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2010 Ilwoo Foundation Scholarship Program for Cambodian Students (Undergraduate & Graduate Course)


Scholarship Program Application

1. Desired Program
Bachelor's program Masters program Color Photo (45 )

2. Desired Field
Civil / Architecture Engineering Environmental Engineering Information Technology Business Administration / Economics

3. Personal Information Write in English only. It must be typed by computers.

Khmer Full Name English

Last Name/Middle Name/First Name HOUEN SEANG LENG Last Name/Middle name/First name 91/07/16 Date of Birth: yy/mm/dd Marital Status Native language / Languages you can speak Weight Hobby 53 Kg Single Khmer (Native), English and France Blood Type Health B (Rh+) Healthy

Nationality Gender Place of Birth Height Religion

Cambodian Male Kampong Cham 155 Christian Cm

Football, Fishing, Reading


Zip Code: (+855) N 23, street 1986, Phnom Penh Thmey Commune, SenSok district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (+855) 23 - 11263929/12704937 Country Code / Area Code / Phone Number (+855-23-889457870/92584822)


Phone Cell Phone E-mail

2. Education
Period: yy/mm/dd 19972003 20032006 School Name Location Years of Study 6 3 Major Diploma or Certificate of Attendance

HUNSENDOMBONGDEK Kampong Cham Primary School TAMEANG High School Kampong Cham

General knowledge Primary School General knowledge Lower-diploma

20062009 2009Present

PREHSIHANOUK High School Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Kampong Cham Phnom Penh

3 Year 2

General knowledge Advance-diploma Engineering Foundation year

3. Work Experience
Period:yy/mm 2009/11Present 20052009 Institution or Company Position Address Phnom Penh Phone (+855-23-92899844)

Cambodia Red Cross Youth Youth member Compassion of Christ Church Youth leaders assistant

Kampong Cham (+855-23-12884521)

4. Language Proficiency
Language Korean English You must present the copy of score report of language test Title of Test Score Date of Test

5. Family Background
Relationship Father Mother Eldest sister Older brother Older sister Name PRO LET HY LY SOKOL HOUEN SOPHEA HOUEN LEANG HENG HOUEN SOPHEANG Date of Birth 63/ Sep/ 15 65/ May/ 03 84/ July/ 05 86/ Apr/ 01 88/ July/ 05 94/ Aug/ 03 Final Education (An illiterate) (An illiterate) Bachelor of Eng. literature Grade 8 (Secondary School) Bachelor of Eng. literature Occupation Farmer Farmer Teacher Driver Pedagogy student

Younger sister HOUEN SOKEANG

Lower-diploma (now in grade 11) student

6. Previous Visits to Korea

Period: yy/mm/dd City or Region Purpose of Stay Organization Concerned

7. List of Friends and Relatives in Korea

Name Position Organization Address Phone E-mail Address





Self-introduction Essay
Write a essay in Korean or English on an A4 size format, and one-sided only. It must be typed by computers. Name Date of Birth Present Major in University Desired major in Korea Geoinformatic Engineering A statement of approximately 300 words or less indicating your immediate and ultimate professional objectives for attending the program. Specifically, please indicate how your objectives fit within the ILWOO foundation Scholarship Program. HOUEH SEANG LENG 1991/ July/ 16 Engineering ( Majors not chosen yet) Environmental Engineering

Last year, I finished my high school then Im clearly to make a decision to enroll Institute of technology of Cambodia for I want to be a Rural engineer. As when I was studied in high school, I already made a great determination, to try to get an opportunity to study abroad, in order to enrich my knowledge with modern technology for serving a vision of developing Cambodia to be a modern and peaceful one. In this hard situation, Cambodia a poor country destroyed by a long period of serious war really needs more effective generation as main human resource to rebuild this lovely land to be a developed. That is a long vision needing every Cambodians to concern about. In the name of one of Cambodian youths, I have a reach heart for serving my nation and world by using my capacity and ability so that people can have good standard of life. My hope is coming through out of the IWF program providing Cambodian students chances to study in the Republic of Korea. That interested me very much to apply for this. This program fit much with my immediate and ultimate professional objective as described above and bellows. For as everyone know, the Republic of Korea is the high culture and modern technology country, not only in the local but also in the whole world. More than that, this strong republic has many benefit points to be concern as good examples for Cambodia. Actually, Korea woke up strongly from her internal conflicts and walked herself until become a powerful Republic. So I hope I could learn more from her successful experiences in preparing country like social activities, political (democracy, human right), infrastructure, economic system and especially newly fashion technologies if I have chance to study there. In conclusion, this program really benefits for me and other Khmer students to get an opportunity challenging with the outside world and lets them to evolve new creative Knowledge for establishing our country. Thanks, for your sticks support my working to goal!

