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Driving down the cost of IT

Converged infrastructure is the future.

Find out why.

Moving to a converged infrastructure can save organisations significant amounts of money while offering plenty of other operational benefits

reduction in power consumption

UK organisations

are predicted to have adopted a cloud approach to infrastructure by 2015.

Businesses using a converged infrastructure can experience savings


40% drop in

Key drivers of converged infrastructure

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50 billion
devices connected anywhere, anytime
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A converged infrastructure can help you roll out big projects easily, in days rather than weeks or months.

Uptake is growing in 2013

Cloud file-sharing services will see strong enterprise adoption in Europe in 2013.

in 2013

Cloud services

Hosted private cloud services will grow


30% to $3.8bn
The IDC expects the total addressable market for

Cloud professional services will grow

to grow to more than $2bn by 2014

converged infrastructure solutions


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CIOs are



130 million

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a large cloud-ba sed app store

mobile cloud users

10 million

mobile cloud users



By there will be a


500% increase

in Global 1000 companies running two or more cloud services for internal and external users.

Creating your converged infrastructure future

Whether its Vblock, FlexPod or VSPEX, we work with leading vendors to design and deploy your platforms, with support and management as required. As the UKs leading partner of Cisco, we bring together their networking and server technology with storage from NetApp and EMC. These are combined with virtualisation solutions from VMware and Microsoft.
artners p d e t s Tru

dors n e v d e Trust

We can help you define and deploy a converged infrastructure that is right for your business, helping you make things simpler by consolidating

networks, servers, storage and visualisation onto a single, easy to use secure platform - cutting your IT costs in the process.

BT iNet can take you on the journey to the cloud with our

dedicated team
of experts.

Weve even added

50 members

to our team to make the journey smoother.

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