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Volume 43 Number 5

Well, really, its Membership REMINDER Month.

If you havent yet joined RSCA for 2013, you soon should receive either a reminder email or letter. If you dont receive either one, theres a membership form at the bottom of Page 3.


Redwood Shores Community Association

RSCA Calendar

May 2013

Why be an RSCA Member? If you or your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends of the family participate in any of our events, you should join RSCA. If you believe that events like our Eggstravaganza egg hunt, our Summer Concerts, or our other holiday events contribute to the quality of life and value of our community, you should join RSCA.

If you read The PILOT (provided at no cost to you) each month, you should join RSCA. If you believe that a geographically distinct community like the Shores needs a dedicated voice and advocate for our unique issues like the recent levee crisis, you should join RSCA. And, please

2013 Summer Concerts - at Marlin Park Sundays from 5 to 7pm June 23 THE HOUSEROCKERS - Rock/Soul July 21 HIGHWATER BLUES - Blues Aug. 18 RODEO HOUSE - Country 2013 Levee Cleanup Saturday August 24 8am to 12:00pm at Mariners Park. Barbecue lunch to follow 2013 Recycling Saturday September 7 10am - 2pm at Redwood Shores Library

Be a Part of Our Email List

Thats money we can use for events like our Eggstravaganza egg hunt, the Summer Concerts, the The Tech Challenge is a signature program of The Tech Museum in San Jose. It is an annual event and also a vigorous challenge Halloween Walk, and Santa Comes to the Shores. for students who are interested in science based competitions. With over 5,300 residences and 700 business in the The primary goal is for students to design solutions that would Shores, we use our email list to keep more people informed be practical in real life. This years challenge was to create a about our community and events during the year. Simply go launching device and carrier that could safely transport fragile to our web site at and under Feedback, click equipment (eggs) onto remote platforms, which simulate rocky and slanted surfaces of asteroids in space. Cont. on page 4 on the Join our email list button.

It costs a minimum of about 45 just to send a postcard, and Redwood Shores Youths Win almost triple that to send a letter. An email takes less time to prepare (were all volunteers), and there are no printing The Tech Challenge Award or postage costs. Each email costs just fractions of a penny. So we can send information much more frequently. A team of Redwood Shores students from Carlmont High School, And Ralston Middle School, and Crystal Springs Rachel Chen, Each email address you provide saves RSCA more than Winson Luk, Austin Tang, Alex Yang, Iris Wu, and Connor Soohoo competed at the Tech Challenge 2013 and won the high $2.00 each year! school divisions Judges Choice First Award in Best Research.

Why do we want your email address? Its the MONEY!

2013 Save The Music Sunday October 6 11am - 5:30pm Twin Pines Park in Belmont

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270 Redwood Shores Parkway, PMB #205 Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173

2013 Board PRESIDENT Harris VICE PRESIDENT Sue SECRETARY Lynn TREASURER Stephen PAST PRESIDENT Doug BOARD MEMBERS Lynn Adams Mayling Bellingham Stephen Bellinghan Nina Boire Doug Crisman Jim Cvengros Carol Ford Amir Higgy Mike Mancusi Carol Mertens Sue Nix Harris Rogers Clemencia Rodriquez Andrew Young

Terry Anderlini is past president of the State Bar of California, The San Mateo Bar Assn. and the San Mateo Trial Lawyers Assn. He teaches trial advocacy at Stanford and USF Law Schools. Terry was named Super Lawyer in 2012. Terry Anderlini and his Associates have been serving satisfied clients for over 50 years. Please contact Terry or his Associates for a free confidential consultation for any of your legal needs. ANDERLINI & EMERICK LLP 411 Borel Avenue, Suite 501 San Mateo, California 94402

A full service law firm of highly ethical and experienced attorneys dedicated to providing individualized attention and the highest quality of legal services.



THE PILOT 531 Shoal Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065 Editor, Carol Mertens............................................595-1595 Advertising, Carol Mertens ..................................595-1595 Circulation, Carol Mertens....................................595-1595 Shores Press ..........................................................593-2802 Design & Review Board Inquiries: Jim Cvengros Carol Ford Sue Nix

DEADLINES DEADLINES The deadline for the June Pilot is the week of May 13th-20th

The Board of Directors meets promptly at 7pm, the third Thursday of each month at The Redwood Shores Library Table of Contents

(650) 212-0001

Presidents Memo

RWS Tech Kids Win Award

RWC Re-Usable Bag Ordinance

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RWC Council Adopts Climate Action Plan Relay For Life

RSTC Members Mania, CHP Sites Distracted Page 8 Solo Flight

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Youngest Contestant Wins Music Competition Page 8 Page 9

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Peninsula Home Sales

Pre & Post Surgery Acupuncture On The Move, Quick Tips San Carlos Theatre Snooze News

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For CC&R Copies, Carol Ford -

Library, Be Kind To Animals Week

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The opinions published in the Pilot are those of the authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so officially designated.

THE PILOT is a monthly publication of the Redwood Shores Community Association (RSCA). Circulation: 6,000 Redwood Shores Households & Businesses

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Lynns Kitchen, Wine Appreciation History Museum, Students

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Opportunity does knock sometimes, but most of the time its just a salesman.

A Tip On Opportunity

The events in Boston were unfolding as I was preparing this column. While we live in one of the Bay Areas safest communities, it bears repeating again we need to take an active role in watching out for each other and in doing out part to keep the Shores a safe place to live. We can not say this often enough:

Once again: LOOK OUT

Presidents Memo for May 2013

by Harris Rogers

Page 3

LOCK UP! Lets not make it so easy for those who would take advantage in our community. Lock your cars, even in LOOK OUT for your neighbors! If something doesnt look right, call 369-3333. RSCA: What We Do

your driveways. Lock your home (front and back doors), even if you only step out for a few minutes. And dont encourage a break-in by leaving valuables like cell phones, laptops, iPads, and GPS units in plain sight, either in your car or at home.

