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2. Strategies offered

1. This theory offers congruent communication which means teacher should look at problematic situations rather than students personality or background 2. He believed that its teacher personality that responsible for classroom atmosphere.

1. Teacher discuss with students problems involved and try to settle it in a pleasant ways. 2. Teacher use I-message rather than you-message 3. Use laconic language 4. Teacher praise for students action 5. Teacher should avoid asking reasons for accident happened

3. Strength 1. Give comfortable zone to students to solve their problem. 2. Teacher can take precaution steps to avoid unnecessary things. 5. Application in the local ESL classroom 6. Teacher should use sane messages.

1. I should control my emotion and manner when handling my students misbehavior. 2. I should find the solution for the problem, and not making it become worse.

6. Is it appeals to be used when I become a teacher?

Yes. The reasons are: 1 .I know what do and dont in handling students misbehavior 2. I know how to respect my students and have good rapport with them

4. Weakness

1. Most primary pupils do not know how to express their feeling well. 2. Primary pupils might get miscommunication with teachers as they dot know the difference between an option or direction

3. I should bear in mind that the issues about misbehavior is the action taken by the students, not the students personality or background