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TRIVIA TIME Intermediate/Advanced Level Quiz #11

Instructions: Put the students into teams, and issue them an answer sheet. Read each question, giving them a short amount of time to discuss and write an answer. Depending on your students level, you may need to give extra hints or explanations about some of the questions. You can also use the fourth (handout) round included on the next page, if youd like. After reading all of the questions, go over the answers and have the students add up their scores. Feel free to give a prize to the winning team!

ROUND 1: Geography
These questions are about places in the world.

Questions 1. Which city in the European Union has the largest population? 2. The worlds tallest waterfall, falling 979 meters, is located in which country? 3. Which country has the longest shoreline? 4. What is the name of the tallest mountain in Japan? 5. What is the largest state in the USA? 6. What is the only continent without a desert? 7. Which country produces the most bananas? 8. Which part of Florida is famous for alligators?

Answers London Venezuela Canada Mount Fuji Alaska Europe India Everglades

ROUND 2: Disney
These questions will all be about Walt Disney movies and stories.

Questions Answers 1. What kind of an animal is Mickey Mouses friend Pluto? Dog 2. In Beauty and the Best, what is Beautys name? Belle 3. What do the seven dwarfs dig for in the mines? Diamonds 4. The song, Under the Sea, is featured in which Disney film? The Little Mermaid 5. In Cinderella, what kind of an animal is Lucifer? Cat 6. In Fantasia, which regular Disney character appears? Mickey Mouse 7. Timothy Q. Mouse appears in which Disney cartoon? Dumbo 8. In the Jungle Book, which type of birds sing, Thats what friends are for? Vultures

ROUND 3: Science and Nature

The answers to these questions will all be about science and nature.

Questions Answers 1. What do you call the molten rock that comes from a volcano after it has erupted? Lava 2. What is the name of the closest star to earth? The Sun 3. What is the highest mountain on Earth? Mount Everest 4. What is the biggest planet in our solar system? Jupiter 5. What is another name for a tidal wave? Tsunami 6. Water is made up of hydrogen and __________________. Oxygen 7. At what temperature does water freeze? 0 C, 32 F 8. Which mosquito bites people, male or female? Female ANSWERS TO HANDOUT QUIZ: 1. Deep in Thought 2. For Instance 3. Too Little, Too Late 4. Trip Around the World 5. First Lady 6. Your Under Arrest 7. Hop Up and Down 8. Up To No Good

ROUND 4: Word Puzzles!

Examples: Examples: = Back Door = Caught in the Act

Answers: 1.


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Answers: 8.