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100 GUY SECRETS EVERY GIRL MUST KNOW [ Knowing the Guys Secrets ] Secrets by : lovekosicute

note : hindi ko'to ginawa , nabasa ko lang sa isang candymag magazine and i just want to share it with you

KILIG . . .

it is the feeling that we always feel when we saw the person that we admired !!

CRUSH . . .

is the meaning of our kilig

SECRET . . .

is the thing we always wanted to know about our crushes when we get kilig . . .

so here it goes . . .


1 . If a guy cries in front of you during a fight, he s just using the drama to get your sympathy.

2 . We also get self-conscious about our skin (which means zits also stress us out!).

3 . Our efforts to impress you are actually very obvious: We show off our shiny new stuff, like a top-of-the-line-gadget or an expen sive watch.

4 . Wearing makeup isn t a turn-off. But re-touching every five minutes is, especially if you re on a date with us .

5 . Guys will never understand why girls need to spend an entire hour in the sho wer.

6 . If we feel threatened by another guy, we won t say anything. But we will definitely do some research to scope out the competition.

7 . Guys know their priorities. So if your boyfriend is always he probably doesn t want to be with you anymore

too busy,

enough said.

8 . We can like someone our family disapproves of, but we can never fall for a girl who won t even try to change their minds.

9 . A guy won t kiss a girl on her forehead unless he s really serious about her.

10 . We love it when you notice our new haircut

and compliment us about it.

SECRETS 11-20 :

11 . Guys can be sensitive and deep

not all of us are pigs.

12 . We get embarrassed by too much attention.

13 . Girls are much braver than boys.

14 . We find it cute when you re a messy eater.

15 . We like it when you can make funny faces for the camera without worrying about looking silly.

16 . At the end of the day, all we really want is your approval.

17 . We get threatened when you re more makulit (or playful in a good way) with other guys than with us.

18 . When we get upset, we find comfort in chocolate and ice cream, too!

19 . We love getting early morning phone calls from you, even if you disrupt our peaceful slumber.

20 . We have trouble apologizing, but most of the time, we know that we re wrong and you re absolutely right.

SECRETS 21-30 :

21 . Guys watch cheesy soap operas too!

22 . We always check your Facebook page to see if other guys are leaving flirty comments on your Wall.

23 . We gossip with other guys all the time. We re even more big gossipers than yo u are!

24 . When we choose our clothes for our dates, we actually take note of what we were wearing that last time we saw you. (We don t want you to think we only have one shirt in our closet.)

25 . We still go home and cry to our moms after a bad fight or a breakup.

26 . Some guys still have teddy bears on their beds!

27 . We believe in fairy tales and unicorns too.

28 . On our first date, we re just as anxious as you are.

29 . We d rather be with quirky, flawed girls than picture-perfect ones.

30 . We like girls who can go on unconventional dates with us g in the rain together.

like going joggin

SECRETS 31-40 :

31 . We ll let you mess up our hair if we like you.

32 .

When we tell you that you re cute, we mean it. Always.

33 . We can be really dense, so we also need to be told that we re cute.

34 . We like girls who give us a hard time because when we finally get them to go out with us, the reward is greater.

35 . When we pick on you or make fun of you, it means we like you. It s the good old pigtail-pulling trick.

36 . When you force us to watch chick flicks, we pretend not to like them, but we get butterflies, too.

37 . Girls who can take care of themselves are way better than damsels in distre ss.

38 . Horror movies freak us out big-time too!

39 . Every time we try to make you jealous, it always backfires

40 . We get embarrassed easily. So please don t laugh at us when we do and say so mething stupid.

SECRETS 41-50 :

41 . We love social networking sites because they give us regular scoop on you.

42 . The rain makes us feel all emo and sentimental, too.

43 . We really don t get your

subtle hints.

At all.

44 . We re fine with girls who wear skimpy outfits, but don t keep tugging and re-a djusting your clothes.

45 . Guys feel most of the things girls do. It s just hard for us to express them .

46 . Guys get really shy around their crushes too

47 . Malambing girls always win us over

in short, those who are sweet!

48 . We d never admit it, but hearing David Archuleta s ll happy and giddy, too.

Touch My Hand

makes us feel a

49 . We will always be terrible at remembering dates and details. So we need yo u to remind us.

50 .

