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G U l D E T O AN I M P O L I T E S O C I E T Y

Volume 1,
Issue 2,
First Quarter 1994
As you can see, we're making even more changes with the issue and more
changes at AWOL Productions. First off, how do you like the cover? We're going to
i n d e x
Notes from the Net ................Page 3
try the heat-set cover even though it's a little more expensive for one reason. It
wears better. Although we always felt the standard cover was good, there can be The questions you wanted answered,
the answers FASA wanted us to give,
little doubt the heat-set produces a longer lasting product. The cover also gives the
and some advice from us for a dis-
newsletter a little more weight, which helps keep the issue around longer. As a side traught Camemaster.
benefit of this printing process you're picking up four additional pages of stuff. All at
no additional charge! Sounds like a good deal to me. Patterson's Guide to
We're also making some slight changes in the way we do business. First an apol- Paranormal Animals. ........ ......Page 4
ogy. Sorry, we got caught in a rut. We've been doing so many things over the last European Awakened critters by Net-
year that we sort of got in a rut with the newsletter. It began to look like the same work members Peter Williams, Sean
thing over and over. Artist and authors we'd used before kept popping up in subse- Parrack & Corey Cu/ley. The Mist
quent issues. For the most part that is great. Good talent is sometimes hard to find, Viper and Arachnis.
and when you find a winner (as we've done) you tend to want to stay with him (or
her). That is not what this newsletter is about, however. Although we will always Kage Fiction............................Page 8
try to provide quality material, we are also committed to giving new artists and au- The final installment of "If As Beast
thors a chance. Look for some new names in the future. Note, however, this does You Don 't Succeed" by Michael A.
not mean we won't be using material from established authors and artists. We're Stackpole
working with "name" writers and artists all the time, and we'll continue to do so in It's tough when you first meet your
girlfriends parents, but if you're a
the future. We're just going to broaden our base a little at the same time.
werewolf, well that is another story!
Although it is still only February, we're already getting ready for the convention
season. Once again AWOL Production will be at GenCon in Milwaukee. Why bring ZO
this up now? Easy question. AWOL has made some of its best and strongest con- Two new contacts and two new ar-
tacts through the face-to-face meetings we've had at conventions like GenCon. It chetypes by Network members Sean
makes everything easier when we can talk to an artist, author, or member one-on- Parrack & ]B Buchanan. The Combat
one. If you're interested in writing or producing art for the game market, now is the Medic , The Ex-Brawler, and more.
time to put together a portfolio. Start gathering your work and write us for an ap-
pointment at GenCon. Our main goal this year is to meet as many interested con- Corporate Shadow Files ...... .Page 23
tributors as possible. European Business Machines and
I've been asked numerous times. "How did you become a writer for FASA?" An- Magic — EBM[2] by Network member
other easy answer. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. 1 said yes a lot and I never Stephen Kenson
missed a deadline. The more work 1 did the more work they wanted me to do. It
got to be a self perpetuating cycle that lead to the Black Thorn novels. No reason Ka'ge Fiction ........................Page 27
you can't do the same thing. I've talked to enough successful artists that have the "There Are Shadows And Then There
Is ... "by Network member Chris
same story. So get excited, get inspired, and get going.
Enjoy. More hairy beast are loose in Seattle.
|im The only trouble is who is the beast
BTW. thanx to all the people who offered support and patience during my surgery and who isn 't?
and rehab. It took lots of both to get me back on my feet (literally!).
Paydata.................................Page 33
Up Coming. Reviews, and more

Calendar of Events ............ ...Page 39

k a • g e The Cons every runner should attend
is an
Tuning's Guide to
Organizations.. .................. ...Page 40
Coven of the Crimson Moon by Net-
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AWOL Administrative Coordinator...Rodney Knox President-Person ...................................Sam Lewis
an ever growing element to the Shad-
AWOL Office Manager.........................Jane Foster Shadowrun-Person................................ Tom Dowd
owrun game. We at the Network call
A WOL Membership & Convention Coordinator..., it the "Vampire Factor".
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Eight new pieces of gear to add to
Magazine Staff trademark of AWOL Productions, Inc. All materi-
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Teras Cassidy and Michael Morris.
Editor &. Developer ...........................Rodney Knox FASA Corporation.
Contributing Writers.Stephen Kenson, Michael A. Network Member Graffiti. ....Page 48
Stackpole, Rodney Knox, Sean Parrack, Jim Long. Ka'ge is published quarterly for $20.00 per year
Read it here first or the next rights you
Kimberly Knox, Teras Cassidy, Chris Hussey, IB by AWOL Productions, Inc., 310 Tiger Lane, Suite
have read may be your last!
Buchanan, Terry Elder, Michael Morris 3, Columbia, MO 65203. Application to mail at
Cover Art ...........................................Eric VonHaas Second-Class Postage Rates is Pending at Colum-
Writing on the Wall.. ....... .....Page 49
Interior Art......................Sean Parrack, Dan Smith, bia, MO. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
News and Blues from the Shadowrun
Kimberly Knox, Corey Gulley AWOL Productions, 2101 W. Broadway, #305,
layout................ 77ie Tribune Publishing Company Columbia, MO 65205-6018.
"/ have a question about the with. My question Is how hard do "Can players use 'Nega' charac-
spells which transform or 'morph a you think I should come down on ters In the Shadowrun game? The
character. If the spell Is cast on a Mm?" reason I ask Is because I read about
person with cyberware, does the cy- a Nega-magician In another maga-
berware transform or does It simply When we play Shadowrun the play- zine, so I tried him out In our current
fall off of the person?" ers are very aware that perturbing the game. This character dominated the
gamemaster, or the other players, will game. Nothing could hurt him (as
If essence was paid for the cyber- usually get them killed. Jim Long is far as magic goes). I really like the
ware, and it always is, the added ma- not a forgiving soul to those who 'zig- 'Nega' archetypes but my gamemas-
terial becomes a part of the character's left' when they should have 'zagged- ter said they were too powerful and
body. This being true, the cyberware right'. So my first thought is that the told me I couldn't use them any-
is transformed also, BUT, the new form player character would gain a bad rep- more. What do you think?"
does not gain the advantages of the utation with the corporations and that
cyberware. So if you get transformed they would "black-ball" him and any- This is the question we have dread-
into a frog and you have cyberlegs, one associated with him. On the other ed for sometime. The 'Nega Factor', as
you are just an ordinary frog, you can- hand, it is the gamemaster who is ulti- we call it hear, is a very powerful and
not jump 300 meters. 1 think the rules mately responsible for the running of a possibly destructive element in the
work this way because a transforma- game. The character could not have Shadowrun universe.
tion spell would become the most gotten out of control unless he was al-
powerful attack in Shadowrun if the lowed to run loose. The decision is in For those of you who don't know,
cyber-implants were destroyed or sim- the hands of the gamemaster when all 'Nega Character's are unaffected by
is said and done. It is a call that you any type of magic. No spell can affect
ply fell off when the character is trans-
formed. have to make. (On a personal note, I them, no magical creature can harm
find that a sniper's bullet, fired at range them, and no magically created items
"If a Rigger Is using his targeting from an open window, is always the concerns them. The reason why this is
equipment on a humanold target, best solution to most problems.) a problem in the game is because the
what Is the targeting number?" entire Shadowrun game is based on
"What happens when you fall a the awakening of magic in the world.
When a Rigger is attacking a charac- If you destroy that element of the
success roll for healing In the Shad-
ter or NPC, he must follow the stan- owrun game? I have read what to do game, it soon becomes pointless to
dard attacking actions and calculate when you score a success but I can't play.
the bonus of the sensors versus the find the rules about what happens
movement of the target. when you fall."
The official position of FASA and
Ka-ge is that 'Nega Characters' should
"I had a player that really botched not be allowed to be used in the
a game I was running. He managed It will depend on the severity of the game. There is and will be no support
to tick-off a corporation, LoneStar, damage, but as a general rule the heal- for any type of 'Nega Character' in the
and the other players he was playing ing time is doubled. Shadowrun game.
IDENTIFICATION HABITS short distances. Its feathers are a
Mist Vipers are awakened creatures Mist Vipers are omnivorous, eating bright red in color with the serpent's
who somehow morphed between small creatures as well as insects and head being a green-blue color. Many
being a bird and being a snake. They certain types of seeds and spores. Asian gangs use the Mist Viper as their
are also endowed with the ability to They generally live in low, swampy emblem. The viper represents stealth
assume the form or mist. This allows areas. and death.
them to approach their prey and deliv-
er a killing bite without ever being POWERS WEAKNESS
seen as a threat by the victim. The viper has the unique ability to None
transform into a mist. The transforma-
tion is actually an illusion and sentinate
MAGIC ABILITY creatures can sometimes defeat the
Innate ability. The creature can also fly for


B Q S C I W E R Attacks
4/1 5x5 3 1 / 3 4 6 4 6/S

Initiative Dice : 2D6

Powers : Flying, Illusionary Transformation, Poison Venom

IDENTIFICATION MAGIC CAPIBILITIES be nomadic. The creature is only
The Arachnis resembles a cross be- Innate found in Azatalan and South America.
tween a human and a spider. The
head has two pinchers and eight eyes. HABITS WEAKNESSES
The creature also has eight limbs and is The Arachnis is strictly a carnivorous None
covered in a very coarse fur. At full creature, eating a diet of small rodents
height they stand an average of 2.5 to house pets. The Arachnis is usually
meters and weigh 280kg. found in herds of 3 to 15 and tend to


