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Subject: ENGLISH VII STUDENTS : Charles Rudy Pacheco Cardenas Teodoro Quispe Curi



This project seeks to tourist activity that is unfolding in Ancahuasiplanificada and sustainable, with the participation of local people organized for the benefit of the community.

Nearby communities make a commitment of respect, appreciation and conservation of heritage and encourages them to publicize it and promote it, for which there is a need of a tourist infrastructure in place to improve tourist services

KILLARUMIYOC 1. GENERAL DATA Location: Country: Cusco Province: Anta District:Ancahuasi


History and Location

In Ancahuasi district of the province of Anta at an altitude of 3,650 metres above sea level (coordinates: 72 1812" longitude West, y 13 26 40" latitude Northeast), far down the valley of the Killarumiyoq river lies an important archeological site, of the same name, constructed by the Inca Tupac Yupanqui, son of Pachacuteq. This archeological site has only recently been accessible to visitors since it was located on private property. Thanks to the agrarian reform the land was passed on to the people who keep using parts of the property for cultivation of their crops and tubers. 1.1.1. Intervention of the NGO PoqenKanchay Thanks to the efforts of the anthropologist TeoParedes this NGO donated money to build a centre on the archeological site that functions as a museum and a handicraft exhibition for the local peoples textiles. Another part of the donation went into the scientific investigation of the archeological site of Killarumiyoq. 1.1.2. TheArcheologicalSite of Killarumiyoc The holy mountain (Apu) of Soqomarka. In the locals ideology of Anta and the surrounding provinces this mountain is sacred. It is the highest in the area measuring 4,850 metres. It appears in many legends and is mentioned in every religious ceremony in Anta.

On the mountainside of Soqomarka one finds a series of tombs, some of which have been plundered. East of the ApuSoqomarka lies a beautiful lake with an interesting bird population. 1.1.3. Sala Qaqa The Stone Room This is the name given recently to archeological remains in the Killarumiyoq valley by the local people. Its ancient name has been lost. It consists of a 6 metre high limestone type of tower where Inca sculptors carved a little room 4 metres wide, 3 metres long and 2.5 metres high. The walls are decorated with the characteristic trapezia cornices. Here the Incas possibly made offerings to their Gods or the mummies of important deceased people of the Inca Empire. Unfortunately this masterpiece of Inca masonry has been

looted by treasure seekers and nothing is being done for its conservation. From SalaQaqa one has a view on the valley and in the west one can distinguish about seventy three to four metre limestone rocks. Some of them have always been there; others have been transported from other places. The Inca masons have left their traces on all of these rocks that possibly served to place offerings. Many carvings represent llama heads, human, feline or condor profiles. 1.1.4. The Usno called Qoriwayrachina Usno refers to a series of platforms made of sculpted stone located in ancient Inca settlements. They served as ceremonial constructions for offerings to the Inca gods. On the square in Cusco the Inca Pachacuteq ordered the construction of a huge Usno that was destroyed by the Spanish who built the cathedral that still overlooks the plaza today, on its base. The Usno in Killarumiyoq is one of a kind and amongst the last preserved Usnos. The wall construction is of impressive exactitude that is typical of Inca architecture. 1.1.5. Inkarakay About 120 metres northeast of the Usnolies another Inca remnant, the use and function of which remain unknown.

1.1.6. WakaKillarumiyoq A gigantic limestone block broken in two parts over time. One part of the rock closely resembles a half moon thus naming this archeological site.


2. PROPOSAL `` CONSTRUCTION OF A RESORT IN KILLARUMIYOQ'' The proposal is a response to poor operation and evaluation of this archaeological complex, so it is that people are immersed in tourism in order to improve their income and therefore have a better quality of life. 3. OBJECT: DEPLOY AND EQUIP A RESORT WITH THE AMENITIES NEEDED FOR TOURISM 3.1. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES

Develop highly specialized training programs in management Desk. Implement systems using tourist information, Internet, e -marketing programs, Create conditions for visitors to enjoy a longer stay in KillarumiyoqAncahuasi. 4. THE PROBLEM

neglect and deterioration of the archaeological complex of Killarumiyoq.

Someproblems more: Low awareness of culture and tourism of the population. Lack of tourisminfrastructure. Little promotion for the development of local tourism activity

pollutiontothearchaeological Center Territorial influence within the archaeological Center Input of alcoholic beverages within the archaeological Center .

Pollution to the archaeological Center

territorial influence within the archaeological Center

presence of animals inside the archaeological Center





Impairment foundation archaeological site, by the presence of fungi, lichens, salts, moisture, etc.. But the ministry of culture interest in archaeological sites, while awareness to the people of the area. The Ministry of Culture must send to people who specialize in the treatment of conservation and restoration of the walls that are currently damaged.


