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Socially-aware Management of New Overlay Application Traffic with Energy Efficiency in the Internet

SmartenIT Overview
Internet tendency to support Clouds and their overlay applications Coherent and integrated control in underlying heterogeneous networks Tighter integration of network management and overlay service functionality


Key Objectives
Social-awareness by traffic characterization based on network-related metrics and social patterns Energy-efficiency with respect to both end-user devices and underlying networking infrastructure Incentive-compatibility in network management for content providers, overlay providers, network providers, and end-users Energy-aware Traffic Management Addressing energy efficient computation in the Cloud Energy consumption on mobile end-user

Inter-Cloud Communication Communication between Cloud operators Where applications demand for dedicated traffic quality levels
OTT Provider

SmartenIT Scenarios and Approaches

Solution by SmartenIT: Incentive-compatible cross-layer network management for providers of overlay-based applications


Cloud Provider
Cache Traffic Mgmt. CDN
SDN Controlled

Mobile Backbone

ISP Network

Home Network


Support: Cloud-based applications Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Online Social Networks (OSN) Cloud providers Network providers


Socially-aware Traffic Management Through the exploitation of metainformation Extracted from online social networks

Global Service Mobility Observation of social behavior and movement patterns Deliver content with high availability and high performance level

Challanges for SmartenIT: Scalable and dynamically configurable Modular system architecture Different levels of services Economic considerations and incentives Mobility

Preliminary Architecture
Applications Cloud Storage Video Streaming Online Social Networks

SmartenIT Outcomes
Detailed and documented understanding of overlay-based applications management demands in terms of traffic, Quality of Experience (QoE), social, and user behavior Designed enhanced mechanisms supporting network management Cross-layer, inter-domain, incentive-compatible, and energy efficient network management mechanisms for cloud-based applications Seamless integration into heterogeneous network management approaches Implemented prototype for proof-of-concept Standardization support and input, drafts Scientific presentations and papers Exploitation plans and steps

Data Center / Cloud Social Awareness Core & Access Network Overlay Management (QoS / QoE) Overlay Management Cloud Traffic Management Fixed / Mobile Network Traffic Management Traffic Monitoring Energy Efficiency Incentives & Economic Considerations

End User




Design Axis

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2013 SmartenIT Consortium

Duration: Total Costs: Contract Number: Project Co-ordinator:

Nov 2012 Oct 2015 4.5m FP7-2012-ICT- 317846 University of Zurich