B Q S C I W E R Attacks
4 5x5 3 5 3 2 6 5 6/m

Initiative Dice : 2D6

Powers : Enhanced Senses, Immunity to poisons, Venom

If As Beast
You Don't Succeed
When you come right down to it, cult a time finding the bullet molds or I've got talents that all the cybernetics
there's no easy way to tell the woman a gunsmith to do the trick for him. I built into Kid Stealth and Tom Electric
you intend to marry that you're a liked Phil, and he liked me, but he'd combined can't equal.
werewolf. If I'd been a hit-man for the still be at the door with a gun to keep More importantly, I'd brought the
mob, or had worked clean-up for me away from Lynn. I couldn't blame Sampson matter to his attention in the
yakuza enforcers, or had even been a him, really. No man wants to think first place. The Halloweeners, a street
poacher out in the Elven preserves, I about having to paper train his grand- gang that controlled what had been
could have told her straight out. I children. my old neighborhood, had never been
would have taken Lynn's hand in mine My computer console beeped, res- much of a threat to anyone aside from
and said, "Look, there's something cuing me from the nihilistic and de- themselves. This proved especially
you should know about me. I've done pressing spiral my thoughts had spun true after the night of fire a couple of
some bad things in my life, but that's into over the last two hours. I swore years ago when the Weenies had been
all ended now." when I saw I'd only gotten a piece of taken down— hard. It took them over
That would have been easy. The E-mail because I'd hoped Raven would a year to get back up to strength, and
confession, some tears, some hugging, have stayed online so we could dis- then they had to fight to get their turf
some kissing and an "I will marry you, cuss the message I'd sent him earlier. I back.
Wolf," would have all followed one decrypted his sending by hitting two That fight had been going badly,
after the other. Not that I'd gone this keys and read it as the words, scrolled which was no great surprise because
route before, but I knew it would have up the screen. Charles the Red was still in charge of
worked. Women really seem to find the Weenies. Then this huge guy, with
honesty seductive — probably because Wolf, long blond hair and arrogance dense
there's damned little of it in the court- Kid Stealth, Tom Electric, Tark enough to stop bullets, showed up
ing process. Besides, I had it so bad for and 1 are taking Valeric Valkyrie and started giving orders. Chuckles ac-
Lynn I couldn't let myself consider her and heading up to Oak Harbor to cepted his demotion graciously and,
rejecting me. probe a bit more deeply into Mr. after getting out of the hospital, start-
But that was in the case where I Sampson's background. Uncer- ed backing Mr. Sampson in his effort
confessed to being a mass murderer or tain when we will return. I would to retake Weenie turf.
something just as bad. Being a were- heartily encourage you continue I'd never been on good terms with
wolf, on the other hand, was much to see Lynn Ingold as we would the Halloweeners, and Charles the Red
worse. not want another attempt to thought of me as the person who had
Lynn would try to understand, and I abduct her. destroyed the gang. I knew that wasn't
knew that for her trying was as good We will discuss the matter of the whole truth, but letting Charles
as doing. Her parents would be decid- your message upon my return. I imagine it was kept him away from the
edly more difficult to sway. In an in- am glad you are happy, my others who had broken the Weenies. I
stant I saw Lynn's parents inviting me friend. had Raven backing me, which meant
to dinner and the effect my little reve- —Raven Charles growled a lot, but didn't bite.
lation might have. That's nice, dear," As I read the message I found my- Then Sampson showed up and the
Blanche Ingold would say politely, self of two minds, and they were at Weenies started being a lot more ag-
"Does that mean we shouldn't use the war with each other. I was a bit piqued gressive than they had been in the
good silver?" that Dr. Raven hadn't asked me to go past. Raven decided to see what he
Phil would have a use for the silver with him on the investigation. I am, could do to curb the Weenies and the
and probably would not have that diffi- after all, his longest surviving aide, and investigation into Mr. Sampson began.
Apparently something had turned up I nodded solemnly, but still select- — and her compatriots curtailed their
to link Sampson to Oak Harbor, and I ed clothes that looked less martial than poaching of human targets in my last
was glad Raven was following up on most. I settled on a pair of jeans Lynn adventure with Raven.
the lead. Still, getting left behind made had cajoled me into buying on our last Scars. They meant I had survived.
me feel like I was being punished outing — so I'd have a pair with more No one could say that I'd not given
when I hadn't done anything. fabric than holes, she'd said. The gray better than I took in all these adven-
I stopped for a second. Wolf, send- t-shirt I selected had two advantages: tures, but something inside of me felt
ing Raven that message this morning it was clean and it was woven of tired of it all.
can hardly be considered nothing. Kevlar. While I did not expect trouble, There'll come a point when you
The message said that I had decid- I'd not become Raven's longest living don't live long enough to scar.
ed to ask Lynn to marry me and, for aide by being completely stupid. Last- I forcibly turned my mind away
that reason, I felt I had to sever my ly I chose my black leather jacket even from maudlin thoughts. I dressed
connections with Raven and his crew. though it had a red and black raven quickly and headed out of the apart-
I smiled as I reread Doc's sugges- patch on the left shoulder. ment. At the door I hesitated and al-
tion that I continue to see Lynn. Short Having selected my wardrobe, I hit most tucked my Beretta Viper 14 in
of having me trussed up and hauled the shower for a quick, somewhat my waistband, but I knew Lynn would
down to the southwestern deserts that bracing scrubdown. I had a devil of a hate it. Not wanting to give her any
spawned him, Raven knew he couldn't time trying to wash my back and actu- reason to be even slightly displeased
keep me away from her. It pleased me ally gave up after not too much effort. with me, I left the gun on the foyer
to see Richard took real joy in seeing As long as I was going to be confess- table and went out into the cool au-
that I had obtained the happiness he ing things to Lynn, I figured I could tumn afternoon air.
denied himself. confess needing help washing my back I set off at a leisurely pace and tried
The timer on the computer terminal and see if she'd offer to help me. to keep my mind clear of any matters
went off, and I realized I was going to That tactic had worked before. vexing or bothersome, but that wasn't
be late if I didn't get moving. With the I toweled myself dry and found my- simple as it might seem. I tried to
stroke of one button, I zapped the self standing there before the mirror, think of Lynn — which was easy — but
message, then shut down my terminal. doing that obligatory, Double-X chro- my thoughts quickly veered off into
I retreated to my bedroom then mosomally-challenged person's flexing the vortex from which Raven's mes-
frowned as I stared at my wardrobe. If and posturing. I'm not as tall as some sage had rescued me.
haute couture ever discovers Kevlar, men, but taller than most. I have a "Maybe I could ease into it... the
I'll be doing turns on Paris runways lean, muscular build that had prompt- next time we go shopping I'll just pick
modeling my wardrobe. I had plenty ed a few folks — the aforementioned up some dog biscuits or flea and tick
of stuff for playing the well-heeled sol- Charles the Red being one — to think shampoo..." I laughed openly at that
dier of fortune, but virtually nothing to of me as easy pickings until we tan- thought, but more sinister laughter
wear that could be described as nor- gled. Brown hair covered my torso filled in the echoes.
mal. front and back, yet it could not hide Dr. Raven knew my secret — he'd
I shook my head. That's because the myriad scars that crisscrossed my helped me conquer the darker, sav-
you ARE a soldier of fortune, Wolfgang flesh. Each one reminded me of some age, wolf side of myself before I could
Kies. For the past eight years you've adventure I'd had with Dr. Raven — cause too much damage. Through
worked with Dr. Richard Raven in his and even a few before I hooked up Raven I learned of the wolf spirit
battle to keep the chaos of the Awak- with him. dwelling within me, and because of
ening from swallowing up what's left The most recent scar, a puckered, Raven I was able to use the wolf's
of humanity. You and the others have pink dot with a line bisecting right be- strength and speed as other warriors
helped hold the line that keeps normal neath my left nipple, stood out be- used cybernetics to enhance their abili-
people safe from magical monsters cause the chest hair around it had not ties in combat. In enabling me to gain
and technological monstrosities. fully grown back. I'd gotten that scar control Raven had very definitely
There's nothing wrong with being a from a bullet shot at me by a big-time saved my life, my sanity and my soul.
warrior and your clothes have allowed hunter who wanted to bag a human. Valerie Valkyrie, Raven's newest
you to survive by dressing for the She'd gone from hunter to hunted — if aide, did not know about my affliction,
part... one can say that maggots actively hunt nor did Tom Electric or Plutarch Grao-
grim, even though the three of us had find it and use it to keep Lynn safe. brains smaller than your average
worked together for the last several I'd met Lynn through my associa- lugnut — kidnapped Lynn to provide
years. Kid Stealth probably had some tion with Dr. Raven. Etienne La Plante, La Plante with merchandise to soothe
idea there was something special one of the larger pieces floating to the the ruffled sensibilities of an angry
about me from the time when he was top in the cesspool that is Seattle's un- client. Kid Stealth discovered La Plante
stalking Raven's crew, but he'd never derworld, fancies himself a commodi- had something special going down,
mentioned it. The Chauffeur, Kid ties broker. Whereas legitimate folks so, with Stealth's buddies the Red-
Stealth's replacement as the chief en- are content to deal in grain, simsense wings, we hit an old resort complex
forcer of Etienne La Plante's criminal chips or other such staples, La Plante called The Rock. We ran into some-
organization, certainly had thing a bit nastier than we
an idea that I could change had expected, but Dr. Raven
shape, but he probably put showed up in time to pre-
it down to a spell instead of vent Stealth and me from
any inherent ability. adding our names to the list
The others who had actu- of deceased aides.
ally known about me pre- After we rescued her,
sented the real core prob- Dr. Raven and I took Lynn
lem that had me wanting to back to the apartment she
find a way to leave Lynn in shared with her parents in
the dark. The Silicon Wasp, the RJR Nabisco-Sears tower.
Robin Carter and Mr. Stilts She was still pretty out of it
were all members of Doc's because of the drugs La
entourage who had learned Plante had used to sedate
the truth about me. All of her, but Raven pronounced
them had taken the secret her fit and said all she need-
to the grave with them, and ed was lots of sleep. I volun-
there were simsense starlets teered to stay in case there
who had careers that lasted was any more trouble — to
longer than my friends did. I the relief of her parents —
knew it was only coinci- and spent most of the next
dence, but learning that se- thirty-six hours holding her
cret seemed about as safe to keep the nightmares
as drinking a plutonium away while she slept.
cocktail. Though I should All in all that wasn't
have taken heart in the fact incredibly different from
that Raven had survived the things I'd done in the past
longest, somehow I har- for other victims of Seattle
bored the fear that knowing crime. It sounds smug to say
my secret had killed the that I'd gotten used to peo-
others. ple being grateful and look-
As much as I wanted to ing to me as some sort of
share my secret with Lynn, as much as goes in for more exotic merchandise. saviour, but it's true. You have to get
I wanted to share my life with her, I Arms trading and narcotics are his used to it because the connection al-
didn't want to add any more pain to bread and vegemite, but he makes his ways ends. There's always another
her life. If that was to be the result of profit moving bodies through white person with a problem or another mys-
my actions, I'd sooner have shot my- slavery rings. Pretty women, or men tery that needs solving. I'd been
self than cause her any hurt. And, of for that matter, can fetch a premium in through the same thing hundreds of
course, being male and in love meant I the penthouses of the corporate tow- times before.
knew there was a solution to the prob- ers around the world. Only this time it was different. This
lem somewhere. All I had to do was La Plante's henchmen — orks with time it involved Lynn and involved me
getting involved with Lynn. daughter was dating someone from Stealth to come. I've still not thanked
I looked up and found myself at the Dr. Raven's band of heroes — mind him for saving my little girl."
corner of the small strip mall the RJR you, that's not as good as someone I felt the shiver run through Lynn.
folks put into ground floor of Employ- from the corporate boardrooms, but it Her father put it down to memories of
ee Tower # 1 . I winked at the two beats most of the Gillettes running her ordeal, but I knew it had come at
woman greeters stationed on either around the streets. Their occupation the mention of Kid Stealth's name.
side of the door, then hurried across had made both of them plump like Lynn's very much a pacifist and
the crowded lobby to the small bakery gingerbread people, but I've always Stealth, well, I think he considers vio-
that employs the whole Ingold family. distrusted anorexic cooks anyway. lence some sort of performance art.
I waved at Phil as he poured coffee for They'd invested the last twenty-five His openings are a splash, and only
a couple at one of the rear tables, then years in their daughter, and their love close after the coroner uses a lot of su-
caught his daughter as she threw her- for her showed plainly on their faces. tures.
self into my arms. I hugged her tight I shook Phil's hand as he came I gave Lynn a reassuring squeeze,
and kissed her, then set her down and over. His grip, a bit dry from the flour then addressed her parents. "I'll see
stared at her, scarcely believing she coating it, was strong nonetheless. what I can do. Raven and the others
was truly there and really did care for "Afternoon Mr. Ingold, Mrs. Ingold. have gone out of Seattle for a while. I
me. How are you?" hope they will be back in time for your
Lynn wore her burnished copper Phil mumbled something I didn't party. We'll let you know if they can
hair pulled back in a ponytail just long quite catch as Blanche distracted me. make it."
enough to reach her shoulderblades. Staring at her daughter as only a moth- Lynn's father laughed. "They can
The top of her head came up to my er can when trying to remind her to do come even if they don't call ahead —
nose. The scent of her perfume something, Blanche's gaze flitted to Blanche, she always makes too much
brought back pleasant memories of in- me, then back to Lynn. I frowned. food for parties. I can remember a
timate moments that threatened to "What's going on?" time..."
make me blush. Her broad smile and Lynn glared at her mother as only a Lynn slapped me playfully on the
pert nose accentuated the lively twin- daughter can do, then looked up at me stomach. "That's our cue to leave."
kle of her green eyes and the sprin- and sighed. "My parents are celebrat- She kissed her father on the cheek,
kling of freckles across her cheeks ing their 30th anniversary next week, then grabbed a jeans jacket and brown
made her seem happier yet. and they wanted to make sure I invited paper bag from her mother. She kissed
She wore jeans and a red-checked you to the party, which I would have Blanche and made her promise not to
shirt with complementary kerchief that done a bit later. They also wished you wait up.
meant she was going to try to talk me extend the invitation to Dr. Raven and Blanche gave her an extra little hug,
into going to a neo-Western dance your compatriots." then let her go. "Be careful. I worry
club. After the Ghost Dances had killed Blanche unconsciously clasped her even though I know you're in good
so many people, and prompted others hands together in an attitude of prayer hands."
to go native, things concerning Ameri- and crushed them to her ample I slipped my left arm around Lynn's
ca's Wild West had been downplayed. bosom. "That Dr. Raven, such a nice, slender waist and guided her through
Time breeds a certain amount of con- ah, man." the lobby. "I take it from your outfit
tempt and this neo-Western club I suppressed a laugh. Raven is a you want to go to that Sooner saloon
called itself "Oklahoma." Everything rare commodity — an Amerindian Elf later?"
had been styled after an ancient musi- who does not live in the Indian Land She gave me an impish smile.
cal, which meant the men wore shirts or the Elven Preserves outside Seattle. "You're not much of a detective for all
made of the tablecloths from Italian He's also devilishly handsome — a fact the work you've done with Dr. Raven."
restaurants and every other vidiot that had not been lost on Blanche In- I shrugged easily. "He just keeps
packed a sixgun with a low grade laser gold or many of the other women he's me around for heavy lifting and com-
triggered by revolver blanks. met. That's one of the reasons I'd stu- forting damsels in distress." 1 narrowed
Blanche came our of the back and diously avoided having Lynn renew my eyes and tried to figure out what
smiled when she saw me. She and Phil her acquaintance with Raven. nefarious plan she had brewing in her
both looked happy and content and Phil looked over at his wife and mind. "If there's a mystery here, I can't
perhaps a bit proud that their only sighed. "I hope you get that Kid solve it. Don't tell me you've been
hired by the Yamaguchi-gumi to tegrate myself with numbered society than your average kitchen still lurked
square dance me to death!" — like the RJR folks — because I did on street corners and in shadows. They
Lynn shivered eloquently. "You not exist. Whereas legitimate and still had the hollow, haunted look of
know, my love, that / know how tracked citizens had myriad safety nets despair in their eyes that they would
much you hate Oklahoma." She built into the system to keep them die with — and that I had worn until
glanced back over her shoulder at her alive, shadow runners just slip through not so long ago — but it just didn't
parents. "However, they don't know the cracks. seem to matter to me anymore.
that. I thought perhaps we Shadow running is
might catch a bite to eat after fine when your life is a dead
we hit the park, then just re- end, but when you can see a
tire to your place..." future, it just seems a childish
"Well, my back does need game.
washing..." The wolf spirit inside
"My specialty." me spoke in a harsh whisper.
"Maybe you think so..." A warrior who views war as a
Lynn blushed and smacked game is a warrior who will not
me playfully on the arm. see death when it comes for
The awkwardness of her him.
sharing living quarters with We reached the park
her parents had been dealt and walked to the benches be-
with before through similar yond the area where the local
subterfuges. Because her par- wireheads had jacked into the
ents had worked for RJR public access systems. Those
Nabisco-Sears all their adults with trodes built in, like Lynn
lives, they got a sizable apart- or Valerie Valkyrie, just
ment in the employee tower, plugged themselves directly
and it came with cleaning ser- into the game tables. The oth-
vices and childcare that made ers rented electrode coronets
it possible for employees to from a ramshackle kiosk and
devote themselves fully to jacked in. Two kids were play-
serving the company instead ing some variant of chess in
of having to maintain a house- which holographic pieces bat-
hold. The Bakery and other tled each other — they attract-
company shops provided any- ed a small crowd that cheered
thing and everything the em- when a piece died a particu-
ployees might need, and chil- larly grisly death. Others did
dren were encouraged to re- their own things, oblivious to
main there — especially if spectators. One guy who
they decided to work for the wore his purple hair in a
company as Lynn had. spiked mohawk with piglet
For a moment my mind curls fore and aft seemed fa-
drifted back to my younger miliar, but I couldn't place him
days on the streets. Bom in a immediately. He amused him-
tenement with no state or cor- self by projecting images of
porate official there to register me, I Heading down to pier 59 and the city officials and hapless sheep into di-
started life as a shadow runner. No of- Aquarium park with my arm around a agrams from an online edition of the
ficial records existed of Wolfgang Kies, beautiful woman, I looked at the city in Kama Sutra. I realized I probably rec-
which meant I was free of harassment an entirely new way. Sure, it was the ognized what he was doing instead of
by the city unless I attracted their at- same, dreary gray sinkhole of concrete. recognizing him, because I had once
tention. It also meant I could never in- Yeah, street toughs with more chrome done the same thing during the sum-
mer days of my misspent youth. Lynn rolled her emerald eyes to other piece of bread, but I shook my
Lynn sat on the bench and opened heaven and tossed a little novena to a head. "Lynn, there's something I have
her bag. She took out an old crust of wren. "You're not going to try to con- to tell you about me." I faltered. After
bread and broke it into small bits. She vince me that birds were once di- seeing how she reacted to the mention
tossed them out in a haphazard pat- nosaurs again, are you?" of Kid Stealth or anything that might
tern at first. Then, as birds congregated I quick-scattered a rosary's worth of remind her of violence, there seemed
she sowed her crumbs in a way that crumbs in a wide arc, then brushed my no easy way to tell her about the true
kept the bigger birds back from where hands clean on my thighs. "I double- Wolfgang Kies.
the smaller ones came to feed. She checked all that stuff I mentioned last She brushed her hands off and
gave me a hunk of bread and frowned time. Deinonychus is the name of the cupped my jaw in them. "Wolf, I know
disapprovingly as I tossed a large dinosaur that had a wrist joint that that you've been forced to do things of
piece halfway between two monster looks the same as the wing joint in the which you are not proud. I know you
blackbirds. Archeopteryx, and the Archeopteryx have killed people and things while
"Wolf! You're supposed to break it has feathers and wings, hence is seen working for Dr. Raven, but I also know
down into smaller portions!" Her pro- as the first bird. See, dinosaurs and you did that to help others, like me. I
nouncement came as if it were one of proto-birds had this common ancestor cannot and will not let that drive a
the laws of the universe that I'd missed in the Jurassic period..." wedge between us — that's a decision
somewhere in my meager schooling. She frowned. "Why would I re- I made the first time I agreed to go out
"You want to run that by me again, member deinonychus as a word?" with you."
with the help files active this time?" I shrugged. "It was a large and par- She pressed her fingertips to my
She rested her hands in her lap, ticularly bloodthirsty carnosaur. It ran lips to stop me from saying anything.
which prompted one bold sparrow to fast and had this nasty old sickle- "I know you, perhaps better than you
light on her knee and pick at the crust shaped claw on each of its feet that it know yourself. I know you are a good
she still held in her hands. She used to disembowel..." As I hooked man, a strong man and I know I love
laughed, then composed her face and my right hand over to represent the you. There is nothing you could say
turned to lecture me. "You have to use claw, I saw her pale just a bit, and sud- that would change that or make me
small bits because, as my mother denly I realized why she knew the think any less of you."
taught me, birds that fly away with word. I sat there stunned for a moment or
your food in their mouths take your I reached out and hugged her to two as I realized the true depth of her
prayers to heaven with them." She me. "I'm sorry, forgive me." feelings for me. Somehow I'd assumed
nodded once as if that answer ex- She kissed the side of my neck. there was no way she could feel about
plained everything, then started feed- "Nothing to forgive — you didn't me the way I felt about her, but that
ing the birds again. mean it." proved to be a fallacy that exploded
I opened my mouth to ask a ques- But I did it anyway. She'd first with the greatest of ease. Still, she did-
tion, then stopped. Over the years I'd heard the word deinonychus when I n't know about my lunar mood
been with Dr. Raven I'd had the gaps clarified why Kid Stealth ran with such swings, and that revelation would
in my knowledge of the world filled in an odd gait. In her rescue she'd seen sorely test the strength of her convic-
for the most part. Ever since the Awak- only glimpses of him and had never tions.
ening — when magic again appeared had a good look at his titanium legs. I started to speak, but something
in the world — the God Lynn and her She'd actually seen more than she caught my attention above and be-
family worshipped had lost lots of knew and put the weirdness down to yond Lynn's head. Two hollow-eyed
ground. Still, with all the things I'd the dope in her system. When I ex- kids came around the corner of the
seen in Raven's company, and even plained how Stealth had chosen legs trode kiosk, then ducked back when
though I seriously doubted her God styled after those of a deinonychus, they saw me. Alarm bells immediately
existed at all, I couldn't discount the she asked me to stop, but she still went off in my head because while
possibility she was right. Weirder dreamed of him for the next couple of they had washed off most of the jack
things had happened. nights. o'lantern make up the Halloweeners
"Sorry," I muttered, "I just can't re- She pulled away from me and set affected, their jackets were black and
