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KA GE Volume 1

As you can tell, it's been over three months since the last issue and it feels
even longer. Ka-ge 8 went out about three weeks early and Ka-ge 9 is about
T a b l e of
two weeks late, so that's a long time any way you cut it. Sorry about the delay,
and I hope it hasn't caused problems for anybody. And speaking of Ka-ge 8, I Contents
missed a credit in the Table of Contents. The Dwarven Stoic was designed by Notes from the
Brian Walker. Sorry about the omission. Net.............................. Page 3
Lots has been going on with GenCon, the summer in general and AWOL
Productions. First of all, Gil Cooper went back to his real job at Pittsburgh
College (in Kansas) so (as usual) we're short on manpower. It's made things, Paterson's Guide to
well, interesting is the only way to describe it. We've added additional person- Paranormal Animals .. Page A
nel, however, in the form of Rodney and Kim Knox. Although they haven't Azatlan Awakened critters by
"officially" joined the staff at AWOL, they're both already working on future Network member Stephen
issues and other projects for the near future. Many members had the chance to Kenson. The Alicanto,
meet Rodney and Kim at GenCon where they were severely overworked. Calchuna, and Onaqui.
Fortunately that did not scare them off, and they're ready for more. I can hardly
You'll probably notice some subtle changes in this issue. They're the result Ka-ge Fiction ............ Page 10
of our changing typesetters. The new crew are guys I've worked with in the "Wonderland" by Network
past, and I've always been impressed with their work, but we've never man- member Chad Olson. The
aged to make a connection with Ka-ge. Now all that has changed, and I know fourth of a series.
we'll be able to do more and more with the actual production process (and
keep the price down). Shadows................... Page 17
With Rodney's and Kim's help, we're really going to push to have issue ten The Troll Ranger archetype by
of Ka-ge out before the Christmas rush. That means you should have the issue
in your hands on Christmas Eve (if not, sooner). Keep your fingers crossed. Network member Bryan
Some of you might have noticed Ka-ge for sale in hobby stores. Ka-ge is Walker
available over-the-counter. It is shipped to distributors 30 days after it reaches
members. So far distribution is fairly small, but we hope that will change in the Tuning's Guide
future. Our primary focus is still the member, however, so don't worry if you to Organizations ......Page 18
see an issue on the shelf. We're still a player's organization. Armour International by
Network member Chad Olson
Ka-ge Fiction ............ Page 23
"Business Unusual" by Net-
work member Vicki Kirchhoff

Gear ..........................Page 28
is an Ten pages of new gear hits the
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Shadowrun-Person........................ Tom Dowd
I'm a fairly new player and I between 1993 and 2053 is sort sible market. This only makes
have a suggestion. How about of an eyeblink linguistically. It's sense from a business point-of-
providing a service for members the introduction of the terms view. We both need the money
to introduce themselves to "ooze," "drek," "frag," and the to survive. Offending potential
other local members? Just an irredeemably loathsome buyers with language they find
idea. "chummer" that really offends objectional is poor business. It
Doug Neale us. We understand that it's for might not make a lot of sense,
the younger players but they see but many people are perfectly
Good idea. A simple "here I and hear much worse on televi- willing to play a game which
am" can be handled with the sion and in the schoolyard. And involves terrorism and blood-
graffiti section in the back of the rationale that it protects shed, but they'll not purchase
Ka-ge. In the future however, FASA from the religious right or the same product with wording
we hope to assemble a player's the ire of parents is equally they find objectionable.
guide of all members. Keep an spurious. In the late 70s and early 80s
eye out for more on this in the Let's be realistic. The game TSR took a tremendous hit in the
future. is about betrayal, violence, wallet when people (mostly
racism, etc. Pretty adult parents and the religious right)
themes. ... The double standard decided the company was
... and one more thing. Are concerning language in this "evil." They've recovered and
you or are you not on GEnie? I game is both appalling and so has the industry, but the
have just found it recently and slightly insulting (unless it's the short-term effects were very
have started posting there result of naivete in which case real. It may sound too easy to
slowly... it's just as sad)... say "that's the market, " but in
Anthony Forster simple terms, that is the answer.
You bet Postings have been I doubt anybody who has
sporadic over the summer, but Good points. I'II stay off the been subjected to late night
we read everything that gets soap box, but these questions, phone calls, public ridicule, or
posted in the Ka-ge section of and others along the same line, incessant demands to defend a
the BBS, and we normally read have been asked of game manu- moral position against some-
everything that has anything to facturers for a long time and body with only half the story
do with FASA. If you 've got perhaps a short explanation is in would call the problem "spuri-
information or questions, please order (at least as far as A WOL is ous. " I know I don't. The fact
post them to GEnie and we 'II concerned). is, when you're an individual
handle them there. Coverage Shadowrun does cover many you can do, say, and play as
has increased over the last few adult themes. It allows players you see fit When you publish,
weeks and will continue to to put their characters in danger you must do, say, and play with
improve over the fall and win- while still in the comfort of their at least a thought to the con-
ter. own living rooms. The action is sumer. Unless, that is, you have
the thing. The rules and the unlimited financial resources
background are just a "hook" on and can afford to anger your
... Language changes a lot which to hang the story and the buyers. When players purchase
more slowly than people think. action. What makes it come Shadowrun they know the
One of my players speaks about alive is the gamemaster, who environment they're getting.
five of them to one degree or will have his own personal style. How they choose to portray that
another. Certain words have It has always been the policy environment is strictly up to
been in our vocabulary for a of FASA and AWOL to provide them.
long time and the difference the product to the widest pos-
Paterson Field Guide to Paranormal Animals
New Animals for a New Age
>>>>[From Vol. 6 of the infamous Paterson's Guide comes this little excerpt on our friends south of the border. J

Talon <16:10:26/11-15-53>
Identification: cious metals to sustain the careful, because there are tales
Alicantos are small, flightless unusual feeding pattern. of Alicantos deliberately using
birds about the size of a Alicantos are highly territo- illusion to lead the unwary over
pigeon. The have elongated rial and use their ability to cast the edges of cliffs and into
legs and are capable runners. illusions to frighten other crea- quicksand. One paranaturalist
Alicanto feathers range from tures away from their nesting suggests that it could be some
dark brown through tan and and feeding areas. kind of instinct to lead preda-
grey and generally have glitter- tors away from the nest. Other
ing gold and sliver highlights. Powers: birds, like quail, display similar
Illusion behaviors.]«« - Ranger
Magic Capability: [20:03:23/11-15-53>
Innate Weaknesses: »»[I've heard that some
Dietary Requirement (gold or gold and silver can even be
Habits: silver)
Alicantos, in addition to the recovered from the bodies of
typical diet of small birds, eat dead birds.]«« - Wraith
»»[Prospectors often look fc [04:12:17/lt-l6-53>
small quantities of gold and signs of Alicantos in the area
silver, either in refined state or when searching for gold or »»[It can be, but there's
as natural ore. It is believed silver deposits. The birds have generally not much, maybe a
that the metals contribute in an uncanny ability for tracking few ounces, and it's a messy
some as yet unknown way to down the best ore.]«« - and lengthy process to get all
the maintenance of the bird's Diamond Jim <13:21:42/11- of it. Most real prospectors I
metabolism, perhaps aiding 15-53> know wouldn't bother.]«« -
digestion. Alicantos often nest Diamond Jim [13:11:45/11-16-
near veins or deposits of pre- »»[Prospectors are also 53>
Game Information - Alicanto
B Q S C I W E R Attacks
1 5x4 0 1/5 1 6 5 2L

Initiative Dice: 1D6

Powers: Illusion
Weaknesses: Dietary Requirement (gold or silver)
Identification: prey such as farm animals are [20:18:24/11-15-53>
Calchona are large dog-like available. They hunt a variety
animals, averaging 1.3 meters of small prey, and packs will »»[Aztechnology uses
at the shoulder. They have often attack and bring down trained Calchonas as guard
heavy black or brown fur, larger animals such as mountain animals at a number of their
lightening toward white or tan goats. facilities.]«« - Pyramid
on the muzzle and paws. Be- Powers: [22:35:22/1 1-1 5-53>
low the jaw is a long beard-like Regeneration
growth of hair similar to that of Weaknesses: »»[l've heard that if you cut
a goat. None off a Calchona's beard, it loses
its regeneration power. Any
Magic Capability: »»[Calchona are incredible confirmation out there?]«« -
Innate trackers and can sometimes be Nightblade [02:12:55/11-16-
trained as bloodhounds or 53>
Habits: hunting dogs. They're smarter
than ordinary dogs, and their »»[Chummer, I don't think
Calchona are nocturnal animals
regeneration ability makes anyone wants to get close
that live in packs in highlands
them fraggin' near impossible enough to try that one...]««
areas, generally near human
to kill.]«« - Ranger - Johnny Zen <18:03:38/11-16-
habitations where sources of

Game Information
B Q S C I W E R Attacks
8 5/4 6 - 3/4 2 6 6 6S

Initiative Dice: 2D6

Powers: Regeneration
Weaknesses: None
Identification: stands nearly 3 meters tall on of up to 15 meters.
An Onaqui is a hideous crea- its hind legs and has a 10 meter
ture with a humanoid torso, wingspan. The creature's heart Magic Capability:
limbs similar to a jaguar and the gives off a dull, booming beat Innate
head and wings of a bat. It that can be heard at distances
Habits: them, and two Onaqui are wouldn't care to try and get
Onaqui are deadly predators found within 100 kilometers of close enough to use one.]««
that feed on large, warm- each other only if they are a - Nightblade[ 19:43:12/11-16-
blooded animals, including mated pair.]«« - Ranger 53>
humans. Their preferred food is [20:52:31/11-l5-53>
»»Then follow the advice of
the blood-enriched tissues of some of the Indians and use
the heart. When Onaqui are »»[The creatures are dimly
jade-tipped spears and arrows,
satiated with food, their heart- intelligent and possessed of a
chummer.]«« - Johnny Zen
beat is loud and quite audible. fierce animal cunning. They
As they grow hungry it softens have been known to lure prey
to allow them to hunt more into natural traps such as
»»[A little tricky when you
easily. swamps and the like. If you're can't see what you're aiming at,
ever in the jungle and hear isn't it?]«« - Nightblade
Powers: something that sounds like a
[20:03:43/1 l-20-53>
Flight, Immunity to Normal heartbeat or a quiet drum,
Weapons, Invisibility better start looking for
»»[Johnny neglected to
cover.]«« - Vert [12:11:30/
mention that he's a physical
Weaknesses: adept and a zen archer who can
Vulnerability (Jade) hit targets dead center with
»»The fraggers are fast as all
blindfolded. Don't try this trick
hell, too. Most weapons don't
»»[Onaqui are thankfully at home, folks]«« - Ranger
even slow them down, jade
fairly rare. They require a vast < 15:46:13/11-21-53>
weapons can hurt them, but I
"hunting ground" to support

