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Relevant Application Categories

File Storage / File Sharing Video/Music on Demand Live Video/Music Streaming Online Social Networks Gaming Video Conferencing / VoIP Mobile Device Energy Collaboration Instant Messaging Browsing / News Remote Desktop

Applications of Interest to SmartenIT

Quality of Experience Traffic generated Energy Efficiency Inter-Cloud Communication Global Service Mobility Social Awareness Intervention Potential Feasibility of Proof of Concept Popularity Legal Freedom

PiCsMu User

PiCsMu System
PiCsMu Overlay
PiCsMu P2P Network Shared Index Private Index

PiCsMu: File Storage and File Sharing

Platform Independent Cloud Storage for Multiple Usage Cloud Storage Overlay Maintain Index Information about files Multiple Clouds are involved Store data in Cloud services High traffic volume Flexible to support any Cloud service Independent of allowed file formats Hybrid approach to maintain File Index Information Centralized for private storage and Decentralized for file sharing Enhanced Security and Privacy

PiCsMu Application: File Upload Process

File Fragmentation File Part 1 File Part 2 Encryption Encrypted File Part 1 Encrypted File Part 2 Encoding File Format X Encrypted File Part 1 File Format Y Encrypted File Part 2 Upload

Credentials Credentials Credentials

... ... ...

File Part n Index Information

Encrypted File Part n

File Format n Encrypted File Part n

PiCsMu Central Index Service

Relevance for SmartenIT

SmartenIT provides Social Awareness, Global Service Mobility and Cloud information to PiCsMu Goal: enhance Quality of Experience and optimize traffic Optimally select which Cloud services are located closer to the user in order to upload file parts Detect users moving from/to different Autonomous Systems, and move shared file parts to a closer Cloud service datacenter

Cloud Service 1 (File Format X)

Cloud Service 2 (File Format Y)


Cloud Service n (File Format n)

Legend: Data flow to constitute the index Data flow result from upload steps Upload steps performed by the application

Extract online social network information

Detect information out-breaks Predict spatial and temporal demand of content Monitor nodes with high influence on video spreading Obtain geographic and time-zone information

Social-aware Video Streaming


local cache

Exploit online social network information

Prefetch videos to locations with high expected demand Optimize replica placement in caches for high hit-rates Smoothen inter-cloud communication by using free resources during off-peak periods

Video Platform

Need sophisticated QoE models

Ensure high streaming quality at end-user

Constrain traffic optimization to ensure a high QoE at end-user Use dynamic adaptive streaming to cope with varying network conditions Keep content close to user and consider global service mobility

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2013 SmartenIT Consortium

Duration: Total Costs: Contract Number: Project Co-ordinator:

Nov 2012 Oct 2015 4.5m FP7-2012-ICT- 317846 University of Zurich