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GSM/EDGE Band Selective Repeater


Key Features and Benefits

High Gain and Output Power
70dB of gain and output power up to +18dBm make the VB ideal for medium and larger sized indoor areas.

Variable Bandwidth

Future Proof Technology with Intelligent Installation

oiler developed the VB-900 Band Selective Repeater to solve in-building GSM/EDGE, UMTS900 coverage problems in areas with high density traffic. Its unique features and compact, lightweight design allow optimum utilization of the unit in a variety of medium and larger sized indoor areas such as office buildings and conference facilities where it can greatly improve the quality of service and customer experience. Powerful, versatile and designed for network safety, the VB-900 is the ideal solution for operators looking to extend the in-building coverage of their GSM/EDGE, and UMTS 900 network.
SH-900 10dBm/0dBm 55dB

Boosts RF signal for one or two (non-continuous) frequency segments without any impact on performance or specifications, and ensures that only the operators frequency is amplified. High SAW filter selectivity provides sharp out of band rejection. Provides optional on-field access to bandwidth and center frequency adjustability via GUI interface.

Intelligent Installation

No more manual gain attenuation is required! Installation is made easy with our Intelligent Automatic Gain Control feature. Gain will be automatically adjusted base on the current RSSI to keep the repeater functioning at its optimal level.

Complete Network Safety

Functions such as Auto Isolation Detection (AID), Auto Shutdown (ASD) and Auto Turn-on (ATO) ensure that the repeater is optimally positioned and safe guarded at all times. Network will be protected from oscillation and interference. Ensures that spikes in output power will not damage the system or interfere with base stations.

SH-1800 10dBm/0dBm 55dB

SH-2200 10dBm/0dBm 55dB AT-2200 7dBm 60dB

Visual RSSI and Alarm Indicators

Coiler VB Band Selective Repeater Series


SB-900 SB-900


10dBm 10dBm 60dB 60dB 18dBm 70dB

SB-1800 10dBm 60dB

SB-2200 13dBm 65dB VB-2200 18dBm 70dB

Indicates Donor Signal Level (RSSI) so that no measuring equipment is required for the installation. All key alarms are displayed in a form of LEDs, making the unit easy and quick to install and commission.

BR-900 20dBm 80dB

One Step Dual-Band Upgrade


BR-1800 20dBm 80dB

BR-2200 20dBm 80dB


CR-2200 23dBm/37dBm 90dB

Why spend extra money on a dual band system when you can have it at half of the price?! Upgrade your VB system from a single to a dual band with one single connector!


AX-2200 23dBm/43dBm 100dB

*The above products are also available in dual band models

QW-05008; ver B0

Coiler Corporation offers an extensive portfolio of customizable indoor repeaters for RF signal enhancement. Our products allow mobile network carriers to quickly and cost-effectively address in-building coverage considerations and improve reception in iDEN, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS and WiMAX networks. Some global operators such as Telefonica, Vodafone, Smartone, Peoples, AIS, Singtel, TMN and others have trusted our experience and expertise.
An ISO 9001 Certified Company

GSM/EDGE Band Selective Repeater

Optional Remote Management
Via Coilers Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC). Management functions enable remote control and monitoring of the repeaters parameters including gain, power status, temperature and AGC functionality via an integrated Remote Control Unit (RCU).


Frequency Range Bandwidth Linear Gain (UL/DL) Out of Band Gain Uplink: 880 ~ 915MHz Downlink: 925 ~ 960MHz 0.6 ~ 20.0MHz (in 0.2MHz steps) 70dB 400kHz: 50dB max. 600kHz: 40dB max. 1MHz: 35dB max. 5MHz: 25dB max. 40 ~ 70dB (in 1dB steps) 20dB 2.5dB 2dB +18dBm 1dB +10dBm -36dBm (9kHz ~ 1GHz) -30dBm (1GHz ~ 12.75GHz) -36dBm (9kHz ~ 1GHz) -30dBm (1GHz ~ 12.75GHz) -14dB 6s 7dB 1dB < 8% RMS < 20W 50 100 ~ 240VAC / 50 ~ 60Hz

Sample Installation
Indoor Antenna 4 way Splitter Coiler VB-900 Outdoor Antenna

Gain Adjustment (UL/DL) AGC Range Gain Flatness Gain Variation Output Power (UL/DL) Max. I/P Without Damage Intermodulation IM3 Spurious Return Loss Group Delay Noise Figure @ Full Gain EVM Power Consumption System Impedance Power Requirements

Indoor Antenna

Indoor Antenna

3 way Splitter

Indoor Antenna

Indoor Antenna

Indoor Antenna

Mechanical & Environmental:

Coiler VB Band Selective Repeater Series

Top View

Weight Dimensions Operating Temperature RF Connector Type Local Indication

Approx 3.5 kg 158 x 258 x 68mm -20C ~ +50C N Type Female (1 x BTS / 1 x MS) LED: AGC/AID Alarm, RSSI, Power


Certifications and Compliance


Radio: EMC: Safety:

EN 300 609 EN 301 489 EN 60950-1 2002/95/EC Compliant 2002/96/EC Compliant

Side View



(All Measurements in Milimeters)

QW-05008; VB-900 ver B0 (June 28, 2011 - Standard) - All data subject to change without prior notice