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Shruti Tibrewal Oberoi

Energetic Financial (Financial Research Firm) Rajat Cartons & Containers (Customized Packaging)

It was the day of her graduation All decked up in black robes, pride and joy was apparent on her glowing face. The atmosphere was one of both nostalgia and excitement; the past days had been memorable and the future beckoned uncertainties that would test her tutelage. To mark this joyous occasion, all the professors of the college stepped up to address an ardent bunch of students. They passed on blessings, wishing their students a lot of luck and giving final pieces of advice for the future. It was at this time that Ms. Anila Vajpayee, her professor made an extremely bold prediction. She and the whole batch were listening to her with rapt attention, eagerly awaiting her last words of advice and blessings. Ms. Vajpayee then eulogized her, claiming, As we speak about Tatas and Ambanis, one day well hear about Tibrewals and Haswanis.. She blushed, embarrassed in the company of many peers who she believed were better than her, but that days fond memories shall remain with her all her life. That incident has become a life-long motivation for her, fuelling her ambition and giving more purpose to this enterprising young lady. The young lady in question is Shruti Tibrewal Oberoi trotting her journey to fulfill the potential that her professor had identified in her college years. Shruti belongs to a conservative Marwari family, and in her younger days she had developed a keen sense of numbers and an understanding of the stock market. An ever-active kid, she had started going to her fathers office since her seventh standard. She used to help in her fathers company keeping track of shares prices and communicating the same to clients over the phone. It was in these young days and tutelage that she got inspired and it resulted in the inception of the trader in her. Nothing gave her more satisfaction than the number-crunching involved with trading.

Shruti believes that she was a very average student during her school days. She never had much faith in her ability as a student, and used to consider herself an imbecile. But, the talent and ability within her was easily evident to her teachers. It was during these days that her Economics tuition teacher realized that Shruti was far more talented and better than the opinion she held of herself. He took every possible measure to ensure that his disciplines potential didnt go down the drain. He went to great lengths to ensure that he molded her career in a proper fashion, taking separate classes for her, and increasing her self-belief and focus. However, despite showing a potential as a trader in her young days, the conservative Marwari household norms imposed a few boundaries on her. Shruti had proposals for marriage when she was about to give her class twelve exams. But she somehow dodged those social pre-set notions, and succeeded in convincing her parents to let her pursue college education in Bangalore. Shruti joined CMS, Bangalore to pursue a bachelor in business degree. She recollects, that during her college days, she was shy and reserved, keeping mostly to herself. Her life was simple and peaceful, devoid of the hysteria and the hoopla that one expects to come across during their college days. After her college she moved to Kolkata to pursue an illustrious career in Futures First as a trader. Her job profile required her to trade financial instruments, specifically interest rate derivatives on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. She was also involved in trading German Bunds, two-year and tenyear treasury bonds. She used to do intra-day trading, compare charts and make calls correspondingly. But contrary to her expectations, she didnt do well and found it difficult to find her feet in the world of trading. However, the ambitious and imperious champion in her didnt get fettered by a minor failure and after a year she ended up mastering the nuances of the trade. The coffers started to fill up and her success rate increased rapidly. By the end of her three year exciting adventure at Futures First, she had established herself among the top 10% traders in her organization. She then joined her father in his stock broking company - Nakamichi Securities Limited. Shruti, a very spontaneous and enterprising individual, is always looking for a challenge, an adventure to explore further. And this attitude defines her future ventures and decisions in life. One day while at work in Nakamichi, Shruti received a call from her fathers friend. The acquaintance was interested in investing and wished to know about Shrutis evaluation and opinion about the future market trends. As Shruti casually advised him on the topic, the person was awe-struck by her understanding of the market. Shruti had a profound influence on him and he offered her an offer of a lifetime. He wished to open up

a financial research-oriented firm and hoped Shruti would be a part of the venture as a partner of the firm. Instinctively the adventurous Shruti accepted the proposal, replying nonchalantly, Yes, why not? And this scripted the inception of Energetic Financial Research Private Limited. At that time, Shruti was getting married and was planning to shift to Bangalore. So the foundation of Energetic Financial was also laid in Bangalore. Energetic Financial provides myriad services, services that cater to providing streamlined trading research to its clients in equity, commodity, currency, bonds and other financial markets. It also provides technical insights and analysis in areas related to economics, portfolio strategy, securities and derivatives. It provides extended services to execute trade on behalf of the clients to enable them gain the maximum in todays dynamic markets. As luck would have it, while Shruti gave structure to Energetic Financial, one of her relatives offered her an opportunity to try her hand at another venture that was very different from her comfort zone. She had been given a chance to open up a cardboard manufacturing unit in Bangalore, an extension of service of her relatives cardboard manufacturing unit in Chennai. Shruti accepted the entrepreneurial opportunity. The cardboard manufacturing unit called Rajat Cartons manufactures cardboard boxes that are customized to the needs of the clients. The product is designed, and checked for strength and re-usability before it is dispatched to the client. One of the major issues with the business is the logistics involved in transporting such boxes. Most clients dont have the space to accommodate such huge boxes and prefer the boxes to be delivered as and when required. Shruti has ensured that their manufacturing unit is set-up near the offices of her major clients. She manages the delivery schedule such that the client receives their consignment in parts spread over a delivery schedule of five times a day. Shrutis vivacity and professionalism has resulted in a large number of clients seeking the services of Rajat Cartons. But, she is shrewd enough to realize the limitations of time and space and is very careful about making commitments that would be difficult for her to complete - a very wise lesson that she has imbibed from her father, to whom she shall always remain grateful. She believes that anything and everything that she has done in life is because of his upbringing, guidance and support. She takes extreme care not to make promises that she cannot fulfill and gives primary importance to client relations. She might have been pre-occupied in her new ventures, but the trader in Shruti is still alive. Her mind is always involved in number-crunching and as she says, Trading defines me and I wouldnt leave it for anything in the world! Continued on page 19

Jaahnavi is also strongly attracted towards spirituality. She loves to listen and follow discourses on spiritualism and tries to imbibe those teachings in her life. It was this yearning of hers that led to her being a regular attendee of the evening discourses held by J Krishnamurthy, the enlightenment master, at JJ School of Arts in Mumbai. When Jaahnavi came across the advertisement for the Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs, she wished to know what her family felt about her joining the course. Her daughters teased her for thinking of becoming an IIMB student at her age. When she called up the IIMB office to register, she found that the required number had already registered. But, she kept on pursuing them for days on end until they acceded to her demands. On the day of the orientation, she was in for a pleasant surprise. The number of participants in the hall far exceeded the announced number. The Dean Mrs. Kalyani Gandhi remarked that the number of seats had been doubled as the demand for the program was twice as much. She aptly remarked that the second half of participants were the real entrepreneurs, as they had the persistence to pursuing their dreams, and that is what real entrepreneurship is. Thus, one of the key lessons that Jaahnavi would like to impart to the budding entrepreneurs of today is Keep pursuing what you want. Dont get limited by the conventional. Identify and play to your strengths. Things are as much dependent on your actions as they are on your intentions.
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Shruti Tibrewal Oberoi

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An avid laser tag fan and a big time fiction reader, Shruti lives her life to the fullest. Her old age plans run from opening up a crche to spending time with children to opening up a shack in Goa. An inspiration to many, indomitable in spirit and enterprising in her ways, Shruti is a great example for the youth of today. Shruti teaches all of us to trust our instincts and act on it, because sometimes our heart can lead us to treasures that our mind would never dare to explore.
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