porque
eres colombiana Que re crees? Colombian soccer rules!! Eres un persona exeleme, de una gran personalidad. Gracias amiga, por los
buenos raror, bromas y Jemas. Ana & Monica: Thanks for all the good times that we laugh together. I'm sorry for the times in which
we had our differences. You rwo are great, never change. Pinky: No fue basta esre ai1o que me di cuenca de lo divenida que eres. Espero
que nunca te olvides de que los amigos del colegio tambien te estiman. Ahora a celebrar que ya nos graduamos
Debra & Mary Joe:
All the fun we had in the bus telling the freshmen how stupid they are (especially Kevin). Mj: remember, the Lakers rule. Jamie &
Michelel: Thanks for the good times and laughs. Inbal: Gracias por hacer mi llagada al colegio mas facil con tus charlas en
publications el aiio pas ado. Good luck with Ricardo. Mariana: Aver como le haces, porque el proximo aiio te rocan las luces a ti sola.
JK. Buena suene. Que viva Nicaragua' Valerio & Javier: Ahh .. Wood' Thanks for all the laughs. Gustavo: Colombia es Jo mejor.
Gracias por tus bobosadas. Play soccer like a man. JK. Good luck. Mr. Feia: Wherever you finally go ro work, I wish you the best,
because of all teachers I think you are the best. To the rest of my class: You people are the best classmates I could ever have. Thanks
for that. To the rest: Good luck, and once again, thanks for making this school a nice place. Yeah whatever' (not really')
Edgardo Pabon
Puerto Rico
Thanks to everyone that I have come across in my life for
they have all contributed. But most of all, I thank my
mom and sister for always being there. Mom, you have
guided me the way and I wish you happiness for as long as
you may live. Lolli, I love you and always will. Keep you
head high and move on even if I might not always be with
you physically - I will always be with you in your heart.
To everyone graduating, I wish you the best for the future
and hope that you will all live full and happy lives. Good
Julio Pong
Mom & Dad: Thanx for always being there for me when I neecled you the
most. I love you both so much. Nini & Wiwi: I'll miss you two. Thanx for
being there helping me out. Jenni: \'Vel!, I think you' re the prettiest girl I ever
seen. Just Keep Smiling
Carlos Bernal: Thank you for being one of my best
friends in Swiss School. Elizabeth: Thanx f or your friendship. You' re a very
nice person, and r m glad l got ro know you. I hope t hat we can still keep in
touch when we go to college. Young-Jin: I hope you buy a car, you know
WHY. Su-Wan: I wish you luck in everything you do. Li-Tsai: Thanx for
sharing your idea. You have been a great friend throughout the year. Sergio,
Markus, Edgardo, Joe: It 's been fun having you guys around. Sergio, thanx
for your friendship. Markus and Edgardo, thanx for helping me out. Joe, thanx
for making me laugh all the time. You are all very ki nd. friends Forever
Manuel, Carlos, Paco, Gustavo, Andres: Thanx for the f ree drink, l owe
you one. Carlos Hiroshi , thanx for everything, you certainl y know how to make
a person feel happy. Gustavo, Thanx for helping me in yearbook. Bobby:
Thanx for helping me in Calculus and Chemistry. Andrea & Adrian: Thanx
for hel ping me in Psychology. Debra: You're sweet, and you certainly know
how to make a person laugh. Keep Smiling' Alice: It was fun chatting with you.
Nieve, Jihyun, Mary Joe, Ran a: Thanx for your fri enclship. Class of ' 98: I' ll
miss all of you. GooJ Luck in College' To all my teachers: Thank you for
everything you done for me.
Amanda Marie Rhodes
September 24, 1980
Mom and Dad:Through it all , you have always been there to dry my tears and
make me smile. Thanks for all your support. I love you. Dad: Every little lecture
has helped me along the way. Someday rll heat you in one-on-one 11ithout
breaking your ankle. Mom:You always seem to take the words right out of my
mouth. Mags: So much for being the older sister. I guess it"s my turn for the hand-
me-downs. You may he bigger, but I still kno11 best. Behave next year 11ithout me
to keep you in line. l'llmiss you. !love you. Genilugium. Max: Thanks for being
such a cute little brother. Keep building LAGO and eating BAGALS while drinking
!love you. Zak and Sarah: l don't know where to begin: Sixteen days ago,
Santa Claus gave me mint dental floss, monopoly, whatever it is you've always
made me laugh. Never change. Love ya. Teresa:"Girl, you are sex'" No matter
what you have always been there for me. Thanks for understanding. These past
four years have been pretty shaky, hut we have always stuck together. I'll ne1er
forget the hig eared, rosy cheeked lozer. I love you. llff. Robz:Posee .. . \Vktt
would I do without you. rve never known anyone who has erer made me laugh so
hard. Nerer change because you are just "So nice ... " Grashis por todo. Keep in
touch. Love ya. Debra:So which 11ill it be: James Dean, Elris, or Brad Pitt? Never
change cause you are so dam cute. I'll mill my one and only basketball buddy.
Keep running to loud whistles. Chi-Ching. Lon ya. Ali-Cat and
Clarebear:Although you are far away, you "ill always remain in my heat1. Ali-
Cat:Good luck with <ieoff. Zapatos Uva. I Jove you. Clarebear:So when is the
wedding? Good luck 11ith James and all your other hotties. I love you. Marianita:
Herman ita. Take care of yourself. If you ever need anything, just ask. I'll always he
hereforyou. Thanksforall the ad,ice. Love ya. Carolina: You are the craziest girl
I hare erer met. but I still love you. Keep in touch with the Taxi company.
Ana:Beware of Maggie's gas. Good luck keeping Paul under control. Christina:
Don't Quiche too much. "I'm gonna go get Alex." Thanks for making me laugh. I'll
miss you. Love ya. Tessa: You always understand. Thanks for every-
thing.Aiison:Cool Girl. Beware of the Chopsticks. Kurt: You are the Bomhtrack
Skillet. Don't he such a tool. Thanks for the new vocah.Valerio:\\1w is it we can't
get along? Thanks for pissing me oiJ. I'll miss the Italian Stallion. (j.K.) Although
we fight, 1"11 always care. Love ya. Paulsito: Little Bro. Take care of yourself
because I won 't be here to watch out for you next year. Remember ow great
afternoons on Internet. I'll see you next year at Keep an eye on Alex for me.
Love Ya. Chihuahua:Well Shakuri, Thanks for making me laugh. \lath Class
would never be the same without you. (Do it in pencil.) Thanks for taking care of
my sister. Good luck next year. Love ya, Jawanza.Horacio:Thanks for all the
advice and putting up with my 20 billion phone calls to Alex. Love ya.Cejas: Good
luck 11ith Teresa. Keep Skating and take care of Alex for me next year. Skaters:
Someday 1"11 he as good as you.Class of '98: Follow your dreams and you will
succeed. To all my teachers and Coaches: Thanks for helping me become what
I am today. I appreciate all the support, ad1ice. and understanding.Dan and
Mei:Thanks for watching over us and keeping us safe. You are my true guardian
angels. I love you guys and keep you in my he:ut forever.Aiexander "the
Great":lt is very hard to put to paper, what I feel in my heart. I know this isn't
goodbye. it"s just time for me to go and sooner or later we 11ill he together again to
finish what we started. Some people say they don't believe in love at first sight, hut
I've proven them wrong. The first day 1\ookd into your eyes, I realized how lucky I
am to have a guy like you. You are always on my side to listen to my complaints,
wipe away my tears, and give me love. I can't express what I feel for you because
there are no words strong enough to describe it. I'll never forget all the moments
we've shared (the fighting, laughing, tears) ; whatever it is you always understood.
I know it hasn't been easy, but we've always worked it out. No one understands me
the way you do and you're always there for me. I love you, and nothing is going to
tear this love apart. Thanks for teaching me how to he strong. You understand my
weaknesses and are 11illing to accept them, and you ha1e helped me m-ercome my
fears. I know we fight, hut it's only love's way of bringing us closer together. I 11ish
this year would never end for my goodbye to you will crush my heart. I know I
must move on, hut you own my hear1 and I will wait for you forever. Take care of
yourself ne;.1 year. and behave or I will come back here and "bust your - .' I love
you. Baby. You are my one and only true love.
Kay: Thanks 4 being a great sis.
Rana: I'll really miss ya.
Alice: Play hard and work soft.
Julio: We had lots of fun in the Science Fair.
Luk: Good luck in college.
Asaf: Thanks 4 giving me advice which I needed the most.
Jaime: Thanks 4 letting me keep your Ninrendo game.
To my teachers: Thanks for teaching me and bearing my
infinite questions.
There are more things in the Heaven and the Earth, then are ever
dreamt in your philosophy.
William Shakespeare: Hamlet.
q_ . A-1\ 1\--

