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by Fool's Garden

1. Listen to the song and complete the lyrics - write the correct word or verb in the present continuous

I ___________________ (sit/ stand) here in the boring room Its just another rainy Sunday afternoon I __________________ (wait/waste) my time, I got nothing to do I _________________ ( land/hang) around I ________________ ( wait/walk) for you But nothing ever happens and I wonder I ________________ ( sit/drive) around in my car I'm driving too fast, I'm driving too far, I'd like to change my point of view, I feel so lonely, I _______________________ (cry/ wait) for you, But nothing ever happens and I wonder

I wonder_______________ (why/how) I wonder why Yesterday you told me about the _______________ (grey/blue) blue sky And all that I can see is just a ____________ (yellow/orange) lemon tree I _________________ (shake/ turn) my _________________ (body/ head) up and down I'm turning turning turning turning turning around, and all that I can see is just another lemon tree.

I _______________________ (sit/ stand) here I miss the power I'd like to go out taking a ________________ ( shower/ break) But there's a heavy cloud inside my ________________ (head/body) I feel so ___________________ (happy/ tired) Put myself into bed While nothing ever happens and I wonder Isolation is not good for me Isolation I don't want to sit on a lemon tree I _______________ ( stand/ step) around in the desert of joy Baby anyhow I'll get another toy And everything will happen and you'll wonder


2. Answer the questions about the song:

1. What is the name of the group that sings the song? __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Where are they from? __________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Read the lyrics and find:

A day of the week ________________________________ A part of the body ________________________________ Two weather words _______________________________ Two WH words ___________________________________

4. Find a sentence in the Present Continuous that describes each of the following pictures.

1. ___________________________________ 2. ____________________________________

5. Complete the table with the verbs from the song as in the example:

Verbs - Present Continuous

sit I m sitting

6. Form the Present Continuous of the verb DRIVE on the table above

Affirmative Singular



1st I

am driving You arent driving





Are we driving?