Game Information
B Q S C I W E R Attacks
7 5/3 6 - 4 4 (6) 6 6S

Initiative Dice: 3D6

Powers: Flight, Immunity to Normal Weapons, Invisibility
Weaknesses: Vulnerability (Jade)
Clink... Clink... Blaze reached for the After hearing this, and factoring in 1 keep up my own agenda in Seattle
vase of wine to fill his now iced glass Blaze's tone of voice, Patches knew when I've got this mutant wanting my
but changed his mind. With a shrug, something was wrong. "Ah, Blaze, I'm hide for his personal collection."
he unscrewed the lid of the synth whis- sure we wouldn't do it if we didn't want "That's what we're here for, Blaze,"
key bottle and filled the tumbler full. to. We all seem to owe each other Patches said turning to face him.
He held the drink to the light, watch- something. That's why we work so well "We're all going to do our best to help
ing the various shades of amber swirl together. And besides, what else you out on this. You know, all for one
around the crystal ice. Something a would a two-and-a-half meter chromed and one for all."
little stronger, tonight, he thought. troll and a cantankerous, womanizing Blaze didn't turn to her. "Yea right,
Quickly he upended the double shot decker have to do out there in the cor- you know how quickly it rendered our
and filled himself another. Blaze, a porate world anyway? As for starting entire group helpless in the alley be-
non-drinker, had increased his drinking over, we're not doing so bad. We've hind the hotel. This thing is powerful!
habits, especially now since he was got that name you pulled out of Turshey You know how powerful it is! I know
number one on some demonic mage's at the hotel. Dice should be able to you felt it back there!"
hit list. His depression was also broad- come up with something tonight."
ened by the failed attempt to avenge "Yea," Blaze grimaced, "a run in 'The "Yea, 1 felt it. Snake hated it. It's
his fiance and the return to square one. Black hole of Mitsuhama.' He's told just a setback that we can overcome if
Tonight Blaze, Dice, and Patches me himself that a matrix intrusion like we have faith. It's not indestructible.
were in Dice's hellhole, the place he that is serious. He could get hurt You saw what that helicopter did to it.
called home. The medium sized apart- dammit!" Come to think of it, how do you know
ment was a mess, as expected of the "He won't get hurt. Dice is a pro, that it wasn't destroyed back then any-
decker. Despite the mess, though, the one of his better qualities. You know way?"
place had a cozy feel to it. It felt lived that as well as I. Even if things look Blaze looked back at her, stared at
in. Blaze for the past week had been bad, we can always pull him out of it. her for a moment. "I know. I've felt its
laying low there and had accustomed Is that why you're feeling so drekky, or presence ever since we rescued you
himself to his surroundings. In fact, HE is there something else?" and Gronk from the docks. It's like
looked like HE lived there wearing a Blaze took a sip of his synth drink, we're connected." He walked over to
pair of Dice's old jeans and a flannel swallowed hard and looked again at the window and looked at all the mul-
shirt. He didn't even wear his ever- Patches. "You don't think I'm taking ticolored lights and flashes of the Plex,
present shades. this revenge thing, this..., this mission like trillions of twinkling stars on a clear
So close, he thought. to extreme limits, do you? After all, night in the awakened forest. He whis-
Maybe It's just a futile effort and I'm who made me judge, jury, and execu- pered, "It's still out there, somewhere,
a fool. tioner anyway?" just waiting to strike."
His self-annihilation was interrupted "Well, Blaze, I think Christy's killer
by the delicate touch of Patches's hand should pay just as any other murderer, In a boarded up, run down, old
on his shoulder. She had stolen up but you know how I feel about unnec- building in the Barrens, a dark figure
behind him without a sound. "Are you essary violence. I believe that what- stalked. Its long, flowing duster flew
OK, Blaze. You're out of style." It was ever you do when the time comes, nearly horizontal as it rushed over
the first time she had seen him since you'll make the right decision." creaky boards and mice infested cracks
the failed run. "Yea, if the time comes," Blaze in the walls. Their squeaks only ac-
Blaze looked at her; her concerned grumbled, swirling his drink. cented the monotonous dripping of
smile, warm eyes, and heart-shaped "Is this the same confident, myste- water from rusted pipes and the evil
face fringed by shiny, dark-brown hair rious mage 1 signed up with?" Patches howling wind that managed to blow
comforted him a little. He had to be patted him on the back. "This is very through the glassless windows. A
cautious though. Knowing she was a unlike you. You know, even the most deep, guttural, menacing laugh pierced
snake shaman, she could be a little too powerful mages can have an off day. the building expressing the form's anx-
comforting, and he didn't want to in- Try not being so hard on yourself. iousness for the evening's hunt.
terfere with the relationship she and You're only human you know." "The Fusion grows weak. I must
Gronk had. At times like this, though, "And what about big, black and feed," it spoke thunderously. Upon
he couldn't really trust his self-control. nasty out there!" Blaze exclaimed, pull- reaching the rooftop of the building, the
"Don't worry, I ' l l be alright. It's just ing himself from the bar set to walk dark figure hurled forth another laugh,
a little aggravating to have to start over. across the living room. He was afraid echoing against the surrounding build-
And I've asked so much of you all al- he'd start ranting with Patches's coun- ings. It watched the flickering lights of
ready." cil, but it was too late now. "How can the cars and the signs of the Downtown
area with a maniacal grin as the wind T-shirts, jeans and other clothing des- skin. "Jeez, what are ya tryin' ta do, kill
thrashed its duster and hair angrily. perately in need of washing. The only me!"
"I'm coming for you, mage!" it way in was through a narrow path of "No, I was just wondering how
shouted. "I'm coming for you! If not debris, boxes, and papers that entirely things..."
tonight, then some other! YOU CAN- covered the floor. The only indication "They're fine," Dice cut in. "I was
NOT ESCAPE ME!" The dark form re- of human life in the room was the jest about ta come and get cha. Had ta
leased another deep laugh, louder and gentle tapping, snapping, and mum- make a few 'justments on my ride, ya
more hideous than before, and a crack bling coming from deep within the know, jest ta be safe. Little mo' pep-
of lightning split the sky. Outstretch- labrynth of a room. They carefully made per!"
ing its arms to the night, the form their way through the obstacles that "What did you add?" Patches asked.
shifted to mist and let the wind carry it stood before them to find Dice busily Dice looked at her, "Aw well it's
away. rather technical,
kinda outta your
Blaze emptied league. Let's just
his drink in a final say I'm a little bet-
swallow, still staring ter equipped for
out into the night. I the run."
wonder who his "Are you sure
next victim will be, you can handle
he thought. this?" Blaze ques-
Patches felt the tioned. "I know
need to break the this one will be
thick silence. "Dice tough."
is waiting for us in his "Aw, don't
computer room. Do worry; where I'm
you think you can headin', the ice
handle going in ain't as tough.
there?" Now if you'll find
Blaze paused a seat, we can get
momentarily. started."
"Alright. But if Blaze and
things get crazy, I'm Patches looked
pulling the plug on around to find
this operation." He standing room
set the glass down only. After a mo-
and headed for the ment and a few
computer den. moved boxes and
"Whatever you papers, they man-
say, Blaze. You're aged to find a
the boss" Patches bare spot on the
sighed following floor.
him. "Comfy?" Dice
They walked into chuckled.
the chaos that could Blaze ignored
be none other than his lighthearted-
Dice's computer ness. "Now you
room. Every square know what to do,
inch of table space right? Get in as
was filled with vari- quietly as pos-
ous colored papers, data chips, elec- of working over his cyberdeck. sible, find the personnel records and
tronics and computer equipment, tools, "How goes it, Dice?" Blaze chimed. search for the name Cain McClintoc.
and left over packages of Chung Lee's The decker, so engrossed in what Get as much dirt on him as possible,
take out. Draped over overflowing he was doing, knocked over a few and get out. Don't do anything stupid
shelves and boxes were grungy books as he nearly jumped out of his in there, all right? If you can't find any-
thing, don't go digging a hole you can't semi-hiding a grey, featureless face side of the door, with feet spread apart
get out of." with blood-red eyes. To top it all off, at shoulder width and interior arms
Dice just smiled and shrugged. Dice wore a gray fedora with a red band holding nasty looking spears crossed
"Hey, it's me." Patches had to laugh; along with a electric blue rose pinned in the center of the door.
Blaze just sighed and shook his head. to his duster lapel. To the decker, the Uhg, ugly lookin' brutes aren't
He lifted the dataplug and slipped it into image resembled a mobster outfit from they. Reaching into his duster, the
the porcelain rimmed jack behind his the thirties, but with the usual Matrix decker pulled out a throbbing blue
ear. "See ya on the other side, Blaze." flair. sphere--hopefully his key to the
And with that Dice tapped in a few key- Dice pulled aside a flap of his long backdoor. The door was supposed to
strokes and punched the GO button. coat. The interior of it pulsed with white be rather new, thus the passcode
jagged electrical static, bringing light to should be legit, but Dice didn't let that
Somewhere in a grimy alley of Se- the otherwise dark icon. He reached relax him too much. With his Attack
attle, a catatonic joygirl was grasped in into the static a though it were a pool program at close reach under his coat,
the clutches of an evil predator. The of water and pulled out his attack pro- Dice moved up to the door.
girl's unblinking eyes stared blankly into gram. He wielded an early 1900's spe- As he moved closer, a swirling of
the face of her soon-to-be life-taker. The cial Ml Thompson sub-machine gun, digitized lights formed before him into
dark form hovered over its prey, half carefully crafted and imaged to perfec- the form of beautiful geisha girl.
disgusted, half ravenous. tion. "Welcome to Mitsuhama Computer
"Foul feeding tonight," it uttered. Hope you're ready for this Tommy, Technologies," she spoke. "All those
"But I must succumb to the Fusion, the he thought to himself. After replacing who enter must come bearing gifts for
force which drives my life." With a flick the weapon, Dice's meat body punched the emperor. Do you have such a gift?"
of its wrist the dark form released its in the LTG number for the infamous Dice took that as the signal for his
control spell, bringing the joygirl to her Mitsuhama Corporation. With a sud- trump. "A beautiful jewel for the
senses. The girl's eyes blinked a few den rush, the icon rocketed upward into emperor's crown." He handed the
times, only to open wide in sheer ter- the Matrix sky. After a moment, the sphere to the geisha who studied it
ror at what she saw above her. Her image power dived, only to bank closely. Here goes everything, he
scream was stifled as the dark one fed gradually to a horizontal level at elec- thought.
on her fear. trical impulse speed. Dice soared like After what seemed like way too
a digital eagle, past blurred Matrix icons long for Dice to handle, the geisha girl
The dull, cluttered world around and systems. Finally the fuzzy images looked up at him. "A handsome gift.
Dice gave way to the open, majestic slowed, and Dice found himself stand- The emperor will be most pleased.
panorama of the Matrix. All around ing before the mighty neon green pa- Please enter his kingdom with his high-
Dice's icon were a multitude of geo- goda of Mitsuhama. The structure was est regards." With that, the girl lifted
metric shapes representing other sys- even larger and more impressive up her hand and de-rezzed to the same
tems from the huge to the very small. close than at a distance. If Dice's icon swirling lights as before. The samurai
Hovering overhead in the distance could have gulped, it would have at the behind her uncrossed their spears and
were the brilliant, shining icon build- powerful image that floated before it. the mighty doors before Dice slowly
ings of the mega corporations. A sky- Well, the quicker I'm In, the opened.
line of pure electricity, light, and intense quicker I'm out, Dice thought, won- Well, I'm In but that doesn't mean
colors like none other in the real world. dering if he had bitten off more than I'm clean. He walked through the
Dice stood next to the image that was he could chew. Of the several LTG doors and waited until they closed be-
his cyberdeck--a run down shack with SAN's to the place, Dice's contacts hind him. He stood in a dark, black
a flashing neon sign reading "Mr. hooked him up to the one before him. room, lit only by the strange light ema-
Rogers's House of Ill Repute and Spir- This SAN was supposed to have a back nating from an opening to his right.
its Emporium" It was his own design. door through which he could enter, but Dice reached into his long coat to pull
Dice looked down at his own per- back doors could be just as dangerous out a neatly stacked column of poker
sona icon. It was a rather normal look- as the front door, especially against a chips of various colors. With a quick
ing human form wearing a long jet black super corp like Mitsuhama. However, toss upward, the chips flew chaotically
duster with silver trim and blue high- he decided to take it, for any regular in all directions, finally encircling Dice's
lights. Under the duster was a black entrance to the system would be very, icon in a swirl. Confident his Sleaze
one-piece jumpsuit with a crimson cen- very heavily guarded. was properly running, Dice moved to-
ter line that seemed to split the icon in He walked up to the towering green ward the light.
two. Long, silver, ultra fine flowing hair gate guarded by two high-rez samurai As he moved closer, the particles
tousled in the electronic breeze, of ancient Japan. Each stood to one that made up his icon broke apart and
shot down the tubelike passageway. Dice recalled the small system map of green energy. After setting the globe
Upon reaching the end of the tube, the he acquired through his contact, a re- on the floor, it shifted and reformed,
particles rematerialized and he stood cently liberated employee of shaping itself into a medium sized slot
before a hexagonally shaped icon sur- Mitsuhama. Assuming the system ar- machine reminiscent of 1800's era, with
rounded by a sizzling barrier of red and chitecture of the lower system cell had what looked like a trumpet horn stick-
white. An ancient samurai stood at at- not been changed since his contacts's ing out of the top and pointed behind
tention to one side. It was identical to departure, Dice knew that he needed the displayers. Dice adjusted the horn
the ones at the gate, but rendered in to take the dataline to his right. Brush- to point in the direction of the node
less detail. ing back his fine silver hair and tipping and pulled the lever on the one-armed
The samurai didn't move as Dice his fedora back, Dice stepped up to the bandit.
moved up to the electric door. Keep- porthole and allowed the tube to take The decker carefully watched the six
ing a careful eye on the ancient war- him as before. spinning wheels as they told their story.
rior, he al- The first
lowed the stopped on an
poker chips to empty hexa-
spin around gon, relaying to
his right hand. Dice what he
Certain they already knew.
were properly The node was
aligned, he an SPU. The
pushed his second slot re-
hand into the vealed a cut or-
door. The ange with
door's color seven seeds
changed to showing. An
blue and white orange seven
and the direc- node--he must
tion of the be cautious.
electrical jags The third slot
shifted to the stopped spin-
opposite di- ning on a birth-
agonal. After a day cake with
moment, the six candles,
door's color and the forth
changed to showed an ex-
pure white and ploding fire-
eventually cracker with
faded away. five jags point-
Looking again ing from the
at the samurai, explosion im-
who was still age. The fifth
dormant, Dice revealed a
moved into lemon and the
the node. sixth was a yel-
Inside Dice could tell it was an SPU, Dice knew the node he moved to- low happy face. Looks like I got an
probably used for data routing. The ward would be another SPU. From this Access-6 and a Blaster-5 ta deal with.
banks lining the walls pulsed with pure SPU he would just pass through to get But that lemon Is bad news. Fraggit,
energy of vibrant colors. From the node to the next node, the one where he I couldn't get a readin'. Well at least
were three circular portholes, one di- needed to go. there's nothin' more In there. As If
rectly in front of him and two on each As he approached he could see no they needed anythin' more!
side. The tunnels that led from the port- IC present. This Is strange, there's got After giving the machine a quick tap,
holes flashed as particles of white en- ta be somthin' there. This Is it instantly snapped back into the green
ergy zipped down them at nano-sec- Mitsuhama after all. He reached into sphere shape and Dice replaced it in
ond speed. his duster and pulled out a small globe his duster. Apprehensively he strolled
up to the node opening. As he drew would be another SAN, he was stopped on top of him now, arms raised, sword