sist watching two dinosaurs fighting about feeding the dinosaurs again. Her orange — Halloweener colors.
over bread." smile returned and she passed me an- "Are you done feeding the birds?"
Lynn immediately caught the con- as if nothing unusual was happening . sprawled unceremoniously on stinking
cern in my voice. "What is it?" The Weenies stayed with us, but bags of garbage.
I looked around and saw more po- lurked at the back of the crowd gather- Lynn dropped to her knees and
tential Weenies loitering in the back- ing to cross the street. I worked us to- reached out to me, then her hands re-
ground. "Bangers. I don't like it." ward the curb, then pulled her into the coiled in horror to cover her mouth as
She sighed with exasperation to street. "Run!" she saw the bullet hole in my jacket.
cover her nervousness. "Wolf, this is a The irate honking of horns and the "Oh, God, you're shot!" The blood
public park. They have the right to use squeal of brakes drowned out any drained from her face and I sensed she
it." shouting from the other pedestrians as wanted to run but refused to give in to
I nodded. "True enough, but this we dashed into traffic. Lynn let her fear her panic. "I have to get help..."
just doesn't feel right." run riot and the adrenaline made her I held a hand up as my body once
Again she tried to play it light. "I nimble and oh so quick. She cut again let me breath. "Wait... I'm bat-
think you just want to get me back to around the front of a Ford Astarte and tered but not bloodied." Gingerly I
your place..." between two Honda mini-vans while 1 opened my coat and the .45 caliber
I stood and held my hand out to vaulted a silver Porsche Mako sports slid across my t-shirt and to the
help her up. "No denying that. Why coupe. The driver shook his fist at me ground. "See, no blood, no foul."
don't you scatter the rest of the bread through the windscreen, then went It heartened me to see the relief in
in one huge Papal audience, and let's white as a bullet shattered the safety her eyes. I saw no reason to mention
get out of here. We'll keep it natural, glass. the bullet had broken at least one of
as if nothing is wrong. The next two silenced shots went my ribs and that if the Weenies got
"Wolf, you're scaring me." She high, but I saw them hit the Sumitomo any closer with their guns, my t-shirt
crushed the bag, then up ended it and Bank building. Adrenaline lending wouldn't stop their evil intentions,
let the crumbs spill out. "Let's go, if wings to my feet, I caught up with much less another bullet.
we must." Lynn and grabbed her right hand in my I took her hands in mine and gave
The fear in her voice gave way to left. Without warning I stopped and them a squeeze. "Go further along the
anger. I knew it wasn't directed at me swung her around into the alley be- alley. Duck down behind that big
exactly, and I immediately focused my hind the bank, then 1 paused and made dumpster there. I'll be along in a sec-
reaction to it on the Weenies that had yet another in a long line of mistakes. I ond. There's something I have to do."
started to follow us. At the same time I turned back to see who was pursuing "I don't want to leave you here
wanted to kick myself for having left us. all..."
my Viper behind. The situation that ap- The lead Grunge snapped two shots "Just a second, babe, then I'll be
peared to be shaping up was not one off with his silenced Mac 10 before an- with you. Trust me."
in which I wanted to be unarmed. other Mako — this one white and As she headed back down the alley,
The wolf spirit's voice echoed sporting a dorsal fin telephone antenna I worked past the pain and reached in-
through my head. You need not be — took him like its namesake would side myself. Deep in my heart I
weaponless, Longtooth. Embrace me take a swimmer on an Australian touched the wolf spirit. The Old One
and I will deal with your enemies. beach. The lower portions of his legs hauled himself up into a sitting posi-
"No!" whipped around like empty nylons on tion and looked at me disapprovingly.
Lynn looked back at me. "What?" a clothesline, and the gangbanger The red rebuke in his eyes found allies
Despite her fear, I saw her concern for bounced from the hood to windscreen, in the scarlet shadows rippling over his
me reflected in her green eyes. then up over the top of the car. I'm not black form.
I shook my head. "Nothing impor- sure where the antenna caught him, Even before the Old One had a
tant." I glanced at the forest of gray but it looked crimson to me as the car chance to speak, I cut him off. "I need
buildings at the landward end of the continued through the intersection. your strength and your speed and your
pier. "I'm not sure if we're being fol- One of the two bullets peppered senses, and I need them now! I have
lowed, but there is a quick way for us me with concrete shards and lead no time to debate you. Now!" Without
to find out." splatter as it hit the wall near my head. waiting for his acquiescence, I pulled
She hesitated for only a second. The other one hit me square in the ribs myself out of the self-imposed trance
"Lead on." and spun me back into the alley. I rico- and smiled as the world reordered it-
I guided her toward the crosswalk cheted off the opposite wall, then self in accordance with my new per-
spective. them at me. His cut came waist high The blow numbed his forearm and
Despite the fetid garbage surround- and should have sliced my belly open, released the claws.
ing me, I could still smell the lingering but I'd already begun to twist away I stepped over his dying body and
trace of Lynn's perfume and the fear it before his attack began. The trio of pol- out onto the street again. The half-
helped mask. I heard the sounds she ished steel blades shredded the right dozen Grunges and razor boys racing
made as she ducked to safety and the flank of my jacket and razored through down the sidewalk collided abruptly as
sounds of the rats in the dumpster be- the t-shirt and some flesh, but they their lead elements tried to stop. I
hind which she hid. More importantly, didn't get enough to put me down. stroked the Ingram's trigger twice,
though, I heard the asthmatic wheez- Before he could turn his wrist sending two three-shot bursts in their
ing of a Weenie running down the around and try to backhand me with direction. Fortunately for them, and
sidewalk to- whoever does
ward where he the Workman's
had seen me Compensation
fall. filing for the
In an instant Halloweeners, a
—the broken heavy-set
rib a twinge of Grunge up front
pain to be ig- absorbed most
nored — I of the damage.
reached my One bullet
feet and flat- lanced sparks
tened myself from a Gillette's
against the op- left arm assem-
posite wall of bly and another
the alley. The folded an ork
scent of cordite over as it drove
burned into my his navel out
nostrils as the through his
silenced snout spine, but oth-
of another Mac erwise it left the
10 poked band un-
around the cor- scathed.
ner. Without Four out of at
hesitation I least ten down,
grabbed the and me with a
gun and half empty clip
yanked, pulling and busted bar-
the startled rel staves in my
Weenie into the chest. Why the
shadowed hell don't these
byway. I tore the gun free of his feeble the blades, my right hand locked on things ever happen to Kid Stealth?
grasp, then smashed its blocky butt his hand. I bent his hand inward to- I ducked back into the alley and
against his head. He collapsed without ward his own chest. Anticipating my looped the machine pistol over my
so much as a moan. move, he retracted the claws and re- shoulder by its strap. I grabbed both
Following him came a Gillette who laxed in preparation for using some es- the men I'd downed and dragged
had learned to move almost silently. oteric martial art to turn my attack them to the dumpster. Lynn's eyes
My first warning of his presence came against me. That's why it surprised him grew wide enough to fall out of her
when the 14" long claws he'd had when I jammed his fist against his own head, and I suddenly realized that with
built into his right hand telescoped out chest, then smacked the gun in my left the silencer on the gun and the way I
with a click, then whistled as he swung hand against his funnybone. dealt with the first two people, she
had no idea any fighting had taken crouching and, somehow, missed my handhold stopped the drop short, but I
place. splayed-out legs. was too intent on other things to
I dropped to one knee and brought As spent cartridges tinkled down in worry about injuries at that very mo-
the Ingram to hand again. "I'm sorry I a brass rain, I rolled over into my back ment.
got you into this, Lynn, believe me I and burned the rest of the Mac's clip. I shoved the Ingram back up to-
am." I nodded toward the bodies. "I Bullets traced a line up the alley wall ward street level and tightened down
need you to go through the razor and through the street samurai who'd on the trigger. Like a bandsaw cutting
boy's pockets and get whatever he has taken the high ground. He pitched wood, the bullets ripped along the
— guns, knives, bullets, anything. I'll back out of sight, his body looking like truck's midline. just behind the cab the
do the kid. It's our only chance at sur- a pinata filled with cherry jello, and I slugs lanced through the gas tank. Al-
vival." reloaded the gun without thinking. most instantly the acrid scent of gaso-
She reached out to touch the Lying there on my back gave me a line filled my nose and I let go of the
ragged furrows cut in my coat. "You're unique view of the world. From be- ladder's top rung.
hurt." neath the dumpster I saw a truck turn The truck exploded before I com-
"Not as badly as I will be if they get into the alley. Its tires squealed and pleted the fifteen foot drop to the river
you because of trying to kill me." I smoked as it fought for traction in the of sewage below. I saw a tremendous
started to pat the Weenie down, then garbage choking the alley mouth. As it flash, then felt the thunderous detona-
liberated the spare Ingram clips in the picked up speed and the obscenities tion shudder through my chest. The
thigh pockets of his khaki fatigues. being shouted by the passengers scream of metal twisting out of shape
"Charles the Red or Mr. Sampson fought over the roar of the engine, I re- as the flaming truck cartwheeled
somehow learned Raven and the oth- alized the Weenies meant to use the through the narrow alley sounded like
ers were going out of town. They de- dumpster to smear us into a thin, a banshee death-wail and was made
cided to make a move against me. bloody paste. yet more haunting by the acoustics of
Chuckles has been planning this for Off to my left I saw a sewer grating the subterranean sewer tunnels.
some time." lurking like a grime-smeared island in I hit water and the bottom one right
"How do you know that?" she the midst of an oily patch of waste after the other. Fire sparked in my right
asked as she pulled wires and jack- water. I leaped to it and single-hand- flank as the water gnawed into the
cords from the dead man's pocket and edly ripped the grating free. "Lynn, claw wounds. Water hissed as it
stuffed them into her own. over here, now! Get down in here." touched the gun's silencer and evapo-
I whirled around and pointed the Tears streaking her face, she rated into steam. Gathering my feet
Mac's snout at the alley mouth. A crossed to the hole and started her de- beneath me I hauled myself to the sur-
short burst blasted a Grunge back over scent. The slimy, rusty rungs made the face and stood in the waist-deep river
a parked car. "This won't do." I stood climb difficult, but she moved as of sludge. As quickly as possible I
and twisted the dumpster so it blocked quickly as she could. My enhanced ol- moved upstream. By doing that I re-
the alley, then answered her question factory senses sampled the sewer mi- joined Lynn and avoided the flaming
by pointing at the razor boy and his asma with the relish of a wine connois- liquid dripping down in long burning
purple-spiked coiffure. seur sipping Sterno. The stink gave me rivulets through the hole above.
"He was one of the ones in the park ample reason not to follow her, but the I slipped my left arm around Lynn's
when we arrived. He was jacked into gangers in the truck allowed me no al- shoulders and tried not to react as she
one of the public tables. It's my fault: ternative. wrapped her arms around my middle
We've been too predictable — always "Drop, just drop!" I yelled as I thrust and hugged. I failed and she recoiled.
going to the park before we go else- my legs down into the hole. I let my- Her hands came away bloody. She
where. He just let the others know we self slip into the darkness as the truck stared at the black stains on her palms,
had arrived and the gears started slammed into the dumpster with a for the burning gasoline's light was too
grinding." horrendous clang. My left hand feeble to give the blood its true color.
Suddenly I felt the alley walls close grabbed the top rung and my head She looked up at me as if her world
in on me like a trap. I lunged forward slipped beneath street level as the was folding in on itself. "You're bleed-
and covered Lynn's body with my dumpster's leading edge guillotined ing. This water... You need a doctor."
own. The bullets sprayed down its way above me. I felt a grinding in I forced a confident smile onto my
through the space where I'd just been my shoulder and a jolt of pain as my lips. "You have that straight. I need Dr.
Raven." increase her risk. It wouldn't matter to creature that had withstood millions of
She gave me a puzzled look. "But someone like Mr. Sampson that all she years of evolutionary pressure was no
you said he had left Seattle for a knew had become obsolete because match for a half-dozen .45 caliber slugs
while." Raven had subsequently changed up and down the length of his ar-
"True, but Raven keeps tabs on things — she would become a target mored snout. We abandoned the body
Seattle through the computer net- through which he could get at Raven. because it didn't seem the right shape
works. That's why he took Valeric She looked up at me and I saw she for luggage.
Valkyrie with them." I frowned. "Unfor- had done some hard thinking. "Wolf, if I ripped the gray junction box open.
tunately 1 can't jack into cyberspace, so we don't reach Raven, what do you The wires inside looked like so much
unless we get to a place where I can think our chances of survival are?" rainbow spaghetti to me, but Lynn rec-
use a deck, we're up a creek without a I took a deep breath — as deep as ognized things right away. She smiled
sewage treatment plant in sight." my broken ribs would allow anyway — and slipped her jack into a slot. In a
For the first time since we left the then pursed my lips. "Without contact hushed whisper I gave Lynn the link
park, Lynn smiled. She plucked a short of any sort, Raven would get suspi- number I had been assigned and the
computer jack cord from her pocket, cious after 24 hours, but he probably access codes, including the one that
and I recalled having seen her strip it would not return until after 48 or even disabled the pattern checker. I had to
off the Gillette I killed. "Get me to a 72 hours." I sighed wearily. "I could do that to verify that I was not using
junction box or public outlet and I can hold out that long — hell, with a quick the codes or the computer would see
access cyberspace." She pulled her trip to my crib I could even carry the an input pattern totally out of sync
hair back away from her left ear and I war back to the Weenies." with my previous access and would
saw the small jack into which she She looked down at the torpid river sever the connection.
snapped the cord. "If you can just get swirling around our legs. "Do the odds Lynn winked at me. "Don't worry
me to a public phone access jack, I can change when you have me in tow?" lover, no one will get those codes out
use the RJR computer through a re- "Somewhat, yeah." Slinging the of me, I promise."
mote line to hit the Matrix. You've got gun over my shoulder, I cupped her "I know," I said, but she was al-
the access codes — I'm not going to jaw in my hands and kissed her. "I'd ready gone. The smile remained on her
have to break any ice, am I?" take you back to the tower..." face, but her eyes got a glassy look as
I hesitated. The access codes and "But they're probably anticipating she went online. Her eyes REMed as
link numbers for Dr. Raven's private that idea and it would just put my par- she worked through the RJR computer
communications network were secrets ents in jeopardy." link and hit cyberspace. I watched her
I ranked right up there with knowledge "My thoughts exactly." I didn't add grin broaden, which meant she'd got-
of my particular brand of lunacy. They that we had no way of knowing how ten into Raven's system. For the next
were the most precious secrets Raven long they had been watching us or minute she looked utterly enraptured,
had because if they fell into the wrong how much they knew about where I then her eyes blinked and she returned
hands — read the Halloweeners, La was likely to go. "I'm sorry I have put to the land of flesh and blood.
Plante or the legion of other enemies you in this danger. If there was any She stared at me with incredible joy
Raven had — it would be possible to other way..." flashing in her eyes. "When I used your
uncover a whole string of Raven's safe- Lynn pressed a finger to my lips. "If codes and gave the system the over-
houses and resources. Sure, Raven is you were anyone or anything else, ride, I heard Raven's voice say, 'That's
far too intelligent to keep all his se- Wolfgang Kies, I'd never have gotten not necessary, Ms. Ingold.' He had a
crets online anywhere, but any infor- to know you. Never regret or deny pattern check already built into the
mation gleaned could jeopardize oper- what you are. It is what I love about system for me! The man's unbeliev-
ations I knew nothing about. you." able!"
Furthermore — and far more impor- I kissed her again. "Well, then, let's I suppressed a smirk. "Yeah, that's
tant to me personally — giving those find a phone box and get to work." putting it mildly."
codes to Lynn would be to bring her "I left a message telling him that
into a world 1 wanted to save her from. Finding a phone junction box was the Halloweeners were after you and
I wanted to shield her from the danger actually easier than I had imagined. me. I also said you felt you could hold
I accepted as one of Doc Raven's The only danger in reaching it was an out for 72 hours, but any help would
aides. By giving her the codes I would encounter with an alligator, but even a be appreciated."
I nodded. "Good. That will get him in a storm culvert one street over from and dulled my pain. I lashed out left
back, or he'll cut someone loose to my apartment house. With it still being and right, connecting solidly. I heard
help us." early evening and the neighborhood grunts and groans, then I slipped off
Obviously pleased with herself, and being on the peaceful side of residen- balance and began to backpedal in the
the fact that Raven had gone to the tial, not many folks were out and darkness. Something shoved me and I
trouble of building a pattern file on her about. I took that as a good sign — in exploded out into the night through
— from material undoubtedly stolen these parts "neighborhood watch" my apartment's picture window.
by Valeric from the RJR computer sys- meant folks kept score in gunflghts. If Longtooth, we are falling!
tem — she unplugged the jackcord no one was out looking around I could If you were a raven or a hawk, we
and tucked it away in a pocket. "What allow myself to assume there was no could be flying!
do we do now?" trouble brewing. Landing precluded further discus-
I pointed on further down the tun- Once we made it into the lobby of sion. I faintly recalled something about
nel. "We'll head toward my apartment, my apartment house I felt a lot better. I martial arts and breakfalls. I used one,
but we'll wait until dark before we go checked the security door down the but broke my left arm instead of my
up to street level. At my place I can back hallway and saw it was closed fall. The rest of my body slammed into
get weapons and some more suitable tight. With me in the lead, we ascend- the ground a second later, the breakfall
clothing for both of us. We'll let your ed the stairs as they angled their way not withstanding. The impact knocked
folks know we're going underground, up and around three floors. Each flight the wind from me and reduced my left
then we lose ourselves." had twelve steps, forty-eight steps be- side to one huge bruise.
Lynn frowned. "Isn't it possible they tween floors, and we took each one as Pain blazing through my body, stale
know where you live and might be if it was our last. I kept looking up and air burning in my lungs, I lay on my
waiting for us?" down the stairwell core and saw noth- back staring up at the jagged black
I nodded. "That's why we wait until ing. hole in my apartment's window. Lynn
dark — most of the Weenies have an Giddy is the only way to describe screamed again and I could do noth-
early bedtime. We'll scope things out how I felt when I reached my door. I ing. I fought to clear my head and tried
and walk away if anything is weird." was tired and achy and stank like raw to roll up to my feet, but I only
"Sounds like a plan." sewage, but that was all secondary to slumped back. My left arm hit the
"That it is." I smiled and started the happiness I felt in reaching sanctu- ground again, sapping all the strength
splashing my way deeper into the tun- ary. Lynn clearly felt the same way and I had.
nel. even the Old One yipped inside my You must get up, Longtooth. They
Lynn took my hand. "I think we head to signal his return to our lair. are coming for you.
make a good team — one too good to I keyed the lock, opened the door 1 can't.
split up." and reached inside to flick on the light. You must. You must fight them.
"I agree, kid." I gave her hand I hit the switch and nothing happened. I'm in no shape to fight anyone.
a squeeze. "The only way we'll part That struck me as unusual, but not Then I must fight them.
company is over my dead body." dire. Blown bulb I told myself, and No!
By the time we made our way stepped into the darkness. It was too late. With the full moon
through the tunnels to the area where I Looking up I saw two red eyes in the sky, the Old One was at his
lived the cold had soaked into my burning balefully about five feet above most powerful. At these times of the
bones and I shivered. I knew, without my eye level. A hand closed about my month the control I can exert over him
a doubt, the cuts in my side were in- forearm, covering it from elbow to is stretched more thin than a politi-
fected. I needed antibiotics and ban- wrist. Suddenly I found myself yanked cian's sense of self-restraint. The Old
dages, as well as dry clothes, dry off my feet and flying through the One no more wanted my consent to
shoes and the better parts of the arse- darkness into the middle of my apart- what he was going to do than he
nal I owned. Fortunately all those ment. As I whirled through the air I thought he needed it, but we both
things were available in my apartment. saw the silhouette of the troll that had knew my concession would make
The full moon had risen far enough thrown me eclipse my vision of Lynn. things easier.
above the horizon that the ball no She screamed, the Old One snarled Just not the woman. Old One, not
longer looked huge. Lynn and I re- and I hit a knot of bodies in the dark. the woman.
turned to the surface through a grate The Old One filled me with strength I will not harm your bitch. Long-
tooth, just those who would harm her. gered paws that ended in claws. My open and light from the hallway
The transformation, when I fight it, feet stretched out and my ankles shift- splashed out in a narrow stripe down
is a horrible experience. Now, having ed so my legs took on a characteristic the center of the barren yard. "Hey,
given my body over to the Old One, I lupine shape. Fangs, elongated ears Wolfs not here!"
heard my bones breaking as he recre- and a thick grey pelt completed the Had I been in control, the Hal-
ated me in his image of what we transformation. loweenies would have had a smart re-
should be. I felt the pain, but it I had become his creature. With mark's worth of warning. The Old One
seemed distant — like music heard in the Old One at the helm concepts like has no taste for humor. He stepped us
the background of a telephone call. I discretion, sanctuary and ambush were into the light so they could behold the
could feel it, and I knew it was pain, all tossed into a bin marked cowardice. monster they had helped create, then
but there was not enough of it there to The Old One could be as murderous as he set about building an even stronger
hurt me. Kid Stealth and with two bullets blow- correlation between learning my secret
My facial bones broke and jutted ing the lock out of the security door and premature death.
out into a muzzle. My arm bones tele- that led into the apartment complex's
scoped inward, shortening them so my backyard, 1 felt no inclination to re-
muscles could exert greater leverage strain him.
in strikes. My hands became blunt fin- One of the Weenies kicked the door CONTINUED NEXT ISSUE!
Former Combat Medic Skills: Contacts: Partial Heavy Armor
Armed Combat: 3 Choose (3) Contacts 5 Antidote Patches
"I learned my medical skills from Athletics: 5 5 Stimulant Patches
UCAS Air Force medical schools. Biotech (First Aid): 8 Gear: 5 Tranq Patches
However, eight years in the service left Biology (Trauma Care): Ares Predator (with 10 5 Trauma Patches
me with a first lieutenant's salary and 6 rounds of regular Stabilization Unit
not much else. The only time I saw Car (Military Ambu- ammo) 4 months Middle Class
real, not Simsense, blood was after a lance): 3 Backpack lifestyle prepaid
field training accident. On the streets, Military Theory (Modern Combat Knife
I choose my own goals and who I Combat Medicine): 4 Flare Gun »» (Don't get into
work for. I don't care who or what the Stealth: 3 Signal Flares (3 green, 3 combat without one.)
target of the run is. To hire this medic, Unarmed Combat: 3 red, 3 black, 3 white) «« - Psyche
just transfer the right amount into my Helmet (with ballistic <02:12:03/04-06-54
credstik." Cyberware: face protection and
Muscle Replacement (2) night vision optics)
Quotes Radio Military Medkit: Rating
Wired Reflexes (1) 5
"If you're wounded during a gang
fight, I'm the women who's trained to
get you out and patch you up. Will
your average Street Doc do that? No
"Sure, not even a Troll plans on get-
ting hurt during a run. But, when you
do, I'll be patching up your wounds
before DocWagon personnel can even
get into their vehicles, let alone get to
where you're bleeding."