S:_ I_
Nj kj
Sung Wan Ro
Alison D. Schwarz Ruiz
New YorkfGuatejBolivia
Mom Although the road was long and rough I want to thank you for showing me always the right choice to make. You are my Streng
and support. You have loved me unconditionaly. Like I have always told you''l'm everything lam because you love me" Thank yo
and l love you. Dad Thank you for being my father and friend. You have always been there for me and have supported me always.
love you. Jon My best Bud, I know one day you will reach your goals and dreams. You have all the potential you need. Love you
Vi vi y Oscar Les quiero agradecer por todo lo que me han dado. Les deceo lo mejor del mundo. Tessa Through good times and ba
times we have always managed to pull through. Count on me through thick and thin, a friendship that will never end when you ar
weak I will be strong helping you to carry on. Call on me I will be there. ( I know it is not our song but I have always felt it should
Thank you so much for being you. An incredible friend l always know l can count on. l love you and lam gonna miss you. Bebes Ho'
scary now lam writing to you. We have had great yrs.of freindship. Here's to the dorks who can't get in status, to our B52's, to life t
life "hakajum" I wouldn't have made it withiut you. Te quiero mucho chacha.Vane.B Even though we will be miles away I wi
continue to share my crazy stories with you. La vida nos ha dado momentos dificiles pero siempre me haz brindado tu amistada y t
amor. Gracias. Te quiero mucho.Ana Espero que tengas toda Ia felicidad que te mereces. Y te mereces mucho porque sos una person
que haz tado tanta felicidad a los demas. I'm gonna miss you tons, love you. Vane.C Don't do to many wild things when you are he
alone. Take care of yourself and don't panic to much about rhe lsc. Love ya. Hannah Te he exrrai'ido ramo estos dos aOOs pero nun _,
he olvidado nuestros angeles de Ia guardia. Erica I miss you always. Love you tons.Ariana Thanks for being the best big sister
Tony Mi hermano del alma. Don't let life bring you down. I am always proud of you. I love you. Jen.and Alii I miss you
our wi ld times. love ya.Robin and Debra '' PaJa, Pad a, Ia cucaracha Ia cucaracha ya no puedo caminar porque estoy boracha.
Edgardo, Markus I love you guys, Thank you for making my senior year a blast. I will always be your pinky. Rakester Don
around too much in college without me. Te deseo lo mejor.Juan Diego I want to thank you for taking care of me there past two
I'm gonna miss you so much. Y note pongas muy sexy. Mariana y Nicole En el poco tiempo que nos hemos conocido se han
gran amigas que se que siempre puede companir y disfrutar mis experiencias.Mario Mi amigo del alma. Gracias por ser parte
vida. Te quiero mucho.Volatiles Sigan chupando y parrandeando. Los quiero mucho.Ms. Storey and Mr Feia Thank you so
for all rhe support and confidence. Mr. Berke Thank you for the endless hours of gross labs and intersting conversations on "dirr"
Mr. Bond Keep smiling nad jamming Mrs. Trujillo Since the early days when you haJ to "deal" with me and Erica thank you
rhe suppon. Mrs. Barrera Gracias por ser una maestra incredible.Hilda Gracias por las miles de llamadas, las escapadas, Ia
solo por ser una gran amiga. Tia Aida All rhe rhanks in the world wouldn't be enough to thank you for all you have done. I
miss you tons. Dan I miss you so much but l know that you are with us- watching and guarding over us. I love you. Class
wish you the best of luck. Charlie "La vida esta llena de sorpresas, conocene fue un de las mejores. Aunque no estuviste aqui
estuviste en mi corazon. I miss you tons and I love you .
. ,
3 '".
- I I
,., "'- I
- _ ...
. .
These past 12 years of school have been long, difficult, exciting, and boring. Sometimes I thought school would never end and
raduarion seemed like a myth. I remember all those rimes I spent protesting how much school "sucked" or how I would rather be
watching TV. Bur now that I look back I see char school did many things for me char TV or home would not have provided. First,
it provided me with a grear education, something which at rimes I rook for granted and did nor care (or. 1 provided me with new
xperiences that TV only talks abour. Field trips, suspensions, fights, cheating, and studying. Bur maybe the most imporranr thing that I
chink school proviJed me was rhe opporruniry ro meet new people, be ir reachers, S(aff, parents, or srudems. These people are rhe ones
{hat made it possible for me to make it through high school. They are the ones who made things more clear rome, and rhq' are the ones
who made school am uch more fun environment to be in. Now that graduation is finally here, I would like to thank all of them forrheir
EME: No hay fora, que yo sepa, en Ia que pudiera pagarre rodo lo que has hecho par mi. Tu siempre ruvisre fe en mi yen lo que pude
, osrar. Nunca me .diste Ia y esrabas ahi cuando rna: _re necesiraha. me di:re la de un mundo mas
l lla de nuestro pats. rv. dtste .Ia tener una :?ucaCJon que orros mnos h. sonado rener. Me tilsre e!. am or que un
adre debe dar a sus hl)os pero ramb1en me Lilsre Ia educac10n que un padre debe Jar a su h1JO. Se que en el futuro sera lo mejor que
ueda ser acausa de tL Te quicro mucho y mt! Gracias por rodo!!!MAMI: Muchas gractas por rodo tu amor, ru cariiio, ru apoyo, y rodo
o demUs. Siempre recordare cuanro me ayudasre en el pasado y que nunca re disre por vencida. Por haber escuchado rms problemas y
aberme ayudado en cualquier forma postble. Gracias por hacer mi vida llena de amory felicidad y soporrar rodas mis insolencias y
ravesuras. Te quiero mucho y <.JUe nunca sere olvide eso
LUIS y CARLOS: hanks for being there all the rime I needed you guys. I
ave you both for being such great brothers. You have been my best friends for the past LS years and will continue to be for the rest of
y life. I'll never forger you and I hope you never for get all the fun we had. All the fights, all the laughs, the Monday Night Raw's, the
intendo games, Alfl)uardo, and Alfbcn!!!!Sray cool and practice Mario Kart so chat when I rewrn you can acrually give me some
l ompet irion. 1 NNERPAIN: (Malibu, Stacy. Zack. Crow, Bomber, Lirrle Bomber, and Fabio) Thanks for giving me a chance ro Lx: parr
lnnerpain and share rhe fun of maintaining heavy metal alive. I'll never forget all the fun we had together. The concerrs, rhe egging of
ouses, rhe pornos, Taco Bell, and all the laughs we had together. ADRIANA: f-ley how is it going? Well, I thought I would never
neet anyone here in Maya, bur I guess I was wrong. Thanks ro you rhis year has been great, full of giggles, fights, and much more.
ever forger how I kicked your butt and remember that I will always love and remember you!!! INBAL AND ASAF: Thanks for
\ aving me so many times at your house. It <WS like my second home. Asaf, thanks for being such a great friend from the beginning.
ou were rhe only person I could talk to about how much I hated everything. lnbal, thanks for being such a cool person with me. rll
(ways remember jew for all you have done for me. Thank you both'!' MAY AS: Even though I have hated this school from the
ginning, I have had the chance ro make some great f rienJs whom I will remmeber forever. To all of you in my senior class, thanks for
aking me in as a part of your class. Thanks Alison "The Rake ", Rana. '"G", Mary, Adrian, Sergio, Valerio, Javier, Nieve, Amanda,
dgardo, Vanessa, Ana,l Marcus, Joe, Adriena, Debra, and all rhe rest. A mis chavos Paco, Andres, Gustavo, and Hiroshi Jes deseo lo
ejor y que nunca se olviden de Ia fogaca y codo lo demas que hicimos. A Zuleira, gracias por ser ran buena conmigo y gue nose re
!vide que Sepultura es el mejor. Thanks ro everyone else like Ana "hi ho, hi ho" Lopez, Alison Tsuji, Monic, and my reachers. Tanks ro
fY friends at RM, ACS, and CDS and all those whom I have forgotten.
Manuel Sevilla Kreysa
San Salvador, El Salvador
Joe Tally
Papa y Mama: AI fin salgo de mi primera etapa de mi vida. Ahora me toea Ia U
para salir al mundo. Gracias por todo lo que me han dado. Los quiero mucho
Paulo: Sos un pain in the ass pero es porque estas en esa parte de tu vida. Sigue
estudiando que te falta mucho por delante. Christina: So little time has passed, yet
so much has been lived. Has penetrado mi vida tan de repentemente, dejando una
cicatriz profunda en mi corazon. Since the first day till today, I've lived a whole new
experience with you, the best I've ever had in my whole life. I LOVE YOU for
being simple, for being you, y por ser muy carinosa y te preocupas mucho por mi .
Thanks for belonging to the most important part of my life. Pase lo que pase, I will
always be there for you, from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE YOU como nunca
