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Definition Nation is a community-cirri ethnic characteristics is: having a name, a particular region, the myth of common ancestry, shared memories, one or more of the same culture and a certain solidarity. Nations also an ethical and philosophical doctrine, and the beginning of the ideology of nationalism. The Indonesian nation is a group of people who have similar interests and declared himself As with the nation, and proceeds in a region of the archipelago / Indonesia. Here's the opinion of some experts about the notion of the nation. a.Ernest Renan (French) = nation is a soul, a sense of two things happens, the people who must live together to run a story, and rakyatyang then have to have the will or the desire to live together.1 b.Otto Bauer (Germany) = Nation is a group of people have the same character. Characteristics grow because of the similarity of fate. c.F.Hertz (Germany) = Nation is created because of the desire to unite. Desire arises because of the sense of unity between man and place of residence (understand geopolitics). The elements of the formation of nation by Friedrich Hertz (Germany) there are four kinds: a. the desire to unite the social, economic, political, religious, cultural, and communication. b. The desire to achieve full national independence from the domination and interference of foreign nations. c. The desire to show itself through the hallmark of independence, authenticity, excellence, language, and others. d. There is a desire to show superiority in relationships among nations

So from the above definition, the nation is a group of people that have the same characteristics and traits (name, culture, customs), who resides in an area that has been controlled by her on a unity that arises from a sense of nationalism and a sense of solidarity of a group of humans is and recognize the country as their homeland.

b.Element - the element of the formation of nation 1. A group of people who have a common goal and bind citizens into a single unit.

2. A group of people who have a history of living together, so as to create a feeling of kinship sepenanggungan. 3. A group of indigenous people who have the same culture and customs as a result of life experiences together. 4. A group of people who occupy a certain area and is a union territory. 5. A group of people organized under a sovereign government and they engaged in a legal community.2