If you SEE something, SAY something! Please dont hesitate to call and let the police check out anything that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary. Do your part and help us keep the Shores a safe place to live and work.
Our mission is to represent the interests of both residents and businesses in the Shores. RSCA is an inclusive organization that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of our community. The primary purpose of the Redwood Shores Community Association is to be THE advocate on issues that affect the quality of life in all of the Shores.

RSCA endeavors to:

1.disseminate information of significance to the Shores utilizing The PILOT (this monthly newsletter), email, the internet, and our roadway median signboards. 2.encourage and promote a safe and healthful environment for family life. 3.provide a forum for united community action by all groups within the Shores, and to assist homeowners and maintenance organizations in achieving common goals. 4.present social, cultural, and other events for the Shores community. 5.encourage responsible growth of property development in the Shores. 6.advocate fairness in taxation of property in the Shores. 7.carry on any business in furtherance of any of the above activities, or any other activities which the Association shall deem to be in the community interest. 8.implement the CC&Rs of Redwood Shores Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2, Marlin Subdivisions No. 1 through and including No. 6, and Dolphin Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2; to appoint members of the Architectural Design Review Boards to those Subdivisions; and to coordinate the enforcement of the CC&Rs of Redwood Shores Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2 Marlin Subdivisions No. 1 through and including No. 6 and Dolphin Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2 with the City of Redwood City.

Tech Award Continued From Page 1

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Team Space Eggs, as the Redwood Shores team calls themselves, worked on this project for months. They have spent many weekends at the Redwood Shores library and at home to discuss their designs, using power drills and hacksaws to build the launching device and package carriers at their garage. They also learned how to pour concrete to build a model landing platforms with rocky surface so that they could conduct numerous test trials at their backyards. After six months of discussions, testing, and enhancements to their designs, they were finally ready for the actual competition. The audience cheered as Team Space Eggs landed all their carriers on the simulated asteroid platforms safely within the 3-minute time limit at the competition. They won the Judges Choice First Award on Best Research. They hope to inspire more students from Redwood Shores to participate in the Tech Challenge next year. Congratulations to the Redwood Shores team for a job well done! Contributed by Minnie Cheang

This 26th year of The Tech Challenge drew a record number of participating teams, a total of 3,562 students forming 662 teams. In addition, a record 49 percent were girls. The Tech Challenge could be a tough competition because not only does it require months of preparation, but also many of the volunteering judges are Silicon Valley engineers. There is a high expectation of students to follow real-life design and engineering standards.

Each teams overall score is based on criteria such as their general design and engineering process, creativity, final presentation of the project to a panel of judges, quality and details of their engineering journal, and performance of the launching device.

RWC CA The Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department and Redwood City PAL have won a prestigious Community Partnership Award, from the Stanford University Office of Public Affairs. This award recognizes the partnership with Stanford GOALS, a community-based approach to addressing childhood obesity. The partnership, which also includes the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, is being honored for its work in engaging our communitys youth in developing healthy lifestyles. The Parks Departments role includes providing Stanford with access to selected after-school programs, to identify and engage youth at-risk of obesity for participation in this program, and providing targeted athletic programming in support of Stanfords work.

RWC City Parks Dept. & RWC PAL Win Stanford Community Partnership Award

Redwood City, CA At its meeting of March 25, 2013, the City Council of Redwood City unanimously approved a reusable bag ordinance which prohibits the distribution of single-use carryout plastic bags within the City. This follows San Mateo Countys adoption of a reusable bag ordinance last year, which has subsequently been adopted by a number of other cities on the peninsula. More information on Redwood Citys reusable bag ordinance is online. The implementation and enforcement of the ordinance will take place beginning on October 1, 2013, a six-month transition period to provide affected retailers with ample time to use-up existing stocks of the plastic bags which will no longer be distributed. The ordinance bans distribution of single-use carryout plastic bags by all retailers except restaurants and nonprofits (not including protective bags for produce or meat, dry-cleaning, and newspapers, among other exemptions), and requires retailers to charge a minimum of 10 per paper bag used (25 as of 2015). The County provided the environmental analysis for its reusable bag ordinance, which the cities, including Redwood City, can rely upon for their ordinance. The purpose of a multiagency process such as this is to provide for a uniform, consistent standard across the region, making for a smoother transition and easier compliance by affected businesses. 18 cities in San Mateo County are identified and included in the Countys EIR and its Study Area, which allows those cities to adopt their ordinances without needing to conduct a separate environmental analysis. The EIR notes that an estimated 400 million single-use plastic bags are used each year in San Mateo County, including an estimated 42 million in Redwood City, with only a small percentage being recycled. The majority end up in the landfill, or as litter and in storm drains, and they are a common litter item found in roadway, park, and creek cleanups in Redwood City. As litter, these plastic bags can adversely affect marine life when they find their way into streams, creeks, lakes, and the bay. The EIR estimates that an ordinance would potentially reduce Redwood Citys annual use of plastic bags by 95%. Further, use of reusable bags reduces litter and conserves natural resources: a reusable bag has the potential to replace over 600 single-use plastic bags over its lifetime, significantly reducing plastic bag litter, and reducing the one-time use of paper bags.

Redwood City Approves Reusable Bag Ordinance Implementation Set for October 1, 2013

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Its very important that the City lead by example, said Council Member Ian Bain, who sits on the Councils Environmental Initiatives Subcommittee. There are big benefits to energy efficiency not only for the environment, but financially as well. As we find ways to reduce ongoing energy costs, thats money we can re-direct to other vital City programs. Were showing the community that were committed to this cause, and we ask for their commitment as well.