antes. Markus: Thanks for your friendship, te conozco por un largo tiempo, and
take care wherever you go. Sergio: Sos uno de los pocos que rodavia voy a ver en Ia
U despues de este colegio. Gracias por todo y por ser un verdadero amigo.
Edgardo: Casco, te cuidas en Puerto Rico, suerte en elf uturo y con tu futura. Ana
y Monica: Tam bien a ustedes las vere en Ia U, Asi por lo menos ten go alguien que
ya conozco. Hemos vivido momentos duros pero los hemos sobrepasado. Gracias
por todo. Luisa: Lo mismo paso contigo pero ahora si se que sos una amiga
verdadera, no como otras personas. Te cuidas y te deseo lo mejor. Gracias a: Rana,
Mary Joe, Ji-Hyun, Alison, Javier, Valerio, Elizabeth, Debra, Michelle, Inbal, Asaf,
Vanessa por su amistad durante esros atios. Class of 98 Good Luck in college and
take care porque es un mundo dificil.
Mom and Dad:llove you both more than you could imagine even though I don't show it, you're both really important to me.
Thank you for all the love and support you have given me throughout the years. I'll miss you and DAD, thanks for the
homeruns. Christina and Sandra: Thanks for being the best sisters someone could ever have. Even though we fight a lot I love
you guys and I wouldn't trade you for the world. Christina, I know I push you around a lor bur it 's only because I want you to be
the best and I love you. Next year you're going to have the house to yourself like you have always wished. If anyone bothers you,
tell me and I'll bear them. Take care of yourself and keep working hard. I love you.G: Thanks for being such a good friend, you
always make me laugh which is probably why I haven't ever gotten real mad at you for embarassing me. Always remember
"Brass monkey you funky monkey," and Juan Jose rhe guy with no burr (ha, ha). and remember the CnC queen nothing bur a G
rhang you're such a dork bur I love you.Mary Joe: Thank you for always being there. I always had fun with you during AASCA
trips, Momo, Funnyboy, Enriyue, Chilies "I dare you to touch irs nose." And we can't forger getting stalked "those guys aren't
following us. Don't forget all the time we spent at Pizza Hut. We have been through a lot together and I just want you to know
I really appreciate the friendship we have. PS. "I know you have my balloon." Valerio: (italian Stallion) You have been a great
friend for the past two years even though you have sold me out but that's ok, I still love you, because you have always been there
when I have needed you. I will always remember you when I hear a loud disgusting burp. JK' Take care of yourself and don't
parry roo hard. Javier: Thanks for still being my friend even after all the stupid stuff I have Jane to you, you still have a room on
my computer, and don't forger all the fun we used to have in tenth grade, cranberry juice' Thanks for everything. You're the
bestest guy friend a girl could have, nice hair, don't change and I love you. PS " Don't bore me." Paul:(the cure one) You're one
of the most temperamental people I know bur you're still a cool guy. Don't forger all the fun we had at the beach, and Teresa's
house, well, you might want to forget that. J K, Just wanted you to know that I love you Sreve1Maggie Fantasia: "Your hair 0
my God," theatre arts, Gertrude, and we can't forger giving Chip the red hot cherry, "Yea whatever, anyway" Basketball has
been fun, Senecio Del Taro "Hit the rud" You're such a cool person I'm going to miss you.Mariana:Fernando, Fernando, you
are such a dork, falling off the skateboard, Los singles, my ribs still hurt from the Enrique Iglesias concert bur it was worth it, keep
smiling. Carolina:My awsome pool partner we let Mariana win, Gucci, Gucci. Don't forget our bets for chicken fingers, Earie
Foodie, that was so funny. I am glad someone has the same taste in guys. I'm going to miss you. Anna: Volleyball and basketball
were fun, Don't forger our cool invemion the beerette, cool dance moves at the yellow submarine. Ah Leo, maybe later we can run
up the volcano and run a couple of miles. I'll miss you. Kristen: Every rime I am with you the funniest things happen, the
phones, I am bowling, the beach "Ahh1 we don't have your shorts", "Do 1 look Chinese", the sleepovers, prom "you shouldn't
chew gum like that in that dress". Thanks for always being there when I needed you. Keep wearing 20 inch heels. I love roy
chicken. Inbal: "do you know your name means in Hebrew"' Don't forger our cool PAFA class this year. Are cool eyeballs
walking around Z. 10' Like Johnnie Walker, you better not change and keep drawing you froggies. Teresa (Stephanie): You are
such a dork, bur I love you, don't forget Rex and Charles, sleepovers. Z. 10, stop signs. Advil, Big black butterscotch, our cool
hiding place in Antigua, Chemistry class where you always got me in trouble, fart bombs, Taco and Big Bertha, Hopscotch. "Play
that funky music Vanilla Ice", I promise I'll call you everyday when I am in college, nor matter what happens I will always love
you. Amanda (Mitch): You have always been there, don't forget our cool weekends, basketball, Enrique, volleyball, Costa Rica,
Rick, your unique way of giving haircuts, blue cheese, harclbodies, rape records, "Get off of me", the boys anJ the rocks, Camino
Real, "hello, there's something wrong with my room". I have never been mad at you. I love you. Robin: Thanks for being my
friend. Don't forget our cool night at Carlos N Charlie's, Spanish class, " focus", Amanda and the light, Chris's smprise parry, El
Salvador, I lth grade English, power bean. I hope you get your black belt soon so you can karate chop everyone, "finger
painting' , Mariana's club. Thanks for everything. I love you . Bob & Alison: You guys are just roo cool for me . .J K. It has been
fun. El Salvador, Senior Retreat, Environmental, Tessa, Basketball and volleyball, ah Mr. Smith. Alison, don't forger about our
cool psychology experiments. Kurt: (kurtious) Acting with you has been fun especially the Omelette Murder case that we screwed
up, and we can't forger all the fun rimes we had at confirmation class, Spanish was fun "Ia paz, Ia paz" . Take care, oh by the way,
Debra Walsh
Ji Hyun Yoo
To umma and apa: Thank you so much for raising a brat like me1 Go map sum ni dall Ssa rang hae yongll
Bro: Jinusean's
wit chall He he .. an yong'Please dean your dumpster' I ain't your maidll Anyways, thanx for being the greatest and only
brother I ever had' Also, thank you for all the presents you have given me. Keep up the good workll Shizue: Hey best
friend! Thanx w me, we are still in touch. Don't forger to visit me in LA and I 'II visit you in Japan. (I can 'r wait umil I see
all the good looking Japanese guys!) Joe Yoo: Man
Don't you miss us' I miss you every minute. I am so shim shim hae
without you, especially in AP Calculus class. l can't wait to see you this summer. See you soon
Jemi and Jae un ni dul: Hey
sun baell Jae Eun e nur pyun ji an ssu myun jug ur
bo go ship da
Jemi un ni na ha go hak gyo jar e da ni get ne' Which
that means I might see you every day ... Damn' Don ' t be too cool
Or I have to kick your a ... , 7: Ya babo
Jyun Hwa an ha
Na> Na Mi gook ga myun bo go ship per ha ji mal go L.A. ro noller wa
Young Jin: Jal muk go jal sal gur
reing' I hope you become famous when you go to the east coast and I'll just become a bum on the west coast. Debra: We
had so much fun talking about you know who' Brass monkey you funky monkey' I'll visit you in Miami so I can stay in
your hotel. Just don't forget to give me a presidential suite' Alice: CC Queen' Remember' When we to Carlos 'N Charlie's,
you got picked up by so many guys ... Why do have to be so sexy' (just kidding) Mary Joe: Hairy Holl You Notre Dame
freak' Uh .. do you remember that game when USC kicked Notre Dame's A .. ' Let me just say Haha Notre Dame sucks'
Nieve: Girl who knows all the owners of all the night clubs in town' Aren't you famou&' Tally: Remember the day that we
definitely needed binoculars> Haha. Teresa: Hey Dork
You have bad taste in guys' JK. Thanx for the kicks and wedgies
Adri and Manuel: No
You will not make out in school' JK. Adri, don't forget all the rrrrs and uuhhus
Remember in US history when you were staring at someone's butt' Because of you we couldn ' t stop laughing and we had
to rake a quiz because of YOUII Vanessa and Ana: Are we friends today Vanessa' and Ana
Please stop pretending you are
paying attention in Enviro. Science class when you actually doing something elsell Sergio, J\larkus, and Edgardo: Tahns you
guys for making my life a living H ELLII Andrea: Hey' you are not the only one who has bt papers not' Class of '98: Bye
Cf nJ If.., lror lgol W<>
in - il rolf_,
in our oouf<).