closer, a small flicker of light like an in- by the sight of a large icon too large ready to cleave. As it swung down-
tensely bright firefly zipped out of the and grand to be a normal Intrusion ward, Dice ducked and rolled to the left,
node, slowly enlarging as it approached Countermeasure. The icon resembled raising Tommy to fire. Synthetic reso-
Dice's icon. Now at full size in the a shogun of the ancient Orient, its ar- nances clapped as the Attack program's
shape of a bright white sphere, the mor crisscrossed with red and blue bite stitched the shogun. Red flicks of
words "Enter passcode" flashed off it. pulsing energy and brandishing a sword light leaped from the IC's right hip as it
Dice directed his poker chips with a of white-hot jagged power in its left stepped back from the blow. But be-
broad sweep of his right arm. The chips hand. It strode up to Dice's icon, stand- fore Dice could give a cheer, his oppo-
flew like a swarm of multicolored bees ing nearly twice as tall as Dice, and held nent spun and threw a golden weighted
off to his right. The IC sphere zoomed out its right hand. The hand glowed net. Dice tried to dodge but wasn't
after them and Dice quickly moved to yellow and hissed, waiting for Dice's quick enough. Once the net landed on
the SPU. Unfortunately, he didn't move access code. Dice stood intimidated, top of him, it electrified, spikes of lam-
fast enough. The sphere stopped sud- figuring this was the missing IC, and bent energy zapping into it from the
denly and immediately placed itself in pulled out his Thompson Attack icon node's walls.
front of the decker. Dice could see the while directing his chips to spin around In the mundane world, the real Dice
general hue of his surroundings glow the IC's head. He rapidly twirled his began to shake and a moan escaped
yellow and the brightness of the sphere hand clockwise, increasing the speed his throat.
was near blinding. Out of the corner of the chips to the point where they "We've got to get him out of there!"
of his crimson eye he could also see looked like a flashing, spinning cylin- Blaze screamed jumping to his feet.
the samurai lift his head and move to der around the head of his opponent. "NO! I've seen this before," Patches
where Dice and his nemesis were He made a move for the node en- exclaimed, pulling back Blaze's hand
standing. trance but was blown off his feet as the from the datajack cord. "You've got to
Drek! Drek! Drek! Fraggin' Ac- shogun broke free from its cylindrical give him more time."
cess IC. Drek!! Dice knew the samu- cell with an explosion of computerized Dice's icon shook and jerked as he
rai coming up wouldn't be a bother, yet, chips. Dice looked up to see the managed to throw the net off. He
and so he tried the chips again. I could warrior's piercing eyes staring back at watched it vanish after he noticed that
blow this fraggin' sphere away but I him. The shogun lifted its sword to the his icon's grey skin was seared and his
can't waist precious deck power system sky and bolts of energy snapped duster was shredded.
holdln' It down. With another grand and cracked against the white hot blade, Frag! I need to restore! But Dice
gesture, Dice directed his swarm of didn't get a chance to as he just barely
flashing and casting infinitely long digi-
poker chips across the sphere and the tized shadows in all directions. rolled out of the downward sweep of
samurai. With a small twirl of his fin- Frag! I didn't get past it! Nowthe shogun's sword. Having the IC in
ger, he made the chips fly in elaborate I've done it! Dice lifted Tommy up and a flank, he raised Tommy and fired an-
formations, intertwining, and at various pointed it at the shogun, but the 1C was other burst. Each blip of energy con-
speeds. The intensely glowing sphere too fast for him. With a broad tacted, blasting a groove into the left
chased after the chips again and Dice, understroke of its sword, the IC side of the construct and blowing the
at breakneck speed, charged for the golf-clubbed Dice off the system floor thing off its feet with a high-pitched
node. and against the interior of the node with buzz. Now he had the superior posi-
It looked like the extra touch paid a buzzing of energy. tion. He knelt down, aiming his Attack
off for he was now standing inside the Back in the real world, Dice's meat at the IC and prepared for it to get up.
node--lone. Where's that other IC? body jerked, his head bounced back Suddenly there was a bright white
Something should be here according and then slumped forward again. light engulfing the shogun. Dice could
to my Analysis. Well, no sense wor- "What was that!" Blaze hollered. barely see, but he could determine a
rying about It now. Dice checked out "Trouble." form rising from it. Then slowly the
the node and the datalines leading out The decker's icon pulled itself up off light faded, and the shogun stood
of it. There was one to his west, north, the floor, leaning against the SAN wall ready, sword in left hand and golden
northeast, east and southwest. As his the whole time. Leaking from a wound weighted net swinging in the right. Its
poker chips returned to twirl around in his belly area were small bits of col- eyes seemed like flashlights, in their
him, Dice recalled his limited system ored light, each de-rezzing with a siz- brightness. Dice loosed another burst
map and bolted for the one on his west, zling sound as they hit the floor. from Tommy, taking careful aim at the
the yellow flashing lights reminding him OUCH! That hurt. Dice could see head. With metallic springing sounds,
to hurry. the shogun running toward him. I'll the ammo blips made contact, explod-
As he approached what he knew get ya for that! The IC was just about ing the thing's head in a multitude of
flashing, ultra-bright particles. The gun and retrieved another green marble revolve and finally bounce in a
headless body slowly slumped to the sphere. After placing it on the floor, it slot with the number 50 in it.
floor, the sword faded and vanished, reshaped itself into the round form of a Fifty MP's huh. Good, won't clut-
the net wove itself into the lattice of roulette wheel. Like a magician would ter my space. He picked up the ball
the node, and finally the and flicked it into the air.
body de-rezzed to noth- The thing zoomed in and
ingness. out of the suspended data
Dice didn't have time cubes, finally ramming into
to celebrate. He pulled a cube, illuminating it from
a small silver ball about within. Dice, already pick-
the size of a gumdrop ing up the wheel, now a
from the interior of his green sphere, moved to
ragged duster while at the illuminated cube. Af-
the same time he took ter thrusting his hand into
off his grey fedora. He it, Dice started to read the
dropped the ball into the rapidly scrolling informa-
hat and quickly replaced tion.
it on his head. As soon Hmm... Personnel
as the hat touched his sil- records... Wilber
ver hair, his head was Jenkins?... here it Is, Cain
encircled by a neon pink McClintoc. Born: Seattle,
hoop. The hoop slowly WA. Date of Birth:... etc.,
made its way down- etc., drek, etc.... Here's
ward, replacing his grey something. Special op-
skin and repairing his erative for Tamatsu
duster. When it finally Sakura, CEO, MCT North
reached the floor, it faded America, Seattle. Well
away. what do ya know, the big
That's better, but guy himself. I Just won-
I've gotta move. The der what kind of special
place Is hot and It ain't operative, Dice thought
gonna be long before sarcastically. Let's see-
bigger friends come a corporate affiliation...
knockin'. He reoriented performance record...
himself and moved salary... phew, big one...
down the dataline which benefits... recent employ-
lead to the datastore he ments... aw look at this.
wanted to be in. Sure Horihito Tamaki hired him
enough, the entrance out on 05:15:2053, the
was blocked by a wall of night Christy was killed.
sizzling red and white Raymond's adoptive fa-
jags like the one before. ther! That can't be coin-
No sense for stealth cidental! I better down-
now. Dice raised load this and read it later.
Tommy and sprayed a Dice started to flip his
hole into the energy wrist in order to download
wall. The jags flickered, the data when suddenly his
then faded from view. left side was seared by the
Inside, the walls of obsidian black blade of a
the datastore glowed luminously with pull a coin from a child's ear, Dice sud- black garbed ninja. Flung by the force
red flashes in each ceiling corner. Gi- denly held a blue marble sized ball in of the attack, Dice rammed into the
ant cubes of swirling alpha-numeric his hand. After panning it across the datastore wall, small bits of color splash-
sequences hung suspended in the air. datastore, Dice tossed it into the already ing on the floor from his side.
Dice quickly replaced his sub-machine s p i n n i n g wheel. He watched the Back in the labrynth of paper and
debris, the real Dice went rigid, sweat Dice just shook his sweat-soaked
beaded and dripped from his head and Then instantly it was black. head. "I-I couldn't get it. Got ju...
his arms glistened with moisture. jumped before download. Not much...
The electronic Dice looked up at "He's convulsing! Patches, do B-Blaze... it was Tamaki. Set the hit."
what had hit him. The ninja looked something!" Blaze sat over his "We better let him rest," Patches in-
basically human except for the vertical chummer, clearing away objects and terjected. "He's gonna be out of it for
yellow snake eyes that beamed from boxes from Dice's spasms. The decker's a while but he'll make it."
behind the mask. The ninja jumped at eyes rolled up into his head, his skin Blaze nodded and helped lift Dice
him, a mere blur of black, sword raised. and face were beet red, drool trickled to his feet. They took him to his bed-
Dice lurched to the left only to feel the from the corner of his mouth, and Blaze room, a similar looking affair to the
sting of the sword again. Swing after could feel the heat rising off him. computer den. He was asleep before
swing cleaved and sliced Dice's icon Patches sat close too, singing a hiss- his head hit the pillow.
with blinding speed and accuracy. ing song and waving her arms as grace- "Worthless, just worthless," Blaze
Dice attempted to reach into his fully as a willow in the wind. Light of a uttered, walking back to the living
duster to pull out Tommy. As he did different nature slowly began to glow room. "Just what I was afraid of. Nearly
so, the ninja, its synthetic "ka-yee" around her hands, and she reached forth got him killed." He walked over to the
resonating, ran up and did a back and placed them on the bouncing and bar set and poured himself another tum-
roundhouse jump kick, planted heavily shaking decker. bler of synth-whiskey. Shaking his head
on Dice's featureless face. Dice's icon Frag, if he doesn't make it..., Blaze and grumbling, he moved over to the
spun and fell hard across the Datastore thought to himself. He looked over to window again--staring out in silence.
floor. Trying to find his opponent, again Patches and hoped against all hope that Patches could only watch as the weight
he felt the bite of the bastard's sword she could help. Healing was her spe- of his plight landed on his shoulders.
slice a line diagonally across his back. cialty but he got nervous when it came
Pain washed over him in waves as he to Dice's health. The dark figure squatted on the roof-
fell to the floor, his icon fading in and "He's coming through," she man- top of the run down building from
out. aged to whisper in between choruses which it came. Wiping the blood from
Knowing his end would be near if of her erie song. Dice's convulsing its chin, it looked outward to the Plex.
he didn't jack out, Dice clapped his started to slow and his eyes began to To the north the Downtown skyline
hands together and suddenly there lower to their proper position. After a could barely be seen through the clouds
appeared a small silver lever suspended moment longer, his jerks completely and the sheer distance. It knew its de-
in the air. He reach up to pull it down stopped, and his color returned to nor- sired prey existed somewhere out there
but was quickly knocked away from it mal. and the Fusion would soon be joined
by the ninja's sidekick. The ninja raced "Help me sit him up," said Blaze, by his presence. It was only a matter
in for the kill, its scream of death echo- breathing a small sigh of relief. "Dice, of time.
ing in the node. It hovered over Dice Dice, are you alright? How do you
and swung. feel?"
Troll Ranger just fine, but his real
home is in the
Tough? You got the nerve wilderness. It
to ask if I'm tough? Breeder, doesn't matter
you don't know what the word where, the Russian
means. Once you've had to sit Steppe, Australian
through a hurricane, holding outback, Sahara
your guts in with one hand and Desert, or American
fighting off an angry piasma forests, just as long
with the other, then you got the as there are no
stuff to talk about tough with people around.
me. I'm tough enough, don't
worry, ya wimp. Attributes
And before you ask, no I Body: 11 (12)
ain't just a woodsy neither. I Quickness: 4
Strength: 9
been around the city couple of Charisma: 2
times too. Really it ain't a lot Intelligence: 3
different from the woods. Willpower: 4
There's still predator and prey. Essence: 6
Ya still have to be able to know Reaction: 3 (+1D6)
when you're being tracked and Stealth 6
how to turn it around. After Armed Combat 5
learnin' how to walk on dry Unarmed Combat 6
leaves quietly, doing the same Projectiles 5
on concrete ain't so hard. Projectiles (Bows) 7
Throwing 3
Yea, I can move quiet Biotech 1
enough, even as big and ugly Biotech (First Aid) 3
as 1 am. Maybe some day I'll Etiquette (Tribal) 2
give ya a demo. The way I ' l l Dice Pools
leave opponents, ya won't Combat: 5
have to worry about how I None
look. Now do ya want to do Contacts
business or sit around insulting pick any 2
each other? Gear
Ranger X compund
Commentary bow w/ 20 arrows
The troll ranger is one of the and laser sight
biggest and toughest guys Combat Axe
Survival Knife
around. He went into the Secure Jacket
wilderness at a young age Survival Kit
because he didn't like dealing Medkit
with people, and he still Notes
doesn't. The only reason he's Thermographic Eyes
+1 reach with armed/unarmed
running the shadows is for the combat
money (and the thrill of the May take an allergy
chase). He can hunt in the city
Armour International Division Name: Shipping and Receiving Average Income: 38,000 nuyen
Home Office Location: London, England Division Head: Tina Kirby Below Poverty Level: 0%
President/CEO: William Kingston III On Fortune's Active Traders List: 2%
Division Name: Security Corporate Affiliation: 100%
PRINCIPLE DIVISIONS Division Head: Maximillian Slaughter Education:
Division Name: Marketing and Sales < 12 years: 3%
Division Head: Kenneth Jordan Division Name: Arcology Development High School: 14%
Chief Products/Services: The marketing Division Head: Dianne Baxter College Degree: 65%
of all AI weapons and equipment. Chief Products/Services: Management Graduate Degree: 17%
Marketing also maintains commerce and development of the Armour Interna-
among the other AI locations. tional Arcology in Auborn district, Seattle. »»[Hey, what's up with the human
domination In this corp? Don't they
Division Name: Research & know about the high quality of work
Development metahumans can provide?]««
Division Head: Ambri (SLEDGE 01:14:43 / 04-10-54)
Chief Products/Services: »»[I've seen you In
The development of all AI action, Sledge. It ain't
hard high quality]««
ware. (TICK TOCK
R&D is always 03:50:12 /
looking for new and 04-10-54)
innovative ways to
upgrade AI's »»[Why
products as well don't you go
as to expand on find a clock to
the competition's run up,
work. Tikky««SLEDGE
04:32:33 /
Division Name: 04-10-54)
Division Head: »»[lt's
Anton Sheppard them Brits.
Chief Products/ Got a
Services: The metaphobla
production of all about it, that's
AI equipment why.]
from light pistols ««(TURB1NE
to panzers. 23:11:47/
Division Name: Security
Division Head: Damon »»[Doesn't bother
Garlock me none. It's
Chief Products/Services: The one less
security of all AI facilities and Troll
international shipments. company
man I gotta skrag.]««
Division Name: Shipping and Receiving (FINELINE 02:12:32 / 04-10-54)
Division Head: Sarah Brooks »»[Max Slaughter. Doesn't sound
Chief Products/Services: Responsible for like someone I'd like to meet.]«« BUSINESS PROFILE
all international transactions both outgo- (FINELINE 01:23:45 / 04-10-54) Armour International first blasted
ing and incoming. EMPLOYEES into the world of security in 2037
Personnel: with the production of its light-
SEATTLE BRANCH DIVISIONS 180,000 (Worldwide approximation) weight, highly durable body armors. As
CEO Seattle Branch: Sebastian Trent Human: 93% time went by and contracts became more
Elf: 3% plentiful, AI started expanding commer-
Division Name: Marketing and Sales Dwarf: 2% cially its production of vehicle armors.
Division Head: Kristi O'Brian Ork: 1% These armors, first prototyped in the Euro
Troll: 1% Wars, provided the protection of a light
Other: 0% tank at the weight of a reconnaissance
vehicle. Needless to say, the desire for such a product was great, and contracts and capital came pouring in.
Now boasting not only the finest armors in the world, but also a long line of other products from light pistols to panzers, AI
holds manufacturing facilities and offices in London, Tokyo, Sidney, Paris, and New York. Plans are already in full swing to build their
largest complex in Seattle, breathing life and creating jobs in the blue collar district of Auburn.
Temporary offices are already in full operation in Downtown Seattle at the corner of Marion St. and Boren Ave. Employees there
work diligently and feverishly, anxiously waiting for the AI arcology ribbon-cutting ceremony.