The Former Combat Medic was

once part of an elite search and recov-
er team, trained to rescue downed pi-
lots from behind enemy lines. Her
skills allow her to shift from combat
support, to combat, and back again,
without a second thought. Better
skilled than most DocWagon team
personnel, she's the women who will
keep badly mauled Runners alive until
they can reach a hospital or Street Doc.

Body: 5
Quickness: 6
Strength: 5 (7)
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 3
Essence: 1.25
Reaction: 6 (8)
Ex-Brawler Archetype CYBER WEAR GEAR
Dermal Plating Level : 2 Combat Ax w/ 40 rounds
"So's I used to be a Brawler, y'see? Muscle Replacement Level : 1 H & K MP-5 TX
'Cept I got bored. Too many rules and Wired Reflexes Level : 2 Survival Knife
not enough fun. I mean there wuz Hearing Amplification Helmet
only so many ways I could break a Retractable Spurs Respirator
guys skull without gettin' a penalty or CyberEyes with : Earplug Phone
somethin'. I always considered myself Rangefinders Medkit
one of them creative thinkers, y'know? Thermographic Tram Patch : 4
I figure runnin' pays as much as Brawl- Optical Magnification Level : 3 Antidote Patch : 4
in' and sure as drek allows me to re- 6 Months High Lifestyle
lease a bunch more of that creative CONTACTS DocWagon Gold
energies I got built up in side 'o my Pick Any Two CredStick with ¥52,210
noggin. As an added bonus it lends Former Team Mates (4) Browning Ultra Power w/ 10 rounds
lots 'o heads for me to bust-up too." Grapple Gun with 1000 meters of
stealth grapple line
COMMENTARY Harley Davidson Brawler (Killing Glare
The Ex-Brawler turned to the shad- page 57)
ows because the game was getting old
and he felt the urge for something
more exciting , of course, there are
some aspects of the Brawl he still en-

Body 4 (6)
Quickness 5 (6)
Strength 4 (5)
Charisma 3
Intelligence 2
Willpower 3
Essence .2
Magic 0
Reaction 3 (7)
Initiative 7 + 2d6

Stealth (Urban) : 5
Armed Combat: 5
Armed Combat (B/R) : 2
Unarmed Combat: 5
Etiquette (Street) : 2
Etiquette (Media) : 3
Firearms : 4
Firearms (B/R) : 1
Bike: 3
Sports (Brawling): 5

Combat: 6
FOREIGN DIGNATARY playing both ends against the middle Computer: 2
in an effort to gain what is in his best Psychology: 3
"There are times when diplomacy is interest. Most runners will find that
the only answer to a tense situation. the facts given to them by the Digni- SPECIAL SKILL
Of course, information is the key. That tary are only half trues and cloaked Leadership (Political) : 8
is where I come in. I can fix more leads. The foreign Dignitary will never
problems with carefully chosen words commit to a position. This allows him
than any ruffian with a gun. Perhaps the avenue to refute any claims made
the trading of information is morally against his position.
corrupt in your eyes, but a leak here or
there keeps the captain of a ship on his Body 3
toes." Quickness 3
Strength 3
QUOTES Charisma 5
"I will take your concerns under Intelligence 5
consideration and I will give them the Willpower 4
attention they deserve." Essence 5
Reaction 2
"You can not detain me, I have
diplomatic immunity!" CYBERWARE
"May I offer my views on the sub- Memory (250 Mp)
ject in question?"
COMMENTARY Etiquette (Corp) : 3
The Foreign Dignitary is a very intelli- Etiquette (Media) : 6
gent and powerful person. He often is Negotiations: 4

SOCIAL WORKER "Do your parents know where you SKILLS

are?" Etiquette (Street) : 3
"You think we get all the tax money Etiquette (Tribal) : 4
you pay out? You had better think "Oh man, that is the third time my Car: 3
again. The political big-wheels get car has been stripped this month!" Computer: 3
their cuts first, then the bills get a Psychology: 6
taste, and then - if anything is left - COMMENTARY
we get ours. I spend the majority of The social worker is constantly waging
my waking hours tying to help people a losing battle. She is ever at odds
get a better life, while I sacrifice my with the government machine and the
own. I sometimes wonder why 1 do it bureaucracy. She knows her way
or even if it makes a difference, then I around the system and for the right
see some little kid without a place to cause, plus a few nuyen, she can untie
sleep or food to eat. Reality shakes or entangle almost anyone in the con-
you fairly hard if you let it." fusing wheels of government paper-
"Please fill out these forms com- Body 2
pletely. When you get finished with Quickness 3
those I have some more for you to Strength 3
read and sign. When you get finished Charisma 4
I have some more for you to read and Intelligence 4
sign. After you get finished with those Willpower 4
I have some more for you to read and Essence 5
sign." Reaction 2

Memory (150 Mp)
EUROPEAN BUSINESS engineering and programming fields devote more effort to mystical R & D .
MACHINES AND MAGIC and all the various areas related to
those fields such as military applica- >»»[EBM2 hasn't had any conflicts
Home Office Location: Geneva, tions, cybertechnology and even with the Big A yet (lucky for
Switzerland biotech (for the development of organ- them).]<«« - Pyramid Watcher
President/CEO: Helena Swinburne ic-based chips and processors). The (15:36:50/11-05-54)
Chairman of the Board: Victor Swin- corporation's other interests are
burne geared toward supporting their main >»»[On the other hand, EBM2 and
Corporate Status: Private Corporation product: computers. Mitsuhama go at it tooth and nail,
Major Shareholders: since both of their major interests com-
The Adellier Family (approx. 17%) >»»[EBM-squared isn't quite as big pete. A full-scale corp war hasn't bro-
Der Brukhart Groupe (approx. 18%) as the Big Three computer corps ken out between them yet, but I'd say
LeDuc Foundation (approx. 15%) (Fuchi, MCT and Renraku) but it's frag- that it's only a matter of time.]<«« -
Clan MacTaggart (approx. 16%) gin' close. That makes EBM2 hungry Argent (19:25:53/11-05-54)
Swinburne Investments (approx. and a frequent employer of shad-
20%) owrunners against the Big >»»[It won't happen unless MCT
Other shareholders (totalling ap- Three.]<«« - Ariel (18:56:24/11-04- decides to start one. EBM2 knows it
prox. 14%) 54) doesn't stand a chance in a full-out
conflict because MCT is a AAA corp
Net Rating: 102 and has the Corpo-
rate Court on its
Major Interests side; therefore, even
Aerospace: 4 if their resources
Agriculture: 2 were equal (and
Biotechnology: 3 they're not), MCT
Chemicals: 5 would still come out
Computer Engineer- on top.]<«« -
ing: 8 Ariel (21:30:31/11-
Computer Science: 8 06-54)
Consumer Goods: 5
Cybernetics: 5 CORPORATE
Entertainment: 3 >»»[And, of course, the Big Three STRUCTURE
Finance: 5 also do a fair number of shadowruns The major shareholders of EBM2 are
Heavy Industry: 4 against EBM2, although usually in retal- primarily wealthy European families
Mystical Goods/Services: 6 iation.]<«« - Killroy (was/here) and their representatives. EBM2 grew
Military Technology: 5 out of a small group of companies after
Service: 2 >»»[Just the occasional shadowrun the EuroWar. A consortium of families
to remind EBM2 who's really in charge got together and built the company,
Operations and keep them in their place, basical- setting up a pretty dynastic line of suc-
Fiscal: 7 ly.]<«« - Tesseract (03:04:34/4-04- cession for control of the Board. CEO
Intelligence: 7 54) Helena Swinburne's family and those
Management: 7 of the other board members were the
Security: 7 The corporation's only other signifi- primary financiers when the corpora-
Magic: 8 cant area of interest outside the com- tion was founded.
Matrix: 8 puter field is in magical goods and ser-
Physical: 7 vices. Here the company is a strong in- >»»[Rumor has it that the Brukhart
Military: Company/Average novator in magical research and devel- Groupe is a front for a Nosferatu... or
opment and applications for a variety maybe even a group of them.]<«« -
PRIMARY BUSINESS of magical techniques and processes. Kane (16:07:11/11-04-54)
EBM2 is primarily active in computer Only Mitsuhama and Aztechnology
>»»[There's also at least a couple of major MCT division. Since it is also a »>»[Victor Swinburne is a wily old
Elven interests in the corp and rumors "Free Enterprise Enclave" (read: corpo- fox. He's had the longest term of any
of a Dragon who owns a substantial in- rate controlled state) it's where the chairman to date without getting
terest. Lofwyr, maybe?]<«« - Sand- friction between the two corps gets pushed out by all the back-room poli-
man (02:12:50/11-05-54) pretty hot and heavy. MCT has fairly tics or killed by the stress of the job.
little presence in Boston, only a suite On the contrary, he seems to thrive on
>»»[Nope. Trust me, Lofwyr does- of offices near the stock exchange, and all the Machiavellian political maneu-
n't have anything to do with EBM2, but EBM2 has virtually no presence in verings.]<«« - Connor
other parties do.]<«« - Talon Japan or Seattle, two of MCT's major (14:13:49/11-05-54)
(22:04:16/11-06-54) stomping grounds.]<«« - Ariel
(20:14:53/11-05-54) »>»[The Lady Swinburne is also a
»>»["The Elves" aren't exactly a sin- formidable woman. Rumor has it that
gle monolithic entity. Where EBM2 is >»»[Coincidentally, the Yakuza also her legendary charms are supplement-
concerned it is most likely some has very little presence in ed by magic and that she uses her abil-
wealth Elven aristocrats from England Boston.]«<« - Tesseract ities as a mage to further her family's
or France, or maybe even some nobles (22:12:01/11-07-54) interests in the company.]<«« -
from the Seelie Court.]<«« - Tartan Tangent (20:54:35/11-05-54)
(17:45:54/11-07-54) »>»[This whole "corp war" thing
between EBM2 and MCT is a load of >»»[The way I hear it Helena Swin-
>»»[Overall there's surprisingly lit- drek. They put on a good show of cor- burne's just a figurehead for daddy;
tle infighting among the families. They porate dog-eat-dog for us, while in someone to hobnob at parties and
seem to rotate control of the CEO and the back-rooms everyone's cutting look good for the annual corporate re-
Chair slots and maintain the status deals with everyone else and they port photo while Victor pulls all the
quo. All very civilized .]<«« - Wit- share half the same Board of Direc- strings.]<«« - Dr. Crash
worth (12:26:30/11-09-54) tors...]<«« - Johnny K (04:16:34/11- (22:59:25/11-05-54)
>»»[Don't count on it. There are »»>[Then you've obviously never
lots of rumors that suggest plenty of >»»[Oh? Try telling that to the MCT met her, chummer. If you had, you'd
conflict going on in the shadows that research lab in Cambridge, Massachu- have no doubt that she's nobody's fig-
most of us never see: back-room deal- setts that got raided by EBM2 shad- urehead.]<«« - Daikoku
ings, corporate politics and even magi- owrunners last month.]<«« - Ariel (17:54:22/11-07-54)
cal duels.]<«« - (19:05:36/11-11- (20:46:15/11-09-54)
54) >»»[Name dropper.]<«« - Dr.
»>»[Okay, so it's a good cover- Crash (23:06:50/11-07-54)
Major Divisions up.]<«« - Johnny K (03:52:11/11-
EBM2 has three main divisions: Eu- 10-54) The Vice-President of EBM2 North
rope, North America and Asia. Each of America is Christopher Johnson, a
these divisions oversees a variety of Executives Boston-bred and Harvard-educated
operations and subsidiaries in their re- Chairman Victor Swinburne over- Europhile. Johnson is young for a man
spective areas, and the other two divi- sees the many and varied political ma- in his position (only 35) and is some-
sions report to EBM2 Europe; the main neuverings of the founding families in one with ambition. He is very active in
headquarters in Geneva. the boardroom, after leaving the day- EBM activities and has worked to
EBM2 North America is headquar- to-day running of the company to his strengthen corporate ties with the
tered in Boston in a massive skyraker daughter, Helena. Helena Swinburne, government of the Boston Metroplex.
called the EBM Tower. EBM2 Asia is the only daughter of Victor Swinburne
based out of the Hong Kong Free En- and scion of one of the corporation's >»»[Mr.Johnson????]««< - Mad-
terprise Enclave. founding families, is a graduate of the cap (02:51:22/11-06-54)
Sorbonne with an MBA as well as a
»>»[Hong Kong is the only city that Masters in Thaumaturgy. >»»[Chip truth, chummer. It's his
has both a major EBM2 division and a real name and he gets more than his
share of jokes about it.]<«« - Ariel security in their various facilities wher- ing for such pattems.l<«« - Silk
(19:05:43/11-06-54) ever possible as a means of detering (20:06:53/11-07-54)
any possible aggression.
>»»[Word on the street in Boston is >»»[Sounds like they did, too,
that Johnson is a shadowrunner >»»[The corp keeps a close watch eh?]<«« - Madcap (01:13:26/11-
wannabe and that behind all of the cul- out for shadowrunners working for the 09-54)
tivated blue-blood Euroclass, a firm be- Big Three. One flaw in their security,
liever in promotion through superior though, is the fact that it always goes Physical and Magical Security
firepower.]<«« - Tesseract up when there's some big project EBM2 trains and fronts their own pri-
(21:58:03/11-08-54) going on. Keeping an eye on EBM2 se- vate security force through Paragon
Security, one of
>»»[How do their subsidiaries,
you think he got which provides
this far, chum- the vast majority
mer?]<«« - of its services to
Ariel its parent corpora-
(20:00:20/11-ID- tion (surprise, sur-
54) prise).

