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INTRODUCTION Royal Canadian Cyber Intelligence Service (RCCIS) offers specialized private investigation and security services to individuals,

attorneys, businesses, industry partners and foreign agencies. From their headquarters currently located in British Columbia, Canada, RCCIS affiliates now reach worldwide coverage for reliable, 24 hour operational readiness. RCCIS Agents are professional, credible and most discreet. Their creativity, counternetwork and resourcefulness is unparalleled in the civil intelligence sector, with access to facilities and resources that are further complemented by a myriad of partnering private investigative agencies around the globe. TEAM Director of Operations As the Director of Operations, Craig Redl leads all foreign and domestic case files, in addition to overseeing Analyst and Field Operative appointments. Craig possesses 19 years in service to the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Police Officer, combined with 11 years as a Senior Technologist and Technical Lead to Western Universities. Previous, Craig specialized in providing loss prevention and risk management solutions to the commercial and retail sectors of Western Canada. Craig's diversity in cyber technologies, investigations and military law enforcement, compliment a set of credentials crucial to successful 21st Century intelligence operations. Director of Finance In addition to participating in both field and analytical operations, as the Director of Finance, Pram Bains consults on all case files pertaining to either financial or criminal law. Pram brings 17 years as a licensed Senior Financial Services Representative with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and with it a vast expertise in investment, lending and credit risk consultation as it relates to both individual and corporate account holdings. Prior to her service to the financial sector of Western Canada, Pram had specialized in providing criminal and real estate paralegal services to a myriad of law firms throughout British Columbia. The Field Operative

The worldwide complement of RCCIS Field Operatives possess formal training in military, police sciences or civil investigations, and are expected to perform covertly in urban, jungle, desert and marine operational environments. The Field Operative specializes in both the delivery and recovery of data or asset collection operations. They are fully licensed as a Private Investigators and Security Professionals in the jurisdiction for which they serve, posses a drivers operating permit in good standing, maintain reliable and discreet transportation, in good physical health, bondable, and must be clear of any criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted. Where applicable, the Field Operative may additionally be licensed in both basic and advanced security training, in the use of restraining devices, restricted and non-restricted firearm possession, and in the operation of regulated robotic, marine or aerial equipment. The Intelligence Analyst The worldwide complement of RCCIS Intelligence Analysts possess extensive expertise in cyber and information technologies, and usually operate from a remote, undisclosed location. The Intelligence Analyst specializes in both the strategy and analysis of data or asset collection operations, and must maintain professional development acumen in the field of information technology, computer science, multimedia, digital or non-digital forensics, robotics, or an engineering discipline. Where applicable, the Intelligence Analyst may be licensed as a Private Investigator in the jurisdiction for which they serve. SOLUTIONS To address the evolving needs of a troubled economy, RCCIS delivers innovative, intelligent solutions to families, businesses, executives and foreign agencies at a fraction of industry standard pricing Partnering private investigative firms utilize unique RCCIS technology and deployment capabilities in order to expand upon their own markets, having demonstrated that sub-contracting RCCIS Agents to be a more cost-effective practice than maintaining fulltime, in-house staff alone. Family Solutions For a home, considering the services of a private investigative agency can be most daunting, if not intimidating.

RCCIS guarantees the utmost compassion and discretion for any circumstance, and presents reliable, cost-effective solutions for infidelity, divorce, child custody, personal profiling, personal injury, missing persons, processing services, surveillance, computer and cyber forensics, collections, identity theft, child protection, cyberbullying and criminal harassment. Corporate Solutions There is no greater threat to a business than the potential impact of a once-trusted employee. Large or small, RCCIS will work to eliminate both internal and external vulnerabilities, and provide the most aggressive protective and investigative solutions for candidate profiling, security surveillance, loss prevention, health and safety, workplace incident, processing services, computer and cyber forensics, SWOT analysis, corporate counterespionage, competitive intelligence and counterintelligence. Executive Solutions The growing phenomenon of kidnap, ransom and extortion (K&R), are no longer linked solely to revolutionary motivation. Political activism, terrorism, retribution, industrial espionage, or simple financial gain, are todays K&R reality. Historically considered an executive solution, with RCCIS such coverage is no longer treated as luxury or prohibitively costly. RCCIS offers 24/7, worldwide coverage for close protection and mobile escort security in high risk environments, both domestic and abroad. SERVICES To successfully deliver such a complex array of family, corporate and executive solutions, RCCIS specializes in unconventional creative and innovative approach methodologies. Through the fusion of cyber development and engineering technologies, RCCIS maintains an exclusive counter-network and database resource second only to government-grade intelligence capabilities. RCCIS Agents maintain professional expertise in data collection, asset protection, and payload delivery and recovery services. Duties include, but are not limited to, realtime condition monitoring, triangulation algorithms, information technology, software engineering, multiuser socketing, multimedia development, online engineering, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, simulation environment authoring, satellite and global positioning, robotics, drone and aerial operation, computer and cyber forensics, reverse electronic and software engineering, social media infiltration, facial reconstruction and

recognition, military-grade operations and marksmanship, improvised explosive device, police sciences and law enforcement, combat and prisoner processing. RCCIS represents the first of its kind toward a vital counter-network resource, presenting its Clientele with an unprecedented tactical advantage in 21st Century civil intelligence operational capabilities.

CONCLUSION For domestic operations, the Clientele of RCCIS never pay for services rendered unless results are guaranteed. To qualify, visit RCCIS at for a free, thirty minute consultation.