»»lGreat! Just another arcology to darken our red skies!]«« (SLIMJIM 10:55:ZZ / 04-10-54)

»»['only the finest armors In the world'??? What are these guys, a weapons corp or a wine tasting soclety?]««(SLEDGE
01:20:13 / 04-10-54)

»»[I wonder how Ares, Knight Errant, and New Age Arms feel about these guys on their turf? Maybe they know something
about it? Hmmmm.]«« (TICK TOCK 03:55:36 / 04-10-54)

»»[AI Isn't breathing life Into Auborn, they're stomping out the riff-raff In the low class neighborhoods between
Georgetown and Black Diamond. Any means necessary, ya dig. How do you think they're going to put an arcology there,
huh?]««(AI VICTIM 16:23:41 / 04-10-54)

Being a organization affiliated with security, it comes as no surprise that Armour International maintains an extensive force to
uphold the peace.

»»[I hear that once the arcology Is built, AI plans to strip Lone Star's contract from the city.]«« (ANONYMOUS 07:09:57 /

»»[Yea, right.]««(SLEDGE 05:28:33 / 04-10-54)


Maximillian Slaughter — Security Director
Max is a cold, powerful man who takes great pride in his position and employer. Refined to the cutting edge, he'll stop at
nothing to ensure the security of "his" corp or its employees.
Max dresses in the finest nuyen can buy when in the office but prefers loose fitting, durable clothing when doing his b4iz.

B Q S C I W E M R I n i t Armor
5 5(7) 6(8) 3 3 2 1 - 4 6+2D6 7/5
Dice Pools: Combat: 6
Ski/Is: Firearms: 6 / Gunnery: 4 / Etiquette (Corp): 3 / Etiquette (Street): 2 / Armed Combat: 5 / Unarmed Combat: 3 / Interroga-
tion: 3 / Bike: 3 / Stealth: 3
Cyberware: Smart Gun Link / Wired Reflexes: 1 / Muscle Replacement: 2 / Cyber Eyes (Low light, Thermographic, Flare
Compensation) / Retractable Cyber Spurs
Gear. Kevlite Partial Armor / Smart AI R-l 1 / Smart AI Dagger pistol w/30 rounds Penetrator ammo / Smart Ingram Valiant w/
3-50 reg round belts / Stun Baton / Data Reader (100 mp) / BMW Blitzen 2050 / Pocket Secretary / DocWagon Contract (Platinum) /
Luxury Lifestyle - 5 mo prepaid / Access to ALL AI security equipment.

Dianne Baxter -- Arcology Director

Dianne Baxter, the shrewd, beautiful head of the Seattle Arcology department has devoted the past three years of her life to
succeeding in that position. Climbing over any obstacle, she'll find any means necessary to see her dreams fulfilled.
There are some who maintain that she achieved her position by allowing certain special favors, but it was her quick thinking and
sly tongue, as well as her strong desire to succeed, that brought her the notoriety.

B Q S C I W E M R I n i t Armor
3 4 2 4 5 2 4.5 4 4+1D6 3/0
Dice Pools: Combat: 5
Skills: Negotiation: 6 / Etiquette (Corp): 6 / Computer Theory: I / Firearms: 2 / Car: 3 / Athletics: 2
Cyberware: Datajack / 100 mp internal memory / Hearing Amplifi- cation / Damper
Gear. Data Reader (100 mp) / Pocket Secretary / Barreta Mod 10IT w/laser sight / Concealable Holster / Eurocar Westwind 2000
/ Armor Clothing (rarely worn) / Micro-recorder / Dataline Tap / Luxury Lifestyle - 3 mo prepaid.
Steven Jacoby -- Chief Security Agent
Jacoby was trained under the thumb of Max Slaughter. Because of this, he basically knows everything his mentor knows. He
often uses this knowledge in his plans to someday taking over as Director of Security. Jacoby has been fragged over too many times
by Slaughter and longs for the day when he can set his plans into motion.

B Q S C I W E M R I n i t Armor
6 6(8) 6(8) 2 2 2 0.5 4(8) 8+3D6 6/3
Dice Pools: Combat: 6
Skills: Firearms: 6 / Gunnery: 6 / Etiquette (Corp): 3 / Armed Combat: 4 / Unarmed Combat: 5 / Bike: 3 / Stealth: 3
Cyberware: Smart Gun Link / Wired Reflexes: 2 / Muscle Replacement: 2
Gear. Kevlite Armor Jacket / Smart AUG-CSL system / Smart Al Dagger pistol w/30 rounds Penetrator ammo / Ranger Arms
SM-3 w/30 explosive rounds / Stun Baton / Harley Scorpion / Pocket Secretary / High Lifestyle - 2 mo prepaid.

Devin "Smitty" Smit -- Chief Matrix Overwatch Agent

Devin is an easy-going guy who loves his job. He works his hardest to maintain the position he has attained. Despite the
responsibility of the job, Devin always tries to find time to party. But when duty calls, Devin is not one to take it lightly.

B Q S C I W E M R I n i t Armor
3 5 2 4 6 4 0.5 4 4+1D6 3/0
Dice Pools: Combat: 7 / Hacking: 10
Skills: Firearms: 2 / Computer: 6 / Computer (B/R): 6 / Computer Theory: 6 / Etiquette (Corp): 3 / Etiquette (Street): 3 / Electron-
ics: 4
Cyberware: Datajack / Internal Memory (200 mps)
Gear: Armor Clothing (rarely worn) / Baretta 200ST / Pocket Secretary / High Lifestyle - 4 mo prepaid.
Cyberdeck: Fuchi Cyber-6 (Response increase: 2 / Active memory increase: 300 mps)
Programs: Bod: 6 / Evasion: 6 / Masking: 3 / Sensors: 3 / Attack: 6 / Armor: 4 / Mirrors: 4 / Restore: 4 / Poison: 3
Persona Icon: A poodle about the relative size of a wolf. Some utilities are carried in a small barrel on his collar.

Carley Jasmine -- Security Agent

Carley Jasmine is a company woman. Skilled in the finesse of magic, she felt her services could be beneficial to a corp for the
right price. Being one of the highest paid security agents in Al, second only to Max Slaughter himself, she is often looked down
upon by her peers. However, you get what you pay for, and Carley is well paid for.

B Q S C I W E M R I n i t Armor
4(7) 5 3 4 6 5 6 6 5(8) 8+1D6 6 / 3
Dice Pools: Combat: 8 / Magic: 8
Skills: Firearms: 3 / Sorcery: 6 / Magic Theory: 6 / Conjuring: 6 / Etiquette (Corp): 3 / Computer: 1 / Car: 1
Cyberware: None
Gear: Kevlite Armor Jacket / Al Dagger pistol w/30 rounds penetrator ammo / Stun Baton / Pocket Secretary / High Lifestyle - 2
mo prepaid. / Spell Lock (3 successes Personal Combat Sense) / Spell Lock (3 successes Armor) / SAAB "Dynamit" 776T1
Spells: Mana Bolt: 6 / Power Bolt: 6 / Fireball: 6 / Personal Combat Sense: 3 / Detect Enemies: 3 / Heal Severe Wounds: 3 /
Invisibility: 5 / Armor: 4 / Confusion: 4


Kevlite Body Armor

"The best just got better. For the best, chose the best. The best would."
Combining the stopping power of Kevlar, and making it even stronger with a Gortex-duraweave inner lining, and making it all at
a lesser weight than your standard body armor, Al has developed the best body armor ever created. Armors come in an array of
styles to please even the most meticulous customer.

Conc. B/I Cost Weight Legality Avail SI

Armor Jacket 6 6/3 1260 1.8 Legal 6/7 days 1
Armor Vest 11 3/1 280 .8 Legal 6/7 days .8
Lined Coat 7 5/3 980 .85 Legal 4/7 days 1
Partial Suit NA 7/5 14000 8+Body 3P-K 16/10 days 3
Full Suit NA 9/7 28000 12+Body2P-K 18/14 days 4
Helmet NA 2/1 24O - (-l)P-K 14/10 days 2
Penetrator Ammunition
"For the stopping power of APDS without the weight, choose the ammo that does the job. Choose Penetrator."
Penetrator ammunition appears to be your basic ammo except the round contains a 1 mm diameter core of a
magnesium-aluminum alloy. Penetrator ammo comes in all calibers and can be used in all weapons without any preparation.

Conc. Cost Weight Legality Avail Street Index Effect

Penetrator Ammo 8 80 .20 As weapon 4/36 hrs .8 +1 Power Level/-2 Ballistic

»»[Looks to me like these little fragger's could be useful against this new Kevlite armor.]««(SLIMJIM 01:40:53 / 04-11-54)

AI Dagger
"Sleek, simple, and sinister. The
Dagger stuffs it all into one deadly
package. When in a pinch, you
know you're safe with the Dagger."
The Dagger is a sleek heavy
pistol best suited for the Penetrator
ammunition. However, the weapon
can also fire standard heavy pistol
ammo without any rebarreling or
The Dagger also comes with an integral laser sight and is ready for any other attachments the user
deems fit to add.