Senior Babies
Seniors spen[ [ime in Amigua relaxing and planning
for the future.
Valerio and Javier help load the bus for the trip to Anrigua.
The retreat took advanced preparation and throught. Who was the besr cook
after all'
~ __ .,.._.., __ I":.
The Class of
Science students are active both in anJ outsiJe of the
f: ........ in
in con 1oe., I (DC<' in numc... of .,,0 and in
a of pfoc<>o. 5"or "'"o"'J'f.,, oJ.:>oo.,.,J !:<of 03:1 J""" no!
(),go l....()ilionof dio.wclion ul olu()..nlo ofoo wo..C in
ooif lo pfant and RJf conol ... ct uR., n..w .. .,n Rou.w. otud.nto
.wnd micq oj}' in roceqto 00 ,yqff' 00 loooin9 in air wRif .. cR ....
olu()..nlo conol, ond founcg gol air aff'oono. S_panioR cf OOO<>o ON J oo
oul ond ocliw, fromin9 ooul Riolo'1 and cufiuro of .. .,!.,mofo on
ji.,fcl !o l'Pnti9"" ond _poinlo of inl.,..ol.
.worcRd for cfugo in H\. btifJ oiNOio and of efnli9"" and
C..Camq mON ol Oomg lim<>.
The advanced biology
class with the video pro-
duction class, far left, on
a trip ro the zoo. Tenth
grade students starr their
rally off in the central
park of Antigua.
The tenth grade, above,
gathers in the central
courtyard of the San
Carlos University in An-
tigua. Gustavo Jimenez,
left, pounds the cobble
srones in search of clues.
Carolina Barrera
Jim Bennv
Jonathan Berke
Pilar Berke
Anabella Bond
Tim Bond
Gi!mmni Castellanos
Ileana Castillo de Pineda
Carmen Castillo
Gladys Castro
Joe Connolly
Jennifer Contreras
Marilu Contreras
Mary! inne Cnmford
Jennie deBeausset
Debhie Diaz
Anne Feia
Joe Feia
Jeff Fifield
Debbie Gamboa
Jim Gentrup
Camila Gonzalez
Robin Grames
Rosa Maria Gula11e
Michelle Juhasz
Cindi lee
.\na Lopez
Patty Marroquin
Susana Matos
Hilda Mejia
Nancy Mejia
Betty 'lercado
Ethelvina Wong
Aida Zea
Faculty and Staff
Pat osullivan
Angel Oliva
Jan Orla nsky
Fred Pasquale
Jim Pastore
Amy Ramirez
Jan Ramirez
Trish Rhodes
Lorena Rosales
\Icky Rust
Sonia Samayoa
Pahlo Sanchez
Anabella Santella
Michele Shader
flrad Smith
Anita Stansell
Kate Stegall.flarris
Kjerstine Storey
Tony Trujillo
Celia T111jillo
Aida Tsuji
Denise \\.estcott
Karen \\"ever
Memorv Makers ...
~ r k i n g to keep the cam-
pus clean and beautiful , the bus-
es safe and on time, or the chil-
dren fed, the Colegio Maya
support staff is an integral part
of the school community. Even
when teachers and students are
on vacation, they still dedicate
hours to the betterment of the
school. On Thanksgiving they
rook a few moments out to enjoy
a traditional turkey dinner with
all the fixings .
behinc1 the scenes.
~ h e faces of faculty
members as they interact
with students and each
other? The mauy roles they
play as teachers, coaches,
directors and friends? Or
even the tired faces of the
middle school faculty on
the morning after the
Lock-in as they cheer for
the parents picking up
their sons and daughters?

