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Animals And Plants Are Natural Resources For

Human Being.
All living things have basic needs. Human needs animals and plants for life and survive?

Rice, Fish,Vegetables,Chicken Lamb, Cows.

Ginseng,Gamat, Honey

Raw Materials

2. Extinction Of Animals And Plants Caused By Human Activities

2.1 Agricultural Activities

1. Natural plant is replaced with oil palm. 2. Cultivation on slopes highlands can caused landslides. 3. The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers can be pollution in water and soil chemistry.

4. Loss of wildlife habitat and food sources. 5. Agricultural activities cause the extinction of natural vegetation and wildlife. The forest area has been explored and replaced with cocoa, oil palm, rubber and so on. Agriculture has changed the natural landscape to agricultural landscape.

2.2 Logging

1. Deforestation due to the opening of the area. The logging activities / excessive. Disturbed forest ecosystem. As a result of flora and fauna habitat loss, respectively. Wildlife will migrate out of the forest. Machinery destroy young trees.

2.3 Development Activities

1. Forests are cut down and replaced with a building to

accommodate the needs of human life.

2. Surrounding development also contributed to the destruction of natural vegetation.

3. Extinction Of Animals
The extinction of animals in ancient times is caused by climate change and competition with each other.

climate change extinction animals is a dodo bird, Tasmanian tiger, and dinosaur.

3.1 Extinction caused by Hunting

Type of Animals hunted by humans is Elephant , Turtle, Tiger and Rhino

4. Endangered


An Animals and plants facing the threat of becoming extinct. The example of Animals become extinct like Giant Panda, Turtle, Oran Utan,

Rhinocceros, Hornbills, Crocodile, Elephant, And Tiger.

Giant Panda



Oran Utan

5. Endangered



Humans need land for new development of housing and new city , farming, and keeping

livestock. This causes of forest destroyed and damage of the natural habitat, animals and plants.
Uncontrolled deforestation has destroyed an unknown plant species.

The example of plant become extinct is like

Rafflesia, Eurycoma longifolia , Nepenthes , Ara (Ficus albipila), Chengal (Neobalanocarpus hemii).



6. Ways

to prevent Extinction Of Animals and plants.


Educating the public

Prevent Extinction Of Animals and plants.

Enforcing law

Protecting and restoring the habitats

Creating protected area

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