Type Conc. Damage Ammo Weight Legality Availability Street Index

AI Dagger Heavy 6 4M 15 clip 2 6P-E 4/3 days 1

»»[The Dagger may be a little too sleek. Doesn't give much room for big fingers to pull the bolt
back.]««(SLEDGE 01:02:43 / 04-11-54)

»»[Ah yes, my bumpy friend. But In the proper hands with the proper ammo, the Dagger can be a
vital tool In the biz.]«« (KILLIAN 01:05:23 / 04-11-54)

»»[lf you ask me, the weapon Is too new. I'd like to see more field testing before I part with my
yen.]««(SLIMJIM 01:54:51 / 04-11-54)

AI R-11
"For an assault rifle that packs a punch, the R-l 1 is the obvious choice. With simple design and extreme versatility and durability, the
R-l 1 will be a refreshing change of pace from the weapons on the market today."
The R-l 1 is the standard assault rifle manufactured by Armour International. AI wanted to make a simple weapon capable of
withstanding everyday stresses as well as be attachment-ready and easy to maintain. They succeeded with the R-l 1. Variations
pictured with R-l 1 assault rifle in clockwise order: the R-l 1 integral smart gun adapter, laser sight and scope with 'lens caps', one of
many telescopic scopes with 'lens caps', the R-l 1 silencer, the R-l 1 mini-grenade launcher, box magazine as opposed to the
banana-shaped, and an the integral folding stock.
Type Conc. Damage Ammo Weight Legality Availability Street Index
AI R-11 Assault 3 5M 30 clip 4 4-G 5/3 days 1

»»[Sounds pretty wiz. How can I get one?]««(TURBINE 01:32:12 / 04-11-54)

»»[You have to ask??]««(SLEDGE 01:40:27 / 04-11-54)

»»[lf you want one, be prepared to wait. It has to be shipped In from New York, across Injun territory. They're pretty picky
about things like that.]««(SLlMJIM 02:02:39 / 04-11-54)
»»[You must not support these killers! Every purchase aids In the destruction of lives In the Auborn! Don't betray human-
ity like this!]««(AI VICTIM 02:07:38 / 04-11-54)
»»[Gee, chum lighten up already.]««(SLEDGE 02:10:51)
Trans-Detect Security System
"For the security of home when away from home, the
Trans-Detect offers the most reliable choice. Compact and
lightweight, this devise fits easily into any corporate brief-
case. Traveling corporate employees swear by it; now you
can have one too."
The Trans-Detect System is a portable laser surveillance
protection system. The device is made up by a laser unit and
10 reflectors. With the Kleen-tac backing on each piece, the
reflectors and laser unit can be attached virtually anywhere.
Simply mount the laser unit next to a door, window, or
corner of a room and place the reflectors so they reflect the
beam to the laser receiver or to another reflector. Any
number of reflectors (up to 10) can be used, depending on
the user's provision. If the continuity of the laser beam is broken, the unit will sound an alarm either in the form of a nerve shaking
whine or by a beeping and/or light flashing on the hand unit that comes with the unit. The laser will operate for up to 10 hours of
continual use before the battery needs recharging. Battery can be recharged from a simple wall socket, and will take three hours.

Conc. Cost Weight Legality Avail Street Index

Tram-Detect Laser 5 2,500 1.5 Legal 3/3 days .75
Surveillance System

Game Note: Requires an Electronics (4) roll to properly align the reflector(s). Add a +1 modifier for every 2 reflectors past 2 (ie: up
to 2 reflectors: target 4, 3 and 4 reflectors: target 5, 5 and 6 reflectors: target 6, etc.) Base set-up time is 15 seconds per reflector
used (minimum 5 seconds each). Requires a Perception (6) roll to avoid triggering the alarm. Thermographic or Infra-Red goggles/
vision apply a -2 modifier.

Laser unit--Length 8.5 in (21.59 cm) / Width 3.75 in(9.53 cm) / Height 1.25 in (3.16 cm) Individual Conc. 7
Remote unit--Length 3 in (7.62 cm) / Width 1.75 in(4.45 cm) / Height .75 in (1.91 cm) Individual Conc. 12
Reflector--Diameter 1.75 in (4.45 cm) Indiv Conc. 18
»»[A clever little gadget. But I shall suggest the use of two reflectors or less for It gets a bit tricky to align them
properly.]««(KILLIAN 02:10:52 / 04-11-54)

»»[But why would I want to carry a

mini surveillance system with me In my
biz?]««(SLEDGE 02:12:28 / 04-11-54)
»»[It comes In very handy when lost
In a system and you don't want to be
disturbed.]««(KILLIAN 02:13:49 /
»»[Huh. I'll take a chromed razor guy
guarding my butt any day, thank
you.]««(SLIMJIM 02:15:12 /
»»[Sometimes subtlety can be a
better choice, my friend.]«« (KILLIAN
»»[By the way, has anyone heard
from Tick Tock lately? I miss rubbing
him the wrong way.]««(SLEDGE
02:51:19 / 04-11-54)