Implementation of many of the measures has already begun as a result of state mandates, adopted General Plan policies and programs, and previous City Council direction. Now, with the official adoption of the Redwood City Climate Action Plan, the City formalizes its commitment to Californias Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, and establishes a clear roadmap for the Citys activities in meeting climate protection goals by 2020, and beyond. The Plan includes actions in the areas of renewable energy, smart growth development, residential, commercial, and City energy efficiency programs, solid waste diversion, water conservation, parking management policies, and others.

Redwood City, CA At its April 22, 2013 meeting, the City Council of Redwood City unanimously adopted the Citys Climate Action Plan, which includes 15 key measures to help the City meet the state-recommended target reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Citys Climate Action Plan is online at

City Council Adopts Climate Action Plan

This Plan builds on the work that the City and community members have been doing to ensure the quality of life in the future, and moves us to the next step, said City Council Member Barbara Pierce, also on the Environmental Initiatives Subcommittee. The City and the people who live and work here are partners in this important effort and Redwood City now has the tools to really make this partnership work. As part of implementation of the Climate Action Plan, City staff will monitor community greenhouse gas emissions, complete GHG inventories, evaluate progress, and identify new measures as necessary to ensure significant reductions in GHG emissions are being achieved in accordance with the targets established in the Plan. An initial task is for staff to conduct cost-benefit analyses of measures, including the best methods for implementation and the impacts on the community, and bring recommendations for implementation back to the City Council for review.

The City will be carrying out the measures in its Climate Action Plan toward complying with state regulations, which encourage local governments to reduce emissions in their jurisdictions to 15 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. According to Redwood Citys GHG inventories and forecast, by the end of 2020 an annual reduction of nearly 62,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions would need to be accomplished throughout the community in order to achieve the state recommended target reductions. The measures contained in the Citys Plan are actually expected to exceed that goal by 2020, with a total annual reduction of an estimated 63,500 metric tons.

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We had lots of people come by to play some tennis and/or enjoy donuts and coffee. Lots of doggies came to visit too! It was a fun low-key way to start playing some tennis and introduce ourselves to people who were thinking of joining or who just wanted to play with us for the morning. Our tournament season opener was on an incredible March day. We had many new members join veteran members for a rousing day of Team Tennis. Old-timers remember the RSTC maxim new members always win. Not sure why but it is true more often than not. Tournament Director John Hogan put most of the newcomers on the Banshees so, of course, Least Sandpiper they won. Congratulations to Captain A very cute little bird, the Least Sandpiper (erolia minutilla) is Ivan Quinones, Hagop Manuelian, and the smallest of the shore dwellers in the Sandpiper family. Evelyn Sell. Congratulations and welIt can be found all across North America and is a regular visitor come to Cynthia Newton, Gary Durr, and to our shorelines. It has a short neck, very thin medium length Kathi Williams. Welcome to new member bill, and long legs for its tiny size. Its back is a reddish brown Roger Skinner as well. The 4-Leaf with black spots. It is white underneath. The back feathers turn Clovers came in second, just 4 games behind. Captain Sundar a dull gray brown in winter. The Least Sandpiper is the only Venkateswaran, Calona Paiko, Michael Garb, June Walker, and John Sandpiper with yellow legs, making them somewhat easy to Hogan earned the nod. Everyone had a great time, enjoying the warmth of the day and the tennis. distinguish from all the other shorebirds. Open play on May 18th and a Womens and Mens Scramble If you know what they look like, have you ever watched a tournament. Check us out flock of them pecking furiously at a mudflat and wondered Karen Brodersen, President, Redwood Shores Tennis Club

RSTC March Membership Mania

Redwood Shores Were For the Birds

what they could possibly be doing? Unlike ducks and geese, shorebirds do not dive or fish for food. Instead, they forage, picking insects off the surface of ponds or probing with their slender bills for insects, crustaceans and snails in the mud.

Least Sandpipers nest on the ground near water. The female lays 4 eggs in a shallow, small nest lined with moss and grass. Both parents incubate but the female leaves before the young birds can fly and sometimes before the eggs have hatched. Not to worry, the young Least Sandpipers feed themselves and are able to fly within two weeks of birth. A few interesting facts about Least Sandpipers: * They are the smallest of the shorebirds, hence the name Least. * The Sandpiper family is large, some look very similar and some quite different but all share a similar lifestyle of foraging for their food on muddy shorelines.

Last month at a yearly piano and voice/woodwind instruments competition alternately for the Greater Bay Area music students from ages 14 -18 years old. Dara Phung was the youngest contestant among the participants and she received $600 cash awards.

Youngest Contestant Wins Music Competition

Dara Phung will perform a piano solo in the Winners Concert on Monday, May 13th at 12:45 pm in the Burlingame Womans Club, 241 Park Road, Burlingame. Open to the public. Admission free, refreshments will be served. More info; Sumi Nagasawa

Remember: Teach your children to not touch, feed or annoy birds or other wildlife. When you are out walking, please take a moment to pick up plastic wrappers and bags. Birds may mistake small shiny objects for food or become entangled in plastic bags and suffocate. References: Sequoia Audubon Society, Wikipedia, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website, Birds of North America, A Guide to Field Identification. By Ramona Ambrozic

* Another name for all the little shorebirds including the Least Sandpiper is peep. Makes sense since they are so small and make peeping sounds when feeding.

The California Highway Patrol had a distracted driving awareness campaign that occured during the month of April. Law enforcement officials were cracking down on the drivers who talk and text on their cell phones. The CHP issued over 100 citations to motorists who were talking on their cells, or for texting. Almost anything that distracts a person behind the wheel of a vehicle can lead to a ticket.