»>»[Johnson's >»»[Alain
also pretty para- Adellier, the CEO
noid when it of Paragon, is
comes to magic. firmly behind
He's seen all the Lady Swinburne
amazingly scary and her family...
stuff that comes for now, at
out of the EBM2 least.]<«« - Ar-
Thaumaturgy R & D gent
Department (not (18:20:32/11-07-
to mention the 54)
stuff the Lady
Swinburne is ca- >»»[Adellier is
pable of). A mun- very much "old
dane himself, he's school" European
surrounded by and likes things
wards, bound spir- done by the book.
its and physical Paragon's Security
adept body- personnel are very
guards. Let the well-trained and
magically active efficient, but not
among us take too creative. The
curity allocations is a good way to tell ability of any EBM2 security force de-
note.]<«« - The Silicon Mage
where the paydata's going to pends a great deal on the abilities of
be.]<«« - Tangent (19:48:57/11-06- the commander on site.]<«« - Silk
54) (20:13:06/11-07-54)
>»»[Speaking of which...]<«« -
Talon (19:06:40/11-11-54)
>»»[Don't count on it, chummer. EBM2 has one of the best magical
There's at least one case 1 know of security divisions of any megacorp.
EBM2 has fairly aggressive security
where EBM2 faked such a security allo- They fully integrate magical options
cation, hoping to trick anyone watch- and countermeasures into all their se-
forces. They maintain a visible show of
curity measures. were testing out some theory on the covert ops teams away from the com-
psychological impact of certain icons pany's vital secrets. They also mount
>»»[The impressive part about this and images.]<«« - Ariel occasional operations against other
is the fact that most EBM2 security ma- (20:19:40/11-09-54) corps and maintain a comprehensive
gicians aren't directly attached to intelligence-gathering and sorting net-
Paragon (like most of the security per- >»»[Dam thoughtful of all those work.
sonnel). Despite that, the magical ops shadow-deckers to volunteer to test
division integrates smoothly with their new IC, isn't it?]<«« - Madcap >»»[EBM2 covert ops make heavy
Paragon.]<«« - Tangent (01:43:50/11-10-54) use of magic. Most of their best agents
(20:06:01/11-06-54) are magically active and skilled in
>»»[Believe it or not EBM2's matrix using illusion, mind manipulation and
>»»[Not always. There have been and magical security also work togeth- divination to further the corporation's
conflicts in the past, but Adellier has er. If an EBM trace program gets a line ends. There are also rumors that the
handled them smoothly. The thaumat- on you, plan on an elemental being corp has a specially-trained team of as-
ops mages tend to take a "you-poor- there within 30 seconds or so.]<«« sassins made up of physical adepts
mundanes" view of the Paragon peo- -The Silicon Mage (12:30:34/11-10- and magicians.]<«« - The Silicon
ple.]<«« - Talon (19:20:30/11-OS- 54) Mage (12:51:27/l 1 -06-54)
Military Security »»>[There are also totally uncon-
>»»[The corp also takes an interest- EBM2 isn't a significant player in firmed rumors about the corp employ-
ing view on adding magical "touches" events like Desert Wars and fields only ing free spirits, nomads, gaki and other
to their other security measures: spir- modest military forces that, while well- sorts of astral critters as covert opera-
its, paranimals or anchored spells. See trained, are quite unremarkable. tions agents, either through some sort
my comments on Matrix security of truly unique hiring agreement or
below.]<«« - The Silicon Mage »»>[The only thing about the EBM2 magical coercion.]<«« - Talon
(14:04:22/11-10-54) military that's interesting is the rumors (21:16:06/11-06-54)
that there are divided loyalties and lots
Matrix Security of back-room dealings. If a serious rift >»»IThe magical-ops teams are
The corporation's Matrix security is develops with the families, the military good, but not infallible. Word on the
top-rate and makes use of a variety of is probably where it will be visible streets is that an operation against
experimental cutting-edge IC systems. first.]«<« - Tangent (20:14:22/11- Aztechnology recently resulted in two
06-54) dead operatives and one who's per-
>»»[No surprise, considering manently insane. Makes you wonder
they're a computer corp. While not as »>»[Although by that point it may what Aztech's magical op's division is
tough as the Big Three. EBM2 Matrix well be too late to make much use of like.]<«« - Argent (19:27:48/11-07-
security is tough. They tend to avoid a that information...]<«« - Blade 54)
lot of real fancy sculpted systems, but (23:34:16/11-07-54)
the icon work is first rate.]<«« - >»»[Trust me, you don't want to
Tesseract (22:06:35/11-08-54) Extended Security know.]«<« - Pyramid Watcher
EBM2 has a capable covert opera- (17:49:03/11-10-54)
>»»[EBM2 also uses a lot of funky tions branch, especially skilled in
experimental IC. Last I heard they counter-intelligence work to keep rival
It's here. Oh God, no. please, not
here. Not now. Must keep control, till
I can find an escape. Way out. Some-
There Are Shadowruns,
"What? I'm sorry, I didn't hear
And Then There Is...
"I said, it seems as though some of proves it to me. The Pain is with me, without seeing your eyes. In high
the new anti-pollutant chemicals letting me know I'm here. Every inch public though, it just wasn't working.
they've been testing over the Barrens aches. I'm alive! My eyes see through It took some convincing, both mon-
have been showing some effect. Not the night, all in reds and blues. This is etarily and verbally, but Lock was able
many effects, but at least it's some- good. It is time to go. I shed my skin to gain entrance into the depths of the
thing. Rather have them test it there, of cloth to feel my own. It is there. dining hall. Wealth abounded in the
in case it goes bad. Don't you think My coat to keep out the darkness chill. decor and in the clientele, most of
that's interesting?" Time to go. whom were only at the Stair to be
"Yes, interesting. Hmm." The Pain is with me as I slink seen, not to eat. Unfortunately for
Pain. through the alleys, my home, for my Lock, he came hungry. Living too
My guts. Oh God, they're tearing. purpose. I will find it, as I always long in the streets. You're slipping
Don't flinch. Too late. have. As it has always been. Donovan. He thought to himself.
"Are you feeling okay?" Him. Talking to the non-male. He Lock's guide led him to the table
Fight... it... back... "Yes." Back... is my purpose. It Is the male I seek. I where his host waited for him. A
"Fine. Must have" Back... back... slink along, closer, the Pain comforting beautiful woman, she looked expec-
"been the salmon" Back... back... me. Strengthening me. He leaves the tantly at Lock. The woman smiled as
"crackers. Excuse me." Must leave non-male, heading for his mover. I Lock sat down. Out of reflex, the
now. slink faster as I can, for the Pain is with Samurai studied her, quickly sizing her
Madness. Confusion. Where am I? me. I come to him in a flash, the Pain up. Early forties, no obvious cyber-
Stop. Think. Yes. Party, dinner party. powering me. He is mine. The male ware. Definite cosmetic jobs. Wealth
Bad salmon crackers. Chemicals. Con- has Pain, for he howls as I take him. I factor... six outta ten, I'd guess.
fusion. No! Pollution. Auntie Pollu- can see his Pain in his eyes. My Pain is "Good evening Mr. Donovan. I'm
tion. Barrens, with bad salmon. No, stronger, for it is always with me, dri- pleased that you could make it.
that's not it. Must leave before more ving me, bending me. Would you care for anything to drink?
Confusion. Madness. Where am I? On The male is mine. The Pain powers Something to relax you in that suit?"
the ground. No. No. Floor. I fell. Oh me as I take him away. The night is Lock smiled inwardly. Pretty good.
no. Everyone is looking at me. Get mine. "No thanks. Don't drink and talk busi-
up. Slowly. Say something. Make Lock strode into the Platinum Stair ness, you know."
them calm. and made his way through the lobby "Yes. Quite." The woman reached
"Oops. Sorry. I slipped. Must toward the host's counter. The Samu- over the table and uncovered a small
have been the bad salmon pollution in rai didn't particularly like the feel of the silver bowl. It was filled with various
the Barrens." That was good. Wait! I'll clothes he had on. Lock was the first to types of fruit cut into small sections.
be drunk. admit that he was not one to wear nice Using a large spoon, the woman care-
"Sorry. Too many chemicals. No, I clothes. That was Quicksilver's job. fully lifted several chunks of the juicy
mean too much salmon-anti." Oh He was the tre' chic geek as far as fruit out of the bowl and placed them
God, shut up and just leave. Lock was concerned. But 'Silver was on her plate.
Where am I? Street. Outside. out on some biz of his own, and Lock "Excuse me, please. I just love fruit.
Good. Must find... Paaaaiiiiiii- was the leader of the team. It's one of the few foods that doesn't
innnnnnnn! No! Too quickly. There, Lock could feel the eyes upon him make me sick. Can't get enough of it.
ahead. Darkness. Alley. Safety. as he spoke to the maitre d'. Al- Please help yourself, if you like."
MADNESS. Here. Safepolu. Anslam- though most of his cyberware was hid- "No thanks, again." Lock answered.
min. Baldrunkenisalmonantipolutioon- den by the clothes, some was not. The Samurai stared closer at his host as
safelydalnessalllllly......... ..................... Particularly his eyes. The urban warrior she placed a piece of watermelon into
/ awake. The night is mine once was always proud of having eyes that her mouth. Lock found himself staring
again. I'm here. Where have I been? were entirely neon irised. No pupils. dumbfounded at her as she chewed.
It seems like... like... it seems. It does It helped his image. On the street that Without warning, the woman turned
not matter. I am alive. My body is. No one can read your emotion her eyes toward Lock. Like a school
boy caught staring through a peephole lowed a hunk of apple and leaned over sparked. "25,000. All on completion
in a lockeroom, the urban warrior the table. In a lowered whisper, she of the mission. No negotiation."
snapped his head back to hide his spoke. Lock nodded. Not bad. I can live
guilt. "Have you ever heard of the Loup- with that. Besides, it's been awhile
"I really do love fruit. Are you sure Garou?" since I've done jobs on my own. He
you wouldn't want some, Mr. Dono- Lock thought back. He had heard took the disk and rose from the table.
van?" The woman started into Lock's the name before, but couldn't place it. "I'll call you."
pupiless eyes. "It's really quite... Was it a group? A drug? Sexual posi- Shannon smiled. "I'm sure you will.
tasty." tion? No, if it was that, Lock would I look forward to it."
What the frag is wrong with this have remembered it. He suddenly The night is still mine. I cannot be
biff? I don't want no fraggin' fruit! found himself admitting that he hadn't. touched. The Pain is still with me.
Lock mentally shook the clouds from "Don't be offended." Shannon con- This is good. The Pain loves me, she is
his head. "No, really. I'd rather prefer soled him. "Most have not. The my friend and companion. I continue
to talk biz, if you don't mind." Loup-Garou is a creature. An Awak- my roam throughout the stone,
The woman almost seemed to ened being, or so it is thought." searching for my purpose. I will find
frown, but resigned herself to Lock's Great. Bug hunt. more. I must find more. It is my way.
request. Shannon leaned back and bit off an- Lock left the flat of his friend and
"My name is Shannon, Mr. Dono- other piece of fruit. "Mr. Donovan, two fellow runner, Tracker. The decker had
van. There is no real need for me to nights ago a man was slain right in been with him for years. Lock needed
tell you what I do or where I do it, but downtown Seattle. His body was to know if the disk Shannon supplied
I shall just say that I am involved in re- quite mutilated and appeared to have him with was legit and the data true.
search." been... eaten." Turned out it was, and Tracker was
Mage or labboy. Lock pegged her. Lock raised his eyebrows. even able to pull up some more.
Shannon speared a piece of rriusk "My sources were able to obtain a These Garou were tough customers.
melon and directed it into her mouth. copy of the police report, which seems Hairy too. Not only were they strong,
After several chews, she continued. to indicate the killing was done by it looked like their touch could be
"Have you ever experienced pro- some creature. Something non-human lethal, least that was the rumor that
longed pain, Mr. Donovan?" or meta-human. Several hair and skin was around. Great. And she wants it
Huh? "I'm sorry, did you say samples were discovered at the alive. Lock knew it wasn't going to be
pain?" Lock questioned. scene." easy, but the money was good.
"Not just pain, but prolonged pain. "Was the creature found?" Lock It had been about a day and half
I'm sure that someone in your line of asked. "Is Lone Star even looking for since Lock met with Shannon, and he
work has, at one time or another, ex- it?" could begin to feel the pressure of im-
perienced times of prolonged pain. "Not yet. They have more impor- mediate delivery weigh on him. These
Not just for several hours, but for sev- tant concerns. Fortunately, that buys us things take time. Needle in a haystack
eral days." some time. I want this Loup-Garou jobs like this take the longest of any of
Lock's mind flashed back through found and brought to me, soon." them. The Street Samurai mounted his
the memories of his past. His mind "It can be done, but I will need to Rapier and glided off into the web of
swam past a sea of images of his early know more." Lock knew the negotia- streets that was Seattle.
days as a 'runner. His first firefight. tions were coming down. The wind waved through his hair as
His first kill. His first time being shot. "I understand." Shannon reached the cycle sped across the pavement.
Cyberware implants. Losing Julie. Fa- for her purse. "Here. This disk will Lock's mind slipped back to the meet
ther's death. As these passed by, so supply you with all the data you with Shannon. Something was bother-
did views of pleasure. First payment. should need to familiarize yourself with ing him about her. What? What is it
Holding Julie. Childhood. the being. It also includes contact about her? The fruit? No. The
"Mr. Donovan?" numbers and drop-off locations once cosjobs? No, everyone has those. The
Lock's mind snapped back to atten- the creature is found. By the way, this pain thing? Maybe. Rich folk are
tion. C'mon Donovan. You're slipping is a solo mission. No teamwork." weird, though. They can afford it.
gears. "Yes. I have at times. Why?" Shannon placed the last bit of fruit in Lock pushed those concerns away as
"Oh several reasons. I often enjoy her mouth. She gazed curiously at the he made his way to the place of the
just asking the question. It throws Samurai while she chewed. Lock re- Garou's first attack.
people off and let's me know if they turned her gaze, trying to understand Clarity.
are paying attention. But this time, I her. Not What is this that enters me?
have a real reason." Shannon swal- "Payment is easy." Shannon Could it be happening once again? I
must not let it. This must not change. making him appear almost prophet- see you get angry though. It makes
Comfort. like. me realize that there is some human
No! Where is the Pain? I need her With that much hair, why does he left in you somewhere. You're so hard
strength to fight this. It cannot hap- even bother with clothes. Lock waited to read without real eyes."
pen. I am the night I own the night. for the man to disappear, then turned Good. "Look, I've got to go. I'm
It's daytime. Pain, where are you? I and made his way back to the Rapier. checking on another lead. I'll let you
hurt. I need your strength. "Why have you not found him yet, know what I find out. Later." Without
Clarity. Comfort. Mr. Donovan? Did I hire the proper waiting for a reply from Shannon, Lock
/ have stumbled. What's happen- person for the job?" killed his end of the conversation.
ing? Oh, God, the pain! No, don't Frag you, you biff. "What do you This feels so good. I haven't been
scream. think? Look, Shannon. This is not the in a nightclub in a long time. So relax-
"Where am I?" Nooooo. I am here. easiest job. Do you have any idea how ing. So comforting. Despite the
I will remain. I must reeem- big Seattle is? Not to mention the fact music, I'm able to think with such clari-
maaaainnn........ that there hasn't been another killing ty. Nice.
Agh! I hurt all over. My body, so And look at this woman. She re-
stiff. So sore. What is going on? sponds to me. She says I'm so clean-
Where am I? Alley, someplace. Oh cut. I feel clean-cut. How and where I
drek, I'm naked. got that hair, I'll never know. Thank
What's that?! Someone's over God for razors.
there. Only a bum. Good, I'm safe. Bathroom.
"Hey, buddy! What the hell's Oh. Gotta go. Only renting the
wrong with you? Where the frag's liquor. How quickly I forget.
your clothes?" I'll take the stall. I've always liked
Stupid bum. Drunk bum. But he my privacy. Take the one furthest from
has clothes. Must be smarter than me. the door. Relax. I could sit here all
"Hey buddy, you need a shave!" day, but I won't. She is out there.
Hey buddy, I need some clothes. Madness.
Lock strode down the alleyway Oh God.
where the first killing was reported. Lock rode down the street on his
Not much left, I see. Lone Star usually Rapier. / need to think, find some-
cleans up well. Lock moved further where to relax. Think I'll hit the Shrill.
down the alley, studying. Looking for Several blocks later. Lock secured his
something, anything to give him a bike near the entrance to the night-
lead. His feet led him around several club. Feeling in his element, the
alleyways and backstreets. Soon, he Samurai strode inside the building.
was far from where he started. Noth- The music pulsed into his chest, com-
ing. forting him. Lock could feel all those
A noise to his left sparked Lock's re- around him. This is where I belong.
flexes. Instantly the Samurai was Not that high society restaurant dining
crouched at a buildings corner. Train- drek. Taking the drink he ordered,
ing and pattern took control, and Lock- Lock reclined against the bar and
's hand twitched next to the shoulder like the one you described in over a soaked up the atmosphere.
holster which cradled his Manhunter. week." Lock felt his anger growing.
A figure emerged from a nearby "Makes it pretty damn hard to find They run from me, screaming.
alley, only meters from Lock. Obvi- someone like that." Howling their Fear. It is nothing to
ously a bum, the man wore clothes A pause fell between the two. me, for I have Pain. I pursue. For
that were several years past their last Shannon sighed, then smiled. "I un- there are many purposes here in this
washing. The man himself wasn't derstand Mr. Donovan. It is just im- place. The barrier of wood does noth-
much better. He was covered with portant to me that he is found quick- ing to me as I burst through. Chaos.
hair. His face was barely visible ly." Noise. I see reds and blues with my
through his thick, coarse beard. The Even though they were separated eyes. There are many purposes here,
abundance of hair only added to the by the telecom, Lock could feel her and they all flee. Wait! One does not.
figure's pathetic appearance. The hair gratitude. He is male and stares at me. I see him
on his head was disheveled and wild, Shannon continued. "It's nice to without the reds and blues, see him as
he is. Pain comes to me. He is mine. Pain. pose. Wait! He has no eyes. Where
He is fast. I must scramble quickly is—
First came the screaming, then the and strike.
door to the men's room blew apart. Lock sensed hesitation from the
Lock stood and gazed over the sea of The creature dove at Lock, attempt- Garou as it looked into his face.
people who fled from the scene. ing a tackle. Pattern taking control, Snooze, lose, my friend. With a men-
Something was there, but Lock could- Lock ducked low and rammed his fist tal command, the spikes within the
n't see it. Too many people. What the into the leaping beast. The Loup- Samurai's arm shot out. Lock thrust
frag is going on? Garou grunted and spun off into a near their sharp ends deep into the beat's
Then it was there. Crouched just table. Quickly it rebounded and gut.
outside the doorway, it was there. dashed toward the urban warrior. With a tremendous howl, the ape-
Covered with hair, the creature bulged Lock freed his Manhunter from its like Garou threw Lock to the side, free-
with muscles. It seemed to take in all home and took aim. Before he knew ing the spikes. Lock crashed into and