' I Itt " y '
. .:-.!..:. ~ ..
March the faces with the names, starring center left, clockwise: J. Pastore conducting the eliminarory
rounds of Knowledge Bowl; M. Shader talking with Asaf Mazar; J. Feia raking a few quiet moments
away from the classroom; J. Berke using the beautiful flowers on campus as examples for the
Advanced Biology class; P. Sanchez coaching future hoopsrers; and C. Barrera conducting the National
Honor Society induction.
Roll the drums
and the winners are ...
1st Place Maria Meriwether
Nicole Spruijt
Vanessa Wiater
2nd Place Suk-Young Hwang
Santiago Cortes
Vincent Richards
3rd Place Andrea Odie
Amaranta Villar
Monika Chang
Ben Shaw-Wood
Mark Lent
1st Place Woochul Hwang
Nathan Lee
L Tsai Chen
2nd Place James Windlehorsr
Sid Thahatzu
Erez Cohen
3rd Place Alon Cohen
Kevin Odie
Tiro Massis
Building Bridges
1997 Science Olympics
Alex Fortman concentrates on keeping his aircraft aloft for the
longest period of time, and Mr. Gentrup, secondary principal,
prepares to judge the length of bridges built of srraws.
Groups of middle and high school students find that in bridge building and aircraft
construction team work is the \vinning way.
Leanne Truji llo, top scorer in the games , runs
che ''""'Y mnnd.
Elementary Sports
was in the air as the youn-
gest Mayan hoop stars took to the courts
against the teams from the Christian Acad-
emy. The cheerleaders entertained the
crowd at the pre-game pep rally and led
spirited cheers. The young players showed
determination and dedication to the sport,
and the day ended with one win and one
loss. The young athletes gave their all for
their school and the fans supported them
with enthusiasm.
Unlocking the Power
Mayan Sports
~ a r r i v e d at Maya in 1991 expecting to find a formal PE and athletic program in place complete
with facilities, varsity and junior varsity level reams, and a regular season for each sport. I also
expected to find players physically ready, motivated, and used to playing competitively. Soon
reality appeared as I began ''coaching" the girl's high school volleyball ream. They spoke of
playing 9 people per side, were unsure of rules, and did not consider swearing part of practice.
Actually, practice wasn't considered an important parr of athletics. More imporranr were nails,
which earrings to wear in front of the speccators, and how the shorts fir. Motivation to become
bener was tough, so I resorted to ... Roses! Roses were given for practicing, playing hard, and yes,
even sweating! I am very happy to see that our current reams have come a long way since then, and
hope that they continue to develop. --Jeff Fifield