CHP Cites Motorists For Driving


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

We also handle Short Sales, Exit strategies and REO acquisitions. Jila Afj ei, Bet t er H om es & Ga rdens, J. F. Finnegan Rea lt y, 650 -7 71-07 06 e mai l: jil a.a fjei @gma il. com

3.99% Total commissions Guaranteed for 2013 Free initial Staging Consultation Investment and Management Services Free Financial analysis and Consultation to achieve your goals

Here is my value pac kage to you:

Are you considering to evaluate and sell your home. Finally we are experiencing Sellers Market. Great time to be a seller, low inventory, low interest rates, lots of qualified buyers.

Attention Sellers

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But, Relay isnt about taking laps its about coming together in the fight against cancer. We hope that you will want to join us in the opportunity to build hope for a future where cancer no longer threatens the lives of the people we love.

During Relay, each team pledges to keep one member on the track, walking or running laps, for the entire 24-hours. The events are held overnight to represent the fact that cancer never sleeps and neither will the people fighting this disease. Throughout the 24-hours there are activities and events to keep the teams entertained and motivated.

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Redwood City is returning to Sequoia High School on May 18th & 19th! Last year, 39 teams joined together and raised over $120,000 to help the American Cancer Society provide much needed services, education and research funding to fight cancer. Relay For Life, the American Cancer Societys signature fundraising event, is a fun-filled overnight experience where people from within the community gather to celebrate survivors, remember those lost to cancer, and to fight back against this disease. Relay participants help raise money and awareness to support the American Cancer Society. Much of this money is returned to help fund our own community programs.

Relay For Life - 2013

Sincerely, Relay For Life Manager - Relay For Life of Redwood City, 3 Twin Dolphin Drive Suite #175 Redwood City, CA 94065.

All assistance from providing a $20.00 gift card to catering the survivor lunch will be recognized in our event program. We sincerely hope you join us in this event. If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to arrange for donation pick up for this years Relay For Life, please contact us. Wed be happy to hear from you.

If you can participate in any way or if you can donate time to the Relay, it would be greatly appreciated.

This is the easiest way to help support your local Relay For Life while promoting your business at the same time. Your tax deductible $100 donation will earn your companys business card a spot in our event program which will be distributed to all 300-400 event participants.

How can you help? Join us! This is a huge effort, run by volunteers and their ACS staff partner. The event cannot be successful without the support and participation of the community.

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Looking For The Perfect Cleaners

We will:
Keep your sweaters & suits soft and luxurious Keep your whites, white!

Redwood Shores Cleaners

Properly press & hand finish all items

Alterations, Pickup & Delivery available

Coupon Coupon Coupon $5 off with $25 dry cleaning! Must present coupon with incoming order. Expires on May 31, 2013

370 Bridge Parkway Celebrating Our 29th Year

Call Steve 592-5616

When Connor was 15, he asked his mother to start ground school (the educational portion of flying). He then graduated to actual flying with an instructor, John Murphy at San Carlos Flight Center. When he started flying his instructor said he was so far ahead of the game and so much more advanced because he had spent so much time using the simulators at Hiller. The family also had a flight simulator at home and Connor had been playing with them for some time. The minimum age to solo is 16 (according to John Murphy, his flight instructor, ( pictured with Connor on the right) Connor was ready way before his 16th birthday His dream was to solo on his 16th birthday. However, he had to wait until he received a government issued photo id. This meant he had to wait until he received his drivers license in the mail. He received it during the second week of April. Connor did a couple practice flights and then his instructor got out of the airpalne, took the Cessna 152 out of San Carlos Aviation and Connor did his first solo flight which consisted of taking off and landing three times. He said it was as fun as it was scary and loved the experience. Connor started his interest in Aviation early on. His parents took both he and his brother, Drew, frequently to the Hiller Aviation Museum when they were very young. They started using the flight simulators there and it became a passion for Connor. He and Drew would go to Hiller Aviation Museum almost every weekend to fly on the simulators.

16 Year Old Redwood Shores Resident Does First Solo Flight

Connor now is a volunteer at Hiller Aviation teaching people of all ages how to fly on the flight simulators. He dreams of a career in politics and or aeronautics. Connor is working towards his pilots license which the minimum age is 17. Connors stepdad is a Captain for Southwest Airlines and he has enjoyed talking to him about aviation.

* 30 hrs of flying instruction through San Carlos Flight Center (flying since October 2012) * Sophomore at Carlmont High School * 4.0 GPA * Voting Member San Carlos Youth Advisory Council * Volunteers at Hiller Aviation Museum instructing people of all ages on using the simulator * Volunteers at San Carlos Food Bank * Completed Leadership in training through Redwood City * Dreams of a career in politics and/or aeronautics * Lives in Redwood Shores Contributed by Laurie Lengren, Connors Mom

A little about Connor Abernathy:

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Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry 278 Redwood Shores Parkway (Next to the Nob Hill Market) Redwood Shores


Page 15

Tel (650) 654-6545 Fax (650) 654-6564

When we think of vaccines, what we usually think about is the prevention of diseases like Polio, Small Pox and Hepatitis. Have you ever thought about a vaccine for the dental cavity? Cavities are formed when bacteria that normally exist in your mouth use carbohydrate-containing foods (candy, fruit, soda, etc.) to produce acid. This acid can penetrate the hard surface of your teeth to make those painful damaging holes that bring you to the dentist. A new hope exists for a vaccine to prevent cavities. Several months ago, British scientists published a study. (May, Nature Medicine describing a new vaccine that they herald as a safe, effective and painless way to prevent dental cavities. The vaccine was developed by a California-based company called Planet Biotechnology, and was tested by a team of researchers at Guys Hospital Dental School in London. The vaccine is said to produce antibodies against the cavity causing bacteria Streptococcus mutans. The vaccine was tested on people in a four month study. The results revealed that a group who received the vaccine had no evidence of the cavity causing bacteria (S. mutans) for up to four months whereas a placebo group was without bacteria for only two months. While these results are encouraging, I can think of a few potential problems with the study. The first problem is that the results lasted for only four months. Also, this study does not look at other bacteria (Lactobacillus casei and acidophilus, Actinomyces naeskundii) that have also been shown to cause cavities. Finally, no other major clinical trial has confirmed the results of this study. Despite these limitations, Im still optimistic that there may be an effective cavity vaccine available in the future. I think it is important to keep in mind that even if we had a viable cavity vaccine, there would still be a need for brushing, flossing, regular dental checkups and cleanings.


