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(1).D. W. Wilson, A. J. Abbo, S. W. Sloan, A. V.

Lyamin Undrained Stability of Dual Square Tunnels The 12th International Conference of International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG) 1-6 October, 2008 ,Goa, India This paper investigates the undrained stability of two parallel square tunnels. And numerical limit analysis and semi-analytical rigid block techniques are used to investigate the effect of inter-shaft distance on the stability of two square tunnels. The tunnels are modelled under conditions of plain strain. stability of the tunnels are obtained using finite element limit analysis, the numerical formulation. (2). A.Fahimifar & A. Vakilzadeh Comparison between seismic and static analyses of tunnels. Rock Mechanics, Fuenkajorn & Phien-wej (eds) 2009. In this paper, effect of earthquake on tunnels and current state of seismic analysis for underground structures will be described briefly first, and then a comparison between seismic and static analyses will be made for a tunnel with specific structural and geotechnical parameters. (3).Stefano Campana And Aurelio Muttoni Analysis and design of an innovative solution for tunnels using elastic-plastic stress fields Phd thesis -2010 EPFL publications.8th fib PhD in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. This paper presents the both theoretical and experimental investigations of behavior of nodes subjected to various load configurations. The theoretical part is used for the conceptual design and the optimization of bars details aiming at satisfying both ductility and strength requirements. The specimens were modeled and analyzed with the elastic-plastic stress fields method. (4).Antonio Bobet Drained and undrained response of deep tunnels subjected to far-field shear loading. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 25 (2010) 2131Elsevier Ltd. An analytical solution for a rectangular opening in an infinite elastic medium subjected to farfield shear stresses has been derived for drained and undrained loading conditions. And also a number of numerical simulations has been done for that conditions. (5). Faisal I. Shalabi a,Edward J. Cording b, Stanley L. Paul b

Concrete segment tunnel lining sealant performance under earthquake loading Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 31 (2012) 5160Elsevier Ltd. This work was conducted to provide an understanding of the leakage behavior of gasketed segmental tunnel linings subjected to static ground loads and earthquake shaking of the recommended design of the Los Angeles (LA) Metro. Testing program was designed to evaluate the longitudinal joint and T-joint sealant behavior under static and dynamic loading using large scale concrete segments. (6).George P. Kouretzisa, George D. Bouckovalasa,_, Charis J. Gantesb 3-D shell analysis of cylindrical underground structures under seismic shear (S) wave action. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 26 (2006) 909921. Elsevier Ltd. A 3-D thin shell strain analysis has been presented, regarding long cylindrical underground structures subjected to seismic shear (S) wave excitation. Similarly to the majority of analytical solutions used. Two distinct cases were considered, namelyuniform ground and soft soil over bedrock.The resulting analytical solutions are verified against the results of 3D dynamic FEM analyses.

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