~ e n though there was no international tournament fot volley-
ball tills year, the teams statted the school year with dedication and
enthusiasm for hl(e spott. The Copa Maya saw both teams come in
third place with many excellent individual and team effottS. The
girls, coached by B. Smith, and the boys, coached by J. Battera,
trained hard and improved continually over the course of the fall
The mighty girl's team: Mary Joe Lent, Amanda
Rhodes. Ariana Lopez ( lsr row). Ana Garcia, Ana
Lopez, Michelle Wiater, Monica Garcia(2nJ row),
Maggie Rhodes, Alice Chen, Jamie Brown, Debra
Walsh, Vanessa Carbonell, Ana Teresa Mayrides,
Coach Smith, (3rd row)
~ of the most impommt tbinp that the ~
learned this year was co keep problems off tbe oourc aod
settle tbem away from tbe game. We 1eatned co work
togetbec and help each otber. --Ana Teresa Mayrides
The mighty men's team, left, with coach Juan Carlos Barrera, played many extremely dose games and
showed strength and determination on the court . .Junior Michelle Wiater, above, demonstrates her strong
serve which was counted on by rhe girl's ream in clutch siruarions.
Sergio Cortez shoots a foul shot, anJ James Winklehorst
jumps with Jerermination.
Javier Lacayo, senior shows ball control anJ speeJ in a game against Ausrriaco. ll1e two benches watch as Alex
Petrecivec takes a shor. Mary Joe Lenr, above right, brings concentration anJ spirit ro the Jecisive game of Copa Maya
against lnteramericano.
Scenes off and on the court include Jamie Brown, Mariana
Raskosky and Kyong Hwa Kim, above, in the stack.
Soccer Season
cSoccer practice started in February even before basketball
season was over. The women's team, coached by Jim Pastore,
participated in the Copa Montessori as a preparation for the
Copa Maya. Along with the men's team, coached by Pablo
Sanchez, they looked forward to the AASCA tournament that
would take place in Guatemala in April.
Scenes of the first game
of the Copa Montessori
against Valle Verde.
Rain-soaked, bur nor
discouraged are (left to
right): Robin Oriansky,
Monica Garcia, and
goalie, Luisa Meyennan.
Not To Be Forgotten
Activities and Organizations
Student Governments
El ementary Student Council , with Mrs.
Rhodes and Mrs. USullivan as sponsors, is
constantly looking for ways ro improve the
school and community. Members act as pa-
trols who help keep students safe, and they
raise money to buy such things as play-
ground equipment or to donate to charity.
Members of the council are: (front row)
Althea Lyness, Ben Feia, Aurora Lopez, Le-
anne Trujillo, Francis Rust, and Tony Tru-
jillo, (back row) Mrs. Rhodes, Oscar Cazares,
Allyse Rust, lyar Mazar, Catalina Gomez,
Patricia Abbott, Arturo Carrion, Alex Sori-
ano and Mrs. O'Sullivan.
Middl e School Student Council , under
the direction of Mrs. Trujillo, works hard tO
plan and implement activities and projects
for the middle school. The council helped to
make the annual Lock-In and Christmas
bingo a huge success. They also work in
conjunction with the high school in fund-
raising acriviries. r..,,tembers are (from row):
Jonathan Schwarz, Erik Pearson, Kim Smith,
and Ana Toriello, (back row): Kyle
DeBeauserre, Ana Sofia Membreiio, Santiago
Cortes, Andrea Spakouskas, and C. Trujillo.
High School Student Council , advised by
Brad Smith, nor only works on projecrs
which benefit the high school and promote
school spirit, but the members also serve as a
communications link between the adminis-
tration and the student body. The council
tries to mediate differences of opinion and
bring significant questions up for discussion.
Srudenr council president, Alison Schwarz,
aces as a non-voting student representative to
the Board of Directors. Members of the
council are: Jnbal Mazar, Alison Schwarz,
Vanessa Carbonell, Asaf Mazar, Vanessa
Bergonzoli with Mr. Smith. (Not pictured:
.James Winklehorst and Monica Garcia)
National Honor Society
Members of the National Honor Socie-
ty and National Junior Honor Society
are chosen for their high academic
acheivement, their leadership in the
school and community, and outstand-
ing character. The members are com-
mitted to service projects both as a
group and as individuals. Some of the
projects occur within the school, such as
filling baskets for the workers at
Christmas, and reading books on tape
for the elementary school. However,
other projects reach out into the com-
munity, principally the Light on the
Top of the Hill project which helps
the Santa Barbara school.
Members of the National Honor Society
pictured above: Paul O'Sullivan, Paige
Cunningham, Hee J ung Park, Mariana
Raskosky, Kristen Gonzalez, Ben Baldi-
zon, Magnus Franklin, Miguel Turner,
Mario Chicas, J\trs. Barrera, advisor.
(back row) Su Wan Ro, Jamie Brown,
Alice Chen, Vanessa Bergonzoli, Robin
Orlansky, Rana Hamdy, and Woo Chul
Hwang. Not picwred: Bobby Pearson,
Amanda Rhodes, anJ Maggie Rhodes.
Members of the National Junior Honor
Society, left: Vaness Wiater, Andrea
Odie, Maria Meriwether, (back row) Ivy
Chen, Kevin Odie, Michelle Flores, Ri-
cardo Torres, and Maria Brady. Not
pictured: Peter Benson, Sindy Chamorro,
Alon Cohen, and Tiro Massis.
Mario Chicas, below, helps assemble the
workers' Christmas baskets, and Vanessa
Bergonzoli leads the induction ceremony.
The Pulse first semester staff in-
cluded Giancarlo Valle, Sebastian
Strazalkowski, Zulei ra Chock, Ryan
McKnight, Ben Baldi zon, Carlos
Mercado, Eduardo Santell a, Ana
Mercado, Maria Brady, Magnus
Franklin, Christina Walsh and Gret-
chen Perkins.
%he Pulse, a combination quarterly newspaper and literary
magazine, is produced by the publications class under the
direction of Mr. Jim Pastore. Students use the Mac lab in the
elementary building to produce their publication. The articles
cover a wide variety of topics of interest to the student body.
Students can choose to participate in the publications class or
to select from a diverse group of electives offered last period on
B Days, including Yearbook, video production, theater arts,
art, PE, or computers. On other days academic electives are
offered. Elective choices give students a chance to stretch their
interests and experiences.
The gang from Video pro-
d ucrion class goes on a field
trip while Ana Teresa May-
rides and Vanessa Ber gonzo-
li show what they learned in
dance class.
P.E. students enjoy track and field and become addicted to badminton
(above) while the arr srudenrs focus on rheir creative products. The
performing arts class (right) gives another stirring performance.
Esteban Fanjul, Mario Chicas, and Magnus Franklin, lOth graders,
test the lights before the first performance of Into the Woods. Part
of the cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream (left) rehearses during
Theater Arts class.
Elementary performances include Jackamemnon, and the elementary talent show.
c:efe9io Maya students of off 09es are fascinated 6y tlie fine and
peiformiJ19 arts. After the 9reat success of Into tlie WoodS first
semester, students preparin9 for the presentation of A
MidSummer Ni9fit's Dream to 6e s109ed in May. MiMfe
schoo( stuaent s 6ecame enraptured with Peter Pan ana tlie
proauction wi[ take j(i9ht at the end' of Marcft. Efementaty sttufents
afso were S!19e st ntclt ana presented' pfays sucfi as Jacft-
amemnon to the defi:Jftt of their parents and cfassmates . How-
ever, it is not the actors and actresses wlio fee[ the Cure of the
St19e, 6acks109e crews devote endless hours to (i9htil11, scenery,
costame cfesi9n, and props . Wlietfter 6ailifir19 a pirate ship, mak.i119
Peter ffy, or misil11 the curtain at the fi9ht time, students
cfeserved in their theatricai ventares.
Peter Pan will soon be taking off. The preparations include (from top, clockwise)
Danielle McKnight painting Big Ben, Bianca Brady and Kyle DeBeaussette (aka
Peter) in music rehearsal, a group of pirates rehearsing with Mr. Feia, Josiah
Fernandez, Mark Lent, and Diego Werren building the pirate ship, and Maria
""''""'" (We"d>l ""d V"""" W""" "''"'"!<(() ""
Javier Marquez and Rana Hamdy present an interactive
drama, and the young M ichael.J ackson and friends (Luis
Gutierrez, Ben Feia) thrill the audience.
tJw, pa'l.iicir-