Per Coldwell Banker West, there are still so many buyers interested in the prime locations who are throwing everything they have including practically their firstborn into multiple offers. One Millbrae open home listed at $1,239,000 had over 300 people come to their open house. Last week, Hillsborough had 55 active and 13 pending listings which is a little more than before, due to the spring market and better weather. In Burlingame, nearly 77% of the transactions which closed in March sold for the list price or more. Buyers are still out there in big bunches, buying in multiples in the most desirable areas with a great deal of cash and no contingencies. There have been appraisal issues because the overbid market is moving faster then comparable sales. The Menlo Park area is still crazy after all these months, per the local manager. The tour sheet this week was the biggest they have had all year. Palo Alto saw a spring break slowdown in sales due to low, low inventory. But listings are picking up again. In the San Carlos-Redwood City area, properties are still selling quickly with multiple offers, which typically drive the sale price about 10% above list. Some buyers are opting out of the market because they feel they cant compete. There has been an increase in inventory in San Mateo, but only time will tell if this will loosen up enough. In Redwood Shores, 442 Tiller Lane set a record high for Mariners Park at $1.515 mil after being listed for $1.398. The 2143 sf. home on an 8000 sf. lot was expanded and beautifully renovated with permits by a licensed contractor. The lovely yard had the park behind the fence, added to the

Jumpin Jack Flash Peninsula Home Sales!

ambiance. In Dolphin Park, 353 Quay Lane, which was a 2630 sf. house on double 11,900 sf. lot, recently closed for $1.176 mil, but did not break the record for the area which was previously set in 2005 for 323 Quay Lanea 1748 sf. house on a single 4800 sf. lot which I sold for $1.080 mil in multiple offer. On Bowsprit, a house I sold in 2005 for $940K, was recently listed for $885K and sold for $1.006 milsetting the record for that street and for that size house. The Recent sales on Harbor Colony and Island Place @ $1.7 mil have finally eclipsed the crash of 2008 and show no signs of slowing. Redwood Shores is a GoldmineRemember I said so. By KT Eckardt -

Page 16

Acupuncture: Pre and Post Surgery for a Speedy Recovery

By Dr. Catherine Nghiem-Shum, D.C., L.Ac.

Dr. Catherine Nghiem-Shum LAc.,QME

Consider Acupuncture Therapy before and after surgery, no matter what the surgery is. Acupuncture increases circulation, thus promotes healing and is beneficial when it comes to having surgery. The body perceives surgery as trauma to the body, as it cuts through healthy tissue as well as injured or diseased tissue. The body reacts by the way of stress, which weakens the immune system, disrupts the gastrointestinal tract, leaving the body more vulnerable to infection, thus slows down the recovery process.

Scientific evidence has shown that when acupuncture points are stimulated, they release endorphins, or pain-releasing factors, our bodys natural pain killers. Acupuncture changes our perception of pain, in turn, regulates blood flow, maintains body temperature and strengthens our immune system.

130 Shoreline Dr. #130 Redwood City, CA 94065


Before surgery, we tend to manifest symptoms in the form of muscle pain or tension, fatigue, numbness or tingling and in most cases, over thinking, stress and anxiety. Anticipating surgery, however big or small can make us a nervous wreck. Acupuncture is helpful before surgery to help relieve the anxiety, while decreasing unnecessary symptoms. The advantage of acupuncture before surgery is to elevate the body to its optimal state of health and ease the mind.

After surgery, our body perceives the surgery as an attack. Our immune system is weakened, our gastrointestinal tract is compromised, leaving our bodies vulnerable to infection and delay our recovery. Acupuncture, after surgery, can start as soon as possible. It accelerates the healing process, by helping the body to re-build blood cells, regulate blood flow and the lymph system, while relieving pain and tension. In addition after surgery, there is scar tissue formation. Acupuncture assists in the breakdown of adhesions or scar tissue at the site, therefore prevents any residual pain or stiffness near the area.

By reducing post-operative pain after surgery, acupuncture can significantly reduce the patients desire for and intake of pain medication. In addition it can minimize the side-effects and addiction associated with painkillers.

So, before and after surgery, consider Acupuncture Therapy for a speedy recovery. Dr. Catherine Nghiem-Shum practices in Redwood Shores. Information provided courtesy of

Dr. Angelo Charonis D.C. Dr. Jenny Kim D.C.

Page 17

Serving our Clients Since 1998

The week of May 5th is Be Kind to Animals Week. Now, most of you who are reading my column are already animal owners and/or animal lovers, so you are probably thinking OK, I already treat animals in a kind manner, so Im doing it already. But there are still things you can do. Some of them you may already be doing!

650-341-6255 Bonded and Insured

Be Kind to Animals Week

Wednesday May 8 at 6:30pm Join us for an evening with great Teen Authors: Margaret Stohl; Icons and Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia; Beautiful Creatures, Leigh Bardugo; Shadow and Bone, Melissa de la Cruz; Blue Bloods, and Kim Derting; The Body Finder. You wont want to miss hearing these ladies speak! Everyone welcome.

Teen Panel of Authors

Music, Stories & Games in English and Spanish

Saturday May 11 at 11:00am Join Valria for music and stories for ages 1-4.