»»[Hello...Hello out
there...?]««(SLEDGE 03:26:31 /
Latangia Johnson tucked the help matters any. He not only hated all was not far away, but the street there
loaded pistol in her purse before she of metahumanity, but anyone who was less crowded and it was too dark
stepped out of her midnight blue wasn't white skinned. She was pretty to see anything clearly. No one in their
Westwind. She smoothed the cream- sure it wouldn't take much for him to right mind would go far into the area
colored suede skirt that was slit up to try to rid the project of 'that nigger without being heavily armed. "Old
what the corporate dress code allowed bitch'. George?" she called.
and flipped her long, beaded braids Still, if she could get her hands on A tall shape detached itself from
over her shoulder. She straightened the Fuchi file, there was a good chance the shadows, much too tall to be the
her jacket and glanced briefly in the their project could be completed ahead derelict. She backed up, drawing her
side mirror to make sure she looked of schedule and under budget. Results gun.
calm, cool and professional, and that that would make it very difficult for "It's all right," the figure said
her deep brown eyes stepping into the
showed no trace of her light.
nervousness. Her contact He was a tall
would be satisfied with Caucasian with long
nothing less. blonde hair and
She had arranged this sparkling green
type of meeting before. Her eyes that met hers
contact was a decker named with confidence.
Dancer who represented a His loose fitting
fixer who called himself white shirt and
Santa. She made appoint- brown breeches
ments to see them through tucked into calf-high
Old George, a squatter who boots reminded her
lived in a dumpster near of something out of
Dante's Inferno. It was a an old pirate
complex dance that must simsense chip He
have been inspired by even had the
corporate bureaucratics. attitude.
This time was a little "Old George
different. This time she was said time was
in a hurry, and she'd essential," he said.
promised Old George an "So Santa sent me.
extra bottle of his favorite You can call me
synthahol if he could Comet."
arrange the meeting for He took her
tonight. hand and brought it
Dr. Carter and all of to his lips. She
Ares Macrotech's Research snatched it back.
Block 4 were counting on "Where's Dancer?
her. Their project had hit a She's the one I
major snag, and the one place that had even Grant to have her terminated. usually meet with."
the solution was unwilling to part with She checked to make sure that the He shrugged. "Dancer's busy, I'm
it. As Dr. Carter's personal administra- chip case she'd gotten from the project not. You said time was important."
tive assistant, it was her job to make decker was still in her purse. Dancer She peered back down the alley.
sure he had everything he needed, no would probably want to have a look at "Where's Old George, then?"
matter how she had to get it. it. Comet glanced over his shoulder,
To make matters worse, the She exited the parking garage in gestured once and the whole area lit
division manager, Alex Grant had been the gritty Seattle drizzle, which was up. "Hey, cut that out!" shouted a
asking questions and towing his only slightly less acidic than the rain. familiar voice. "Fraggin' mages."
recently-graduated daughter around. She popped open her umbrella and The light died. Tangi chewed on
Rumor was that he was looking for a joined the stream of people who her lower lip, not wanting to have to
job for her and Tangi was pretty sure moved along the sidewalk. deal with him, but having little choice.
her's was fairly high on his list. She passed by Dante's Inferno, "We're not going to talk here, are we?"
The fact that Grant was a racist in amazed that the line to get in was so "Of course not. I would never
the old twentieth century style didn't long so early in the evening. The alley make such an attractive woman stand
out in the rain. If you've no objections, empty, but they're still cleanin' it up. choice."
I'd like to go into Dante's. They have Give 'em half an hour." She considered it. "Okay, let's
rooms for meetings such as ours." She smiled. "Thanks, Ram." dance."
"Are they secure?" She turned her smile back on By the time Comet's watch alarm
"You insult my professionalism," he Comet who was trying to look angry sounded to let them know their room
said. "I should ask you if you've been instead of amused. "Shall we?" was ready, she'd discovered that he
followed." He offered his arm again and led was an excellent dancer. However, that
"Point taken," she said. her through the crowd on Purgatory, had no bearing on her current situation,
She stopped. "Oh, before we go, I the first level of the Inferno. It was a far and business was business so they
have to give Old George his bottle." cry from the Stuffer Shack where she headed for the room.
"Allow me," he said. and Dancer usually met. She slotted the passkey and the
She handed it to him. He tossed it "Hope you don't mind if we take door opened, revealing a sparse room
in the air and it hovered there for a few the stairs!" Comet shouted over the that held only a long oval table and
moments before floating into the alley. noise. "The elevators are too crowded several chairs. Comet flopped into one
"Hey, what the... Oh. Fraggin' and take too long." of them and leaned back. "So, Ms.
mages." She nodded. He guided her to the Johnson, what do you need?"
Comet was smiling. "Expertly stairwell. Dante's being what it was, the It startled her that he knew her
delivered, wouldn't you say?" stairs only led down. The noise ceased name until she remembered that in
He offered his arm. "Now, if you as soon as the fire door shut behind such business deals the person in her
would allow me to escort you..." them. "Isn't it going to be very difficult position was always Johnson.
She took it hesitantly and Comet to conduct business in all that noise?" "I need data extracted," she said.
led her to the front of the Dante's line. she asked. "And time is important."
A troll bouncer, who looked perfectly He smiled. "All the rooms on "From where?"
comfortable in his well tailored tux, Deception are soundproofed. In fact, "Fuchi. I have the appropriate
made a space to let them through. the cleaning Ram mentioned is the browse program on a chip."
"Hey, Wiz boy, nice piece ya got management's way of making sure He folded his hands behind his
t'night. Number 3 in Seduction's free each one is surveillance-free between head. "Do you want the data copied
an' I know that's one a yer favorites." meetings. There are few better places." and wiped or just copied?"
The mage coughed. "Thanks, Ram, He paused. "Sorry about Ram. "Copied and wiped. And I'd like to
but this is business. What have you got Sometimes I think he forgets that I'm a deal with the team myself. That's the
on Deception?" professional." way it's been done for me in the past."
The troll took a long look at Tangi She laughed. "1 don't think he "Yeah, that's what Dancer said.
and then glanced back at Comet. "Oh, forgets that you're a professional. I Have you got the chip with you?"
sorry, ma'am. Ya see, the Wiz here's think he just forgets your profession." She handed the case to him. He
got this rep an' you bein' so pretty an' He laughed. "You know, I think stuck it in a reader and his face broad-
all, I jus figgered..." I'm going to request to be your contact ened into a grin, "Arcology of Pas-
"You figured incorrectly," Comet from now on. I never have this much sion," he said, smirking. "Strange
said. fun with those stuffy oriental types. name for a browse program don't you
Tangi laughed, feeling more at They usually make you sit for an hour think?"
ease. "It's all right. Thank you for the before they'll tell you what they want." She snatched the chip reader and
compliment. ln fact, I think it would be He paused. "And they're not felt her face flushing. "Uh, that's not it.
better if anyone asking thought we nearly as nice to look at." I borrowed this from the same decker
were heading for Seduction, don't you He held open the door to Decep- who made the browse program. I must
agree?" tion and the music hit them again. He have gotten the chips confused."
She gazed up at Comet and gave checked his watch. "We still have She tucked it back in the case and
him her best 'come hither' look. Ram twenty minutes. Would you like a drink handed him the reader. " I ' l l have the
laughed and thumped him hard across or something?" real one for you tomorrow."
the shoulders. "Don't know what I was She shook her head. "No thanks." "Arcology of Passion?" he laughed.
thinkin 1 . Yer lots classier than the joy "Would you like to dance?" "I don't think my taste in simsense
toys he usually brings 'round, but I ' l l "Dance?" is a consideration."
keep yer secret. Far as I know, yer "Well, we can either stand here He tried to wipe the smile off his
havin' a great ol' time wrappin' this with no drinks and stare at our watches face. "Of course not. Tell you what, I
spell-castin' lady killer's heart 'round looking like we're waiting for some think I can get a team for you by
your finger." kind of meeting and be conspicuous, or tomorrow around midnight. When you
He grinned at the mage and we can dance and look like normal come in, Ram will let you know where
handed her a passkey. "Number 6 is patrons until the room is ready. Your to go."
"That's fine. I'll negotiate payment "Yeah, sure," he said. "That's what He smiled. "I doubt it. It's not a
with the team and Santa gets 10% of they all say." corporate approved chip. It's made by
whatever they agree to, correct?" He was smiling as he waved her an underground company. Dancer says
"That's the way it works." through. she likes them much better than the
She stood and offered him her She saw Comet at the bar. She commercial ones."
hand. "Well then, I'll see you tomor- caught his attention and waved. He She gave it back. "Why don't you
row evening. It's been a pleasure reached into his pocket and handed her hold onto it until after the meeting...
doing business with you." a chip case. "A small token of my just in case."
He kissed it. "Oh "Good idea."
no, the pleasure was all He paused. "Oh,
mine." about the meeting.
The group I got for
you should do the job,
but they're pretty
Tangi checked the rough. Their leader is
chip again before she an ork named DMZ
left the Westwind. A with a major attitude
stupid mistake like that problem. He'll
could have been probably do all the
disastrous had it been talking. If you think
the runners instead of you might need some
Comet. Still, that enforcement help, I'll
meeting had been most sit in with you."
interesting. "I've done this before.
When she reached I can handle it."
the entrance to Dante's, "Can I sit in and
the line stretched all watch?" he asked.
the way along the "I'm just protecting
building and then our assets, you
curved around the understand."
corner. She hadn't "I suppose as long as
planned on that much you just watch, there
extra time to get in. shouldn't be a
"Yo, babe!" problem."
She turned around He tucked the chip
to see Ram waving at case back in his
her over the heads of pocket. "This way."
the people in line. The room was larger
"Over here." than the previous one.
He cleared a path She took a seat at the
for her and stopped any head of the table.
potential complaints Comet smiled,
with a glare. "You stepped behind her
don't never have ta and disappeared.
stand in line when I'm "Don't worry," she
at the door." heard him say. "I'll be
He guided her to right here if you need
the entrance. "Wiz me."
boy's on Deception. "Don't worry, I
He's got the key an' you'll be in admiration; personally recommended won't."
number 5." by Dancer." The team came in as a group.
"Thanks," she said. The case was labeled: Seduction in There were five of them. The male ork
He smirked. "I get off at 2. How the Shadows. She felt herself getting was obviously muscle and probably
'bout havin' a drink?" red again and hoped her complexion DMZ. He strode in, glanced briefly at
"I'd love to, but I have to get up was dark enough to hide it. "What if her, and then took the chair next to her.
early. Next time, I promise." I've done this one already?" He had stringy black hair and his tusks
were yellowed and broken. He midnight every night, beginning all of them."
smelled as if he hadn't bathed in tomorrow. The faster you do the job, "I wouldn't use it if I didn't think it
several days. He watched her closely the bigger the bonus. I will also supply would be effective. I deal with hun-
and she knew he was waiting for her you with a certified credstick with dreds of people every day, and 1 think
reaction. "You must be DMZ," she said 5,000 nuyen for expenses. Whatever I'm a pretty good judge of what works
and kept her eyes on his. you don't use is yours when the run is and what doesn't."
The second member was a female over. I ' l l pay you 25% up front and the He smiled. "So, can I buy you a
Amerind and looked like a razor girl. remaining 75% after the job is done." drink?"
Her brown eyes darted across all four "Fifteen thou apiece and half up "Sorry, I have a regular job,
corners of the room before she sat front," the leader said. "And it's a remember? It's way past my bedtime."
down, and even then she was like a deal." His smile widened and he handed
coiled spring. The human male beside "If you get half up front, you won't her the simsense chip. "Can I tuck you
her had a datajack behind his left ear need the expense money.' in?"
and was probably their decker. He sat "Whattaya think yer tryin' ta pull?" She laughed. "Are sure Ram
very close to the girl. DMZ growled and rose to his full 2 wasn't right about your real profes-
The shaman she recognized by the meter height. "This ain't some little no- sion?"
fetishes tied into the fringe of his tan name corporation we're breakin' into,
duster. He seemed very interested in it's fraggin' Fuchi. Deckin' in there is
her crystal bracelet, and his eyes drifted like runnin' the 'Raku Arcology."
from that to DMZ. The fourth member He loomed over her, but she It was only two days after her
was difficult to categorize. He didn't refused to let him intimidate her. meeting with the shadowrunners when
move like someone wired, didn't have Instead, she stood right up in his face, Tangi got word that the job was done.
any other evidence of cyber enhance- her high-heeled shoes giving her the It was an incredible relief since
ment, nor did he wear fetishes of any added height to meet his eyes without Alex Grant was looming over everyone.
kind. She wondered what his job was. looking up. "Forty percent up front Dr. Carter hadn't been dealing with the
"What's the job, Johnson?" DMZ plus the expense account and the pressure very well and neither had the
demanded. speed bonus starts at 10,000. That's lab techs. More mistakes had been
"Data extraction," she told him. my final offer." made in the past two days than in the
He snorted. "All ya need is a He grumbled and glanced at his previous two months, and the more
decker for that, babe." team. "Okay, we'll take it." angry Grant got the more bad things
"Not if the system is isolated," she "Fine. When you're finished here's happened.
said. "Even if your decker is willing to an LTG number where you can leave She smiled as she headed down
access the Fuchi system from the me a message. We'll set up a meet for the stairs to Deception. That was all
outside to get the information I require, final payment and delivery of the goods going to change. If the data was
he couldn't access the research data- through Santa." everything the researchers at Fuchi had
base." She paused and made sure she had boasted, she could download it into the
The decker whispered to him and his eyes again. "Are those terms system from her terminal at home, and
the ork snarled. "Okay, but a run acceptable?" by Monday they'd be weeks ahead of
through Fuchi ain't gonna come "Yeah, sure," the ork said. "You'll schedule.
cheap." be hearin' from us real soon." The room on Deception was the
She checked the chip case one "I hope so," she said and handed same. The first thing she did when she
more time before sliding it across the him the credsticks. sat down was to recheck her box of
table to the decker. "This browse He turned and left with his team certified credsticks. It was a small price
program should do everything you following close behind him. to pay and was coming out of the
need when you're in the research "Very efficient," Comet said project's budget anyway.
database. Once it has recorded the appearing beside her. DMZ and his team came in late and
information, I would like the original "And relatively inexpensive. I was looking much worse for wear. He was
files deleted." prepared to go up to 15,000 apiece bruised and sported a bandage across
The decker nodded. "Null perspi- and 10.000 for expenses." his forehead that had a drying red stain.
ration." He smiled. "I like the way you The razor girl had her arm in a sling,
"I would like the job done as handled DMZ. He's not used to people and only two of the other humans
quickly as possible," she added making who don't shrink from him." showed. The decker was missing.
sure she kept eye contact with DMZ. "Shadowrunners aren't the only "I'm pleased that you came
"The payment will bring 10,000 nuyen ones who understand winning through through so quickly," she said.
apiece. There is a 7,000 apiece speed intimidation." "Can the flattery and hand over the
bonus that will drop by 1,000 at Yeah, well that trick won't work on cash," DMZ said, his breathing labored
and raspy. buddies are nearly killed, and their credstick. "For Santa."
"May I see the chip?" decker came damn close. I've seen He took it and smiled. "A true
He tossed a case on the table. She really torqued off teams go after a business woman."
barely caught it before it skidded off Johnson before, and it's not pretty." "It's what I do," she said and
and hit the floor. She removed the "What happened to the decker?" sighed. "I need a drink."
chip, slotting it in the jack behind her she asked. He offered her an arm. "Allow
ear. "DMZ wasn't exaggerating when me."
She could feel herself smiling as he said running the Fuchi matrix was She smiled and let him escort her
she reviewed its contents. It was better like breaking into the Renraku out of the room. "Will you continue to
than she had be my contact from now
hoped. on or will I get Dancer
DMZ was back?"
glaring at her when "That's your choice.
she glanced back up Of course, I would snatch
at him. She fanned up any excuse to see you
the credsticks and again."
set them on the He kissed her fingers.
table. "Each one is "Now, since tomorrow is
for 17.000. Six for Saturday and you don't
doing the job and 9 have to work, would you
for the speed let me buy you that
bonus." drink?"
DMZ. snatched "Is this guy buggin'
them up. "We kin ya?"
add." Ram was leaning up
She stood and against the bar, his tux
offered him her replaced by blue jeans
hand. "It's been a and a red flannel shirt. "I
pleasure doing ain't on the job, but I kin
business with you." take care of him if ya
He turned his want."
back on her. "Yeah, Comet laughed. "I
right," he said and saw her first."
motioned to his Tangi took the troll's
team. "C'mon, let's arm. "Yes, but I've
blow." already agreed to have a
He herded drink with him."
them out and The mage gave Ram a
slammed the door. dirty look and the troll
"It was a rough grinned. "Always told ya'
run." I had a way with the
Comet ap- ladies."
peared beside her Comet bowed and
and she jumped. "I kissed Tangi's fingers
don't remember again. "I surrender you to
inviting you to the better man. Until we
attend this meet- meet again."
ing," she said trying He headed across the
to compose herself. dance floor to the stairs
He shrugged. and Tangi started to
"Well, I was the one who had to deal Arcology," he said. "Fuchi's specialty is laugh. "Now, about that drink..."
with DMZ earlier. I was afraid he might IC. He'll live."
do something stupid." "Well," she said. "I have what I
"He's a professional." need, they've got their money, and my
He snorted. "Professionalism job is safe."
doesn't mean drek when you and your She handed him the remaining
Using the same reflex-boosting technology used for
skillwires, it is possible to "correct" handedness to full
ambidexterity (equal use of both hands). Characters with
this modification do not have an "off hand" and do not
take penalties for using either hand. Penalties for using
two weapons at the same time still apply.

Essence Cost: .3 Availability: 4/40 hrs

Cost: 3,000¥ Street Index: .8

Balance tail
Cyberneticists have developed a "cat's tail" which can
assist balance. The bionic tail is grafted onto the base of
the character's spine. Nanoprocessors and balance
sensors move the tail to keep the character's center of
gravity in the appropriate place, improving balance and
granting two extra dice for balance-related Athletics test,
including helping the character fall properly (or tumble, if
he has Athletics). The tail is NOT under the character's
conscious control and tends to twitch randomly as the
character moves (watch out for revolving door!).

Essence Cost: .5 Availability: 5/36 hrs

Cost: 3,000¥ Street Index: 1

»»[This one may look funny, but it does work. I

knew a second story guy who had one of these and he
moved just like a cat.]«« - Thrash < 13:20:25/12-

»»[Was that guy you were referring to

Alexandrof?]«« - Spanner <02:05:43/12-06-53>

»»[Yeah. Damn shame about him.]«« - Thrash

< 14:07:01/12-06-53>
Instead of humanlike limbs, a cyber-arm replacement
can be designed as a long, flexible tentacle. The
cybertentacle does not have a hand on the end, rather, the
tentacle can be used to poke or wrap objects.
Cybertentacles are often installed along with and extra
arm mount for characters who need and extra hand
capable of delicate work.

Essence Cost: .8 Availability: 4/4 days

Cost: 80,000¥ Street Index: 1

Extra Arm Mount

This is the construction of an artificial shoulder that can
be used to mount a cyberlimb. Most commonly this is
done along the rib cage, just below the character's natural
arms. The mount includes the additional neural wiring
necessary to control the extra limbs, although it is still
usually necessary for the character to spend a week or two
getting the "feel" for manipulating an extra limb.
Having extra limbs (no more than two can be practi-
cally added) does not grant the character additional
actions, although it may still allow the character to per-
form actions that other cannot (such as getting an oppo-
nent in a hold and then pummeling him at the same
time). Note for this to be effective the mount must still
have a cyberarm placed in the mount.

Essence Cost: .5 Availability: 6/4 days

Cost: 10,000¥ Street Index: 1

»»[That rocker, Spyder, is gonna make this system

famous. With those extra arms he's like a one-man
band.]«« - Drake <21:48:I5/12-05-53>
Flex-Bonz ™
This modification replaces the bones of the hands with
a form of memory plastic that deforms under continuous
pressure, then returns to its normal shape. This will allow
the user's hands to narrow and contort to slip through
ropes, handcuffs, etc. more easily (-2 to TN for Escape
tests involving the use of the hands)

Essence Cost: .3 Availability: 5/48 hrs.

Cost: 6,000¥ Street Index: 1.5

Image Projector
A system of low-level holographic lasers are im-
planted in the user's eyes. When linked via a display link
to internal memory, the lasers can project images directly
onto the retina of another person's eyes, provided the
user can make eye contact with him. Only images stored
in memory can be projected (see Shadowbeat for an
indication of the memory required for any given visual
imagery). An intelligence (6) test is required to notice the
illusion is false. The images cannot generate any sound
and do not have any effect beyond appearance.

