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Pump Types

Brian Krishna

Water Facts
Water covers 71 % of the Earth's surface: 2,5 % is fresh water.

Most Mo of groundwater is located at a depth of more than 750 meters

Only about 10 % of the water consumed globally is directly utilized for human needs.

1 dripping water faucet will fill a beer bottle in an hour.

Every 2nd hospital bed worldwide is occupied by someone ill because of polluted water.

In developing countries, 50 % of piped water is lost through leaks in public water pipes.

160 cubic km / year of water is removed from subterranean springs without replacement

Centrifugal Pump Station

Split Case Pumps

Line Shaft Turbine

Submersible Pump Unit

Marine Pump

Peristaltic Pump

Vertical Multistage Pumps

Dual Lobe Pump

Positive Displacement Rotor Pump

Positive Displacement Diaphragm Pump

Gear Pump

Petro-chemical Centrifugal Pump

Vacuum Pump

Boiler Pump


Sewerage Pump Station

Submersible Solar Pump

Irrigation Pump Instillation

Different Impeller Types

Radial Flow Impeller

Impeller Types for centrifugal Pumps

Mechanical Seals

Single Mechanical Seal

Single Mechanical Seal Cartridge Type

Double Mechanical Seal