Dave the Horn Guy

Saturday May 18 at 11:00am A family concert full of honks, fun and laughter! Sponsored by the Friends of the Library Tuesday May 28 at 6:00pm We will discuss Tupelo Hassmans Girlchild. To RSVP, visit Monday-Tuesday 3:00-6:00, Wednesday 1:00-6:00, Thursday 3:00-6:00

Take care of your Pet Is it time to take your dog or cat in for a checkup? Is your animals ID up-to-date? Have you been a little lax about walking your dog? Your dog would love to go with you on a walk and Im willing to bet you would enjoy it immensely as well! Jan Brown is the Owner of Jans Pet Sitting and is a Pet Tech Pet First Aid Instructor. She can be reached at

Adopt a Pet from a Shelter If you are thinking of adopting an animal, consider going to your local animal shelter or rescue group. They have many, many animals in need of a forever home.

Respect the wildlife the Shores has an abundance of wildlife and other columns in this newsletter have addressed this issue so I wont say too much here. Enjoy wildlife from a distance. Do not feed the wildlife and do not let your young ones chase after the wildlife! Teach your children at an early age to respect wildlife.

Report Animal Abuse This includes domestic animals as well as wildlife. If your hunch tells you an animal is being abused, listen to that hunch and call the authorities. Give them as much information as possible. Descriptions, time of day, etc. will all help the authorities.

Be Informed! By that I mean become informed regarding pending legislation that may impact the animals in your town. Sometimes many of these proposed legislations make it sound like they are all for the animals, but dont take anything at face value! Some of these legislations have ended up creating unwanted outcomes. Read the fine print before you really make up your mind on an issue.

Peninsula Book Club Homework Center

Weekly Storytimes
Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays Thursdays

Teen Gaming and Activities:

Mondays - 5:00pm

- 11:00am - Preschool Ages 3-5 - 7:00pm - Pajama Time Stories for All Ages - 10:30am - Preschool Ages 3-5 - 11:30am - Tiny Tales Ages 0-18 Months

Visit Sea link Caf at the RWS Branch Library!

Meeting Space Available at Redwood Shores Branch Library Please visit: The Friends operates a resale book store at the Downtown Library to generate funds to support library programs and events. Call 650.780.7050 for more information about the Friends and to identify your volunteer interests. Caf hours: Monday - Thursday - 7:30am-6:30pm Saturday 7:30am - 2:30pm and Sunday. - 9:30am-2:30pm

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6 Minute Stretch to Keep You Running

At some point in our lives, most of us experience insomnia. Theres nothing worse than trying to sleep and ending up staring at the ceiling or tossing and turning all night. On the not-so-serious end of the spectrum, lack of sleep can make us feel groggy and lethargic. On the other hand, frequent insomnia can influence our ability to drive, work or otherwise function. Luckily, you can address most sleep problems by changing a few daily habits. First, its important to understand that sleep is a naturally occurring process that usually works if we leave it alone. Most people sleep best when they have a regular schedule for sleep, going to bed about the same time every night and getting up about the same time every morning, without napping during the daytime, seven days a week. This allows the bodys internal clock to stay regulated. If you lie awake for longer than 15 to 20 minutes when you go to bed in the evening, that might mean that youre trying to go to sleep before your body is ready to slow down for the night. This may happen because youre over-stimulated for some reason, possibly from medications or caffeine, or being emotionally keyed up. If adjusting your sleep schedule doesnt do the trick, try these tips to help you get a better nights sleep: * Avoid caffeine. * Get some form of physical exercise during the daytime, but not during the evening.

Snooze News You Can Use

* Make sure the room and your bed are comfortable and quiet. Your bedroom should be completely dark, with no glowing clocks, phones, etc. * Take a bath before bedtime to help you wind down. * Create a routine that helps your body relax before you get into bed, such as listening to calming music or doing slow stretches. * Avoid using electronics before bed, including your cell phone or laptop. Turn off all electronic devices before you go to bed so their noises dont wake you. * If youre not asleep within 20 minutes of getting into bed to sleep, get out of bed. Go into another room and do something boring until you feel you can fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. * If possible, reserve your bedroom for sleeping only. Dont read, watch television, work or play on a computer, do homework or any other routine in your bedroom. This will condition your body that what you do in that room is sleep. * Get up at the same time each morning, even if you feel you didnt sleep well. Everyone has different sleep requirements, but if youre sleeping enough hours and still feeling tired, talk to your doctor. There may be other problems that need to be investigated. I hope these tips help you get a great nights sleep. Photo Caption: Dr. Sarah Cheyette is a pediatric neurologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundations Redwood City, Palo Alto and Fremont centers. Endnote: The Palo Alto Medical Foundation and column editor Arian Dasmalchi provide this monthly column.

by Sarah Cheyette, M.D.

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Written by Alyssa Herrera-Set, DPT Alyssa is a Redwood Shores resident, Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor, and owner of On the Move Physical Therapy in San Carlos. She works with people of all ages and athletic abilities and has a particular passion for working with young athletes and dancers.

6 Minute Stretching Routine Prior to running, perform 6 minutes of dynamic stretches (1 minute focusing on each of the above muscles). These are controlled leg movements taking your muscles and joints through the range of motion necessary for your activity. For a runner, this would include high marching, kicking heels toward buttocks, leg swings forward and backward, rising up on toes, and rocking back on heels. Remember, these are controlled movements. Your legs should be moving through a comfortable range of motion, in a slow, pendulum-like manner. All the while, your trunk should be stable using your core muscles. After you run, your muscles are warm, making this a great time to stretch in a way that increases flexibility. Based on numerous research studies, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests 2-3 repetitions of static stretches for a duration of 30 seconds performed 3-4 times per week is effective in increasing flexibility. That makes 6 minute of stretching after running! Here at the Shores we are lucky to have safe, picturesque, breezy running paths. Running is a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and reduce stress. Just dont forget your stretches! For pictures of the stretches, go to

Increasing your muscle flexibility can improve your running mechanics, take pressure off your joints, and consequently reduce the chance of injury. Essentially - stretching keeps you running! The muscles you stretch and the method by which you stretch those muscles should ideally be based on your specific anatomy and activities. But, in general, runners should focus on stretching the following muscles: Gastrocnemius/Soleus (calf) Tensor Fascia Latae/IT Band (outer thigh) Hamstring (back of thigh) Quadriceps (front of thigh) Hip flexors (front of hips) Gluteals (rear) Its helpful to keep in mind that the flexibility of one area really does affect the mechanics of another area. For example, tight calves limits ankle range of motion which then forces an individual to extend at the hips when taking a long or uphill running stride. If the hips are tight, then the runner will extend at the back.