the fleeing people with a gaze that what hit him, the pistol was batted through several tables before stopping.
looked like both pain and pleasure. away. Lock's surprise turned to pain Lock struggled to rise, shaking the
Lock didn't understand it. Then sud- as he felt an explosion in his stomach. blackness that was threatening to
denly it hit him. Holy fragging mother Stars and blackness filled his vision as overtake him. Stay awake. Have to
of drek. This is it! Within moments the beast pounded him flat. take him alive. He's still hurt. Better
the club was emptied and Lock stood Before he could roll away, the crea- take him out now. Lock advanced to-
there, alone with the beast. ture scooped Lock by the collar of his ward the Loup-Garou.
This one is my purpose. He has long coat. Its face growled and came
chosen it. He does not flee, bur ac- next to Lock's. Pain. What is happening? Pain Is
cepts It. This is good. He knows that I with me, but against me. She restricts
own the night and I own him. He is He falls easy. Like purpose should. me.
mine. Pain help me. I lunge, His fist I want to see his Pain. I must look into Clarity.
finds me. his eyes before he becomes my pur- No! What is happening? This can-
not happen now. Pain, why? Where chest as it barreled into him. this.
am I? Oh, God I hurt. No, I am here. The two rolled about the floor of the Pain. Pain, oh Pain, why have you
My purpose approaches. Pain is nightclub, each struggling for superior done this to me? Why have you left
against me. I must flee. Someone's position. The Garou continued to slam me. My head is becoming black.
coming! No someone's here. What is his fists into Lock's midsection. His Blackness...
happening? I'm bleeding! Oh God, blows were answered by the cracking
please save me. The hair. Where did of plastic. Lock wrestled his clawed Lock stood up and stared down at
all this hair come from again? hand free and drove the sharp spikes the unconscious form of the Garou.
into the creature's back. After assuring himself that the beast
Lock stood before the creature. It was indeed out, the Samurai stepped
watched the Samurai, but made no Pain. Aaargh! Pain is with and across the nightclub and retrieved his
move against him. / know I hurt him, against me again. This purpose contin- Manhunter. Lock knew he would have
but it wasn 't that bad was it? ues to resist. He does not acknowl- to leave the club soon, as Lone Star
edge my ownership. He must. No. I would be there any moment.
What am I? What is all this hair and can't let you. I must let him kill me. As Lock returned to the place
blood? Madness. I must remain, to He must kill me and end my pain. Oh, where the Garou lay, he noticed that
complete my purpose. Something is God, the pain. the body of the creature began to
with me, inside me. What? Clarity. "Kill me!" move slightly. Lock took quick aim
Oh, God, what is happening to me? with his Manhunter, staying a safe
What am I? Now I know. I know what Lock threw the Garou off with a enough distance away. For several
I am. Oh God, I hurt. Why am 1 in so heave as the two rolled to a stop in the minutes the body of the Garou writhed
much pain? What have 1 done? How center of the dance floor, which con- on the floor, never once rising. As the
many purpose— No, people have I tinued to pulsate in its pattern of movement began to cease, Lock
killed? This is not right. Wait, some- lights. The flashing blues, greens and inched forward. The creature had
one speaks to me. My purpose before reds sprayed over the faces of both of changed. While it was still covered
me speaks. them. As the two began a dance of with hair, the musculature of the Garou
their own in a circle about the floor, had lessened.
Lock studied the creature before Lock weighed his position. All the Before the Samurai could make a
him. It appeared that despite the dermal plating on my right side is closer examination, the sounds of
wound, the creature seemed to be completely cracked. I never knew sirens could be heard wailing in the
having some sort of inner battle. He plastic chips could hurt so much. distance. Lock quickly scooped up the
didn't understand it, and it was be- Think I've got a broken rib or two. Garou and flung it over his shoulder.
coming stranger by the minute. "Kill me!" the beast shouted again Lock winced in pain at the weight of
"Hey." Lock spoke. "Get up." at Lock. Then as if to deny the state- the beast and his broken ribs, but
The creature did not respond. ment, the creature roared, shaking its made his way toward the back exit.
"Are you okay, chummer?" head furiously. Although it was late in the after-
Something is definitely wrong with noon, two days after Lock had beaten
We is weak. Why does my purpose this thing. Have to finish this now. the Garou, the Samurai was still ex-
try to speak? Is it for mercy? He will Lock stepped forward toward the hausted from his battle. He wanted to
have none. He is my purpose. No! I Garou, then feinted left. The creature wait until he felt better before meeting
can't let you— myself kill him. You took the bait and lunged. Lock spun with Shannon, but she had insisted on
have no choice, it is our purpose. I to his right and stepped in closer to- retrieving the body of the Garou as
strike, ward the beast. With all the strength soon as possible. She had already
his synthetic muscles could muster, complained enough that Lock was
Without warning, the beast lashed the Samurai slammed his fist down on being too slow in his efforts to find the
out and slammed Lock square in the the creature's upper back. With a creature and had threatened not to
face. The Samurai stumbled back and, large whoof! the Garou crashed into pay, if the Samurai did not meet right
slipping in a pool of liquor, fell to the the dance floor, cracking the finish. away.
floor. With the speed of his nature, the Lock leaped on its back and grabbed Lock made sure that the Garou was
Garou was racing toward him. With the Garou's head. going to stay out until the time came
the speed of science, Lock's chipped for the meet. He kept the creature
reflexes kicked in. The warrior rolled He is on top of me. My purpose is pumped full of tranquilizers. Lock had
to his feet and struck in a flash. His taking me as his purpose. This is not no intention of having the beast wake
steel claws raked across the beast's the way. Yes. Finish me. Kill me. End up and trash his apartment. Lock had
also cleaned and bandaged the Garou. they had spoke. Her hair frazzled and Lock stepped out the door.
The blood from the wounds Lock had her clothes disheveled, Shannon urged Shannon smiled again. "See you
given the Garou had gone everywhere, Lock inside. soon."
including on Lock himself. "What took you so long? You
Unable to carry an unconscious should have been here sooner!" It dears. The Blackness flees from
body on his Rapier (and not really "Sorry, traffic was backed up." The my eyes. I am here again. Is Pain with
wanting to), Lock pulled up outside a Samurai lied. Lock studied the woman me? Yes, she is. Pain is also still
small electronics shop in Fort Lewis in before him. He then began to notice against me, but not with the
his rented Ford Paverunner. other differences from when they last vengeance of before. This is good. I
He exited the car and stepped in- met. Shannon seemed much thinner, do not wish Pain to be angered at me.
side the shop. It was empty save for almost rail-like. Her skin was also I hunger. I must find purpose. Wait!
the clerk behind the counter. Lock quite pale. Lock couldn't tell if that What is this? I am frozen. Cannot
stepped up to the clerk and smiled. was from lack of makeup or the poor move. Someone approaches. Is it
Slightly unnerved by the Samurai's lighting that existed in the room. purpose? It is a non-male. I see in
eyes, the man spoke. "Can I help you, "Here." Shannon demanded. reds and blues, but the non-male has
sir?" "Bring it here." Shannon directed Lock little reds. I look upon the non-male
Lock answered. "Yeah, my name's to a long table set against a wall. Lock and see it as it is. It does not fear me.
Donovan, and I'm here to make a de- set the Garou down on the table and This is not the way. The non-male
livery." proceeded to remove the bag. speaks.
Seeming somewhat relieved, the Shannon squealed with delight at
clerk sighed and smiled. "Oh, yes. the sight of the Garou. She helped "Welcome little one. You were ex-
Please bring it in and I'll take you to Lock off with the remainder of the bag, pensive, but worth it. Oh, were you
the manager." then used his assistance in applying re- worth it."
Without answering, Lock left the straining straps to the Garou to hold it
shop and went to the trunk to retrieve to the table. The non-male stalks me. I cannot
the Garou. The Samurai popped open Lock began to get nervous. He strike, for I am frozen. It comes to my
the trunk and reached in. Lock had mentally checked for his Manhunter, face. I look to see its fear. The non-
debated about whether to put the which assured him that it was there. male's eyes. What? They contain no
Garou in a bag or box, but opted for "So what kind of research do you do, fear! Wait, what is this? They illumi-
the bag. Mostly because he couldn't anyway?" nate fear. I will not fear. Pain will
secure a box. Lock also felt that fold- "None of your business, remem- comfort me, give me strength.
ing the beast into a crate might aggra- ber?" Shannon snapped at the Samu-
vate the wounds. rai. The woman could barely keep her "Good, you resist. Excellent. That
Slinging the bag over his shoulder hands off the hairy beast while she makes it all the more wonderful. You
like a sack of potatoes, Lock returned spoke to Lock. and I are alike, did you know that? Al-
inside the shop. "On the table over there. Your most two peas in the same pod. Do
The clerk waited expectantly and di- credstick. It has the full 25,000. not that let comfort you, however. We
rected Lock toward the back of the Enjoy." are still different. In many ways.
shop. Lock paused. "Okay. Whatever. "You are just a beast. 1 am more
"Just bring it down these stairs, I'm outta here." than that. I am above you. You are
here. The manager is waiting down "Good. Thanks." Shannon snapped my purpose. I know of your Pain, and
there." The clerk pointed down the again. Noticing the wounds on the she will comfort me. You are my
flight of steps which seemed to lead to Garou, the woman stopped, and drug."
a storage area. turned toward Lock.
Lock descended the steps and en- "One moment, Samurai." The non-male comes closer again.
tered a small room. Several crates Lock stopped at the door and Pain will comfort and strengthen me.
where lined up against the walls. A turned. Allow me to move and be free. Wait!
door was set into the wall opposite "When you fought the Garou, did it I cannot move! Pain, help me!
Lock. He stepped over to the door wound you?" Strengthen me. She is at me. I look.
and knocked. "Yes. It busted a couple of ribs. She has teeth. Long, sharp, teeth.
Before he even finished his knock- Plus the fragger bled all over me." Pain.
ing, the door opened revealing Shan- Shannon smiled. Fear.
non. Lock stood stunned. She looked "What?" Lock questioned.
completely different from the last time "Nothing. Just curious."
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Ten new pages of gear and the Troll Ranger Archetype.
Catalog # ASR2 »»[Ka*ge Issue Two] "Business Unusual" short story by Vicki Kirchhoff.]««
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Catalog # ASR10 »>[Ka*ge Issue Ten
Catalog # ASR3 »»[Ka*ge Issue Three] Chad Olson's conclusion to Armor International, The con-
SOLD OUT clusion to "Chasing Ghost", four new contacts by Scan Par-
rack, The Hermetic Hitman archetype, and "Who Your
Catalog # ASR4 »»[Ka*ge Issue Four Friends Are" by Vicki Kirchhoff. Along with all the standard
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how to play the legal game, new gear and spells, the Neo-
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more!.]«« This 50/50 white shirt with the trademark FASA Shad-
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Upcoming from FASA
Due in March is Fade To Black, a novel for Shadowrun
by Nyx Smith for $4.99. The harrowing landscape of
Newark, 2055: poverty, violence, brutality, gang lords.
A team of runners must free a man from slavery-like con-
ditions and maintain their honor. Honor alone distin-
guishes a man from the ravaging dogs that fill the
streets—and as the runners soon learn, the price of honor
is high.

Due in April is Paradise Lost, a Shadowrun adventure

for $10.00. Hawaii: land of flowers and sunshine. But
when shadowrunners find themselves on the island king-
dom, things are far from bright and cheerful. This adven-
ture reveals the mysteries of Kingdom of Hawaii, 2055,
including the dark intrigues no Shadowrun adventure
would be complete without. Included is a short section
of source material detailing the socio-political situation in