Essence Cost: 1 Availability: 6/4 days

Cost: 10,000¥ Street Index: 1.5
Internal Status Display
This option requires a Display Link. It projects a
readout onto the user's retina or cybereye that lists all
vital signs (heart rate, respiration, blood sugar, galvanic
skin response, etc.). They system also displays status and
system reports on all the character's cyberware. If the
character has a datajack, the status display can also be
transferred to an external monitor. If the character or
another individual can see data from the monitor they
gain a -1 target number for medical treatment and first aid

Essence Cost: .1 Availability: 3/24 hrs.

Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: 1

Metabolic Suspension
This system consists of internal enzyme dispensers
and neuro-processor regulators that can place the charac-
ter in a state of extreme metabolic slowdown (suspended
animation). Multiply the level of the system by the base
time to determine how much longer a suspended charac-
ter lasts. For example, a level 4 system means that a
mortally wounded character will take an additional wound
box every 4 minutes rather than every minute.
The system has two standard means of activation.
The first is for the character to intentionally go into sus-
pension, in which case the character sets the amount of
time before reviving (a maximum of 12 hours per level).
The system also automatically activates if the character
takes a Deadly wound in order to maintain life functions
until help can arrive.

Essence Cost: Rating/10 Availability: 5/24hrs.

Cost: Rating x 10,000¥ Street Index: 1

»»[l've heard of this system malfunctions sometimes

and users imitating death much better than they
planned...]«« - Ranger <21:13:24/l2-06-53>
Quick Release Mount
A special bayonet-style mount can be build into a
cyberlimb, allowing hands or feet to be removed by the
wearer. This modular system allows the user to make use
of a variety of different hands and feet. The system is not
available for shoulder mounts.

Essence Cost: 0 Availability: 3/24 hrs

Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: 1

Sonic Charm
Programmable voders (such as those used by voice
masks and other vocal cyberware) can also have sublimi-
nal tones encoded into them. These tones work at the
subconscious level and serve to create a mood in the
listener, rather than giving specific directions. A voder
with subliminal capability give +2 dice on all Social Skill

Essence Cost: 1 Availability: 6/7 days

Cost: 50,000¥ Street Index: 1.5

»»[Note, however, that a listeners with High Range

Hearing can detect these subliminal tones for what
they are and will not be affected.]«« - Blade
< 17:04:56/12-05-53>
Subdermal Stunner
This weapon system implants a high-density battery in
the arm of the user and runs leads to two fingers. When
activated by mental command, the user can touch an
opponent, completing the electrical circuit and doing 6M
stun damage. Opponents who are insulated may take
reduced damage (games master's judgement). Essence
cost for a cyberlimb is zero.

Essence Cost: .8 Availability: 6/7 days

Cost: 8,000¥ Street Index: 1.5

»»[Shocking...]«« - The Kid <22:30:44/12-06-


»»[Everybody's a fraggin' comedian.]«« - Ranger


Time Display
As part of the "heads-up" display in the cornea or
cybereye, the character can have a built-in clock, the
clock display appears in the corner of the character's field
of vision. It maintains the time-of-day in seconds and can
be reset or change time zones by mental command. The
option is availability from any cybereye manufacturer.

Essence Cost: .1 Availability: 2/24 hours

Cost: 1,000¥ Street Index: .8
»»[Would that It were that simple, but it's not. First
Friendly-Fire™ corps don't equip every wage slave with one of these
The Friendly-Fire system was designed by dohickeys cuz they could care less If Joe Chummer got
Aztechnology to help protect its employees when it geeked or not. Only people whom the company wants
becomes necessary to use deadly force against criminal to make sure don't get accidentally shot get the trans-
elements on company ground. The system consists of a mitters, like execs or Important R&D types. Secondly,
small transmitter (which can be placed in company ID the transmitters are often carefully hidden In watches,
tags, as well as items of jewelry such as pins, bracelets, tie clips, glasses, etc. Some are even Implanted and
etc.) and a receiver which is connected to a weapon's there's no way you're going to "borrow" one of those.
smartgun circuitry. The transmitter tells the smartgun that Secondly, the coded signal that the transmitter Is
the wearer is not a valid target and thus prevents the supposed to send out Is changed regularly and ran-
smartgun from firing at the "friendly" target. Now security domly, anywhere from weekly to daily depending on
guards can act to deter criminal elements without fear of how paranoid the corp is. So even If you get the doe,
harming innocent civilians. It may not do you any good by the time you do the run.
Lastly, the system only works on smartguns and only
Cost: Transmitter: 100¥ Availability: 3/48 hours then If they have a receiver attached. The majority of
Receiver: 50¥ Street Index: 1 corp guards don't have that kind of chrome and I've
known quite a few hotshot corp cops who've disable
»»[Criminal elements... that's us boyz and girlz]«« the receivers on their smartguns just to prevent the
- Wraith <22:05:34/12-01-53> kind of thing Dancer mentions from happening (It's
against regs, but that only comes a problem If you get
»»[Yeah, like the corps are worried about Innocent caught doing it.).]«« - Daikoku < 15:16:02/12-05-
civilians to begin with. Only company employees get 53>
transmitter. They're just protecting their own as-
sets.l«« - Kaos <04:21:20/12-02-53>

»»[This system has some other Interesting applica-

tions, too. If you can get hold of one of the transmit-
ters that the corp uses, you become effectively Invis-
ible to the corp cops' guns.]«« - Dancer < 13:08:187
Gun Lokk ™ »»[Yeah, but on the other hand, I lost a chummer
This system by Ares Arms can prevent any unautho- because he forgot about this new system and pick up
rized use of your weapon. The system comes in two my gun to try to take down a wagemage who had us on
types: pattern recognition and cybernetic. The pattern the ropes. The wiz fried my friend when the gun failed
recognition system uses scanner technology built into the to work.]«« - Walks-ln-Shadow <O2: 11:09/12-05-
butt of the gun to recognize the fingerprints of the user. 53>
When an authorized user's hand grips the gun, the safety
is automatically disengaged and the gun can be used »»[Don't ever wear gloves If you're planning on
normally. Otherwise, the safety will not disengage and using the pattern-recognition system. I made that
the gun cannot be fired. mistake... but only once.]«« - Southpaw <11:23:46/
The cybernetic option is available only for smartgun 12-06-53>
weapons. This system is keyed to a specific coded pulse
from the user's smartlink software, which "unlocks" the »»[l've heard that some armorers have modified this
gun and gives the user access to all normal smartweapon system in some...interesting...ways. One Is to link the
functions (safety, rate of fire, targeting, ammo, etc.). recognition system to a tiny explosive charge, so that
Either system can be programmed to recognize up to six when an unauthorized person pulls the trigger, he's
valid users. Don't let your weapons be turned against suddenly holding a live grenade in his hand
you one day. Protect yourself with Gun Lokk TM, by Ares (ouch...)]«« - Drusella <19:45:57/12-06-53>

Pattern recognition: 1,200¥
Cybernetic: 1,800¥
Availability: 6/48 hours
Street Index: 1.5

»»[Despite the hype this system actually works.

Saved my live one time when a ganger picked up my
Predator and tried to geek me with it. The look on his
face when It just went "click" was worth every nuyen I
spent on the thing.]«« - Ranger <2O:09:53/12-03-
Power Holster
When being fastest on the draw is a matter of life or »»[yea, I've seen wannabes whose guns have
death the Ares Arms Power Holster is essential. The Jumped right past their hands. It takes some real
system consists of a specially designed holster along with practice and coordination to use this system right.] -
a bracelet worn on the user's gun hand. The bracelet Blade <2I:14:00/12-04-53>
senses the flexing of muscles as the user reaches for his
gun and responds by transmitting a signal to the holster »»[Also, I don't care how good you get with a power
which sends the wearer's gun leaping into the hand. The holster, If you're not fast enough to begin with (either
holster flap falls open to allow the weapon to clear faster. by wire or wizardry) you still won't be able to out-draw
A power holster gives a -1 target number to quickdraw those who do have the speed.]«« - Spanner
actions. The holster is +1 to concealability. <03:24:30/l2-05-53>

Cost: 1,000¥ »»[lf a good quickdraw Is all you're Interested In

Availability: 4/24 hours and you have the nuyen, you're better off getting a set
Street Index: 1 of custom wires designed to do Just that. A lot less
expensive than full wires, and more effective than this
»»[This thing can be useful, but don't think that just gadget.]«« - The Kid <15:44:37/l2-10-53>
owning one will Improve your drawing speed like the
pitch Implies. You need to practice with It to get a feel
for how the system works.]«« - Ranger <2O:18:43/
Implast Weapons
Implast (produced by Zeta-ImpChem) is a plastic that »»[I love these things! I Just got a new set of gloves
is normally light and somewhat flexible, but which and they work like a charm. Nothing like them for a
becomes rigid when struck. Blunt trauma weapons made late night tussle.]«« - Rodeo <14:32:22/01-25-54>
from Implast help to concentrate the kinetic force of the
wielder's blows, and their light construction allows them »»[Evidentially Lone Star Is just as excited. Although
to be wielded with less effort than similar weapons made not all of the patrolmen carry these new weapons, they
of wood or meta. Weapons made of Implast add +2 to are easily the hottest new piece of gear to come out
their power rating. since the Predator II.]«« - Ranger <11:43:55/01-31-
The most common type of Implast weapon is a short 54>
club similar in design to the police billy club which is now
coming into use with a number of security services,
including Lone Star.
Longer clubs, along the lines of bo and quarterstaves,
are also produced. These are much less common, but are
still widely used by street fighters, martial artists and
others who prefer a relatively silent and effective hand-to-
hand weapon.
Recently, a set of light, wrist-length gloves made of
Implast have been produced. The gloves are as flexible as
normal leather, but they stiffen when the wearer strikes,
creating a rigid striking surface which relaxes and flexes a
split-second later. Implast gloves are becoming very
popular with street fighters and cover operatives of all

