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CONDITIONS Name : Wellworth packers Pvt. Ltd.


Ch.NoClause Check Points 1 (A) Start-up requirements (I WAY Must) :

Start-up requirements (I WAY Must) : Documents to be reviewed / Physically verified / worker interviews
1-Personal files for the workers (On rolls/on contract/young workers) 2- Age proof for the workers 3- Labour Force Register


Prevention of child Labour 1- Loan & Advance Policy (Not exceeding 3 months salary) 2- Laon & advance Register


Forced and bonded labour 1-ETP by pass / overflow 2- Severe Ground Contamination 3- Smoke & Untested Air emissions


Severe Environmental pollution 1- Proper & functional fire safety 2- less then 1 exit in an area more than equal to 250m2 area. 3- Dormitory with one exit 4- Storage of harmful,flammable and highly toxic chemicals in dormitories. guard missing in max no.of machines like sawing, pressing, metal surface treatment.



Severe safety hazardous


Records on working hours and wages

1- Transparency with records All the records concerned shall be available for review. 1- ESI Challans 2-Documents related to workmen compensation 3- Group Insurance



Workers' accidental insurances


Factory Licence

1- Factory lacense - valid or Applied Stability Certificate Plan returns(Sent to dept.) IWAY Compliance Commitment

23 Buliding 4- Annual

2.1 2.2 2.3

General Conditions & Legal Compliance :

IWAY Compliance

IWAY Orgnisation chart with details roles & responsibility

IWAY Responsibilities IWAY communication

Acknowledge & accepted Iway Standard 1- Display of the IWAY Standard on Notice Board

2.4 2.5

IWAY communication to workers Internal Iway Audit

2-Training To Workers Any Internal Audit Conducted 1- List of Applicable laws for Social & Environment 2- Contractors License Boiler Certificate 1- Environmental Classification / written request for Inspection Annual Environmental Statement
1- Air Consent 2- Test Report (Ambient Air , Stack Emmission of DG Sets & Boiler Stack)



Updated of laws and regulations

Environment : 2-


Environmental classification,reporting and inspections


Outdoor Air pollution


Outdoor Noise pollution

1- Acoustic Enclosure for the DG Sets (Visual) 2- Ambient Noise Test

1- Water Consent 2-Test Report of the Inlet & Outlet -ETP 3- ETP Logbook-OK 4-Water Cess Returns 5- Water Meter


Ground and Water pollution


Ground contamination

traces of Contamination on the ground in small amounts (visual) If there has been earlier CAPA taken 1- Any Energy reductions initiatives taken in the past 2- Any Plans for Saving the energy 3- Record for Energy consumption for all the bulidings & Processes in the factory.


Energy Reduction


Reduction of Other Environmental Impacts

Written document as the environmental improvement plan - targets to reduce the use of raw material , chemicals , waste water usage , use of chemiclas. License for storage of chemicals / fuels used in production operation & maintenance (in bulk)


Chemicals :
Legal Compliance

4.2 4.3

List of chemicals with valids MSDS's Procedure for chemicals

A list of all chemicals with name of the chemiclas , the purpose & area of use and reference to relevant &valid MSDS Documented procedure for the purchasing , storage , handling and use of chemicals. Procedure for bulk storage. Chemical to be given to the worker before they starts working with chemicals - name of paricipants , dates of training , overview of the training content (shall include the points of MSDS ) /low risk chemicals - Safety instructions can be replaced 1- Display of MSDS / similar at the storage area. 2Sacandary containment - On florr / in storage area taking the capacity of the largest container / barrel stored in the area(visual) All container including temporary containers have to be labeled with the relvent danger symbols and also the name of the chemicals in language well understood by the workers(visual) Hazardous waste authorization List of waste -Hazardous & Non hazardous with quantification


Competence and training


Storage,handling and transportation of chemicals


Labelling of chemicals

5.1 5.2 5.3

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste :

Legal Compliance List of Waste Procedure for Waste

Written procedure for hazardous waste -handling , storage , transportation & disposal verified. Hazardous waste to be given to all the relevant worker-Name of Participants , dates of the training , Overview of the training content shall be maintained, If waste generated in small quantities -Safety instructions shall replace.

5.4 5.5 5.6

Competence and training Storage,handling and transportation of waste Licensed contractors 1- Legal permission for having incineration on site. 2- Test report if the incineration is being done for the Non Hazardous waste The Supplier shall store , handle & transport properly. waste shall be segreated , marked & labeled. The

Waste contractors license -for hazardous waste


Incineration / Landfill on site

6.1 6.2

Fire Prevention :
Fire classification,reporting and inspections. Fires

Fire NOC or a written request for Inspection

Record of reportable fire accidents in the factory.

1-Adeguate no. of worker trained , to use fire fighting equipments in all work area & in all shift. 2Training to be given to the workers - name of paricipants , dates of training , overview of the training content shall be maintained
6.3 Competence and training 1-No.of fire fighting equipments & relevent maintenance records done internally / externally (sprinklers systems on fuel bullets also incuded)(At least once in 12 month). 6.4 Fire fighting equipment


Escape routes and emergency exits

1-Minimum two independent fire exits per working area 2- all the escape routes shall be free from obstructions A functional & an independent alarm with contnuoos sound shall be installed in the factory (visual) , In high noise areas, a visual alarm has to be installed. 1- Evacuation drill records in all shifts. 2- Designated persons shall be there responsible for hesdcount.