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Adena DiTonno is a wardrobe and image consultant in Redwood Shores. Visit her website at for free tips sheets and to sign up for her blog and monthly newsletter.

- Carry your personal Style Formula in your wallet to keep you on track when youre shopping.

- Flip through fashion magazines and tear out pictures of looks that excite you. Keep them in a file, or pin to your inspiration board, or put them in your personal look-book (binder with plastic sleeves), and use them for your daily inspiration. (If youre using Pinterest, start a My Style Inspiration Board.)

- Even when lounging at home, wear something that makes you happy.

- If you typically wear only neutrals, try adding just one pop of color in your outfit, like a scarf, or belt, or necklace, or shoes. Try it once this week, then twice next week. You might just like all the compliments you get!

- Mix up your special occasion separates and wear them with your everyday basics. A sparkly top can look great when teamed up with your jeans and wedges.

- Accessorize, even if its a bracelet. When going out, throw a lightweight, colorful scarf around your neck for instant pizazz.

- Always moisturize, use SPF, and put on lipstick. At night, always take off your make-up and moisturize again.

Sometimes we need a fashion overhaul (and thats when you call in a professional), but sometimes just a few tweaks will keep us tuned up. Here are a few to get your fashion mojo going.


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Duplex 3Bd/2Ba 2Bd/1bd 3386 Los Prados St. San Mateo, CA


The San Carlos Childrens Theaters production of The Wizard of Oz opens May 10th and marks the award-winning theater companys 100th production. Since 1991, the San Carlos Childrens Theater has been enriching the lives of youth in San Carlos and the greater Peninsula with drama courses, workshops and camps, customized curriculum and full stage productions. Under the artistic direction of Eron Block, the San Carlos Childrens Theaters programs are available to kids from four to eighteen and serve over 1,000 kids in San Carlos & greater San Mateo County. And those numbers (and program offerings), continue to grow. Our mission statement is, where character growson stage and off, says Block, who began acting as a child himself. Adults sometimes participate in the companys productions, as well, and the Wizard of Oz is no exception. San Carlos School Board member Seth Rosenblatt makes the San Carlos Childrens Theater a family affair; he will play the cowardly Lion, and his two children have appeared in a number of productions. My children have had an amazing experience with San Carlos Childrens Theater, says Rosenblatt. Their programs strengthen skills including communication, problem solving, collaboration, improvisation, and confidence. Since its inception, The San Carlos Childrens Theater has relied on the generosity of donors, business sponsorship, volunteers, and

San Carlos Childrens Theater Celebrates its 100th Production

Real Estate thats Taylor Made! Direct: 650.931.8353 Cell: 650.703.0814

David Taylor
#DRE: 01909406

If you are thinking about buying or selling Real Estate in Redwood Shores Call me Today

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Contact: Lisa Costello at:

For a complete listing of productions, classes and camps visit the San Carlos Childrens Theater online at:

community partnerships, the most recent of which is the San Carlos School District, which has given them a permanent home at Mustang Hall, the historic stage on the campus of Central Middle School. The partnership, formed in 2012, allows San Carlos School District to further integrate SCCTs dynamic program offerings into its curriculum and further enhance 21st Century learning goals which include collaboration, creativity, and social skills. Awarded a Family Favorite honor every year since 2008, the San Carlos Childrens Theater continues to expand its reach on the Peninsula and its programs and productions are open to anyone regardless of their residency. More community partnerships are in the works Bay Area and county-wide. Running May 10-19, 2013, The Wizard of Oz is Directed by Eron Block and choreographed by Daina Block. The production is based on classic story by Frank L. Baum. Dorothy Gale of Kansas, dreams of what lies over the rainbow. Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothys imagination. Shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00 PM at Mustang Hall, 828 Chestnut Street, San Carlos. Tickets are $12 for students 18 and under, $15 for adults. (650) 400-8859

(Or how a former Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine) Lynn Kathleen Adams



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Like other neophytes, after starting with Riesling and Chenin Blanc, I next moved on to Chardonnay and it became my white wine of choice. While I had tried a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc (a.k.a. Fum Blanc), I was taken aback by it. It was so unChardonnay, (lighter bodied, herbal, crisp) that I simply couldnt come to grips with it. Years later, after my palate sated, maybe even jaded, on Chardonnay, I revisited Sauvignon Blanc, and Im glad I did, for now Im an unequivocal fan and hope to make you one as well. Consider the few reasons that follow.
By Tom Barras

Ah! Hope that you are all enjoying our wonderful spring weather! Now is the time for gardening and planting our butterfly garden flowers and herb gardens to enjoy later in the summer. Our Japanese Maples have bloomed, and the birds are all enjoying bathing in the bird bath, much to the delight of our two Manx purr babies, who watch intently from the greenhouse kitchen window.

My herb garden has been neglected for the past year, so I am eager to clear out some of the weeds and other curious plants that appear to have overtaken my thyme and sage. The rosemary plant seems indestructible, but the other herbs marjoram, basil, oregano, etc. have long disappeared. We love tarragon, but it needs coaxing to grow. Perhaps it just needs me to leave it alone for awhile so it can grow, instead of constant snipping!