Please describe your contribution plan to your country using your knowledge acquired in Korea after returning to your home country? (300 words or less)

Thinking about the contribution plan to Cambodia using my knowledge acquired in Korea after returning, I certainly found out: why Cambodia needs me, what are their needs and how to reply to theirs. Not everyone knows about the real situation of living in Cambodia. If they only take a look on Cambodia, they will see the some developing of infrastructure and economy rate growth. Whereas, if they look attentively they will see clearly the low quality of Cambodians life, especially the poor and uneducated both in city and country side. For they have no equal right and power of deciding or doing something, the poor famer has no chance same as the capitalist in all education, social activities services, justice, power and chance to benefit from the economy increasing. There are two essential main points of contribution plan appearing in my vision. First, after returning with knowledge from Republic of Korea Ill try to get a job as career in the government institution in order to apply and to share my knowledge to improve the nation institute with new technique. However, Cambodia needs to construct more infrastructures, but it really needs to think about the consequence clearly to have a well maintained development. I love working with this sector, in maintaining environmental system for the next generation and the stable of the earth. In addition sharing knowledge is the most important that I have to do like teaching, training, making stages of sharing experiences between freshman and senior to multiply creative thinking. Second is to deal with people who living under bad conditions needing much chance to grow up. Helping them to have chances is the best way for they can wake up themselves from hell of ignorance expression of the powerful capitalist. Finally, my contribution to Cambodia is to fulfill this land with fundamentals needs for their everyday life. I want to see Cambodians can live together in the transparency, peaceful and modern technology society. Especially, I want to see every where full of love, peace and humanity.

Please give an example of a significant contribution to your society or accomplishment in your life (300 words or less).

Having lived for nearly 20 year of life, I could find out only some benefit of my life as contribution to my society, but I see that I have eaten more and corrupted more the earth. Bellows, these are some of my contribution and accomplishment to society. Even though, I also see that Im the one love peace and humanity. As I was as a secondary school student, I was an intelligent student in my local. I always spent my time to help my friends to improve their capacity like indicating and making a group study. Next as Im being an adult, in high school, I used to be a youth leaders assistant in Compassion of Christ Mission (Kampong Cham province). With this work I have a lot of contribution to society. We, I and my colleague, worked with orphan and vagrant children, poor community and youth health by providing them love, games, foods and education. Id also experienced in preparing seminar relating to youths. Presently, Im a member of Cambodia Red Cross Youth (CRCY) of Institute of Technology of Cambodia. I please so much in working as CRCY member for this kind of participation let me to have chances for serving people. In other hand, Im one of three student representatives of my 29th promotion in ITC. Actually, Ill use all of my knowledge to develop the priority fields like infrastructure, educational system, technology, agriculture which are essential in developing Cambodia. So that Im full of ability and capacity to achieve this determination, I must try all of my best to fight the ignorance. Certainly that is my contribution to my society. For me life is not for eating only but it is for specific vision of benefiting to others therefore people must stop thinking only themselves and family. The selfish and nationalism is the root of fighting every day.

. Name:

(YY/MM/DD) (Signature)


1. As a grantee of the ILWOO Foundation scholarship, I pledge to abide by the following rules; (1) To refrain from violation of university regulations, and to fulfill my obligations as a student to the best of my ability. (2) To behave in a manner appropriate to the Korean culture and society, and not to participate in any form of political activity (such as organizing a political party, joining a political party, attending political meetings, publishing political articles and declarations, organizing or participating in demonstrations of a political nature, and so on). (3) To accept responsibility for paying any debts incurred in Korea (4) To abide by the IWF's policy concerning the Korean language course and the degree course without any objection. (5) To abide by all of the terms and regulations set by IWF. (6) To agree to the use of my personal information (name, contact number, institutions I belong to, etc) when it is needed for the operation of the program or upon the request of other governmental institutions. 2. If I am proved to have violated any of the above articles, to have made a false statement in my application documents or to have failed to comply with academic standards or the rules of university or research institute, I shall accept the decision of NIIED, even though it may include the suspension or revocation of the scholarship.

. Name (Signature)



Please put a in the appropriate box. If not applicable, please state N/A.
List of Required Documents Original Document Official Notarized Translation N/A N/A N/A

One Complete Application Form One NIIED Pledge One Self-introduction Essay One Copy of High school Diploma One Copy of High school Grade Transcripts One Original Copy of Certificate of English Proficiency (If Applicable)


One Original Copy of Certificate of Korean Proficiency (If Applicable) Color Photo 2 (4X5cm) Others [Write down the name(s) below]
1. 2. 3.




Desired Major List

1. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Industrial Engineering 2. Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Chemical Engineering Biotechnology 3. Nano-Systems Engineering Polymer Science and Engineering Advanced Fiber Engineering 4. Electrical and Computer Engineering Electronic Engineering Electrical Engineering 5. lnformation Engineering Computer and Information Engineering Information and Communication Engineering 6. Materials Science & Engineering Materials Science & Engineering 7. Civil/Environmental/ Geoinformatic Engineering Geoinformatic Engineering Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering 8. Architecture Architectural Engineering 9. Energy Resources Engineering