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Performance Choir - Show

Welcome to Showa performance arts class for students in grades 6-12. Show is designed for students who are willing to PUSH themselves to be better at performance arts. This class is more then putting on a good SHOW, its about understanding why we do the show in the first place. It takes MORE then talent to be truly great. Students will gain a greater understanding of group commitment, increase their creative abilities, become more selfconfident, and develop a lifelong appreciation of music/choreography and showmanship. Students will learn by participating in weekly vocal and choreography rehearsals, by performing all kinds of musical styles in various venues, by singing solos, duets, ensembles, and by listening to and participating in class discussions concerning the elements of music and proper vocal techniques. Together, we will learn what God (the GREATEST Showman ever) has to say about the show. Objectives: Build creativity Practice teamwork Become more disciplined Gain confidence Present fantastic music with friends Discover gifts and talents and what to do with them Be better Things we will look at this year: Teamwork the difference between sticking out (solos) and blending in (choir) Attitude learn how to be confident in who you are by kicking the DIVA in each of us to the curb and passionately expressing the message to the world. Your Mouth-Your Heart its all connected, taming the tongue and strengthening your voice Stage Presence - we will focus on expression, knowing what message we are communicating and understanding the different ways to present.

Choreography understanding rhythm and experiencing different styles of movement is not only GREAT exercise, but helpful in communicating a message. And its FUN! Song Writing learning song composition, understanding major and minor chords and creativity. Performance fun but critical component of this class. We will be performing in our classroom, around our community, and do a service project during the school year. Our Show dates will be communicated minimum 3 weeks ahead of date. Art We will create some original worship art pieces and explore how art fits in to a worship experience. Your Best - DO our BEST not BE the best. Vocal Technique falsetto vs. chest voice, increase range, and proper breath control. Cultural Influences explore different cultures musically, different genres and worship, performance, art, music, dance, grace, love, and telling the world the message.