May is always a delight because it affords the opportunity to celebrate Mothers Day. For those of us with Moms who live far away, or are no longer with us, we can still celebrate with family and friends. This Cheesy Breakfast Casserole is unbelievably easy to make it is literally almost thrown together. Its easiest if you prepare it the night before serving, but can also be made early in the morning it just takes a little longer to bake because the hash brown potatoes have not quite thawed!

This goes nicely with warm buttery croissants and/or a colorful fruit salad (melon and some assorted seasonal berries), freshly squeezed orange juice and steaming hot coffee. Youll have energy for working in the garden or taking a leisurely walk around our beautiful Redwood Shores community. CHEESY BREAKFAST CASSEROLE 1 28 oz. bag of frozen OBrien Hash Brown Potatoes 1 lb. Bacon, cut into pieces, fried and drained 1 7 oz. can Diced Green Chilies, drained 3 Cups shredded cheddar cheese 1 Dozen Eggs 1 Cup Milk 1 Teaspoon Kosher Salt 1 Teaspoon Dry Mustard 1 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper Chopped Green Scallions, for garnish

In these challenging economic times, the first item to consider is price. At comparable quality levels, you get more value for your dollar with Sauvignon Blanc. A quick review of retail wine stores and restaurant wine lists reveals that, on balance, Sauvignons cost considerably less than Chardonnay. At the retail level there are many good Sauvignons in the $10 to $15 price range, and in restaurants there are some excellent ones in the mid $20 range. Chardonnay prices, for comparable quality, at both venues are often twice as much. For quality/price rapport, the nod goes to Sauvignon Blanc.

Bake the casserole uncovered for approximately 45 minutes or until the edges are brown and the center is firm. Sprinkle with chopped green scallions if you wish for some added color before serving. Enjoy! Serves 6 8. Lynn has been a RSCA Board Member since 1994

You can prepare the casserole the night before, and leave it (covered) in the refrigerator until the next morning. Let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes or so, before popping it into a preheated 375 degree oven.

Spray a 9 x 13 baking dish with PAM or other cooking spray. Pour the frozen potatoes into the prepared baking dish, and top with the green chilies, bacon and cheese. Beat the eggs, milk, salt, pepper and dry mustard together in a mixing bowl, and pour it over the potato mixture.

In addition to being a better value, please note that Sauvignon Blanc is made in a variety of styles, and its quite likely there is one to fit your palate. First, there is the stainless steel fermented method (typically 100% sauvignon blanc grapes) that delivers a refreshing citric (lemon, lime, grapefruit) aroma with a matching flavor profile. Second, there is the moderated style that is the result of blending other white grapes (Semillon typically) to soften that citric quality. And thirdly, there is the style that includes oak seasoning from barrel aging that yields a spice box aroma and flavor that will likely appeal to many California Chardonnay fans. Your local retailer can suggest a few producers.

However, and the rationale that ultimately tips the scales for Sauvignon Blanc, is its food friendliness. The inherent personalities of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are dramatically different. Chardonnay is a full bodied, low-acid, vanilla rich, oaky, pineapple tinged wine. I cannot think of too many recipes that comfortably pair with that. Sauvignon Blanc, on the other hand, is a light to medium bodied, herbal tasting wine echoing the same aromas. It can readily pair with simple, herbal-flecked (think cilantro, rosemary, parsley, capers, thyme, etc.) dishes, whether they be fish, poultry, veal, pork, or pasta. And the bonus is its crisp acidity which refreshes your palate between bites of food. So, lets sum it up. Sauvignon Blanc is a better value, comes in a variety of styles, and matches quite well with many recipes.


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Silvias Housecleaning Service. License #22085 - Bonded and Insured. $15 off for first 3 cleanings for new customers only. Coupons good for weekly & bi-weekly clients only. Serving the Shores for 10 years. (415) 860-6988 Flores Housecleaning Service, Excellent service, good references. Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406 Housecleaning with Maria, 10 years experience, Redwood Shores Resident, good references. 650-637-7723 Redwood Shores Handyman No Job is too small, Can do almost anything


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Easy Slide HandymanServices Peninsula local with over 15 yrs experience. For all your repair, remodel & maintenance needs. Int/Ext doors, windows, shower & closet doors, bi-fold pocket doors & screens. Complete dry wall texture & paint. Int/Ext wood-work & tile. Free estimate (650) 504 1566. Complete Home Repairs Maintenance Remodeling Professional Painting Carpentry Plumbing Electrical Custom Design Cabinets Fence Tile Deck Gates 7 Days a week Free Estimate 650.529.1662 650.483.4227

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The San Mateo County History Museum continues its Free First Fridays program on June 7, 2013. Not only is admission free the entire day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.), but two programs are planned for the public without any fees. At 11:00 a.m., preschool children will be invited to learn about ocean life. They will make an ocean in a bottle to take home. An ocean in a bottle is a craft where kids recreate an ocean environment in a plastic water bottle. The Museum staff will conduct a special program in the Mavericks big wave exhibit area. Here the youngsters will hear the story, Way Down Deep in the Ocean Blue Sea. At 2 p.m., museum docents will lead tours of the Museum for adults. The San Mateo County History Museum is located at 2200 Broadway, within the 103-year-old Old Courthouse in Redwood City. It features exhibits related to the use of natural resources, suburban development, ethnic experience and entrepreneurial achievement on the Peninsula from the times of the Ohlone Indian through today. The Museum is open every day except Monday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Free First Fridays program is sponsored by Safeway. For more information contact or 650-299-0104.

History Museum Continues Its Free First Fridays Program

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The Pilot

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage Paid Redwood City,CA Permit No. 579