Evacuation alarm


Evacuation drill

Worker Health & Safety :

7.1 7.2

Health & Safety classification,reporting and inspection Accidents and incidents

1- Inspection report / and related CAPA (if applicable) 2- Health registers for workers involved in dangerous operation & Hazardous processes. 3- Pressure test reports of bulk fuels bullets, lifts for goods, lifhting tackles , compressers test reports. Registers of non-reportable:fires,incidences,injuries, and accidents registers. 1-The safety training should included machine safety , operating training and personal protection with no.of workers,date of training and content. 2- Competence certificate from forklift manufacturer /external agency. 3- Certificate / training records of welders 4Boiler operator certificates (Under IBR &Non IB) 5-Training of operator of cranes , presses, ETP, Diesel Generators, Boilers etc. 6-Overhesd cranes with marking of when tested with capacity.(visual)

7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7

Health & Safety training Machine safety devices Safety instructions Safety hazards Personal protective equipment

Machine safety devices in all the machines which carry potential to cause injuries / accidents
Machine safety instructions in local language or figurative warning signs to be placed near all the machines.

Potential safety hazards through workplace occupation. PPE signage & usage in all the required areas(visual) 1- List of content in first aid box. Aid Usage register Nurse / Doctor (Over 500 Workers) 2-First 3-Amulance room -


First aid equipment

1-First aid trained person in all shift. records, date of training & Content.
7.9 7.1 7.11 7.12 7.13 First aid trained persons Internal air quality Temperature Workplace noise Workplace light Internal air quality test report

2- Training

Workplace temp. records Workplace Noise test records Workplace light test records(Lux levels as per factory rules) 1- Drinking water test reports(Min 14 parameters including bacteriological study) 2- Drinking water points away from washing facility , urinals , Spittoon or open drain carrying sullage or effluents.(Visual)
Adeguate no. washing & toilet facilities (M&F) & appropriately maintained

7.14 7.15

Drinking water Hygiene

Canteen Hygiene Policy - Canteen shall be maintained clean (Over 250 workerscanteen / over 150 workers-lunch room)
7.16 7.17 Canteens-food services Health and Safety Committee

H&S meeting, minutes , ratio of participants, every quarter.

Reguirements on fire safety as per section 6.First aid and basic fygiene for workers &their family.


Housing Facilities :
Requirements for housing

Wages,Benefits and Working Hours : Personnel files (a written contract with minimum details like- Name of the employer , Name of the worker , Birth date (optional), position,salary, Working hours, Overtime compensation , leaves , benefits and notice period (handbook for the same)for the workers on rolls and n contract and also trainees. Nomination forms forms for PF,Gratutity & ESI (where applcable )shall be filled and maintained for all the workers.
9.1 Contracts

1- Muster Roll in and register of wages. Wages Slip Punch card /similar attendence system to verify In Out timings 4- Production Records
9.2 Payrolls and attendance records



Working hours and overtime

1- Attedence Records 2- In Out timings 3- Overtime Register fo workers 4- Shift Rotation register 5- Monthly piece rate earning records & time motion studies for piece rate workers & displayed on floor 1- Minimum wages notification 2Display of Abstract of minimum wages act in From -IX-A 3Display of Piece rated wages 4Detailed wage slip -OT hours and compensation, with all the deductions. Wage advance not to exceed more than 3 month salary

9.4 9.5

Wages Overtime compensation

Overtime register of workers and respective compensation 1- Register of wages Wage Slip 3- Register of Fines Register of deduction for damage or loss. 1- One day off in 7, defined as 24 consecutive hours, not one calendar day. 2- Muster roll of workers 3 Overtime register of workers 4- Card punching attendence records



Regular Payments


One day off in seven

1-Attendence Register 2- Approved List of Holidays 3- Maternity leave form 4- Leave with wages register 5- Leave Encashment records
9.8 9.9 Leaves Breaks

Break timings documented and displayed. 1- Display of Abstract of Maternity Benefit Act in Form-K 2- ESI Regulation / Group Insurance Declaration in From 1. (a) Return of declaration in form 3 , (b) Identity Card Form 4 , (c) Return of contribution from-6 , (d) Register of Employees from -7 3-Employees Provident Fund Act, (a) Return of employees qualifying in form V, (b) Annual Statement in Form 6-A (c) Return of members leaving services Form-10 , (d) Montly Contribution statement in Form 12A 4-Records of payment of Bonus 5- Other forms for sickness, maternity benefits etc. 6-Full & final settlements 1- Register of younf workers 2- Working hours of Young workers & wage records of Young workers 3- Labour force register 4- Health records of all Young workers are checked by CMO. 5- Token signature by CMO to be worm by all the young workers 1- Non -Discrimination Policy 2- Recruitment Policy Works Committee meeting -minutes &participation ratio Agreement of collective bargaining 1- Punishment & appeal register 2- Warning Letters Standing orders-Certified / Model (As applicable) To verrify for notices , threats & abusive Auditee




Prevention of child Labour :


Young workers(Age between 14 Years to 18Years)


Discrimination :

13.1 13.2

Freedom of Association :
Freedom of Association Collective Bargaining


Harassment,Abuse and Displinary Actions : 3-

14.1 14.2

Punishments and appeal Harassment and Abuse Internal Audit Conducted By