t? ft)/ sUuf
CfJlA&/ 'Yfle:'
S(J/ B cmJrJ d.edic.a.tet u, ft)/
iJ-1/ %ndt.tJuuy

anti mlf WJ/uy CW?/

tnf!/. - - -

9/, an.d B

an.d SI1.Nf " B

9&ut ?Jt; tJw
B lud a;
tirruY wJwv

&w B UJ4$/ tk-



B Ji.dv't

I yar Mazar and Lise I Bond are surfing, and

Marienel Coolen sings for an enthusiastic audi-
~ c e again the Colegio Maya
community was treated to an eve-
ning of entertainment and fun at
the annual Talent Show, this year
sponsored by the Senior class. There
was something for everyone with
singing, dancing, and comedy rou-
tines. Even though the stage floor
was a! little shaky, the show went on
and performers young and not so
young gave it their all. Students,
teachers, and administrarors dem-
onstrated the treasure trove of un-
expected talent that is hidden at
Tony Bueso, master of ceremonies and danc-
er, and Anita Stansell , a woman in black,
entertain at the Talent Show.
Asaf Mazar, senior
above, played t he
classical gui ta r for
the appreciat ive au-
Pictures ...
the keys to memories
My graduating class was the "Bicentennial Class of 1976", celebrating the 200th
anniversary of the United States of America. We were all very proud of theis, and
we had the Liberty Bell on our tassei.--C Trujillo
In fifth grade I kept getting in rroublc for reaJing too much. l11e
teacher was alv.'ays telling ro pur away my book, and do my
work. --M. Crawford
As you travel down rhe road of life, you will often be confused. Jusr remember four simple
things: where you came f r o m ~ where you are; where you are going; anJ above all, never forger
who you art.--Maria Meriwether. Srh grade
The 1997-98 Knowledge Bowl team made up of Paige Cunningham, Bobby Pearson, SuWan
Ro, Captains Ben Baldizon and Rana HamJy were the first place winners in the AASCA
tournament in Honduras. Coached by). Pastore, the ream used their knowledge and quickness
to deal with even the toughest opponents.
High school Spanish students join in the singing of "Luna de Xelaju" while
the '!th grade wmpesinos plan for Guatemalan independence.
Sasha Turner, I sr grade, rakes her turn breaking a piiiata at the elementary Independence
Day celebrations.
Sixrh grade srudenrs re-enacr an encounter benveen narive
Guatemalans and the Spanish invaders.
Amanda Rhodes, senior, leads rhe demonstration for
peace in Guatemala, and elementary srudenrs show their
respect for the flag and national anthem.
Scenes from rhe haunred house
(above). Freshmen Teri Todd,
Cecille Ocasio, and Sindy Cha-
morro watch the pie eating con-
test, and Amech Adamson, 7th
grader, otherwise known as Bo-
ris rhe Vampire. dances at the
Middle School Halloween party.

