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BENJAMIN TODD JEALOUS Prestdent Chief Executive Officer


nose( I M. BROCK Chairmen, 6 s ard of Dinecto,

May 3, 2013 Christopher Smitherman 4439 Reading Road, Ste. #3 Cincinnati, OH 45229 Re: Cease & Desist Notice Violations of NAACP Policy Dear Mr. Smitherman: The National Office has been forwarded a link to a website for Amy Mur ay (http://www.electamymurray.cornOp =269) who is a candidate for City Council in Cincinnati. On this site, there appears a video of a recent broadcast of your cable show "For Your Information" in which you endorse Ms. Murray's candidacy. During he broadcast you did not indicate that you are making tiis endorsement in your capacity as an elected official or as a private citizen and not on behalf of the NAACP. Since he opening credits of the program identify you as "President, Cincinnati Branch NAAC '", your failure to provide such a disclaimer could leave your viewers with the impress on that, through you, the local branch is taking a partiSan position in the election. As 5 ou are aware, such an endorsement would be a violation of the Association's poll -,y, (NAACP Bylaws, Article II, Section 2(d)). In order to clarify the record, you are asked to issue a statement clearly indicating t iat your endorsement of Ms. Murray represents your personal opinion and not that of he NAACP. This statement should be issued immediately to the local media in Cincini 'at' and should be read by you during the next broadcast of your cable progrE m. Additionally, we expect that future endorsements will be communicated with the pro )er disclaimer. Failure to comply with this request may result in your removal as Presid ?nt of the Cincinnati Branch and suspension of your membership in the NAACP or of ler disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the National Board of Directors. The NAACP acknowledges and supports your right to hold elected office and y )ur political activities may call for you to endorse candidates from time to time. We )re aware that you are not the only NAACP leader Who hosts programs on the radic or television. We hope you understand that it is Or responsibility to ensure that y )ur engagement in such activities do not violate NAACO policies.

05/03/2013 17:26


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Christopher Smitherman May 3, 2013 Page 2

Please forward a copy of the press statement c arifying your endorsement of h Is. Murray and the link to the video of your program in which this statement is read to R )v. Gill Ford, National Director of Unit Administration. If you have any questions, Rev, F{ Ord can be reached at or . If you have any questions, Rev. Ford can be reached at 410A04-1408 Sincerely,

oge C. Vann Chief Operating Officer & Chief of Staff cc: Sybil Edwards-McNabb, President, Ohio State Conference Kim M. Keenan, General Counsel Rev. Gill Ford, National Director of Unit Administration Rev, Charles L. White, Jr, National Field Direct& Andrea Brown, National Director of Membership Jerome L. Reide, Regional Director, Region III Cincinnati Branch Executive Committee