Cost: Normal Weapon Cost x 5

Gloves: 1,000¥
Availability: 4/48 hours
Street Index: 1
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FSR7201 Seattle Sourcebook 15.00 12.75 FBT1649 BattleTech Record Sheets #3
FSR7203 London Sourcebook 15.00 12.75 (Heavy Mechs) 8.00 7.20
FSR7208 Neo-Anarchist Guide to Real Life 15.00 12.75 FBT1650 BattleTech Record Sheets #4
FSR7103 Sprawl Sites One 12.00 10.20 (Assault Mechs) 8.00 7.20
FSR7105 Paranormal Animals of N. A. 12.00 10.20 FBT1667 BattleTech: Vehicle Record Sheets 8.00 7.20
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SHADOWRUN: ADVENTURES FBT1620 Kurita: The Dranconis Combine 15.00 12.75
FSR7302 Mercurial 8,00 7.20 FBT1621 Stelner: Lyran Commonwealth 15.00 12.75
FSR7303 Dream Chipper 8.00 7,20 FBT1623 Davlon: The Federated Suns 15.00 12.75
FSR7304 Queen Euphoria 8,00 7.20 FBT1664 ClanTroops 15.00 12.75
FSR7305 Bottled Demon 8,00 7.20 FBT1639 BattleTech 20 Year Update 12.00 10.20
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FSR5078 Never Deal With a Dragon (Vol. 1) 4.50 4,00 FBT1643 Rhonda's Irregulars 8.00 7.20
FSR5125 Choose Your Enemies Carefully (Vol. 2) 4.50 4.00 FBT1657 More Tales/Black Widow 8.00 7.20
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Blood Name (Vol. 2)
Falcon Guard (Vol. 3)
Catalog t Item Name Suggested Retail Member FBT5219 Natural Selection 4.50 4.00
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BATTLETECH: GAME SYSTEMS FBT5221 Decision at Thunder Rift 4.50 4.00
FBT1604 BattleTech (3rd Ed.) 25.00 21.75 FBT5309 Ideal War 4.99 4.50
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FBT1641 MechWarrlor (2nd Edition) 15.00 12,75 FBT5337 The Far Country 4.99 4.50 Oct
FBT1660 Solaris VII 25.00 21.75 BATTLETECH: MISC
FBT8611 Shrapnel 18.00 15.30
Prices guaranteed If order Is postmarked by December 15,1993 FBT1615 BattleTech Blueprint Set (Boxed) 10.00 9.00
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FSR7113 Corporate Shadowfiles
Catalog # ASRO »»[Ka-ge Issue Zero Catalog # ASR6 »»[Ka-ge Issue Six
Squasher & Squeeker(our first network fiction piece The Neo-Anarchists give us more paydata on M.S.P. and
ever), the Fetishmonger and limo driver contacts, the High Patterson's Guide to Paranormal Animals fills us in on the
Security Warehouse Location Archetype, the "Fishing critters running around M.S.P. as well. Two pieces of fiction,
Season" Scenario, the DantA Corporate Profile, and the gear, new contacts, NPCs and more.]«« Only $6.00
Freelance Reporter Archetype. New gear includes the
Grumman Cargomaster vehicle, Microvision cyberware, Catalog # ASR7 »»[Ka-ge Issue Seven
Improved Visual Spectrum eye enhancements, and the lethal The Neo-Anarchists give a rundown on Australia!
Screecher cybernetic throat implants.]«« Only $4.00 Complete history on the continent, major corps., Brisbane
sprawl and more. Patterson's Guide to Paranormal Animals
Catalog # ASR1 »»[ Ka-ge Issue One gives us the scoop on some oriental critters. Chad Olson's
"Lucy," a short story by Jim Long. Also includes the "A Night's Change of Plans" continues with part two. New
Cyco Circuits corporate profile, (with the Cyco Circuits Matrix gear, contacts, three Knight Errant archetypes and more
Map), the "No Free Parking" scenario, the Hairstylist and E- make this an info packed issue.]«« Only $6.00
Wizzard contacts, NINE Cyberdeck Utilities in the new gear
section, as well as THREE Cyco Cyberdecks. Official modifica- Catalog # ASR8 >»[Ka-ge Issue Eight
tions to the Weapons Fire Modes, and the first appearance of Information on Boston and the Black Lotus. The saga of
our Reviews section.]«« Only $ 5.00 Blaze continues with the third installment, "First Contact" by
Chad Olson. More information on Oriental Critters. Also
Catalog # ASR2 »»[Ka-ge Issue Two included is the latest official Errata from FASA on Shadowrun
SOLD OUT II and Grimoire II. How can you pass these forty-eight pages
up?]«« Only $6.00
Catalog # ASR3 »»[Ka-ge Issue Three
Our last 32 page issue, sure to be a collector's item! Catalog # ASR9 >»[Ka-ge Issue Nine
Letters to the Sysop debut, Ragfeather, the corporate Three new critters from Aztlan, the continuation of the
profile on the Dwarven Technical Guild, a Private Investigator Blaze sage, and first of two installments on Armour Interna-
archetype, Backstreet Butcher and Joy Girl contacts, Short in tional, a multi-national weapons and security corporation.
the Dark scenario and the rigger bar The Torque Wrench. The Ten new pages of gear and the Troll Ranger Archetype.
New Gear section provides four manipulation spells, the "Business Unusual" short story by Vicki Kirchhoff.]«« Only
Everlast Chem Grenade, Diamond Back Combat Boots, new $6.00
slap patches and the every handy Hypo-Doc. Add all this
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Starting our second year out with the Neo-Anarchists Sold out the first day of GENCON, these bandannas are
guide to M.S.P. Lots of new places to hang out, corps to run in stock again for those with flair enough to wear them.
against. Decking utilities, contacts, gear and more make this Printed with the same Red and Silver design as the hats, this
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Upcoming from FASA
October November
Tir na nOg a source book for $ 18.00. Tir na nOg, Celtic Double Cross an adventure for use with Tir
the Land of Youth, has long been protected by a na nOg for $8.00. The mere thought of elves and
powerful veil. The former nation of Ireland now stands politics give even the most hardened street samurai the
revealed in its Awakened power. Who are its masters? shakes. But when the elves are Irish and the politics
Where did they come from? And what does its emer- American there's only danger in store. But for whom?
gence hold for the world of 2054?
Sprawl Maps for $ 15.00. Full-color 11 x 17" maps
offer detailed scenes for your Shadowrun encounters.
Sites include a night club, back alley, monorail station, a
selection of apartments, and other colorful sprawl

Upcoming from Ral Partha

December 6 Samurai, male and female, 20-563 - Maria Mercurial and
20-560 - Mercenaries, male and female (2), 20-561 - Kyle Morgan, 20-564 - Harlequin and Ehran the Scribe.
street Mages, male and female (2), 20-562 - Street Each set sells for $4.00.
Corporate Shadowfiles ment. The final section in on Cons
by Nigel D. Findley the big eight corporations of Alas, it is not a perfect
Rating 4.5 out of 5 Seattle: Ares, Aztechnology, product. Perhaps the most
Fuchi, Mitsuhama, Renraku, glaring omission is the lack of
In the world of Shadowrun Saeder-Krupp, Shlawase, and information on the orbital
there has long been the hint of Yamatetsu. station. FASA has long been
huge multinational companies cagey about releasing informa-
controlling the fates of entire Pros tion regarding near-space;
nations as well as individual The first pro for this product however, they've just opened
shadowrunners. I say hint is the very nature of the book the flood gates (something we
because even though the itself. This has been long over- midwesterners know a thing or
source material always says due in the Shadowrun universe two about) with the near orbit
these companies exist, there and provides gamemasters stuff and now they need to
has never been any attempt to with much needed information produce more. As a powerful
put life into the huge compa- on their favorite corporations. entity off in space, the orbital
nies of the year 2054. All that It is presented in a very clean station, along with the associ-
just changed. style with lot of information ated court and bank, should
Shadowfiles is more than packed into a little space. Not have been explained with
just an outline of the biggest only are the companies spelled either less or more detail. As it
and most powerful companies out, they are given enough is we'll have to wait for the
operating in the Seattle area. It detail to make them usable next several months (or more)
is a primer on how business of without giving away every until some type of near orbit
2054 operates. If you thought secret. With the book large source book is available. The
the streets were dirty, wait till corporations are not only inter- given information just isn't
you see the board rooms. esting, they are playable. complete enough to use in a
Shadowfiles is essentially di- One of the things that campaign setting or as an
vided into four sections. makes the style work is the adventure site.
The first is a corporate method of delivery. Roughly If there is anything else the
primer and history of how 50% of the entire book is done book is missing, or does wrong,
things work on the inside of the in shadow vox, which gives the it is the lack of corporate insid-
corporation. The second sec- entire product a gritty feeling ers. We now know a thing or
tion is on the Zurich-Orbital that should serve to spark the two about what goes on inside
Habitat. This section is impor- imagination of gamemasters for the corporations, but the
tant as the habitat houses the a long time. gamemaster has little informa-
Corporate court system and the Finally, the primer on corpo- tion on playing a group of
bank of most (if not all) rations is priceless for characters who actually want to
megacorporations, the Zurich- gamemasters who really have work for the corporation. Fully
Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank. The no idea how business works in financed shadowruns you can't
third section is a system for the "real" world. Everybody turn down. Sounds like fun to
rating the corporations for use knows businesses attempt to me.
in game play. Obviously with a make a profit, but it's amazing
system such as this it is very how people (gamemasters Overall
easy for gamemasters to in- included) think business comes This is a great product. It
clude their own unique corpo- up with that profit. opens some issues I'd like to
rations in their game environ- see resolved as quickly as
possible (Azatlan, near space, for $8.00.
Japan, etc.), but it does an Tir Tairngire
excellent job at getting the ball by Nigel Findley
rolling and providing some Rating 4.5 out of 5
really dark atmosphere for
Shadowrun in general. As a This is one of the most
sourcebook this is among the requested source books to
best and most useful FASA has come out since the release of
produced. Although players Shadowrun (along with
will not have to refer to it in the
Shadowfiles). This slick book is
course of every adventure, packed with excellent art and
gamemasters will find it very fantastic ideas about a culture
useful. At $18.00 it is well that is just a little left of human.
worth the price. Although gamemasters will find
it of the most use, players could
In Brief well use the information in
fleshing out those elven charac-
A Killing Glare ters. Easily on a par with the
by Louis Prosperi Seattle Sourcebook, its proxim-
Rating 3.5 out of 5 ity to the Seattle sprawl ulti-
mately makes it much more
In this scenario book runners useful than an European source
get the chance to interact with book. The price is also a
the Urban Brawl team the shocker -- only $18.00.
Seattle Screamers. As you can
imagine this is not necessarily a
healthy thing to do, especially
when the runners are standing
between several of the brawlers
and a very powerful corpora-
tion. The adventure is very well
done and quite unique. It is
also good to see the return of
characters we've seen in previ-
ous adventures--proving it
really is a small world. The
grand finale is best handled
with DMZ, however, which can
prove very lethal to player
characters. Although other
endings are provided, they lack
the grand gesture of a truly
epic ending you get with DMZ.
A good, but bloody, adventure
The following calendar lists 1994. Held on the campuses of sage at (310) 326-9440.
the conventions for which we Claremont Colleges in Clar- Please note that we need to
have heard rumors of Shadow- emont California (about 30 receive information about
run events. If you know of any miles east of Los Angeles). events at least 60 days before
conventions that are not on Includes Shadowrun and other mailing dates in order to
the calendar, please let us role-playing games, an art insure that they will make it
know so we can inform other display and more. GMs wel- into the issues they need to
Network members. come. Registration $5.00, be in. (i.e. to have convention
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leave a message at (310) 326- dance 600+, 30+ for BattleTech. conventions at which MNA
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Lutherstr.23 / 68169 Mannheim / GERMANY.
»»(Reposted from the newsnet Inmates Recaptured ENTERTAINMENT
for your reading conve- Ironhead Tiamartz and Wilson
nience.)«« - Quirk <11:05:45/ Gressman, inmates from the Holly- Ghostman Released Amid Con-
09-14-53> wood Correctional Facility who sumer Riots
escaped three weeks ago, were Hollywood Simsense released
INTERNATIONAL returned to the facility following an their latest chip "Ghostman" amid a
exhaustive manhunt of the Seattle near-riot of buyers at local entertain-
Veil Lifts on Tir na nOg Sprawl. The two men were returned ment outlets across the city. The
Officials for the awakened to their respective cells earlier today. prerelease publicity, which included
government of Tir na nOg, once the "Of course we're pleased when free samples of individual scenes,
nation of Ireland, prepare to take their the system works," said Lone Star seems to have struck a sympathetic
place among the other nations of the Captain Otto Villar. "These two men cord in the public, who turned out to
world stage by relaxing their strict have been the target of our best and purchase the product in near-record
policy of isolation and separatism. brightest detectives." Rumors ran numbers.
Analysts across the globe have wild that the two men were not "Of course we're pleased," said
advanced countless theories about captured by Lone Star, but by an as Olivia Zaine, product manager for the
the changes in the global marketplace yet unidentified group of individuals. new title. "We've been very careful
this will cause. Captain Villar called such reports in the marketing campaign; however,
The land beyond the veil has long "nonsense." when you try something new, like the
been viewed with mistrust and fear, "If there are any individuals even free promotions, you're never really
especially by Tir na nOg's closest remotely associated with the capture sure how the actual product will be
neighbor Britain. It remains to be of these two felons who are not full- received." When asked if other
seen if the relations between these time members of Lone Star, I haven't Hollywood products would be
two countries will be as close, or as heard of them." (continued on page marketed in a similar manner, Zaine
strained, as they were at altering B-12) declined to comment, (continued on
times prior to the awakening, (con- page F-3)
tinued on page A-20) BUSINESS
LOCAL Black Friday
In what is already being called Coach Carlisimo Eats His Words
Flex Lenard Rescued the worst one day slump in the stock Seattle Screamer player Marion
Popular trideo personality Flex market since the crash, the stock "Dozer" Barnkowski finally got his
Lenard was rescued from his abduc- market plunged when a computer chance to address Berlin coach
tors after over 150 days in captivity. virus apparently entered the system Carlisimo, whose comments earlier
The much thinner Flex was "slightly during a routine maintenance check. this season were less than kind.
injured" in the rescue, which was As the stock index began to drop for "Yea," said Dozer, "I guess you
handled by a strike team of Knight no apparent reason, officials were could say I got really motivated for
Errant. Three Knights were injured in quick to close the exchange; how- this one." The Screamers were up
the rescue, which resulted in the ever, they could not prevent a flood two goals to one when Dozer and
death of all seven captors. of automatic sales as individual stock company scored a wipe-out against
Flex could not be reached for prices plummeted. the Backbreakers. Commented one
comment; however, his spokes- "At this point the market is Backbreaker scout who asked not to
woman, Samantha Mclgra, stated closed," said exchange officials. be identified, "I guess Dozer's
"Mr. Lenard is resting comfortably "We're looking into the virus and the clothes-line tackle of our Outrider was
under the finest medical care the city activity surrounding its introduction the telling blow. Georg never knew
of Seattle has to offer. Once he has into the exchange." what hit him. I'm still not sure he's
been cleared by his medical team, he Officials went on to explain that regained consciousness."
will issue a personal statement." they may revoke all transactions Carlisimo was livid after the
Captain Ikagu of Knight Errant conducted after the introduction of game, but the angry coach was
initially refused to comment on the the virus. "We've never done it restrained by his assistants when he
details of the rescue; however, before, but that doesn't mean we'll attempted to enter the field. "I was
increased media pressure finally not start now." (continued on page hoping we'd get the chance to
forced him to make a few statements, D-24) meet," said Dozer thumbing his knife.
(continued on page B-15)
"I guess there's always next year."
(continued on page C-l)