Warns Nathan Lee, above, "Lose' I don't think soli
Next year, watch out, I'll be back." After winning
the pie eating contest, Javier becomes someone else's
main course.
Eighth grade bewitchers, Vanessa Wiater and Lanni McKnight, dressed up with only one place to
go, the Middle School Halloween party There were all sorts of techniques for feeding the chocolate
cream pies, however it seems that Carolina Mejia got more in her eyes than in her mouth.
The cold winds and the grey skies could nor dampen the seniors' spirits as they
serenaded the secondary on the day before exams. They also shared some special
holiday moments with their first grade buddies.
Members of the Na-
tional Honor Socie-
ty, above right, sort
food into baskets for
the workers. The
Spanish Depart-
ment posada de-
lighted students and
their families.
ffiaking Christmas
~ 1 e days before Christmas were full of
music, and laughter, and studying for ex-
ams. The traditional mixed with the new as
students found ways to celebrate the holiday
season, and to remember those less fortunate
in the community. Led by the elementary
student council, a drive was conducted to
collect stuffed animals for children in the
Pennat Project. The entire school participat-
ed in the National Honor Society project to
provide baskets for the workers in the
school. The seniors sang traditional Spanish
carols and served hot punch on the coldest,
windiest day of the year. Finally, elementary
students presented a posada and a musical
program, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" .
The many faces of children in rhe elemenrary music program radiar<: joy and enrhusiasm. Jennifer Yun.
above, wairs for her wrn on scage co sing. Corey Gellen, Lsr grade swdenr, remembers, " J had co say
'1l1ree French Hens'. It was fun. I looked like a chicken, but I'm not."
I'J,{at wouJJ the monrh of
February be like without
seniors sel ling roses anJ the
Father-Daughter Dance)
Both activities were once
agam great successes as every-
one found ways to say, " I
love you".
The MayriJes strike a pose, as the MercaJos and Rusts dance the night away at the
PTA sponsored Father-Daughter Dance. The fourth grade class, above, share Valen-
tines and juniors anJ seniors finJ new ways to express their sentiments in Spanish class.
The lovel y young la-
dies of I st grade,
McKnight, Marirza
Lacayo and Marie!
Rodriguez, as well
as senior Amanda
Rhodes enjoy a very
special evening
spenr wirh their fa-
The Lopez sisters, Song Ha Choi, the Kayay-
an cousins, Lucia Cazares, and Georgina
Robbins, Melanie Kahn, and Patricia Abbmr
share very special moments ar the Father-
Daughter Dance.
We are so proud of you. You are everything a
parent could hope for in a child, kind,
courteous, intelligent, beautiful, athletic,
hard working, and a loyal loving sibling.
Continue to be the wonderful person you are
and enjoy these next "College years" to
their fullest.
Mom, Dad, Maggie, and Max
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even
in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
and Best Wishes
for the Future
The Yearbook Staff
and M. Kayayan
The Mayrides
Buddy, you will always be "our little
girl", but before our eyes you have
grown into a marvelous, talented,
beautiful young woman.
We love you,
Mom and Dad
The Schwarz Family
iRe Mewtollies
... Vtar RoW &
year as the new yearbook staff meers during the last weeks of
August, they must make rhe decisions that will guide rhe course of
the book's development. They debate the theme and ride, as well as
choose graphic elements to carry our the theme. This year's staff, led
by editors Robin Orlansky and Alice Chen, voted to work on the
theme of memories, and were dedicated to rhe principal that this
yearbook would reflect the experiences of the entire school. They were
also firm in their vision rhar the book would contain more of the
written word coming from sources all around the school , following
rhe lead of junior Gustavo Andrade. With a brand new camera,
photOgraphers Peter Benson (fellow fan of rhe Redskins and Orioles),
Woo Chul Hwang, Alex Perricivec, and Mario Chicas were able ro
shoot less film and still have more than enough quality pictures ro fill
rhe pages of this book. Other staff members, Mary Joe Lent, senior
ediror, Alison Swartz, elementary editor, Michelle Flores, middle
school editor, Julio Pong, Kristen Gonzalez, Michelle Wiater, JiHy-
un Yoo, the super cropper, and Ivy Chen worked hard ro produce a
quality book. A few middle school students must be thanked as well
for working as messengers, photographers, and interviewers when the
regular staff was in class: Ai Hattori, Danielle McKnight, Maria
Meriwether, Vanessa Wiater , Lannie McKnight, and Sarah Liv-
ermore. This book would nor be a reality without rhe help of Aida
Tsuji who saw rhar our pages were sent to Dallas with all due haste,
Sandy Russell, our sales rep from Taylor Publishing, and the Colegio
Maya Administration and Board who generously support the pub-
lication. My personal thanks to my family who breathe a loud sigh of
relief when the final deadline is mer and things go back to noma!,
until the next August.
On behalf of the yearbook staff and myself, I would like to proudly
present this key to rhe Colegio Maya community. Through rhe
pictures and words on these pages, unlock the memories of the 1997-
1998 school year and keep them with you forever.
Yearbook staff members are also dedicated participants in other school activities. Michelle Wiater and Gustavo Andrade,
juniors, work on Michelle's shoe before they both play in volley ball games. Alison Swart z reads to elementary students in her
role as the baker's wife in Into the Woods.
8{ special vote of thanks to the seni-
ors on the staff who worked overtime
to ensure the high quality of the senior
pages this year. Although I will never
forget going through the trash bins in
the cafeteria one Saturday morning
looking for three white envelopes, I still
feel that this is the most dedicated
senior staff I have ever worked with.
Editors Robin Orlansky and Alice
Chen worked with dedication and
vision ro ser the tone for the entire
book. Woo Chul Hwang, below, is a
photographer and also an expert on
rhe sound equipmenr.
Wx>o !!"" '-t m m"""'.F
Ia J"'ll' a. ...i<lt&. nL r' o
"' g.<) Wq - .. 'oil wtlif"" ""' ,.,..
"3"'" Gilnt.f "" 41 on M o.<l <J., 't f.t
u a, w .. ,..;.., r w.d "'"'&,.
r.a f.,...-,
er;.r..of..... (i_B. $ ,<1!.)
There are no words that could demibe the pain l felt uhen yort went away. IV.ben yov left,
part of 1ft( disappeared. There are many things ibat I uill miss about yort, especially the ua.
you ca11 rMke me lartgh no matter how bad l f'f/JlJfeeling. You always had the right tl)ot'ds to pic
me ttp. Yort art o11e of the people that really knew 1/'tf. J.l"''he11ever I feel like I'm brett king in.tide,
dose my eyes tmd remember aft the laugh.r and fFars we shared. There art so ma11y thi11gs 1 uiJh
had told you, but 1 took for granted the friend I You uere a very special person in 1111
lift, but also someone I looked up to for the U'fiJ ke people laugh, .YOIIY determination
and the way yw cared for people who knew you. good-bye becalm yoT< 11Ji/l always'ht
with me in my heart. The most importa!lt me is that yort don't knou u.JJat
you httve Nlltil your ererything is gone. Yott cha11ged my life. l'/1 mllel!lber yo11 all
alway.r ke11p you in a special plrtce.
To Dan, a very special friend:
I got to know you two years ag(), and ever since
we knew each other we became best friends.
You helped me out any time I needed help and
you g always with me. The memories and
the laughs that we had together were unforget-
table and I will treasure them in the deepest part
of my heart forever. I miss you and /love you.
Dear Dan,
A piece of paper and a
pen can' express the
way I Time has
passed anti know you
are there ng
over us -I up
there. As days go by,
and I know you are
there, in my heart is
where I keep you
Love always,
Alex Petricevic
I wanted to thank you fo
giving me the opportunity lt
know you and be you
friend. Not a day goes b.'
thal I don't think of you an1
miss you. Siempre vas a
tar en mi corazon. T e quier
And if/ go,
While you're still ni'lr#L .. u-
Know that I live on,
Vibratiug to a different measure
-Behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
Y otl will not see me,
So you m r ~ s t have faith.
l wait for the time whet! we can rsuar together again,
- Both aware o.each other.
Until then, live your life t;O< its fullest.
Attd whett you nee'it me,
ltiSt whisper my name iu o t ~ heart,
... 1 will be there.
By Colleen Hitchcock
Waves that leave me out of reach
Breaking on your back like a beach
Will we even live in peace
'Cause those that can't do
often have to
and those who can't do
Often have to preach
To the ones
Staring at the sun.
AfTaid of what you'll find
ifyau take a look inside
twt just deaf and dumb
staring at the sun
I'm not the only one
Who'd rather go blind" U2 .
Thank you for everything, I don't know why you had to leave, ltke
many others. but if the heavens needed 4tl angle for some reason.
you must have been hand-picked. Alii can say now is life goes an.
especially through memories, and I'll never forget you.
/love you so much.
Brother forever,
Paul O'Sul/ivon
I know, I knoW:':.
Don't nag me.
I owe you a game ...
But you'll have
To watt a while.
I haven't dunked
Too much and too
little time
To do tt in (and too
much pasta!).
See you later, ''Mr.
Coach Pastore
We have been tJJrough a tot together. Tha11k you for all the good
and bad times. 1: wilt cherisb every memory. You wilt always have
a piece of my heart and fll)' life. I am really sorry for you k11010
what. You always knew wbat to say to make me smile and laugh
whemmer I was doum. I lor1e you more than you IJiill ever k1ww.
Wlt!J etJery heart beat I mtss you more, bttt I knoUl you are
watcbl11g and taking care of me.
Lot'e, .llary joe
Cloll.lf9 ~ BfXJk
~ , have woven our memories through, strand by strand, like each
thread of sugar in a cloud of cotton candy. This book is like the
candy vender at the corner of the street. As we taste the sweetness, we
remember the footprints we left behind, all the mud we once rolled
in , the trees and mondy bars we climbed on ( or fell off of) , all the
games we played, all the challenges we had to take, all the jokes and
fights we shared, all the songs we sang, all theM & M's we tossed in
the air and caught or missed ... we surely came a long way'
As the river keeps flowing, the earth keeps turning and the sun keeps
rising and setting, there are many things we unwillingly have to leave
behind. But wair...see that rainbow ahead of us> There's so much
more on the other side! We've got to cross it...
Alice Chen, Editor
~ f u m
Published by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas,
the 1998 yearbook is the 23rd volume produced by Colegio
Maya students. Two hundred of the bood were printed. The
Taylor representative was Sandy Russell , and the advisor was
Margaret Kayayan.
Candid photos were taken by staff members, and Foto Serra,
Guatemala took the class pictures.
Page layouts and copy writing were produced by the staff
using a Macintosh Quadra 605 with Ultra-Vision software
provided by Taylor. The book has 144 black and white pages
and an 8 page four -color tip-in printed on 80 pound gloss
enamel paper. The cover was a design from Taylor produced