Due in May is Lone Star, a sourcebook for Shadowrun

for $18.00 Call them the badge, the heat, the force, or
anything else you might like; they're Lone Star Security,
the city of Seattle's last hope against anarchy. Now for
the first time the inner workings, structure, policies, and
practices of the organization are revealed. Beware, shad-
owrunners, life's just gotten a bit tougher. (Ever won-
dered what happens when 'runners get arrested?) Also
due in May is Double Exposure, an adventure for Shad-
owrun, Second Edition for $10.00. Seattle's a cesspool of
depravity and despair, but every once and awhile some-
one tries to make a difference. Project Hope is an organi-
zation that's working to rebuild the Barrens by employing
those who need it most: the homeless and the destitute.
But can all be as it seems? Bet your life on that chummer,
and you're bound to loose.
Lone Wolf Cons The part I found most intriguing was
the Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex. Although
Well as with most books the start is a this section is very small compared to
by Nigel Findley
Rating 4.5 out of 5 little slow and the plot will not satisfy other parts of the sourcebook, it offers
all who read it. Several of the encoun- the most abundant amount of latitude
to create a unique experience for your
Blood and magic rage in the streets of ters are predictable but again there is
runners. Oh, and I haven't even men-
Seattle. The shifting of turf by a few nothing wrong with being predictable.
tioned the art or the new magic yet!
blocks cost lives, innocent and guilty, I would have liked to seen better page
silenced forever and then forgotten in art, but hey, 1 bought the book to read
The boys in the FASA art dungeon are
the city's deepest shadows. Lone Star, not to look at the pretty pictures.
beginning to explore new territory in
Seattle's contacted police force, fights
the way of computer graphics and dig-
a losing battle against Seattle's newest
conquerors — the gangs. For several Overall ital artistry. The old guard of readers
may not take to this new style of art
years Lone Star has had an undercover
I am newer to Shadowrun than many right away but I really think it adds to
operative working inside one of the
of the other staffers here but with this the flavor of the writing and the feel of
most dangerous gangs in the urban
jungles of Seattle, Rick Larson. Larson book really impressed me a lot. I see
the game. ,-
thinks he knows the score. The gangs now why so may of the players rave
rule by a combination of guns, magic, over Nigel's work. This book is a solid I couldn't find enough "cons" about
the book to justify writing them but I
intimidation, and fear. It's the most read and in my humble opinion you
could fill the entire page with good
capricious of balances that keeps should run right out and buy a copy!
points. This book is a must for players
things form exploding into all out war-
and gamemasters alike. If the Seattle
fare. Inside the Cutters, Larson is in a
Sourcebook had been done in this
prime position to watch the balance,
manner the players would never have
react to it, and report to this superiors.
But when things begin to shift unex- The Germany had a reason to leave.
pectedly, Larson finds himself not only
on the wrong side of the fight but on
the wrong side of the law as well. by Michael Immig &. Thomas Romer
Rating 5 out of 5
Eye Witness
Pros Everyone has been waiting for this
book and you know what, it was well by Mike Nystul
Findley has once again succeed to hold worth the wait. This is by far the slick- Rating 4.5 out of 5
my attention as a reader. If you est sourcebook released from those
thought his last book, ShadowPlay, globe-hoppers at FASA. The book was From all the hype I read on this mod-
was a great way to spend a rainy written by two authors from Germany ule I assumed, incorrectly, that it
weekend, just wait till you read this and then translated into English by would be about a band of crazed can-
one. The story weaves a mesmerizing Reinhold Mai. When you first pick the nibals terrorizing the city of Seattle. I
image of the inside of life in a street book up you can see that you are in for pictured body parts being found on
gang. Well, at lease till the main char- a real treat. sidewalks and all sorts of other horrific
acter, a Lone Star named Larson, is rat- scenes. I was very wrong. The adven-
ted out to the gang and must flee for The book begins with a trip down ture does deal with cannibalism and
his life. Not only does Larson lose his memory lane revealing the sorted past yes there is a graphic element but this
love interest to the gangs but Lone of Germany. The road continues to is really a scenario about intelligence
Star turns against him also. As if that wind its way past the Confederate gathering and revenge. The module
isn't enough to curl your hair, the cor- Government, foreign policy, and other starts with a murder, the body-theft of
porations get in on the act also! The political organizations. We make brief a cybereye, and the race to recover the
plot twist and turns to a momentous stops at The Military Forces and Inter- information that cybereye held. It
climax leaving you breathless and nal Security sections before hurtling leads to the sewers of Seattle and a
wishing that the next novel wasn't down the information highway and race between the runners, the corpora-
three or four months down the road. running headlong into German Soci- tion, and a band of ghouls.
(At least that is how it left me.) ety.
Pros Overall and I would highly recommend that
after the run is complete the
The adventure is just that, an adven- This is a solid product and worth the gamemaster allow all the player to
ture on a grand scale. Every element price of admission. I found myself read the intro. This is a solid and more
of Shadowrun is incorporated into this wishing Mike had written a novel importantly fun adventure. Great work
story. The players will have to be based around the introduction piece Mike!
smart, have a lot of luck, and enough
fire power to level half of Seattle to
solve the mystery and exact revenge
on the guilty parties. Mike develops
the scenario so that Shadowrun first or
second edition players alike may enjoy
the action. This is possibly the best as-
pect of the entire module. For a long
time now you could either play one or
the other. We have had countless calls
and letters asking about a way to con-
vert the system or if there was going
to be any further support for those
gamers who just love the Shadowrun
First Edition game. As far as we know
FASA doesn't have any plans to sup-
port the First Edition but Mr. Nystul
does a good job of trying to breach, the
gap between the first and second.
The characters in the story are well de-
veloped and could become re-occur-
ring members in any on-going cam-
paign. In addition, the Club Nosferatu
will add hours of new story lines for
the creative gamemaster.

At times the player will have to be
guided by the gamemaster more than
just a little. The plot becomes very dif-
ficult at one point and strays from the
flow which had been established in
preceding chapters. It does correct it-
self a few pages later.

I would have liked to have seen more

new gear in the scenario but that is
just a personal opinion. I suppose as a
new player I am experiencing that
"grve-me-give-me" syndrome.
The following calendar lists the conventions for which JUNE 1994
we have heard rumors of Shadowrun events. If you
know of any conventions that are not on the calendar, BATTLE-CON: June 4-5, 1994 at Austin Peay Universi-
please let us know so we can inform other Network ty in Clarksville, TN. Events include Shadowrun and
members. Earth Dawn, Warhammer 40K, Prime Directive, and
more! For more information, contact Scott Stewart c/o
Phantom Cavaliers / 5007 Collinwood Dr. / Clarksville,
TN 37042.
MARCH 1994
Dallas Game Expo: June 24-26, 1994 at the LeBaron
PLATTECON ETA : March 4-6 Held at the University of Hotel, Dallas, TX. Events include Shadowrun and vari-
Wisconsin-Platterville Student Center. Includes Shad- ous war and role-playing games. For more informa-
owrun and other role-playing games, raffles, demos, tion, write to Dallas Game Expo / P.O. Box 824662 /
and more. Registration is $6/weekend or $5/day. Dallas, TX 75382.

APRIL 1994 JULY 1994

CLARE-VOYANCE: April 1-3, 1994. Held on the cam- GRAND-CON: July 16-17, 1994 in Grand Rapids, Ml.
puses of Claremont Colleges in Claremeont California Events include Shadowrun. For more information,
(aoubt 30 miles east of Los Angeles). Includes Shad- contact Joe Baldwin (616) 453-8316 or Will Holden /
owrun and other role-playing games, an art display 1023 California NW / Grand Rapids, MI 49504.
and more. GMs welcome. Registration $5.00, $2.00
table fee per game. Write to Games Central, Story-
house, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA
91711. Call (909) 624-3413 or (909) 624-3664. Please note that we need to receive information about
events at least 60 days before mailing dates in order
CONSINO: April 22-24, 1994 at the St. Louis Airport to insure that they will make it into the issues they
Hilton, St. Louis, MO. Art Show, Dealers, Gaming, need to be in. (i.e. to have convention information in
Dances, Costuming. For more information please the December issue (which mails at the end of Dec.)
write to Name that Con / P.O. Box 575 / St. Charles, we would need to have the info in early Nov. Our
MO 63302. other mail dates are the end of March, June, and Sep-

MAY 1994

GAMEX 1994: May 27-30, 1994 at LAX Hyatt Hotel, * An asterisk means that there is more information
Los Angeles, CA (310.670.9000). Sponsored events, about this item in the classified section.
prizes variable: two BattleTech tournaments, one So- @ An at symbol marks the conventions at which FASA
laris VII tournament. Multiple minatures events pri- plans to have representation as of press time.
vately sponsored and plenty of open gaming. Atten- &. An ampersand marks the conventions at which
dance 600+, 30+ for BattleTech. For more information MNA plans to have representation as of press time.
please write to Strategicon / P.O. Box 3849 / Tor-
ranee, CA 90510-3849 or call and leave a message at
(310) 326-9440.
The Coven of the Crimson Moon
The Coven of the Crimson Moon is a whom those seeking long lives would deals almost exclusively through the
group of vampires who have banded be well advised to steer clear. Sylvia is Matrix. He cares little for Coven politics
together out of self-interest and a mu- also a skilled Hermetic magician and unless they directly afreet him and
tual need for protection from the ele- an Initiate. prefers not to take sides.
ments of the Sixth World that would Karl looks to be in his late twenties,
see them destroyed. It is unknown Members: Currently six. The members with neatly cut and combed blond hair,
how many years the group has existed have their own various interests and wearing an immaculate suit in the lat-
or how many members Ft has had in meet regularly only during the Coven's est power style for the season.
the past, but rumors suggest that it new-moon gatherings. The group's
may have formed even before the strictures forbid members from doing Siobhan: The Coven's only non-vam-
Awakening. any direct harm to each other, but pire member is the banshee Siobhan,
The rules of the group are simple: catspaws, power-plays and subtle whose past remains a mystery. She
obey the edicts of the Coven leader, schemes abound. joined the Coven three years ago while
protect the secrecy of the group and Julius was leader of the group and
avoid direct conflict with other mem- Damien: Damien (not his real name) since his destruction has apparently re-
bers of the Coven. In return, the Coven was infected with HMHW 22 years mained loyal to the new regime. It is
provides a safe haven, a ready "food ago at age 16. Damien has been a known that she is from Tir na nOg, and
supply," and a network of contacts. vampire longer than he lived as a it is assumed that she left to avoid
The Coven is also a magical initiatory human being. This makes him very un- being destroyed by her Erven kinfolk as
group for the several vampires in the stable, possibly insane. Damien revels a monster.
group with magical abilities. in his vampiric abilities and acts like a Sylvia is concerned about the mys-
street-tough punk with a serious atti- terious Siobhan, since she knows noth-
tude problem. While his years as a ing about her true motives or abilities.
vampire have unhinged him, they have Siobhan seems completely neutral to-
also awakened his latent physical ward her fellow Coveners, concentrat-
adept abilities, which combine with his ing all her effort on some mysterious
vampire abilities to make him a brutal purpose of her own.
and deadly street fighter. Siobhan is an attractive Elven
Damien leads a gang of vampire- woman with long, flowing white hair
posers and wannabees called the Lost and delicate features that belie her
Boys in the Barrens, and he may call great speed and strength.
upon 2D6 of them at any given time.
The gang members are not allowed Nosferatu: Vlad Malkovitch, known as
into the Styx by one of Julius' decrees, "Nosferatu" in the shadow world, was
one which Sylvia has not reversed. a hitmage who became obsessed with
Damien looks like a skinny young ideas of death and how to attain im-
kid with long blond hair falling into his mortality. His quest led him to a fasci-
eyes; eyes which reflect far more years nation with vampirism and, eventually,
than his face and form. He usually to the Coven. He asked the Coven to
wears black jeans, a T-shirt and a make him one of their number and
leather jacket and carries a folding knife Julius refused, obstensively because he
that is a weapon focus. thought Malkovitch would threaten the
Leader: The current leader of the security and stability of the group.
Coven is Slyvia Demor. She obtained Karl: Karl Donnegal was an up-and- Sylvia contacted the hitmage secretly
her current position by arranging the coming MBA graduate when a single and a deal was struck: Malkovitch as-
death of Julius, the previous leader, at night of slumming in a bad part of sassinated Julius and two other Coven-
the hands of Vlad Malkovitch in ex- town took all his plans apart. Drained ers who were his strongest supporters
change for bringing Malkovitch into and infected with the vampire virus. and, in exchange, Sylvia granted him
the Coven. Now that she has power, Karl was forced to set aside his plans of the immortality he sought and brought
Sylvia intends to hold onto it, but she corporate glory. Initially bitter, he him into the Coven.
is concerned that Malkovitch is ambi- eventually came to regard his new Having achieved his short-term
tious enough to try and take it from condition as both a challenge and an goals, Malkovitch is becoming bolder
her. advantage. and looks to leading the Coven. He is
Sylvia is a hauntingly beautiful The reclusive Donnegal eventually carefully laying plans and gauging
woman with long black hair and pale took his dual reputation for eccentricity Sylvia's strength before he makes his
complexion. She usually wears gowns and financial wizardry and parlayed move. Malkovitch cares as little for
and dresses in the latest style and fash- them into a career as a successful in- Sylvia as she does for him; he is only
ion. She is a cold, deadly manipulator vestor and financial consultant who using her to get what he wants. He will
gladly turn on her if it is to his advan- the standard vampire powers and Karl Donnegal
tage to do so. Malkovitch is also a pro- weaknesses unless noted otherwise. B Q S C I W E M R Armor
fessional; he does everything carefully (SRII,p.231) 4 3 3+E 3 5 4 ' 0 4+2D6 3/0
and cooly. He never fights to the death Threat/Professional Rating: 3/2
and always has backup plans for vari- Sylvia Demor Skills: Car 3, Etiquette (Corporate) 6,
ous contingencies in place. The player B Q S C I W E M R Armor Finance 6, Negotiation 5, Unarmed
characters should find him a dangerous 3 4 2+E 5 5 6 ' 11 4+2D6 • Combat 3
foe to be respected. Threat/Professional Rating: 5/2 Cyberware: None
Nosferatu looks like a character from Skills: Conjuring 5, Enchanting 4, Eti- Gear Armor clothing, Colt L-36, pock-
a vampire movie. He has bleached quette (Corporate) 4, Magical Theory et secretary
white skin, black hair that is slicked 5, Sorcery 6
back, and wears red contact lenses. His Spells: Firebolt 5, Sleep 9, Analyze Siobhan
canine teeth have been replaced with Truth 3, Detect Enemies 4, Confusion B Q S C I W E M R Armor
cybernetic fangs. He dresses complete- 5, Invisibility 4, Spectacle 3, Armor 7, 4 4 5 4 4 5 ' 7 4+2D6 3/0
ly in black both for practicality and out Levitate Person 5, Poltergeist 6, Threat/Professional Rating: 4/3
of preference. Shapechanse 4 Skills: Conjuring 4, Enchanting 3, Eti-
Cyberware: None quette (Elven) 4, Sorcery 6, Stealth 5,
Marie: Marie Gerard is much more Initiate Grade: 5 Unarmed Combat 4
even-tempered than the other mem- Spells: Sleep 5, Clairvoyance 4, Detect
bers of the Coven. She went from Life 3, Cure Serious Disease 4, Mask 2,
being a corporate secretary for Federat- Control Emotions 5, Poltergeist 6,
ed-Boeing to a vampire quite by acci- Shadow 4
dent when she became attracted to a Cyberware: None
man who turned out to be a member Initiate Grade: 1
of the Coven, a man who eventually Gear: Armor clothing, Colt L-36, pock-
brought her "into the fold" with Julius' et secretary
permission. Her mentor was kilted by
Malkovitch, and Marie still harbors Vlad Malkovtich "Nosferatu"
B Q S C I W E M R Armor
feelings of resentment and vengence
against him and Sylvia, but for the time 4 4 4+E 4 5 6 ' 9(11) 6+2D6 -
being lacks a means to express those Threat/Professional Rating: 6/3
feelings. Skills: Armed Combat (Axe): 4, Con-
Marie appears to be in her thirties, juring 4, Demolitions: 3, Etiquette
with long brown hair that is usually (Street) 3, Firearms 4, Magical Theory
elaborately braided. She favors 4, Sorcery 6, Stealth 4, Vampire Lore 4
pantsuits or skirt and sweater outfits Spells: Manabolt 5, Fireball 5, Detect
and appears fairly casual. Enemies 3, Detect Life 3, Increase Re-
action +2 4 (Quickened, Force 4), Treat
Headquarters: The Coven owns and 3, Invisibility 3, Armor 5, Bat Form 3,
controls an exclusive nightclub called Wolf Form 3
the Styx (use the Nightclub Archtype, Cyberware: Fang implants (.3 Essence
Sprawl Sites, p.xx). The place is richly Loss. The fangs do only 2D damage,
decorated in an "underworld" motif Gear: wand (Rating 3 Earth Elemental but can inject one dose of a powerful
and the central dance floor is bordered focus), necklace (Rating 3 combat/illu- toxin that does 3D damage. Nosferatu
by four narrow "rivers" spanned by sion spell focus). will use this as a weapon of last resort.)
bridges. Everything is dark, hip and Initiate Grade: 4
gothic. Most of the patrons are private Damien Gear: Combat Axe (Rating 5 Weapon
members of the club mixed with a col- B Q S C I W E M R Armor Focus), armor jacket, silver amulet
lection of wannabees who are carefully 5 4(6) 4(6)+E 4 3 5 ' 6 4+3D6 0/1 (Power Focus 2), spell lock (Armor/3
selected by Renfield, the Troll bouncer Threat Rating: 4/3 Successes), AK-97 assault rifle w/ laser
(use archetype, p.xx, SRII) with an eye Skills: Armed Combat (knives) 6, Bike sight and recoil 2, Ares Predator w/ si-
towards his masters needs. The Coven 3, Etiquette (Street) 6, Leadership 3, lencer and laser sight
holds meetings on the night of the Stealth 5, Unarmed Combat 5 Marie Gerard
new moon in a secret meeting room in Adept Powers: Combat Sense ( 1 ) , Im- B Q S C I W E M R Armor
the club. proved Quickness +2, Improved 3 3 2+E 5 6 5 ' 0 4+2D6 3/0
Strength +2, Improved Stealth +4, In- Threat/Professional Rating: 3/2
The Coven of the Crimson Moon creased Reflexes +1 Skills: Car 3, Computer 3, Etiquette
NPCs Cyberware: None (Corporate) 4, Unarmed Combat 3
Gear: leather jacket, knife (Rating 3 Cyberware: None
All the members of the Coven have Weapon Focus) Gear: Armor clothing, Ares Viper
Biz is slow. No, make that nonex- Basic datasteal: break into the high- You're not one to knock a little
sistent. These dry spells are just part of rise penthouse of this reclusive broker nightlife, but it can be overdone. You
life in the shadows and mean that it's and guard the decker while he does his haven't seen your friend look this bad
time to hit the streets and make some thing. Some decent security, but no in a long while; gaunt, pale and sickly.
action happen instead of just waiting big problem. Everything's going fine They say it's some bug and a bit too
for it to come to you. It also means until the broker materializes out of a much to drink, maybe a night or two
wandering through the darker parts of cloud of mist and asks what you're too many at this new nightclub, the
the 'plex where no one else would doing with his computer while flashing Styx, but nothing they can't handle.
take the chance of going. Desperate you a look at his fangs...
times make for desperate measures. Quotes:
Quotes: "No, I'm fine, just a little tired."
Quotes: "We can go in at night, when he's "You should see this place, it's in-
"Feeling a little thirsty tonight." asleep." credible. I'm still amazed 1 got in."
"Welcome to our turf, chummers, "Doesn't this guy sleep?" "I know I spend a lot of time there,
enter freely and of your own will." "So, what brings you to my humble but I like it."
Notes: While in a dark part of the Bar- abode, mortals?"
rens (checking with a contact, looking Notes: A friend of one of the runners
for biz or just hanging), the runners en- Notes: The runners are hired to break has become one of the "lucky" few to
counter members of the Lost Boys into Karl Donnegal's apartment by a be let into the Styx by Renfield and has
gang out looking for some fun. The rival of his so they can acquire some become the victim of one of the
gangers look to scare the runners, sensitive financial data from his isolat- Coven. The Essence drain has them
playing up their pseudo-vampire ed home computer system. The run completely addicted, and they'll deny
image. Keep the characters in the dark will prove interesting when the team there is any problem. A concerned
about the truth and make them sweat a observes their target and finds out that character who investigates will discov-
little. (Sure, the magician can sense he almost never leaves his home. Their er the truth about the nightclub and
that their auras seem normal, but is he only real oportunities are to go in dur- will have to decide how to prevent his
sure that they couldn't be masking?) ing the day while Karl sleeps or during friend from being willingly drained to
The gangers will tend to back down if one of his rare nocturnal visits to the death.
the runners make it clear that they're Styx (such as the Coven's monthly
tougher, but they will want to get back meetings). Archetypes:
at them for the slight, especially if During the run (preferably while the Friend In Need: Use Club Habitue,
things get violent. After the incident, decker is jacked into the system and p. 14, Contacts Book, or another NPC as
Damien will hear all about it and might dancing with some IC), Karl returns appropriate.
look to arrange a rematch, which home unexpectedly and confronts the The Coven: Select an appropriate
should be interesting if the runners runners, putting them both in a difficult vampire nemesis.
have gotten it into their heads that situation (since neither wants to in-
none of this gang are really vampires... volve the authorities).
Archetypes: Archetypes:
Lost Boys: Use Gang Members The Coven: Use Karl Donnegal.
(p.54, SRII)
The Coven: Use Damien
Four victims in the past three A shadowrun on the Red Cross? No Being a shadowrunner means
weeks. All drained of blood in some stranger than anything else. You heard sleeping in places that most people in
back alley or abandoned building in the that years ago the Red Cross was some the 'plex are afraid to go to in the day-
Barrens. The corps (including Lone kind of charitable non-profit organiza- time. Lately, however, it's been scary
Star) have no interest in a couple of tion, but that all went away in the big even for the people used to living in
SIN-less deaths, but your current prin- government breakups and privatiza- the shadows. There has been some-
cipal says she knows something about tions at the start of the 21 st century. thing going on of late, something
the killings, and she's paying you to Now Red Cross, Inc. is a biomedical nasty. It started with a lot of unex-
track down the killer: a vampire who is supply corp just like any other, no mat- plained violence; stuff that Lone Star
quite possibly insane. The catch? You ter what its history might be, and this didn't want to know about and doesn't
have to bring him in alive... or un-dead is just a run like any other... hopefully. care to talk about. Then people started
in any case. turning up dead in lots of strange
Quotes: ways. .Rumors began circulating about
Quotes: "Withdraw! from a blood bank, ghouls, sprits, and other nosferatu be-
"He is not to be destroyed. That huh?" coming very active in the night, like
justice is not for you to hand out." "This information could be very some purpose was driving them.
"It doesn't matter where the infor- valuable to the right people."
mation came from so long as you act "One man's curse is another man's Quotes:
upon it." blessing." "There is business, but this is war."
"Choose a side or get caught in the
Notes: A newly created vampire has Notes: A small biomedical lab owned middle, it's up to you."
been killing victims in the Barrens to by Red Cross Inc. has been doing re-
sate his hunger. However, the general- search on rare blood disorders, and Notes: A shadow-war has errupted in
ly poor quality of Essence in such vic- one of their best researchers, Dr. the Coven and split the group into fac-
tims has forced him to kill more often Naomi Matlovik, has been doing tions, each fighting for control and
than usually required. Sylvia is con- ground-breaking research into the drawing upon all manner of allies and
cerned that the careless new vampire study of the Human-Metahuman Vam- debts. Sylvia, Karl and Siobhan form
might unknowningly create too many piric Virus with hopes of formulating a one faction, while Malkovitch and
new vampires and present a sufficient cure for it. Dr. Matlovik believes she is Damien form another. Marie is out-
threat that will bring on a vampire- very close to a breakthrough in her re- wardly allied with Sylvia, but plots be-
hunt. She wants the runners to capture search, but is frustrated by bureaucra- hind the scenes cause her and
the vampire and bring him to the cy, a lack of personnel and funding. Malkovitch to eliminate each other and
Coven so that he can be dealt with. If The Coven fears that Matlovik's re- to be around to pick up the pieces
they perform well in this task, she search might become a threat to them once the dust settles. Each faction is
might well hire them to go after the and have arranged to extract the good drawing numerous others into their
rogue's creator and newly risen victims doctor from the research compound conflict, which is spilling over into the
as well... under the pretext of jumping ship to shadow sub-culture. If the runners have
another biomedical company. In truth, done any work for the Coven before,
Archetypes: if the runners successfully deliver Dr. they will likely be called up (perhaps
Rogue Vampire: Use Gang Mem- Matlovik, she will be carefully interro- even by both sides). Shadowrunners
ber, p.54, SRII, with vampire powers gated about her research and then like- will need to be careful who they talk to
and an Essence of 4. ly pressed into service using her skills and who they help, since the winners
to develop an anti-HMHW agent for will be most appreciative to those who
use as a weapon against other vam- helped them and very angry at those
pires. who did not, and the un-dead have
long memories indeed.
Dr. Matlovik: Use Former Wage Archetypes:
Mage, p.xx, SRII, with Biotech 6 and a The Coven: Use the full roster.
Healer orientation.
Red Cross Inc. Security: Corporate
Security Guards, p.xx, SRII.
Glass Cutter
This finger is equipped with a super sharp blade that can be
used to cut through almost any material. The blade is,
however, most effective on glass and slices through even
bullet-proof glass like a hot knife through butter.
The blade can be used to slice through any glass at a rate
of Quickness X 0.5 meters per Combat Turn. If used on
metal (of a reasonable thickness) the rate is per 2 Combat

