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Dear All, At this time we will discuss about Making an MCOM based on Cellfile data.

All you need to prepare is : 1. Ericsson MCOM 4.2 or above 2. Cellfile Data 3. *.txt template (I attached it) So, lets get started.... A. Open MCOM 4.2 from your desktop B. Make New project by : 1. Click New Project icon as depicted below : 2. Type network Name 3. Type the country where your network is located 4. Select The Map Projection (no need to change it) 5. Select the Network System that you want to use

After we have a new project window, then follow the step below : A. Click Import Wizard on Cell-Planning Menu

B. Select MCOM 2000/1 GSM Data Text File

C. Select Site Data File (*.txt) on Import Wizard menu

D. Select The File Location on Output Directory window

Note : We have to change the Cellfile format (usually in Excel *.cel to *.txt deliminated). I usually change the data (lonlat etc. manually), so if you have a better method then it will be better. D. Type the output directory

E. Type The Antenna Size that you want to use

F. Click Finish Now, we will have the new MCOM as below :

and there are 5 files produced from every project that we make on the Output folder as depicted below :

Well, have a nice trial..!