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Kristian Adams imagined creatures, NymNums, will gallivant through Brumfields Gallery this summer. This Canadian born illustrator and artist fits in with the quirky narratives that fill the walls of Brumfields Gallery. Adams finely detailed paintings reveal a host of characters that, while at first appearing fanciful and childlike, more importantly stand for the roles we humans have in society and the consequences of our thoughts on societys future. His work has been displayed in the Canadian Embassies of Japan, Korea and China and been published in books and for television. He exhibits regularly throughout Vancouver and in galleries around the world. The NymNums, first arrived in 2009, in an exhibition featuring over 60 paintings and drawings and a book of 10 illustrated short stories written by Michael Sasi. The NymNums, which Adam refers to as a unique breed of anthropomorphic animals, served as the prototype for Adams Animalopolis exhibit the following year, an even larger collection of characters and 13 short stories, published in limited edition through Crow Toes Quarterly.

A Woodland Recital Kristian Adam at Brumfields Gallery August 31 October 6

A self-taught artist in nearly every medium, Adam has developed his style and techniques through trial and error. Dr. Seusss body of work and a book called the Codex Seraphinianus filled with surrealistic and organic Rube Golberg-like, Heath Robinson-style contraptions have helped serve as inspiration in creating his wild landscapes and devices. His other great influence has been the landscape that has surrounding him. Born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised on a large property outside the city of Grand Prairie, Adam drew from the natural world around him. He firmly believes that it is vital for humans to realize their biological roots and to understand they are a part of nature, not separate. Kristian Adams A Woodland Recital exhibition at Brumfields Gallery will open on Saturday, August 31st. The opening event runs from 6 9 p.m with a no-host bar provided by 13th Street Pub and Grill. The show continues through Sunday, October 6th. Brumfields Gallery is open seven days a week, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. 5 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday, 12 p.m. 4 p.m.

Adam approaches each show with a loose narrative that will thread through each painting, giving each show titles like Flombagoo and Pandacorn Park. The animals take on humanisitic roles, acting out the various functions and tasks our society doles out to its members. While the works have an amusing first impression, they are also meant to take an inquisitive look at the peculiarity of the various concerns and responsibilities we have forced upon ourselves. A Woodland Recital continues this tradition, combining themes of nature and invention from the humorous perspective of these strange animals. In this new show the NymNums have created their own weird organic musical contraptions.

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