Essence Cost: . 15
Availability: 4/72 hours
Cost: 2500Y
Street Index: 2

Garrote Finger
A quick twist releases the top of this digit while leaving
it connected to the main mechanism by a strong strand of
metal. This concealed weapon is ideal for quick termina-
tions as victims rarely escape the garrote once it is drawn
over their heads and around their necks.
A character needs two more successes than his oppo-
nent in order to get the garrote around the throat. The
"garroted" character must then make a successful Opposed
Success Test in order to escape death. Each character rolls
a target number equal to the opposite character's strength
with the attacker gaining a +1 bonus to his strength. If the
victim wins the test he escapes the hold, but if the attacker
wins, the victim reduces his strength by one. The Opposed
Success Tests continue until the victim breaks free or is re-
duced to zero strength. If reduced to zero strength the vic-
tim dies. The time for one test is one combat turn. Charac-
ters that break free regain their strength at a rate of one
point per minute while resting.

Essence Cost: . 15
Availability: 6/4 days
Cost: 3500Y
Street Index: 2
Gas Bomb
The upper part of this finger is really a small grenade. After
detaching it from the base, the wearer can throw it like any
aerodynamic grenade. The blast radius for a smoke filled
grenade is 10 meters and it lingers for three combat turns.
The smoke causes a reduction in visibility as per the type of
smoke (heavy or thermal: reference SR 2nd ed. page 89.)
The grenade can also be filled with Neuro-Stun VII gas
(concussion type grenade : damage code 12M stun) or
standard Fragmentation grenade (offensive type grenade:
damage code 1 OS.) Refer to SR 2nd edition page 97 for
blast effects of concussion and offensive grenades.

Essence Cost: . 15
Smoke 3/3 days
Thermal 4/3 days
Neuro 6/4 days
Frag 4/3 days
Cost: Smoke 500Y
Street Index: 2
Thermal 600Y
Neuro 1000Y
Frag 750Y

Monofilament Handgrapplers
Need to be mobile where others cannot go? Well, Dark-
Men Incorporated introduces the newest in surveillance
technology> Installed in the fingertips and the feet, the
grapples are monomolecular strands that are barbed and
knotted. There are nearly one hundred strands per finger-
tip, each with a full extension length of four centimeters.
The strands are grafted to the skeletal frame of the individ-
ual, connecting in essence the wearer's skeleton directly to
the injected surface. A command from the brain shoots the
strands into anything, thereby allowing the wearer to fasten
himself to any surface. One could then, for example, scale
the almost frictionless surface of a corporate tower or fix
himself to a plane with no other equipment but the grap-
The grapplers, as stated above, can be used to climb the
surface of a vertical object. The speed of assent is equal to
the character's strength X 3 meters per combat turn. Char-
acters using the grapplers are virtually impossible to re-
move from the grappled surface. There have been reports
of removing all the flesh from an individual and still having
the skeleton bonded to the surface material. It should also
be noted that if injected into living flesh the monomolecular
filaments will destroy single cells in basic curved lines. A
character is more likely to destroy his hands if the filaments
are moved about in any motion other than climbing.
Essence Cost: .4
Availability: 6/3 days
Cost: 12,OOOY
Street Index: 2
Hunter/Seeker Cortex Bomb
Secret Agent Electronics now offers the covert operator
the ultimate in coercive power. This new weapon is deliv-
ered straight into a target by means of a powerful injection
system built into the digit of the operator's hand. Causing
basically no damage at the time of delivery, three small
bombs are injected into the target and travel to the frontal
lobe, the outer cortex, and the brainstem. The bombs are
equipped with a series of barbs and microprocessors allow-
ing it to seek out a large vein that will eventually lead it to
the correct location within the cranium. After the units
have delivered it is a simple matter to trigger them with an
electromagnetic pulse. While the fuergel charges are not
enough to destroy by explosion the victims cranium there-
by endangering those close at hand, death is instantaneous.
The attacker must make one hit in melee combat. No
damage is caused and the bombs will take 1 to 6 hours to
reach their positions in the skull. If struck, the character can
make a success roll versus intelligence with a target num-
ber of 5 to reason out what has occurred. A skill of Cyber
Implant Weaponry or Cybertechnology will reduce the tar-
get number by one. Furthermore, upon delivery, roll 1D6
and on a roll of 1 or 2 the target suffers massive muscular Hunter/Seeker Cortex Bomb Injection System
cramps as the units make their way through the tissue. Essence Cost: 0 Essence Cost: .2
Bombs which are exploded before they reach their target Availability: 20/14 days Availability: 15/14 days
have various effects. Roll 1D6: 1 or 2 = death, 3 or 4 = se- Cost: 500,000Y Cost: 15,000Y
rious wound, 5 = moderate wound, and 6 = light wound. Street Index: 2 Street Index: 2

Serpent' Fang Combat Knife

Blades have always been the mainstay of street gangs and
Rollins International was not below designing for this clien-
tele when they came up with the "Serpent's Fang" fighting
knife. Constructed of a polyplastic material, the knife is as
concealable as it is deadly. The Serpent's Fang is the pre-
ferred fighting knife of the Halloweener Gang.

Combat Knife
Concealability 7
Reach 0
Damage (Str + 2)L
Weight .60
Cost 300¥
Last Chance 45
The HK Last Chance 45 is the only choice for hold-out
weaponry. Weighting only 1 kilogram, this pistol is the last
best chance for the street smart citizen on the go. It comes
with smart hook-up built in. The specially constructed un-
dersight guarantees accuracy.

Last Chance 45 by HK
Type Light
Conceal 5
Mode cylnd
Ammo 6(r)
Damage 6L
Weight 1.
Cost 650¥

Ares Long Arm

The Ares Long Arm is designed for accuracy at a distance.
Designed for use in sensitive situations where one shot is all
you get, the Long Arm combines the firepower of a rifle in
the compactness of a pistol. The Long Arm is in limited test-
ing by military and corporate security forces worldwide. It is
expected to be on the market later this year.

Ares Long Arm

Type Heavy
Conceal 4
Mode SA
Ammo 9(c)
Damage 7M
Weight 3.25
Cost 1650¥
»»[Network with the best runners in the world. Dubbed "Graffiti," these Ka-ge classifieds can be 200 characters or less, and can deal
with anything you want. Looking for runners in your area? Seeking some arcane piece of shamanic/hermetic lore? Want to claim you're
the biggest baddest Samurai around? Do it in Grafflttl. Fill out the form, attach yer two bucks and mail it on in here.]««
»»(Re-posted from the newsnet for were caused from testing of the com- rush was on. Over six million shares of
your convenience.)«« - Quirk pany's Plasma Shock weapons sys- stock were traded during the first five
(21:31:04-02/12/54 tems. Officials from New Age Arms hours alone. The stock finally settled
were unavailable for comment, but at 832¥ per share, up over 500¥ from
promised to issue a press release by the initial offering of 325¥ per share.
noon today. (Story continued on page The Barnes family has long held the
Today's Headlines B-21) corporation as a closely held venture,
allowing few insiders to know their
business. Rumors of a public offering
began to circulate last year when
INTERNATIONAL LOCAL Jeptha Barnes, the family patriarch, dis-
appeared, leaving five children to split
The New Ulster Revolutionary Ritual magic is being cited as the page D-6)
Movement claimed responsibility for cause for the strange set of lights wit-
the unexplained sinking of the luxury nessed by citizens of the entire Seattle
liner "Pride of Ulster." The search for Sprawl last night. The spectacular light
survivors continues with little hope of show started around dusk and contin- ENTERTAINMENT
success in the choppy waters north of ued until almost dawn, when the lights
Great Britain. were suddenly extinguished. ELVEN THEATRE OPENS
"You'll not find survivors," claimed City officials report the lights origi- Haversby Theatre opened last night
an unidentified spokesman of NURM, nated from Cascade Crow lands, but to a wildly enthusiastic crowd of elves
"unless you look in the hereafter." there is no indication of tribal involve- with their original play "Full-formed."
The maiden voyage of the "Pride" ment. Tribal officials indicated they The play, which required complete au-
seemed to be going well until last were treated to the same light show, dience participation remains unique in
night at 12:29 am GMT when all rou- but the source seemed to come from the Seattle area.
tine contact with the vessel was lost. much further south, perhaps from Ork "They've been doing this type of
Subsequent effort to reestablish com- lands. thing for years in Dublin," said the The-
munications with the vessel failed. The Although nothing adverse appeared atre's owner, Maivus McQuewen.
ship carried 342 crew and 1,052 pas- to happen as a result of the lights, the "We're just trying to bring a spot of
sengers. (Story continued on page A- city is already buzzing with expecta- culture to this benighted city."
5) tions for another show, perhaps with Paramedics were called to the the-
different results. atre twice during the five hour perfor-
"You just never know what you're mance, but even those injured by the
going to get with real magic," said one night's activities seemed delighted
NATIONAL viewer who expects a repeat of last with the results of the Theatre's first ef-
night's show. "That's what makes it so fort.
MYSTERY FIRES PLAGUE NEW AGE wiz." (Story continued on page C-30) "Brilliant," said one viewer as he
ARMS was treated locally for a broken arm.
For the fourth night in a row "The effects were fantastic and what a
firecrews and emergency personnel range of emotions. I only hope I can
were called to the grounds of New BUSINESS get tickets tomorrow."
Age Arms Minneapolis compound to Still considered too avant garde for
fight chemical fires. BARNES THROUGH THE ROOF the main-stream theatres of the area,
"We're getting pretty tired of this Initial stock offerings for Barnes Haversby offers elven theatre made
song and dance," said Fire Chief Zuch- Pharmaceutical, Inc., the largest pri- popular by the "Children of Mac Lir."
er, of the Medicine Valley Fire Protec- vately held corporation in Seattle, sky- (Story continues on page E-10)
tion District. "By the time we're rocketed during the first three hours
cleared through their security systems, the corporation issued new stock on
what started as a minor two-company the Boston Exchange.
blaze has engulfed the entire com- Traders indicated they anticipated
pound. By that time you're forded to brisk trade, but when one of the initial
act as damage control." purchase orders attempted to grab
Speculation runs high that the fires 82% of the available stock, the buying
Last night's semi-final action be-
tween the Salem Kinsmen and the
Bend Journeymen set a near-record for
viewers in the Seattle Sprawl. Al-
though Hurling is an elven sport, usu-
ally appreciated by elves only, local in-
terest has been catching on since talk
began of having an international
"I think the grace and power of the
sport appeal to the masses," said net-
work spokeswoman Ruby Helders.
"Of course, it didn't hurt that the other
semi-final game on Wednesday result-
ed in the death of Albany forward
Shane Chism. I guess the fans appreci-
ate a good body blow when they see
The final match between the
Marchers and the Kinsmen is sched-
uled for next week, with the Marchers
a two-goal favorite. (Story continues
on page F-l)