The porosity, water absorption, permeability, hardness, mechanical properties (or capacity and tensile strength of the rock to be broken by stretching), the physical-chemical resistance, and the development of the artist are all very important facts to know the process of alteration of the rock.

Agents degradation Stone

Biological It is defined as biological or alteration to any irreversible deterioration caused by the metabolism of one or more living organisms (mosses, lichens, algae, bird droppings and vines).

Salts Salts penetrate the stone through the porosities with water which transports. When water is evaporated by the sun, heat, etc.. Or accumulates a higher amount of salts, and reaches a saturation level of salt, crystallization occurs and the resulting increase in volume, creating a pressure on the pores of the material. It should be recognized that many salts can exist in various states of hydration, therefore, more water is, more volume acquired. This

increase in volume caused by the pressure also generates hydration.

The low value of the archaeological site by the people, by the presence of some animals such as cows, sheep, etc.. Residents should have a limited area for grazing their livestock and to prevent animals from entering the archaeological site should be fenced all around to prevent the entry of animals and thus prevent these animals produce wastes inconvenienced transit of tourists within the monument. There is no control booth in the place, as has been negligence in the area and therefore there are individuals who consume alcohol in the place, also daubed in the presence of said complex stones, bonfires are made in place, thereby attempting heritage The ministry of culture should put a security personnel in the archaeological center as this will be responsible for carrying out checks on income from tourists and residents who visit this archaeological deceen and prevent the entry of persons offending against property pintarrageo such as the walls of this center arquepologico, the campfires realozacion should not be close to the archaeological site because if done bonfires can cause large scale incendiosasdestruccipon causing total assets and income of people with alcohol as These people generate garbage. Access to archaeological complex is not paved. The path to the archaeological site should be paved so that access to the archaeological site easier and convenient for tourists and residents generating an income for the people and thus increase the quality of life of the person. The hostel is located in this area is named LODGE RESTAURANT Killarumiyoq only provides basic services and service quality is not optimal, we should also mention that it is in a state of neglect.

It should make the improvement of the infrastructure of the hostel because it has all the necessary services for tourists, in terms of infrastructure could improve sanitation, expand the hostel because it is too small for the stay of tourists, for The restaurant is expected to increase more equipment needed for food preparation and training resivan residents about food preparation. should have ramps and facilities for people with disabilities, have a recreational area for nilos where they can regrearse. The interpretive center that was presented to the public in September 2012 is still in installation process, so it is not yet open to the general public. This Interpretation Center should already be in place from the opening day to provide the necessary information to the archaeological site and so the tourist can have a better view of the archaeological site, also would help the residents of the area to learn and appreciate culture. Lack of tourism infrastructure. This archaeological site should be implemented with tourist restaurants that offer a quality service tailored to the needs of tourists, hotels should have todasdbasdicos facilities and services for a comfortable and pleasant stay for tourists without ignoring the commoners providing working facilities in these establescimientos for these protrude and have a better quality of life. The community is not involved in tourism. Currently the community is aware of the archaeological heritage in that account and that would be a source of income if well intended explotado.losKillarumiyoq villagers involved in the sector making turismopturisdmo experiential community, craft sales and offering the dishes prepared and made with typical products of the area such as quinoa grained with torreja and baked guinea pig. Lack of a medical post. Killarrumiyoq should be created in a medical post near the archaeological site to provide all the facilities of first auxiulios the

tourist and resident in genral, said premises shall have all the equipment needed for care.

6. INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE DISTRICT ANCAHUASI Features: Skilled human resources on issues related to quality Service. Improveaccessroads The interpretive center is unfinished. Servicedtelephony and internet SOLUTIONS


Skilled human resources on issues related to quality Service

Improve Access roads

The interpretive center is unfinished.




Beneficiaries Beneficiary population is composed of the total District residents and tourists Ancahuasi local, national and international arriving in the area.


Description: It is a type of accommodation ideal for travel in family, since they have swimming pools, sports centres and entertainment activities so that all can enjoy it. Many resorts have a "Kids Club" where children can enjoy playing while the parents relax.

One of the most common activities of the resorts is the Camping is an option that millions of people choose every year. There are a variety of available campsites, from places as diverse as paragraphs forests to parks specially designed for camping, near the coast or in the countryside 8.- sketch of the area :




CONCLUSION: We conclude that this place needs a resort to generate more demand tourist, in this way the settlers can be trained and have a new option of working, reuse clothing typical and demonstrate their crafts and its textiles.