We try really hard to get you to notice us

SECRETS 51-60 :

51 . We like finding solutions to your problems. It makes us feel like a hero.

52 . Whether you re skinny or curvy or somewhere in between, you re attractive if yo u re comfortable about your body.

53 . We like it when girls can appreciate spending quiet, alone time with us.

54 . We love girls who are upfront about their feelings.

55 . When we really, really like you, it s actually harder for us to make a move b ecause there s more at stake.

56 . We get kilig (shivers or ticklish feelings) when you punch us playfully, ev en if it hurts sometimes.

57 . If we re really into you, trust us, we will come up with the most complex, m ost creative strategies to win you over. So don t say we re not making an effort, be cause we are.

58 . We like pretty girls, but there has to be more than looks. We re not shallow.

59 . We re jealous of guys who drives fast cars, in the same way you re jealous of girls with closets full of designer outfits.

60 . Guys also get stressed about maintaining a healthy figure.

SECRETS 61-70 :

61 . People think girls are too talkative, but guys are big chatterboxes too.

62 . Contrary to what shampoo commercials are always implying, guys don t always like girls with long black hair. We love short-haired gals too!

63 . The songs we play in our car when you re in the passenger seat have been care fully pre-selected and screened for anything that may be offensive.

64 . We love girls who are great with kids. Because if you can be patient with a three-year old, then you can definitely put up with us.

65 . We were kind of sad to see High School Musical end. No more Troy and Gabri


66 . We re totally vain (especially when it comes to our hair!). But we try our ve ry best to hide it.

67 . We think girls in messy ponytails are cuter than girls with salon-perfect hair.

68 . We can never be with a girl who is cruel to animals.

69 . Before we post a status update on Facebook, we always consider whether yo u d think it s too whiny, or self-absorbed.

70 . We like going to the cinema with you because we get to share our popcorn an d maybe even hold your hand.

SECRETS 71-80 :

71 . We will do absolutely anything for our girlfriends.

72 . We love it when you sing off-key at the top of your lungs.

73 . We will never get why you love posing for photos so much, but we kind of li ke it when we get to put an arm around you during group shots.

74 . Out just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-threw-on-a-random-outfit ted and calculated than it seems.

look is more complica

75 . We ll start a petty argument with you just to get your attention.

76 . We find it cute when we see you fidgeting, twirling your hair, biting the straw, and showing that we make you nervous.

77 . We get anxious when you go to the bathroom in groups because you might be gossiping about us.

78 . We re huge fans of Gossip Girl too! We were touched when Chuck Bass finally s aid those three words, eight letters to Blair Waldorf.

79 . We try to act mature, but we will never outgrow toys and cartoons!

80 . Guys find it cool when a girl has a big appetite.

SECRETS 81-90 :

81 . We can sense confidence from a mile away. We can tell when you know how amazing you are.

82 . We get kilig (shivers or ticklish feelings) when we see you ve viewed our Multiply Albums.

83 . We love it when you can laugh freely and unpretentiously. The louder, the better!

84 . We like it when we get to make you laugh. It makes us feel important.

85 . Guys love being taken care of, but sometimes, you have to let us do things on our own. It shows you trust us enough.

86 . We always worry about what you think of our fashion sense.

87 . It sucks that we can break your heart without meaning to. We re definitely not proud of this. (We re Sorry!)

88 . We like it when you show us off to your friends. It means you think we re completely worthy of you.

89 . When we know there s a possibility that we d bump into you, we actually spend time planning our outfits.

90 . We think it s weird that you keep tagging people in photos that all look ali ke

SECRETS 91-100 :

91 .

We put up a strong front, but we also get hurt easily.

92 . We respect girls who can let us down firmly and clearly without beating around the bush or trying too hard to be nice.

93 . Guys also care about clothes and shopping.

94 . Guys are also afraid of silly things, like flying cockroaches!

95 . We re very stubborn, but we can be open-minded if we want to be.

96 . Don t believe those teen movies

we re

not always thinking about gross stuff!

97 . We know we re in love with you when your name always comes up in our conversations with other people.

98 . We still get jealous when you swoon over Edward Cullen. Even if he s fictional.

99 .

We we say we like simple girls it doesn t just mean we like minimal makeup and low maintenance clothes. It also means we want you to be game for anything and easy to please.

100 . The most attractive girls are the ones who look naturally beautiful like they re pretty without even trying.


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